Matt & Me
by BobbyG


Chapter 3

I woke at 8 that morning to find Matt had turned during the night and now had his back to me with both of my arms around his slim body and his right hand on the back of mine which he had put on his cock, a very hard cock. I gently fondled it and smiled as he grunted his pleasure and pushed back into me. My own weapon was at full mast and I had to pull back so I could jam it against his back, another grunt.

“You awake?” I whispered.

“No.” He whispered back.

“Bugger, I hoped you were and would turn round and kiss me.” He gave out a sort of annoyed sigh and spun round smiling the smile that I could look at all day. We very gently kissed for about ten minutes without saying a word. I stroked his head and face before putting him on his back and laying on top of him.

“Good morning handsome man.” Smiling all the time as I looked into his eyes and the rest of his lovely face.

“Good morning even more handsome man.” We kissed for some time again with my whole weight on top of him.

“Fuck you’re getting heavy! How much did you eat yesterday?” That smile again which told me he was in for a fight and I didn’t disappoint. I grabbed him under his armpits and tickled the life out of him and threw him all over the bed with Matt screaming his head off telling me I was dead, “as soon as you let me!”

It was fantastic as we threw one another all over the place and at the same time our hands and tongues tried to get to a place of interest with our bodies twisting each and every way.

Matt found himself on his front and me on top looking at his bum and my hard cock just above his head. “Don’t move.” Matt stayed still as I kissed both cheeks and my hands stroking the backs of his legs and then moved under him to hold his cock in one hand while the other one played with his lovely balls.

I then turned round and kissed both cheeks, I took his hips in my hands and lifted his beautiful behind up towards my mouth.

Matt was about to experience another first as I kissed and licked both cheeks and all the while getting deeper into his valley. Matt meanwhile laid on his hands and said a hundred times, “oh yes… oooh yesss!” as I continued to get closer and closer to that lovely pink button. I began to rub his cock between the heels of both hands, gently wanking him, pushing the foreskin right over the head and then back down to fully expose it. He was leaking pre-cum which I rubbed into the head and wiped it all over his almost six inches of rock hard cock. “Oh shit Simon, I’m going to cum if you keep that up.” I stopped wanking and just held the beauty as my tongue gave the first gentle lick of that very sensitive spot, Matt nearly took off and told me not to stop! “Oh fucking hell Simon!!”

I got onto my knees between his legs and held on to his hips and literally rammed my face into his valley rimming him for a very long time and all the while Matt moaning his pleasure saying something like “oh shit! Oh fucking… SHIT!” I carried on rimming him and loved holding on as his body jerked as my tongue gave him this wonderful experience and taking him to his summit from which he had only one way to go.

I got us into a 69 and held on tight to him as I took him into my mouth and sucked the whole length of his lovely cock as well as circling the head with my tongue. Matt copied what I was doing to him taking me further up the cum ladder. Matt was now at the top of it.

“Oh fuck… oh shit, Simon I’m cumming, oh shit I’m…!” His cock swelled massively and I just waited as he called out again and then the first shot flew out hitting the back of my throat with a lot of force followed by three more and then to dribbles as I swallowed the lot. It was wonderful and his cumming bought me to mine. “Look out Matt I’m cumming too!” He spat my cock out and watched as I erupted all over his face, time and time again.

We laid as we were sucking each cock until I turned and cuddled him into him licking my cum off his eyes and face. I got a dollop of it and fed it to him. “Try it you might like it.” He sucked my finger and smiled at me. “I want the lot next time, it’s nice.”

We bathed together with Matt sitting in front of me as I wrapped my arms and legs around him kissing his neck. Matt held onto the backs of my hands, both of us content to stay like that until it was time to get ready to go down for breakfast. After we had dried off we dressed one another and after a kiss Matt went down with me following a few minutes later. I joined him and a few other guests and chatted about the wedding and wondering why Dean and Mary were not with us! I looked at Matt and smiled wondering if they had got up to similar to what we had.

After saying goodbye to those that were in the dining room we went to our rooms and packed then met up in my room. Matt looked great in shorts and sports top. He came to me and kissed. I pulled his shorts out and looked in, no knickers. He did the same to my shorts, no knickers and I doubted there would be over the next eight weeks. I looked at my watch, 9 o’clock, three hours before I intended to drive home so I thought a bit of finger fucking would be a good thing for us to enjoy so I stripped him and myself off and took us to bed.

“Thought we were going home to get ready to drive to your place.”

“We leave about 12 and I want to do something to start to get you ready for when we get there.” Matt just smiled and hugged me then I got the lube out of my case and laid him face down on a pillow across my lap with his bum sticking up and fondled, kissed and licked as well as open him up to run a lubed up finger over his tight ring. I played for sometime loving what I was doing to him and listening to Matt moaning and so happy.

“Just relax dear boy, this won’t hurt, all I am going to do is start loosening you up, I won’t go any further than my elbow!” He laughed his head off and I bent down and kissed his bum again.

I played with him and at the same time put a little pressure on his button until my middle fingertip went in. “Ok Matt?” He didn’t answer, just pushed his bum up and my finger went in further and further right up to my knuckle. I then finger fucked for some time and with Matt telling me, “It feels good Simon.” I risked another finger and it soon joined the first one and once again Matt told me he was fine and so I carried on for 10 minutes or so then stopped much to Matt’s disappointment. “That’s long enough for the first time. I need to get some bits for when we get back to mine. Can I use your computer later?” He climbed up to my face and kissed me, “course you can” and kissed me again, he got between my legs and played with my cock and balls until we had to go a half hour later. That became one of his favourite positions over the weeks and no complaints from me it has to be said!

We drove back to his house with Matt’s hand down my shorts the whole way, gently stroking me.

“I bet you can’t keep it there all the way to my place.”

“Bet I can. How long will it take?”

“About seven hours.”

“A seven hour wank coming up then.”

We were the first to arrive at Matt’s place so we went up to his room and I got online to buy some bits that we would need during Matt’s stay. The fourteen year old busied himself packing and took it down to the car. Just as he finished the family arrived back and we sat around chatting while Dean tried to stay awake. Mary went out to the kitchen to make us sandwiches and cut up a Victoria sponge for our trip. She gave all the mum’s warnings to her son about behaving, do as your told, and just stay safe and not to go out on your own, all the usual stuff then creased up as she added, “and no sleeping with any Englishmen, you know they can’t be trusted!”

“Why did you marry me then?” Dean had woken up.

“You got me pissed and I haven’t sobered up yet, you’re in deep shit when I do.”

“I was last night!” Dean sat there smiling at his wife who was beside herself laughing her huge tits off.

SOOO! Mary liked it up the bum as well! As soon as I had taken Matt’s virginity in the same way, Mother and Son would be the same. No wonder they got on so well.

We said our goodbyes dead at midday and after more waves we were off for our eight weeks. As soon as we turned onto the main road Matt’s hand went inside my shorts and there it would stay for most of the next seven hours playing with a very willing and hard cock. I don’t think we stopped talking for the whole journey except for a short break for fuel and a pee. It was all so very relaxed. We made up the rules for the time Matt would be with me which will become clear soon.

I pulled into the short driveway and pushed a button which opened the double garage door and we were home. The doors closed and I switched off and uncoupled our belts, we lent together and kissed. “Welcome to my home Matt but more to the point “our” home for the next eight weeks, hope you enjoy it.” He smiled at me as I was now able to put my hands in his shorts as I kissed him again. “Just hope it doesn’t go too quick!”

I unlocked the door to the house and took Matt into the large hall, he stood there looking around him. “This is huge and I like that!” He was looking at the wrought iron spiral staircase leading upstairs. “I will show you around later, meanwhile come here, we need to carry out our first rule.” We kissed one another for some time but all the while taking off the three items we were wearing, trainers, sports top and finally shorts. We were now naked and the first rule continued but as it did I took Matt closer to the phone and once there I gave him the handset. “Ring mum.” I grabbed all the bags and took them upstairs to the bedroom and dumped them on the bed then went back down and got on my knees to suck Matt as he spoke to his mum. “Yes mum I will… yes mum I got all of it and Simon says he will help me do it… yes mum I will… mum I have to go Simon is having something to eat and I’m starving as well… bye mum, love you too.” He put the phone back and we had our first fight which was great, we had only just got home and already lots of physical stuff and a lot more to cum over the next eight weeks.

By the time we had been home for a couple of hours I had taken Matt on a tour of my/our home, unpacked, knocked up a light meal and now sat in a deep bath with us facing one another cuddled up and kissing. So far rule two had been followed which was we would only separate during private times on the loo but did not include having a piss together.

Upstairs there were four bedrooms, mine, another that was my office, a smaller one that I had converted into a gym and a guest room which had never been used and wouldn’t be this time either. Next to that was the large bathroom where we were now. Matt moved so he was sitting on my lap with my cock jammed under his bum and resting along his crack.

“Wish you could put it in Simon.”

“So do I, but we need to go to bed, but there will be time for a cuddle and a finger fuck before we go to sleep.” Matt quickly kissed me one more time and shot out of the bath to dry off. “Come ON old man, get out!”

I joined boy wonder who was sitting up waiting for us to get into what had become our favourite position. I sat between his open legs and wrapped my four limbs around him and pulled him in tight. He had his arms around my neck and like that we kissed for some time. Much would be shared during the time Matt would be with me and kissing would be the most physical touch of all. I absolutely love kissing and watching two men kiss, for me its the most profound way of giving and taking affection between two males. Rule three, kiss any part of the body at least every five minutes while at home, except during private times, but agreed to make up for it afterwards!

I laid Matt on my lap with him on his back and ran my hands slowly all over his body and often lifting him up to my face to kiss his mouth or suck his cock. I then turned him round and played for some time with his fantastic bum and then lubed him and my middle finger up and entered him to the first knuckle followed by a second finger and massaged for ages and all the while Matt giving me all the encouragement I did not need. I withdrew my fingers but put my middle one back in but this time the whole length and knew by his reaction I had hit the prostate as he screamed out, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

I turned him onto his back and while my finger continued to massage his prostate I lifted him with the other one and took him into my mouth as he groaned his pleasure. This could not last much longer as he was racing to the final act and with one more call to tell me he was coming, his whole body tensed and he cried out as his cock swelled and blasted out a huge load into my mouth followed by four more and then to dribbles as his bollocks finally emptied into me.

I had to move quickly or lose out. I put him on his front and got on top of him with my cock running the length of his crack, I fucked between his cheeks for no more than half a dozen strokes before I too exploded many times covering his back and as they got less I lifted slightly so the rest of my cum landed on his bum. I fell back on top of him and there we stayed until we had got our breathing back to normal. I went down on him and licked a lot of my own cum off his back and at the same time fed him a load.

After some time I got out of bed taking Matt with me to the bathroom and turned the shower on. I put us both in and cleaned one another and then kissing a great deal with our arms tightly wrapped around our bodies.

The kissing continued when we got back into bed and I smiled to myself as Matt’s body finally gave in and he fell asleep with his handsome head on my shoulder. I followed suit a short while later with my arms and right leg around him and we would wake up in the same position in the morning.

Rule four. Spend a half hour kissing “good morning” and actually saying it as well as fondle each body. A rule that was at no risk of being ignored!

Still fondling one another Matt asked me what we would do now. I smiled at him and at the same time extended rule four by getting us into a 69 and blowing each other and at the same time I finger fucked him again with two of them. “You will be ready soon Matt.” We finally came and each swallowed the lot down. Matt was so chuffed he turned round and rule four was once again extended. However, as we had woken at 7 we did not lose much time in what would be a busy day.

At 8 o’clock I took us down to the kitchen for a fresh fruit juice and a slice of toast before going up to the gym for a light workout, my main time in the gym would come later in the day. After I had shown Matt what he could do I kissed him and got on with my own programme but keeping an eye on Matt checking that he did not overdo his own workout. That may have been a sensible thing to do but at the same time watching him exercise and his beautiful body reacting to his exercising, my cock began to join in and got hard. Matt saw it and he also joined in! I got up and took him to the mat and for the second time we went into a 69 but this one was a bit different for both of us as when I shot my loads Matt swallowed the lot. “Now that’s what I call a breakfast Simon!”

After a proper breakfast we had a lovely shower together after which I showed him how to douche and left him to it while I went to my office to rearranged my desk to fit Matt next to me so we could work side by side. He would use my spare computer to work with and after that I went through his homework that I had told him to put on the desk and went through the whole lot and by the time he got back to me I had tripled it with a list of research work he needs to do on every subject.

I had a load of catching up to do and we would be working side by side for the next two hours until it was break time and after that back for another two hours. Lunch would be a light affair after which we should have gone back to the office for the final two hours but this time I cancelled it, we were going to the gym for a full workout or go for a walk, I chose a walk as it was a lovely hot day and a walk would do us both good out in the fresh air and on our way back go for a meal.

It was a great first working day and we both observed rule three every five minutes with a kiss be it on the mouth, shoulder, arm, cock. Anywhere that took our fancy!

Ok, I had better write a bit about my work, it won’t take long because it’s not that interesting anyway. Since I was a very young kid I saw money as an asset and not to be squandered and even if it was only a few quid, I would always save half of it which meant by the time I went into further education at sixth form college I was already on my way to make lots of it. I eventually became an independent financial consultant at a very early age and very good at what I do. I have, as I write, 75 clients whose portfolios I administer and over time I have made all of them a lot richer than they were before they found me. I am also a tax advisor and help them to pay their commitments to the government but also show them ways in which to keep those payments to the bare legal minimum. I am not rich myself but very well off and that’s the way I want it until my target age of 45 when I hope to be able to retire and travel the world, but I also had not given up in finding a better man than the last bastard who fucked me up both in heart and finance he, briefly, ruined me but because of my expertise I was well on my way to recoup those losses. I knew someone out there was “my man” I just had no idea where or who the hell he was of course. Meanwhile, make as much money as I could and at least have a secure financial future.

We got dressed to go out but Matt insisted on another finger fuck before we did. “Simon would you try to “do it” tonight. I know it will hurt but I also know you won’t carry on if it gets too painful?” I smiled at him then kissed him and at the same time had an idea I wanted to try during our walk.

“Ok, but I’m sure it won’t happen but it will be fun. I have a couple of dildo’s coming which will help and other stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“You will have to wait and see.”

“Fuck you!”

“You can see when we get back if you want.” He fell onto my chest laughing his head off.

My house backs onto a large field used for riding school horses to graze with a track running left and right just outside the back gate. Its very private as there are only five houses in the area and apart from tractors, its hardly used that much by other residents, in fact I think I am the only one who takes full advantage of this lovely area. I had a small backpack over my shoulder which Matt asked about.

“What’s in there?”

“A picnic.”

“Fucking liar!” True I thought.

We turned left and strolled a quarter of a mile along the track that leads into a large wooded area and now completely private I was able to hold Matt’s hand. He stopped and at the same time turned to me and we kissed. “This is perfect Simon.” Indeed it was and as we walked through the wood we would often stop and cuddle together and spend a long time with our mouths joined together. We hardly said a word, just enjoying this beautiful English summers afternoon and each others company. We were halfway along the pathway when Matt stopped again.

“Simon?” I looked down at him, he was serious. As a reply I kissed the back of his hand. “Is there a problem Matt?”

“No, not really.” There was a long pause and I waited for him to say what was on his mind, although I was certain what it was.

“I really want you to make love to me tonight please. I know you want to get my bum ready as much as you can and use the dildos on me before you try yourself, but as I have said, I don’t mind and I KNOW I can take the pain… I just want you to… to fuck me! When you put your fingers inside me its fantastic and I know that when you get your cock in me it will be… oh fuck it, you already know for Christ’s sake!” I held him tight to my body and knew the contents of my backpack were about to be used. I kissed him one more time and lead him off the path and found the perfect spot where we could sit down and cuddle in.

“Would you like to try now Matt?” The smile coming back at me gave me his answer.

“What’s in that pack?” The penny dropped. “OH you bugger, I know what’s in it now!” I opened it up and dragged the blanket out and the bottle of lube. I stood him up and laid the blanket out and began to undress him, not that there was much to take off, just three items each and after six of them were now in a small heap beside the blanket, two pairs of trainers, two sports tops and two pairs of shorts, we were once again naked. We stood facing one another and both loving the sight standing there and holding a very stiff cock. I lent down to him and we kissed for a long, long time.

What was about to happen was nothing more than glorious, a perfect physical coming together of two gay men, well a man and boy, who had become very close, not that either of us mentioned it, it had just happened.

I laid the blanket out and we sat down. I kissed him for the millionth time and then laid him on his back with me on top, still kissing his sweet mouth. Matt put his hands behind the back of his head as if to tell me he was surrendering his body to me and for me to make love to him, a time that we both wished for.


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