Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 3

Tommy stood away from William and for the first time took in the shear naked beauty of the boy standing in front of him. Now they could see the whole body, but could be excused for the majority of interest was in the area containing the “man bits,” or in 1938 was referred to as, “the private area.”

Tommy was slightly bigger than William with his uncut 6.5 inches and two hairless balls swinging low underneath his cock and all topped with a magnificent crown of thick black pubic hair. This masterpiece was as hard as it could get, but no wonder it was as he looked at the beauty of William’s own “private area.”

He had a 6.3 inch straight uncut cock and also had two lovely sized hairless balls, but his remained tightly tucked up. His crown was a lovely bush of fair hair. After the very short time it took for each of them to delight in all they saw, they closed the gap, took each other in hand and went back to kissing.

Nothing was said and it was Tommy who took the lead. He stepped out of his cords, lifted William out of his and took them both to the tub. The water was still very warm and after Tommy had put William on his feet he picked up the jug and began to soak the pair of them. When fully wet he picked up William’s mothers soap.

“This it then William? Your right it smells nice.”

“I bet she does not know who it will be used on though.” He said and stood there as Tommy began to soap William’s entire body and playing particular attention to William’s cock and even more on his bum. They were both in heaven. After a very long time Tommy finished and handed William the bar and he did to his lovely friend what had just done to him. Every now and then William would stop so that they could kiss, then go back to work on Tommy’s body.

William poured water all over the pair of them and now soap free Tommy went to his knees and just looked at William’s boyhood, took him into his hand and stroked. He carried on like this for some time, gliding William’s foreskin over the head and then back down exposing the knob of pink, but got nearer and nearer to the erection until close enough to open his mouth and take the head into it and then as deep as he could go. The noise coming out of William’s throat told Tommy he was having a great time, they both were. As he sucked he put his hands behind William and played with the cute and firm buttocks belonging to its cute owner. He parted these beautiful cheeks and ran his fingers over William’s anal door, the door that would, sometime soon, welcome his straining cock into it.

William gently pulled Tommy to his feet, smiled at him and kissed his mouth before continuing kissing all the way down Tommy’s body until he got to that 6.5 inches of 15 year old cock and with one hand holding Tommy’s sacks and the other traveling to fondle his bum, he opened his mouth and took Tommy in, well, as much as he could anyway. Tommy could have blown up at that point because of the amazing feel of William’s mouth wrapped round his rod, but he managed to hang on and keep himself in one piece.

Once again Tommy took the lead and got them both out of the bath and with the one towel they dried each other off as best they could. They went to the bales and laid down and spent ages exploring one another’s bodies.

It was all so beautiful in its innocence. Two 15 year olds discovering the full experience of sex with another male as they moved over one another, touching, kissing, licking, but knowing that it meant so much more because of their love for the other.

As they made love the more intense each became. Nothing was said, the eyes did all the talking. They would break off and look deeply into one another as if asking if “he” was still sure that what they were doing was fine by the other. The returned smiles gave the answer.

Almost by accident they found themselves into a 69 when Tommy was kissing his way back down William’s body only this time they were head to toe with William still on his back and Tommy straddled over him making his way down to William’s penis which stood hard and proud and as soon as Tommy arrived at the throbbing head of William’s cock, he opened his mouth and once again took him in and swallowed all that he could. Tommy was in heaven, but even more so when he felt William’s mouth take him in as well.

There would be no more exploring now, they had found this position and as by now they were in such an advanced state of excitement both knew it would not be long before the second cumming.

Tommy moved to his side and William adjusted his position and now they laid face to cock sucking, stroking and fondling the parts of each other’s bodies that were in reach but never allowing a cock to leave a mouth.

“I’m coming Tommy, I’m coming!” William whispered.

“Me too.” Tommy whispered back.

As a conversation it was not up to much, but then neither could care about that as the climax for both of them was just seconds away.

It was William who came first and Tommy knew it was on its way when he felt the whole of William’s body tense for a couple of seconds before five enormous loads shot out of this wonderful boy’s cock into the other wonderful boy’s mouth.

It was Tommy who came second and William knew it was on its way when he felt the whole of Tommy’s body tense for a couple of seconds before five enormous loads shot out of this wonderful boy’s cock into the other wonderful boy’s mouth.

After some time, with both boys just snuggled into the others private cock area, Tommy turned head to head and once again they wrapped in together and kissed.

They eventually got to William’s bed and still without saying a word they climbed in naked, pulled the blanket around themselves and cuddled up and still with the thoughts of all they had experienced together, kissed for a very long time until both boys fell into a very happy sleep.

Tommy woke up and the first thing he saw was William on top of him with a massive smile on his face. It was getting light and Tommy estimated it was an hour before they should be up. With only the grandfather clock in the cottage to tell the time, it was left to instinct to work out the hour. Day time was simple, just know what to look for, shadows gave the time if there was sun, but the birds were more reliable than any shadow or clock.

“What are you doing there?” Tommy smiled back at William and loved him all over again.

“I’m sorry Thomas, I just need a peasants cock up my ass and as you are the only one I know, you will have to do.” Once again William over did it and got the shit beaten out of him, only this time he really enjoyed it and throughout the assault  remained as stiff as he was before Tommy started on him.

“How does it feel being beaten up by a peasant?”

“Bloody wonderful, now fuck me.”

“You’re the one on top so it’s up to you, I’m just staying like this. Carry on weakling.” William just stared down at Tommy and then lent over and kissed him. Tommy put his hands on William’s back and stroked it all the way down to his hugely cute cheeks. “You going to fuck yourself on me or what?”

Without another word William covered Tommy’s cock with Vaseline and after that greased himself up. Tommy just laid back loving all that William was doing to him. William could just stay as he was without touching his cock and he would have become worked up, but as William massaged him, so he became even more aroused.

William got into position and lined up Tommy’s cock at his anus and sat on it trying to get Tommy inside him. It took a very long time, but William was determined and all Tommy could do was lay on his back and allow William to do what he wanted.

Neither of them knew what was ahead for both of them, but each had a clue as soon as William’s back door opened and Tommy’s cock head popped inside.  William stayed still and by his breathing Tommy knew he was in pain, but he was in a somewhat different world to William, the sensation was amazing.

“Christ William it’s fantastic!”

“Wish I could say the same Tommy, still here goes.” And with that he took in a huge breath and held it as he forced himself down on Tommy taking the whole thing inside him. The pain was intense but William had achieved what he wanted and remained still waiting to get used to Tommy’s rod stuck inside him. After some time he risked it and raised himself up and then back down. It was still painful, but the more he fucked himself on Tommy the less it became.

“Tommy it’s much better now. Oh my word it feels SO good!”

“Bloody good down here as well William.”

As he pumped on Tommy, William realised he could bend down and kiss him as well and as soon as their mouths met Tommy found that in this position he could now fuck William and began a steady humping into him as well as taking him in hand and wanking William in time with his fucking.

There was no way this could last long. Both boys were well and truly worked up and as William approached the end he put his face against Tommy’s and holding one another tightly, they came together with Tommy blasting into William and William blasting all over Tommy. When the last drop had shot out, both boys remained as they were just smiling at one another not quite believing what had just happened. William finally collapsed on top of Tommy and both boys once again kissed their love for the other.

It’s almost impossible to hide something that gives anyone the sheer pleasure and excitement that these two boys had just experienced. They were not only on cloud nine, they were on a sky full of them. If Tommy’s parents had been aware that their happiness was a result of both boys engaged in forbidden activities they would have been hugely upset, even angry. Still, they gave it no thought at all, but did wonder why they were so happy as they had become great friends, but William’s time was all but over and they should now be walking about with long faces.

During the few remaining days before William went back to the Manor they took every opportunity open to them to get naked, even in the open fields. It did not matter to them so long as they were able to hold one another, kiss and for the millionth time explore their bodies both with hands, lips and tongues.

Wendy by now had come to expect this odd behaviour and just let them get on with “whatever it was,” in any case the grass was too good to bother watching something she did not understand. She carried on grazing while Tommy and William did their own, “whatever it was.”

What made their love making complete was when Tommy got William on his back and after a long time managed to feed the whole of William inside him. It took ages, not so much because it was so painful, but more that when Tommy had William fully inside him the pair were having the time of their lives and kept up the shagging for ages. William always came first and now in the open fields he could yell his head off as he shot time and again which only bought Tommy to his own end and he too could cry out as he shot all over his body. After every cumming they seemed to produce more of the white stuff which was a testament not only of their love, but as much that the randy sods could not get enough of one another. This was sex between two most beautiful boys and with love attached it was even better, but William’s time was coming to an end and he already knew it would be difficult when the time came.

The Torrent family stood outside the cottage to say goodbye to young William. “Thank you so much for having me stay. I know I was such a horrible person when I first came to stay, but you have all taught me so much and I hope a better person.” He was struggling to stop the tears and failing.

“You are a fine young man William and thank you for your good work, you must come and stay with us any time you wish. You were right, we are all sad to see you go.” Even William senior was struggling.

Wendy pulled them away from the cottage with tears streaming down William’s face and Tommy trying not to. Both boys sat close holding hands not daring to say anything. As Wendy pulled them further and further from the home that William had come to love. He made an attempt to cheer them both up.

“I suppose I have to thank you as well Master Torrent. So, let me say it has been QUITE nice to meet you even though you are only a farm hand. My teachers say it is important to make lower classes feel good about themselves and then work them to death for the benefit of us upper classes. Thank you young Tommy.” Tommy looked at William and said nothing. Two can play this game he thought.

“You are supposed to respond young Torrent. It is rude not to comment, your teachers should have taught you that.”

Still Tommy ignored William. Instead he steered Wendy into a field and bought her to a standstill. He grabbed William and took him to the ground, pulled both of their shirts off, sat between his legs and kissed him long and hard. Without a word he unbuttoned William’s and his own cords, put William’s hand on his cock and his on William’s.

Over the next 15 minutes they kissed and wanked the other off until William cried out that he was cumming and two seconds later his cock exploded followed by Tommy’s doing the same. They were both covered in one another’s cum which they would take with them to the Manor.

“That good enough comment William?” Tommy asked.

“Perfect Tommy and you know I love you so much?”

“Not as much as I love you young William. Now get back on the cart, I have some rubbish to deliver!”

Once again Wendy wondered what the hell was going on. Still she loved her dear Tommy and anything he did was fine with her. She had witnessed much between these two and all she knew was that Tommy was safe and she loved to have William around her as well. Giving it no more thought she just did her job as she took Tommy and William to the Manor and could not be happier. She could not know that only Tommy would be going back to the farm alone and a sad Tommy at that.

“Tommy?” As happened many times now Tommy did not reply and just kissed William’s hand.

“Grandfather would disown me if he ever found out we love one another and of course all that we have been up to. He threw Uncle Cornwallis out when he found out he was having an affair with some male dancer in London. It was a huge scandal and Grandpa has never forgiven him. It seems now that homosexuality is in the family and it would kill Grandpa if he found out I am the same as Uncle Cornwallis. Tommy, Uncle Cornwallis was not the only issue Grandfather had to deal with, there was another one involving my mother when she had me. She had an affair and I came along. I never met my father, but I know who he is. Grandfather insisted I took the Hunter Morton name and not my fathers, he is a very famous person and is a Member of Parliament.”

“Do you think I am going to shout out about you and me William? I don’t give a damb about your business because it’s none of mine. We don’t know what will happen next and my guess is nothing can, we are too far apart. I just want to remember what we have and what we have done together and IF we can somehow see each other again then I will wait. I am not going to think ahead too far, but if there is a way for us to be together, as I said, I will wait.”

“Yes Tommy, but I am frightened about what will happen. You were right we will be at war soon and God knows whether we will even survive.”

Nothing more was said, but both boys were struggling with what lay ahead and neither had any idea how to deal with it. War would get in the way anyway and not just for them either.

“OH MY GOODNESS! Which one of you is the farmer and which one is my grandson?” His Lordship was waiting for them and smiled at his grandson as he jumped off the cart. William was dressed as he always was at the farm. The clothes he wore when he first arrived were stuffed into his Gladstone bag.

“Grandpa! I have had such a good time and learnt so much. You know Tommy don’t you?”

“Of course I do. Thomas thank you for teaching William so much. I have heard some very good things about both of you!” Both boys blushed and his Lordship had no idea why.

Hunter Morton had become a very keen photographer and always carried his new Kodak with him and took many photographs and spent a lot of time developing them in his dark room.

“Let me get this on record. Stand together.” Not a request, an order. They stood just in front of Wendy and she could be forgiven that “something” was about to happen like the other times she had witnessed when these two were together. Still, the old man being there confused her a bit. She had seen the boys so many times now with their arms wrapped round one another and wondered why they were now standing two feet apart while that old man pointed that “thing” at them.

“Right, stand still boys and you CAN smile!” The boys did as they were told and stared at the camera, smiling. Wendy was having none of it and just as his Lordship was about to press the shutter Wendy leaned down with her massive head and shoved Tommy close to William just to get things back to normal. The result was a wonderful photograph of Tommy with his arm around William as he was pushed by Wendy where she wanted him to be. The smiles were natural and so lovely.

His Lordship took a few more photos of the boys and after the last one was taken he turned to William. He looked serious.

“William, I want you to show Thomas the gardens and greenhouses and I want your thoughts about them Thomas. We will be at war soon and the country will need to be fed and I will be expecting all my farms to grow more to do just that. Mr Jefferies (estate manager) tells me your garden is first class Thomas, the best of all my farms. I want you to look around and see what you think. Off you go.”

The tour took well over an hour mainly because they took advantage of any cover to kiss and fondle. Still, Tommy took in everything he was shown and did indeed have thoughts about it. Tommy saw large areas of growing space devoted to flowers and indoor plants and what he thought was if those areas were used for vegetable growing his Lordship would increase his production a great deal.

They arrived at the final greenhouse which was full of exotic and beautiful flowers and plants of various kinds unfamiliar to Tommy.

“We need to say goodbye here Tommy. Grandfather will be expecting us soon.” For the last time they wrapped arms around one another and kissed for as long as they could. With one last hug they told each other of their love, adjusted their rather stiff cocks and went to find Lord Hunter Morton.

“William go into the house and change, Thomas will want those clothes back. With a glance at Tommy, William went off to do as he was told.

His Lordship walked down the huge lawn towards the river with Tommy at his side. This had never happened before and he felt awkward, but at the same time unexpectantly confident.

“Well Thomas what are your thoughts?” Thomas talked for some time with his master listening with interest. Finally Tommy finished. “And my Lord we are walking on a huge lawn that could be used should you have the men to work it.”

“Thank you Thomas, very interesting to hear your thoughts. I will most probably do as you suggest and use the three greenhouses from flowers to vegetables. I will be coming to Upper farm tomorrow to look at your garden and talk to your parents. Please tell them I will be there around midday. Ah, here’s young William.”

His Lordship walked off to the house leaving the boys together. It was that dreadful time neither wanted to happen.

“We can’t kiss goodbye Tommy, but I’m jolly well going to hug you.” They did and Lord Hunter Morton watching them from his study window thought what good friends they had become. Oddly enough his mind went to Cornwallis and wondered if he was well. Not for the first time he regretted turning his back on his son.

William stood waving at Tommy and Wendy as she clopped off out of the gates, both boys utterly dejected and did not hide the tears. In bed later that night Tommy could not even get hard, he missed William so much and it would be some time before he could come to terms with it. Still, things were about to change anyway and would give Tommy a lot to think about. Those changes became apparent when his Lordship had visited and drove off after he had finished looking at Tommy’s garden and speaking to Tommy and his parents.

“Well, at least his Lordship listened to us and he will allow you to come back twice a week to tend the garden here Tom.” He looked at his other two sons. “You boys will only go to school three times a week now, you will have to take over some of Tom’s work. Why you did not take his Lordships offer to use one of his horses I don’t know. Wendy is a great horse, but a bit slow son.” He could not tell his father the real reason why he wanted Wendy to take him to the Manor and back. The family already knew of the deep affection both had of the other, but for Tommy riding her was a strong connection to himself and William. After all she knew exactly what the two boys had got up to and what they meant to each other.

The bones of it was that Hunter Morton wanted Tommy to become his under gardener as the head gardener, Mr. Smart, was getting on a bit and should have retired two years previously. What had convinced his Lordship was when he saw Tommy’s garden and knew by his own experience that this garden produced excellent crops and all of it high quality. Tommy would go to the Manor in two days and start work with Mr Smart.

Tommy said a sad farewell to his family and rode off on the bare back of Wendy towards the Manor and a new life.


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