Painful Lessons
by BobbyG


Tory Phillips kissed Shawn goodbye at the front door, it was 1:30 in the morning and Tory had a long drive back down to the West Country, Cornwall to be precise.

“When will you be back Tory?” Tory smiled at his male escort and kissed him again.

“You know I can’t give you an exact date, but you also know it will be next month sometime.”

“Ok. Don’t forget to phone, promise?”

“Don’t worry, we will meet if I am free.”

“I’m always free for you, you know that. Tory I …”

“Don’t go there or we will never meet again, you know the rules.”

“Yeah ok, I know the rules. Bye Tory.”

Twenty year old Shawn walked towards his home cussing himself for not taking the advice of a friend who had introduced him into gay escorting two years back. “NEVER fall in love with a client Shawn.” Too fucking late he told himself, but that was before his newest client, a wealthy Arab gentleman called and everything changed.

Tory went back into the bedroom, stripped the bed and packed the sheets etc. into the laundry bag and remade the bed. He took one last look round the neat flat and went to his car. He was in for a four hour drive which was about the same time as the four hour sex session he had had with Shawn. Four hours of non-stop sex and he could have gone on much longer if there had been time. Tory always got his money’s worth.

Tory was 24 and as fit as six fiddles, beautifully built, VERY fit and a great boxer who could have turned professional if making money was not more important. He had quite a lot of it and all without having to fight anyone. He had forgotten all about Shawn and would only think of him again the day before he was due back in London and fix the day for them to meet. As he drove his mind went back to the reason why he had been in London, apart from fucking Shawn for three nights that is. He now had four more clients to add to his list and would now make even more money as he administered their financial portfolios. Tory was an independent Financial Consultant and mainly worked from his cottage in Cornwall, but would have to travel back to London once a month to meet some of his clients and make them even happier and at the same time get them to agree a higher fee for his services.

He only worked five hours a day and after his breakfast would start work at 6am every morning until 9 and then spend two hours working out in his gym in the basement. After that he would go out for an hours run ending up in the sports complex in town for a boxing training session for an hour. Once back home and after a shower he worked for another two hours sitting at his desk completely naked. By about 4pm everyday he had finished and would go to his garage to work on his latest car rebuild until bedtime. Nobody came to visit mainly because he had no friends and that’s the way he liked it.

Tory’s future was influenced from the age of 14 when three things happened to him that made him what he was now, well off and arrogant.

He more or less drifted through school on his own. He did have a few friends from his classes and in particular in sports class, but never accepted an invite to a home or invited anyone to his. He always preferred his own company and more or less stayed out of other boys’ way. That was until after gym one afternoon when he was beaten up by three seniors in the showers and made to suck one of them off. It would have been all three but he managed to get away as the first one was only concentrating on ejaculating and the other two looking on open eyed. He broke away and even before he got to the door he was planning his revenge.

Six months later he stood in front of his mirror admiring his body which now, as a 15 year old, was amazing. He had grown to 5ft 9 and because of his boxing training and gym workouts he was in great shape and very strong. He also had a mission at the front of his mind which would come about after this half term holiday.

So, the first two things to happen had already come about. One, being bullied which led to the second one, boxing so he could defend himself. As his boxing ability improved after every session he was more than happy about the reflection coming back at him from his mirror. However, he was wise in taking advice about his physical training and development when told not to overdo it. For his age and the stage he had got too, he was stunning.

All three 17 year olds who beat him up got their just “rewards” one at a time. Two of them went home looking the worse for wear on two separate days, the third was made to wait until Tory picked his time and met the young man on his terms when he found him in the showers one afternoon on his own and by the time he had finished with him the bully boasted a handsome black eye and was gagging on a large volume of Tory’s cum. Later that night Tory was lying in bed playing with his 6 inches and smiled at the thought of sucking the bully off and him being sucked off. He knew both would happen again, one day.

The third influence which would direct his future was when he went to work with a firm of Financial Consultants. Tory had always liked money and even before he left school had a couple of thousand in his bank as he did not spend much and invested the rest and watched as it grew with the interest he earned. For him it was not enough, but now with 18 months at the company he had twice as much in his accounts. He had built a very good reputation and his boss, Clive Martin, was more than happy with Tory so much so he invited him out for dinner after work one evening. The meal was excellent as was the wine during it, but Martin had something else on his mind. All during the meal he was telling Tory how he could help him climb the ladder to better things, “Would you like to come to my flat and discuss my plans for you Tory?” Young and arrogant he might be, stupid he wasn’t.

“Ok, that would be good.” Tory knew what the next words from Martin would be.

“Perhaps you would like to stay overnight Tory, I’m sure you know what I mean.” He smiled at Tory who returned it.

“What about your wife, won’t she be in then?” Martin may be older, stupid he should not have been.

“The place is my, shall we say, little secret Tory?”

It was a pleasant flat and now that Tory knew where it was located he left when Martin went to the bathroom.

After a week of bad attitude from Martin, Tory had got what he wanted which was convincing ten of his best and richest clients to transfer their portfolios to him and he went to hand in his resignation.

“I will fucking sue you if you take those clients with you, you shit!”

“And I will post this letter to your wife if you try!” He waved an envelope in Martin’s face, got up and went on his way.

He was stopped at traffic lights in a town just twenty miles from home, a small fishing village called Mevagissey. It was 3am and not a sole about, except that is the guy who pulled his door open and shoved a 9mm pistol at his head.

“Get out.”

For the first time in his life Tory was scared shitless and just stared at the gun. He unbuckled his belt and slowly got out knowing for the second time in his life he was not in control and this one could very well end it. He had to swallow hard, he could not talk otherwise.

“Take it, there’s money in the glove compartment.”

He would look back at this in days to come and thank the guys who beat him up when he was 14 which was the only reason he went into boxing and suddenly his training came back and his attacker was about to get the rough end of it. He realised this guy was much shorter than him and was not very well built and seemed quite young, Tory knew he could over power him. Still, the gun made all the difference! The guy was in all black and had a balaclava over his head with eye and mouth slots. The street lights light gave him a reasonable sight of the guy who stood only two feet from Tory and as he was about to tell Tory to move away he suddenly felt an excruciating pain as his bollocks were crushed with enormous force from Tory’s left foot as it arrived in that most tender of places. As if that was not bad enough, the fist that landed on his mouth finished all attempts at armed robbery. He fell flat on his back and dropped the gun. Tory had not finished as by now he was not only relieved that his last day on earth had not arrived, after all his reaction was one of anger, and took that anger out of his assailant and turned assailant himself. He pulled the hood off his head and messed this young man’s face up. The guy was knocked semiconscious and laid in the middle of the road in a heap. Tory pulled his mobile out and pushed 999, but did not press the call button. He looked down at the heap. “Fuck it, you will only get three years or so and be out in two.” Tory had every reason to be angry, but really should have thought this through, instead he went to the boot and looked in his tool kit and found the duct tape and bound the guys hands behind his back and shoved him in the seat next to him. He picked the gun up and looked at it. He ejected the magazine, it was empty.

When he had cleared the town and was now in the countryside the guy woke up and tried to speak. “Shut the fuck up or you get more you bastard!” The guy tried again and kept on trying. In the end Tory slammed the breaks on and screeched to a halt.


“I need a piss.”

He pulled him out and stood looking at him and realised there was a problem, his hands were taped behind his back.

“Pleeese I’m gonna piss myself!” He mumbled through his split lips. Tory knew this had already got out of hand and he had a choice either to untie him or drop his pants. “Fuck it” he bent down and with one yank he had his pants down and the most wonderful cock he had ever seen flopped out. He looked at the guy as a stream of piss shot out and even through his mashed up face he could see the look of relief on the bits of it that was not damaged. As the piss began to slacken the stream got less and it went towards his pants around his ankles. Tory thought nothing of it and took hold of him and directed this beautiful rod away. He finished, but Tory still held it and after a couple of strokes let go and reluctantly pulled his pants back up.

He stopped the car outside his cottage and dragged him to the kitchen. He shoved him onto one of the kitchen chairs and bound him to it. He then went back to the car and got his things in thinking all the time that he was now a criminal himself. He sat for ages trying to work out what to do and thought one good idea would be to clean him up. He got his first aid kit out and used a sterile wash on him and was somewhat relieved that after he had finished the guy did not look quite so bad. Ok, he had two thick lips and one eye was partly closed and apart from some bruising he looked reasonable.

“What’s your name?” The guy wanted to tell him to fuck off, but thought better of it.


“Sammy what?”

“Just Sammy. Hit me if you want I don’t care.” Tory looked at the guy and knew he could not hit him again and was sorry he had anyway. Still, he had and they could not stay like this all night.

He finished taping him to the multi gym in the basement and then went to the garage to get tools, chains, a couple of pad locks and brackets. He worked until he had everything in place and then transferred “Sammy” to the arm chair he had secured to the floor with the brackets and chained him in it by his ankles and fixed the locks in place. “Sammy” was going nowhere. He made him a couple of sandwiches and took a bottle of water out of the fridge and put them down near him.

“Fuck me up and you won’t even get that.” He went out and locked the door.

Tory knew Sammy could not escape and slept for a couple of hours and as soon as he woke he prayed that he had had a bad dream. He got up and went for a shower all the time trying to convince himself it was not real, but he knew damn well it was.

Sammy was already awake and stared at Tory as he came into the basement; Tory looked at him and wished he had not hit him so hard. Sammy greeted him with:

“I need a shit.”

“And a shower by the smell of you. Ok, I’m going to take the chains off and if you try anything you WILL get what you got last night, understand?”


Tory took the chains off his ankles grabbed him by the arm and lead him upstairs and went into the bathroom and nodded towards the toilet.

“Ok, I won’t be long.”

Tory stood there with his arms folded.

“I NEED a shit!”

“And you can piss at the same time. I’m not leaving.”


“I know you’re not, nor am I. Shit in there or shit in your pants, make up your mind.” Sammy muttered something and dropped his pants with his back to Tory and at the same time gave him a sight of a lovely firm and cute ass. Sammy turned round and once again Tory saw that amazing cock, all 8+ inches of the monster.

It’s not the best experience to watch someone else have a dump, but worse was the stink!

“Christ what the fuck do you eat? Dead rats!?” At least Sammy had some sort of come back on his captor and almost smiled at Tory watching his face crease up. At last he finished polluting Tory’s neat and tidy, smell free cottage, until now of course, and made a meal of tearing off toilet paper and wiping his bum. He flushed the toilet and stood up and was about to pull his pants up.

“Oh no you don’t, strip off and get in the shower.” At least Tory was going to enjoy this bit.

“I can’t get out so why don’t you wait for me on the other side of the door?”

“I didn’t want you to shove a gun at my head last night! Payback time, STRIP!”

“It wasn’t loaded and there’s no firing pin anyway, I could never…”

“Strip or I will strip you. I have had enough Sammy!” The tone in Tory’s voice told Sammy it would be best to cooperate as there was not much left of his face to get punched and it fucking well still hurt! He stepped out of his pants and then took his top off standing naked in front of Tory, all 5ft 7 of slim, sensational beauty. Slim he may have been but his body was as tight and trim as it is possible to get and still had muscle definition. That wonderful loose cock just swung between his legs and made even more fantastic now as Tory had an unrestricted view of his walloping huge bollocks! He maybe nothing more than a fucked up gunman, but Jesus he could win any International Cock and Ball Championship if there was such a thing. He would certainly get Tory’s vote. Hang ON? This cunt held him up last night!

Tory watched as Sammy soaped himself and he was sure the shit was putting on a performance for him as he stroked his body in a sensual and slow way. He turned the water off and soaped his cock and balls as Tory ogled at him and there was distinct movement down below.

“Come on hurry up, I’ve got work to do.” He was panicking, he knew this twat would love to embarrass him. At last Sammy rinsed himself off and then took his time drying. Tory averted his eyes in an attempt not to look too obvious that he loved what he was looking at. The hardon was obvious though.

Sammy was given breakfast and then secured to a chair in the lounge where Tory had his work place. Tory turned the TV on and told him not to say anything and just watch. He did give him the remote so he could choose what to watch though.

Tory tried to work, but it was impossible and he gave in and took Sammy back down to the basement and chained him up. He went back up to his bedroom and got into a sports top and shorts and went back down. He sat at the multi gym and gave himself the hardest workout he had had in sometime. He knew he could not go out and realised he was as much a prisoner as his prisoner was! “Well done Tory, that was a smart move.” He told himself.

While he exercised he became aware that he was being watched and wondered what Sammy was thinking, he already knew he would look good as his body reacted to his exercising. Assuming Sammy was enjoying the performance he was giving, he took his top off to give him a better look at his fantastic body. As he started again he glanced at Sammy as he worked out thinking that this fuckwit Highwayman would be drooling at him, but in fact Sammy was looking the other way and Tory was pissed off! But what Tory did not know, Sammy was struggling with his own hardon.

“Right dim shit, you had better tell me why you held me up and who the fuck you’re working for, if you are that is?” They were back in the lounge.

“I always work on my own. I don’t work for anyone.”

“Made a good job of it didn’t you. A gun with no bullets or firing pin? Very impressive. I don’t believe you anyway so you had better come up with something I can check out. You’re in the shit and you know it. I’m not letting you go until I know all about you.” Sammy had no intention of telling this guy anything about himself, it was all bad anyway and Sammy had nothing in his life to be proud of.

“And what about you? You’re stuck with me now. If you had turned me in you would not have to put up with me so we are both in the brown stuff, fucking idiot. You can’t even exercise properly now or get a hardon looking at yourself in the mirror. Christ you are SO up your own ass. Ohhh look at ME everyone! Look at my fantastic body gay boys! Christ, if you ever fell in love with some poor sod, you would have to dump yourself first!” Sammy it would seem did not give a shit anymore and of course he was right about everything.

“At least I’m not some fucked up crook and you can’t even do that right! Just fucking remember it was YOU who started this! Ok I may have done it all wrong, but don’t criticise me without looking in a mirror yourself as well!” Seems Tory could not give a shit either.

Tory took him down stairs and chained him up and went back to the lounge a bit miffed it has to be said. Meanwhile back down in the basement Sammy got the paper clip he had nicked off of Tory’s desk and started to work on the pad lock securing the chain. Two minutes later it came off. “Cheap shit.” He went to the door and fiddled with the lock. “Nah, I will need something stronger than this thing.” He searched the gym and finding nothing to use he cuddled up on the chair and fell asleep.

Upstairs the master kidnapper was very worried. Ok, he had been held up and got the better of his attacker and now had him captive, but the whole thing could back fire on him and if this got to court he imagined what Sammy’s defence would say and it really came down to the fact he, Tory had spotted the guy in the street and thought he would have some “fun,” got out of his car and beat him up and forced him into his car and took him home. He chained him up and held him against his will. He could even accuse him of having sex with him against his will as well and even the gun would not convince any jury that it belonged to Sammy as Tory’s fingerprints were over it. Even if he got away with it, he could quite possibly loose his clients who would run a mile to distance themselves from this man. “FUCK Tory, you stupid twat!”

No, the only thing he could do was keep him there until his face got back to normal then take him for a ride miles away, give him a payoff and hope he would be rid of him. Of course even then he wasn’t safe, Sammy could identify him AND the inside of the cottage if he went to the police, or even blackmail him. “Fuck, I will have to shoot him then.

No fucking bullets and it’s not got a firing pin anyway! Could always crack it over his head though!”

Day two was similar to the first one except Tory allowed Sammy to have private crap and shower time now he had screwed the window down. One slightly good thing was Sammy looked great in the clothes he had given him and had even taken him into the bedroom to pick out what he wanted! Sammy sat in the kitchen chained to a table leg while Tory did all the work and prepared and cooked their meal. He even did his laundry. Sammy lapped it all up as he watched his captor do all the running around and knew very well Tory’s life was completely fucked up. He did not know his routine of course, but he was sure it did not include tending to the every need of a captive.

“Have you got a bed I can sleep in? I can’t sleep properly in that chair.” Tory struggled with one from the spare room and put bedding on it for him. “Can you manage to make it yourself or do I do that as well?” He left Sammy to it and locked the door behind him. Sammy counted to 10 then burst out laughing! He picked the lock again and made the bed.

On the third day Tory needed to have a break from all this and took Sammy with him to the garage.

“Christ she is beautiful! E Type Jag! Bloody lovely.” Tory was pleased Sammy liked it, he had been restoring it for a year now and it was due to be sprayed the following week in British Racing Green. Tory had made his mind up and he would keep it and use it for outings at weekends and enter it in vintage car shows.

“Do you know much about cars then?”

“Only how to nick them!” Despite himself Tory burst out laughing.

“Do you want to give me a hand?”

“Yes,” and added, “please.” They worked for a couple of hours and during that time totally forgot the reason why Sammy was there. At least Tory knew he could work on the Jag and know Sammy would not try to do anything funny. A reformed criminal then Tory!? Well done, you should be in social work!

After the meal Tory got beers out and they sat together talking, well Tory did. He told Sammy what he did and asked Sammy if he would tell him something about himself after he had bored the lad shitless for an hour. Sammy just looked at Mr Knobhead. “Can I have a piss? I want to go to bed.”

“I need to treat your face before you go Sammy.” He got the first aid kit from the kitchen and cleaned the damage although he was relieved Sammy looked a lot better now and not for the first time thought how extremely good looking he was. He took a lot longer than necessary, but enjoyed doing it. Sammy just sat there thinking of freedom, mind you the guy had a nice touch and he had to admit very good looking and had a body that all gay men would drool over, like him in fact.

Tory felt bad about fixing the chain on him, still it had to be done, can’t REALLY trust the shit, beautiful or not. Two minutes after Tory had gone Sammy released himself and got the two lengths of 18 gauge wire he had taken from the garage and twisted them together. He looked at the clock and waited for an hour and during that time thought a great deal and all of it about Tory.

At midnight he felt sure Tory would be in bed. “Mr Lovemyself- Upmyownass, will need his beauty sleep, stupid shit!” Sammy went to work on the lock and although the one hundred year old antique tried it’s best to hold on, it finally gave in and slid back. Sammy quietly climbed the stairs listening out the whole time, but he was an expert with lots of experience and knew his “trade” well and did not make a sound. The cottage was very quiet. He was now back in HIS world doing what he did best and went from room to room selecting what he could carry and stashed it by the front door. He put it all in a back pack he had found in the cupboard by the front door. He opened it and stepped out, a free man. “Thanks fuckwit, this lot will keep me going for some time.” He quietly walked away smiling to himself.

Tory watched Sammy slowly get undressed ready to get into the shower. He had his back to Tory and he got to look at this beautiful man’s magnificent cute and firm backside. It was the loveliest ass he had ever seen. He loved bums and remembered getting excited as he saw the boys after sports in the showers and would bang one off thinking about them that night in bed. Sammy’s was the best though and he wished he could fondle and massage those wonderful cheeks. He wished Sammy would bend over so he could rim him, but as he had just had a dump thought better of it. Sammy got under the streaming shower and as the water soaked his lovely body it made his skin shine and shimmer making him even more beautiful. The sight of the water running down the length of his cock made Tory’s own 6 inches twitch and become rock hard. He didn’t care if Sammy saw his state of arousal, he was his prisoner and he would do as he wanted in his own home. Sammy began to soap himself and took great pleasure knowing that he was turning Tory on and made a special point in turning his back to him and sinking his hand between his crack and even bending over to expose his cute cherry and the bugger even inserted his middle finger into himself as far as he could get it. He slowly removed it and turned to face Tory with that cock of all cocks fully erect and throbbing as if beaconing Tory to come and take it in his mouth. Still Tory stood there unable to move until that is Sammy smiled at him and looked from Tory to his cock and back again. Tory could not take it any longer and literally ripped his clothes off and went into the shower and sank to his knees, took both of those magnificent balls in one hand and grabbed this 8th wonder of the world with the other and at the same time opened his mouth and took the “beast” in. He began to blow and as he did he realised he was very near to cumming himself and had absolutely no control whatsoever and after stroking himself onto this rod of steel one more time… The alarm clock went off.

Tory woke up and straight away realised he had had a wet dream. He wiped himself down with the ever ready towel wondering why he was covered in cum. His dream was instantly forgotten as soon as he had woken up.

He felt good and he guessed it was down to working with Sammy in the garage and the fact he had a break from all the crap that was going on. He had a long soak under the shower and went down to the kitchen to put the coffee pot on and sat down waiting for it to brew and at the same time thinking VERY hard. As he poured out his first cup he finally made up his mind and that was he would just take Sammy to where he wanted to go and drop him off, give him money and hoped that would be the end of it. He was even prepared to apologise which was something he had never done before. He also thought about what Sammy had said about him and looked at himself as if he were Sammy and knew he was right. “I am an arrogant piece of shit. Well at least I can change, that sad cunt never will.”

“Come on, it’s time to get up.” Tory bent down and undid the lock and looked down at Sammy and was surprised that he was looking back up at him with a smile on his face.

“Have your shit and shower, I need to say something.” Sammy did as he was told and found Tory in the kitchen cooking breakfast. “Bloody hell Tory, bacon and eggs? That’s a bit unhealthy for someone like you! Two eggs please.”

“Look Sammy, I’m sorry for all this, I have fucked up big time and if you want to go to the police, well that’s up to you. You can go and I will drive you anywhere you want and, don’t take this as trying to keep you quiet take this.” He handed Sammy an envelope and froze.

“How the FUCK do you know my name!?”

“It’s on all your letters on the desk, Tory Phillips.”

“You fucking…!”

Sammy flew into CAPS lock again.

“SHUT UP AND LISTEN FOR ONCE! FOR CHRISTSAKE LISTEN!” Tory shut up and listened, for once. Sammy told him about picking the chain lock and then taking wire from the garage to pick the basement door lock. How he had gone round the cottage picking out bits he could flog. “And if you still don’t believe me go to your bedroom and look under your bed, I put the backpack and all the stuff I nicked there while you were asleep AND I saw your hardon as well.  Tory ran upstairs and came back down with the pack. He sat down and for once did not have a clue what to say. Sammy looked and smiled at Tory shaking his head.

“I don’t know what happened to me, but there was something telling me to come back. It went on and on and it got so strong I suddenly found myself back here, oh this is yours as well.” He reached into his pocket and took out Tory’s Rolex watch which had been on his bedside table. “Sorry about everything as well Tory and if you want to call the police, well that’s up to you as well.” They sat there in silence for some time. Both of them had a lot to think about and tried to work out what the hell was happening! They kept looking at one another then looking quickly away. They may have been confused, but the one sure thing was, Sammy was glad he came back and Tory glad he did.

It was Sammy who broke the ice;



“Kiss me?”

Much, much later:

“I am SO sorry I hurt you so badly Sammy, but at least I am glad I did not call the police after I kicked your bollocks in, mind you the size of them I couldn’t miss.” Sammy did not reply straight away, not before he took Tory’s cock out of his mouth. He went up to Tory and kissed him.

“I don’t think I will ever fully understand what made me come back, but something did. I just came back knowing I wanted to talk and be with you and when you got me up here, well here we are, but chuck me out when you want I guess.”

“What if I don’t want you to go?”

“Just change that lock on the front door, that’s all.”

“Change the lock? WHY?”

“It took me 10 minutes to pick the fucking thing and it was freezing out there!”

They would spend the rest of their lives together and as each day passed the more in love they became. Sammy got his own key and taught Tory how to pick a lock. Tory taught Sammy how to make money and together made lots of it. All pretty useful stuff.

They found the nifty site and donated to it and hope you do as well.


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