Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 2

Not much has been said about Tommy’s two brothers and sister so far so that needs to be put right. Frederick was three years younger than Tommy, next comes Albert, four years younger and then Sarah, five years younger.

The thing to say about them is their love of big brother Tommy. Tommy being the person he was his siblings felt safe, loved and someone to care for them and look up too besides all that their parents gave. Tommy being the eldest took on a lot of responsibility and it was he who would get them up, wash and dress them, take them to school and back home again. He got them ready for bed every night and bathed them all together on bath nights. That turned out to be little more than a water fight between the lot of them and most of the water ending up all over Tommy and the barn floor. The two brothers also worked, when they were able to with Tommy. They were very close and even though big brother’s often feel the younger ones got in the way, Tommy never felt that, he did not have a bad bone in his body.

Sarah had always been a child who would pick up any bug going and would often be absent from school, but apart from that her parents and the doctor were not too concerned as she always bounced back with a lot of energy and ran around with her brothers all over the place. At every opportunity she would climb on Tommy’s lap and most nights he would take her to bed fast asleep, tuck her in and gently kiss her goodnight.

This illness was no worse than any other and they just waited for her to get over whatever it was and carry on as normal. But unlike other times this one seemed to drag on and when diarrhea set in it was too late as the severe infection in the gut had not been picked up and as antibiotics were not too widely available in those days, Sarah slipped away and her parents and brothers would feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

They were back home after the funeral and now sitting in the kitchen each in their own world as they tried to come to terms with what had happened. All they could ask themselves was, “Why?” There would never be an answer.

Everyone went about their work on automatic and hardly any conversation, even having William with him did not help Tommy and it took two days before anyone realised that he was affected as much as the rest of them. They would go about their work with hardly a word spoken and when it was time for a break Tommy would just sit and stare at the ground. William wanted to comfort Tommy, but he thought he would not be welcome as he was not family. He decided he would ask Mr Torrent if he should go back to the Manor the next day.

“May I have a word in private sir?” He asked William. William took him into the parlour and shut the door.

“Sir, because of the situation and me not being family maybe it would be better for me to go back to the Manor and let you good people grieve without an outsider here?” William looked at junior and smiled at him.

“Thank you William for your thoughtfulness. You have in fact become a part of our family. Do you want to leave?”

“No sir, I don’t. I regarded Sarah as much as a sister as your sons do. You have no idea what you and your family have done for me Mr Torrent and thank you for regarding me as part of your family. I am really grateful to all of you.”

“Please stay William, Mrs Torrent and I, as well as the boys feel the same about you and thank you for your kindness.”

As soon as William left senior turned to Tommy and told him what William had said. “Go to him Tom, he is alone and suffering like the rest of us.” Tommy shot out and ran across the yard. He got to the barn and from the door he could hear William crying. He quietly climbed the ladder and went into the room and looked at William. They both stared at one another and without a word he got off his bed and the two boys fell into one another’s arms. After some time like that and both boys sobbing their hearts out, Tommy took William to the bed and laid down. He reached for the blanket and covered both of them and after some time and still cuddled up, they fell asleep.

A week later Tommy and William hitched Wendy up and were waiting for Mrs Torrent to come out of the cottage and take her to the village to spend the day with some friends. It was to be a baking day and the finished cakes, buns, tarts and bread would be sent to the cottage hospital for the patients and nurses. It had become a bi monthly meeting and Kathleen Torrent could not wait for this time, it helped to forget for a short while. The boys would have to go to another farm to deliver straw and after shopping for stores they more or less had the day off themselves until it was time to pick up Mrs Torrent.

They sat side by side as Wendy pulled them back to the village and William listening as Tommy talked about Sarah and also realising that being able to talk to William like this was helping him to come to terms with his loss, the family could not, did not, speak about her death as each one of them felt they should have realised that her illness was more serious than they thought it was. William gradually got Tommy to talk about farming just to help him stop the guilt as he was sure the Torrent’s had nothing to reproach themselves for. He smiled to himself as Tommy warmed to the subject and for the rest of the way back to the village Tommy cheered up no end and all thanks to William’s consideration towards his new friend. William had turned many corners during these past few weeks and all because Grandpapa sent him to the farm as a part of his understanding about farming and farm workers, but he would have a fit if he knew his grandson was falling in love with one of his farmhands!

Since being with the Torrent’s and in particular Tommy, he had learnt a great deal and being able to be with this lovely boy all the time made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. He knew that his feelings towards Tommy had become very strong and he had a hunch Tommy felt the same, but would never show his feelings, he just did not want to risk losing Tommy as a friend. What he did not know of course Tommy had the same thoughts and both were in desperate need for a shove in the right direction. That shove was about to happen and from that grand lady, Miss Thorpe.

“Fancy a cup of tea and a cake Tommy?” They hitched Wendy up at the water trough in the middle of the main road and after her drink Tommy put her nose bag on and left her to enjoy its contents. They went into the tea room and the first person they saw was Miss Thorpe sitting by herself. “TOMMY! How nice to see you. Please come and join me.” They went to her table and Tommy introduced William. “My word upper and lower classes mixing!? How very nice and about time too. I have met your grandfather several times William and what a lovely man. I do hope you turn out like him.” She ordered tea and cakes for the boys and she listened as Tommy bought her up to date about his life since leaving school and why William was with him. All the while they spoke Jane kept looking at the two boys and forced herself not to smile too widely. “I’m sure they don’t know they are in love.” She told herself. She loved the looks they were giving one another, the smiles and unconsciously leaning towards each other when something funny was said. “Oh yes, they are in love.” And she smiled at them again.

“Oh dear what a pity but I have to go boys.” She put a Florin on the table and was about to stand up and as she did, so did Tommy and William. Jane sat down again followed quickly by the boys, Miss Thorpe was obviously going to say something else. “I just want to say one thing.” She cleared her throat and smiled at the two of them. “You make think this is silly coming from an old spinster, but I do know people very well and a little about relationships I can assure you. During my many years now I have met dozens of people of all ages and have seen the signs and have never been wrong.” She looked at them again with that smile on her face. “And I don’t think I am wrong this time either.” She got up and left, the boys remained seated and just stared at her as she walked out and crossed the road. They finished the last two cakes and went out and sat on the cart waiting for Kathleen, neither saying a word.

Even on farms there are occasional quieter times and after seeing to the other horses, Wendy was hitched up and the two boys went out to check fencing and repair any that needed it. It was now three weeks since they had slept together and neither had forgotten it. Nothing was said as neither of them knew what to say anyway, despite the heavy clue Miss Thorpe had given them. It was late afternoon but with another three hours of day light left and only an hour to get back before it got dark. Tommy was in no hurry and William would only do as he was told and was content to wait for Tommy to tell him. It gave him time to carry on thinking about being comforted by Tommy and when he slept with him, he felt secure and realised what true friendship was, but he was sure there was more to all of this.

They were sat two feet apart on an old tree trunk eating the remains of the bread and cheese his mother had given them. They sat slightly apart and both were thinking the same thoughts. They looked up at the other and held the look and thought it best to stare at the ground again. They carried on like that a few more times and neither could still not understand the strong feelings that they were experiencing. When they slept together it was a matter of two boys comforting one another because of the loss of Sarah. This was different and they were not even touching but at the same time thinking about what Miss Thorpe had said in the tea rooms.

They just sat there looking like equals as far as any outsider would see. The class difference was only known to them and if a stranger looked at them he could not tell who was who, they were dressed the same and as farm hands both looked quite scruffy.

No, this was all to do with two 15 year olds whose hormones were doing all sorts of things to their teenage bodies and minds, but both wondering why on earth they both liked the other much more than just ordinary friends do, or rather supposed too.

Tommy was becoming more and more unsure of himself and had to get his mind on something else. “There is going to be war William. My teacher told me two years ago it would happen, but I did not believe him. He is right though. What do you think?”

“Don’t be silly Tommy, Chamberlin won’t let us go to war, we have not recovered from the Great War yet, but we and the French will stop Hitler if he tries anything make no mistake. No, we will do the same as America and stay out of it. There is a big movement over there not to get involved.”

“Don’t you read the papers then? By what I read they all say it will happen.”

“MY teachers say it won’t happen. I think you are reading the wrong papers Tommy.”

Tommy surprised himself let alone William when he got up and angrily stood over him.

“So, your fucking snobby teachers know more than a village teacher do they? Just because you are high and mighty you think you know more than us fucking commoners?”

“THERE IS NO NEED TO USE THAT LANGUAGE. YOU ARE WRONG!” William regretted that as soon as it came out of his mouth. It was like the arrogant shit he was when he first came to the farm.

Tommy sat back down, but misjudged it and sat down touching William.

“I suppose I have to say sorry about swearing, but I know I’m right. Anyway, sorry.”

“I should FUCKING well think so too!”

At least that little exchange was over, they did laugh a lot. Tommy was back to thinking about William again and moved slightly so he was not touching him, William moved so they were touching again. Tommy moved and was pleased that this was now a game and they were back to being friends. William followed and the pair kept this up until Tommy had reached the end of the tree stump. He moved one last time and made a big thing of falling off the stump calling out as he fell off, “MURDER!” It was the excuse both of them needed and William got up and landed on Tommy and tried to pin him down. They “fought” for some time rolling about on the grass trying to out fight the other and William failing miserably. He did not have a problem with it as it actually turned him on to have this powerful boy dominate him in this way.

Finally it came to an end with William on his back and Tommy astride him forcing his arms above his head. Tommy sat down on William and felt the lump sticking up in William’s cords. That made two stiff cocks then. They did not move, just stayed like that for some time staring in each other’s eyes. Tommy was forcing himself not to bend down to William’s mouth, but it was so difficult and he moved as though to get off.

“Please don’t Tommy.”

“It’s wrong.”

“Is it? Why?”

“Because MY fucking teacher said so!”

William found it hard to laugh with Tommy’s mouth on his. He had just lent over and placed his mouth on William’s and stayed there for some time until William pushed his tongue against Tommy’s lips. He opened them and welcomed William in. This was a wonderful time for both of them and they knew they were experiencing something that neither of them could ever imagine happening when they first met, or with any other boy come to think about it. As they continued so both boys were getting more and more worked up. Without really having much idea what to do next, Tommy sat up taking William with him. They now sat with Tommy between William’s legs and each wrapped their arms round the other and carried on kissing.

“My word.” Was all William could say and once again offered his tongue to Tommy.

William’s shirt was outside his cords and Tommy felt underneath and stroked his back sending a shiver through William’s entire body.

“My word.” Was all William could say and once again offered his tongue to Tommy.

Tommy, now full of confidence, pulled the shirt over William’s head and exposed this beautiful boy’s torso.

“OH my word!” Was all William wanted to say and pulled Tommy’s shirt off as well.

The next few minutes were spent with the boys running their hands over the other and loving the sight in front of him. Tommy went back to kissing and pulled William even closer to him. After more time like this Tommy dared himself to place his hand between William’s legs and through the thick material of the cords held another boy’s stiffness for the first time in his young life. William was only seconds behind him. Without a word spoken they both undid the belts of the other, unbuttoned the flies and felt inside together taking his friends private part into his hand and as they did they both wondered at the sensation of it.

As they stroked one another they both realised they were about the same size, all six inches of very hard penis. Neither could say a word and just continued to kiss. They both knew it would not be too long before the inevitable would happen. Neither knew then what else to do anyway and even if they did it was going to be too late as after only a few more strokes both of their breathing became more intense as they forced air through their nostrils and as one they reached the point that neither could nor wanted to back out from.

William was slightly ahead of Tommy and as he reached the top he cried out as his sperm erupted out and splattered all over Tommy. William had got to number three when Tommy’s own cock exploded and with the intensity of the whole wonderful experience both boys bodies took it in turns to recoil as each cum load shot out.

After it was all over neither of them moved and just looked down at the mess they had created and then back up with huge smiles. William looked on astounded as he watched Tommy lift his hand to his mouth and lick William’s cum off of it.

“You taste nice William. Try mine.” He did and agreed, Tommy tasted nice as well. They fed one another with each other’s cum for a while and then went back to kissing again, holding on to one another and their still hard cocks.

At long last Tommy looked at the shadows and knew it was time to go. He pulled William to his feet and they did themselves up and put their shirts back on. They loaded the cart and climbed on board and with a click of his tongue Wendy, having witnessed something she had never seen before, started off back to the farm. The two boys said nothing and sat there holding hands.


As a reply Tommy just raised William’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

“Will you sleep with me again tonight?”

“I already made up my mind I would William. It’s strange isn’t it that life can be so cruel and wonderful at the same time? Thank you for making me happy again William and I know Sarah would thank you as well.”

William leaned over to Tommy and they kissed once more.

When they got back there was another hour’s work to do and they both set too to groom, feed and water the Shires.

Not that it needed both of them to do it, but William followed Tommy up to the hay loft to throw down four bails. It took some time to do that normally quick job, but try throwing bails of straw about while kissing your friend? Lover? Maybe “boyfriend?” Now THAT sounded really good, “boyfriend.” Tommy was happy with that, it made them more personal and much more than just “friends.”

“Tommy can we bath together before we go to bed? I have got some of my mother’s soap and it smells wonderful. It will make us smell good as well.”

“We only use carbolic soap, but there is new stuff called Lifebuoy, that’s supposed to be good.”

“It’s only used by common people Tommy. Well, according to my teachers anyway!” William got slapped all over the loft for that remark and loved it! They also both enjoyed the time they spent with their mouths joined together.

“Common your Fuckship, time to eat.”

They all sat together eating and just talked farm talk, but Tommy and William had to concentrate hard as both of their dirty little minds kept wondering off to that afternoon and thoughts of later that night.

“Dad do you mind if I sleep with William, it will give the boys more room and I could use William’s room when he has gone?” Tommy glanced over at William and smiled broadly when he saw the poor boy blushing!

“Sleep where you want Tom so long as you are up in good time to do your work.” Neither parent even gave a thought as to the real reason Tommy asked that and William was bright red!

After they had finished Tommy and William went to the Linney where the copper was always burning which was used for Mrs Torrent to wash clothes and hot water for the weekly baths. They each filled two buckets and carried them to the barn where the tub was. They would need to make several trips to get enough water. The tub was in a corner of the barn and had straw bales surrounding it to make it a bit more private for Mrs Torrent. It would be useful for these two as well later. They had just poured the last buckets in when the estate manager rode up to make arrangements to collect William when his time was up. Tommy was pleased he overheard what was being discussed and offered to take William himself. That was agreed and although they knew it was going to be difficult when the time came at least they would have another hour or so together before they got back to the Manor and the dreaded time to part.

Tommy lit a hurricane lamp and after kissing William when they got just inside the barn he jammed a piece of wood to hold the door firmly shut and led the way to the “bathroom.” He put the lamp on its hook turned round and wrapped his arms around William and kissed him. It was very warm in the barn and being naked later would not bother them and so they could take their time in undressing one another, but before they got that far there was a lot more kissing to be done.

They had already kicked their boots off and the only two things left was shirt and cords. William always wore underwear, but because he wanted to be the same as Tommy he didn’t bother. William was holding Tommy’s face in his hands kissing him when he let go and pulled Tommy’s shirt up and over his head and threw it away. He took a step back and just stared at Tommy’s beautifully shaped and muscled arms, shoulders and upper body. He had a flat tummy that showed signs of what we now call a six pack. He was tanned with a smooth silky skin and William’s cock was now even harder than earlier that day.

“You are fantastically beautiful Tommy. Gosh, so beautiful.” Tommy thanked him by removing HIS shirt and it was his turn to admire this slim, but trim boy whose body had by now developed into a wonderful shape, not muscled, just an absolute pleasure for Tommy to stare at and fondle. They kissed again and as they did their combined heart rates went through the barn roof as, still kissing, they undid belts and buttons and gravity took over as each pair of cords landed on the straw covered floor. The feel of their naked bodies hard against each other was out of this world and made even more so when they ran their hands down each back and only stopped when their hands arrived at those wonderful firm cute bottoms.

They had already gone to places both of them thought impossible, but they were about to reach a higher level and after it both boys, at last, realised they were in love.


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