The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 3

They lay together in the early morning cuddled up and once again Simon could not believe what had gone on between them. Both boys had gone places neither of them thought would be possible.

Even though they had both tried, neither of them had been able to make a full penetration, but neither had a problem with it either as they loved trying and had many a laugh at each other’s expense. They had agreed to get some Vaseline for the next time. The fact that Spike wanted a “next time” made Simon even happier.

“Simmo, thanks for everything, you don’t know how much I wanted all this to happen with you. I know I’m supposed to be tough and a hard man and I am when I need to be, but you know me better than anyone now. I am homo and it’s a problem because I will be expected to get married and have loads of kids. Still, maybe there will be a way to be both, married and queer.”

“I am the same, well I suppose all homo’s are, but I will find a way. I hope we can do more of this, at least we are what we want to be even if we have to be careful how we go about it.”

“We will be fine Simmo. Let’s forget about the future, there may not be one anyway.”

“YOU scored the winning goal? Bloody hell, wish I could have got there.” Simon smiled to himself and thought about “scoring” with Spike after the game and just about all night as well.

“By the time you would have got there dad, it would have been all over.” SLAP!

They were back at the yard and Simon went off to start laying decking to the forward and stern cabins on “Peace.” It would take him a couple of days and then he would have to work on the hulls of the boats for the navy with the other men who had been recruited locally. One of them was a lad of 17 and Simon could not take his eyes off him. The lad was a very handsome young man and from what Simon could tell after Tony had been with them a couple of weeks, he seemed a really nice chap. A bit shy and reserved, but always with a smile not far away.

Tony should not be anything like “a really nice chap” given his background and miserable life from birth until he finally ran away from home after the only person in his life died who had tried to protect him, his mother. The very fact that he was a carbon copy of his mother saved him from being the total shit his father was.

This “man” was one of the cruelest men it is possible to imagine. A work shy thief, an alcoholic, wife beater and wife rapist and loved beating his son just to show his authority and domination over both of them. A criminal who had served 10 of his 45 years behind bars before he did everyone a favour and had a heart attack and died. His death came too late for Tony as a year before that his mother finally gave up from all the abuse and Tony ran away aged 10. He fell into a life of crime himself only because he had no choice but to steal to survive. He managed to escape the law for an incredible two years, sleeping rough and going out at night to break into shops, homes or any café not secure enough to stop him getting in. Just after his 12th birthday he was caught and sent to approve school in Southampton where once again he was bullied and treated badly and therefore ran away again.

It was at the age of 13 and being chased by police the nimble Tony, despite his bad diet and unhealthy living, out ran them and ducked into a church and hid for some time before coming out from under a pew to go out. It was the most important building he had ever entered.

“I wondered how long you would stay there young man. Trouble with the arm of the law?” He had just met the Reverend Stamford Williams and an hour later, Mrs Williams. They took him in and became the two people in his life since his mother, who really cared for him as a real person. They gave him the life he should have had for his first 13 years and he became so settled and confident, his losses in education and health improved so much he made up for lost time and after only two years he got an apprenticeship with a local firm of carpenters and went from good to even better. His new life was complete when the William’s adopted him and he could at last sever the ties of birth from his father. He became Anthony Tennant-Williams, Tennant being his mother’s maiden name.

The Rev Williams had his nose into many pies and it was he who found out about Andrew Walsh’s boat building company and after a few enquiries got Tony a place there thinking it would keep him out of the war in a protected occupation and at the same time get him fully qualified for the future. Tony’s character that had been subdued by his violent father now came to the fore and everyone who came into contact with him now thought of him as “a really nice chap.” However, there was one issue in Tony’s life that even talking to the Williams’s was impossible for him to do. He was on his own with this one. During the years of excellent care and education Tony for the first time in his life took real notice of a naked boy, well several naked boys, in the showers after PE lessons and that of course was his problem.

Britain declared war on Germany on the 3rd September 1939 and on the 4th all able bodied males who had reached their 16th birthday and men up to the age of 60 years were ordered to attend a meeting in the village church hall. Simon and his father as well as all the men from Andrew’s company were there waiting for the appearance from the people who would address them. Meanwhile the British sense of humour popped up when someone shouted out that if the Huns dropped a bomb now, “lots of us will be dead and most women without a cock!”

“Don’t worry mate, the Yanks will be here soon!”

“Vera Lynne can have mine!”

“And mine!”

“She already had mine!”

“Gracie Fields?”

“Fuck off!”

A retired Army and Naval officer as well as a couple of local Counsellors addressed the meeting. Every one of them had a new lease of life and once again found themselves in a position of authority that they thought had gone after the Great War. They were treated to speeches from the first three which amounted to nothing more than the need for everyone to prepare for a great deal of hard work and an uncertain future. They spoke of King and Country, backs to the wall, the struggle ahead etc. etc.

Simon knew his dad was getting pissed off with the wind bags on the stage because his remaining foot started banging on the floor. He was about to say something, but too late Andrew Walsh got to his foot and shouted to the three that had spoken.

“You do realise that most adults you are lecturing too know all about hard work, backs to the wall, WAR and all that bullshit? WE WERE THERE! Now, tell us something we don’t know or I will go and do something useful like go to the pub.” The Army officer stood up and at least had something to tell them.

“I am to become “Officer in Command” of what will be called the Local Defence Volunteers (later to become the Home Guard, or as it became affectionately known, “Dad’s Army.”) and responsible for area defence against German invasion and civil defence, God help us! All males over the age of 45 will have to report to me in the near future for training and the type of work we will be responsible for. I have already written to several of you who were Officers or NCO’s in the last war who will become instructors. I will also be bringing together lads of 16, 17 and 18 for firefighting and first aid training as well as local patrols around our forests and woodland areas. I want to see boys of that age at the scout hut at 19 00 hrs on Wednesday. Is that good enough Mr Walsh?”

“It’s Lieutenant Commander Walsh Major, glad someone talked some sense.”

“Thank you Commander Walsh, perhaps we could meet up soon?”

“Of course, Major Watson.”

Fifteen lads reported to the scout hut as ordered which included Spike the new lad from the boat yard, Tony Tennant-Williams and of course Simon. Simon could not be happier sitting between these two great looking blokes and thinking about what he and Spike had got up to a number of times now. They all got stuck into first aid training and listening to a talk by the Major about woodland patrols.

“Most of you have a fair knowledge about countryside matters; I see many of you were scouts anyway. This is not much more than going out on early morning and night patrols to look out for any signs of German parachutes or evidence that they may had landed. Certainly the War Department thinks it could happen. It’s a possibility I suppose and with Southampton and Portsmouth so close, a prime area of interest to them. It could also be possible that Germans have been living here for some years spying. Anyway even if it sounds a bit daft, there is no reason not to have patrols just in case. There are 15 of you and so I will split you up into five three man teams and give you your patrol rotas and areas, you should be doing about two patrols a week. The LDV will also be involved when I can get the old boys to walk again.”

Simon got in first and asked if he, Spike and Tony could be a team and got the answer he wanted. Spike grinned like hell and knew what Simon was really hoping for, he certainly did, they both wondered about Tony. Tony on his part could not be happier and wondered about the other two.

Two days later the three of them got on old bikes and rode off to their patrol area at the unearthly hour 5 30am. After an hour cycling around in circles and with no specific plan in mind they came across an old woodman’s hut and stopped to look inside.

“Not exactly home from home, but it will do me and therefore you two as well.” Spike had made all their minds up. Simon and Tony set too and tidied the place up a bit and Spike went off to find firewood and hoped the wood burner would not blow up when he lit it. It was now habitable for them to take on their new role in helping to defend their area of Great Britain.

“Right lads, all set to beat the crap out of the Jerries? Anyone see any?”

“No.” Both Simon and Tony said.

“Ok shut the door and let’s get some fucking sleep.”

The hut warmed up quickly and with four handy blankets they spread them on the floor and settled down. Simon made sure he was in the middle and as it was still quite dark he risked a fiddle by running his hand inside Spike’s trousers. Spike laughed out loud and at the same time slipped his hand down Simon’s trousers. Tony had his back to the other two and told them to be quite.

“How can I listen out for German parachutists if you make that fucking noise?”

“How the fuck can you hear a parachute drop?”

“You would be surprised what I can hear, now shut up I’m tired.” The boys fell silent with Simon and Spike enjoying themselves waiting for Tony to drop off. They didn’t have long to wait and looked and smiled at one another as they heard his steady breathing. They loved the risk of opening their flies and in turn they gave each other the mouth treatment on two very hard members. Neither of them went the whole way like that, but satisfied themselves with a gentle wank and as they came each had a hand clamped over their mouths.

Protecting Hamble from the Nazi hoards, it seemed, was not THAT bad.

All three woke up an hour later and agreed that it was time for a mug of tea and sandwiches they had bought with them before setting off to round up the Germans. Tony spoilt the whole thing though and after he said what he needed to, three of Britain’s last line of defence failed miserably.

Tony was 5ft 6, he was very slim and seemed to be in great shape. His blond hair was long and seemed to have a life of its own by flopping around all over the place. What had caught Simon’s eye as soon as he saw him was Tony’s own deep blue eyes. He was incredibly good looking.

They drank and eat in silence and Tony shoved another log in the wood burner.

“Bit of a waste that Tony, we supposed to be going out soon.” Tony’s reply was one the other two would never forget.

“Why should we? I mean why the fuck bother going out looking for Germans who are still goose stepping outside Hitler’s gaff and are more likely to be fucking one another at one of his Youth Camps? I mean you two have been messing about so why go out and get cold for nothing if we can be in here and all THREE of us mess about?” Simon shoved another log on the fire and Tony breathed a sigh of relief! He was about to experience something that had been troubling him since his life had been turned round by the wonderful Williams’s.

“Do you like kissing Tony?” Simon asked. Tony shrugged his shoulders, lent into Simon and kissed him.


“Do you like stripping off Tony?” Spike asked. Tony took the lot off and stood naked before the other two.


They looked at this petite seventeen year old and took in the beauty of him. Wonderfully slim, everything in the right place and in great shape and as for that stiffy sticking straight up pointing at them it meant that the other two were naked in seconds and Simon on his knees with all 6 inches of Tony in his mouth. Tony closed his eyes with sheer pleasure which was made even better when Spike kissed him. Meanwhile down below Simon was in his own heaven as he now had two cocks to suck.

For the next half hour there was a wonderful uncoordinated “attack” on each other by the other two as they explored one another’s bodies in blissful homosexuality with lips, tongues and hands. Each boy would put one of them in this or that position while he in turn was twisted all over the place so those lips, tongues or hands could get to the place of interest. Finally they settled into a cock sucking ring with Simon sucking Tony, Tony sucking Spike and Spike sucking Simon. Like that they bought one another to the point of no return and each of them fired off their first combined shots of the war.

After that combined coming they stayed quiet for a while regaining their breath in readiness to return to the defence of Britain and its Empire, but not until another log was put on the fire.

Spike sat up and put Simon in front of him and wrapped his arms around his body. Tony caught on and sat in front of Simon while he too wrapped arms around the newest member of the fuck club. Tony was in a world of his own as he thought about what had happened. He put his hands on the backs of Simon’s who turned his and now they were holding them tight as Simon gave Tony a huge squeeze. He lent into Tony and gently kissed his neck and cheeks. Spike saw it all. Nobody said a word for some time, just happy to be like this in all the beauty of three, almost, men loving the time they had spent like they had. The beauty of young men who had shared this time together and hoped there would be many more like it.

“I wonder how many more are like us in the country. There must be thousands. We are a town of about 1000 people and at least three queers, we can’t be the only ones.” Tony was being philosophical.

“How many homo’s will die in this fucking war.” Spike wondered.

“Let’s hope none of us.” Simon tried to dismiss the thought, but had a sudden dreadful premonition.

As the weeks went by the lads became very close and a firm friendship grew. The woodman’s hut was the only area that the boys ever guarded although they did compromise at times and took a longer ride back to Hamble.

They were more than sure their patrol were not the only ones to use the hut and all of them wondered if the same things went on with the other lads as with them. Oddly enough none of this trio wanted to find out. They were happy with just them and each knew feelings were becoming stronger, dangerously so for 1939.

“Happy Christmas, Dad. Shall I cook or do you want to incinerate the chicken and boil the guts out of the sprouts?” Andrew said nothing and handed Simon a package.

“Happy Christmas, Son. It’s nothing new, but I know you will like it.” Simon sat in his chair and unwrapped the parcel and already guessed what it was. He was about to be thrilled. The binoculars had belonged to his grandfather and then his father and now him. He took them out of the battered case with a huge smile at his father.

“Thanks dad, are you telling me I can join up when the time comes?”

“Could I stop you?” Simon got up and went to his father and hugged him.

“I love you dad and I promise the binoculars will be safe.”

“I love you too son and you better BOTH be safe.” And then ruined the whole thing, “Those binoculars are very precious!”

Unknown to Simon, his father had already spoken to some ex naval friends to try to find a path for his son to enter the navy as an navigation officer when he reach the minimum age and Simon wanted to join up, he knew he would. In a way Simon guessed something had been said as his father once again refreshed him on the art of navigation time and time again. As it was Simon was already more than qualified, it was just a matter of waiting and his father praying it would all be over before Simon got involved. It would not happen of course.

Father and son were listening to the radio and toasted one another on the first stroke of Big Ben on the 1st January 1940 and both wondered if there would be a repeat of the toast in a year’s time. Neither mentioned it and instead Andrew finished his neat rum off and Simon his watered down one and went to bed. Simon laid on his back wishing the other two were there as well, he was wide awake. Despite what was going on in Europe, North Africa and the Far East, Simon could be forgiven that his thoughts returned to the last day of 1939 and the trio’s activities defending their hut from the Huns. As he thought, he stroked a rather stiff 6 inches of himself, smiling all the time.

They had warmed the Hut up and now all three were naked and kissing whilst stroking someone else’s cock. After a lot of this Spike broke away.

“Right, who’s first?” They all looked at one another laughing their heads off.

“It’s my Vaseline, so its me.” Simon said and without another word laid down on his back and waited for the other two to work out who would fuck him.

“I’m the oldest, so its me.” Spike did not wait for Tony to object and got down on his knees and opened the jar. He got a dollop out and fed it into Simon’s rear end. His finger broke into the tunnel and Simon mumbled something like, “FUCK!” Spike continued to feed his finger into Simon and was encouraged by Simon announcing that, “it felt pretty bloody good!”

Both Spike and Tony were by now really worked up as Simon spread his legs and told Spike to, “get on with it.” Spike covered his weapon with a large amount of Vaseline and lined himself up to the entrance of Simon’s bum. The next bit was what all three had thought about for months and each were in their own worlds as Spike applied pressure and then more and then even more until suddenly, POP, he was in and Simon was in great pain.

“You ok Simmo?”

“NO! But don’t stop. Tony let me suck you.”

“Okay, but don’t bite the fucker off!” Tony sank to his knees and gave Simon his cock which he took in right to the base in an effort to distract his mind from the invasion from Spike’s 7 inches. CHRIST IT HURT…! But then, suddenly… it didn’t!

“Bloody hell Spike, it’s getting better, just take it slow, Christ it’s amazing!” and carried on sucking. Tony was more than relieved to hear him say that, he was going to keep his cock after all. He leaned over and took his cock out of Simon’s mouth and kissed him as a thank you, but at the same time something else happened to both of them. They both looked at one another and saw on each face an expression they did not understand. They needed to kiss again and after some time Tony again looked at Simon, the same expressions were there only this time they smiled widely at one another.

Now things were much better for Simon and all three were happy especially Spike who was getting close as he slowly stroked into his friend and he warned both of the others that his end was nigh. He gave a running commentary as he approached the inevitable and as he got closer his breathing became quicker as did his fucking.

“Oh hell, here it comes boys!” With just two more strokes into Simon his whole body tensed and stayed deep inside Simon as the first of many explosions erupted from his balls, up the 7 inch length of cock and into Simon’s back passage. Spike collapsed on top of Simon and Simon wrapped his legs around Spike. Both boys smiled at one another and kissed.

“Who’s next?” Asked Tony. Spike was still coming back to earth so did not really have a voice in proceedings from now on. Instead he allowed himself to be taken off Simon and put on his knees with his face on the blankets while Tony administered Vaseline into his tunnel. Tony was wound up like a spring and after covering himself he got straight down to business and before Spike knew what was really happening he felt Tony’s 6 inches enter him and did not stop until every inch was inside. He didn’t feel a thing. Tony was pumping away in a world of his own making and having the time of his life. Simon was watching all this going on and HAD to get involved. He stopped Tony and did the Vaseline bit on both of them and as gently as possible he entered Tony who took it all in, ignoring the pain that came with it.

It was an amazing time for all of them and looked great as well. Spike just crouch there as Tony fucked him and Simon just stood there as Tony fucked himself on Simon’s massively hard cock. Tony may have been doing all the hard work, but my word he was having double the fun!

The end was with them both now and Tony slammed into Spike and held himself deep inside him followed by Simon inside Tony and held himself and both of them were in a sort of suspended animation as they came at the same time in great wads. Now all three, for the first time in their young lives, had something belonging to someone else stuck up their beautiful behinds.

They collapsed together kissing softly and holding one another in their arms for a very long time. They had had sex a number of times now, but nothing like this. The beauty of what they had experienced together was more than anyone of them had thought could be this special. This was not just sex, it was three VERY close friends making love to one another.

Simon realised he had come all over his hand as he relieved that wonderful time. In his mind he was back in the hut and forgot he was in his bed at the start of a new year.

“That thing will snap off one day young man!” Simon’s father called from his bed. Obviously he had heard Simon as he wanked himself off.

“Yours didn’t.” Simon called from his.


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