On Your Marks
by BobbyG


Tommy looked at the cum load on his chest, tight belly and hand that he had just milked out of his cock. He laid back on his pillow and wondered how many wanks he had had since the first one when he was 11 years old. He did a rough calculation.

Seven years equals 2555 days which equals 5110 wanks, assuming two wanks per day. Add to that school holidays and also watching gay porn since the age of 14, plus two leap years.

“That must be about 6/7,000! Bloody hell! I will be blind by the time i’m 19!”

Tommy did another calculation, but this time he knew he would be spot on. How many guys had he had sex with?
“NIL! ZERO! ZILCH! SOD ALL!” He shouted out knowing he would not be heard, mum, dad and Freddy had already gone to work.

His mum had popped in to kiss him bye before she went to her school where she was Deputy Head teacher at the local Junior school. It was 7am.

“So my handsome man how are you feeling today?” Tommy looked at his mother and smiled.

“I’m fine mum. I am going to the pool at 8. Paul is coming to pick me up and then we are going to his place when he finishes work. Be home about nine.”

His dad and older brother Freddy also came in, not just to say bye, but to take the piss as was the routine in this house.

Freddy cuddled his brother and kissed his cheek, but as usual had a “plan” and as he went he took Tommy’s prosthetic legs with him and dumped them at the bottom of the stairs on his way out to his car.

“You fat assed PRICK!” Tommy shouted out.

“Love ya Tommy!” Twenty four year old Freddy called back. Freddy did and even more so since he thought he had lost him.

“See you later son, if you go to the pub later, don’t get legless.” His dad lent over and kissed his son on the forehead.

“See you later dad. Have a nice day at work.”

“Are you sure about going back. I know Jeff thinks you are ready, but you had a really bad cold and you can’t be back to normal yet, it’s only been a week.” His mother looked at her son with concern all over her face.

“Mum! Don’t worry, i’m fine and really want to get back into training. Jeff would not want me back if he thought I was not ready. Doctor Phillip’s said the same a couple of days ago remember?”

“I know, just doing what mothers do, worry about their kids.” She looked at her son and smiled at him and for the millionth time thanked God for his life. No one ever mentioned it anymore, it was a family rule set by Tommy.


Tommy heaved himself out of bed into his chair and wheeled himself to the bathroom, got into the shower and washed the 6/7,000th (roughly) cum load off of his magnificent torso.

Once dressed and now with his legs on, which his mother had retrieved from the bottom of the stairs, he went down to the kitchen for breakfast. He took the bowl of fruit into the lounge and sat down to eat. While he did he looked over at his trophy shelves, all four of them. They were full of his swimming awards going back to the same age he was when he started to masturbate, 25 in all.

He was spotted during his regular swimming sessions when he was 9 years old and had been introduced to his first trainer. He had developed very well over the next two years and at 11 won his first swimming medal. Two years later the first two shelves were full of trophies and he was heading towards senior level and was on a short list to represent GB. That was until his 15th birthday when he strapped into the Cessna 150 for his birthday flight.

Tommy had no memory of all that happened on that day. He woke up in the Intensive Care Unit and although he was not in any pain, he knew something was very wrong.

He should have died at the scene, but being so fit helped to keep him alive. The great team work of the paramedics and the Doctor in attendance saved him and he would forever be grateful to them all.

The Cessna had an engine failure on take-off and was so low there was no chance of turning back. It plowed into a group of trees, trapping both pilot and Tommy. They cut the pilot out, who had both legs broken, but they had to amputate Tommy’s left leg just below the knee before they could get the rest of him out. Once in the hospital they had no choice but to remove the other one, again just below the knee and everyone praying he would pull through.

Obviously he did otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

Over the next year or so much happened to help him come to terms with his new situation. His mum, dad, brother and his best friend Paul supported him and made huge efforts to help him through all the crap that was going on. It worked and Tommy would always think of his recovery, apart from the best medical treatment available, being solely down to the love and support of his family and Paul.

Paul gave him a book to read which would direct him towards his new world.

It was the true story about Douglas Bader who was an RAF fighter pilot during the 2nd world. Bader shot down 20+ enemy aircraft during and after the Battle of Briton and all this in just one year before he was himself shot down and remained a POW until the Nazis surrendered. He managed to escape several times which pissed the Germans off no end. Bader was a double amputee. He had lost both legs in an air accident some years before war and only by sheer determination and strength of character he pulled through and although discharged from the RAF, he was taken back after making a hell of fuss to get himself back to flying and into the war.

Tommy read it twice and as soon as he was able went back to the swimming pool.

“If Douglas Bader can do all that in the fight to help save Britain, I can fucking well SWIM for Britain?” Bader had died many years before he was born, but still remains an inspiration to him.

“Hi sexy legs, you ready?” Tommy smiled as he heard Paul shout out. They had been friends since nursery school and had travelled through life together for almost 18 years. They knew more about one another than anyone else, that’s what best friends are all about. These two were glued together and even now that Paul had started dating girls he would rather dump a date if it meant he would not see Tommy so often.

“You’re fucking gay Paul Weston. Go to your legless fuck!” Sandra “ample tits” Thompson screamed at him. She WAS a tad pissed off, dear thing, and would not now have the pleasure of Paul’s 8 inch cock up her whatsit. Silly girl. Paul stopped dating. Not that Tommy knew that.

Her screaming like that told Paul what he already knew, Sandra in her delicate way, had just confirmed it for him.

“I know I am gay, but try telling that to Tommy though, he would laugh his cock off.” His thoughts went back the day before Tommy’s 15th birthday. They were in Paul’s bedroom working on their homework.

“Go on, what is it?”

“Fuck off Tom, your mum would kill me and your dad would finish me off if I say anything.”

“Ok, what have you got me then?”

“Nothing. Stop talking or go home.” He looked at Tommy and knew that was the last thing he wanted. They settled down and finished their projects in silence. Paul finished first and went down to the kitchen to bring up their tea that his mum had got ready for them both and bought it back on a tray. They sat in silence and ate. Paul looked at Tommy, he seemed miles away.

“What’s up little dick?”

“Nothing and it’s not.”

“It’s smaller than mine, so I say again, what’s up little dick?” Tommy looked at his friend and wondered what would happen if he told him.

Nah, too risky. He ignored the question and carried on eating.

“Ok, don’t tell me, but I know there is something on your mind. I know you too well Tom.” Tommy knew that, but what would be his reaction if he told Paul he was in love with him?

In love at 15? (Less a day of course) Paul would throw him out of the door. Still, Tommy had never been so sure of anything in his life, even if he was only 15. (Less a day of course)

It was time to go, but he HAD to say something. Paul stood at the front door with Tommy waiting for him to put on his trainers. Tommy was in deep thought as he tied his laces.

“Look Tom, I’m being serious, there is something on your mind and I don’t know why you won’t tell me, we tell everything to each other. Anyway, take this and happy birthday for tomorrow, have a great day, I know you will.” He handed Tommy a small parcel and card. Tommy smiled at Paul and put them into his back pack.

“Thanks Paul.” He put a hand on Paul’s shoulder, smiled then turned to walk down the garden path. He stopped and looked back and stared at Paul for some time. His heart was beating fast enough to scramble eggs. He sighed and walked back and faced Paul, looking straight into his eyes.

“I love you Paul, I MEAN, I… am… in… love… with… you. I don’t know how or why, but I know I do, sorry.” He stared at Paul thinking that he had just finished their friendship. He turned and ran down the path. It would be the last time Paul would see him run on his own legs.


“You got those new prosthetics haven’t you? You bitch!”

“Yeah short arse, come on I will soon be 4ft again when I get to the pool. You picking me up same time?”

“No, you can fucking walk home. If you keep adding another half inch every time you get new legs you could get home quicker than I can drive.” Paul loved to hear Tommy laugh.

He dropped Tommy off and after their usual hug Paul drove off to work.

As he drove Paul thought about Tommy and gave out a big, sad sigh. Tommy had no recall about what happened on his 15th birthday and Paul knew he could not remember the day before either.

When Tommy had ran off after telling him he loved him he had stormed around the house yelling out, “YES! YES! YES!” His mother and father thought he had lost his one remaining brain cell.

Now, all this time later Paul was still in love with Tommy, but Tommy had no memory he had told Paul of HIS love and in any case he assumed Paul was straight as he was dating girls.

Since the accident and recovering with all the issues of coming to terms with it all should have been enough for anybody to coup with, but Tommy was desperate to get back to swimming and competing again. He knew he could do it with the help and support he needed. He had the simple philosophy that legs maybe important in an able bodied person, but that did not mean that if you suddenly found you did not have them it would stop you competing, after all it did not stop Bader and thousands like him, fighting for the very existence of his country.

Tommy felt he was lucky, had he been a track athlete he would in all probability be finished. Certainly he would be greatly delayed in returning to a track as the stumps would take so much longer to adjust to enable him to train let alone compete. At least being a swimmer the stumps would not be so much of a handicap as he could swim without having to wait for the stumps to heal fully. They were more or less passengers now, but his swimming technic would have to completely change and that was another reason to get back to the pool.

Tommy was nearly 18 and had been training for the one thing in all athletes’ minds throughout the world at that time, the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012. It would not be long now before he found out whether he would be picked for Team GB. Tommy and all the people involved in his training were pretty confident he would be selected, but never assume anything and just train that much harder and totally absorb yourself session by session. By now he was rubbing shoulders with the good and the great, both handicapped and abled bodied athletes from all sports and he was just a small part of some amazing people. He was loving this time and it was wonderful hearing the encouragement from all those athletes from various sports and many of them current or former Olympic Champions themselves.

Tommy’s mother came home from work and busied herself in the kitchen preparing dinner. Tommy realised she seemed preoccupied as every time he spoke to her he had to repeat what he had just said.

“Something wrong mum?” She stopped what she was doing and looked at her son and smiled.

“No, but you did tell Paul to come for dinner didn’t you?”

“Yes of course and Sandy will be here as well, remember?” Sandy was Freddy’s girlfriend. They had been together two years now and all of them were expecting an announcement very soon.

“That’s what’s on your mind isn’t it! Freddy and Sandy are going to tell us they are getting married or she’s pregnant.”

“Could be either or both Tommy, we will just have to wait and see. Dad and I would love it if they do get married and I already know you would.” She went back to cooking and being preoccupied.

The meal was a lovely time and indeed when they had finished Freddy in his usual laid back manner told them all they were indeed getting married in a year’s time. All hell broke loose with lots of handshaking and hugs. The champagne came out and even Tommy had a glass. There was a lot to talk about the wedding and Tommy not letting anyone forget just who the Best man would be, but Freddy and Sandy knew this was not only about announcing their engagement, his dad had already told Freddy there was a letter for Tommy.

“This came for you in the post this morning Tommy. We don’t know if we have got this right giving it to you now but we know who it’s from.” He handed a letter to Tommy.

“Do you want to open it in the kitchen?” His dad asked, Tommy smiled at him and turned the letter over and over and remained in his seat.

He grabbed a clean knife and slit the envelope open and took out the sheet of paper and read. When he finished he read it again.

“WEEEELL?” His mum almost shouted. They were all staring at him, waiting. His mum was squeezing hard onto Tommy’s dad’s hand, he did not want to admit that it was hurting like hell, Freddy had his arm around his finance and she had her hand on the front of his jeans. Paul, poor lad, was on his own!

“Oh nothing much, just the Paralympic Committee telling me I’m swimming for Team GB!”

The room was in melt down.

Much later Tommy and Paul were in Tommy’s room, Paul still smiling all over his face and Tommy still trying to let it all sink in.

“Well done Tom, it’s everything you have dreamed and worked for. Gold medal next stop?”

“I don’t know about that Paul, but one thing I do know is I would never have got this far without you, mum, dad and Freddy.” They had hugged many times in their lives, but this one was a lot different. Tommy pulled away and looked at Paul. They stood like that for some time, each in their own thoughts, but Tommy thinking there was something he did not quite understand.

“Come on Team GB, you got to get to bed and from now on you will see less of me, but I will be thinking of you every second of the day. I’m off home now.” Indeed it was going to be wall to wall training and all that went with it and one of the down sides to all this was he would not see Paul or his family so much now, not until it was all over. Tommy pulled Paul back in close and for that brief moment all thoughts of what was ahead was forgotten.

“I’m suddenly fucking scared Paul. What if I make a complete twat of myself?” He looked at Paul who smiled back.

“If you came last in every race you would never be a failure to me. After what you have been through, you have already won.” He opened his mouth to say more, but stopped himself.


“Nothing, just concentrate on what you need to do. That’s all you need to think about.”

The whole swimming team from all parts of the UK were sent to Manchester to meet, build up team spirit and train, train, train. They would stay together like this until the Olympics were over and after a few days would take over the village for their own two weeks that would change so many lives. Medal wins or not, everyone would be massively affected by what was about to happen.

The London Olympics 2012 was the tremendous event it was hoped to be. The country had something to cheer about and did they CHEER! From the opening ceremony to the lowering of the Olympic flag the sporting world once again showed the fighting world what peace could be like.

It would soon be seen that the Paralympics would be as tremendously successful, the biggest and best ever. It would set a bench mark for all Paralympics in the future.

Tommy may not be able to see his family, but thank God for mobile phones. He would text or talk to them every day and then after that, call Paul. That way they knew that Tommy was on track and fairly confident that he would at least get through the heats and possibly as far as semifinals. Each time he competed it would get tougher. They knew long ago who the main rivals would be to him and the name Patrick O’Neil kept being mentioned, Patrick was Australian and like Tommy a double leg amputee and in the same T44 freestyle class as himself.

Tommy got back home in time to watch the closing ceremony with the family. It was a great evening being back together and even better with Paul there as well.

“That’s it then son.” His father said when it was all over. “Your turn next. You know you don’t have to win medals for all of us to be more proud of you than we are right now.”

“I’m just pleased to be a part of it dad, the atmosphere in the team is something special. We all want to give our best, but everyone is cheering everyone on. I may not come back with anything, but without you, mum, dickhead and Paul I would not have got there in the first place.”

Freddy came over and pulled his brother to his artificial feet and hugged him. “This dickhead says you WILL win something even if it’s only a dose of clap my gay brother!” Tommy tried to fight him off but gave in and hugged Freddy instead.

Paul just hoped he wouldn’t get “involved.”

He was shown to his flat in the Olympic village which would be shared by three others, all in the GB swimming team. He was lucky and got the choice of bedroom. He took the single one.

The first big event would be the opening ceremony and it was with much pride when the GB team entered the stadium to the roar of the crowd. It was MASSIVE and at the same time a little frightening. Tommy could not pick out his family, but they all saw him trying their best to attract his attention. Paul was with them and could not keep his eyes off of Tommy.

“God I love you, I just wish you could remember what you said to me the day before your 15th.” He carried on waving his Union Jack and cheering like the 80,000 plus doing the same.

“Hello, Tommy isn’t it? I’m Pat O’Neil.” Tommy looked up straight into the eyes of one of the most handsome guys he had ever seen. “Can I sit with you? Good grub this.”

“Course you can, nice to meet you, guess we should be taking lumps out of one another though!”

“Nah, life’s too short for that crap, just hope we can be friends as well as hope we beat one another.”

“Sounds good to me.” they chatted during their meal and afterwards Tommy suggested they go outside for a walk around the gardens.

They met up every day and by the fourth one both had progressed to their semifinals and realised they and at least five others were in for medal chances.

Tommy had swam very well, but then so had Pat, but neither spoke about it during walk times. They would often go out in wheelchairs. It was possible to pick up an injury in prosthetics, just a trip could bugger things up.

“Semi’s tomorrow Pat, but you will get through I know it. My guess is you’re not at full speed yet.”

“You fishin Tommy?”

“No, but I would break one of your legs if you had one to slow you down.” They both laughed at that, then Pat got serious.

“Do you know Tom, I think we will both make the final. I really do and if we do make it, just for the race, I will hate you, ok?”

“That’s fine by me, but I know you don’t mean it. You’re not the type to hate anyone. You hate? Oh do fuck off!”

“Shit. That was supposed to put you off.”

“We aint in the final yet brain dead, let’s wait there is a semi to think of first.” Pat bust out laughing and took ages to stop.

“You ok now? What’s all the laughing about?”

“I’m not thinking about our swimming semi’s, but I got one looking at you.”

“I need a wank Pat and don’t offer a hand, we are supposed to be on opposite sides remember? I’m off, see you later.”

Tommy had seen his family a few times and Paul came once. Tommy introduced them all to Pat and Paul could see the obvious friendship between them, but then he was looking at them in an entirely different way to anyone else. Things were to get worse for Paul.

It was true Tommy and Pat were getting close and not just because Pat had confined in Tommy that he was gay either.

“You don’t have to tell me you’re gay as well Tom, it’s written all over your face.”

“Oh piss off, just a lucky guess, still you are right I am. You got a boyfriend?”

“He dumped me when he found out I had been selected. He said I would get involved when I got here, he could be right as well.” Pat looked hard and long at Tommy. “What about you Tom?” As soon as he said that Tommy’s thoughts went straight to Paul and wondered if he was on a date.

“No, nobody.” They sat in silence for a long time, both in deep thought.

“Penny for them?” Tommy asked. Pat did not reply for some time. Then he smiled.

“Just wishing I was either a Pom or better still, you were an Aussie.”

The semifinals were as tough as they knew they would be, Tommy’s being the toughest. Pat won his by half a length and Tommy by just an arm. Still, Tommy had a lot left in the tank, but then so could Pat. They would soon find out.


Paul had a sudden rush of blood and gave himself the day off and drove to London. He could not be at the final tomorrow and needed to see Tommy before then. He didn’t call Tommy, he wanted to surprise him.


After the last coaching session it was all done. There was nothing more to do now that would benefit any competitor and so all of them were sent to relax and wait for the coach the next day at 1pm. The final would be at 3.

Pat and Tommy arranged to meet in chairs in the garden where they had a favourite spot and would talk for ages before it was time to eat and wait for bedtime.

“Hi Pommie.”

“Hi convict!”

They talked for ages trying not to think of tomorrow, but it could not be ignored.

“Fuck Pat, this waiting is killing me, I’m more tense than ever. What about you?”

“Nah sport, just wondering if gold will look good on me and how heavy it is!” Tommy laughed with Pat.

“It will look good on you Pat, I’m just pleased we are friends no matter what happens tomorrow.”

“Me too Tom.” He cleared his throat. “I know it’s daft and I should not ask this of the enemy, but do one thing for me Tommy please.”

“Sure, what?” He looked at Pat and saw a wicked glint in his eye.

“Kiss my cheek please. Told you it was daft.”

Tommy thought of nothing he would like more and lent over to Pat and as soon as he was about to kiss his cheek Pat turned his face, put his hand behind Tommy’s head and pulled him to his lips and held on hard. Tommy could not move.

Timing is everything in most things, but this could not be worse for Paul and as he turned the corner he saw Tommy kissing Pat. He just stood there frozen to the spot and his world fell apart.

“You SHIT!” Tommy said as he managed to break free.

“Oh FUCK!” Tommy looked at Pat who was looking past him. Tommy followed his gaze and saw Paul. They stared at one another for a few seconds and then Paul turned and walked away.

“Paul, PAUL!” Too late he had gone.

“Christ I’ve just fucked up. Phone him Tommy.” His mobile was in his room.

Tommy now knew how Paul felt about him and for now anyway, the final was all but forgotten. He was still a bit confused though. He assumed Paul was straight as he had been with girls, ok none seemed that important to him, but THIS? He still had no memory about the day before his 15th birthday.

Much later Tommy was trying to get to sleep, but was far from it. His mind was in overdrive thinking about the final and Paul. He got out of bed and wandered into the lounge. He sent another text knowing there would be no reply. He had phoned several times and got put onto messenger. Christ he is so pissed off with me. At last he went back to bed and actually slept for an hour. This sleep was about to come to his rescue.

He suddenly sat bolt upright, wrenched from his sleep and sweating like a pig. He got into his chair and wheeled himself back into the lounge. He open his phone and realised the battery was flat.

“FUCK IT!” Back in the bedroom he at last found the charger and took it back and plugged it in. He phoned Paul and again it went on messenger.

He phoned Freddy.

“What the fuck are you doing phoning at this time of night? You got a final tomorrow dickhead remember? Go back to bed.”

“Freddy shut up and listen.” He poured the lot out including the dream he had which told him what he had said to Paul the day before the plane crash. “I told him I loved him Freddy and I have never stopped. PLEASE go and tell him, PLEASE Freddy. Tell him Pat was only fooling about. Freddy I know this is bad, but ask Sandy if she would give Paul her ticket for tomorrow. I just want him there. Oh fuck I love him so fucking much.” The voice at the other end was gentle and full of love for his brother.

“Don’t worry my man. He will be there. Now go back to bed and trust me to sort all this out. Just get some sleep and get yourself relaxed for tomorrow. We love you Tommy and that includes Paul, he is family and always has been.”

Freddy got dressed, but before he left to bang up Paul’s household he phoned Sandy.

“Trust a gay twat to fuck up the day before the biggest race of his life! CHRIST why do they make life SO complicated. Tommy is gay, he loves Paul. Paul is gay, he loves Tommy. It’s SO fucking obvious to all of us but these two can’t see it! I give up!”

“It took you a long time to say you would marry me don’t forget. How much more complicated can you get than that?”

“You got me pissed you horny fucker. Oh go and play cupid and we can all get back to sleep. I love you so much Freddy and tell Paul from me to get his cock ready, Tommy will hope so as well! Have a great day tomorrow, NO! I mean today!”

Freddy felt like a complete twat standing there at 1 o’clock in the morning and Paul’s dad was not the most welcoming when at last he pulled the door open.

“Freddy? What the FUCK are you doing here?”

An hour later Freddy was driving back home and had just left a very happy gay boy texting another gay boy.

“Fuck, the things you have to do for family!” Freddy laughed out load. He too was very happy.


All 10 finalist lined up in the holding room waiting to be called out into the pool. Tommy would be the 6th to be called, Pat was 5th. There was a hell of a noise coming back at them. Pat turned to Tommy.

“That’s going to double when you get out there mate!” He held out his hand and Tommy took it.

“Have a good race mate.”

“You too Pat.” They held hands for just a while longer as well as looks. Pat turned and wheeled out, the Aussie crowd went mad.

“Representing Great Briton, Tommy… Nobody could hear his surname, not that they did not know it anyway, the noise was deafening. The whole bloody country and millions outside it were looking at him! Tommy scanned the spectators as he waved back, he more or less knew where his family would be, but he wanted to see if Paul was there, but failed to find him. He reached his lane and cleared his mind as soon as he had glanced over to Pat for the last time. Pat returned it and he too cleared his mind. Both knew this was not going to be a two horse race, they were up against the best.


Way up in the stands Paul looked down and if love could win the gold for Tommy he would get home with a minute to spare. He sat next to Freddy with their arms linked. They had been like that long before Tommy came out.

“Don’t get any ideas Paul, I’m spoken for remember and I’m straight.”

“I’m still going to kiss you if Tommy wins though. Anyway what’s the difference between a gay guy and a straight guy?”

“Yeah I know, one too many drinks.” Say anything daft if it helps to ease the tension.


Ten supreme athletes, with only four legs between them, perfectly second guessed the “gun” and every one of them made great starts and got straight into their individual strokes, each confident, each determined, and each going for gold.

After the first 50 metres there was hardly a hair between them and they all made perfect turns. That made the second 50 even more important as if it wasn’t already.

Even though Tommy was in the next lane to Pat all he was now was another guy going for the same thing as he was. It was as if he was the only person in the race, the other 9 did not exist, not yet anyway. He could not even hear the noise of the 17,500 crowd as they screamed out their support for their particular countryman. His technique, his breathing, his length of stroke and timing that had been drilled into him was in perfect harmony. He felt relaxed and confident and just by instinct he knew he was “on course.”

By the time they got to the second 50 the positions were clearer.

S Korea.

The rest were out of it already unless any of the first 5 lost an arm as well.

Pat turned very well as did Tommy and had luck at the same time as the Chinese guy had a bad one and Tommy came out of it in second place. The home supporters went mad.

The Chinese guy and the Japanese found themselves in joint 3rd.

The third 50 would now be make or break. Pat was swimming beautifully and pulling very slightly away from Tommy. Tommy was not about to panic, Pat was half a length up and still within range of Tommy’s fast finish.

But when they turned Pat was now a length in front. It now became obvious the two friends were swimming for gold and silver.

The Chinaman was ahead of the Japanese guy now and was sure of bronze, but possibly too far behind to challenge Tommy and definitely not Pat.

By now everyone was on their feet screaming out as never before. Tommy’s mum and dad were holding on to one another yelling out Tommy’s name and Freddy had Paul in front of him with his arms wrapped around his body and squeezing the life out of him. Paul would be hard of hearing in his left ear for an hour after the race. Paul’s voice was rapidly failing and by now it had been reduced to a load squeak.

All the races Tommy had competed in at this distance had been won in the final 50. That’s what everyone knew about him and Pat was no exception, that’s why he had to get distance in the third 50. Pat had his own strong finish, it was just a matter if he had managed to get enough distance in front of Tommy and could he match Tommy’s finishing strokes? Now with 30 meters left they were both about to find out.

Pat became aware that Tommy had reduced his lead, but he still had his finish to come, but with just 20 to go Pat knew Tommy would go flat out and he knew it was going to be a very close thing, everyone did.

Tommy now dug in and was swimming as never before, he tried to keep on track regarding his swim plan, but knew by now he had to pull something out that would be a bit special otherwise the gold was gone.

Jeff, Tommy’s trainer, standing rock still on the side of the pool watching also knew Tommy would have to bring something out of himself that would make the difference.

They were now neck and neck and nobody knew if it was Tommy going up a gear or Pat tiring. Pat tried a burst and got half an arm ahead. That bought out more screams from the crowd, both Aussie and Brits going out of their collective heads.

Tommy bought back Pat’s half arm advantage with four massive strokes, but he was coming to the very edge of his physical strength. All he had left now was mental strength.

Still neck and neck and one lane with gold at the end of it and one with silver. Nobody knew which would have at the end of this fantastic race and just 3 metres to go.

There was pandemonium in the stadium and whoever designed the roof must have been crapping themselves!

Tommy and Pat looked and smiled at one another. They had fought an epic battle and both won the hearts and minds of every single person in the Aquatics centre regardless of nationality and millions all over the world.

Supporters in Australia and the UK were on their feet applauding their man regardless of colour of medal. They had given them a final to remember for years to come. Thousands knew the result before Tommy and Pat did as it was so close. The electronic scoreboard flashed the results up for each competitor the moment their fingertips touched the finish.

Two beautiful men had just swam against one another with only one thought in mind and that was of course to win. One did and only because of electronics. A few years back, it would have been declared a dead heat and they would have shared the gold.

“Well done Tommy, gold suits you.” Pat had a massive smile on his face which told Tommy just how genuine Patrick was, but his eyes told another story and there was a great deal of affection in them.

There was so much going on and even though he tried he still could not see Paul. Then the TV people got hold of him and he was stuck. He knew he would not see them now until after the medal ceremony.

“Is your family here Tommy?” Asked the TV girl.

“Yes, my mum, dad, brother and my boyfriend!” He had no recollection saying that, but tweets numbered in the many thousands! That interview would be played back many many times.

Tommy stood waiting to be called for his medal and as soon as it was announced the place erupted once again and after receiving his gold he then realised just how emotional the whole thing was, not just for him, but the whole country. It was INCREDIBLE. The presentation of his medal, the flowers, the anthem, the flag, the cheers and the three of them standing together for a photo take. And then it was all over. They went back to their reception room and once again Tommy and Pat embraced.

“I’m happy for you Tommy and if you ever want to bring that gold to Australia let me know then I can show you how to kiss properly.” Tommy opened his mouth to say something, but Pat stopped him.

“No mate don’t say anything, I just lost a gold medal and knowing I don’t have a chance with you, that’s enough for one day I think. Say hi to Paul for me and be happy.” He lent down and kissed Tommy’s cheek and with one last look he went to join his teammates. They would meet and say goodbye at the closing ceremony.

At long last he was able to meet his family and Paul. There was a huge emotional coming together and no one had a problem as the tears flowed. There was no conversation, just everyone talking at the same time. He could not even tell Paul how much he loved him, all they could do was stand there with an arm around the other. The room was crowded, but Freddy once again came up with the answer. He had disappeared and the next thing Tommy and Paul knew he was dragging them out. He had found an empty room and shoved them inside and closed the door on his way back to the others.

They just stood there looking and smiling not knowing what to say. One of them had to though otherwise we would all be here for hours.

“Christ we have known each other 18 years and now we don’t know what to say! I don’t know when I fell in love with you but I do know I am and if you say anything about me dating girls, I had no idea myself.”

“Choice of two holes?”

“Crude bugger. We haven’t got much time, are we going to kiss or carry on with the bullshit?”

It did not take long to close the gap between the two and for the first time they managed to do what each of them had wanted to do for years. As soon as their lips touched quite a few bombs went off. All they were doing by kissing one another was expressing their love in the most powerful way it is possible to do.


“Okay you two, we won’t stop. Have a lovely time and we will pick you up in four days.” Freddy and Sandy had driven Tommy and Paul down to Cornwall and dropped them off at an isolated cottage in the middle of nowhere, just for them to be together. There had been a lot of media interest not just about Tommy’s gold, but his “coming out.” They needed a break and both of their families made sure they would and booked the cottage for them.

They stood together waving to Freddy and Sally as they drove away.

They remained standing there taking in the lovely warm evening with their arms around one another.

“Happy?” Paul asked.

“What do you think dopey? Course I am. This is the start of the rest of our lives and I will tell you something. If I had to make the choice between you or the bronze? That fucking Chinese guy was fantas…!”

Paul slapped the back of Tommy’s head, took him into the cottage and closed the door.


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