The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 14

“Cheers Tony you sexy thing. Right, a full recap and no changing the plan otherwise we will still be stuck here and Gary will be back with his dick hanging out.” Tony shivered and they both obediently sat quite while Jean went through the plan that they hoped would stitch Gary up.

“He is due back the day after tomorrow and when you go on duty Tony complain you don’t feel well and have got the shits. Wait for about half an hour and take the “grenade,” (that was a compound to help patients with severe constipation) and drink a hot coco, you will then be spending a lot of time crapping and pretending to vomit in the bog. Your acting ability should get you admitted for observation. I will speak to Dr Tuber and tell him I am worried about you, I know him very well and you will be admitted into the general ward. You will be out of the way and Gary won’t be able to get to you. I will introduce Gary to Carl and invite him for a drink that night and the next bit is up to you Carl, but I guarantee you will fancy him and I know for sure he will you. Carl will take him to the room he has stayed in before and I will already be there hiding in the wardrobe. When they get naked and Gary goes down on Carl I will open the door and WHAM I will snap him! Ok? Any questions? No? Good your round dear brother.”

Tony was quite understandably a bit nervous when he got on duty and made his first complaint of feeling unwell to the nurse in charge.

“Never mind dear, you should try a period some time.”

Four times he pretended to have to rush to the toilet, count to 50 and go back.

“Christ Sandra, I feel like crap.” Sandra was only half listening it seemed.

“Ok, that’s… hope you washed your hands?”

Fuck it, Tony went to the kitchen and swallowed double the dose he should have taken, he didn’t even have time to drink a coco as the effect was almost immediate and the next thing Sandra was aware of Tony was breaking all records as the ran for the bog.

“Bloody hell Tony you look dreadful!” For the only time in his life Tony was happy he did.

“Yeah I feel… Oh shit…!”

Off he went again only this time he did not know which end to point at the toilet first. He opted to crap, but threw up over the floor, he turned round to finish off vomiting and the poor bugger crapped instead!

Half hour later he was in the general ward and tucked up in bed. He laid back feeling a little better and feeling confident that the plan had so far worked. A minute later his bowels opened again and the poor lad shate all over the sheets! A sort of a 50/50 day you could say.

“So, what happened to you?” Gary was standing next to his bed.

“Must have eaten something that did not agree with me, or maybe because I knew you were coming back.”

“Life is a bitch, have you got a room for us?”

“Oh come on Gary, just give the letters back. This is so unfair.”

“All’s fair in love and war Tony.”

“This aint fucking love that’s for sure, but you are going to destroy Simon and me.”

“It doesn’t have to, all I want is sex, just innocent fun and nobody would be any wiser. How simple can it get?” He left and Tony prayed the rest of the plan would work.

“Hi Gary don’t think you have met my brother?” Jean and Carl just happened to be passing the ward Tony was in as Gary came out and she was pleased Gary liked what he saw. She looked at Carl and it was obvious he thought so as well. Well, two of them were going to enjoy this, up until the time she took the photo anyway.

There was no problem with him agreeing to meet up that evening for drinks and after Gary went off they went to Carl’s room and emptied the wardrobe so Jean could get in. They had vandalised the wardrobe door by drilling a hole in it so she could see out. She checked the camera and made sure a flash bulb was in place and was ready.

As they got into the NAAFI Gary was already sitting there waiting for them.

“He’s keen.” Jean said to her brother.

“Me too Jennie. He may be giving shit to Tony and a complete asshole, but he can blackmail me any day!”

“Now don’t fuck this up, remember why we are here.”

“Don’t worry, just wondering how big he is and…”

“Shut up you twat, concentrate!”

“Yes Sister… Jean?”


“If he ever gives you a problem just let me know.” Carl leaned over to his sister and kissed her forehead.

“OH sweetheart! Thanky… You shit you mean you would sort him out if he fancies me more than you, right?”


They sat and Gary talked mostly to Carl and Jean was happy he seemed very keen on her brother. She timed it well and excused herself to go to powder her nose so the boys could chat without her there.

“So Carl, I bet all the blokes you deal with are as well built as you?”

“Oh yes and one of the many reasons I love my work Gary, lots of young lads and a long way from home.”

“Young lads who like to be personally trained by you I should think?”

“Yes they do, some more than others, but it’s best not to talk too much about that, you never know who would take it the wrong way.”

“Not me, I wouldn’t mind being in your group that’s for sure.” Carl looked at Gary in the way that two blokes look when there is interest.

“Gary if I can get rid of sis, would you like to come to my room, its private up there?”

“And what happens when we get there?” Tony was the last person in his mind right now.

“Well, I could give you a check over and make sure you are as fit as you look?” Gary was all smiles.

“Sis” came out and saw the smiles and a wink from Carl. She went to the bar and got two more drinks and took them to the table. That would keep them there long enough for her to get up to Carl’s room.

“Right you two, I’m a bit tired and going for a bath then bed. See you at breakfast tomorrow brother dear.” She kissed Carl and said goodnight to Gary. Once outside she ran all the way up to Carl’s room and got settled into his wardrobe.

“Christ sake where the hell are you two!?” It seemed like ages since she had been there and was very uncomfortable and her legs were beginning to get pins and needles tucked up as they were.

Meanwhile a senior medic and a physical fitness instructor where deep in conversation about body development, how to get one and, most important, penis size and how to develop length and girth.

These two were on the same song sheet, apart from the fact that Carl was a really lovely bloke and Gary a total shit.

She was relieved when the door at last opened and as soon as it was closed saw her brother take Gary in his arms and kiss him!

“Bloody hell, if only mum and dad could see THIS!” She had to stop herself laughing out loud.

There was a lot more to come and had a good view as they undressed one another and her eyes nearly popped out when both of their cocks did. She tried to ignore her naked brother not that was too difficult really because the sight of Gary naked was a huge turn on and if he was not the shit he was she would have kicked Carl out and taken his place.

Carl was doing fine, but it was he who got to knees first and took Gary in much to his sister’s annoyance, but he knew what he was doing because the noise coming out of Gary told her he was being wound up like the preverbal spring and Carl would not have a problem getting them into reverse order.

Jean was getting as wound up as those two and had to concentrate as never before otherwise she could put a hand down between her legs and drop the camera! She just could not take her eyes off that wonderful cock of Gary’s. It must have been an uncut 7+ inches and as straight as a poker. She had never seen one that big and her thoughts began to wander a bit as she imagined she was sucking that masterpiece and those lovely low hanging balls that were now being licked and sucked by her lucky brother. “Come ON, come ON!!!! Jean was about to ruin the plan if Carl and Gary did not swap over.

In the nick of time Carl stood up and there he was, Gary on his knees and about take the handsome nob belonging to her brother into his open mouth.

“Gary, I am about to ruin your day… And mine, fuck it!” She quietly opened the door as Gary continued to slurp on Carl’s cock and aimed the camera at him.

“Hello Gary! Smile please!” Startled, Gary stopped sucking, but kept Carls cock in his mouth and looked at Jean and therefore the camera. FLASH!

She got out and Gary stood up with a look of realisation coming over his face. Carl put a hand on his shoulder to remind him he was there. Gary stood rock still and his stiffy was no more, Carl’s stayed were it was.

“You stole Tony’s letters to blackmail him in having sex with you and you will now know it won’t happen unless you want me to show this to the entire hospital. Two can play at blackmail Sergeant Masters and we will develop as many copies of this as we want. The first to get one will be the CO and then the police. You will hand Tony’s letters back by tomorrow morning, but we will still keep the photos, just in case you think you can get back at any of us. Good night boys, have a nice time.”

“It’s all done Tony, you can relax now.” She leant over and kissed Tony’s forehead.

“If you know of anyone who wants to take photos of you and me, just say the word.” Tony thanked her and after she had gone told the nurse he felt better and got dressed and left. He went to Gary’s room and banged on the door. There was no answer, it would seem that he and Carl were finishing off what they had started.

Tony had been given the next day off when there was a knock at his door. He answered it and there was Gary with his letters. Tony took them and counted 21 and without a word he shut the door and read every one of them as much to be close to Simon but also to make sure every page was there. He hid them well and went back to work, day off or not he needed to be busy.

The Blossom was on station at the very rear of the convoy with another Corvette. The first three days were pretty uneventful but they knew they were approaching the area where there would be no air cover and the U-boats would be lining up. It was dreadful as ship after ship came under attack and even when one of the U-boats was sunk, it did nothing to make anyone feel better. To make matters worse they developed an engine problem and could only make 8 knots. Charles sent a signal to report his problem while the engineers worked flat out to find the fault.

“We have to stop skipper, it’s no good as we are. We have to replace two valve inlets and it will take at least two hours.”

It was like waiting for the executioner to turn up. All the crew were at action stations with extra look outs on the bridge, it was a long two hours.

The engine room voice tube whistled to the bridge and Charles was given the good news that the repairs were done and he ordered full speed.

“I doubt we will catch up for a couple of days, you agree Simon?”

“At least that, but I reckon that if we can maintain 16 knots at the course I gave you, it will take 1 day, 23 hours and 15 minutes skipper. Give or take a couple of seconds, we should make it in a couple of days.”

A 47 year old captain looked at his 20 year old navigator and wished he was 20 years younger.

“Surface contact Three Four Oh, 1000 yards!” Patrick called out.

The alarm was sounded and not for the first time when it did everyone was that much calmer.


“Yes captain and closing on us, they know we are here.”

“Course three four oh. Now they know we know.” It seemed an age before Patrick told them it had dived.

“What range were they radar?”

“One and a half miles Skipper.”

“Fuck, now its guess work unless you can pick them up Asdic. Look out for a periscope all of you.”

If it had been a planned attack by the Germans it was a lucky one as the Blossom’s Asdic had not picked up there were two U-boats and as Blossom came into the second ones range four torpedo’s were fired. The U-boat captain would forever be relieved he sent four as the first three missed, the forth slammed into the starboard side just below the bridge and exploded.

Simon was just about to come back from the engine room after checking with the engineers that all was well. The ship shuddered with the explosion and most of the crew fell to the decks and many would not get up again. She began a heavy list and everyone knew she could not be saved. He got to the bridge only to hear Charles calling out to abandon ship.

Simon went back down on deck to help undo the life rafts and that is when they came under gun fire from both of the U-boats which had now surfaced, there was no chance of firing back. The second shell exploded in front of the bridge and Simon ran back up and found all four officers and three ratings dead including Charles. He went into the radar shack and found Patrick alive, but he been thrown against the bulkhead and there was blood pouring out of the back and right side of his head.

How he got both of them off he would never know, but with a struggle managed it and found himself on a raft with ten of the crew. They looked at the Blossom as she went down.

From the torpedo hit to that moment less than ten minutes had passed. Simon tried to see if there were any other life rafts in sight, but theirs was the only one, just twelve of them had got off out of crew of eighty five.

Simon looked down at his friend and knew there was no hope. He cradled Patrick in his arms hoping it would give him some comfort. He wiped the blood off of his face and then became aware that one of the U-boats had come near to them and got as close as they could. Nothing was said and they just looked on as a canvas bag was lowered to them which contained food and water. Simon looked at the captain who saluted and ordered his boat away.

As the U-boat sailed away, he thought of the German pilot who had shown them the way to the British fighter pilot who had ditched in the English Channel.

“I fucking well know they are not all bad. How many wish they we’re not a part of this shit?”

“I won’t ask if everyone is ok, let’s hope someone will realise we are sunk and come and look for us.” He went back to comforting Patrick who was unconscious and dying. Simon just looked at him trying to hold back the tears and at the same time think of all those who were already dead. He took off his binoculars that were always around his neck and handed them to one of the men, that way he could comfort Patrick better.

Simon could do nothing except keep holding Patrick as tight as he dared and all the time waiting for him to pass on. After a short time, Patrick opened his eyes and looked at Simon. His face was at peace and he looked as though he had just come out of deep thinking which he did most of the time, he smiled at Simon. His time had come and his war and young life was over. Simon wiped his face for the last time.

“I’m off now Simon, Grandma and Pa are waiting for me. Thank you for being such a good friend.” He kept looking into Simon’s eyes until they clouded over and as he died he squeezed Simon’s hand in a gesture of farewell.

Simon bought Patrick’s face to his and kept him like that for quite some time. He set Patrick back down, closed his eyes and said goodbye to his friend. He held him close one last time and then slipped him over the side and watched as his body drifted away.

“Can I talk to you?” Gary stood by Tony’s table. Tony did not reply but nodded at a seat.

“What will you do with that photo?”

“Nothing so long as you leave me Jean and Carl alone. That photo will stay for all time just in case you want to continue to be number one bastard. Believe me when I say I would never have had sex with you and I would have……….Oh fuck it, I have done with you, but I will tell you one thing Sergeant bloody Masters, you may be a great looking bloke and think you are the dog’s bollocks, but you will never find what I have with Simon. Look in a mirror and see the cunt looking back at you.” Tony got up and left, leaving Gary to think.

Tony got to see Carl before he went and thanked him.

“No problem at all Tony, I’m going to advertise myself just in case anyone else is doing what Gary did to you. It will be great fun.”

“Do want you want Carl, there must be loads of Gary’s out there. I just hope you find a “Simon” one day.

Tony went back to work and at the same time made a full report to hand in when his CO got back. He also phoned Andrew.

“Hello Tony, how is everything?”

“Could not be better now, I will explain when I come home.”

“Any idea when that will be?”

“No, but it would be nice if Simon could get off when I do.”

“Yes that would be good, but I have no idea when that will be, he is at sea and goodness knows when he will get home.”

It was the second day and the survivors were in a lot of trouble and could not last much longer, but the fact was without the food and drink given to them by the U-boat captain they would have died anyway. They kept one another as positive as they could, but two of them were beginning to give in and that helped Simon no end as he concentrated on them and not the loss of Patrick.

It was he who saw the ship coming towards them and all of a sudden they could see an end to this. They were taken on board and looked after by the Destroyers Canadian crew, but they were going back to Canada. After a day Simon was feeling physically much better and he was given a cabin of his own where he was able to grieve privately. He thought about Tony as well as grieve for Patrick. Simon knew damn well that if he were not in love with Tony he and Patrick would have become involved and who knows, possibly fall in love with him? What would happen if Tony was killed as well, loosing Patrick was bad enough, but loosing Tony? He knew he could not coup.

Tony sat outside his CO’s office waiting to be called in, Gary was already there and he would never know what was said. The door opened and Gary came out ignoring Tony and a very red face.

“Right, I am satisfied there has been a balls up and Sergeant Masters has assured me that whatever it was has now been resolved. I am very happy about your report and the report from others. Now at last I can say you have passed your finals and you are promoted to corporal, congratulations. Now for the bad news, or maybe it’s not. I am sending you for field hospital training at the London hospital and you will be there for quite some time. You are to pack up and go home for two weeks leave. Your orders are in the office already, pick them up and go and pack. Well done Corporal, we need lots like you and will need as many as we can get in the future. Good luck.”

Tony left to say goodbye to everyone and a cuddle with Jean. He phoned Andrew to let him know he was coming home.

“Hi Andrew, I have got two weeks, can’t wait to see you.” There was a long silence as Andrew tried to compose himself.

“Tony… Simon’s ship was torpedoed and we have to assume Simon went down with her.”

He had no idea how long it took and only really came out of his thoughts as his train arrived in Hamble. Andrew was waiting.

“Any news?”

“No and it could be days before we know for sure, but the telegram didn’t say anything except that his ship was torpedoed and a search was in progress. We shall just have to wait and pray. It’s good to have you home Tony. They went to the cottage in silence and once there tried to talk, but it was impossible, so was sleep.

Tony laid on Simon’s side of the bed hoping for some comfort, but it didn’t help much.

Just about the whole village stopped them when they went out and asked if there was any news, but by the fourth day both Andrew and Tony were giving up.

The news of Simon’s rescue came on the fifth day and Andrew was told he would more than likely stay in Canada until he could join another convoy so long as he was well enough to sail. The officer who called could not say how he was physically, but assumed if he was injured they would have been told.

“Thank God he is safe Tony, but you both have a long way to go. God I knew it would be difficult, but not this bad. Go and get the bottle out son, at last we have something to celebrate.” Tony tried to pour the drinks but, one he could not see through the tears and two, his hand was shaking too much. Andrew took over and for the first time cuddled his second son and held him tight. At least they both slept well that night.

The following morning Tony got one of the bikes and rode to the hut. He lit the fire and stayed there all day just sitting and remembering all the times that Simon, Spike and he had first made love to one another and then of course falling IN love with Simon and those wonderful times they had. Would there be any more? He prayed there would be, but what was on his mind was to be able to tell Simon all that happened with Gary and what he and his two friends did to get the letters back. He smiled to himself as he thought of the letters, they were in a large envelope and secured in Andrew’s safe.

Knowing Simon was safe he and Andrew went to work and Tony worked on “Peace” fitting her out. It made him feel close to Simon and of course Spike. It had all seemed so long ago now, but he enjoyed it a lot and he was as happy as he could be but both of them were even happier when the phone rang and it was from Canada.

They could not talk long, each having just a minute before Simon had to go, but he managed to tell them he was fine and would be getting the “next train” in a week from now.

“I will never get used to this Tony and now I have two of you to see off, it makes it even worse. Good luck son, come home when you can and phone as well.” They hugged goodbye and Tony was off to start new medical training in London. This training was an indication to Tony that he would be going “somewhere” where there was fighting, that’s why he was being trained in field hospital work which was quite different to the normal ones and very different technics and skills would have to be learnt.

He had written a very long letter and left it on Simon’s pillow explaining everything about what had happened with Gary and how sorry he was that it messed up their last time together.

“I have been to the hut and just sat there and thought of all the wonderful times we had. I won’t go again, not until we are home together.”

The Canadians could not have been more helpful and put all of them up at a nice hotel and issued them with clothes and new uniforms as well as money. They were checked over at the local hospital and told to wait for the RN to make arrangements for them to go back home.

“It could take a while guys, so relax and enjoy.”

Simon was in his room a week later when he had a visitor from the RCN to tell him he and the others would crew one of their corvettes which was going to join the RN and would escort the next convoy in four days’ time. Three weeks later he finally landed in Liverpool and as soon as he could he phoned his father. They spoke for an hour. He would have to ring him again when he was leaving, but had been told to wait as he was required to attend a meeting.

“Welcome home Lieutenant and so sorry for your loss.” Captain Roger Martin knew what Simon would be going through, it had happened to him during his escorts at the beginning of the war.

“You will have two weeks leave and then off to Davenport where you will be given a captains course which will last at least three months. When you get your next ship you will sail as her First Lieutenant for some time and if all goes well you will get your own command. Well done Simon, we had a glowing report from Lieutenant Commander Thickness before you sailed last time and he recommended that this should happen and told us in no uncertain terms we would be stupid if we allowed your age to stop you from advancing. We like to think we are not stupid. Any questions?”

“Not really sir, if it happens I would hope to become as good a captain as Lieutenant Commander Thickness. I would prefer to continue with Atlantic escorting, but I know if I say that I will get a bath to command in the Pacific.”

“You know the navy well Simon. I hope you get what you want old chap.”

Simon had no idea where his father got his supplies of rum from and he was not about to ask. He finished his second off and poured two more. Simon had gone through the whole time he had been away and Andrew had just listened knowing he was getting everything off his chest. He felt for him when he spoke about the loss of his friends and in particular when he got to Patrick.

“I don’t want to imply that Patrick was more of a loss than any of the lads, but his death has affected me so much. He was such a lovely chap dad and I know you would have liked him a lot.”

“As much as I like Tony?”

“Oh sorry I didn’t…  I just wish I could have been here when he was.”

“He is so happy you are home, I called him and left a message. He rang the day before yesterday and I can tell you he is very relieved. He will try and call tonight. There is a letter for you on your bed.” Simon went up the ladder and bought the letter down, it was too dark up in the loft to read anything. He read it twice and Andrew was pleased at the smile on his face as he went through it.

“Bloody hell he has been through a really bad time, I think I may go to the hospital and have a word with that man.”

“He may very well have saved my life Simon don’t forget.” Simon thought that through.

“Ok, I will let him live I suppose. Dad, I wish Tony could get home. I have missed him, but everything else has got in our way, same for everyone I suppose.” At last Simon was getting back to some sort of normality Andrew thought.

“You are coming home!? But you have only just got there! How long have you got?”

“Five days.” They rattled on for an hour and Andrew smiled at the way Simon had become so excited and relieved that they were “back together.” He had thought Simon was distancing himself from Tony because he thought that something was happening that wasn’t. He also laughed at himself.

“Yeah Gods how many other fathers are pleased his son and his boyfriend are still together!?”

They just literally fell into one another’s arms and stayed like that until the platform was empty. Simon led the way behind a stack of boxes and for the first time in months they kissed one another and remained like that for ages. They broke away at last and just stood there smiling.

“Come on we need a bath.”

Before Simon left to go and meet Tony, Andrew had made it clear, several times, he would be home late and this was only 9am.

“It will definitely be after 9 tonight, that should give you enough time to get to know one another again.” He hugged his son and went to the yard a happy man.

Simon had already lit the copper fire and it would be ready when they got home and the linney would be warm as well. They chucked their coats and uniform jackets on the settee as well as their gas masks, they took boots and shoes off and closed the door to the linney behind them.

It took an age for the first button to be undone as there was a priority in the kissing department. Still, they managed it and two naked lovers stood looking at the joy of one another’s beautiful bodies once again.

“You have lost a lot of weight Simon, I will have to fatten you up.”

“What on OUR rations? I think I will be like this for some time, anyway cheeky I’m not too bad, am I?”

“You look amazing, you always did. Come on bath time.” It was a struggle but they managed to just wash one another without tempting providence finishing each other off there and then, the main event would take place in bed very soon.

Clean, dry and smelling wonderful they got to the bottom of the ladder and had their first fight in months over who should go up first, both wanted to go last because it would be a better view. Tony won and Simon went slowly up as “Nero” fiddled with his nuts and just about everything else besides.

These two young men laid together naked and began the long journey to their particular heaven. They twisted their bodies all over the bed to allow access, or give it, as hands tongues and lips explored every millimetre of the other, over and over again. It wasn’t all serious love making though.

“Oh Christ Tony it’s so nice to look at your body again, it has been so long, I had even forgotten that mole just inside your left bum cheek.”

“I haven’t got one on my left bum cheek or anywhere else.”

“Oh, must have been someone else then.”

The fight was not all that serious and was in two halves, the first for Simon winding Tony up and second a fight to grab the Vaseline jar. Simon won this time and with both of them as hard as nails and more rampant than a field of rabbits, Simon greased both of them, got Tony on his back with his legs over his shoulders. He put his cock head against Tony’s button and pushed gently until the door opened and he was back where he belonged and Tony wanted him to be.

Simon waited for Tony to get used to him as it had been a long time since he had been there. He lent over him, smiled and kissed him and while doing so pushed further encouraged by Tony that it was not hurting and even if it was, not to stop.

This could never last that long, but in the short time it did both young men were once again coupled together in the most beautiful way and all the time kissing their way right to the end. When it arrived they both froze momentarily and then off loaded as never before. Tony’s was visible of course and both of them looked at the mass of cum which Simon squashed over both of them as he laid on top of Tony kissing his lovely mouth.

An hour later Simon was on his back with his arm around Tony’s shoulders and Tony laying on Simon’s chest playing with his cock.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you so much as well.”

“Are you going to wank me off?”

“So long as you do me afterwards?”


They got out of bed and went back to the copper that had been refilled with clean water and was ready for them. They cuddled up with Tony leaning against Simon’s chest and their legs tucked up to allow more room. Simon was having the time of his life washing Tony’s front all the way down between his legs. Tony just had to put up with it.

Tony had been given leave because for that whole time it would be taken up in study and written work and he would have been in his room doing it anyway. His CO was rather generous in giving leave, but so far the work by all his trainees was extremely good and so why not send them home to do the studying. The CO also knew that those like Tony would be sent to areas that demanded exceptional commitment and skill. Tony did not know it, but he was heading for rapid promotion and earmarked to be one of the first of the Medical Corps to land when the invasion of Europe was launched. No one knew where at that time, but many were engaged in planning it. That included planning covert operations when specialists would be taken to France and meet up with the resistance groups to carry out observations and sabotage on anything German.

Tony got stuck into his studying and demanded that he did not do any domestic work and left it all to the Lieutenant RNVR.

“Yes Corporal, an honour Corporal, kiss your ass Corporal?”

“Not now, I’m busy.”

“Yes Corporal.” Then Simon whispered “Fuck you Corporal.”


“Bloody hell, did you hear that?”

“No, but I knew you would say it. Now shut up.”

“Yes Cor… ”

“SHUT! … UP!” Simon creased himself and Tony kissed him.

It was a lovely time and of course it all went too quickly. They only went to the yard once and just to meet the lads again. They divided their time between Tony studying, Simon doing the domestics and moaning the entire time and going to the hut. They were there the day before Tony had to go back.

They were sitting in their usual position, facing one another with Tony sitting between Simon’s legs and of course arms wrapped round one another and kissing. They had not made love yet and just talked.

“I wonder when we will be together again Simon. It’s really strange, I hate the war, I hate not being with you, I hate the risks, but I love the Medical Corps and all the things I am trained to do and the training I am doing now. Do you think it’s daft me thinking about becoming a doctor when this shit is over?”

“NO! Of course not, I think it’s a great idea and you will make a good one. It will take a lot of time and you would have to train in London I guess, still, there are things called trains and we can see quite a lot of each other. I hope I can go back to the yard and continue to work with dad. He hopes we will get orders for the new hulls after the war is over. We will have to wait and see. I have a good idea, you can do physicals on me if you want to practise? I have got a pain in my ass you might like to look at.”

“You have always been a pain in the ass and just about to get a bigger one, bend over.”

“Yes doctor.”

“Stay safe Tony and come home whenever you can.” All three were standing at the front door after yet another quiet breakfast and nobody able to say much. Tony thanked Andrew and promised to come home even if Simon was not there.

The two of them walked down the path towards the front gate, but Tony stopped and went back to Andrew.

“I need a cuddle.” The two of them embraced with Simon looking on and thanked his luck in his choice of boyfriend!

The tension was exactly the same as all the other times they had seen one another off. Quite apart from them going their separate ways it was always more difficult as they did not know when they would be together again. They were both off to new units and at least that would keep them busy and not have time to think about the separation too much, not until they went to bed at least.

This was now 1942 and both 20 year olds would continue to go in opposite directions during their war, they would meet many different people during this time and experience many different things which could in the long term effect their relationship. Many thousands found themselves in situations that totally destroyed what they had had in peace time, but at the same time many thousands found love and happiness, so long as one of them didn’t get killed of course.


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