The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 23

“Simon…? You there?”


“How are you?…. Simon?”

“Been better, but not your fault…Tony, something happened when I…”

“I know…I know everything.”

“How?” There was a long pause.

“Alan told me, he found out when….Simon he is just a good friend, nothing more and nothing ever hap….”

“Do you still love me?”

“I have never stopped….I made a mistake when I read…..”

“Come home, please Tony, come home.”


“Hello dad.”

“Hi Simon, everything ok?”

“Dad…..Tony is coming home!”

“About bloody time….! You want me to stay at Trevor’s tonight don’t you?”

“Would you mind?”

“There is no way I’m coming anywhere near you two, not tonight anyway. See you both tomorrow after work, after the pub closes and after Trevor has fed me and by that time I will be too knackered to come home anyway, so see you both the day after tomorrow.”

“Thanks dad.”

Two nervous young men were getting closer and closer together as Tony’s train steamed towards Hamble. It was like a first date, well in some ways it was. Tony sat on his seat leaning forward with his elbows on his knees staring at the floor wringing his hands together.

“Whatever you are nervous about young man, it surely cannot be worse than what you have obviously been through.” The elderly gentleman was looking at Tony’s medal ribbons which now included his Military Cross. Tony smiled at him.

“Much worse sir.”

“Good luck old chap and hope she says yes.” If only he knew.

Simon was pacing all round the room and for the millionth time checked his hair and what he was dressed in. As he had lost so much weight Andrew had gone out and bought him a couple of new outfits, 1940’s style. Light grey slacks, white collarless shirt with long sleeves, rolled half way up his arms, blue socks with yellow diamond pattern and granddad slippers. They had agreed that Tony would walk to the cottage to save Simon having to climb the steep hill. He went to the door and looked outside, again, but knew damn well Tony’s train had not even got in yet. He sat in front of the fire leaning forward with his elbows on his knees staring at the floor wringing his hands together. “I feel like a bloke must do before he proposes to his girlfriend.” Another half hour ticked by.

The phone rang and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He ran to it convinced it was Tony and he had changed his mind.

“There is a case of wine in the cellar Simon and you can have ONE bottle. Goodness knows how, but Trevor managed to get his hands on loads of things during the war. Just ONE remember, the rest is for Christmas.”



“How about one for Tony and one for me then? You love him as much as you love me.”

“Why DO I bother? Ok, one each.” Simon laughed as he put the phone down, turned round and saw Tony standing there.

The last time they had spoken was in March 1944 and both had in all that time wished they had not said what they did. The last time they were together was November 1943 and both knew that they would have changed so much because of all that they had experienced and of course the “big one,” would he be the same person he first fell in love with? It was now December 1945.

They stood ten feet apart just staring at one another not daring to move, just searching each face for clues.

Gradually a smile came over both faces and it was Tony who at last broke the ice.

“I could do with a cuddle Simon.” Simon did not, could not, reply but instead they both went forward five feet and there they were, back in one another’s arms and clung tightly together and nothing or NOBODY would ever separate them again.

After a very, very long time Tony looked up at Simon, both still had tears of happiness and relief pouring down their faces. What each saw through those tears was a love that had been tested to its limits, but both knew in that instant it was as strong as it had ever been.

Neither of them could speak because both of them knew that their voices would break if they tried. They continued to look into one another’s eyes and all over each face.

Simon put his hands either side of Tony’s face and stroked his cheeks and at the same time, very slowly, lowered his face to Tony’s.

Simon’s lips very gently touched Tony’s, just kissing him tenderly on his mouth and then to his cheeks and then back to his mouth. It went on and on.

Tony had his arms around Simon’s body stroking his back as he was kissing him and all the while with his eyes closed and knowing the love of his life was back in his, a life that he thought had left him.

Simon once again gently kissed Tony’s lips, but at the same time opened his mouth and offered his tongue to Tony and as soon as their tongues met the full passion of their love exploded into a frenzy that could only be given or received by two men so deeply in love.

“Welcome home Tony…I love you so much and I am so sorry about….” He could not finish with Tony’s mouth on his and it stayed there for a long time.

“Good to be home and I love you so much too and I am so sorry about….” Tony could not finish with Simon’s mouth on his which went on for a long time.

Simon eventually broke off and looked down at Tony and smiled at him. “Let’s talk tomorrow, I just need us to go to bed please Tony?” Tony smiled back in the way Simon knew was going to lead to something silly being said.

Tony had three smiles. First smile, he was happy and did not have a care in the world, second smile, he was a bit doubtful about the situation, but giving Simon the benefit of the doubt and third, a smile that told Simon he was in the shit! This was a number one smile.

“Ok, where’s the fucking ladder? Some bugger’s nicked it!”

Simon led him to the stair case and up into their new bedroom. Simon had lit the fire hours ago and it was nice and warm for them to get undressed slowly without the usual ripping off everything to get under the blankets before the bollocks froze and dropped off.

They stood in front of the fire and both of them knowing it would not be long now before they would once again be naked together and for the first time in nearly two years! It was almost like a first time with a bloke, only in their case a “bloke” who they were already deeply in love with.

Shirts and vests came off first and that’s all for some time as they touched and looked at each other’s upper body and despite Simon’s less than sexy bandages, Tony still retained his erection from the moment they had embraced and kissed.

They now stood looking at the wonderful sight of their naked man, a man that they both thought was in the past, a distant memory with all its beauty and sadness until now that is. All it was now was beauty, it was the sadness that would become a distant memory, eventually.

They stood together and kissed one another once again and it would go on and on. They now had access to every part of a naked body which was bringing about other distant memories and many of them in the Hut as they stroked one another which caused two even harder erections.

Simon led the way to the bed and laid Tony down. Simon laid on top of Tony’s body and wrapped his arms around him and pulled him in tight. Tony’s arms were also wrapped around Simon’s body, but very gently. Again nothing was said, just looking at one another and then kissing not just the lips, but the whole face until it all went still. Simon had fallen asleep. Tony gently laid Simon on his back and propped himself up on his right elbow and looked down at him and at the same time stroked his face thinking all the time how wonderful it was to be back together, but he too was becoming tired with all the emotion of the past two years and cuddled into Simon and joined him in sleep.

Tony woke first and smiled to himself as he realised he had turned while they had slept and he was back in their favourite position with his back to Simon and with Simon’s arms wrapped around him. He laid there listening to his steady breathing which told him he was still fast asleep. He looked at the clock, 7am.

He gently moved Simon’s right arm off of him and got out of bed. He turned to make sure Simon was still asleep and went out and down to the bathroom. Once there he closed the door with us left outside and having to rely on imagination, rotten sod.

A quarter of an hour later he got back into bed and although still asleep, Simon put his arms around Tony again and snuggled in close. It would not last like this for long as Tony reached behind him and took the beautiful Simon into his hand and began to stroke him and push himself back onto the now rock hard cock.

Simon’s dream became more and more real as it mirrored exactly what was actually happening.

Tony was back home again, but had no idea how he got there. He had just appeared and he went to him and kissed him and the next thing he knew they were undressing one another and finally standing looking at each other’s naked beauty.

Tony went to him and took the bandages off and then the lint dressing and threw them on the fire, but not the fire in the bedroom, they were back in the Hut.

Tony smiled up at him and pulled Simon’s head down to his and kissed him and then smiled at him again and as he did he kissed his cheek and then to his neck, shoulder, chest and gradually went lower and lower until Tony was on his knees and looking at the wound on his stomach. Tony’s hands were on Simon’s hips and he gently pulled him forward until his lips were touching the wound and gently kissed it and as he did a warm sensation came over him and just stood there with his eyes closed. Tony finished kissing and let go of Simon’s hips, he opened his eyes and watched as Tony put another log on the fire, there was no noise or smell and as he looked round the hut it seemed as though it was covered in a light mist. He looked behind him and saw Grandma and Granddad’s bed.

Simon looked around him again, Tony was still putting the same log in the burner and the sight of him leaning over and naked was wonderful, but there was something different and looked down at himself, the scar had gone and his body was that of a 17 year old. On the bed he saw their old clothes and no uniforms.

The dream had taken them back to the first time they made love in Grandma’s bed, but in their favourite place, the Hut.

War had already began, but it was before Dunkirk.

Tony and he were about to make love for the first time again and the horrors of what would happen would be in the distant future.

Suddenly he found himself behind Tony with his arms around him and Tony had hold of his massively hard erection which he bought closer to him until Simon was at the very point that it would only take one gentle push and he would be inside Tony and they would be joined together again.

It was all so beautiful and made even more so when he actually woke up realising that his dream was in fact real.

They were back in real time and Simon kissed Tony’s cheek.

Simon very gently pushed against Tony and held the pressure until Tony’s cherry at last gave in and Simon once again entered the most wonderful man ever invented! He gradually fed the whole length of himself into Tony and there he stayed telling Tony the whole time of his love and getting the same response back.

He pushed into Tony ever so slowly time and time again until both of them got closer and closer to the time when at long last they would both reach the point of no return.

It was Simon who came first and after a few more glorious strokes he called out and held Tony even tighter and then shot one continuous load which went on for ages filling Tony up to over flowing. Tony felt the lot coming into him and that bought him over the top as well and produced as massive a load over the bed sheets as had been delivered into him.

Neither of them could move and still with Simon inside him they laid there with Simon’s arms wrapped round his Doctors body.

“Bloody hell where did it all come from?”

“You need a lecture about the male reproductive system then?”

“Wake me up when you finish, meanwhile I think a little kissing is needed.” He withdrew from deep inside Tony and there was another mess as a fair amount of Simon ran out of Tony’s rear end.

“Move over, I’ve got two wet patches.” They shuffled over and were now in Granddad’s half of the bed and face to face kissed good morning properly. Simon got on his elbow and looked down smiling at Tony.

“That was a perfect way to start a new life, we must get to the Hut soon. Did you think about it much when you were away?”

“The Hut? Yes loads of times when I went to bed, I had many a wank thinking about there and here in Grandma’s bed. Shall we get up and get clean?”

“Na, let’s just stay for a while and cuddle, we have got all day, dad won’t come home until after work tomorrow so we are on our own.”

“Cooee! Simon! It’s me! You still in bed you lazy sod!?”

“Oh shit! It’s Brenda! I forgot she was coming!” There was a comical panic as Tony scrambled out of bed and ran round the room like a headless chicken not knowing what to do.

“Get to dad’s room, QUICK!” Tony rushed out and got into Andrew’s bedroom and just managed to close the door before the nurse got to the landing. There would have been a lot of explaining to do if Andrew had not gone to stay with Trevor and suddenly found his sons naked boyfriend in his room, it was very cold as well as the fire had not been lit for days, so he jumped into Andrew’s bed and hoped he had finished leaking!

Meanwhile Simon had his own panic as he tried to cover up Tony’s deposits on the sheets and make himself decent, but only had time to cover himself with his bit of the sheet and also wipe off any cum that may have got stuck on his bandages.

“Well well, having a lay in then my handsome boy?”

“Sort of Brenda, had a busy time.” Despite the tension Simon maintained that smile only seen after a lover has just nobbled the other half.

Brenda looked around her and saw the open suit case with men’s clothes in it. Simon saw her look at Tony’s uniform neatly hanging on the back of the chair and the rest of it and Simon’s clothes chucked on the floor. She looked and grinned at him as Simon stared back hoping she would not ask anything awkward. “Mmm?” She said and sniffed.

She took his dressing off and pronounced all looked good. All Simon could do was hang on the sheet to keep himself decent as Brenda redressed him.

“Nothing on underneath then Simon?” She laughed out loud and while redressing him noticed the pillows with the indentation where a head had been.

“Girls warring men’s uniforms now? Now that’s different!” She finished her work and packed her bag.

“Right you gorgeous sod I’m done and whoever is hiding can come back.” She leaned over and kissed Simon’s forehead and as she went round the bottom of the bed pulled the sheet off of him and stared down at this beautiful sight.

“I think you need a lock on the front door my love.” She went out and he could hear her laughing the whole way down the stairs and out of the door.

Tony came back and got into bed and they both cuddled up again in Granddad’s half laughing their own heads off. Half hour later there were even more deposits all over one another.

After a clean up and a change of sheets they went out for a walk to the shop and back home. Simon cooked and after that they went back to the bedroom with one of the bottles of wine. Tony went to his suit case and bought out the new pyjamas and gave Simon his pair.

“Hope you like these, I love them.” Simon took one look.

“Where’s the rest of it?”

“Don’t be annoying, just put them on.” Each put the shorts on first and stood there looking at one another and almost immediately a half stiffy poked out of the cock hole. That soon become a full hard on as they put the jackets on as well and just stood and stared at one another.

“Christ you look fantastic Tony.”

“You should see what I’m looking at. I LOVE these. We better get the dressing gowns out when Andrew gets back though, can’t walk around with these things hanging out.”

They got onto the clean bed and slowly took one another’s PJ’s off, but even that was a massive turn on as first the jackets were undone and discarded and then followed by the shorts after quite a lot of fondling went on.

“They didn’t stay on long.” Simon was laying on top of Tony again and kissing him.

“Simon do you think it would be a good idea for both of us to talk through our time since we last met, get it all out and then we can leave it where it belongs, behind us?” Simon thought about it. It seemed a good idea and at least it would clear the air and then they could start thinking about the future. However, Simon needed to be a little silly as they could never discuss anything without one of them saying something stupid so they could fight and then make up afterwards. There would be no fighting this time, but it was the start to get things back to what they used to be.

“Ok, but do you want me to leave out all the sex bits?”

“Ass hole.”

“In that case I will leave out the sex bits. Right, I went to war, did some stuff and then came home. Your turn.”

“SIMON…..!” A warning Simon thought.

“Ok ok, I will tell you the lot. Kiss first though.” They kissed “And I will open the wine.”

“Bit early?”

“STOP being normal.” He poured and they kissed again and settled back down on their sides facing one another.

They stayed like that, apart from breaking off now and again for a sip of wine and a fair amount of kissing.

It may have taken an hour and it was, at times, very painful, but by the end of it Simon felt liberated and free of all that had happened to him during “his” war. He did not talk heroics or made himself out to be anything other than one of many thousands of other servicemen who had gone through similar experiences as himself. He did talk about all that he was involved in and included the three men with whom he became very close, Steven, Axel, but most important of all, Patrick.

“Patrick was one of the most beautiful man you could ever meet, apart from you. I will admit that if I was not already in love with you, I could have very well have fallen for him. When we were torpedoed I managed to get us into the life raft and it was then I realised Patrick was so badly injured and he would die, but do you know something, just before he went I knew he was pain free and at peace. He thanked me for being such a good friend, but he said he had to go because his grandparents were waiting for him. Death only effects the living and by the time I let his body go I have no doubt he was already telling grandma and grandpa all about the new radar system, I am bloody sure of it! Tony, I did love Patrick, but I was not IN love with him. The only man I can ever be in love with I am about to kiss.” Simon’s lips touched Tony’s and then went into a full kiss that went on for rather a long time.

It was now Tony’s turn, but he had to be a bit silly himself.

“By the time I finish you will now know the reason why we won the war and not come second. It was me who made all the difference even though I must admit I did have some help from a few thousand support troops, oh and people like you and the air force of course.”

“TONY…!” Two can give warnings.

He got serious and went through the whole time since he first left home including the trouble he had had with Gary and how it was resolved and Alan, the complete opposite to Gary and how he supported and encouraged him in his training to become qualified and Alan admitting he loved him. He then went on to describe his work from D Day onwards, but like Simon glossed over any heroics even though his MC proved there had been.

He had lost count of the number of men he had operated on, but spoke of his relief that although there were some terrible sights and difficult experiences, he was pleased he had found his calling and did not have to use a weapon once.

He spoke of the advances in operating procedures and treatment of the injured which gave the men a greater chance of survival.

“I now know I want to specialise in orthopaedic surgery and will have to go to London to qualify, but I have applied for an opening at Southampton General. It will only take a year to qualify and I will be home quite a lot while I’m training.” He stopped again so that they could snuggle in and kiss.

“After what you told me I can honestly say Alan was the same to me as Patrick was to you and, like you I could have fallen for him. But now, I have you back and I am going nowhere and you’re stuck with me Simon Walsh.”

Tony had a huge surprise for Simon as he came to the end of his account of “his” war, after a lot more kissing of course.

“As I said I don’t know how many men I treated, but I do remember the first one and he was not even a soldier, but a sailor. His landing craft was hit just after we had set up the field hospital, he got the full blast in his face and not only disfigured him so terribly, he was blinded as well, but the thing I remember more than anything was his sense of humour, he was awake the whole time and just cracked jokes. I hope he survived.”

“Do you remember his name?”

“Mike something, can’t remember his last name, why?”

“Mike Goodyear?”

“YES……! That’s him!”

“He was my ward mate and one of the nicest men you could ever meet. You have no idea how much he helped me. When I said goodbye to him he said he hoped you and I would get together again.”

Knowing that made them even happier and the kissing even more intense, so much so their minds began to leave the war behind, which was the whole point of talking in the first place, and think of the present.

Of course it would never be forgotten, ever, but by talking they now had a much better idea what each of them had gone through and both felt much better.

It was all in the open now and they could get back to having lots of sex before Andrew got in. Simon demanded that it was Tony’s turn to do the hard work and they found the best position for him to get into which was Simon standing at the side of the bed leaning over it while Tony mounted him from the rear and after a glorious half hour the circle was complete and now Simon had a full bum load of Tony and the cum towel received its first donation. Sweet.

They climbed back on the bed sitting chest to chest with Tony’s legs wide open and Simon sitting between them. The wine glass was full and it was Tony’s job to feed them both and top it up while Simon kissed just about all of Tony’s face while he worked. Simon also had to make an effort and went to get the second bottle when the first one was empty.

In fact they did not take a drink from it and instead laid down and with one arm around each shoulder playing with a cock each until there was yet another coming and again the towel was back in use.

“Come on you randy bugger we need to get up and do some washing and us as well, dad will be home in a couple of hours and I want to get a meal ready.”

Two delightful lovers reluctantly got out of bed and went naked to the bathroom for a much needed clean up. Tony got into the bath and soaked while Simon stood up either side of his body washing himself off. Once dry they got into pyjamas and then to the kitchen to cook. It was quite a challenge as the pair of them looked amazing with bare arms and legs on display and would often stop to drop to their knees and give a suck or just stand there kissing the life out of one another. Cooking can be so much fun.

Just before Andrew came in they thought it best to go and get dressed otherwise his son’s and his boyfriend’s cock would be stuck out and not quite the way to welcome a father back home after a busy day at work.

The reunion was fantastic as the three of them cuddled in for ages and the first of many glasses of wine were drunk. By the end of the evening four empty bottles laid empty and only one left in the cellar.

“If I organise another war, would you two bugger off and I would have a full cellar again.”

Christmas 1945 was a wonderful time and made even better as Trevor would be with them both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Simon would do all the cooking with what they had and nobody asked Trevor where the 10 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of rum, two whisky and even a bottle of gin came from.

Tony got leave from the 23rd December until the 10th January and he would wait until they were sitting down to Christmas dinner to tell them all his news.

Andrew and Trevor would also wait until that meal to tell Simon and Tony their news as well.

Simon was a little unsure about telling anyone HIS news, but they had to know sometime and he thought over Christmas breakfast would be the best time rather than dinner. The others just agreed with him.


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