Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 4

Tommy left his family with mixed feelings. He was going to miss them all so much and the farm, but had a lot of positive thoughts about his new work. For several weeks he would be working alongside Mr Smart the Head Gardener to learn all that that gentleman could teach him. Tommy being the person he was entered into his new life with a lot of enthusiasm and impressed both Mr Smart and therefore his Lordship as well. Tommy was a quick learner and Hunter Morton was more than pleased that he would eventually take over as his Head Gardener even though he was still so young. Things would not quite turn out the way his Lordship wished though, nor Tommy it has to be said.

HOWEVER! There was one very good outcome that neither Tommy nor William had thought of and that was when William came to visit from school, Tommy would already be living at the Manor in his little room in the servants quarters at the top of the house. They had written to one another a few times and both were pleased that their love was as strong as ever although they had to be very careful how they expressed it in writing.

“Absolutely loved working with the horses Tommy and of course Wendy when she would transport us all over the place. So many happy thoughts of our times in the fields with her just grazing and keeping an eye on us, especially when we were fucking the ass off of one another!”

It was now spring 1939 and Tommy had to work even more hours planting out and tending the gardens. He and the other four men worked from dawn to dusk and Mr Smart was pleased with their combined efforts. Lord Hunter Morton was as pleased, his gardens would give a huge boost to the food needs of the country, there was not long to go now.

“Hello Tommy.”

Tommy spun round and looked at the wonderful William standing there with a huge smile on his handsome face. He had found Tommy in one of the garden sheds and as soon as William shut the door they were hugged together kissing and loving every second of it. It had been 3 months since they had said goodbye to one another.

“How long have you been here?”

“Just got here today. I am on Easter holiday for a month and I have asked grandfather if I can work with you for all that time.”

“What did he say?” Tommy asked. The smile coming back at him told Tommy the answer.

“He said he did not think I wouldn’t want to. He is very happy about it.”

Much later William crept into Tommy’s room and after locking the door they slowly undressed one another kissing all the time. Now naked they had all the time they wanted exploring each other’s bodies once again and at the same time reconfirming their love for each other. Tommy took William to his tiny bed and laid him down and then laid on top and they spent a very long time doing what they both loved to do. Tommy got them on their sides and hung on for dear life so as not to fall out of the bed. They began to stroke one another all the while kissing and like that both of them came together covering both bodies with volumes of love juice.

It was to be a wonderful month as for most of it they would be together during Tommy’s working day and would only separate at meal times. Tommy would go to his room after his work and the evening meal, have his bath and then wait for William to turn up as he laid naked in his bed. William arrived every night and within minutes were making love and within a few more minutes there was a joint coming followed by at least two more before William staggered back down stairs and collapsed into his bed. Tommy was already asleep before William got to his room.

They rode Wendy to Upper farm to help Tommy in the garden and meet the Torrent’s. He was welcomed as a son and brother and he knew that if he was to become an important part of the estate he would be well prepared because of this wonderful family and of course Tommy.

Tommy always sat behind William when riding Wendy with his arms around his body. He would stroke him and end up unbuttoning William’s cords and play with his stiff cock and every time caused a bit of an explosion from this beautiful boy.

On each return trip back to the Manor they would stop and make love as Wendy looked on knowing exactly what was going on even though she did not understand any of it. Still, they were happy and that’s all she cared about.

Hunter Morton was not a great sleeper since his wife had died after a short illness five years before. As if that was not bad enough he had found out of his son’s homosexual relationship with the young man in London and after a heated exchange told his son to get out. He would often wake up in the early hours full of regret and thinking of his loss and not only his dear wife, his son as well. He had tried to contact Cornwallis, but to no avail.

This particular night he once again woke up and left his room to go the study. Just as he stepped out he saw the back of William about to go into his room, still fully dressed.

Back in bed his mind was doing overtime and not coming up with any explanation decided that he would confront William in the morning, but to do that he would have to be up very early as William would already be up working with Thomas. Thomas? Surely not? Maybe it’s best just to keep an eye on him. Oddly enough he fell asleep as soon as he thought that.

There was just a week to go before William had to go back to Winchester College and Hunter Morton had very little time to find out why his grandson was up and about so late. A big clue was soon to appear. He wanted to talk to Tommy and was told he was in number 5 greenhouse by Mr Smart. As soon as he walked in the silence told him “something” was up. He knew that these two boys never shut up and talked the whole time they were together. He actually liked that.

Tommy and William were in fact sat on the floor as the plants there were still young and gave no cover for them. They sat in their usual position facing one another with arms wrapped round each other kissing. Only the squeak from the door told them they were not alone! It was a very near miss! They scrambled to their feet looking as guilty as it was possible to be and to be honest they might as well have been caught as it was obvious to anyone that they were on the floor for reasons other than to pick something up!

Hunter Morton for once in his life was a bit stumped for anything to say.

“Good morning my Lord.” Tommy was near to pooing himself and William was even nearer a heart attack.

“Good morning you two, busy are we?”

“Good morning Grandfather. Yes we are sorting out some of the seedlings that need thinning out.” As an excuse to try to get out of this situation, it was about as useful as pissing on a forest fire. Hunter Morton went to where they stood and looked down on the floor, nothing.

“Seems you have done a good job gentlemen. You have thinned them out so well they seemed to have disappeared!” He turned and left the greenhouse and surprised himself by smiling broadly and not at all upset or angry. He thought about Cornwallis and wished he could turn the clock back.

Both boys waited to be called to the study to be roasted, but nothing happened much to their relief. They did think it would be better not to meet in Tommy’s room again, but that was about as likely as flying to the moon and that of course would NEVER happen. Still, they did make sure that private was private and curb their desire to get up to mischief in a much more sensible way by making doubly sure that Tommy’s door was well and truly locked when William arrived. So really nothing different happened at all, they just went on their sweet way making love as often as possible, which was at least twice a day and at least twice a night. What they did not know was Grandpa made sure where they were likely to be and kept out of the way. Even when he saw William creeping back to his room again at God knows what time, he just smiled and again thought of his son.

Once again the parting was awful and they knew they would never get used to it. Instead they just spoke of the next time William would be at the Manor which would be half term holiday in two months’ time. William went on his way with rather a lot of Tommy inside him and Tommy smiled as a dribble of William trickled down his leg!

Tommy just got on with his work and absorbed himself even more into it. He did notice though that his Lordship spent even more time with him discussing his work and ways of producing even more crops.

“Dig up the tennis courts my Lord?” Two weeks later they planted a late crop of potatoes on both of them.

“Have you heard from William, Thomas?” That surprised him no end.

“I had a letter last week and he seems very happy about coming to stay with you in two weeks my Lord.”

“And you too Thomas, and you too.” His Lordship was telling Tommy he was pretty sure about him and William and did not mind, or so it seemed. Tommy also guessed right that his Lordship would love to reunite with his son.

The situation in Europe was getting worse by the day and in Britain it divided the political classes, what with those who wanted to do a deal with Hitler, the raise of the Mosley mob and the millions like Tommy who would have to go along with whoever had the loudest voice. As the world knows it was Churchill’s.

William came to the Manor for his half term holiday and it was his grandfather who told him where Tommy was working!

“I want you both to come to the study after dinner please William.”

Both boys stood in front of his Lordship and it must be said, making every effort to control their bowels. The discomfort from both of them was obvious and made his Lordship smile to himself.

“Oh sit down both of you, you are not in trouble!” As they sat they both gave out a sigh of relief. Hunter Morton had thought a great deal about what he was going to say to these two. It was easy thinking about it, but now they were in front of him he was as nervous as they were. He took a deep breath.

“I know what’s going on and I don’t need any explanations, I could not bear to hear them anyway. I hate to admit it, but I have already made one huge mistake and I am not about to repeat it. Come with me.” They followed his Lordship through the house and up the main staircase until they got to a floor of the West Wing. He took a key out of his pocket and opened the door that would lead into this particular set of rooms. He handed the key to William. “It’s yours until you go back to Winchester. You both have the next two days off work.” With that he left the astonished boys who could only stand there watching Lord Hunter Morton walk back to the stairs and disappear down them. Five minutes later two naked boys were in a 69!

This of course would be the longest time they would spend together in private and they did not waste a moment of it. After the completion of that first 69 they ran a bath and soaked for an hour with William sitting in front of Tommy and Tommy running his hands all over William’s front, just like the times when they rode on Wendy. After some time William would turn and now face to face they joined lips and stayed like that until the water got too cold. William turned to put more hot water in and at the same time exposing his rear end which Tommy attacked with a very active tongue. All that did was wind both of them up again and Tommy entered William with his massively hard cock and stroked him until he yelled out what was about to happen, and it did, lots of it. As soon as Tommy regained some sort of composure he turned around and waited for William to enter him and after just a few thrusts into the love of his young life filled him with a massive amount of himself. If they were to keep a score of who came the most, it was level at 2 all.

William got beaten up by Tommy when William expressed the opinion that his cum was of higher quality than Tommy’s because he was an aristocrat and Tommy should be grateful that he now had a gallon of it up his ass. Tommy, much to William’s joy, threw him all over the bed and delivered what can only be described as top class peasant cum, masses of it! 3-2 to Tommy.

They found food in the little kitchen no doubt ordered by his Lordship, eat all they could and after another bath went to bed and cuddled up together kissing one another so very tenderly. William shoved Tommy on top of him which wasn’t exactly a mistake, how could it be, but when they eventually fell asleep the score was now 4-2!

William got one back first thing in the morning, but only by cheating. He woke with the usual teenage stiffy and took advantage of the still sleeping Tommy until that is his knob end broke through and Tommy had to admit after William had bought the score to 4-3 that that was the best way he had EVER woken up!

That then was the precursor for the rest of their two days off in the West Wing, or rather their bit of it. During the entire time they remained naked, bathed a lot, fought one another all over the place and made love. By the end of the last night neither of them had a clue as to the cum score, but the sure thing was there was no letup in the sex department and they were going at it as often on the last night as they were on the first. POSSIBLY the only thing that may have changed was by the end of the two days they were even more in love. The next day they went back to the gardens and worked even harder, both of them were as high as kites and even higher when they got back to their rooms

They had made love for the last time at the end of William’s holiday and after yet another bath they were cuddled up in bed with Tommy laying on top of William.

“Happy?” Tommy asked.

“What do you think idiot. Course I am. You?”

“What do you think idiot. Course I am.” With that in depth discussion at an end both boys fell into a combined “happy” sleep.

Lord Hunter Morton and Tommy saw William off and stood together as he was driven away both feeling massively sad.

“My Lord may I thank you for your kindness.” Tommy cleared his throat and went on. “There is going to be a lot suffering in the near future and what you allowed was for William and I to have a time neither of us will ever forget. Thank you again my Lord.” Hunter Morton looked at this young boy, but now almost a man and although happy that he had given them time together he was very guilty he had not allowed his own son that kindness, as Thomas had put it. “Thank you Thomas for your words. Maybe one day I can give someone else time to be himself, I pray I can.” With that he turned and went inside deep in thought. Tommy went to one of the gardens and cried his eyes out.

A month later there was all sorts of activity going on in the house. A huge number of lorries arrived and took boxes into the Manor and from what Tommy could find out they were all stored in the West Wing and, he assumed, the same rooms that he and William had rather enjoyed themselves a few weeks ago. When it seemed all the deliveries were complete Hunter Morton called his entire staff together in the huge entrance hall.

“Ladies and gentlemen. As you have most probably noticed there has been quite a lot of comings and goings lately. I just want you all to know I am having visitors to the Manor for some time to come and they will be accommodated in the West Wing. They will be entirely independent from the rest of the Manor and NOBODY will be able to enter the wing for some considerable time. Our visitors will be welcome to wander around the estate as they wish and I expect you all to be courteous and welcoming. You do not need to know what their business is about and I ask you not to engage in any conversation regarding it. Thank you, you may return to your duties.”

Tommy woke up and wished himself a happy 16th birthday, it was the 3rd September 1939. Nobody at the Manor would know it was, not that he minded much as it happened to be the day Wendy would take him home for a day’s work in the garden and he was looking forward to having time with his family. They set off at 10am and by the time he arrived at the farm Britain would be at war with Germany.

The family sat at the dining table and talked nothing but what the war would bring and how they would all coup with whatever was ahead for them all.

“Well Tom at least you are too young to get involved and besides you are in a reserved occupation. The country needs feeding and that will be your contribution as it will be mine and all farmers. Let us just pray we will all come through and get this thing over with.” Nobody around the table knew just what it would cost the whole of the country and many millions throughout the world in the next few years.

Tommy worked his day and said goodbye to his family. His mother had baked for him and he strapped the canvas bag around Wendy’s neck and went back to the Manor. He smiled all the way back thinking of all the places he had stopped Wendy to drag William off her back to lay him on his!

It was quite unreal really as although they were at war, nothing seemed to happen. It was as if Britain and Germany were shaking fists at one another across the channel and nobody doing anything like fight. And then of course all hell let loose. Germany invaded Belgium, Holland and then finally France. The British Expeditionary Force ended up in tatters and fled back to England via an incredible evacuation at Dunkirk. The fact that many more thousands were taken off the beaches than was expected sort of gave the people a sense of victory. Then of course the two things that helped save Britain, the appointment of Churchill as Prime Minister and the outcome of the Battle of Britain. It was the most important battle that saved the country from German invasion and we could hold on hoping that America would enter the war. Britain still had to wait until December 1941 for that to happen when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. It was the biggest mistake Japan made. Meanwhile the Blitz was at its height and many cities were taking a hell of a beating with terrible losses.

That in a nut shell is a time line of the early years of the war, but none of it directly involved Tommy and although he followed every news bulletin he was well and truly out of it as were many thousands at that time.

Tommy was really happy when he found out that William and his mother would be coming to stay at the Manor for the duration and could not wait to see him again and know they would be working together and finding private time to spend in one another’s arms and, to be slightly crude, in one another’s bums as well! They would be packing up when William got home from Winchester and travel down together. He reread the letter he had got from William. He had written it during a tutorial and got a real telling off when asked a question and he had not heard what it was. He had got to the point in his letter where he was describing a new position he wanted Tommy to try. “I will be on the floor on my shoulders with my upper class bum sticking straight up. You will then enter said upper class ass with your working class cock and proceed to deliver a cum load like no other before. Once you have done that we will change over and I will show you how to do it properly! I love you so much Tommy. All my love, William.”

“Hunter Morton! 200 lines, “I WILL pay attention to my Professor at all times and I may even learn something.”

“You would if you read this Professor Drake!” William thought.

Tommy was humming to himself in one of the greenhouses and did not hear his Lordship come in until he called Tommy’s name. Slightly startled Tommy turned and looked at his Lordship and smiled at him, but stopped as he saw the look on his face, it was an expression he had never seen before. Tommy looked into his Lordships eyes and saw the deep deep sadness in them. In that instant Tommy knew William was dead.

He and his mother had been killed in an air raid on London the night before.


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