The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 2: Simon’s Finest Sporting Hour

It would be a few days before the new equipment arrived and so Simon asked his dad if he could work on the boat and start fitting her out until it had all been put in place. Simon was not disappointed when his dad said no.

“Reverend Peters is coming down later this morning and he will bless and name her, I want us all out when he arrives. When she is blessed and named you can spend time on her.”

Rev Peters duly arrived and Andrew, Simon and the five men who had worked at the yard for years all stood round and listened as the Reverend prayed over the boat and named her, “PEACE.” It was a word Andrew’s late wife often used during the Great War.

“May God bless her and all those who sail in her,” And added, “and may God bless us all whether we are at sea, in the air or on land in the hope that we will come through all that is about to happen and to live in PEACE as this craft tells us.”

There was no breaking a bottle over her bow. It was done and the little ceremony came to an end. Simon went to his dad’s office and got the plans out and began to work out the order for fitting out. Simon’s first job was to fix her name on both sides of the bow and on her stern. She now had a name and Simon felt she was a complete boat at least in knowing what to call her even if he had no idea what her future would be and how long it would be now before she could go to sea and become an important part of someone’s life. He, like millions more were waiting with the uncertainty of the future and whether there was one at all. Typical of his age he tried to shrug it off and thought about more important issues like having sex, he was screaming out to “lose it.”

It was July 1939 and he found out he had been selected to play for the Hamble Boys in the Hampshire Boys Football League against the Totton Boys. He knew he had only been selected because of an injury to another lad, but pretended he had been first choice.

He shouted to his dad that he was off.

“Good luck, don’t score too many. I will be at the yard all day and most probably well into the night.”

Simon shut the door and began the steep climb up the road towards a bend and then onto a track that led to the football field. He was already in his kit, dark blue long sleeve shirt with a wide white band around the chest, long black shorts and dark blue thick socks which he had stuffed his shin pads into. The length of both shorts and socks meant that just his knees were exposed for all to see. He had his heavy leather boots with the new studs he had hammered in the night before over his shoulder and walked in his plimsolls. At least he looked the part he thought.

Up ahead of him he saw four of his team mates. One of them, Spike Smith turned and looked back at Simon. Simon knew Spike quite well and liked him a lot, wanking about him proved it! He was a big built lad, 17 and one of the nicer lads when they were at school together. They only met now at football matches, Spike was their goal keeper. He held back and waited for Simon to catch up.

“Hi Simmo, you ready to be useless again?” And laughed out loud.

“Been practising all week Spike. Cheeky fucker!” They walked together chatting about the game and guessing what would happen if Britain went to war.

“Fuck knows Simmo, we will just have to wait and see. My dad says I can’t join up, but I will just fuck off and join the navy anyway.” There was a long pause as Spike dared himself to say the one thing that had been on his mind for some time now.

“Simmo, would you like to come back to my place after the match, Mum, Dad and my brother are away till Monday and I thought we could spend some time together? You never know when any of us will see one another again.” Simon could not believe what he was hearing and just stared at Spike.

“That a yes, Simmo?” They looked at one another again and in that moment Simon knew he could be about to “lose it.” It just happened that Spike was actually a very good looking lad, but he knew very well if the same offer had come from his ugly brother his answer would be the same, the poor lad was that desperate!


The two teams were bought together and there was a big surprise for all of them. A bloke they had never seen before told them to be quite.

“My name is Black and I’m one of the organizers of the league and have to tell you this will be the last game of the season now and no one knows when the next one will be. Most of the adults involved in the league will be off soon and therefore the competition will cease as from this match. The winners of the league will be those with most points after this game and the other fixtures have been played today. If there are equal points, those teams will share the top spot. Have a good game.”

Jimmy Marshall, the Hamble Boys trainer gave out his team orders.

“Simmo, you’re on the right wing and do what your good at, run like fuck, but try to keep the ball with you at the same time, for once.”

Simon did not have much choice but laugh with the rest of the team, but was pleased when Spike slapped him on the back and told him he would be fine. Simon forgot about football and instead thought about going to Spike’s house and what COULD happen when they got there.

The first half was a disaster for the Hamble Boys and after just ten minutes they were a goal down. The pitch was as flat as a meadow with lumps all over it, poor Spike went one way and the ball the other. There were no goal nets and Spike had to retrieve the ball which had ended up in the stinging nettles.

Simon ran the whole length of the pitch and back many times but did not touch the ball once for most of the first half and when it was eventually past to him he miss kicked and the ball landed at the feet of the Totton centre forward who touched the ball and scored their second goal via the right hand post. The Hamble Boys said lots of violent things to Simon while the Totton Boys celebrated assuming a certain win which could possibly take them to the top of the league and Championship winners.

“You fucking twats!” Mr Marshall shouted and everyone looked at Simon.

“Simmo, do us all a favour and get sent off?” That was the end of half time team talk.

Simon was determined to play a lot better in the second half and for one reason only, if he balls up again Spike could withdraw his offer for him to go back to his place. So, with that in mind he drew inspiration from a bloke who was making a name of himself in the big time with Stoke City, Stanley Mathews, but even with Mathews inspiration it would not become too apparent for quite some time for our right winger. Simon would only kick the ball two more times in the whole match.

The ball eventually came to him at great speed and all Simon could do was thump it or it would have gone over the side line. The ball climbed many feet and towards the Totton goal. The defender for them must have been in the same league as Simon because he just stood there looking terrified as the heavy leather ball reentered the earth’s atmosphere and smacked him on the head knocking him out and therefore did not see the ball deflect into his own goal. Both Totton and Hamble went mad for quite different reasons. Simon’s earlier fuck up was forgiven even though his kick had been a total fluke, but now, it would be seen as a master stroke from some fuckwit who is good at kicking a bag of wind and the player would suddenly find himself worth millions!

The equaliser was indeed a very good goal after some brilliant football by the Hamble centre forward. He had picked the ball up just inside the Totton half and took the ball past four of them and when he was just outside the Totton penalty area unleashed a tremendous strike that saw their goal keeper having to retrieve the ball deep into the stinging nettles. Two all and the match could now go either way.

There were just five minutes to go and four and a half before Simon’s greatest sporting moment that he hoped he would be recounting time and time again to all who would listen for years to come.

Spike had just made a great save that kept things at two all. He threw the ball over arm which was picked up by the centre half and after two passes it ended up at the feet of the centre forward. Just about all of the Totton boys descended upon him and all he could do was kick the ball back, but not realising it was Simon who would get to it first.

Simon was half way into the Totton half and was running at full speed towards the ball concentrating as never before. The ball was about 10 yards from him when it struck a turf and bounced over it. It reached Simon at just the right height and all he had to do was complete the kick that he was already into. Foot hit ball and ball screamed off foot at tremendous speed and all anyone could do was stand still and watch as it curled towards the Totton goal and go in, the goal keeper did not have time to move, except go even further into the nettles to get the ball back.

Simon was surrounded by all the team and loved every second of the adulation given to him, but the best was from Spike who picked him up with his strong arms wrapped round a very happy Simon. It also gave Simon the excuse to wrap his around Spike’s neck and hold on tight.

The outcome of that match was Totton had to settle for third place leaving Hamble in seventh. The Winchester boys won their match and the league, of course!

The Totton team left and for once the Hamble boys hung around knowing this was the last match for some time now and each of them wondering who would be playing when the football started again. Gradually they left and Spike drew Simon away and they started to walk slowly back down the lane towards the road in silence. Simon had no idea what Spike was thinking and just hoped it was similar to what he was. He had no idea what to say or do and just hoped Spike would lead the way.

“Simmo, can we just sit for a while?”

They found a spot overlooking the village, it was quite private and they sat side by side and not for the first time Simon thought how lovely the scene was. He could see his father’s boat yard and the Hamble River. He could just make out “Peace” on her cradle and once again thought about war.

They were sitting touching and Simon found himself leaning against Spike. Spike put his arm around Simon and both boys content to be like this.

“Simmo, I’m fucking shit scared. It’s going to kick off and for me anyway I will be glad when it does. At least we will know just how much shit we are in. That’s why I want to join up and I won’t let dad stop me.”

“I will join the navy as well when i’m old enough, my dad won’t like it either, but I know he will let me go.” Simon sat quietly and looked up at Spike who returned his look.

“I hope we both come through all this, Spike.”

Neither boy felt uncomfortable and neither had any problem leaning towards one another and kissing.

Simon could not believe how easy it all was! For months he had been dreaming for this to happen and shit scared if he tried anything on with a lad, but here he was, with one of the toughest boys in the village and it was him that made everything so easy for Simon. Two boys together, neither in love with the other, but more importantly two scared kids who needed this physical touch for two reasons. One, because that’s what both of them had been thinking about for months anyway and two, like this they both felt more secure at this time of uncertainty.

Spike broke away and looked at Simon. He wanted to take this to the next level, but once again he felt uncertain. He had often looked at Simon and knew he wanted to get involved with him. Well, he had got so far, but now was the big one. Simon was about to help him out.

“Spike, I don’t mind.” Spike smiled back at Simon and laid him down and kissed him again, but now put his hand on Simon’s thigh and began to stroke under his long shorts.

In those days underwear was very much an option and not common in working class lads or their fathers either and this was the case with these two. Spike would get unrestricted access to Simon and it was both their wish that Spike continued to stroke up the length of Simon’s thigh and both of their heart beats increasing as Spike got nearer and nearer Simon’s private area and when eventually Spike’s large hand arrived, both of them gave out a sigh and then another one as Simon managed to get his hand under the waist band of Spike’s shorts and take him in hand as well.

“Simmo, you have no idea how long I wanted this with you. Fuck its great!”

There would be no more than what they were doing now, just stroking one another and kissing. They both knew it would not be long, they were both so wound up and of course Simon was going back to Spike’s home anyway and that could lead to many other things between them both.

They reached the point of their masturbating when that glorious feeling came across them both.

“Simmo, I’m coming, fuck I’m…” Spike tensed his entire body and gasped as the first of many shots erupted from him all over Simon’s hand and inside his shorts. Feeling and hearing Spike bought Simon to his own end and he also called out as he too ejaculated three times with his body recoiling to every one of them. We now have two very happy teenagers having wanked one another off and both with cum covered hands and very messy shorts.

Simon remained on his back with Spike’s head on his chest still holding onto one another. There would be a lot of that over the next few hours and overnight.

They eventually got up and without a word walked the short distance to Spike’s home, Spike wondering how far Simon would let him go and Simon hoping Spike would go all the way! Still, the walk was a happy one with both boys thinking about what they had done and that both had forgotten about the war. So, the lesson is obvious. If two teenage boys can have sex and forget about fighting, so should a few adults running this fucked up world.

“Hello dad, I’m at Spike Smith’s place, is it ok if I stay the night?” Simon already knew he would say it was fine.

“Only if you scored and we won.”

“We did and I scored the winning goal.”

“Liar, but you can stay anyway.” Dads are really crap at times.

“Thanks dad I will be home in time for work.” Simon turned and looked at the naked Spike. Naked himself he went to Spike and they wrapped arms around one another and once again kissed.

“Come on short arse let’s get in the bath.”

Spike was 5ft 10 and very well built, but he carried no extra weight, all hard muscle and as strong as an ox. He did not have a defined body because that was not the thing in those days, but one thing for sure was no defined jock of the present time could be stronger than Spike. A gentle giant of his day was our Spike and for Simon more than he could ever wish as a sex mate. They were going places that both had wanted to go for ages and both having no doubts it was coming up to all expectations and beyond.

They sat in the bath facing one another with Simon sitting between Spikes legs and both boys holding the others rather stiff member.

“How big are you Spike? Feels like 7 inches.”

“Never measured it, but I guess you’re right. Bigger than you, that’s for sure.”

“Do you recon you could get it in my bum?”

“Could try, but it’s going to hurt Simmo.”

“Don’t care, let’s try.” Without another word Simon turned round and waited for Spike to do the business. It didn’t work, but they had a marvellous time trying.

“Oh shit Spike! That fuckin hurts! It won’t go in, sorry mate.”

“Fuckin’ whip. You try on me.” They turned round with Spike hanging on to the taps with his bum in the air and waited for Simon to line up. Simon did just that and pushed his cock against Spikes back door, and pushed, and then pushed even harder. He held himself hard against Spike’s bum hole and suddenly he broke through a whole 10th of an inch!

“FUCK…..!” The village hard man screamed. “That hurts!” They both collapsed knowing full well that “it” would happen one day even if this was not “the” day. Vaseline would eventually cum to the rescue.

They washed each other and finally got out of the bath and dried off. They stood looking at the other and Simon allowed himself to be taken to Spike’s single bed. Once there they spent a couple of hours exploring one another’s bodies with hands, lips and tongues. It was Simon who arrived at Spike’s rear end first and once his tongue touched Spikes button he nearly took off with the sensation as Simon licked and kissed that very special place. Simon was given the same treatment with the same result and the hero of the football match became a squirming mess as he thrashed about with Spike hanging on to him with all his considerable strength. Finally they settled into a 69 and took their time bringing one another to a sensational final act as they both erupted at the same time, all over one another.

Back in the bath Spike cuddled Simon’s back into his chest and there they stayed until the water got so cold they had to go back to bed.

We will leave them like that until they wake up, assuming of course they actually got to sleep in the first place?


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