The Hut

by BobbyG


Chapter 13

As soon as Simon got off the train Andrew saw the new gold wavy ring. He went to his son bursting with pride.

“Bloody hell still only 19 and a Lieutenant? Someone thinks highly of you, as well as me of course.”

“Have you heard from Tony dad?”

“Yes not long after you went back last time, but nothing since. I have told him to come here on leave anytime he wants. I had assumed he would anyway.” He did not mention anything about why Tony had not called him last time. “Are you going to ring?”

“Just about to father and another rum would be nice?” Andrew poured the drinks and gave Simon his glass.

“To you Simon. Congratulations, mum and I are so very proud of you.” Andrew threw his drink down his throat still looking at his son.

“If I’m any good it’s all down to you and mum.” And threw his down as well.

“SIMON! Oh thank God you’re safe!” There was a lot to talk about and they went on for ages, but the disappointment was Tony would not be able to get away, “but I do get a day off once a fortnight and I’m due one on Monday, that’s only three days from now. Can you get up, I will meet you at the station?”

“Try and stop me.”



“Could you ask your dad for a favour?”

“Course what is it?”

“Could I borrow his camera and flash light, I want to take photos of the hospital for a record of my time here.”

“I’m sure he would not mind, hang on.” Tony could hear them talking and knew any way it would be fine.

“He said it will be fine, but not for naughty photos of us.”

“Tell him thanks. Christ I have missed you so much.”

“And how do you think I have been? Anyway at least we will see one another Monday. How is Gary, you still his favourite student?”

“He’s ok I suppose. He is away for a month on a burns course and will be back in two weeks. I have got my finals interview tomorrow and if I pass, I get to full corporal.”

“Will you pass? I should think so by what you told me.”

“Hope so, Simon I have to go. I’m back on in an hour and need to have a bath.”

“See you Monday handsome.”

“Simon, I love you so much.”

“Love you too my handsome nurse.” Simon put the phone back and could not be happier. Not so Tony.

Tony went off to meet Jean. He hated lying to Simon, but because of his situation he had no choice.

Jean had a massive smile on her face as she told Tony she would love to have a drink with him and they arranged to meet outside the main door at 6 the next day and then go to the NAAFI (Servicemen and women’s canteen, Navy Army and Air Forces Institute)

“Right young man what has bought this on, I have been dropping more hints than the fucking Germans have been dropping bombs and no interest from you so, what’s up?”

They had been chat friends since they first met. They both liked the other although in quite different ways. Jean did not wait for an answer.

“You have been wandering around the past few days looking like you have not lost your virginity and don’t know how to go about it. If that’s the case, look no further, or if you don’t want me, then my brother!”

Tony had no idea what to say and had to rely on Jean to work him out. Telling her that he was homosexual could bring him even more problems.

“Tony?” Tony looked at her and geared himself up for what could be coming.

“Yes Jean.”

“I think I have just hit the nail on the head my love. You are the big H, yes?” There was a long pause…

“Yes and I am in big trouble, VERY big trouble.” Tony suddenly panicked and stood to go out.

“Sit your fucking ass back down, now.” Tony sat, shaking like a leaf.

“Christ you do have a big problem. Ok listen to me, I don’t care what you are, ok pissed off that I won’t have that lovely body wrapped round mine of course still, life’s a bitch and there are a few round here who will appreciate this sexy women. Tony you can trust me and I will kick off by saying you are having a problem with a bloke. Right?”



Tony paused.

“WHO?” She repeated.

“Gary Masters.”


“Who, him or me?”

“Masters you idiot. He thinks he is God’s gift to the whole fucking world and thinks knickers or underpants will drop just because he smiles at whoever. That turd has been after me for ages and hates me because he is the last person I would ever be seen with, he is a nasty power crazy bastard, but it seems you already know that. Come on gorgeous spill the beans I know you want to otherwise we would not be here.”

Tony had become a little less afraid his bowels would perform and told Jean everything, from the moment he and Simon first met and the love they had for one another.

“Masters has got me by the balls Jean and there is only one way I can think of that will stop him fucking Simon and me up.”

“Which is?”

“Get someone to hide and take photos of him sucking me off, then blackmail him with them.”

“It’s a good plan, but the last thing you will want to do. Still, it’s a start.”

“What do you think?”

“Not sure, but I will think better with another drink.” She got up and went to the bar.

“Ok, clear heads and let’s talk about what you said just now. You would be prepared to let him suck you off and have someone hidden and take photos? Bit drastic Tony.”

“I can’t see any other way and I have to do something to stop him showing the letters to the police.”

“And what if Simon found out?”

“Most probably finish us.”

“That’s right, I guess it would. Whatever you do I’m thinking you could not live with it.”

“I suppose your right, what about you, can you come up with something?”

“Carl, my brother.”

“You’re BROTHER?”

“You weren’t listening just now were you? I said if you did not want sex with me, then you are like my brother, he is homosexual as well. Ok this is it, we are twins and like most twins tend to be the same in lots of ways. Carl is a massive man lover, like me and has had many boyfriends. One day I hope he will find someone like you. Tony I am sure he will come in with us and so long as we can photograph that shit sucking him off and not show his face, I am sure he will go along with it. I will speak to him when I see him next week, he is coming down to visit and I will talk to him and introduce you to him. How’s that?”

“Amazing! He will be here when Masters gets back. Tell Carl Gary said he has an 8 inch cock and that may help get him be more interested.”

“Gary told me it was 9 inches! Oh well it just proves what a liar he is. I bet its only 5!”

Simon’s train got into the station at Aldershot and they just stood together trying to control the urge to kiss as well as hug. Tony looked at the new Lieutenant with a massive smile on his face and asked him what the next promotion would be, “Admiral?” They managed not to kiss and instead went off to find a café. It was all talk about what had happened to both of them with Simon leaving out Patrick’s confession about his feelings towards him and Tony leaving out the trouble he was in with Gary and the interview he had had with the Major the day before. Tony was having the worst time of his life and was struggling to hide it from Simon.

It should have been a lovely day, just being together, but Simon felt something was different as Tony seemed on edge and at times he had to repeat something he had said. He could not help but think about Gary, would Tony cheat on him? Had he already? He thought about Patrick and knew damn well he would go as far as Patrick hoped they would go, but his love for Tony stopped anything happening, but he now wondered if Tony would be the same. Gary was a very handsome bloke and Simon thought of him as being a really nice chap and they could be lonely and that in itself was reason to get involved possibly.

They said a long goodbye at the station and both not knowing when they would next meet. Simon leaned out of the window looking down at the man he loved so much, but now having doubts about.

“Tony, I think something is wrong. Just tell me if there is and we can sort it out. This fucking war is messing up so many lives don’t let it fuck us up, please?” The train pulled out and two very unhappy lovers went their separate ways.

“I know there is a problem dad and I think I know what it’s about and I’m sure that Gary is it. I think there is something going on between them and Tony’s too much of a coward to tell me.”

Andrew had thought there was a problem some time ago, in fact he was sure there was, but did not know enough to be able to talk to Simon about it.

“The one thing I am certain of son, Tony would never do anything to destroy what you two have, I am sure of it.”

“This is war dad and anything can happen even the things you think are safe.”

“Simon whatever the problem is, it will come out eventually and IF it’s a big one, we will work through it together.” Simon looked at his father and thought he was the only person in his life he could trust now.

“I’m going to lose him dad, I just know it.” Little did he know Tony was in fact fighting to keep him.

Tony stood in front of the Major while the CO went through his final training reports and exam papers, if they were all up to the standards expected he would be promoted to full corporal.

“Disappointing, very disappointing. You have just about got full marks in all your examinations, top comments from every instructor, BUT not from your course instructor and manager, in fact it’s diabolical. Explain.”

“I can’t sir, Sergeant Masters has obviously found something in me that everyone else missed.”

“He writes about your lack of attention in lectures, late handing in written work and often not completed, a could not careless attitude particularly on the wards. He cites a number of complaints from patients and although he has spent a lot of time with you trying to improve your attitude, you seem to have ignored his advice. I won’t go on, but there is a lot more. Sergeant Masters recommends you are not promoted and in fact put back a course.”

“Sir, I am very sorry and I really have no explanation and I’m certainly not going to make excuses. When I first met Sergeant Masters at Dunkirk and assisted him with the wounded it was then I knew what I wanted to do and this report has disappointed me as much as it has you sir.”

“There is a problem between you two isn’t there Lance Corporal?”

“There seems to be sir, but I’m afraid I don’t know what.” He lied. The Major reread the reports again. He put them down and looked up at Tony.

“Right, this is what I am going to do. Sgt Masters will not be back for a few days and I am away myself for two weeks and these reports will stay in my office and I will take it up with the Sergeant when I come back, meanwhile I want you to carry on but you will be monitored the whole time. I understand your preference is to work in Emergency reception and that’s where you will stay while I am away. During my time away you are to write a full report about your work during it and I will cross reference it with the reports from senior staff. You will hand it to me personally when I get back. Now go and IF you need to, sort yourself out.” Tony saluted and got out. He was fuming and the plans he, Jean and the great looking Carl had worked out were even more important know. Gary Masters was going to get a few problems of his own.

Andrew was at the boat yard and Simon was giving the cottage a good clean. He needed to do something to try to get his mind off the worries he should not have had, but of course he had no idea what was going on. After he had done the domestic bits he thought about what to cook for the evening meal and went into the garden to pick vegetables when one of the chickens got too close to him and within the hour it was roasting in the oven. While the unfortunate chicken was cooking he was preparing the apples to make a crumble later when the phone rang.

“Hello Simon, its Patrick, just wondering if you would like me to come down and spend a few hours trying to make babies?” Simon could not be more pleased he had called.

“Hello Patrick you sad bugger. How the hell are you?”

“I have had such a nice time. Father is at home and we have had a lot of discussion about the system I have told you about and Simon, it’s all good and they are going flat out to get them into the shops if you understand what I mean.”

“I do, but be careful what you say.”

“Course I will, but all I really wanted to do is talk to you and I thought what I have just told you would be a good excuse to phone.”

“Thanks Patrick, you don’t know how pleased I am to hear from you.”

“Does that mean we can make babies?”

“No Patrick, but if I had met you the day before I met Tony, who knows. Sorry I am being a shit.”

“No you’re not and Simon, neither is Tony I am sure of it.”

“How do you know? You haven’t even met him.”

“Oh I know him well enough my dear man, anyone lucky enough to meet you would never give you up. I certainly wouldn’t nor will Mr Tony, the lucky sod. Right I’m off for a bath and you will think of me naked in it!”

“Bitch! But you are right I will.”

Tony sat in the pub with his pint waiting for Jean and her brother to come in, they were already half an hour late and Tony was beginning to think he had made yet another mistake. He went to the bar for another one when he felt a hand on his bum and knew it would be Jean’s. He turned round and smiled at her and at the same time looked at one of the most handsome men he had ever clapped his eyes on. “Christ he is beautiful, in fact a male version of his sister!”

“This is my brother Carl, Carl this is Tony and DONT try to chat him up dear brother otherwise I will have to kill you. Tony is spoken for, but if he was normal he would be mine, wouldn’t you Tony?

“Yes Jean, anything you say. I just wonder what normal is.”

“Hello Tony. Don’t worry about sis she always says that, only because I get better looking men than she does.”

Tony took an instant liking to Carl and as everyone liked the other, the purpose of this meeting went even better than Tony could hope for.

By the end of two hours everything had been discussed, planed, argued, rejected and finally agreed. Carl was full of confidence and could not wait for it all to happen. He was a confident man anyway and one reason for that was his physical self, he was absolutely beautiful. Six foot of perfect manhood, well-built and in perfect shape, as a physical training instructor he should be. He was a Corporal in the Army School of Physical Training and he took his work seriously as well as himself and the results were there to see. He also attracted young men to him who he would give extra tuition to and all of them volunteering for a lot more. Quite apart from his good looks and great physic, Carl was a tremendously nice chap and a male version of his sister who was exactly the same as him, except she had tits.

“So, let me get it right and make sure we all know what we are doing.”


“Ah sorry Jean, I will get the drinks, you think better with one.”

The phone rang and Andrew answered it. “Yes he is here. Simon it’s for you!” Simon got down the ladder as quickly as he could, he was hoping it was Tony.


“Simon its Charles. Sorry old chap but you have to come back, we have to go as soon as we are all here. I can’t explain now of course, but just get back as soon as you can.”

Once again father saw his son off and both having a problem with the parting. They, nor anyone else would ever get used to it.

“Come home safe son.” They embraced and Simon climbed on board the train, it would take almost 18 hours to get to Liverpool. Much of the time during the journey Simon thought about Tony and began to come to terms with the fact that they could be finished, the war had already got in the way as it seemed to have done when they last met.

By the time he arrived at the Albert dock he had made his mind up that Tony would be put at the back of his mind and if they came through it all, he would find out if there was anything like there was between them before all this crap kicked off.

Simon was the last officer to get to Blossom. Charles Thickness welcomed him back and they went straight to the wardroom. The first person he saw was Patrick and pleased he was there.

“The ship is ready to sail, but we will be without an aft gun as they could not get the Bofor mounted in time and the hedgehogs will have to wait as well, but we do have the Oerlikons and we have gunners to man them. Chaps there will be crew changes as well, unfortunately Peter (First Lieutenant) has decided to break an arm on his father’s farm and therefore Lieutenant Walsh will take his place. Sorry Simon, but that’s the way it is. We also have a proper gunnery officer and I would like to introduce Sub Lieutenant Phillip Watts. Welcome Philip and good luck.” It was Phillips first ship, he was a regular and 25 years old.

The First Lieutenants job was crap, he would have to supervise the entire ship and every department and it would be up to him to run the ship according to his captain’s wishes, but at the same time take command of the ship if the captain was unable to function, for whatever the reason. At least it would give Simon something else to think about

“Right chaps we would not be called back unless it is serious and of course it is. Convoy OH442 started off with 50 merchantmen, but only 31 got though. We are in a lot of trouble and we need every ship out there. So, no promises except a crap time. We sail tomorrow at 06 00. Any questions? No? Simon we need to talk, come to my cabin please.

“So how do you feel?” They sat in Charles’s cabin drinking a whisky.

“Don’t take this as arrogance, but I really feel good and for one reason this is a great crew and I know they will make my job a lot easier. I don’t think there will be a reaction to me being Number one. I’m sure being only 20 won’t make any difference, those fellows are too professional to make it a problem.”

Charles Thickness held out his hand. “Good luck Simon, if anything happens to me, the ship is in good hands.” Despite all the worries battering around inside his head that remark from Charles made him a very happy man.

The convoy was a busy one and they were constantly at action stations following up Asdic contacts but losing all of them. However, they were pleased knowing they were keeping U-boats submerged and they would have to wait to surface to try to get back in contact with the convoy. There were of course many attacks and five ships went down, one of them a Corvette taking many lives. It was tremendously sad made worse by the fact that no U-boat’s were sunk.

Simon went about his new post with enthusiasm and an attitude the crew liked. They were a hard set of men and had to be with all the mayhem going on around them, but they also had a soft centre and there was a great deal of close friendships.

There were times that were quite funny one of which was when Simon was officer of the watch. Most communication was by signal lamp and there was a lot of it. On this particular watch the Flotilla commander was giving orders thick and fast and it was hard to keep up.

“Signalman, send… “Sorry, Blossom is having the day off!”

He did as he was ordered and they waited for the reply.

“Fuck off, it’s our turn!”

“I bet you are in the shit when we get to Halifax Simon.” Charles said.

“I will just say it was Patrick’s idea.”

“What have I done NOW?” Poor lad was, as ever “somewhere else.”

For the third time Simon and Patrick stood under shower heads side by side. Each of them did not hide the fact that they were enjoying the nakedness on display and Simon knowing many others also enjoying the sight of the slim and beautifully formed Patrick and that amazing cock swinging as he washed his body. Simon had to turn, his semi was getting a bit obvious.

They got dressed and as they had a few hours off went into town to find something to eat. They found a quiet place and settled down and waited for the waitress.

“I saw that semi Simon, you had to turn away and so dear man you did not see mine. You are lovely Simon, very lovely.”

“Stop talking like that and you know as well as me all men get worked up stuck together like we are.”

“I like that, “stuck together!” I wish.” There was a long pause and both deep in thought. Patrick suddenly came out of his and began to talk.

“I have had a wonderful life Simon. Great parents and brother and sister, good home. I went to a good school as well, private boarding and just 50 boys. I think I had sex with all of them over the 5 years I was there. It was all such good fun, just sucking and masturbation, nothing more. It was all so lovely, but got even better when my cousin Daniel came to stay one summer holiday. He was 8 years older than me and obviously much more experienced.” Patrick paused and looked at Simon.

“I bet you are thinking I am such a loose devil.”

“Not at all, just wish I went to the same school!”

“When I arrived home my brother and sister had gone to France with friends of theirs, my father was in Scotland working on radar development and my mother went with him. We have a small flat in Edinburgh and she loves it up there. I was told Daniel had volunteered to look after me and make sure I did not get into trouble. Fortunately he took no notice of the trouble part.

We had always got on and he made it obvious he liked me and I did notice whenever we were alone he would cuddle me to him and would always have some physical contact like wrestling and throwing me in the pool and carrying on when he dived in as well. With our soft swimming costumes our hardons were a bit noticeable and we had to be careful. Daniel never suggested anything, it just happened, he already knew I wanted something to happen anyway as I never pushed him away.”

“It was amazing Simon, I arrived home and he opened the door and just took me in his arms and kissed me. We went to the bathroom and got into it, he had already filled it. We washed one another and then he got me out and dried me off. He took me to his bed and made love to me. That was the first time I had been fucked and oh my word it hurt so much, but he was good and made it bearable and then after the, oh I don’t know, third or fourth time I was fine and after that we made love several times a day until my parents got back. It was the most amazing time of my life.” Patrick came back from his memories and smiled a sad smile at Simon. “Daniel was killed in Norway, such a great shame and we all miss him so much.”

“Thank you for telling me all that, it must have been wonderful and at the very least you have those memories, I am so sorry about Daniel’s death. Did you love him?”

“I liked him very much, but it was just sex, but I did wonder if I was in love with him at one time and I now know I wasn’t.”

“You said you are in love with me, are you?”

“Do I REALLY have to say? Let’s go back please Simon.”

Simon was thinking all the way back to the ship and knew he could easily become even fonder of Patrick, but he knew he was still in love with Tony and would never give him up. No, Tony would have to do that. He suddenly smiled and looked at Patrick.

“What are you smiling about?”


“Good for you Simon. Tony is a lucky man.”

Tony maybe a lucky man, but a very worried one at the moment. He ordered the drinks and while he waited thought about Simon and wondered what he was doing right now.

At that very moment Simon was on the bridge as officer of the watch.

“CONTACT! Asdic One Nine Five, 1000 Yards!”  Simon rang the alarm and the ships company went to action stations.

As the range got less towards the contact, another U-boat captain gave out his order.

“Fire tubes 1 2 3 and 4.”


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