Matt & Me
by BobbyG


Chapter 5

We had arrived back home both happy with a bum load of one another’s seed stuck up each anus. I had carried Matt home on my shoulders with his hands over my eyes and giving me directions while I walked. The fart guided me into just about every bush and tree, laughing his fucking head off. He would suffer when I got him home and we would both love it. Acting like a couple of kids helped as well.

I dumped him on the floor and beat him up so bad he wet himself. I then took us both to the shower when, after a clean up, I gave him a blow job and then to bed and gave him another one while he jacked me off, all over his chest. Back to the shower and as we were both shattered by now, we cuddled up smiling at one another, kissing and stroking backs and bums. We were both knackered and said a quick goodnight before it was too late.

“See you tomorrow birthday boy.” He kissed me but was losing it and after one more kiss he squeezed me one more time and fell asleep in my arms. He would be there all night.

I absolutely loved laying as we were, Matt always dropped off before I did and once again smiled as he mumbled something in his sleep. Matt was a sleep talker but mostly incoherent even though he was saying something about me as he often said my name.

I thought of tomorrow and his 15th birthday which just happened to be halfway through his time with me. Once again my thoughts went back to my feelings and admitting I was in love with him and just knew I could not tell him. Matt would have to move on and experience life as I had done which could possibly include making mistakes and learning from them as indeed I had. BUT, had I learnt anything? Not really as I found myself in love with a nearly 15 year old and a disaster waiting to happen if I told him of my love. Like Norman, I would just have to get over Matt, but I knew this time it would be a real struggle, Norman had hurt me badly, Matt never would.

I was beginning to drop off as I listened to Matt’s steady breathing and was only half awake. Matt mumbled again and squeezed me as he did and I was SURE he said, “I love you Simon!” Or was it what I wanted to hear? I fell asleep but it would be the first thing I thought when I woke up.


“OI! Wake up old man!” I opened one eye and sort of smiled at him still being half asleep but managed to slap his ass.

“That didn’t hurt.”

“Let me wake up first then it will.” He snuggled into me and kissed my neck and I thought about what I thought he had said before I fell asleep and then kissed the top of his head.

“Happy birthday Matt. I am so glad we can celebrate it together.” I wanted to say that I was glad he was with me and his birthday was only one reason I was but I knew he would ask me what the others were and I knew I couldn’t answer him.

“Me too, be back in a mo.” He gave me a peck and jumped out of bed and made his wonderful naked way to the bathroom. I knew what he would be doing when he got there and my cock was rising to welcome him back.

He came running in and threw himself on me, sat on my belly and nearly burst my bladder. “Fuck! I need a piss.” I threw him off and ran for the bog just making it in time. A massive stream of yellow poured out with me telling it to hurry. I wiped myself clean, ran back and landed on him.

“Good start to a birthday Simon. Do you want to take your old age pills first so you can fuck me?” I beat him up again. That’s exactly what he wanted and screamed all over the bed as I tortured his lovely 15 year old body. Surprisingly we both got hard ons!

We continued to “fight” but Matt was beginning to slow down and just laid on his back and looked at me with his head on one side waiting for me to grow up and stop being a kid. He turned over and stuck his bum up. The message was clear so I dived into the valley of dreams and rimmed him. The new 15 year old nearly took off as I sunk my tongue into the hole of dreams and had to hold on tight otherwise he could have ended back up in Scotland!

I laid him down and climbed on top with my cock laying between his cheeks. He twisted his head so we could kiss and then I put my hand around his waist and pulled him back up and when we were both in position I entered his tight hole just to the head and after waiting for him to get used to me being there, I slowly sank into him listening as he groaned his pleasure.

Now fully bedded into birthday boy I decided to fuck and have a workout at the same time. Who said a bloke can’t do two things at once?

Matt was very bendable and without my cock in any danger of falling out I was able to turn him round to face me. I sat him up and got his arms behind my neck and like that got out of bed. With my arms around him and his legs around my waist, I bent forward and gave a rocking motion so I could fuck as I moved. I travelled all over the bedroom like that and Matt telling me he would cum if I didn’t slow down. I took him to the window where he put his feet on the window sill and I could now stroke him with the whole length of my cock, withdrawing to the tip of my head and slowly sliding back in.

By now we were worked up so much I had to either finish us off where we were or take him back to bed, back we went. I laid on my back while Matt twisted round with his back to me and took over pumping on my swollen rod until I yelled out, sat up and grabbed him around his waist, held on tight and blasted one continuous stream into him, followed by goodness knows how many more, I was in no state to count anyway. “Lay down Simon, quick!” I collapsed still catching my breath. Matt slid off me and turned quickly and now straddled over my chest bringing himself to the crossing line. With half a dozen more stokes and me watching his fabulous tense body, he shot a huge load into my open mouth and all over my face time and time again. He stayed as he was just looking down at me with a massive smile and at the same time drawing in lung falls of oxygen. He finally laid on top licking my face clean and kissing me with half of it.

We got on our sides and all we could do was smile while coming back down from those dizzy heights. About five minutes later I was able to talk.

“What’s it like being fucked at 15?”

“I’m not 15 yet. Mum told me I wasn’t born until 2 in the afternoon.”

“Oh FUCK! No presents till 2 then.” Silence.

“But she can’t tell the time that good either!” We laughed and once again cuddled together and of course kissed all the while.

“Right, your day so is it breakfast first then back here for presents or presents now?” Matt went down and laid on my left thigh.

“Cock sucking first then breakfast then back to bed please.” Who was I to complain! He took my limp cock in his mouth and I already knew he would want to be there for a very long time. I just laid back and accepted my fate as he blew me hard again and then to completion after which I felt I should do the same to him and laid still as he fucked my face until a massive load arrived down my throat. I did not swallow all of it, instead I got back to his mouth and fed him some of his own sperm. My word where on earth did we get the stamina!

We eventually got into the kitchen for breakfast and Matt cooked for us while I went back to the bedroom and got his parcels and cards out of hiding and put them on his pillow. He had three parcels from family plus mine. I looked at them and smiled, he was going to have a lovely time.

“SIMON! “He yelled out. “We haven’t been together for over five minutes, that’s against the rules, get your ass in here, breakfasts ready anyway.” I did as ordered and hugged him, oh, and kissed. We sat close and eat in silence but every now and again leaning together and kissed once more. I thought back to just before I fell asleep last night. Did I hear him say he loved me? Fuck I wish I had not almost dropped off.

We washed up and put everything away and after Matt had cleaned the work surfaces I took him back into the bedroom and watched his face break into a massive smile when he saw his parcels. I pulled him into me. “A really happy birthday Matt.” He looked up at me with his eyes watering up. “Everyday has been a birthday Simon.” And cuddled in tight again.

We sat on the bed and he began by opening his cards from the family and showed me after he had read them. All very sweet and full of love but what surprised me was I was also mentioned in every card, nice mentions as well.

He opened the big one from the family and by the shape of it he must have known it was a new laptop, he was beside himself and even happier when he opened the two from his sisters. A red heart cushion from Mary Jane with a rainbow ribbon around it and the words “LOVE YOU BRO.” And from little Gail a lovely soft cuddly bear and even that had a rainbow ribbon around its neck with a tag attached, “MY LOVELY MATHEW.” I sat there watching his face and eyes which were again filling up. He looked at me and smiled. “Yes I am missing them just now Simon, sorry about the tears.” I sat between his legs and took him to my chest with my arms around him. “Please don’t be sorry.” He clung on tight and then looked at me. “If I cant be home, I am in the best place.”

He picked my card up and opened it and read my words.

“Matt. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and thank you for being with me to share it. I wish you all that you wish yourself. With fond best wishes, Simon.” He cuddled in, “Thank you, this will stay with me forever.” Then he laughed, “this had better be the first of many!” I tried to interpret that but thought it best not too.

He picked up the small package from me and took the wrapping off and looked at the presentation box. He opened it and just stared at the gold pendant and chain, it was in the logo of Rangers Football Club with the letters RFC intertwined in a lovely pattern. I took it from him and put it round his equally lovely neck. He kissed me quickly and went to the mirror and stood there for ages admiring it. I could see his reflection and that amazing smile and perfect naked body. He came back to me and for the next goodness how long he kept thanking me and kissing with so much passion. We eventually laid down and even fell asleep for an hour.

We made love for just about the whole time before we went out for the meal I had booked for 7 30 but not before he called home. I left him in private and went for a soak in the bath and waited for him to join me.

He came in with that permanent smile on his face.

“Nice call?”

“Very and they have asked you to stay for the weekend when we go back.”

“Where will I sleep?”

“In the fucking shed daft sod!” I didn’t beat him up after all it was his birthday and in any case all I wanted to do was cuddle him and then make love. We did that three more times before we had to get ready to go out.

After a lovely evening we stripped one another off as soon as I had closed the door. We showered then went to bed where we just snuggled up. Matt was knackered and was having trouble staying awake. I kissed him goodnight and turned him round, I wrapped my arms around his 15 year old body and we settled down.

“Thanks for the best birthday ever Simon.” Then fell asleep, I was only a couple of minutes behind, but before I did I wanted to say to my sleeping 15 year old what I had wanted to say for weeks and was so scared to say it but I could now as he was fast asleep, I whispered;

“I love you so much Matt. Night night my sweet man.” And snuggled into him once more.

“Night night Simon, I love you too!!!!”

My eyes snapped open, but then his breathing was steady as he slept and I was sure he had been talking in his sleep again. I breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep myself.


Why is it the last half of a holiday seems to go even faster than the first half? Or was that me being so absorbed in our time together, and I’m sure Matt did not notice either, until we got to the last week and then it became countdown time.

The weeks after his birthday were packed with hard work, going out all over the place and several visits to our bit of the woods as well as every room in the house. Matt LOVED our physical times and would always be the instigator of the next fuck about. Mind you he didn’t have much opposition!

I think that even as important was our cuddle up times especially on the couch in the lounge when we were watching tv, listening to music or just chatting which we did a lot. He would always end up with his head on one of my thighs playing with me for ages. During that routine I would often pull him up so we could kiss for a while before he went back down to continue playing until it was time for bed and then more often than not make full love before we fell asleep, well actually every night to be honest.

The last day was dreadful not that we tried to show it because neither of us wanted to seem too upset. We never made love on that day or night and was the only time we didn’t. We went to bed early and just cuddled in not saying a word. We were all packed ready to leave very early the next morning, in fact 1am as I wanted to drive through the night.

I woke about 10 and found Matt awake as well. I kissed him and he held onto me as tightly as he could.

“Shall we get up and go Matt?” He did not answer for a long time and I just waited for him to make up our minds.

“I guess so. Let’s have a bath first please.” I kissed him once more thinking this would be the last time in my bed ever. I forced myself to get out and went to run a bath. We cuddled up in it for a while and then washed one another but even that was a half-hearted affair. Breakfast was crap but eventually we were ready to leave. He looked round one last time and smiled at me but with tears pouring down his face.

“Come on sweet man, let’s get the hell out.” We cuddled in close and hard. “I know this is a bit shit right now but there is so much for you to look forward to as well Matt, and your future. You will be fine I promise.” I kissed him once more and led the way out to the car. I did not let him see my own tears and angrily wiped them away before I got in and started up.

We were both fully dressed and there would be no hand in pants or anything physical, we sat there trying to talk but there were long gaps and both of us could not wait to get back to Scotland.

At least when I finally stopped outside his home the tension went as Matt and I were greeted by the family and it was a really lovely time as Matt talked his head off about his holiday and showing them a few hundred photos on his new computer that he had downloaded from his phone. He kept the naughty ones in another file which was password protected!

It really was a lovely time and both Matt and I were happy and I was sure that now he was back with his family he would not be so upset when I left as he had been when we drove away from my home. There were no embarrassing moments when it was time for bed, it was just accepted and we made such beautiful love when we got into his bunk. It was great fun made even more so as we had to keep the noise down and quietly laughed our heads off.

I had packed and put my bag in the E Type and then went back upstairs where Matt was waiting for me to say our private goodbyes. I could have got into any acting company as I told him it had been so enjoyable having him stay. We both thanked one another smiling and joking all the time. OH it was all so light-hearted, SO funny! And SO fucking false.

I cuddled and kissed the family goodbye and after slapping Matt on the back in a macho way, I “cheerfully” got into my car waving and smiling all the time. I started up, slammed it into first gear and drove off leaving burnt tyre marks behind me even though I had forgotten to take the hand break off.

When I got back home after a miserable drive, I stripped the bed and put everything into the wash. That set would be the only one I would use from now on. Stupid? Maybe but I would have something of Matt every time I went to bed and of course I would see him on video calls which we would make twice a week.


Thank God I was committed to my work, that helped me no end and I spent even more time studying the big finance corporations, stock markets and all the investment companies who were central to my investments on behalf of my clients. I went to London to meet two potential clients and signed both up by the time the meetings were over.

I needed physical time as well and would go for a run through the wood every day. Of course I would often stop off at the copse and smile as I looked at the spot where I had first made love to Matt. The tree he leaned on as I slipped into him, the same tree when he did the same to me. I would then run back as fast as I could and then spend an hour in my gym working myself hard, too hard as I was becoming more muscular which I did not want.

The video calls to Matt were ok I guess. We would chat for half an hour when I would have to appear as happy as he was. His face was a picture as he smiled over the airwaves telling me all about his life and planning to go to catering college when he left school. Before we cut the call, Matt would kiss his pendant and then blow me one. I returned the kiss and that was it until the next time. I would look at the blank screen and tried to come to terms with the fact Matt was settled and looking to the future. I was happy for him and knew as time went by I would grow up and let him go! But then two things happened on the same day and one of them confirmed to me Matt had indeed moved on.

A client called Mr Ayo Buhari had been with me for a year. He was South African and had lived with his wife and son in London for about five years. He rang me on this particular day inviting me to his home at 2pm to meet his son and look at his finances and take him through possible investments. It would turn out to be an interesting meeting.

It was the same day that Matt and I were due to meet online but as I would be back home late I called him at 9am before I had to drive to London. I knew that Matt was off school because it was closed due to a central heating break down, that’s why I could make the call and waited to see if he was in his bedroom. He came on smiling as usual. I explained why I had called and we settled down to chat which as usual was a happy one and no signs from Matt that he was suffering like I was and still missing him dreadfully, that was until I noticed the screen vibrate. Matt’s bunk bed was on top of the workstation and the whole unit was fixed together. It was obvious someone was in the bunk and moving about, Matt took no notice and carried on chatting away. I couldn’t concentrate too well and I thanked my luck when the phone rang which was from another client. We said a quick goodbye and closed the call.

I chatted to my caller and promised I would look at the investment he thought would be to his advantage. We said goodbye and I got myself ready to drive to London.

I rang the doorbell right on time and when it opened I just stood with my mouth open as I took in the sight of the most beautiful black man I had EVER seen. He was simply stunning.

“Hello, you must be Simon, I’m Chika welcome to our home.” He held his hand out which I took and did not want to let go. I was looking at man about my age and the same height. He had a very trim body dressed in jeans and a yellow short sleeve T-shirt. His arms were hairless and showing beautiful biceps, not developed by workouts, just natural. I guessed the rest of him was as equally fantastic. He led the way to a room which turned out to be the lounge with me looking at a very firm bum and me certainly enjoying my visit and of course wondering if?

“I must apologise, my father has been delayed but will join us soon. Perhaps you would like tea or coffee while we go through this lot Simon?” He motioned for me to sit near a coffee table that had with a few papers on it. I asked for a coffee and when he bought it told me a bit about himself and what all this was about. It turned out he was a medical student qualifying to become a doctor. He had received an inheritance from his late grandmother and his father had insisted he invest most of it which was £10,000 and why I was there.

I looked at the papers and smiled, not only were we the same age, we also shared the same birthday, 28th July. I told Chika who smiled back. “Well at least that’s one thing we have in common Simon.” I wondered if we had anything else.

Mr Buhari came in and after greetings and handshakes we got down to business which didn’t take long, I knew exactly where to put it and after approval from dad and therefore Chika he wrote a cheque which included my commission for setting it all up. It was a pleasant meeting with two charming clients and during the whole time Chika kept looking at me and smiling which I had no problem returning.

It was all done and I thought it was all over and I would go home until Chika invited me to stay and go to his room for a chat.

He led the way into his beautifully furnished room which included a massive king-sized bed. I looked at him and waited, I knew what was coming.

“Simon, I don’t think I have got this wrong and I’m sure we have something else in common. like being gay?” He came to me and we wrapped arms around one another and kissed with a great deal of pleasure. If Matt had moved on, I could as well, after all he was only a kid. Yes, it was time to close that chapter, remember the wonderful times and experience other wonderful times.

Chika took me to his huge bed and we laid down still kissing, BUT… something was different, I was still soft.

I don’t know if people believe in divine intervention, I had not thought about it at all until my mobile rang and rang. I excused myself and took it out of my pocket. I opened it, it was Matt which annoyed me big time, the bugger knew I was with a client, not that he would know in what way now. Before I connected the call I looked at Chika as he remained on his back with a massive hard on hidden in his jeans.

“I TOLD you I would be with a client Matt!” As soon as it came out I regretted it.

“Simon it’s not Mathew, its Mary and I’m using his phone. I am so sorry to call you like this but please call me when you can sweetheart, Mathew is in big trouble and I need to talk to you, please call when you can, I will stay up all night if I have too. I have to go.” The phone went dead and I was in sheer panic. What the fuck had happened! Was he ill, had an accident, in trouble with the police, missing? But I did not have the home phone number so I would have to go back to my place and phone from there, it was obvious I couldn’t call Matt’s phone. Thoughts flashed through my head and was sure he wasn’t in any physical distress because Mary would just say. No, this was something else and to be honest I could not even come close to thinking what it could be, but for Mary to call me, I knew there was a massive problem.

Chika insisted he would drive me to Waterloo and all the way telling me he hoped we could meet up again. “We have unfinished good times Simon and I already know they will be.” I had to lie telling him my nephew’s son was very ill and was in a very serious condition. I almost got it right as it turned out.

I should have used the commission I had just been paid taking a taxi home but then I did not know the train would be an hour late getting into Farnborough and by the time the local taxi dropped me off I was a fucking wreck.

I dumped Chika’s file on my desk and sat looking at the phone, not wanting to pick it up. I looked at Matt’s chair that was still next to mine and then moved over and sat on it.

I picked the phone up and dialled and after I had pushed the last number, I closed my eyes and waited.

“Hello? Is that you Simon?”

“Yes Mary, it’s Simon.”


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