The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 18

After his walk Tony went slowly back to his room and sat on the bed staring at the floor his mind going back to the last time they had spoken and he cutting the call off. He had no idea how long he sat there and jumped when Alan knocked on his door. Alan took one look at him and knew something bad had happened to Simon.

“His boat was sunk off the French coast a week ago and they don’t know what’s happened to him. Oh Christ if only we did not have that row.” He broke down again and was in floods of tears. Alan sat next to him and put an arm around his shoulders and they stayed like that for a long time. Alan had some news for him, but that could wait for a while. When he was a little more in control he would tell Tony they were moving out the next day and go to a holding unit near the docks and wait to be called to their ship. At least Tony would have to concentrate on other things and take his mind off his own situation a bit.

It wasn’t the French coast, but the Belgium one. They had to land a small group of agents who would be met by a resistance group on the beach 20 miles east of Dunkirk near the small village of Zuydecoote. Simon would have the agents on 998 and Steven’s 994 and 993 would escort them. Simon was worried about this drop as there was very little cover along that stretch of coast and they would be very open. He hoped because of that the German’s would think it would not be used to land anyone. Two of Simon’s other boats would try to divert attention away from the landing by carrying out a sail by attack on Dunkirk harbour. Just one pass and get the hell out.

Simon was in his room and had just finished a letter to his father and one for Tony. He did not know Tony would not be at the hospital and was now in fact at his departure base in Southampton.

He said how sorry he was and all the usual stuff hoping that Tony would contact, but having to be careful what he said as it would be read by the censors. He licked the envelope and wished it was Tony’s bum! At least he had not lost his sense of humour, just a bit of sense.

He lead the boats out of the harbour and as soon as he had cleared the boom he realised he had forgotten his binoculars, he had been thinking about his letter to Tony and if he was still angry with him. They had not spoken since the row and hoped his letter would get them back together. Couple of silly kids really especially the navy half of the relationship. He made up his mind to try and get to the hospital as soon as possible after this trip.

The passage over was good with a low cloud base and no moon. Two miles out Simon had the outboard engines turned off and the centre one run on silent. The whole crew were at action stations and the agents up on deck standing by their dingy waiting to be told to put it overboard. Two of them would climb in and the others pass down their equipment before getting in themselves.

They were now in very shallow water and Simon had 998 bought to a stop and indicated for the party to start going over the side. They completed that in under four minutes and they disappeared into the night. Simon reversed out and turned the boat round to creep away from the shore. They had just began to go slow ahead when the bow struck a mine and blew half the bow off. The forward ammunition store exploded and a fire started, four men died instantly and another two seriously injured. Without being told the rest began to abandon the boat taking the injured with them.

The new first officer rushed off the bridge and saw the crew off with the Chief Petty Officer while Simon shot down below and set the charges that would blow the boat up in 15 minutes. As soon as he got back up he got into the raft and they pulled away towards shore but had only got a short distance when there were more explosions and then finally the charges and depth charges went up. It was a miracle no more were killed.

Steven was two miles out at sea and saw everything, but not the life rafts and had no idea if anyone got away. He was too far out to get to them and in any case he had to look out for E boats now as the whole area would know something was up and the place would be crawling with Jerry’s soon.

He reluctantly turned away and led the boats home at full speed. It was the worst sailing of his life.

Twelve crew landed on the beach, two of whom were in a very bad way and when Simon saw the Germans waiting he was not unhappy. He got out of the raft and went to the officer in charge.

“I have two injured men and they need help please.” The officer went over to the men and looked down and drew his luger and shot both of them.


“SHUT UP, or do you want to join them? They would have died anyway. Come.”

They were taken up the beach and put in the back of a lorry. Simon looked at the four guards. They were at the back of the lorry and all well armed, there was no chance of doing anything and Simon would have to wait to make his feelings known about the murder of his two men. He had had his first taste of Nazi mentality and wondered what else was in store for all of them. He didn’t have long to wait.

They arrived at a large old house and taken into what looked like converted stables that had two lines of cells either side. Half of the men were put into one and the rest in another, but not Simon, he was lead into the house and taken into a room and told to sit. The officer who had murdered his men went out leaving two soldiers to guard him. He sat there for ages wondering what the hell would happen to them all and worrying about the treatment that could come their way. If the killing of the two crew was anything to go by, it looked bad. Simon hoped he would be strong enough to handle himself. He went back to the short period of training they he had about being taken prisoner and how to handle it, he like all of them didn’t take much notice and now wished he had.

The door opened and the smallest of men came in and very over weight, he looked comical, not that there was much to laugh about right now. He sat behind his desk and looked at a paper ignoring Simon. Finally he put the paper down and took his glasses off, looked up and stared at Simon.

“Who are you?”

“I am 4233598 Commander Simon Walsh of the Royal Navy.”

“Commander? You are very young to be a Commander, who did you fuck to get that?” Steven was funnier Simon thought.

“Yes a Commander, Royal Navy.”

The little fat man drew his Luger and put it down on top of the desk and spoke to the guards, they came to attention, clicked their heels and went out.

“Right Commander, who did you drop off on the beach and what was their mission?”

“I don’t know and I want to protest at the murder of two of my crew by your officer who captured us.”

“Stand up.” Simon stood.

“Your men were killed in action, be proud. Empty your pockets.” Simon took everything out and put it on the desk and as he did he saw the photos of him and Tony that he always had with him. The German went through it all and took some time looking at the photos, Simon was angry as the cunt had a smile on his face as he looked.

The questioning went on for a long time and Simon felt reasonably comfortable that there was no reaction to his refusal to answer anything properly. It was all part of the interrogation that he would find out about later.

The German seemed to get fed up and picked the phone up and talked into it then got up and went to the door. The guards came in and he went out. Simon sat again and waited and waited and…………….

“Come.” One of the guards said and he and the other one took him out and back to the cells. They slammed the door shut and that was it for the rest of the night, not that there was much of it left.

He was given bread and soup and then taken back to the room he had been in a few hours ago. He sat down and once again waited. The door opened and Simon stared at the SS officer that came in. He ignored Simon and looked at the guards. They came to attention and left. Simon suddenly felt very unsure as he looked at this man, a sense of foreboding came across him. He was about six foot, very trim, blond hair and blue eyes, incredibly good looking, a young man who was Hitler’s dream of what all German males should look like, complete with the sense of evil that pervaded from every pore.

At long last he looked at Simon and smiled. He stood behind the desk and slowly moved his right hand towards a leather strap that hung from the outside of his right thigh. He pulled the strap up and a British policeman’s truncheon came out of the same sort of pocket the police would have had stowed it while walking the beat. It was thick at the head, tapering down to the hand grip and 15 inches long. It was made of oak, it was heavy and it could do a lot of damage. Police were trained to break a collar bone to stop a villain, but would often miss and break a nose instead. “Opps, sorry son.”

“My favourite memory of England and very useful in my work I find. How is dear England, are you on rats rations yet?”

“England is fine and so is the rest of Great Britain and we are on good rations and eat well.” Simon knew he would not fool this bloke, but why tell him the truth anyway?

“What was your mission, Commander? You are very young to be one, who did you fuck to get that!?” This was getting boring!

“I had completed my mission and was going back home, unfortunately the mine got in the way, four of my men died and two murdered by you people.” SS man smiled at Simon.

“They were like you, spies and we shoot spies. You are a spy also and were being picked up while other spy’s were being dropped off. You are also homosexual and being both a spy and homosexual will result in you being shot.”

“I am not a spy, spy’s don’t ware uniform and why do you think I am homosexual?”

“I ask the questions Herr Homosexual and you answer them. You are very near to feeling the wrong end of my truncheon. Now, admit it, you are homosexual, I have the proof.” He put the two photos of him and Tony on the desk towards him and for a few seconds was back in the Hut with them making love and being even more in love afterwards, but then he had fucked them up.

“Those make you think I am homosexual? All because of a couple of photos?”

“The looks you are giving one another tells me you are in love with that filth. You are both giving the look of love to one another. Herr Homosexual Commander Spy Walsh, you are in a great deal of trouble and I have the power of having you shot because you are a spy AND homosexual. Let me show you my power.” He called out and two guards came in. He gave his orders and went out.

“Hello Andrew, any news?” Tony could not tell him it would be his last call, they would be off the next day and nobody could contact anyone outside from now on.

“I’m sorry Tony but you need to know. An officer from Simon’s base called me and all he knows is that Simon and his crew have most probably been killed because of massive explosions on his boat. He is sure they hit a mine that caused a chain reaction and there were other explosions. He is going to collect Simon’s things from his room and send them to me, they don’t do that unless they are sure it’s bad. Tony, I think Simon has left us. I don’t know what you are doing and I know you can’t say, but when you are free from all of this, please do come and see me?”

“Yes Andrew, I promise I will.”

“Good luck Tony and stay safe, you know where home is, but I also know you may want to make it somewhere else now that Simon is most probably back with his mother.”

“Andrew, I won’t stop hoping he is still alive and until we are told officially, I won’t be thinking about my life until we know for sure about Simon. My thoughts are not only about Simon, you will always be in them as well.”

They said goodbye and Andrew forced himself to clean the whole cottage. It would give him something else to think about for a while. As he cleaned he began to make plans and by the time he had finished, he knew exactly what he would do and if Simon ever came back home, it would be completely different. He was about to start much needed renovations, war or no fucking war.

Simon watched as the pride of Nazi Germany left. The two guards, big strong blokes, grabbed him and stripped him naked, they took him through another door and literally threw him in a shower. They turned the cold water on and Simon at least could get clean, the soap was quite nice and he felt a lot better after the shower, but knew this was for a reason other than his captors being thoughtful.

He stepped out and dried himself off as the guards looked on smiling and making comments about Simon’s body. They got hold of him and took him back into the room and signaled to sit down. His uniform had gone. He looked down at himself and covered his cock with his hands.

“May I have clothes please?” He looked at the guards who looked back and said nothing. The door finally opened and Gestapo man came strutting back in. He went to the desk and removed his cap exposing his blond hair. He nodded to the guards and they went out.

“Stand up and put your hands behind your head.” Simon knew he had no choice and did as he was told. Nazi man stood looking at Simon’s body from head to feet and back up. Simon looked back at him and took in his black uniform with all the badges and insignia of his rank, the black belt with a dagger in its sheath and cross strap. As he was so tall the trousers with those wide flaps on the thighs suited him and to finish off this appearance of Nazi power and authority, the jack boots, black and brilliantly polished. He called the guards back in and they went to Simon and took him to a wall and handcuffed both arms above his head to two eye bolts sunk in it. The guards left and closed the door. Gestapo man went and locked it and then back to the desk and picked up the photos, he came and stood in front of Simon and held them up for him to look at.

“Your boyfriend. What is his name?”

“My friend is called Tony.”

“Your homosexual friend Tony. Does he know you are a spy as well as being in love with you?”

“My friend knows I am nothing more than a British Naval officer.” Simon got the first taste of what was to come as Gestapo man holding the truncheon with both hands slammed the head of the truncheon into his gut.

Steven had got back to base and made his report to Captain Osborne.

“All any of us saw was an explosion followed by at least four more, the last one blew Simon’s boat apart and I have no idea even if they got off. I think they were all killed sir, but cannot be sure of course.”

“It looks bad for them Steven and the problem is because of the type of operation they were on, they are not likely to inform the Red Cross about any of it. They are not likely to admit that agents were landed and the crew will be seen as agents as well if they were captured. Christ we don’t even know if the agents were captured either. Will you ring Simon’s father please. Steven you are now in command, if you are half as good as Simon, I won’t have any complaints.”

“Thank you sir, I just wish I was not in this position.” Steven went to his room and sat on his bed and thought about the man he had fallen in love with and cried his eyes out.

Simon was in great pain as this mad man rammed the head of the truncheon onto his body time and time again. After each blow his body doubled up as far as the handcuffs allowed and after every blow he could not help scream out. So far his face had not been touched, but he still managed to hang on without telling this turd what he wanted to hear. Worse was to come though and after two more blows Simon was relieved when this sick excuse for a man put the truncheon back on the desk.

“Now Commander Homosexual Spy. It is time for something I know you will enjoy.” He got close to Simon and ran his hand over his bruised chest and then down his body to his sour stomach.

“If only you had been born German, at least you have the body to make a good one. But oh dear, being Homosexual is against our laws and as you are in German territory, you are a criminal and will have to be dealt with accordingly. Such a shame, but it is time to think of Tony.” His hand went lower and took hold of Simon’s cock. “How is that? Wish Tony was doing this?” He stroked Simon and he cussed as he could not help getting hard.

“Well well Commander this should not happen, unless of course you ARE homosexual?” Simon looked down at the front of Gestapo’s trousers and it was obvious he was enjoying this, his own erection told him that.

“I just get easily aroused, I have no control over it.”

“LIAR!” At least the slaps across his face was preferable to having his cock stroked by this shit. SS man went back to the desk as if considering his next action. He looked at Simon and smiled, he went to the door and opened it.

“GUARDS!” Two came in and listened to their instructions and then went and stood in front of Simon.

“Homosexual Commander of your homosexual ROYAL Navy, pick your executioner.” Simon just stared at the psychopath and thought of his dad and Tony.

“Both of them.”

The Nazi glared back at him knowing Simon was now preparing for death, he LOVED that look and wanted to extend this domination of this man. He would not have him shot yet, there was more fun to be had.

“You will have just ONE more opportunity to come to your senses and will be taken back to your cell so you can think and when we next meet I want a full confession as to your sexual preference and what your mission was.”

Alan was giving all the support to Tony he could, but had his own problem. There was no doubt what so ever that he did not want anyone to be killed, but he also knew that if indeed Simon had died Tony could look at him in a different way eventually. He hated himself for thinking like that, but human nature makes those sorts of thoughts come to mind. There was absolutely no way he would come on to Tony because of the uncertainty of Simon’s situation and he knew if he did Tony would reject him anyway. He, like Tony would have to wait and if it was confirmed Simon had been killed, just see if there was a future for them both. He knew that’s what he wanted, but if Simon was safe and a prisoner of war, he would come home eventually and he and Tony would be back together and he would have to accept it.

One of the ways to keep Tony’s mind off his worries was to keep him busy and he made him take the whole unit for training. Tony would have to study a lot to be able to do that and he spent hours poring over books and training manuals so he could teach with reasonable confidence.

Another way, and one that Alan particularly liked, was for them to spend time in the gym keeping fit. They worked out most days and it was beneficial to both of them and the shower afterwards was even better. He knew that Tony did not take any notice of his naked body and showered, dried off and got dressed as though Alan was not there. He on the other hand had to keep himself fully under control otherwise there would be one very hard cock on display. Alan would prefer this not to be said, but quite a number will now guess he would get to his room and gently toss himself off with only one imagined situation in his mind.

Simon was sitting in the same office and now back in his uniform. The short fat German was at the desk.

“My advice to you is to confess Commander and you will find things a little more comfortable.”

“Does that mean I won’t be beaten up or sexually abused anymore? Where are my crew, going through the same as me?”

“Your crew are quite safe and are on their way to POW camp, they are not considered to be of any interest to us, but you are for all the reasons you are being interrogated for.”

“You call that interrogation? It’s against the Geneva Convention and you know it, it is a war crime and you know that as well.” Fat man sighed.

“Look, just confess and you will be on your way to POW camp as well and be with your friends again.”

“I will be shot and that bastard will enjoy it, he is nothing more than a mental case. He even got a hardon when he was abusing me! Understand?” Fat man got out of his chair and “towered” over Simon which meant they were the same height.

“A Germen officer does not do that and if you say that again it will be me who punishes you.” Simon told himself to shut up.

“Are you going to confess Commander? I will warn you now, if you do not, you will be sent elsewhere and get even more attention from Obersturmbannfuhrer Emmerich Albrecht.” Simon thought it best not to ask him to repeat that, but would try and remember it. He also thought this bloke said it with quite a lot of sarcasm.

“I’m not confessing to anything that’s not true.” Simon was resigning himself to the inevitable and hoped he would not be tortured before they shot him.

“Very well, you will not live to regret it.” He turned round and wobbled out. Simon fought to control himself.

He was taken to his cell and locked in. He had no idea how long he was there. There was no toilet and had to use the bucket for both jobs, it was beginning to smell, so was he. He did not sleep well.

There was a noise outside and the guards once again took him out, but this time put him in a car and was driven away. He sat there and hoped he would die quickly, but surprised himself that he was calm and thought about Spike, Brian and Patrick… and then his father and Tony.

He knew it was wishful thinking, but he began to think he was not about to be shot because fuck wit had said he would be given one more chance to “confess” and not only that, they had been driving for some time now and that could only mean he was being taken somewhere else otherwise they would have shot him already.

After about two hours the car pulled off the narrow road they had been on and up a short drive. He looked out and saw a rather lovely country house, quiet small and was obviously not a detention centre or POW camp. He was even more worried now.

He was taken into the house and locked in a small windowless room and left to worry. After some time there was more confusion as he was taken to a shower and locked in. He wondered what the fuck is all this was all about and then suddenly had a dreadful thought and it was all about what the Ober fuckwit had done to him at the last place. “Oh shit, that must be it.” He slowly dried himself off and as soon as he put his towel down the door opened and he was handed civilian clothes, nice civilian clothes. He was positive now what this was all about. He nearly got it right.

He was taken upstairs and shown into a room and again lock in. It was a nicely furnished room with a large barred window overlooking some lovely country side. He looked around him and stood staring at the double bed.

Andrew was in his office when two senior naval officers were shown in, he was expecting them. They shook hands and Andrew poured the tea.

“So, any news?”

“Nothing definite Andrew and what we have is not good news. The Red Cross have notified us, via the Germans that a Lieutenant Towers and 10 crew are now POW’s, but at different camps. We have also been told two died of wounds before they could get them to hospital, but no names were given.”

“But it could be that Simon was not one of them and he maybe a POW as well? Maybe at a different camp or in hospital?”

“They are possibilities Andrew and ones we have thought of as well. The Red Cross are trying to identify the two that died and it will be a devil to find out. The Germans are not cooperating that well now the war is going against them. What it seems to us, from the information we have been given, one of the crew that got ashore is not accounted for and of course that could be Simon if it’s true.”

“He could be alive then and a POW?”

“All we can do is hope Andrew.”

Andrew thanked them and said goodbye. He looked at the clock, he had an hour before his appointment at the bank. His bank manager was Major Trevor Watson his friend from the time Trevor had given the village men the talk at the beginning of the war.

“Any news Andrew?”

“Not much, but there is a chance Simon is a POW or in hospital and that’s what I will always think until I am told differently.”

“And that’s why you want the loan?”

“Yes, I have to keep thinking he is coming home and by the time he does the cottage will be fit for humans to live in, even me.” Trevor knew all about why Andrew wanted the loan.

“Bit unusual this, not many banks are offering anything until this crap is over.”

“You know the yard has a good future after the war and 500 pounds is not going to break either of us Trevor, but I just don’t have spare money for the cottage and most of it I need to pay wages. I have got most of the materials and some bloody good workers. How about a bit of bribery?”

“Ok, what’s that?”

“A pint at the pub?”


“So long as you buy one of them!”

“You have a loan dear man! Great to do business with you.” Andrew had all the plans and had worked out the programme of work. The lads from the yard were ready to start after their normal work day and now he had the money, work would begin the following day and every brick, length of timber, nail, screw, windows and a new thatch would be in place in time for when Simon came back home.

“Come in Commander and welcome to my home. A glass of wine?” He offered Simon a seat.

“No thank you, but what I do want to know is, what your plans are for me? I am pretty sure they are not what a prisoner of war should be subjected too.”

“That depends on you really. You have received some treatment from me if I do not get what I want and so, if you stop lying to me and admit you are homosexual, both of us will have a marvelous time.”

“What about the spy accusation then?”

“Oh my goodness that was never really on my mind at all. No, all that was to show you how easy it is for me to show you my power and authority over you and anyone else I choose to dominate. If I want to accuse you of ANYTHING I simply use a bit of imagination that’s all.”

“And the big question… Have sex with you?”

“THERE! I knew it! A confession of homosexuality! And now for your utter disappointment, NO not with you or any other man! As you are in my home I will not beat you for hoping to have sex with me, but I could have you taken outside and shot and that will happen if you do not cooperate.” Before Simon could reply Albrecht called out and Simon was taken outside and beaten up while the Nazi watched from the window. He was bought back into the room and tried to stand there waiting for the next bit of abuse.

“Understand this Simon Walsh. Tomorrow when I send for you, you had better come here with a better attitude. You will do as I wish, or go to a place that I am told is hell on earth.”

Tony got out of the shower and went to his room to think. Alan had made sure all his waking hours were filled with work and he was very pleased he was there to help him. He was gradually beginning to get used to the situation, not that it was made any easier, but in some ways he was able to think outside the worry he had about Simon all thanks to being so busy.

He sat there and for the first time thought about what he would do with his life if indeed Simon was dead. “I know he would not want me to be alone, but I may have to accept that he is gone.” Apart from Alan’s support he felt terribly alone, most of the ones he loved were dead and without love he knew he didn’t want to live.

The knock on his door bought him back to the present, it was Alan.

“Just heard we are off in three days’ time and we will be in the first wave. This is it, let’s hope we come through it all Tony.” Without thinking they moved together and held one another for a very long time. Tony stood back and looked up at Alan and because they were both about to enter the war and all what they knew what was about to happen, it would have been easy to go further than just a hug. Tony broke away and Alan hurried out.

It was 2nd June 1944 and Tony and Alan were waiting, along with thousands of others, to cross the Channel and begin the fight to rid Europe of the Third Reich.

One bit of the Third Reich was looking at Simon with an ugly smile on his face. Simon was looking past Albrecht and now knew the reason why he was there.


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