MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 22

Scott and Andrew listened to Reggie as he gave them an update.

“To be honest Skip, the shot to the head would have killed most victims outright, the captain was a remarkable man to have lived as long as he did. The wounds to his shoulder and upper arm were bad enough but in our opinion, not life threatening. But the head wound was too severe and even if this had been a major trauma unit, the result would have been the same. We have removed the bullet and we are certain it came from an AK47.

Skip this action will come out and the fact the captain had a rifle will be questioned of course. We think that the Dutch ships doctor should be asked to come over and confirm the cause of death and if he agrees, sign the certificate as well.”

“Of course Reggie, can you get Paul to arrange it please, I just have to contact my father and give him the news.”

“Yes Skip, no problem. Royston, Paulina and I will be writing a full report each to send to the coroner and police when we get home.”


When he and Andrew got to their cabin they could hear the phone ringing before they went in.

“Hi dad I was just….”

“Scott, don’t say more. We have been hacked and our people are checking all communications. Scott the whole action has been seen by millions all over the bloody planet and still are, will you cut the link? This will end up in court believe me.”

“Have our legal people told us to cut off?”


“Why? They know everything now so they might as well know the rest. Dad, I am very sorry to inform you but Barry Cox has died due to a shot to his head, I am so sorry.”

“Oh God no! All he did wrong was he had the rifle, but without it both ships could have been in very serious trouble.”

” You are right. We are getting a doctor from the Dutch ship to come over and confirm cause of death. When the captain has been attended too, he will be transferred back to his ship, both he and the crew I am sure would want that. He will be kept in the ships morgue and bought back home. Sorry to bring you this, but I want to tell everyone that then cut the link.”

“That’s fine with me Scott. I am looking at Paul, Reggie and Tommy now so the link is still open. We will talk when we know we are secure.”

“Come on love lets get to the bridge…..Hug first though.”

They arrived to find that Paul had contacted the Antwerp which had turned and was sailing back towards them.

“Paul I need to speak to the crew, you organise the transfer please.”


“All crew all crew. I have just been talking to my father and he informs me our video cover of the action today has been hacked by persons unknown at this time but we do know who broadcast. We are still being watched by many thousands apparently and after my statement I will cut the link. If it goes off before I say I am, you will know it’s the other end and therefore something to hide.

It is my sad duty to inform you Captain Cox has died of his head wound despite the tremendous efforts by our medical team.

Because of the situation we have been subjected to by having our communications hacked, I will say no more and will keep my words to our legal team and the courts where this will most definitely end up. I am cutting the link.”

From now on a great deal would happen to both ships and delay the trip back to the UK.

All countries either side of the Red Sea informed both ships they would not be allowed to sail up the Red Sea until a damage assessment had been carried out and they were ordered to go to Djibouti, also both ships would be searched. They would have seen Paul use the grenade launcher so they could not just chuck it over the side. Instead Scott had it wrecked and the grenades thrown overboard.

They duly docked and as promised both ships fully searched. It took some time to convinced the authorities not to confiscate the rifle as it would be part of an enquiry back in the UK to determine It’s history and how it had come into the hands of Barry Cox. They eventually agreed after the firing pin was removed and the barrel chamber destroyed. They wanted to know where the grenade launcher had come from which was a bit of a problem to get out of and Scott had to come clean. He handed the bent weapon over and agreed to a $30,000 fine. All that was left was Captain Cox had be official identified by his papers and passport and then they were free to go.

As they sailed up the Red Sea, the covers they had bought were fitted over the hangar to hide and weather proof it. Scott at last got permission to land at Port Said so he and Andrew could fly home.

Meanwhile he was busy talking to various dock engineers through the now secure video links to arrange the necessary repairs and certain improvements. He then got down to writing a statement covering the whole event ready to hand over to the police and the enquiry.

It was very strange to be leaving the Jean, they hated it but there was yet another problem waiting to get involved with.

They got permission for the RIB to take them dockside and from there a taxi to the airport. Ten hours later they landed at Heathrow and the start of media attention of which very little will be recorded here except to say the press was somewhat divided in opinion, with two of them already demanding Scott be stripped of his captaincy and the Lady Jean being refused to go back to sea. There was a mass of photographers and reporters waiting with everyone shouting questions at the same time. Heathrow had seen all this many times and both Scott and Andrew enjoying a whole bunch of security around them.

A great interest to them would be Scott’s and Andrew’s relationship as well as the rest of the crew of the Jean and because of it, it diverted some papers away from the main issues being reported, but Scott thought about Theo and Royston who would have to run the same gauntlet when the Jean got back. He would contact Paul and ask him to drop them off in Malta then fly back to the States and with any luck, press interest free. As it turned out the press interest would happen when they got back and with very positive comments from both of them. They came out as partners but refused to be drawn into their former shipmates. Their interviews would be shown in the UK. Eventually they would fly over and become involved in the enquiry when it happened. as well as guests at the wedding. Anyway, that’s enough of that for the time being.

It was a very subdued evening as they sat together talking the whole event through again and again. Brenda knew this would not be the time for one of her usual dinners and so bought in sandwiches and cakes. She also bought in a bottle of champagne and three glasses.

“And what exactly are we celebrating Brenda? I can’t think of anything.” She smiled at William.

“Celebrating the eventual safe return of the O1 and the Lady Jean and their crews? And all because of Captain’s Peterson and Cox’s skill and both bloody wonderful crews plus a little help from his rifle, the two helicopters and the bullets? You could also celebrate the life of the Captain and thank him for many lives he could have helped saved that day. The main issue that will be bought up is the rifle and why the Captain had it and that’s ALL they have even though they will make up other shit and hope it will stick. But the general public will now be aware of what the situation is and I know the vast majority who witnessed the attacks will support you all.”

She stood there looking at the three men she adored. Those three men thought through what she had just said.

“Brenda, would you please get another glass and join us?” Just with those few words the lovely Ms Brenda Rhodes had installed a great deal of positive thoughts and her three men would be better off because of them.

They once again talked over the incident with Scott thinking the whole time. Andrew kept looking at him knowing something was on his mind. “Are you going to share whatever’s bothering you or let me try and guess because I know there is a problem spinning around in your empty head?” Scott squeezed his mans hand and smiled at him. “Your right as usual. Dad we need to get your friend from the Home Office involved, Patrick Thompson I think his name is.” William smiled at his son and his future son in law .

“Yes Scott but this is out of Home Office remit and we need to talk to the Foreign Office, the police and the military, Patrick will make introductions I’m sure.” William did some of his own thinking then having sorted it out smiled again at his two men.

“I wont be long, one or two phone calls should do it.” Then wheeled himself to his study. Brenda excused herself leaving those two young men to talk politics but with their mouths joined for the whole time William was gone nothing much came of it except two rather hard members tenting their shorts.

A smiling William came back in spoiling the fun. “Right, excellent news! In a couple of days this house will be bursting with politicians, an admiral plus a few of his team, anti terror officers, MI5, the Ministry of Defence and goodness knows how many from Scotland Yard. We will be crawling with legal people. THIS my boys is now being treated as a terrorist threat organised and funded by those that will be taking into custody. We now have the opportunity to convince this lot that British owned and flagged ships should have armed security on board and I hope that is when Carl and Mathew Price will become involved.”

“I wont be at the meetings, I will leave that to my captain who had better tell me everything when he takes me to bed.” Andrew laughed his head off and went to get Brenda and another bottle of champagne.

The meetings took place and lasted four days but you will be relieved to know they wont be written about here. It will become clearer below.


A week after the meetings O’Brian walked into the Funky Inn knowing Martin would be there. He was in control of this guy and knew he would bring information he had asked for, then a fuck later. Life was very good. He ordered his drink and looked around him. Martin was sitting on his own, a few were propping up the bar just chatting. He paid for his drink and sat with Martin.

“Ok, lets talk business then get to the hotel.” Martin handed O’Brian a large envelope. “Some interesting stuff in there, you will love it.” He opened it up and took out ten blank sheets of A4 paper.

“What the fu….!”

“Mr Jerry O’Brian?” Two rather well built men from the bar sat down.

“Could be, who the hell are you?” O’Brian watched as the bar emptied and two uniformed police officers appeared and stood outside the locked door barring anyone from coming in and two more standing behind O’Brian. The barman was told to go in the back and stay there until called.

“We are from an organisation called MI5. You may have heard of us?” Both men showed their ID’s which has to remain confidential to them, not us.

“We have met with Sir William at his invitation and his security people and many others of rather high military rank and also police and politicians. After much discussion we are about to charge you with with several very serious crimes  including planning a terrorist act against the United Kingdom. Do NOT demand your rights because at this time you have none as this is a matter of national security and terrorist investigations which will mean you being detained for quite some time.  Believe me the powers we have are not known to the general public and we are about to use everyone of them. Your driver/minder, Dayib Umar has already been arrested and taken away as has Fahmi Yassin from the flat you people share. Both men will be held for a week or so and the evidence we have already collected about the three of you will result in them being deported back to Somalia and you being a guest of ours in maximum security until your trial at an unspecified date.

In your flat we have found a mountain of incriminating evidence. You really did not think it through did you. You thought you could get a band of pirates together and take a British ship at very little risk to yourselves but forgot that by attacking and boarding the O6 you were in fact attacking the United Kingdom mainland. British ships flying the Red Ensign is British territory regardless of where that ship’s position is. YOU Mr O’Brian are a terrorist and as such you come under laws that will end all terrorist ambitions you may have had. Did you watch the attack on the 01 and the M/V Lady Jean Peterson?”


“And what did you conclude from that?”

“Because the rifle was used Peterson would be stripped of his maritime captaincy and the ship impounded.”

“Even though the rifle was not fired from his ship and the first time the captain knew of the existence of the rifle was when it was first fired? Christ do you hate him that much?”

“No comment.”

“Very wise. During the search of the flat we found several videos and on one of them you stating that you would have Mr Chambers killed after his use to you was over. We watched and listened to the detailed plans of how the attacks would take place and the recruitment of men to carry them out and let me tell you now, it is more than likely they will because we will make sure they do.”

“Your fucking joking me!”

“It’s no joke believe me Mr O’Brian. That’s one reason to send those two back home to make sure it does happen. In one of their suitcases is a small hidden pocket that has a paper that you handed them written by Mr Chambers giving details of the O6’s sailing dates off the coast of Somalia from South Africa heading to India and the exact date the ship will be sailing off the Somalian coast, but there is another bit of information you gave to those two isn’t there Mr O’Brian.” He didn’t wait for a reply and kept talking. “Two days ago you had a phone call from Mr Chambers informing you both secure compartments would have bullion secured in them estimated at £10 million heading to Australia. You, you bloody fool got sucked in and would have told the other two and THAT is why they will attack. The plan is to take the Jean and force the O6 to surrender on threat of Captain Scott Peterson and 1st Officer Paul Smith being shot and thrown over board. Yeah Gods what a fool you are and when it happens you will be viewing the action and see just what a prat you really are.

“Ok, just to wind this up. The enquiry that has to be conducted has already been settled, but we have to go through an actual hearing so it can be reported in the press. Captain Peterson will not be found in anyway at fault and will be allowed to go back to sea after repairs with his defences still intact and improved. However, in mid channel a number of serving weapons specialists will go on board and sail with her until the O6 leaves South Africa and once in international waters half of them will transfer to the O6 and remain on her until the ship is out of pirate areas.”

“After capture your friends will be taken on board the Lady Jean, fed and watered, finger printed, DNA taken, photographed then transferred back to half their boats and then told to fuck off. The other boats will be sunk. The reason why they will not face a court is because it’s too lengthy and the cost will be astronomical, but will be told that if they attempt to take another British ship the consequences could very well lead to something much more problematic for them.”

“Right, that’s me done. Cover him and take him out.” One of the officers picked up a blanket and was about to throw it over O’Brian’s head. “Oh, one more thing. Your face will be on the front of every national newspaper after the event and those of everyone involved. Why after the event? Because the enquiry needs to be completed and Captain Peterson back at sea but before that he is getting married. As our American cousins say, have a nice day.”


“Captain Peterson.” The naked Andrew cuddled tightly into the equally naked Scott.

“Yes second Engineer Bushman?” Scott cuddled Andrew as tightly. They had obligingly bought their usual hardons with them.

“Now it’s all over and we are cleared to go back to sea just tell me how many “weapons specialists” we are supposed to be taking with us? I don’t have a clue nor does anyone else.” Scott knew he was in trouble, but what the hell, they were getting married in two days time and he was sure Andrew would even forgive him murder. He held his breath.

“Paul and Mathew!” Andrew looked up at Scott with a rather disbelieving look on his handsome face.

“WHAT!? Only them!? I thought we were going to have half the British army with us!” They both went limp.

“We could but those two combined are equivalent to five more, each. Andrew we will have two of the best that have ever fired a weapon and in their case a snipers rifle called the L115A3. Both of them will not only be issued with 200 rounds for the rifles but also two GPMG’s (General Purpose Machine Gun)  and the SA802 assault rifle plus a ton of ammunition.

“Well, I know I’m not military trained but even I now you can only fire one gun at a time? I just hope your right just taking two shooters.” Scott closed his eyes, took a deep breath and spoke.

“Four shooters actually.” He opened his eyes and looked at his fiancée.

“Four? Who are the other two then?”

“Bob Taylor who is a very good marksman and will take instruction on the GPMG from Mathew as we sail and……” Andrew was already shaking with laughter and couldn’t stop. He laid on Scott’s chest crying his eyes out and then looked up into his lovers face who was staring back trying to look hard.

“YOU firing at pirates!? Oh Scotty, you couldn’t even tell the boys off properly when they fucked up. How the hell are you going to be able to shoot at pirates Rambo?” Scott pulled himself up and laid against the head board and waited for Andrew to stop his hysterics.

“We wont be shooting at pirates!” Once again Andrew collapsed on Scott’s chest weak with laughter.

“Oh your joking, even I could hit the fucking sea! I’m just sorry for the fish!” Scott remained quite until his piss taker stopped taking it.


“Think so.”

“Paul is training me and Mathew will be on the O6 training Bob. Our role is to shoot but miss the boats but the message is clear, a warning. If they still come at us we still fire but Paul and Mathew will fire at the boats hulls and believe me they wont miss and with a few holes in the hull it should make them back off. Don’t forget we still have the same defences but will have proper tear gas now and modified bullets with a greater range and can stay up for 20 minutes. We will also get more fireworks but because they are even more potent they will be called stern grenades and another six launchers. The new helicopters will be here within a week and have improved flight times and new computer systems which will allow the boys to fly out three miles now. I will be meeting all crew tomorrow and explain all this and a lot more, some of them may not like what I’m going to say though.”

“Like what?”

“The meetings at 9am, you will find out then.”


“Teach you for taking the piss.”

Oh well DONE Scott, that remark started him all over again and only stopped when he went down and gave Andrew’s knob a workout.

Andrew turned and took Scott in and both glorious men carrying out the act that by now they had perfected, until that is Scott went still. Andrew smiled and turned back cuddling into his man who he could not love more. He gently kissed his forehead and smiled at his husband to be. “Nite nite Rambo, love you.”

“Fuck off…..! Love you too!” Andrew was stuffed and it took every bit of self control not to start up again, but then sleep also took over and both men stayed cuddled up together for the rest of the night.

While these two and the rest of the household slept, including the two boys up in their attic room, the night shift carried on their work which was nearing completion.

The hangar had been rebuilt and now with heavy swinging double hatches to give more protection. The bridge had been extended by four feet that would give much more room to accommodate every station that had become somewhat cramped. Every bullet hole, now counted at 258, had been treated, filled and sprayed over. Two of the bullet proof windows had to be replaced. The extra stern grenade launcher had been fitted and would now give Scott 18 of them to fire off. By some cleaver engineering two additional fuel tanks were added which would increase their sailing time by up to two weeks before having to be refuelled at sea. The slight down side to this was, what with the extra weight of the bridge extension and the strengthened hangar and fuel tanks the Lady Jean lost two knots from her top speed. A small price to pay.

Talking of pay, the whole lot had been financed by an out of court settlement agreed by the Ocean company legal team and the Breaking News Channel. Insurance covered most of the repairs but the settlement covered the improvements as well as cover fuel costs for another two years. Win win it has to be said.

Both the Bushman family and the crew of the Lady Jean Peterson arrived for breakfast by 8am, except two of course. Scott had asked the crew to come in uniform as there was an official meeting after which they would change back into civvies but back in uniform for the wedding.

They helped themselves at the huge sideboard then squashed in where they could sit to eat and chat. Amongst them was Theo and Royston who had been part of the enquiry and were still very much a part of  the Lady Jean Peterson and would for ever be so.

The door opened and two of the most beautiful gay boys came in, in their short shorts and even shorter tops. Everyone looked at them and heard one of them say, “Oh bugger! Forgot!” Then dashed back out.

Five minutes later they came back in uniform and went to Scott. “Sorry Skip. Are we in trouble again?” Marcel, of course, asked.

“You could be, get your breakfasts and sit next to my father, he at least will protect  you from any Captain Bligh moment I may have.” Andrew was in fits again as were the guests.

Scott waited for his two beautiful pilots to finish eating and after the table and sideboard was cleared Scott announced he hoped everyone would remain for the meeting. “We are all involved and I need to say things that could effect us all.”

Scott looked down the table at his father with both boys sitting close either side of him and loved them all over again. Then looked at Andrew sitting on his right who had his brother Shawn sitting on HIS right, the same Shawn who had came out to Scott at Andrew’s graduation.

“So how is your life bro?”

“A bit crap really, I have made a few mistakes Andy. I met a guy five years older than me and thought I was in heaven until he started to control my whole life and I just ran away. I learnt a lot and don’t have a sex life just now, but hope I will find a guy someday who will give me what I want to give him. I would love to meet an older guy, I have an attraction towards them and that wont change.”

“Just be careful Shawn and please keep in touch, you never know I maybe able to help. I love you so much and I know Scott does as well.” They cuddled in until Scott bought the meeting to order.

He spent the first part of it informing them about what he had already told Andrew.

“Captain Taylor will only be manning the GPMG for this one sailing because by the time we escort his ship out of pirate waters we hope that another ex marine will join us. You haven’t met Mathew Price yet but you will when Andrew and I go to the London flat for our four day honeymoon. Mathew’s father is actively involved along side my father and our security office in forming our own armed escorts and when once recruited they will sail with us and then transfer to the ship we are escorting then back again to the Jean when the ship is in safe waters. There will only be three of them so we won’t be over crowded. However, what this means is we can no longer use the Suez Canal or the Red Sea as countries either side will not allow us to sail in their territorial waters as we will have weapons on board. Also we will have to remain at sea because of the same reasons from other countries. We will have the capability to be refuelled at sea and take on supplies, but it does mean we can no longer visit any country now for the reasons I have said.

After this meeting I would like to meet with each couple to find out if what I have just announced will effect your thoughts in anyway as to whether you wish to continue sailing with the Lady Jean.

And finally you will be pleased to hear, now that we are able to carry armed personnel my father and our security team will be contacting other ships companies to offer our services when we are not escorting our own ships. There is every chance that we will make a profit.

When we have to return to Southampton, marines from a Royal Navy ship will transfer to our Ocean ships to carry out the protection they need. When we do return, we will be staying for three weeks for any repairs and servicing and the crew will have all that time for leave and that will be about twice a year, but another one that will last a month for a major overhaul. Well, that’s me done. I will be in dad’s study in an hours time, so fight it out yourselves in what order you come to see me, but I want to see you two first. Thanks everyone. “Oh shit, more trouble!” Each of them geared up for another bollicking.


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