The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 7

Simon and Tony had made their phone calls and were happy that Andrew was progressing well and the operation to remove the bullet in his shoulder was scheduled for the next day. Tony had spoken to his parents for an hour and suggested the two boys come to visit the next day.

“We are going on night patrol and sleep in the hut dad, but we will get a train about midday. Can we stay the night?” Simon could hear the Reverend laugh over the phone.

“Of COURSE you can, it’s still your home remember? It will be wonderful to have you home and meet your friend as well.”

By the looks of it the hut had not been used since they were last there and both of them set about cleaning it up and lighting the wood burner. Simon went out to collect wood while Tony peeled the vegetables ready to cook. Simon came back in, grabbed Tony and forced him onto the blankets and at the same time wrapped arms around one another, kissed, smiled and told one another of their love and at the same time got horny. Tony however had more self-control and insisted they eat first before he would allow Simon anywhere near a fly or shirt button. It gave Simon an idea though.

“I will dish up me Lord Anthony. You just sit there and allow me to wait on you.”

“What are you up to?”

“SIT!” Tony sat and at the same time smiled knowing something nice was about to happen, well at least he hoped so.

Simon got one bowl and spoon, he filled the bowl up and sat down facing Tony and took a spoon full and offered it to his lover.

“Open up and I DONT mean your legs, yet.” Tony did as he was told and had a spoonful of stew shoved into his mouth.


“Course it is, I cooked it.” Simon put the bowl down and undid one of Tony’s shirt buttons.

“Open.” Tony latched on and opened his mouth again. Two buttons were undone this time.

“Open.” Tony smiled at Simon.

“This is going to take all fucking night.” And pulled his shirt off. One more spoonful and Simon took his vest off leaving Tony bare chested showing his beautiful tight and trim torso.

“I like this game Simon. I think it’s my turn to feed you?”

“Not until I get your trousers off first.” Tony lent down and pulled his boots and socks off.

“There, that will save a bit of time.”

Two spoonfuls later Simon sat looking at the naked body of Tony. The bowl was on the blanket and Simon running his hands over Tony’s chest, stomach and legs and watched as his rod hardened and grew. Simon took him in his hand and just held it. He got closer to him and kissed his lovely mouth.

“Christ you are beautiful.”

“I know I am, you hungry?” Four spoonfuls later there were two naked young men facing one another having enjoyed their food and now about to enjoy one another.

“So, what do we do now?” Simon asked as he stroked Tony’s body.

“Game of cards? You DID bring a pack I hope?” Simon lent over and pulled his rucksack to him. He rummaged inside it and took out a jar of Vaseline. He waved it in front of Tony’s face.

“Near enough. Who’s first?”

“Fight you for it.”

Both boys were equal when it came to strength both being as fit as the other and they had a great naked fight all over the blankets. It was a massive turn on as both of them turned and twisted as each of them tried to get the other on his back and pin him down. Both managed to a couple of times, but both were able to escape. On and on it went, both having a great time as the fight continued and both telling the other they would never give in.

As it continued Simon decided a bit of martial arts was called for and got his fingers into Tony’s arm pits and tickled the crap out of him. Tony became a writhing mess as he thrashed about trying to get free and at the same time letting forth a stream of foul mouthed threats that if carried out would see Simon very dead.

Simon bought it all to an end when he managed to turn Tony over and literally rammed his face between his bum cheeks and attacked Tony’s button with his long tongue. All fighting stopped at that moment and Tony froze as Simon went to work. Simon turned Tony back over and smiled down at him.

“Give in?”

“Cheating fucker, still I would have done the same if I thought about it first.” Nothing was said for ages as Simon laid on top of his love and kissed him.

It was all so beautiful as they kissed and then each taking it in turns to explore the others bodies with hands and tongues each licked the entire length of the others body and then back up to their mouths, stopping off for a suck and kissed for another long time. They turned into a 69 and stroked one another’s backs and beautiful cheeks as each masterpiece was taken right to the base and held there and each of them pulling the others bum harder into him hoping to get another millimetre of cock into his throat.

Simon put Tony onto his front and pulled his hips up and with a very active tongue drove Tony into a frenzy as each ball was teased and then both at the same time. It became even more intense as Simon licked his way back to Tony’s button and held on tight as he reacted when his tongue slipped all the way in and Tony ordering Simon to; “Do it!” Simon lined himself up and with one gentle but firm push he slid into the most beautiful of all bottoms and did not stop until he was fully inside the love of his life.

Simon withdrew as far as his cock head and slowly stroked himself right to the base again and that continued for quite some time until Tony moved so that he could get onto his back and smile up at Simon who started again, but now he could lean down and kiss him.

Simon was getting near and moved both of them to what would be the final position with them both on their right sides and Simon behind Tony. Tony twisted around so that they could continue to kiss knowing Simon was even closer now and with half a dozen more strokes Simon pulled Tony hard into him and held him still as he erupted time and again into his magnificent Tony.

Simon continued to hold Tony tight against him as he slowly recovered after that wonderful time making love to his man. Tony was more than happy just to lay there and feel the comforting arms of HIS man holding him like that.

“Happy Simon?”

“Never better, bloody hell that was great, but only because it was you.” Simon withdrew and put Tony on his back and once again they kissed for ages.

Simon adjusted himself to enable him to lubricate both himself and Tony with the Vaseline and as he kissed he fed Tony to his cherry and gradually took him just inside and held still waiting to become more comfortable. He looked down at Tony and smiled.


“Do I have a choice? Course I am.” Simon gradually  lowered himself onto Tony and even the discomfort was a turn on for him. Finally he sank fully onto Tony and was now in one of his favourite positions as he could lean down, wrap his arms around this wonderful man and have their faces together. Simon slowly began to lift his hips and drive them back down onto Tony’s rock hard cock and at the same time listened to him as he whispered his love for him.

It was all so very special and packed with the joy of two young men joined together in this way. Simon knew this would not take long as Tony’s breathing became much quicker and his cock was much thicker now.

“Simon, I’m nearly there love. Oh Christ…………………” Simon told him he loved him and clamped his mouth on Tony’s and like that he bought Tony to the very top and when Simon had withdrawn for what was the last time, Tony slammed his hips up and held himself there as he exploded into Simon, time and time again.

Two exhausted, but very happy young men laid side by side with arms and legs wrapped round each other gently kissing his love. Simon stretched over Tony to get a blanket, kissing him at the same time and covered them both and like that fell into a very peaceful sleep.

They woke up at 7 the next morning and just laid there each thinking about the night before, both with a massive grin on their faces.

“I think we managed to do what Spike wanted don’t you think?” Tony asked.

“Is that the only reason why you wanted to do it then?” It was Tony’s turn at martial arts and made Simon suffer. Try as he might he could not get Tony off him and finally begged him to stop.

“I hope the rest of the navy is tougher than you, you wimp.”

“Bet the Medical Corps are full of shits like you. I would hate to be one of your patients you sadist.”

“And YOU weren’t last night?”

“I’m older than you, so I’m allowed to be. Anyway you were winning and I had no choice.”  Simon looked at Tony and loved him all over again. He had to force himself to get up.

“Come on you, get up and do something useful, I will cook breakfast then we can to go and see your parents.” Tony stayed on the blanket with his knees up and his arms around them looking up at Simon.



“Just want to say I love you and always will.”

“I love you too and you should know that by now.” Simon knew Tony needed to say more and would just have to wait to hear what it was. He just hoped that whatever it was, it would not be something that would be a problem for either of them.

The Reverend William’s and his wife beamed at them when they arrived at the Vicarage and by the time they had got to the living room where Mrs. William’s had laid out afternoon tea she thought that Tony and his friend were much more than just friends.

She was a lady who could stand in a corner of a room all by herself and by the time she left would know all about everyone in the party and not even have to open her mouth. She did of course talk to all of them and that meant she knew even more about each individual. Her husband, Stamford, would listen to her and know how to deal with many of his “flock” when they would come to him for advice. He would give it and many would go away knowing the marriage COULD be saved, if the “extras” would be dumped and not become public. They saved many a marriage between them.

They told the Williams’s about their involvement at Dunkirk and all that had happened. Simon found it difficult to talk about the 109 attack and his father’s injuries after it, but Tony took over so that Simon would not have to describe it in detail. After Tony had finished Simon told his parents what Tony and Gary had done to save his father.

“I will always be grateful to them and I know dad will as well.” They looked at one another and smiled, at the same time Mrs. William’s knew she was right about them. She had listened to what was being said, but also watched the body language and realised there had been no point in making up the guest room. She smiled to herself and could not wait to tell Stamford what she had already worked out and what his reaction would be. Mable William’s was having a lovely time!

“I am so sorry boys, but I have been so busy and not had time to make up the spare room. Simon, would you mind very much sleeping with, oops sorry, in Tony’s room?” Stamford looked at his wife and he knew he should have been VERY annoyed at the insinuation, but also knew that if he did she would ban him from using her ample breasts as a pillow for at least a week.

“Are you suggesting Tony is, HOMOSEXUAL Mable? Oh my word!” They had left having said goodnight and gone up to Tony’s room.

“Of course he is dear and I love him even more, if that is possible. We would have loved to have grandchildren, but if Tony is happy with Simon and they love one another, then we should be happy for them. Come here, you need a cuddle.” The Reverend went to his wife and snuggled onto her breasts and was in the “heaven” he preached about every Sunday. She was pleased she did not have to bar him for a week, she loved having him there. They still enjoyed an active sex life which is described in full in chapter 4,000.

When the boys got into bed, Tony took Simon to HIS breast and told him he loved him. Simon moved down a bit and sucked him off. After Tony had ejaculated into Simon’s willing mouth, he told Tony he loved him as well.

Pretty fucking obvious really!

They were on the train back to Hamble and sitting in 3rd class. There was no corridor in that class and so they were private in their 10 seat compartment, and alone. Tony was thinking again about the time he and Gary looked after Simon’s father after the attack and what Gary had said after they had got to Dover.


“Yes my dear friend and lov……………”

“Simon, listen please.”

“Ok. This serious?”

“You will think it is and that worries me. I am 18 on 5th September and I am going to join up. I’m going into the RMC and Gary is going to write to me and help me to get into the Cambridge Army Hospital in Aldershot to start training. Gary could not be sure, but he was told before Dunkirk that he would be promoted and become an instructor there. If he contacts me and says I have got a place, I am going Simon.”

Alarm bells rang out, but he knew this was going to happen sooner or later anyway, he had tried to put it at the back of his mind and Tony would think the same when Simon joined the navy anyway. Simon had changed his mind about when he would join up and would only do that when he knew his father was able to look after himself. He would be 18 in July and intended to leave home the day after, that was until his father had been wounded. He didn’t really know what to say to Tony, but knew what he wanted to say and that was all about him and Gary getting involved. It was all a bit presumptive really as Simon didn’t even know if Gary was in fact homosexual.

Gary in fact liked both sexes but not in any romantic way. He just saw a good looking male or female as a challenge to get into bed and did not care how he did it.

“Okay, good luck. Let’s hope we all survive the war.”

“And carry on where we left off after it’s all over Simon?”

“That’s what I want, but we don’t know what will happen do we.”

“I have already told you what I want and that will never change. I know you have a problem about me going away. I can’t help you with your worries, you will just have to trust me as I will you. I don’t want to talk about this anymore, it’s going to be bad enough when I leave, that’s all I can think about.” They sat in silence, but both thinking the same thing. How many other lovers were saying, “You will just have trust me?”

Simon stood waiting for his father to come out of the ward after discharge. It was exactly a month to the day that he had been wounded in the attack and it was now the 4th July 1940. America was celebrating their Independence Day, Simon was celebrating his father’s discharge from hospital and the Battle of Britain was about to begin.

Simon and Tony had returned to work the day after their visit to Tony’s home and were once again fully immersed in the construction of MTB and MGB hulls. ( Motor Torpedo and Motor Gun boats) Although they were engaged in building war materials, for them the actual war seemed a long way away. That was until the first attacks by the Luftwaffe who had been ordered to destroy the RAF before Hitler could launch Operation Sealion, the invasion of Great Britain.

The Battle lasted from July until September 1940. It is of course well documented now, but Simon, Tony, Andrew and the rest of the country would only be aware of what was happening through the radio and newspapers and would have to pick through what was real and what was propaganda. Hundreds from all over the world came to Britain and fought with the RAF and because of the combined efforts of men from many countries, the Battle of Britain was won and this little Island would become the launch pad for the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944. (Let it be said that without the involvement of men and women from so many other countries, the Battle would have been in doubt.)

It was Hitler’s first defeat and Operation Sealion would be abandoned as a result, but the country was still hanging on by its teeth and with the losses at sea mounting by the day there was a distinct possibility Britain would be starved into submission. The Battle of the Atlantic was going badly.

“Do you think they will invade dad?” They were on the train going back home. Andrew was still heavily bandaged around his head and upper body, but never happier.

“I have no idea Simon, but one thing I am sure about, IF they do there will be a lot of dead Nazi’s making a mess of the place. Remind me to load my revolver when we get home, that will stop the bastards!”

“You had better get more bullets then, 10 won’t do much damage.”

Nothing, not even Simon could stop Andrew going to work the day after he got home, but one thing had to be done as soon as he got home was for Simon and Tony to get his bed downstairs and made up. There was no chance he could get up and down the ladder.

“Pity we don’t have a spare bed Tony, you would have a room to yourself.” He was fishing and neither lad took the hook. Andrew had had plenty of time thinking about them and wondered what his reaction would be if he found they were lovers. (He should have talked to Tony’s mum!). Still, he did think that IF they were he was sure he could except it. He knew full well that if he felt otherwise it could affect his and Simon’s relationship badly and he knew that would never happen. It was a worry though, what would happen if other people found out? He had once come across two sailors “involved” when he was officer of the watch one night on his destroyer during the Great War and had no idea how to deal with it, so he didn’t, just let it go. He also knew they were good seamen and even though he now knew what they were up to, they were still good sailors.

Spike and Brian were nearing the end of their initial training and had both put their names down to become gunners. They felt they had done well enough to at least be considered, they had passed all their tests with good marks, but also knew the navy often did the opposite to what you hoped for.

They continued with the guard patrols and on all of them found private time which made up for the boredom that most patrols were anyway. They were also by now “oppos” which was a naval term for best mates, “opposite numbers.” They did everything together, trained, studied and went out into town on the few occasions they were allowed out, went to see a film, go to a pub for a few pints afterwards and would often get into a fight. When they got back to their ship they would help one another clean up ready to look decent for parade the next morning. Normal stuff really. In a month’s time all of the new sailors would be told where their next postings would be and the next phase of training which would take them into the navy proper.

They had just wanked one another off and after getting dressed hung around for the final half hour.

Spike had grown more than fond of Brian, but kept it to himself. Still, he had the feeling Brian was also getting “closer” because by now every time he was about to shoot he would pull Spike into him with his face against Spike’s. When he had shot his last he always stayed like that and would hold on to him much longer than when they first started to blow and wank one another. He also noted that when he was sure they could not be seen, Brian very often put an arm around Spike’s shoulder. Spike felt confident that he too could do the same and was pleased Brian seemed to like it.

“Spike? When we finish here do you want to come home on leave with me at my place?” That came as a bit of surprise really and Spike hoped when he told him he would, he didn’t sound too keen.

“Ok, I will write to the olduns and tell them to make up a spare bed in my room.”

“No double bed then?”

“No, but then I don’t know if we’ve got a spare bed either!”

It was now the end of August and the Battle of Britain was about to go to the next phase when German bombers dropped bombs on London. Hitler had ordered for that NOT to happen. The RAF retaliated the following night, with an attack on industrial targets in Germany. The whole Battle would now go in a different direction and the Blitz began. It was yet another mistake from A.H. By concentrating on bombing cities he was leaving the airfields alone which enabled them to recover and rearm. Thousands would die though and two of the casualties would be the Reverend and Mrs. William’s during a raid on Southampton, but not for some time yet.

Andrew was also recovering very well and by now all his dressings had been removed and the massive scar on his head was there for all to see when he took his cap off. He called it his “Dunkirk scar.”

“Christ boys, let’s hope there isn’t a third war, I will be done for!” The wound in his shoulder healed well, but caused limited use of his left arm. Simon embarrassed Tony no end when he told his dad he would be fine. “You use your right hand don’t you?”

Simon and Tony got back to the hut that month and took the letter he had got from Spike. He showed it to Tony and he came to the same conclusion as Simon had.

“I have a really good friend and we spend a lot of time in our guard hut. At least in this one we got more to defend than in our old one and we have come up with a way to make it less boring.” That told them that he had met a bloke who was much more than just a mate.

“Seems like Spike is happy Tony. Wonder what his mate’s like?”

“I bet he looks like you a bit, at least similar build.”

“Wonder if they do this yet.” Simon slipped into Tony and they forgot about Spike and his new mate for a while.

On the following Wednesday Simon was listening to the morning news, Tony was at the shop with all their ration books buying food for the next couple of days. Simon’s mouth went dry as he listened to the report of the attack on Southampton and the destruction of St Mary’s church and the vicarage which had taken a direct hit by at least two bombs.

“There were many casualties, but the exact numbers are not know at this time, but it is confirmed the vicar and his wife were amongst them.”

Simon called his dad who was already at the yard.

“Stay with him son, I will come home as soon as I can.”

Tony sat at the table with Simon sitting next to him with his arm around his shoulder. He had his head on his arms sobbing his heart out. The day went by and nobody knew it had until it got dark. At last Simon took him up to their bed and tucked him in. He was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep. It had been the first heavy attack on Southampton and now they would often be woken up with the air raid warning going off and would have to get out into the bomb shelter. They were in a direct line to Southampton and could clearly hear the bombers flying over and as soon as they did the anti-aircraft guns would start up. Sleep for many weeks would come in fits and starts.

Tony never spoke about what had happened and allowed Simon to take him to work and back again. They went to Southampton and together stood by the wreckage in silence. There had been no funeral, there was nobody to bury.

Two weeks after they had been to Southampton, Tony got the letter he had been waiting for and Simon did not want to arrive. It was from Gary and Tony was now 18.


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