The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 24

Simon was at the station waiting for Tony’s train to come in, it had become a habit of his over the times Tony had come home on leave during the war to get to the station at least a half hour before it was due, this time he was coming home to their first peace time Christmas and for ever more. Simon had already decorated the lounge and, as normal in this household, with just a large Christmas tree which stood against the back wall and candles all over the room. They and the fire would give the only light during the meal and evening.

Food rationing would go on for years yet and the meal would be as basic as in most homes, but the company would make up for any shortages, and of course Trevor’s donations of wine and spirits.

Two of Simon’s chickens had already been selected to have their necks rung, but were still happily scratching away in the garden totally unaware that their time was almost up. Simon had used all of theirs and Trevor’s food ration coupons and managed to get a leg of pork and a joint of ham. Two tins of corned beef were also available should Simon wish to ruin the whole Christmas and so he wisely kept them in the pantry.

“Welcome home Tony, you look good.”

“I know and even better when I get the pyjamas on, have you washed them?”

“I didn’t have a choice, yours were stiffer than a corpse.”

“And yours weren’t I suppose?”

“Worse, it took two washes and a change of water to get them unstiff!” Romance is such a lovely thing.

It was the 23rd and plenty of time for a fuck before Andrew came home and they hurried back to the cottage with penis’s already beginning to rise. As soon as they got in, it was straight upstairs and they ripped one another’s clothes off in front of the fire. Tony stood looking at Simon’s bandage free middle and his mind went briefly back into medical mode and was happy that all was well and that he and Simon could now bathe together, which bought him back into sex mode.

He sat on the side of the bed and pulled Simon towards him and took the fully erect weapon into his mouth and did not stop until Simon called out the obvious and shot a gallon of the stuff into Tony’s mouth, he had to swallow fast so as not to lose a drop. He stood up and there was a repeat performance with Simon ending up with a similar load blasting down HIS gullet.

“Right, that was nice what shall we do for the rest of the holiday then?” Simon asked after a long session of kissing.

“Bath, NOW!” Tony led the way and within five minutes they were cuddled up with Tony laying back against Simon with his head on his right shoulder, telling one another how much in love they were and Tony moving his head slightly so they could kiss. After a good clean they dried each other off and went back upstairs and put their pyjamas on, then went back down for a drink. Perfect.

Simon kept looking at Tony’s legs poking out from his shorts and got hard again. He dug it out and smiled at Tony whilst stroking it in an effort to get him interested. Tony ignored him, well tried too, and got his out as well and knew as soon as he did, Simon would be more than interested. He got up and attacked, stripping Tony naked and himself at the same time. He laid Tony on the thick rug in front of the fire and got them into a 69. Oddly enough they did not cum that time and were just content to suck and stroke one another’s cocks, bums and anything else in reach. They broke off to lick their way back up a body, have an upside down kiss for some time and then lick their way back down again and take a cock back in a mouth. Simon at last turned round and laid on top of Tony at smiled down at him.

“Only a massive bulldozer could get me off you my love.” Or a small key being put into a lock! Andrew had come home early!

As they scrambled to get back into their pyjamas Simon thanked goodness he had fitted a lock on the front door, at least it gave them some early warning, but only just.

As soon as he saw them Andrew knew “something” had been going on and were most probably still hard when he saw them sitting at each end of the settee with a cushion covering up the naughty bits. Andrew was about to give them an even harder time.

“Hi lads! Simon can you come here please?”

“Not just yet dad….just give me a minute.” Simon and Tony were looking down at their hidden cocks, each telling the bugger to go limp!

“Oh ok, Tony can you come then?”

“No I can’t and you bloody well know why!”

Andrew creased up and could not stop. He split himself as he staggered to the drinks cabinet, even his artificial leg buckled! He poured three double rums and at the same time spilling another double over the cabinet as his hand shook so much. He took theirs to them and sat down in his chair with tears pouring down his face.

“Oh Christ you should see what I’m looking at! I’m going to take that lock off, then I can see what really goes on in here!” He just could not stop and even then there were STILL two hard cocks and two very embarrassed lovers to go with them!

Andrew reduced his laughing to a wide grin and knew that what he and Trevor were going to tell them at Christmas breakfast was the right thing.

“Try your bedroom next boys and put a fucking lock on that as well!” He got up and went for a bath and Simon and Tony just listened to him as he again screamed out laughing. It was catching and they also broke down in fits and got up to the bedroom as fast as laughing would allow.

“Happy Christmas Tony.” Simon was on top of him kissing his man.

“Happy Christmas Simon. Our first peace time one.” And kissed his man back.

Simon kissed his way down Tony’s body and took him into his mouth and there he stayed listening to the moans of pleasure coming from above.

“I’m ready Simon.” Simon smiled and kissed his way back up and when he got there straddled Tony and fed his cock into his bum and slowly stroked himself onto his massively hard man. It did not take long and before he knew it Tony was at the point of no return. Simon judged it to perfection and as he felt Tony swell inside him he stopped and allowed Tony room to heave himself up into Simon and hold himself fully embedded and expelled his wonderful juice into Simon’s back side, time and time again.

Simon just lent over him gently kissing and waiting for Tony to recover and did not stop telling him how wonderful he was and his love for him. Again he timed it right and now that Tony had recovered somewhat, Simon raised his legs over his shoulders and entered him and slowly stroked and after each one of them so he got closer to the beautiful end when he could literally pour his love into Tony.

“Happy Christmas again Tony,” he whispered and it was his turn to give one more thrust and he held himself there as he ejaculated a huge amount of cream into the love of anyone’s life!

“Happy Christmas dad.”

“Happy Christmas Andrew.”

“Happy Christmas boys. A VERY Happy Christmas.” It was becoming quite normal for all three to cuddle in and each time they did thanked their luck that in fact they were all there to be able do it.

They waited for Trevor to turn up and while they did Simon laid the breakfast table of cold ham and the new bread he had baked. Simon and Tony then busied themselves getting the vegetables prepared for dinner later and stuffing the two unfortunate chickens. Andrew poured out the first drinks of the day which would be the only one before church at 11 o’clock.

Trevor arrived loaded with a couple of bags of more wine, cheese, (cheese was harder to find in 1945 as it is to find a virgin in 2014!) preserves and, bloody hell! Chocolates! They wished him a Happy Christmas and sat down for the two hour breakfast. They all knew that everyone wanted to make announcements and after a debate about it, it was agreed that Andrew and Trevor would go first. They were going to make their announcements at dinner, but Simon insisted it should be breakfast.

“Right, this may cause a stir but here goes. I am moving in permanently with Trevor and NO, we aint like you two either.

I want you two to have this as your home so you can be yourselves, Trevor has been on his own for five years, he likes me for some reason, we get on so well and we agreed when I knew you were safe Simon and when, at LAST, you turned up Tony, I would move in with him. To us at least it makes a great deal of sense, what about you two?”

“Do you want us to help you pack now dad!?” There was rather lot of unseasonal bad language and after being reassured many times, two young men could not be happier. “I won’t bother putting a lock our door now! Your turn Tony.”

“I found out last week I have been offered a place on the orthopedic team at the Southampton General and I start on the first of February. I will have to go for additional training in London, but only two weeks at a time and I should be fully qualified within a year.”

“Well done Tony, congratulations.” Everyone said that, but only Simon had his hand on a knee and a quick trip up to his cock!

“Will getting back and forth be a problem Tony, the trains take ages and I expect you will need to catch buses as well?

“Yes Andrew it will mean a very early start and late getting home, but my dinner will be ready I should hope, so I won’t make it a problem, unless my dinner isn’t ready of course.” It was his turn to go on a quick trip. Trevor piped up.

“I have got a suggestion if there is anyone intelligent enough to follow my thinking?”

“Try us.” Andrew invited.

“Well, none of my business of course, but I should think that going by river will be much quicker and you still have “Peace” Andrew and Simon could take Tony and pick him up?”

“BRILLIANT! Absolutely brilliant. “Peace” would have been with us for some time anyway and now I will not sell her. What do you think boys?” They of course were over the moon and Simon already began to plan out sailing times and what they could get up to whilst going to and from Southampton.

“It won’t be the same time every day, I will be expected to work various hours, several of which will be all nighters.”

“I don’t care Tony, if it means I have to leave whatever time and become your taxi driver I don’t care and I already know if we use Ocean Way Marina, it’s only a ten minute walk from there to the hospital, you can do the whole trip in about an hour I guess.” Another fondle by Simon.

“Ok Simon what have you got for us?” Andrew looked at his son and had a feeling he knew something about what he MAY say, but even he was in for a surprise.

“Look, I hate this bit, but you will all get to know sometime anyway and I have to tell you before we go to church.”

The whole village had been asked to attend and in uniform if anyone had served in the first and now the second world wars, in a combined Christmas service and a memorial to the men and women who had lost their lives. Medals were asked to be worn.

Tony already knew that and had bought his with him. Andrew and Trevor’s were in Andrew’s bedroom. Simon was not comfortable and it showed. This was no time for piss taking and Andrew spoke to him in a way only a father can.

“Simon, it cannot be more difficult than when you had to tell me about you and Tony, that must have been the worst worry of your life as far as you and I were concerned and Simon, I think I know what you could be about to tell us and I could not be more proud and I mean both of you.”

“Thanks dad.” Simon had been looking at the centre of the table, but after Andrew’s words and now having Tony holding his hand he looked up at his father.

“I have been awarded the DSO and the Belgium Medal of Honour Dad and I have also been given honorary citizenship of Lowifontaine.

“Well done Simon, very well done! Christ I am so proud!” Andrew and Trevor shook his hand and Tony squeezed the other one.

“That’s not all.” They all looked at him and only Tony did not have a clue what was coming next, but Andrew and Trevor were pretty sure.

“They have given me the George Cross.”

This was a father and son time, both Trevor and Tony realised that and watched as they came together and hugged tightly.

“Christ I’m like a blubbering idiot. I am so bloody proud of you.” He drew back from his son and smiled the smile of utter joy.

“Tony, come and take my son off me, I need to sit down before the other leg falls off!” Tony got to Simon and they cuddled in knowing that there would not be any problem in front of Andrew or Trevor. They sat down and Tony insisted he tell the whole story.

“I got the lot when I was in hospital. The Belgium’s came to the hospital a week before I came home, just after the King and Queen left!” They just sat there taking it all in.

“The King came to award you the Cross!?”

“Only he can apparently and he insisted he wanted to come to the hospital to give it to me. The Princesses came as well. My friend Mike Goodyear said the shops must have been shut and they did not have anything else to do!”

Simon got up and went to the pantry were he had hidden all of his medals, they not only held his decorations, but also his war medals totaling seven in all, but did not include the Belgium award, that would be worn around his neck. They were hidden behind the corned beef tins so he knew they would be safe. He took them back to the table and gave them to his father.

It took an age for each of them to look at the medals which included the DSC he had been awarded before he was captured and questioned Simon for ages. As they talked it became obvious Simon was now relaxed, he had had a real problem having to come out with all this and to show how relaxed he was, he and Tony now held hands on top of the table. Andrew and Trevor could not have been happier to see it.

“You will look splendid in church son and I will be the proudest father in the whole of Britain.” A squeeze from Tony told Simon he would be proud as well.

“We will all look splendid dad and I won’t mind sitting with more junior officers.” Simon had to get this less formal, but at the same had to endure some really bad abuse.

Simon and Tony sat close together, the church was packed and each thought of the ones they had lost during their time at war, but one name was uppermost in their minds and simply because of the type of friendship they had and what it meant to both of them. They looked at one another.

“You thinking the same as me Simon?” Tony whispered.


“Yes, Spike and Brian, bless them. IF there is a God I hope he is looking after them.”

“We will all find out in time and I hope Spike, Brian and Patrick have met up and there is a sort of Hut Heaven for them to meet up in. Now that would be good and they would love Patrick’s nine inches!”

“NINE! Opps, nine inches? Yeah God’s!”

The vicar timed it to perfection. “We will now sing, “Oh Come All Yea Faithful!”

The congregation around them could hear Simon’s and Tony’s medals rattling on their chests as they tried to control themselves. Finally they had to sit down and bury their heads in their hands. Those that saw it assumed they were overcome with grief and not because of the carol they were singing. Neither of them were being disrespectful and both knew Spike, Brian and Patrick would be laughing their heads off in Hut Heaven!

It was a lovely day and the Christmas dinner was perfect. They sat at the table for three hours and just talked and drank. Tony, although a moderate drinker most of the time allowed himself to sip the grape and barley quite a lot but not noticed by any of the others as they were too busy talking and drinking.

As they chatted Simon also looked around the room and stopped when he got to the large oak sideboard and smiled at the photo of Spike and Brian staring back at him with all the love in the world on their faces. He had put a candle either side of the frame and they lit up their faces even more. Either side of that photo were the two photos of him and Tony, the same ones that he had taken everywhere with him during the war. He gave no thought about the trouble those photos caused, but did give a thought to the villagers and knew one day both he and Tony would visit them. He then looked at Tony who was smiling back at him, Andrew and Trevor saw the looks and thought it a good idea to start clearing the table and wash up. “You two, go to your room, NOW!”

“Yes dad, come on Doctor lets go before you get me into more trouble.” He grabbed a somewhat confused Tony by the hand and took him upstairs.

They slowly undressed one another and got into their pyjamas assuming they would not stay on long. Simon noticed that Tony was not that steady on his feet and had to hold on to him most of the time, he loved it. At last they stood in front of one another waiting to see who would get hard first. As usual Simon lost, he just could not help himself, but Tony could not get stiff anyway.

“I win.”

“You win what?”

“The last to get a hard on.”

“So, you came second, that means I won.”

“NO, thick shit, it’s a new game called “mind over hard on” the first to get hard loses, looser.”

“Ok, so what happens now?”

“You suck me off and then I suck you off and whoever lasts longest wins.”

“Wins what?”

“We fuck one another and whoever lasts longest wins.”

“Hang on, you did not say what the suck off winner wins.”

“No, but you have to do both to see who sucks off last and who fucks for the longest and THEN you have the winner, simple, well it is for me, Naval Commanders are not on the same intelligence level as us fuckers.”

“Ok, ok, let’s try again. What if we both won one each?”

“Simple…! Actually I’m not sure now, but I know I win!”


“Because I….Fuck, I don’t remember Simon, but I knows I luvs ya.” He looked up at Simon trying to focus.

“Your pissed aren’t you?” Tony tried to stand up straight to prove Simon wrong, then sagged down back on his chest. “Maybe a bit. It’s Andrew’s fault, or was it Trevor? Not sure but one of them must have slipped me a Micky Finn.”

“I bet you don’t even know what a Micky Finn is.” There was a long pause as Tony struggled to remember what it was. He stood up and looked Simon straight into his four eyes.

“Irish Dolphin?”

Simon cuddled him and took him to his side of the bed and told him to lay down. Almost as soon as his head hit the pillow Tony was fast asleep. Simon sat down and just stared at him as his thoughts went back to the first time he had met him at the yard and everything that had happened to them since. As he was down memory lane he stroked Tony’s left thigh and slowly ran his hand up and under his pyjama shorts, right up as far as Tony’s lovely man bits and just gently stroked him.

Even though fast asleep Tony opened his legs giving Simon better access which Simon took full advantage of and smiled as Tony became hard and started to moan his pleasure. It was now at full erection and poking through the fly hole. Simon lent over and took Tony in and blew him for ages until his jaw ached so much he had to stop. He kissed the head and looked up at Tony who was looking back at him which surprised Simon no end.

“How long have you been awake?”

“As soon as you took advantage of me being asleep and started to molest me. Still, now I know it is you, carry on.” Simon couldn’t, laughing and sucking a cock at the same time would never work. Instead he climbed in next to “wonder man” and cuddled into him and within seconds they were both fast asleep.

Trevor had slept on the settee, or so they assumed and both he and Andrew had gone out by the time Simon and Tony eventually got up. Tony was still suffering and even with Simon taking his pyjama shorts off did very little to help with his delicate state and so he laid between his legs sucking a soft dick until he too fell back to sleep. An hour later Tony woke and asked Simon what the hell was he doing down there!

“Trying to get you back to normal, whatever that is. Come on, we are going to the Hut.”

After a long bath they packed food, a flask of tea and stole a bottle of wine from the cellar and went on their way. They would walk slowly as they were both unfit to go too fast anyway. It was a lovely day and the fresh air did them a lot of good. They got onto the track leading to the Hut and as there was no one else about they stopped many times to kiss and fool around. They were about a 100 yards from the Hut when they became aware that they were not alone after all and realised that someone was behind them and catching up fast. They slowed down to allow three teenage boys to go past, but as they got to them they stopped.

“Don’t suppose you know if there is an old woodman’s hut around here? A friend told us there was, he and his mate go there a lot.” Simon and Tony were looking at themselves as they would have been in 1939 and they were just as good looking, lovely in fact. They also had a back pack and Simon and Tony guessed they too had food and drink in it and wondered if that included Vaseline.

“Yes, it’s just around that bend. You using it then?”

“Yeah and our mates are coming up later.”

“Well at least you can light the burner, that will keep you warm.” The tallest boy looked at Simon.

“How do you know? You use it then?” Simon looked back at the lad.

“Yes we used to, lots of times and a great friend of ours as well at the start of the war, we did look outs from there.” Tall boy smiled at Simon and Tony.

“Bet you fucked one another as well, like we are!” The boys went on their way leaving Simon and Tony relieved they had got up late or they would already have been in it. They were sure the boys would have wanted to join in!

They watched them go, but as they got to the bend the tall boy looked back and waved and then blew a kiss. Yep, they would have wanted to join in!

“Seems our Hut time is up Simon and we have to hand it over to the younger generation?”

“Think your right Tony. Hope they have as much fun as we did. Come on old man, let’s go home, I need a nap.” Simon lent down and kissed Tony. “And don’t you EVER come up here without me!”

Simon and Tony began a slow walk back towards the main road, but we are not going with them, we are just going to stand here and watch them walk away from us, and into their future.

There would not be one day of many, many days that they would not declare their love for one another and kiss that love in the most profound way. Two beautiful men who had gone through so much, but had come back together even more in love.

They are nearly at the bend now and talking their heads off as usual and no doubt planning what they would do when they got home. Whatever it was, my bet is it includes getting into, and then out of pyjamas.

Nearly there…. No, they’ve stopped and Simon has pulled Tony to him and they are kissing again… Think they have finished.

Yep, they have and now holding hands as they get closer to the bend, it is just yards away and they will soon be out of sight…There, they have gone and so will I…There is a tin of corned beef waiting for me at home and I LOVE it!


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