MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 18

It was 10 45 and the M/V Lady Jean Peterson was ready to go back to sea and all crew at their stations. The ship had come back to life at 9am in her familiar manner with engines running and the bridge humming away at full readiness. The dock crew were waiting to be told to cast off the fore and aft ropes. Reggie and Paula were standing by at the bow and Colin and Freddy at the stern.

“Caste off fore and aft.” Paul asked. The bow thruster and propeller pods kept the ship gently at the mooring. The ropes were taken in and neatly stowed.

“Take her away.” Andrew took the ship to starboard 30 yards.

“Slow ahead.” Andrew stopped the bow thruster and set the pods dead ahead. The LJP sailed towards the harbour entrance and then once clear into the open sea, Paul ordered 10 knots and confirmed their course. Andrew confirmed it back to Paul and then put the ship onto automatic steering, the Jean would now be sailed by computers.

Once the ship was settled onto her course Paul told all off watch to stand down for an hour then report to the bridge for a crew briefing. In all that time Scott had been standing at the back of the bridge just watching. When Paul told the off watch to stand down he went to Andrew, kissed and hugged him, told him he loved him, then went down to their cabin to email the Terrier with his thoughts about the exercise and how he wanted it to be carried out. He was pleased to get a reply half hour later agreeing to all that Scott asked for. “And yes Captain, the lads will be delighted to come on board and enjoy your hospitality after the event.” There was no mention that beers could not be offered which Scott took as permission to give the 12 marines some liquid refreshment along with the BBQ.

The crew were on the bridge standing, holding hands, arms around a shoulder or sitting on the deck like Royston and Theo with Theo behind his man holding him tightly into his body. It was noticed and everyone very happy that the two ex US Navy lovers were back together.

“Ok, the first thing to say is Paul will be leading this exercise, I will be with our visitors. This is the first time we know what is going to happen but we must make it as real as we can as they attack us.” The next bit was a surprise, even to Paul.

“Okay Paul, you will be leading this so it’s over to you.”

“Oh, right Skip, just glad you and I discussed the whole thing in your cabin first. So ladies and gentlemen all I’m really doing is repeating what Skip wants anyway!

They have two RIB’s with six men plus driver on board but Skip want’s you Andrew to drive our RIB  with Freddy, Theo and Royston on board to join up with the navy and attack, but this time  you are to attack at the bow and midships.

You boys will attack with red dye when I tell you, but start up when the alarm sounds and take off when they are at three miles and come to the bridge. At two miles I will send you off, fly out wide and get behind them. Your first pass will be screamers only, that will show the navy we have given the attackers a warning.

Jan, you will be operating the cannons as normal but I want you to soak every RIB at maximum range. As they get closer I want you to keep firing but off target. Put the midship canons on automatic of course. (they had a lock on system that would track a target wherever it went. They could also switch to very hot water but Scott thought that would not go down too well!)

George and Paulina, you will operate all searchlights on strobe just make sure your aim is good.

Reggie you will take the Hawk radar.

Neil, we have bought an couple of old outboard motors and Skip needs you and Andrew to secure one of them at the stern after this meeting and hope it will start up.

When the attackers get to 500 yards I will fire off 12 fireworks which will be well out of range but the navy will get the idea behind them, we hope.

Marcel, when the exercise is over and all the marines are on board you will be told when to fire off a bullet. Neil, when Marcel is up you will start up the outboard and lets hope it cooperates. Marcel, when Skip tells you, you will fly over the stern a few times and when he tells you, you fly into the outboard.

The end of the exercise will be indicated when I fire off a maroon, or rather when Skip tells me too.

We will of course have head sets on and the only voices will be mine or Skip’s unless anyone has something to report that’s relevant. Skip’s aim is to hopefully impress the navy because if we do, we will get even more support from those who will eventually agree ships can be armed and fire back at pirates.

Right, that’s me done. Skip?”

Thanks Paul, now I’m out of a job, I might as well ask if anyone want’s to add anything?”

“Skip, what about putting on a show for these blokes in unarmed shit you lot do, I know from when I was in the navy visitors were always impressed with something they did not expect.”

“Seems a good idea Jan, who do you think should be involved?” He bloody well knew who one would be.

“You….” Scott cussed under his breath, “and Paulina!”

“Oh, right……! Oh yeah….! Yeah that’s fine, good idea Jan.”

“Opps, silly me. I meant Paul! I’m always getting their names mixed up!”

“Why cant I have Andrew, I can always beat him up?”

“Because you would end up naked on the mat kissing the crap out of one another and possibly 12 marines hoping to join in!”

“I don’t mind Jan!” Andrew smiled at is man.

“Piss off!”

The whole crew were in stitches, but two of them not exactly with the rest of their shipmates. Theo was holding his man kissing his neck and whispering his love to that man. Royston had his eyes closed trying to control himself.

“Okay, thank you all but off watch must go for a rest. Royston and Theo, your on next, off you go.”

Royston kept his hands between his legs, staring at the deck. “No hurry Skip!”

“Come on Roy, we are on in an hour.” Theo began to get up.

“NO!!” He kept his eyes on the deck while Jan was killing herself laughing and leaning against Paulina for support!

“Theo, have you never had a hard on!!? She asked.

“Oh FUCK!” He picked Royston up and took him to the gangway and went down listening to the laughter from the very people who had changed his life and got the one man back who he could not now live without.

“I wish I had one!”

“REGGIE! Behave yourself!”

“Sorry Freddy.”

“So you should be, anyway you managed to get one last month!” The bridge was in meltdown!


Martin got out of bed as quietly as he could hoping neither of these two would wake up. He managed to get dressed then sat down to put his shoes on only to find Jerry standing naked in front of him.

“While your down there Martin!”

“You bastard. You and that wimp spiked my drink. I maybe bi but I would not……Oh fuck it, get out of my way.” Jerry didn’t move and for the first time in his life he found out what it was like to have a fist in his face. As for Martin it was a first for him as well.

He slammed the door shut and found his way off the ship. Meanwhile Jerry had picked himself up smiling at the door. He now had two people to get even with, starting right now. He looked down at David.

“I will get even with that shit and fucking Scott Peterson one day. I’ve been thinking of ways for months, now I’m fucking sure and that guy is perfect for me to use.” For the first time since he had become involved with Jerry, David suddenly realised what he had got himself into. The amazing sex between them stopped him from seeing this man for what he really was, until now. He had known of Jerry’s dislike for Scott since they had become involve when he had joined the old 06 nearly two years previously, but now it had turned to hate. It frightened the life out of him.

“And how are you going to do that?”

“Mind your own business, but I will tell you what you will be doing soon enough. Until then, suck this.” David did as he was told and knew it would be the last time he ever would.

David left and packed two cases ready to leave but before he did he asked Bob Taylor for a private meeting.

“Ok, there is a problem, right?”

“I’m afraid so Skipper and all I will say is I have been a fool. I just have to get off this ship and hope the company gives me another one but I doubt it by just walking off the O6. All I am asking is will you support my application if I do apply?”

“Yes of course I will, you are a good man David and fine officer….Ok, you cant say but it’s obviously got to do with Jerry and there must have been a huge change in your relationship for you to leave so abruptly. You realise of course I will have to speak to him and get his side to this?”

“That’s fine Skipper. All I can say is there is a side to him I did not allow myself to see until now. I just have to get out before it gets worse. Captain, I am actually scared of that man.”

Bob called Jerry for a meeting which was good for Bob’s first officer. Jerry was able to milk the situation by being very upset and confused at what had happened and trying to come to terms with David walking out on him. “If only I could have seen this coming, I could have done something about it!” It was agreed that Jerry would not sail with the O6 and take a months leave and rejoin for the next two sailings before they would change routes and be on their way to destinations that would mean sailing through pirate seas.

Four hours later he booked into a hotel in London and after unpacking he went to a sauna and stayed there the whole night. After a huge breakfast he got a taxi to the Ocean companies headquarters and was taken to Martin Chambers office.


Everyone was on the bridge watching HMS Terrier at full speed coming from aft. She was older than the US Rockall but no less impressive. Scott told the boys to take off.

As planned they flew at full speed directly at the ship with the screamers on. They flashed by the ship on either side and flew behind her for half mile, banked hard and flew back and came to the ships speed either side of the bridge and escorted her for a few minutes. Marcel counted down, “54321”, they then flew forward 100 yards and 25 yards port and starboard and then emptied all four canisters of bright red dyed water. It was all very impressive which was the whole point.

“Well done boys, come back. Jan and Jerry, off you go and pick up our guests.” The “games” were about to begin! Very Olympic!

Lieutenant Commander James Thornton, The Terriers 1st Lieutenant and Lieutenant Brian Goldman got out of the RIB and shook Scott’s hand. “Welcome back to the Jean gentlemen, we are going to the saloon for a coffee and introduce the off watch crew and wait until your ship goes back five miles. When we pick up your RIB’s on radar we will go to “Alarm” stations as we call them and launch our RIB to go and join your lads.”

It was a pleasant meeting and everyone very relaxed and made even better when the visitors were taken to the galley where Colin and George were getting the BBQ ready. All the meats had been prepared, chicken drum sticks, spare ribs, steaks and a huge salad with local fruits. Four large cakes were already made and the rice was ready to be cooked. “Yeah Gods! No one will starve on THIS ship!”

They were taken to the bridge for a quick visit and introduced to Jan and Paulina. Scott told them where the three of them would be watching and pointed out the grab handles. “You will need them.”

Back down in the saloon they were chatting away when Neil and Andrew came in. “It’s fixed to the starboard rails and Skip we managed to start her up.”

“Great stuff both of you. It wont be long now, so Andrew and crew you had better get ready to launch. Reggie, will you please go to the boat deck and see to the stern hatch.”


Fifteen minutes later the alarm sounded and the saloon emptied followed by Scott and his visitors. The RIB crew and Reggie were already down in the boat deck, they were launched and the huge hatch closed and bolted.

Everyone was in position and the visitors watched as Jan fired all cannons for a minute then closed them down.

All was quiet except Reggie who called out the attacking boats distance and speed.

“Four miles 40 knots and together Skip. Sorry, Paul.”

Reggie continued to call out the distance as it became less and every time he called Paul Skip which made everyone and Paul smile.

“Our RIB has just met the marines at three miles. 40 knots. Skip.”

“Full speed ahead. Everyone stand by for some violent turns.” The Jean simply took off and reached her 30 knots in minuets.

“Three miles 40 knots, all 3 boats together….Wait… Now 45 knots Skip, oh bugger! I mean PAUL!”

The visitors noticed Marcel and Jon come to the bridge and sit side by side at their stations. Scott took them to the boys and watched as they took over control of their helicopters. They both drifted to the stern and held their machines waiting for the two mile call.

“Two half miles, Sk…..Paul!”

The navy watched the boys screens, it was as though they were in a cockpit being flown by these two young men. Scott took them to Jerry’s screen and now had an incredible view of the whole scene, he zoomed in on the boats which was very clear and Jerry could add to the commentary alongside Reggie.

“Got a good view on screen Paul.”

“Thanks Jerry, great picture.” Scott explained that the camera would record and send directly to London but for this exercise, recording only. “Jerry will send the video to your captain, today or tomorrow.”

“Port and starboard boats are going out, one staying at our stern.”

It was all very calm but the boys itching to go, not long now.

“Two miles! 45 knots!” Both helicopters turned to port and starboard and flew out wide at just 30 feet but only half speed, the boats speed would make up the other half of their top speed and save fuel.

“Hawk are we clear?”

“Just those three. One and half miles 50 knots Paul.” Reggie had got the name right at last!

“Fly over outer boats boys at one mile, screamers on, 20 feet then turn to attack if we see weapons……. Standby cannons and lights.”

“The middle boat is now 50 knots and going to starboard.”

“One mile!”

“In you go boys.” Seconds later they watched as the helicopters flew over the boats which clearly showed 6 men with weapons on each of them.

“Attack the outer boats with both canisters and M you go for the middle boat head on. J you attack your boat again and then go and find Andrew and co and attack two times, then go back and attack the starboard boat.”

“Cannons on.” Thousands of gallons spewed out in all directions with the forward cannon belching back over the ship directly aft and the jet covering the stern at 150 yards. The two midships jets came on and scanned fore and aft “looking” for a target to lock onto.

Jan would now direct the stern cannons at the boats when they came into range, she was already tracking the outside boats but they were well out of range just then.

“Lights on.”

“Hawk tell me at 500 yards.” Paul moved to the rear and selected all switches ready to fire.

“Attacked my boat.”

“And mine.” The boys would keep up a running commentary as each attack was delivered, they could attack 6 times each before their canisters were exhausted.

“Paul, coming up to 500.” He reached up and held his thumb on the firing button. Scott had a huge smile on his face!


The firework containers were spread out so that when fired they would cover a wide area aft of the ship. Paul had waited ages for this moment. “Here you are boys with my compliments!” He pushed the firing button. Nothing! He pushed again with the same result. Scott grinned at his first officer.

“Master switch Paul?”

“Bugger!” He flipped the switch and then the firing button and all hell let loose as 12 bad assed fire works exploded out of the tubes and 5 seconds later the lot blew up at 300 yards sending a bright and massive eye ball searing and deafening burst 300 yards either side of the ships stern!

“FUCKING HEELL!” Lieutenant Commander Thornton exclaimed! And then put his hand over his mouth.

“Right boys come back and secure, we are about to throw Skip’s ship all over the place, you have done your work well done and thank you.”

“Yes Skip.” they both said, Paul loved it! Marcel landed first and shot below to bring his helicopter into the hanger followed by Jon. They just managed to secure their machines in time before Paul began to show the visitors the Jeans fantastic maneuverability.

The boys got to the bridge and stood next to Scott who gave them both a hug. Very military!

And now the real fun would begin as the three RIB’s began their attempts to come alongside and board. There would be absolutely no chance that would happen! Paul directed Thomas to go to hard to port, hard to starboard, full astern, full ahead and then back to hard to port. Everyone was hanging on for dear life! Meanwhile Jan was also having a great time as she battered all three boats with her cannons. Scott was of course a spectator but learning the whole time and discovered a new way but he was a bit reluctant to disrupt Paul’s directing of this exercise, but he had to, this would be the only time he could try out his idea.

“Paul may I make a suggestion?”

“Scott, sorry, Skip it’s still your ship!” And smiled at his captain.

“Okay, please go hard to starboard and stay there, then look at the wash we are creating! NO boat will get anywhere near us. Cannons and searchlights off.”


All three RIB’s were inside of the Jean’s circle and because of the huge disturbance of the water around them the RIB’s had no choice but to reduce speed.

“Forward cannon on, give them all a 10 second soak.”


“Are we finished Skip?”

“I think so Paul, may I?”

“The ship is yours Captain.”

“Midships, course 105, slow ahead 5 knots.”


Scott threw a switch and a maroon shot out and exploded. The exercise had now finished. The Terrier, who had by now caught up and had witnessed the whole exercise sounded three long blasts on her horns.

“Okay guys lets get those poor sods on board. Paul go and meet them please. Reggie go down and open the hatch and get our poor sods in. Marcel, we will have to delay the next bit for some time until we know everyone is still alive!”

“Yes Captain Skip!”

Colin and George went to their galley to begin cooking the BBQ, Lady Jean style.

Scott turned to the navy. “Hope you enjoyed all that?”

“ENJOYED IT!? Oh yes, just great, a brilliant display!”

The Jean’s RIB shot up the ramp and four very damp crew got out, stripped off and towelled themselves dry then got into new uniforms. Meanwhile the marines climbed up the boarding ladders and literally stripped off and dried themselves with the dozen or so towels provided. They were left just in swimmers under their boxers and it must be said a fantastic sight of 12 men all of whom were in excellent condition and a sight for any sour gay eyes. Unfortunately the RIB drivers had to return to their ship and would miss out.

Before they were taken down to the saloon the lads laid their combats out and as it was a very hot day, they would dry out long before they had to return to the Terrier. BUT! They would be down to swimmers and boxers for the next three hours or so!

Scott received a message from the Terrier’s captain.

“Thank you Captain Peterson and to your ships company for an excellent display

of commendable seamanship sir. We are very pleased to be on the same side!  Sincere compliments.

Capt. Thomas Brooks.”

Scott was a very happy captain and he just knew it was going to get even better after Marcel flew his bullet into the outboard.

Apart from Reggie and Freddy, who were stuck on watch, everyone was in the saloon, eating and drinking, but most importantly talking and all of it about the exercise that afternoon. There was a buss of voices as they talked about the events of that afternoon. Both ships companies were mixing and talking about the exercise and the enthusiasm was obvious, the marines had had a great time.

As they were a whole group Scott thought it a good idea to ask questions and get feed back from the rather good looking 20 marines. He tapped the table and it all went quiet.

“Ok lads, thank you all very much for this time. We have learnt a great deal today and we hope you did as well, any thoughts?” Sergeant Mike Dobson finished his can and Jan gave him another one.

“Yes captain, it’s been great and thanks for the best shower we ever had! It certainly got that red shit off! We all know that if your lads were dumping something other than water on us we would be in trouble, well done you boys by the way.” There were mumbles of agreement from the navy and marines. Marcel and Jon suddenly became a foot taller!

“I agree with Mike captain but for me those bloody lights really put me off. If I was firing for real, my aim would have been all over the place. Those lights are good for you sir and as for those fireworks you sent off and exploded on us, we could have all been even worse off.” It was Andrew’s turn.

“We had no chance trying to attack forward, we could not get anywhere the Jean, the water cannons of course were a big threat, but we also know our weakness Skip.” Andrew, bless him had taken Scott to his main point that he wanted to get across.

“Thank you everyone, but we all know our defence of the ship has a limited range of 300 yards with the cannons and fireworks but of course we could have an RPG  take us out. They also have AK47’s of course and we cant fire back because we are denied fire arms.

Our main weapon to defend ourselves are the helicopters who can deliver pepper spray and hope to effect pirates vision after we attack them way beyond their firing range, but we all know it’s boarder line illegal because some twat will think WE are the aggressors!

In mine and my father’s opinion the helicopters will make the difference between capture or safety for our crews and ships and we will defend our right to do so.

So far we have had three engagements with pirates and our helicopters have stopped all of them with the help of the lights and water cannons. We will now have the grenade launcher which will give us even better protection.

I and the Jean’s company would like to thank you for this time, we hope it’s as valuable to you as it has been for us. There is one more defence weapon we have that we will demonstrate as soon as I finish and invite you all to the bridge to watch. It will be a bit cramped and I will chucking the ship all over the place, so hang on.

Neil, Andrew and Marcel, off you go, my voice only.” Of course Jon went down with Marcel because those two could not be away from one another for more than two feet!

They all jammed onto the bridge and told to look aft. Scott would follow the action from the main screen. Jerry had taken the camera out so that there was a good view of the stern.

“Marcel start up and when ready take off and buss the stern and when I tell you, well you know what to do, remember we will be going all over the place.

Neil and Andrew, when Marcel takes off go out and start the outboard then get back up here quick!”

Jerry had fixed a camera on Marcel as he loaded a bullet on the ramp and they could all hear the screech as the tiny jet engine was started and wound up.”

Marcel took off and did as Scott asked and carried out several fly overs which caused a few of the spectators to cover their ears as the high pitched scream flew over.

Neil and Andrew were at the outboard trying to start the old girl up but it seemed there was a problem, the bitch was having a “fuck you” moment.

“You have 5 minuets flight time left Marcel, that right?”

“Yes Skip but I will throttle back and hope for six.”

“Good boy.” Just he said that there was black smoke coming out of the engine exhaust and after Neil had adjusted the air intake he saw both of them legging it back towards the open hatch and safety!

The visitors were beginning to guess what would happen next but before that Scott need to end communication between himself and Marcel so the lovely lad could not anticipate Scott’s movement of the ship.

“Full ahead.”

“Hard to starboard”

“Full astern.”

“Full ahead and hard to port!” On and on it went, until finally;

“Hard to starboard.” And that is where the Jean would be and with only seconds left the brilliant pilot screeched in once more driving his bullet into the outboard, ending it’s life in a big cloud of smoke.

“Thanks Marcel. I will forgive you for destroying my outboard, eventually! Bloody good job. Lets go back to the saloon please.” The applause went on for sometime.

Back down below the visitors were shown a bullet and the reason why it was called that. “Marcel flies that little thing so well but we all know that taking on a skiff will be more difficult than he did against the Jean. All I needed to show you was the damage it could do with a hit. It’s our last line of defence but believe me I will use it if necessary.”

The martial arts thing happened but not quite in the way most of the crew thought. It was a complete farce but that was the way Scott wanted it. “We would have been quite serious during the exercise, so why not lighten things up before they go?”

When they had finished planning Scott and Paul talked about the “show” again and thought it best to include Jan. After she had left Scott’s and Andrew’s cabin she laughed her way back down to the saloon and could not wait for her own contribution to the last event.

It actually started as everyone thought it would and both men gave a good account of themselves, even though they had previously agreed how it would pan out, ie, two all!

The crews were crowded wide of the mats giving the fighters a good clear space to perform without getting in the way.

Paul had just gone down and they were about to square up again when the door flew open and the communications officer stomped in and shouted a the top of her voice.

“CANT A LADY GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP ON THIS FUCKING TUB!” And there she stood in all her beauty dressed in bright rainbow flannelette pyjamas, one size too big even for her. Paulina stood next to Andrew and buried her head into his chest.

“Oh God NO Andrew!” Tell me this isn’t happening!”

“Apparently it is. I’m just pleased I’m not a lesbian!” Andrew was being really helpful!

Jan had completed her attire by wearing a rainbow night cap and rainbow fluffy slippers. Under her left arm was a huge teddy bear, dressed just like her. Around her neck hung a notice in rainbow writing, “GET THE FUCK OUTA MY WAY ROYAL FUCKING MARINES!” The waves parted and Jan took off and ran at her captain and first officer. As planned she took off at the edge of the mat and sort of flew through the air, all of two feet up. Scott and Paul ran like hell and hid behind Marcel and Jon. Jan meanwhile landed swearing her lovely head off. “Come back you fuckin cowards, come on you fucking gay boys!” Scott and Paul still hid behind the two boys who had no idea they would become part of this, until they were picked up and each screaming to be let go and kicking their legs and arms trying to escape. They remembered the time at the beach when they were squashed onto Jan’s tit’s and hoped that nightmare would not happen again!

They were dumped onto Jan who embraced them and surprisingly kissed the top of their heads. They waited with eyes closed tight waiting to be taken to Jan’s enormous breasts…But she didn’t! Oh fuck now what!?

“It’s ok boys, me aint like them two sods. No my loves you are safe, trust me, come and sleep with me and Paulina and……..” You have never seen two teenagers move so fast and both found themselves in the protective arms of Scott and Paul!

It was a great laugh and the applause went on for some time and got even louder as Jan began to strip off but went into boo’s as she came out back in uniform. She smiled at the company and in particular Paulina, the very person who had taken her from a dark side and gave her a life. Paulina smiled at her love and for the millionth time thanked her luck in a chance meeting in a gay club that would end up with them both as they were now, together and forever.

“Scott may I say a few words?” Scott banged on the table and it all went quiet.

James Thornton stood in the middle of the mat and looked around at his men and the Jean’s crew with a huge smile. Then looked at Scott.

“Captain Peterson, First Officer Smith and ships company. On behalf of myself, Lt Goldman and the lads, we thank you for a magnificent exercise and equally magnificent hospitality. You sir got it very right by giving an exemplary exhibition of the Lady Jean’s incredible versatility and the skills of your crew to bring that about. Captain Peterson, if this ship was still in commission with the same crew…your ship would be an asset to the Royal Navy. Thank you so very much M/V Lady Jean Peterson from the captain and crew of HMS Terrier. We wish you well sir.”

Once again the applause went on for some time and many hands shaking.

George and Jerry said their goodbyes and left to relieve  Reggie and Freddy on watch, they would be a part of seeing the boys off.

The RIB’s were at the Jean’s starboard side and after much hand shaking and now back in combats they boarded and went back to their ship. But before they left, a large box was hoisted up on deck.

Down below Jan and Freddy waited for the two officers to get into the Jeans RIB. “Thank you Scott and all of you, it’s been a brilliant day and as far as we are concerned quite a number of people back home will know a lot more about you. As far as we are concerned a GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) with Paul firing would stop any pirate getting anywhere near your ship and the one you are escorting.” They shook hands and Jan took them back to the Terrier.

They all mucked in and cleared the saloon and got it back to normal. George brewed coffee and laid out the remains of the BBQ and they just sat and talked over the day.

It had been great but now back to business and would wait at sea for the O1 to meet up with them. But Scott’s mind went back to Martin and realised it would be too late to contact him now, but just knew he was going to be told of a problem.

Meanwhile back in London and at the same time as the Jean was going through her exercise with HMS Terrier, Martin was in a terror of his own after Jerry O’Brian’s visit, as again he stared at the office door after O’Brian left.


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