The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 6: Another Hut

Simon took the boat clear of the harbour and went out into the channel a mile before altering course west and towards Southampton. They had found a sheet of marine ply wood to fit over one of the smashed windows and nailed it in place, at least one of them could stay out of the direct wind while it rushed through the open one. They had put on as much clothing as they could, but it was going to be a cold journey this time, especially at this time of night. The weather forecast was good though and they hoped it would get warmer when the sun came up. Until then they just put up with it and took it in turns at the wheel, one hour on one off. They were making a comfortable 8 knots with 4 more to call on if he felt they needed them. At this speed they would get back by 2pm, but as it turned out it would take much longer.

Apart from sailing there was little else they could do and even talking was not that easy because of the rush of wind coming through the broken window. Finally Simon rigged up two ropes that he anchored at each side of the wheel house and after he made sure the heading was right, he tied the other end tight to the top wheel spoke. That way they could both get behind the blanked out window and out of the direct wind coming through it. It did not make that much difference, but it helped a little. He constantly checked the heading and would often have to take the ropes off to correct the bearing. More than anything, it kept them busy.

Their fortunes changed somewhat when the sun got up and the wind backed and now came in directly behind them. Simon throttled back slightly and let the wind take them. It took 2 knots off their speed, but what the heck, they had plenty of time.

“Well DONE Capn Jones, I would have done that hours ago.”

“Like bring the sun up two hours ahead of time? Thick shit.”

“I have more powers than you know about. For instance I can make your cock go hard without even touching it! How’s that then?”

“Prick, that always happens, like now, wanna suck?” They cuddled in and laughed and coughed at the same time. Neither of them had had a proper wash let alone a bath since leaving home and the pair of them did whiff a bit. All they could do was throw a bucket over the side and have a splash. Blow jobs were definitely off the menu for some time yet.

By reducing their speed by two knots, it would lead them to their next situation which at first they thought would be a repeat of the attack which so badly wounded Andrew.

Another two hours went by and it was Tony who saw the 109 first coming at them from astern. If they had continued at the original speed they would have been 7 miles or so further on and would most probably not have been seen by the German pilot.



“Behind, look!”

“It’s called AFT you twerp.” The 109 was still some distance away and was not coming at them that fast, not like the first time they were attacked and it was being flown well to their port side. They watched as the aircraft continued its course at no more than a 100 mph and as it got abreast of them wagged its wings and then broke off to port and flew off about a mile and then circled a couple of times. The pilot again took his aircraft back aft of them and repeated his fly past and once again turned to port and went to the same spot and circled. After he had completed that second 360 degrees he wagged his wings and opened his throttle and flew away.

“He is telling us there is someone out there Tony, let’s go and look.”

“I was just about to say that as well.”

“Course you were and I bet you are going to tell me you are going on top of the wheel house with the binoculars and look out?”

“Course I was, what are you going to do?”

“Have a wank, piss off.”

“Bloody hell Simon, there IS someone there! He is about a mile just off the port bow. How’s that me hearty for good navy talk?” Tony shouted.

“Not bad I suppose. We are about to meet our first German then, wonder if he was the one who attacked us, I hope, just keep an eye on him, they carry Lugers so I read somewhere. Come back in here.” Simon had turned to where the 109 had circled and opened up to full speed, the pilot could be injured and in trouble.

He was absolutely right, he was having a bad time and his broken arm did not help. The only thing Simon got wrong was he was not German but, in fact RAF.

Simon took “Peace” to the pilot, he was still alive, but in some pain. “Christ lads am I pleased to see you, were the hell did you come from?”

“Bloody hell, you’re English! You hurt?”

“Broken my right arm, drunk half the channel and shit myself. Apart from that I couldn’t be better.” It was a struggle but with the pilot pulling with his good arm on the rope that was still attached and Simon and Tony grabbing the back of his jacket they got him on board and took him into the wheel house. He was very wet and cold and the only thing was to get him out of his clothes and wrap him in blankets.

Both lads could not help but admire a lovely looking young man with a great body and even better cock! He did stink a bit though. Later Tony would hang his trousers over the side to get rid of the bowel donation. The pilot had not noticed the admiring looks he was getting and began to shake instead, he was in shock. They had some tea left in the flask and gave him a cup hoping that would help. Simon left Tony to sort him out with a whispered warning.

“Touch him and you will replace him in the Channel!”

“Might be worth it. He is lovely!” Tony’s smile was a killer.

Simon now had the boat at full speed and once again thanked their luck in having perfect conditions to sail. After a short time the pilot was able to introduce himself and how he ended up in the channel.

“I am John Masterson, Sergeant Pilot with 425 Squadron. We fly Hurricane’s and I’m in deep shit when I get back for getting shot down. I was only on a training flight and told not to go over the channel. The first I knew I was in trouble was when my tail was shot off. I managed to bail out and it must have been then when I broke my arm. I JUST had enough height for my chute to open, but it settled over me when I ditched and covered me. I had to fight to get it off and to make matters worse I had not done my life jacket up properly. Still, I made it and I was only in the water about half hour before you came along. Thanks lads, I’m pretty sure I would not have lasted long.”

“Maybe you should thank the German who must have seen us and guided us to you. Without him we would not even know you were there. Makes you think about what some of the enemy are really like, if there was more like him we may not be at war in the first place.”

“Maybe I can look for him after the war and thank him properly; mind you if they invade he may find me!” They made him as comfortable as possible and he actually slept.

“SHUT UP!” Simon pretended to be annoyed.

“But he IS very good looking Simon, he has a lovely body and young as well, just your sort I should think.” Simon let go of the wheel and grabbed Tony and kissed him.

“NOW shut up!” Tony lent against him and put his arm around Simon’s waist.

John woke up and chatted to Simon, Tony was at the helm, but could hear what was being said. It was quite revealing.

“Look, don’t take this wrong, but I was awake when you two kissed, I am so pleased we are not the only ones.”


“Yes, my friend is in the same squadron as me. His name is Robin Bush he is an engine fitter and he takes care of my plane. Mind you it’s a bit damp and lost now! We have to be so careful and I guess you have to as well. It’s all so hypocritical isn’t it? I can fly and die for my King and country, Pat can get bombed and killed for his King and country, even though we are not old enough to vote, but they would throw both of us in jail for being in love. When WILL people wake up and try to understand that homosexuals have been a part of this planet since man first saw another man and grabbed his cock?!”

“How long have you two been together?” Tony asked.

“Six months. We knew as soon as we first met and after half an hour talking I just grabbed him and took him to my room and hoped I had not fucked up. As it turned out I hadn’t and we both fell in love there and then. He is so lovely and if we get through this shit, we will find a way to stay together. What about you two?” Simon and Tony took it in turns to tell John about themselves and the involvement with Spike. They both found it very comforting to be able to talk about one another while talking to a total stranger. It was all so pleasant and for these three, normal.

“Bloody hell and here is me thinking Robin and I were the only ones in love. Now I have met you two and it makes me so fucking happy. I would love it if we could all meet up after the war just to see how we all are in peace time. Mind you we will have another war to win getting the closed minds to open up. I guess it will be easier beating the Nazi’s.”

Tony agreed to give John their phone number and he promised to call when it was all over.

“Oh, by the way, we WILL come through this and Germany will be defeated. It will take at least another four years, maybe more, but we will win, but millions still alive now will die before that clown in Germany and that other one in Italy are no more. Remember what I have just said ok?”

“Will the four of us come through John?” Tony asked. John looked at them both and pursed his lips.

“I can’t answer that Tony.”

When they got back to the boat yard all the lads were waiting for them, they had been spotted as soon as they got into the Southampton Water and someone had rung Freddy Bowing, the foreman of the boat yard to let him know “Peace” was half hour away.

Freddy was not one to show emotion normally, but he made an exception to his rule as he shook their hands and gave the pair of them a hug.

“You shits you don’t know how worried we have been. We know about your dad Simon, I have spies everywhere and glad he seems to be fine. Who’s this?”

There was a lot to explain and talk about, the lads wanted to know all that had happened at Dunkirk, John wanted to know as well and wished he could stay a few days. What he was really thinking about was the big trouble he was in when he got back and not just his CO either, Robin would also roast him for ages and then thank the German pilot, Simon and Tony had saved him! This was all fresh news about what they did at Dunkirk and they had a captive audience, but really all Simon and Tony wanted to do was get home, light the fires and get clean. After that there would be something else to do!

They called John’s base and told them he would be taken to the cottage hospital in Hamble. They said goodbye to him and all wished one another good luck and hoped they would meet up after the war which John had predicted would ultimately be a humiliating defeat for Nazi Germany.

Simon also rang the hospital and asked them to let his father know they had got back safely. He was told that Andrew was comfortable and in a couple of days he would have the bullet removed from his shoulder. He sent his and Tony’s love and finally they were able to be together, just them and no one else to be a part of their own little world.

“Freddy we need a couple of days off, is that ok?” Freddy smiled at them.

“At least two days boys, fuck off and only come back when you are ready.”

Simon opened the unlocked front door and they went into a very cold cottage, it would be sometime before it would warm up. It made them even more determined to get the fires lit in the range and lounge and the fire under the copper as well and fill it with water so they could, at last, get clean. It would take an hour or so, but they were in no hurry and the only thing they had to worry about was trying to control themselves before they got naked and joined together. Both of them stank and only a good soak and body clean would attract one to the other!

“Oi stinky, you want a kiss?” Tony called from the living room.

“NO! Not now anyway.”

“Fuck you!”

“Later, my dick needs warming up first otherwise it won’t get hard.”

“You wanna bet?”

“Stew is ready my lover boy!” Simon climbed down from their bedroom after changing the linen, the kettle was already on to fill two water bottles to take up later.

They did not realised until now just how hungry they were and between them finished the whole lot which would have fed a family of four and also an entire loaf that they bought on the way home. They sat back and belched their appreciation of the food which was made even better when Simon told Tony the water was ready.

A few minutes later two beautiful 17 year olds were naked and cuddled up facing one another for the first time since before going to Dunkirk.

One of the plusses of wood burning coppers was that the water never got cold. In fact you had to have a cold water supply to cool it down a bit and so the boys always had a handy bucket to keep the bollocks from being poached. A down side was that every now and again you would have to get out and put another log on to keep the thing going. The fire below the copper was very small and could only be fed one small log at a time. Mind you these two loved to see the other get out to tend the fire and at the same time get a close up view of a very beautiful bum!

Two very clean boys finally got out and dried each other off, after that they drained the copper and filled it with fresh water. They wrapped blankets around themselves and went into the living room and sat on the thick carpet in front of the fire. They faced one another and adjusted the blankets and all that could be seen were their heads and both of them together kissing. In fact as it turned out that’s all they would be doing.

Over the past nine days they had all been totally focused in the Dunkirk evacuation and had little time to think about themselves or indeed anything else. The trauma of witnessing some horrific sights and scenes. The gun fire, air attacks, the dead and dying, the screams of the wounded, men who had lost their best mate. The attack on their boat and the serious injury to Andrew and Gary and Tony’s fight to reduce the blood flow by taking it in turns closing the wound using their thumb and first finger while the other one wiped it clean.

Of course there was a lot to celebrate, the hundreds of men they had pulled out of the sea, both British and French, the incredible experience when the German pilot flew over them to get them to rescue John. But, it had become too much for both of them, the stress of all that they had experienced finally caught up and as soon as they laid down they both fell into a deep sleep, completely exhausted. They would stay like that for the next 10 hours.

Simon woke first and it took him some time to work out where he was, what day it was and wondered how his dad was. He looked at the back of Tony’s head and smiled, they may have fallen into a deep sleep, but Tony must have turned during it to get into his, and Simon’s, favourite position. Simon pulled him closer to his chest and whispered, “Love you Tony.” And kissed the back of his head. “Love you too Simon.” Without another word from either of them Tony turned to face Simon and they kissed one another with a great deal of feeling. It was Tony who took hold of Simon first and now with each cock being held they gently stroked one another, still with their mouths joined. After just two minutes they both reached the point of no return and together they released their loads over one another, kissed for a little longer, then fell back to sleep.

“Fuck, what’s the time?” Simon focused on the clock it told him it was 12 and as it was light Simon knew it was 12 midday, not night. He got up and found some clean clothes and poked life back into the fire and put a couple of logs on. Then he went out to light the copper fire that had gone out, he threw half a bar of soap in and then their “Dunkirk” clothes, they would be in the copper for hours.

Tony was still asleep when Simon got ready to go out to the village shop to get much needed food. With 5/- in his pocket and his and Tony’s ration books he walked to the shop wondering if there was anything to buy anyway.

When he got back Tony was dressed and cleaning the cottage up.

“Simon. Let’s go to the hut tonight, please?” They cuddled in and kissed.

“Course we will, Spike will be expecting us to anyway and even if he didn’t, I want to. I need to call the hospital before we go and you need to call your parents.”

Spike had just severed the last links of his life so far. Even though he had experienced an incredible nine days of action off the coast of Dunkirk all he could think about was leaving Simon and Tony. Tony he knew would forgive him for still being in love with Simon and he knew he thought it would take some time to get over him. He had no idea just how much the Navy would help him do that.

Being accepted into the Royal Navy was not at all difficult for Spike. His falsified birth certificate and his father’s “letter” giving his permission for him to join up were accepted without question and the next thing he knew he was on a truck with 40 other new recruits to their land based training ship, HMTS Argos, 10 miles to the west of Portsmouth.

The truck stopped in front of the Guardroom and once their feet had touched the tarmac, all hell broke loose and for the next six weeks they would never be spoken to, just screamed at every minute of the day.

From the truck they were taken into a cold room, told to strip and wait for the medical officer to give them a physical check from head to toe and of course, cough. They then went for eye tests, teeth checks, blood pressure and heart checks. It seemed they had passed the physicals when they were taken into yet another room where they were issued Royal Naval approved under pants, white and long with four fly buttons. They were told to wait until they were called to one of the two barber’s chairs and said goodbye to a mass of hair as it was cut off by very enthusiastic “Sweeny Todd’s.”  Finally they were marched into a huge warehouse where they were issued their first uniforms, from boots to hat and everything in between and also bedding. Two hours later, loaded down with a full kit bag each, they tried to march to their new mess and told to go in and find a bed. When every bed had a body they were told to dump everything and stand at attention at the foot of it and for the next hour had to endure the Chief Petty Officer’s words of welcome and EXACTLY what was about to happen to them all over the next three months. He informed them of every aspect of their training and the standards they were expected to achieve and that he, Chief Petty Officer Morgan, would not except anything less than what he wanted them to be. All those listening to the CPO suddenly realised this was going to be much harder than they first thought, but Spike? He was more than ready for anything they would throw at him. He had only been in the navy four hours, but he knew he was “home.”

Spike and the rest of them had to endure the wrath of the drill instructors for four weeks while they marched, trained in rifle drill, marched, trained in the gym, marched, did 10 mile runs, marched, taught Royal Naval history, marched, fired on the rifle range, marched and, FINALLY went on a training ship into the English channel and threw up, except Spike and a friend of his who had been on fishing trawlers since the age of 13.

Brian Freeman’s family had fished out of Lowestoft in Suffolk for at least 5 generations and all he had done was follow the family tradition. Brian was a very competent trawlerman, but knew that one day he would break the family tradition and join the Royal Navy. He had read all that he could about the biggest and most powerful navy in the world at that time and knew he wanted to join up and become a part of it, as a gunner manning the 15inch guns of a battleship, any battleship so long as she had 15inch guns.

Brian was a very happy young man. He missed his best mate though and the times they had found a private spot to drop their trousers and enjoy what popped out. Still, this was the navy and lots of blokes his age to go round.

None of them had any time to think about themselves during this time of training, but now they had been bought to the level that the navy wanted them to get to, they were ready for the next level, armed patrols! They were apparently ready to night patrol the base in pairs and issued a .303 rifle. The slight downside to this was they were not issued bullets, too dangerous, mind you they had fixed bayonets and also given correct procedures on how to challenge anyone who was too pissed and were trying to climb the fence having missed their way back to barracks.

Spike and Brian were on guard duty in the hut which was situated at the far end of the base one night. All was quiet and nobody was within a half mile of them.



“What’s your real name?”


“Why are you called Spike then?”

“When I was 13 I was in the showers after sports one day and a bloke looked at me and said it looked more like a spike than a cock. It was long and thin then and all the blokes looked and since then I have always been called “Spike.” Spike looked at Brian and waited for his reply.

“Its much thicker now Spike, I have seen it, it looks great.” Spike was quite surprised at that and thought about Simon and the times they had shared together before they become a threesome. He felt movement down below and suddenly realised he had not even had a wank in the past few weeks and now Brian had said all that, he was now very horny. It was a big risk, but he had to say it.

“You want to check it out Brian?” Brian unbuttoned Spike’s bellbottoms and yanked them and his navy under pants down around his ankles and two minutes later Spike’s “spike” was being licked and bought to a hard 7 inches and ended up in a very willing mouth. As Brian sucked he cupped Spike’s balls in his hand and bought Spike to a point that there was nowhere to go, but over the top.

“Oh shit Brian, I’m cumming! Fuck, look out!” Brian timed it well and as he felt Spike’s rod swell he took him out of his mouth and stroked him to completion, all over his face.

Spike lent back against the hut wall and stayed like that trying to recover, but Brian had other priorities and pushed Spike down and helped him unbutton and drop his bellbottoms and underpants all in one movement. “SUCK IT!” Spike did as ordered even though he had not fully recovered from Brian’s blow job, but now with an 8inch cock in his mouth he was more than focussed and loved having him there. This was like the times in the hut and as Brian approached his own coming, Spike’s mind went back to the first time he and Simon first had sex. He was still thinking about that time when Brian yelled out and before Spike knew it, he had a mouthful.

They had been relieved from guard duty and were walking back to hand in their bulletless rifles.



“Have you ever kissed a bloke?”

“Fuck off Spike, only queers do that!”

“Oh, ok.”


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