The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 19

The men of the 4th Royal Medical Corps were taken out of the harbour and got into formation with the hundreds of other craft heading towards Normandy. They would be landing on Sword beach after the first landings and when the beach was secured they would go ashore and set up the first field hospital. It would not be much more than one large tent and would be a staging post for the injured to be stabilized and sent back on the first available ship. Medics from other Corps would land in the first waves to tend the wounded on the beach with the small amount of medical supplies they could carry.

Long before they landed they had to shout above the noise not only because of their engine, but ships gun fire, machine guns, rocket fire and as they got closer, men shouting out orders.

“How do you feel Tony? Daft question I know, but I’m busting to say something.”

“I’m ok, shitting myself, but ok.”

The ramp crashed down and Alan led the way in his jeep followed by the other three. From that moment none of them stopped for days. They were given a site and everyone got busy putting the hospital tent up and were still laying everything out as the first of the wounded arrived. Tony, Alan and the other two got straight into their work. Nobody took much notice, but by the time it had got dark, many lives had already been saved, sadly many were beyond help.

Simon had been locked back into his room after he was allowed to have a bath. He was sitting on his bed when the door was unlocked. He stood up when Albrecht came in, he had a smile on his face that had nothing to do with friendship, although he must have been happy.

“Allow me to introduce you to a homosexual, like you. I am sure you would will like to meet him.” Simon was already looking at the bloke and guessed right why he was there.

“May I introduce 20 year old Axel Coppens, a lovely young man don’t you agree?” Simon did not reply.

“I said, do- you- agree?” He had the truncheon in one hand and tapped it on the other and moved towards Axel.

Axel stared at the truncheon then at Simon.


“THERE! Again you admit you are homosexual Commander!” This cunt was mad.

“May I ask what he is doing here?” Simon already knew of course and Albrecht confirmed it.

“You two are going to put a show on for me, full sex and I want you Commander to fuck him, but I don’t want a quick one I want a full show from both of you. I am going to be generous and allow you all night to rehearse and tomorrow you will give me a show of Oscar winning proportions, but I can already see you are going to refuse Commander, go to the window.”

Simon did as he was told and looked out and saw a young girl, no more than 12 years old standing there looking up at the window, beside her was an armed guard. If for no other reason the horror all over her face told Simon he had no choice and would have to give in to this filth.

“I assume that if I don’t have sex with this man, she will be shot?”

“Well DONE Commander, well done!” He stared at Simon and laughed. “And not only her either if you don’t do as I ask, this man will also be shot and by the time I finish with you, you will be begging me to shoot you as well.

Your life is in your own hands Commander, oh, and the other two of course.” He spun round and went out slamming the door behind him and locking it.

“I’m Simon Walsh and it seems we are in deep shit. This has happened before obviously.”

“Yes. This is his place to bring young men too and do what he wants us to do. There are 12 of us in the village and we have all done this, but he is informed about good looking captured men like you and brings them here just to have a different man to perform with one, or sometimes more of us.”

“What happens to the prisoners after it’s over.”

“I assume taken to a POW camp and wait for the next prisoner, meanwhile he uses us to perform for him. He has a lot to choose from, but he has his favourites.”

“Like you?” Axel looked at Simon and then dropped his head. Simon did not press him.

“Has he killed anyone in the village?” He nodded his head and looked up at Simon who could see the tears rolling down his face.

“Three were executed for trying to get away and he killed the old couple who owned this house, since then we just do as we are told. He is evil and there is nothing we can do about it.”

“How many guards are here?”

“Four plus three women from the village for cleaning and cooking, they are also here as hostages.”

“How many of them in the village?”

“Ten. They are in the police house and keep four of us locked up, again as hostages. There is a curfew at 7pm and if anyone is caught out after that they will be shot.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Two years. That man loves abusing people and that’s how he gets his own sexual pleasure. He loves having you naked and tied up and playing with you until you cum.”

“I know, I have already had some of that. So what happens now?” Axel looked at Simon with a resigned look on his face.

“Do what he wants of course.”

By the end of the fourth day on the beach the 4th RMC were ordered to pack up and move nearer the front line. It only took a day to move and have the field hospital set up. They were a mile north of the town of Cean where the British and Canadians were having trouble in taking the town and the casualties were mounting. They would be there for at least another three weeks.

Now that they had a fully functional hospital they were able to perform much better, they also had two more surgeons attached to them and could now have the occasional half hour break.

“How are you Tony?”

“Good as any of us can be I suppose, no problem with the work even though there are some dreadful injuries. My last four patients were all amputations. At least being so busy helps me stop thinking the worse and that Simon is safe. After seeing all the lads coming through and many of them dying, I think I am just getting hardened to death and do you know something Alan, I am SHIT scared that if Simon has been killed, I just may shrug it off like I have to when one of my patients dies. God help me if I get to that state, but one thing is for sure I am putting my own life on hold and won’t think about anyone until this shit is over. I’m going back to work, there are men who want to go home.” Alan watched him go back in and wondered that even if they came through this war, they could be very different people.

“So, what shall we do? I would rather try and kill the bastard. What do you think?” He was looking at Axel properly for the first time. They were the same height and he was a very good looking bloke. He was slim and looked to have a nice body under his clothes. He had a wild crop of long black hair, deep brown eyes and tanned skin that did not look as though it had been touched by a razor yet.

“We will have to go along with what he wants, if you are stupid enough to think we can kill him you are out of your mind and if we made any attempt to kill him, the whole village will suffer. My sister is a hostage in this house and you have already seen her, that was her outside. We are going to perform for Albrecht, we have no choice.”

“So, we just do what this cunt wants us to do?”


Simon sat on the bed and tried to think this through. Ok Axel, for obvious reasons, thought the only way out of this was to have sex to satisfy this sick shit, he had done it a few times with others apparently and now expected him to go along with Albrecht’s twisted demands. Axel sat at the other end of the bed and waited for Simon to come to his senses.

Simon was thinking hard and now he knew this had been going on for two years, it would continue for as long as Albrecht wanted it too, he would just carry on in absolute control of the village. One big danger was if Albrecht got bored or he had to leave for some reason, like the Allies getting close, he would leave no witnesses, Simon knew Albrecht must know he would be charged with war crimes if his actions were discovered.

“Tell me about this house and your village, by the way what’s the name of this place?” Simon was getting some ideas together.

“It’s called Lowifontaine and about the most remote village in the whole of Belgium. Albrecht killed the old people so he could use it for his own pleasure. The village only has 320 people and all the males are farmers, shepherds or foresters.

As we are so isolated it only takes a few Nazis to control us. We have only seen Germans as they pass through and Albrecht will not let them stop for long anyway, it seems he has some powerful family connections in the party because nobody argues with him and of course he is a high ranking Gestapo shit who gets want he wants and that now includes you.”

“So, 14 of them plus Albrecht and 300+ of you?”

“Yes, but I’m sure you will not be surprised to learn they are very well armed and have plenty of ammunition to kill a lot of people. Sort of gives them the advantage don’t you think?”

“Ok, but what is the last thing Albrecht will think of? He has abused and murdered you people for two years now and he must think he is invincible.” Alex thought for some time before answering.

“Us over powering him?”

“When you have performed for him does he get involved?”

“He will only have his trousers and shirt on at first. When me and whoever have sex he will drop his trousers and come near us while he wanks himself with his left hand and has his luger in the other.”

“Does he cum?”


“And when he cums, are his eyes closed?”

“Don’t think so, but he is very worked up and makes a hell of a noise just before and when he shoots off, but we found out it has to be a good performance otherwise he will not get worked up and if that doesn’t happen he beats us all. I would love to put that police baton over his head.”

“NOW you’re talking!” Despite the situation they laughed and smiled at one another.

“Look Axel, the one thing we will have is surprise, there are two of us and if we wind him up enough we maybe in a position to beat the crap out of him.”

“Do you mean you will agree to having sex with me?”

“I don’t want sex with you, but if we do “something” we could get him wound up enough to overpower the shit when he is off guard, but if we don’t try, this will go on and on and we could be killed anyway when he gets bored with us. Do you want sex then?” Axel did not answer for some time thinking about how he should reply.

“I would not mind, not with you Simon.” Why is it I meet so many homosexuals he thought.

“Well, as I said I don’t want sex with you or anyone else, except Tony, but if it’s a means to an end, then I am prepared to do anything to get the cunt.”

“And what happens if we do over power him?”

“To be honest I’m not sure, just make it up as we go along I suppose.”

“You have a great military mind Simon, it gives me so much confidence!”

They talked for the next couple of hours and planned everything out including tearing the sheet up in strips to tie Albrecht up if they got that far.

“Ok Simon it’s all down to luck now I suppose.” Axel laughed out. “Do you know I think it might work and I am sure Albrecht will get worked up, I know I have just talking about it, look!” He stood up and showed Simon his hardon inside his trousers.

“Just fucking behave yourself, we are doing this for one reason only and by doing it and we get through this war I will have to tell Tony and that may finish us.”

“You ARE homosexual then?”

“Yes. You?”

“If I wasn’t before, I am now.”

Tony had a break and in that time wrote to Andrew. He knew it would take ages to get to him, but he was the only contact he had with Simon and needed to write and tell Andrew of his anxiety about him and that although he was so busy and only had time to concentrate on his work, Simon’s situation never left him. “Like you Andrew I will not think about myself until I know what has happened to Simon and pray that one day we will all be back together again. I am so confused and worried, I just wished I knew where he is and what he is doing because I am convinced he is still alive, I just feel that and hope I am right.” It was wishful thinking of course.

As Tony was writing that, Simon had just completed his and Axel’s plans in putting on a sex show for this demented Nazi and at the same time trying to stay away from a firing squad.

Two of the guards came in the room and they were taken to the bath room and locked in. They looked at one another and without a word got undressed. They had slept on the bed fully clothed after making the plans, but Axel tried to make light of it.



“I don’t suppose you would like to rehears our plans?

“You have very good English Axel and I’m guessing you know what fuck off means?”

“Sadly I do.”

They were taken to the bathroom where there was a shower over the bath. “You go first,” Simon told Axel.

He looked at the lovely slim body and the 6inch man bit that lay asleep at this time. Simon for the first time thought about Tony and what his reaction would be if he got to know all about what was going on. Would he understand? Sure I wouldn’t. He tried to forget him and just stood there while Axel cleaned himself and as soon as he got out Simon climbed in and did the same.

“You are to have only the towels on.” The guard told them and were taken back to the room and once again locked in. They sat on the bed and waited.

“You ok Axel?”

“No, but I will wait for you to tell me when to attack. It’s strange, here I am with a beautiful man and about to have sex with him or die, great choice. How are you?”

“Never felt better and you know I’m lying, but I’m getting fucking angry with this bastard and that helps no end, I just hope we can sort this shit out. I’m ready and good luck Axel.”

“Good luck Simon.”

They heard the key in the lock and the door slowly opened and Albrecht came in. He closed the door and smiled at them sitting there just with their towels wrapped round them. Both men’s heart rate was going at treble beats. Albrecht was not in uniform and wore a pair of smart casual trousers and an open necked white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He did look good.

“Well well, WHAT a sight for sore eyes as you British say. You look as though you have been practising, I hope you have a good performance ready for me?”

“We do and know you will enjoy it.” Simon put his arm around Axel’s shoulders as though to prove they were keen.

“Good good. Begin.” He put the truncheon on a chest of drawers and held his Lugar in his left hand. He was about 8ft away from them and too far to get to him right now.

“We will need space because a part of our performance will be a sex fight.”

“Very well, I will go to the window. Now, no more talking.”

Oh well here we go. “Tony, please forgive me.” Simon said to himself. He turned to face Axel who was smiling at him. Simon lent towards him and they kissed and at the same time fondled each body. They had both noticed the truncheon was still on the drawers and therefore too far from Albrecht to be of any use to him, or them.

They continued to kiss and after some time Simon stood up and took Axel with him. They could now wrap their arms around one another and stroke each back. Simon felt movement and realised Axel was getting hard and knew he would not be far behind. Simon took a look at Albrecht, he was leaning against the window just staring back.

Simon bought the kissing to a stop and began to tickle Axel and pushed him on the bed and they began to fight and making sure their towels came off. Now naked Simon’s attempt to control his erection failed and soon both of them were as hard as they could get. Finally Simon stopped and with Axel on his back kissed him again and began to go down his body. He kept looking up, but still Albrecht was in the same place.

Simon was becoming even angrier at this piece of slime who was just standing there watching as they performed for him. As much as watching two beautiful naked young men like this and the beginnings of a full sex act, what was really turning him on was the power he had over them and that is why his cock was hurting so much and he had to take it out to relieve the discomfort and also get closer to the action, he did not want to miss anything.

Simon became aware that Albrecht was now standing next to them. He got on his knees showing Albrecht his fantastic bum and at the same time went back up Axel’s body and kissed him. He raised himself up and looked down at Axel.

The twat had his eyes closed and with a huge smile on his face!

Simon lent down and bit his ear lobe, hard.


At least it bought Axel back to the matter in hand and made amends by screaming out, “Oh Simon. I LOVE pain, more please more!”

Simon took the offer up, turned Axel round and slapped his ass so hard it was bright red only after six smacks. The noise coming out of Albrecht told both of them he was enjoying it all very much.

Simon forced Axel onto his back again and slapped him a couple of times across the face. He forced his arms above his head and by contrast began to kiss and lick his way back down Axel’s body hoping like hell he would not have to end up with his cock in his mouth. (Idiot!) In an attempt to stop that from happening Simon turned Axel over again, which was not part of the master plan, but the effect on Albrecht was instant as Simon heard his intake of breath, he obviously liked men’s bums and when Simon fondled Axel’s cheeks and then kissed them, Obersturmbannfurher Emmerich Albrecht nearly blew up and forced his trousers and underpants down to his ankles. He now had restricted movements.

The sight was incredible as an 8inch massively hard cock came out and the best thing of all, huge bollocks that would give a great handful.

Simon slapped Axel a few more times and then told him to get ready to be fucked.

Albrecht shuffled forward and moved sideways so he could get a better look. He was in range and Simon forced Axel round and once again was on his back. Simon took his cock in his hand and stroked him as Emmerich stroked himself. He lent over them and now even closer and with those two magnificent balls swinging about just inches away. Simon took a deep breath and whispered, “now.”

He shot his hand out and took Albrecht’s balls in his right hand and at the same time smashed him in the mouth with the other. He squeezed and twisted Albrecht’s bollocks as hard as he could and a second later he was on his feet. Now with both hands wrapped round the Germanic balls he yanked upwards with all his strength and Albrecht had no option but to fall back where the back of his head slammed into the wall. Simon grabbed the Lugar and helped himself to five blows to Albrecht’s head and face. Albrecht was out cold with a lot of Arian blood oozing out of several head wounds.

“Fuck, that went better than I thought it would!”

“Yeah, I was enjoying the sex.”

“I meant beating that shit up Axel!”

They looked at one another and smiled. Simon went to Axel and kissed him on the cheek. “There are loads of men out there much better than me Axel, just be patient and I’m sorry I slapped you about.”

“I was enjoying it!”

“Oh shut up and give me a hand.” They got Albrecht onto the bed and tied him to it and gagged him.

Simon and Axel got dressed and found two more ammunition clips in Albrecht’s trousers. They checked his ties and put even more on. With Albrecht’s Gestapo dagger, Lugar and the truncheon they went to the door and opened it. The corridor was clear and they went out of the room and locked it.

Axel thought that when Albrecht was busy the four guards would have time off and either be in their quarters in the stables or in the kitchen. They found their way down to the kitchen and Simon just walked in and found two of them sitting with their backs to him. He went to where they were sitting and the next thing the pair of them experienced was tremendous pain as a British Policeman’s truncheon smashed on the tops of two German soldiers’ helmets denting both of them. They were tied to the chairs and now with machine guns they went looking for the other two. Easy, they were fast asleep in their rooms and were woken with a gun pointing at their balls.

Half hour later the four where stripped to their underwear and taken to the cellar and put into a small very secure room and left. They went back to Albrecht and found a very angry Emmerich trying to get free and failing.

“Did you enjoy the performance Herr Cunt? They had taken his gag off and he let out a steam of abuse while Simon and Axel stood there smiling down at him. Albrecht finally ran out of breath.

“Finished? I will see you in court one day Albrecht, but I may kill you first. Just think of that from now on, every day maybe your last, but if I don’t kill you, the hangman will.” Axel had some sort of revenge.

“Do you speak German Axel?”

“Of course I do, I’m not English!” Simon tried to ignore that, but laughed.

“Ring the police station and tell them to bring four of the young men over and four troops to escort them. Tell them Albrecht is having a party tonight.”

Four prisoners arrived with four guards and as soon as they came into the house there was suddenly four prisoners and SIX guards. Axel got the four lads to dress in German uniforms and took all their prisoners back to the village. They just strolled in and over powered them and all made to strip and taken to the cells, Albrecht opened his mouth to object being put into a cell with the other men, but found Simon’s fist in it.

The whole village assembled in the school and listened to Axel as he said they should now become their own defence force and allow Simon to lead it. It also took him sometime to convince them not to execute Albrecht in retaliation for the murder of the five villagers he had ordered to be shot. Simon had recovered his uniform and at least looked the military part, but not all the villagers were happy about their new situation and made it known.

“We will have the Boche all over us when they find out that we have the Germans prisoners. They will execute all of us.”

Axel jumped to his feet and for half an hour spoke to them and Simon could only guess what was being said. It became obvious that whatever Axel was saying, it was all directed at him and all of a sudden they all got to their feet and applauded!

Simon, Axel and two others went to the house with grenades and booby trapped the cellar. They strapped four of them together and tied them to six containers of petrol. A wire was connected so that if the door was opened the whole lot would go up taking the house with it and anyone who happened to be inside. The telephone wires were cut and everything of value was removed and stored in the village hall. Ten of the younger villagers thought it was great that they had to dress in German uniforms and would not cause suspicion if anyone turned up to nose around. German speaking villagers would have to be near the phone at all times and try to convince the enemy that the house had been evacuated because of flooding and Herr Shit face was supervising work and would not be available for some time.

Simon was not that well trained in armaments, but he had to try and educate the villagers in handling the weapons. He and Axel selected those they thought could use them and not shoot the villagers instead.

They all met and together stripped and reassembled each weapon to get to know what they were about. After that the 15 men who would use them went out into a field and practiced firing and it has to be said, with mixed results. They started with rifle shooting.

“Ok, fire!” Nothing happened.

“Take the safety off!”

Then the machine guns.

“Ok, fire!” Nothing happened and the head of the village defence force put his head in his hands.

“Cock it you twat!”

“I would love to cock it with you General Simon.” Axel was loving this.

“Shut the fuck up or I will send you out for target practise!”

“I’m safe then!”

After two weeks and Simon making it up as he went along, they were about as ready as they could be. Everyone knew what they should do if the Germans showed up either to find out why Herr Twat had not answered the phone, or a force came through still expecting to see a German held village. Simon told Axel he would have to put Albrecht’s uniform on, after it had been altered to fit him, and with the other blokes dressed in the German uniforms try and fool whoever came along.

It was a beautiful day and very hot. Simon was taking his watch in the bell tower of the church and sat on a stool looking over the countryside. He had a 360 degree unrestricted view and could see the whole area for about two miles and would have plenty of time to raise the alarm if something nasty came their way.

“Hello General, with you on lookout we are all safe.” Axel had come up to join Simon.

“I know, I can’t help being the dog’s bollocks and modest as well. What are you doing here, thought you were going to study?” Axel was qualifying for medical school.

“I was until I realised you were up here and just wanted to come and chat. Simon I pray we will all come through, but do you know, if we do and get back to normal I am going to miss you so much. I have a big problem, I hate what we are going through and that bastard who started this fucking war, but… because of it, I met you and that I have to thank Adolf. How fucked up am I!?”

“Let’s just get through this and we can all get back to some sort of normality. I have a problem as well, but I think quite different to yours. I need to get back to England, it’s what is expected and now I am free I should try. Will you help me?”

“I want to say no, but of course I will. But how?

“I don’t know, I will have to sleep on it.”

“I will sleep with you if you like, it may help?”

“No and don’t tempt me please Axel because I know I could. Axel, I am in love with Tony and the last time we spoke I fucked up thinking he was going with someone else. I was terribly wrong and don’t know if he will have me back if we both get through this shit. All I want is to be with him again and spend the rest of my life with him. Axel, if I can’t be with him I won’t be with anyone, not for some time anyway, please try to understand.”

“I do and will help you Simon, even though I think you are a cunt! Simon, if it all goes wrong with you and Tony, you know where I live, I hope to go to London anyway to study, so we won’t be that far away. Oh well, back to my studies.” Axel got up and went back down into the church and then to his house. Simon watched him go and thought again about Tony and smiled to himself. He had met the lovely Patrick, then Steven and now Axel, all three had been or were in love with him, but there was only one man and he had no idea if he still loved him anymore, but he would not even think about another man until he was sure he had lost Tony.

He finished his watch and went to Axel’s home to eat and then bed. He settled down and fell asleep after having a wank with Tony in mind!

Axel burst into his room without knocking and at the same time woke a rather surprised Simon up. “Simon! They have landed! The Allies have LANDED! We will defeat the Boche Simon! We will beat the bastards!”


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