The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 8

Simon put another log in the hut wood burner and sat behind Tony and cuddled him. They were fully dressed and would stay that way. They were only there to be by themselves for the last time before Tony left the next day to start training with the RMC. Gary, now a sergeant instructor had secured him a place. They sat like that for ages not saying much, just quietly thinking their own thoughts.

“I promise that when this is all over I will come home to be with you again. But you have to promise me you will do the same, please Simon?”

“I promise.”

From now on they both knew their relationship could change now that Tony was going and become involved in an entirely different life. Simon was also about to do the same of course and for the first time since they had met and fallen in love wondered that if they came through, would the love still be there? Whatever happened both knew they could come home a different person and that could change everything.


It was an awful evening, no one eat a thing and just sat around talking small talk and wishing it was bedtime. Simon went for his bath first and said goodnight to his father and climbed the ladder. He heard Tony go for his using the same water as he had and said goodnight to his father.

“Goodnight Mr Walsh. See you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Tony and from now on its Andrew, ok?”

“Yes, Andrew.”

They cuddled in together and apart from a gentle kiss they just laid like that for most of the night. They had no idea when they eventually dropped off, but were both awake early and once again cuddled in. They had not made love since Tony’s parents had been killed and neither knew when the next time would be, if at all.

“Let’s get up Tony.” They kissed deeply for a very long time. Tony reluctantly broke away.

“I have to get ready Simon, Spike won’t win this fucking war on his own.”

Simon stood watching the train as it pulled out taking Tony away from him and feeling utterly dejected and VERY unsure about the future. When the train had gone out of sight he ran all the way back to the yard and worked for the next 12 hours with only a couple of short tea breaks. Finally Andrew turned his lathe off.

“I’m tired and I’m not leaving without you. Let’s go home son.”

They sat at the dining table in silence with Simon just turning his food over and over on his plate. He wasn’t only thinking about Tony he had something else on his mind and needed to get it off his chest. He could not feel any worse regardless of his father’s reaction. Meanwhile Andrew sat with him waiting for his son to tell him of his love for Tony.

“Dad, I need to say something.”

“I know you do and I think I know what about, OR I have got it very wrong, I don’t think so though. You and Tony are in love, right?” The look of utter amazement would have caused both of them a big laugh at a better time, but under the circumstances it was just a look of utter amazement.

“You KNOW… ? HOW?”

“More of an educated guess I suppose, but what you really need to know Simon is I am fine with it, I really am. If there was more love in this fucked up world, regardless of who loves who, we might not be fighting to survive right now. I love you son and as you love Tony, I love him too in the same way as I do you.”

Simon put his head in his hands and sobbed, pulling in great gulps of air as he did, his father held him close for a very long time and silently cried with him.

“Come on son, go to bed, we will still feel like shit tomorrow and I’m getting Peace back in the water and go and kill Hitler. Do you want to come with me?”

“We only got 10 bullets dad remember?”

“Fuck it!”

“Ordinary Seaman 1174 Freeman B!”


“Whale Island Gunnery School.”

“Thank you sir!” Brian had a massive grin on his face and held his breath at the same time.

“Ordinary Seaman 0998 Smith E!”

“SIR!” There was a long pause, too fucking long! Come ON you shit! Spike wanted to shout out.

“Cook house, Portsmouth Docks!”


“Stupid twat! Whale Islan… ”

“THANK YOU SIR!” Spike bawd out, smiled at Brian and got a bollicking. They were to report there after their 10 days leave in two weeks’ time.

Whale Island Gunnery School was near Portsmouth and would be their next home for about six months, and then? Anywhere the navy wanted them.

Tony arrived at the Cambridge Hospital and Gary was there to meet him. They shook hands as old friends and were pleased to see one another again, for quite different reasons.

“You will have a month square bashing then start medical training and I will be your instructor for most of the time. You happy about that Tony?”

“Bloody sure I am, can’t wait to get started.”

“Nor me Tony, nor me.”

Like all new recruits regardless of what service the next few weeks would be difficult, busy and life changing. All Tony wanted to do was get stuck into it and that way the pain of losing his parents and leaving Simon behind would not be quite so difficult to bear. Gary would go and see him every day not that he needed to, but wanted Tony to see him as much as possible leading up to when he would have Tony’s undivided attention in class and around the hospital.

Spike, Brian and all the rest of their course got into the truck and were driven to the local station and dropped off. Their train eventually pulled in.  They found seats in a packed compartment and settled back for the three hour journey to London.

“Hello boys, you look good. I love you Royal Navy lads, SO handsome AND, so my girlfriend tells me, quite big down below! What have you been up to then, busy sinking the German navy?” Spike looked at her and confirmed to himself he was glad to be homosexual, she was an ugly cow.

“Yeah, just sunk two battleships, four destroyers and 5 U-boats, after a tea break we did two more U-boats then run out of ammo so we had to come back.”

“And fucked your captain at the same time I suppose? She screamed out laughing and looked around the compartment assuming others would join in. They didn’t.

“No love, but I fucked the First Lieutenant. He had a lovely fat hairy ass and Spike here fucked him after me. Looking at you he could be your twin brother.” Nothing more was said, but the compartment was in stitches.

They got to Waterloo and the first thing they had to do was find the nearest air raid shelter as the  air raid warning was sounding, the high, then low pitch which went on and on. They found somewhere to sit in the shelter and listened to the explosions as the German bombs rained down killing, maiming and destroying. Meanwhile over a city somewhere in Germany, British bombs were killing, maiming and destroying.

Hitler was making a speech in Berlin telling his captive audience that the British would soon ask for a solution and give up the fight. Churchill was on his forth whiskey having spoken to Roosevelt asking for arms and war supplies to fight with. Lend lease was agreed which included 50 clapped out 1st world war destroyers not fit for purpose until they had been completely refitted. One of them, after a few escorts was just stuffed with explosives and rammed against the sea lock at St Nazaire in France which was important to the occupying Germans and possibly a home for the battleship Tirpitz and blown up rendering the lock useless for the rest of the war.

Churchill and Britain would still have to wait for over a year before the Americans got involved and came to their own rescue. Pearl Harbour was attacked in Dec 1941 and despite the dreadful loss of 4,402 lives in “bomb ally” and the island, it was the turning point and after America declared war on Japan the following day, they were now totally committed and it was then it became a WORLD war and with America finally waking up to reality, all war production went into overdrive and it was the beginning of the end of Hitler’s dream of a Nazi Empire and the end of the existing Japanese one. Italy also had dreams of its own, so long as Hitler supported Mussolini to achieve them of course. Adolf for some odd reason liked Benito and supported him with troops and materials, but could not quite understand why Italian tanks only had one forward gear and five reverse. They of course changed sides when it got a bit rough and Adolf found himself on his own, not that it made much difference, Nazi Germany was doomed anyway. Meanwhile, in 1942 senior British civil and military incompetence, arrogance, and sheer stupidity in Malaya and Singapore, allowed the Japanese to overwhelm them and surrender in disgrace. It was the worse surrender in British military history and to add insult to shame, it would take many lives before those countries were free of the Nippon and all its foul abuses of the human race. The brave men who fought their guts out were badly let down.

Spike had been welcomed by Brian’s family, mum, dad, two brothers and a sister and after their meal and a few drinks that Brian and Spike had bought, they were all ready for bed. Spike risked his welcome by spending rather a lot of time in the bathroom, but there was no way he was going to bed tonight without being absolutely sure every bit was as clean as he could get it. He had been a Baden Powel devotee and was now “prepared.” BP would have been impressed, but would have a fit if he knew what he was preparing for.

“This us then?” They had gone to Brian’s bedroom in the loft and Spike was looking at Brian’s unusual sized bed.

“It’s not a single or double, what is it?”

“It’s called a queen bed. My dad buys and sells junk and he bought this home a year ago complete with all the bedding. We will be very comfy in there.”

“It’s hot in here and I’m going to sleep naked, hope you don’t mind.” Not waiting for an answer, Spike stripped off and stood up facing Brian. Brian stared at him as though it was the first time he had ever seen him like that. Even during wanking and sucking sessions in the guard hut the only time he ever saw Spike completely naked was in the showers and of course there was always other blokes around. Now with just them he could look at Spike and realise what a fantastic sight he was. Over the months Spike had trimmed up no end and was in great shape. Brian liked what he saw, but was not as confident as Spike and stripped off and quickly got under the blankets. Still, he was as naked as Spike. Spike jumped into bed.

“Hello sexy!”

“Fuck off Smith. Light.”

“Light what?”

“Get out and turn it off twat.” Brian turned his back to Spike.

“Yes SIR!” Spike got out and turned the light off. When he got back Brian had turned onto his back.

“You were right, this is comfy.” Spike also laid on his back with his arms above his head.

“Glad you like it… Spike?” The tone of his voice told Spike Brian was unsure about what to say.


“You can touch me if you want. I mean like we do on patrol… not… you know.”

“You mean kissing?”

“Yes… I think.”

“Your finding this difficult aren’t you. Don’t answer Brian, let me help.”

Spike lifted Brian’s head with his right hand and moved his left arm under his shoulders and gently pulled him close. It was wonderful as he felt Spike’s hand on his chest and began stroking. He laughed out and wriggled when each of his nipples were teased, it was a great feeling.

“You like that?” Spike whispered.

“Yeah, it’s great.” Brian whispered back. Spike was sure of his next move as he slowly stroked Brian’s firm stomach and from there to the inside of his right thigh. He then moved so that their left cheeks touched.

“Ok with this Brian?”


Spike moved his head and kissed Brian’s cheek and stayed like that for some time listening to Brian’s breathing as it quickened. Brian remained still and took in a deep breath as he felt Spike’s hand touch his straining cock and take it fully into his hand and began to very slowly and gently stroke him.

The back of Brian’s right hand was against Spike’s cock and he moved it and took it in hand and stroked in time with Spike’s movements. They were now bringing one another to the inevitable, wonderful conclusion and it would not take too long.

Spike now went for broke and kissed Brian’s cheek again but this time moved towards his mouth. Brian did not move and stayed like that as Spike’s lips gently touched his.


“It’s ok… its ok.”

Spike kissed more and then opened his mouth and ran his tongue over Brian’s lips. Brian followed Spike’s lead and would never regret it. Their tongues touched and then a full kiss which would not stop for a very long time.

Slowly but surely they both bought one another to the point that they wanted to reach and after a few more strokes they arrived together. Each whispered what was about to happen, both of them tensed their bodies and froze for a couple of seconds and gasped as each load shot out covering the pair of them.

They laid close together with their arms around each other’s bodies still kissing. Spike could feel Brian smile.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing much, just realised I AM homosexual after all. Thanks Spike.”

They would spend as much time as possible like this and experience all that Spike could teach Brian and together bring about many wonderful experiences that neither would ever forget. By the end of their leave, both of them admitted they were in love with the other and ignored the fact there could possibly be problems ahead because they were.

Andrew was now almost back to normal and he knew Simon, now 18 would be telling him he could join the Royal Navy not that he ever mentioned it, he was just waiting for him to drop his bomb. He was still restricted in the full use of his left arm, but as he got along very well with just one leg, this new injury was more like an inconvenience. He did not mention joining up to Simon,  Simon’s mind was about to be made up in a most unexpected way when two visitors arrived by appointment one morning. One was a naval commander and the other a civilian from the war office. They went into Andrew’s office and listen to what they were there for after Andrew had introduced them to Simon.

“My son needs to be at this meeting as he will take over the company if anything happens to me.”

“Or join up Mr Walsh?” Asked the commander. Andrew felt that was a challenge and rounded on the man.

“My son is already doing his duty here and did it at Dunkirk. All of us did a great job saving many lives commander. He can join up any time he wants, or wait to be called, that’s entirely up to him. We are not here to talk about my son so, why are you here? We are very busy.” The commander got the message and talked about what they wanted Andrew to consider.

It was quite simple really and the bones of it was that the military would clear a large area at the side of the workshops and build a new one. It would be equipped so that when the hulls were completed, they would be moved into the “assembly” shop and be completely fitted out. All the equipment would be bought to them on order and would start with two full sets and after each boat was completed and passed sea trials, the next set would be delivered.

“We want to start with you and do the same with at least four other boat yards. Your boats will most probably end up in Gibraltar, Malta, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand.”

They banged that about for another hour, mainly about logistical matters and the number of skilled men who would be needed. Simon had heard all he needed to and told them he was going back to work.

“It seems to be a good idea, but I doubt I will be involved as I won’t be here much longer.” He looked at his dad, Andrew now had his answer. The visitors stayed for another hour mainly because Andrew wanted to talk to the commander.

They sat down to their meal and Andrew spoke about his conversation with Commander Neil Majors who had been bought out of retirement and by the end of their chat Andrew was impressed.

“He is an excellent officer Simon and he will get you into the RNVR. (Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, or Wavy Navy as they were best known due to the wavy gold rings on the uniform sleeves.) You will train as a navigation officer when you say you want to join up. I told him about your ability and you will walk into it, he has no doubt about it, the navy needs good men like you.” Simon thought about it and they spoke for ages.

“I want to go dad, Spike is already in and Tony of course. What happens now, you call the commander and he sets it up?”

“That’s exactly what will happen, but Simon its almost certain you will be on Atlantic or Russian convoy escorts and from the news its going badly, we are finding it hard. I don’t want you to go of course, but I know you won’t be happy not going. Fuck I hate all this.”

“I will go in a month’s time, at least we will have that together.”

“I will get on to him then. Have you heard from Tony?”

“Got a letter yesterday. He has one more week square bashing then straight into training after a week’s leave, Gary will be his instructor.”

“At least you will see him when he comes on leave.”

“That would be great but he didn’t say he was coming home.” Andrew wondered why, but then so had Simon. He wrote back, but did not mention when he was joining up, he just wanted to know if Tony was coming home on his leave.

“All I’m saying Tony is if we went to my home we could continue your training and then and you would be a week ahead of the rest.”

“And all that would happen is I would have to go over it all again, unless you are going to put me in a class of my own. No, I want to see Simon and Andrew Gary. I’m sure he will be joining up soon himself and goodness knows when we will see one another again.” Gary was more than prepared to wait and knew that Tony would soon only have letter contact with Simon, but he would be with him most of the time and over time people change, he had personal experience of that.

Gary’s first homosexual experience was with a cousin when both families were on holiday together down in Devon. They would go off together, find a safe place and enjoy some happy times. After that he met an older married man and they would meet as often as the bloke said they could. That went horribly wrong when the bloke did not turn up for a meeting, but instead rang him to say he did not want to meet anymore. Things only got worse when he met, quite by chance, another bloke who he fell madly in love with and it seemed to be a two way thing between them until one day Gary caught him with someone else and in a very uncompromising way. That changed Gary completely, his rather over inflated ego had been kicked about and from now on he would control things in the way he wanted them. His biggest asset was himself, he knew how good looking he was and his great body bought about many approving looks from many men as well as women. It did not take long for him to realise that a number of men looked at him full of interest, he played the field and “selected” those of his choice. Any thoughts of anything beyond a sexual meeting was not at all important, he selected the youngest and most good looking, had his fun and when he was tired of him, “select” the next one. Gary loved the challenge and from first eye contact to ending up in bed was a huge turn on for him. He had as much sexual pleasure getting someone into bed as he did when they got there. His method of attracting a man to him had never failed and he was more than confident and he wondered how long it would be before Tony found him irresistible as well? Now, as an army medical instructor there was an unlimited supply of young men to “select.”

Simon was already at home when his dad arrived. The first thing he heard was Simon singing out of tune and obviously very happy. He did not have to be told that Tony was coming home on leave.

“Christ, two love sick children here! I think I will bunk down at the yard for a week.”

“Ok, ring us if you want to come home for an afternoon.” Father swore at son and son laughed his head off. Andrew could not be more happy even though, like the late Reverend and Mrs William’s, he would not become a grandfather now.

Simon stood watching the train approach and saw Tony leaning out of the window waving at him long before it stopped. He flung the door open and they ran to one another and threw their arms around each other.

“Christ you look good!” Simon pulled Tony back into him again.

“You should see you! Have you been exercising or what?”

“Exercising, I want to be as fit as I can when I go.” Quite oblivious to anyone else around them they walked all the way home talking their heads off. Andrew made sure he would not get home until late and once indoors they clung together and it would take a long time before they parted. The world outside and all that was happening was for the time being, forgotten.

They went up to their room and undressed one another and then back down to have a bath, Simon had made sure the water would already be hot enough for when they got home. For the next hour they just cuddled in and then washed each other. Once dry they went to bed and made love, two very happy young men in love. They went back for another bath, got dressed and became adults. Dinner was ready for when Andrew got in and as a celebration he opened a bottle of rum and the three of them got very merry.

The week was a mixture of work and play. Tony went with Simon and worked long side him and also went with Simon to the hut and LAID long side him! On the Wednesday Andrew took a call and surprised Simon when he told him Commander Majors and another officer were coming to see him the next day. Simon and Tony had to postpone the planned trip to the hut and waited with Andrew until the commander and the other officer arrived and then went off to the yard where Simon would go after the visitors had finished with him. It was a more than interesting meeting. Commander Majors and Lieutenant Commander Morgan grilled Simon on every aspect of navigation and after three hours of it told Simon that they were most impressed and he, Simon would be hearing from the navy, “very soon.” It was all very unusual, but this was war and they needed everyone they could get and if someone turned to be what they were looking for, it was not important how they went about it. Simon would not be getting preferential treatment, just fast tracked into the RNVR Officer training unit that had been set up in Portsmouth. He would become an Officer Cadet, RNVR  and would be there at least four months.

Like all military leave it was great to be on it, but always in the back of the mind was having to go back. Simon and Tony knew that of course and on their last day together there were long quiet periods. It was a cold wet day and by the time they had got to the hut both were wet through. They set too and got the wood burner going and gradually got warmed up enough to undress and wrap up in the blankets tightly together. Simon was on his back with Tony on top and they laid like that for ages, just kissing softly and trying to forget tomorrow.

“It’s going to be difficult to spend time together from now on Simon as you will be in the navy soon. Getting leave at the same time will almost be impossible I should think.”

“There are things called letters don’t forget. I won’t expect one every day, but I will try to write at least once a week and will be able to tell you when I’m on leave and see if we can get off at the same time, still your right it is going to be difficult.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if we AND Spike could get leave at the same time. Are you writing to him?”

“Yes, he has got a special friend, I would love to meet him and for the four of us to have a time to meet.”

“What, here?”

“Fuck off army, you bloody well know I don’t mean that.”

“Love you navy.”

“You better… Love you too army.” They turned into a 69 and there they stayed taking in the young man who he could not be more in love with.

For the second time they stood on the station in utter misery and knew that even if they were able to get leave at the same time, the parting would never get any easier.

“Just take care Tony and never forget how much I love you.”

“YOU take care and don’t forget how much I love YOU. Simon try not to worry, we are as safe as the Bank of England.”

“That was robbed once!”

“Oh do piss off.” At least they had something to laugh about even if it was a bit watered down.

“Good luck when the navy calls for you. Take care Simon please, I will write when I get back tonight.” They looked round and risked a quick kiss and then Tony got onto the train.

Tony waved as he had the first time from his window and the further it got away the more despondent Simon became. He had to shake himself out of this and again ran all the way back to the yard.

Tony had his second miserable journey back, but it he had to admit he was pleased that this time he would start the real reason he had joined up, medical training, he just knew he had found the one thing he knew he would be good at and could not wait to begin. He had not given one thought about Gary for the past week and even now as his train pulled in Gary was no nearer in his thoughts.

“Hello Tony, welcome back, thought I would come and meet you. I have been lost without you this week. Fancy a beer? I’m buying.” Suddenly Tony had a bad feeling, Gary was too happy to see him, it was as if there was a special bond between them.

They sat in the pub with their pints and Gary did not stop talking and all about the training programme Tony would be involved in. In a way it was good in that his mind was now concentrating on what Gary was saying about his training and therefore his upset about leaving Simon was put to the back of his mind and that’s where Gary wanted him to be.

“You are going to be the best trainee ever and with my help you will get promoted and what I hope is after you qualify you will get promoted to corporal and then you will be on your way to the Sargent’s mess and we will be together. Gary was not hiding anything or pulling punches. Gary had Tony where he wanted him and he had the influence to control his progress through school and the outcome of it. Tony was being told that Gary could make it easy for him to get through all that he needed to qualify, but also knew there would now be strings attached. He was as sure as he could be that even if Tony handed in a blank exam paper Gary would make sure he got top marks, he was already making that obvious, but in fact Tony could make the difference and actually BECOME the top trainee with nothing more than his own efforts. In some respects Gary was doing him a favour and now he was fairly sure what Gary’s agenda was, he would prove he did not need a “helping” hand to get good results from him or anyone else, he would do it on his own abilities. Still, his big worry was if the “strings” did not come up to what Gary wanted them to be, he could do a lot of damage.

When he got back to his room he wrote a long letter to Simon and felt a lot better as he sealed the envelope.

Simon got Tony’s letter the same day as he got one from the navy. He was being told to report to begin training in two weeks’ time. Andrew was pleased even though he knew he was the same as thousands of parents throughout the country, waiting for their sons to go and fight and hoping against hope they would come back. He tried to make light of it.

“I wonder what rank you will be when it’s over. Same as me I hope.”

“I don’t care about rank dad, but at least I will know how to navigate my way home. Anyway, my training starts as from now.” He went to the old oak cabinet and got the rum out. He poured two stiff ones and made a toast to Tony and Spike, then to his father and him. They threw them down and Andrew poured two more.

“Who’s this to?”

“You, come back safe son, I am shit at being on my own.”


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