MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 17

Both Scott and Andrew had taken an instant liking to these two officers given the fact with their long service neither men may not have been that impressed because of Scott’s position and age. No attitude, no superiority, no questioning about their reason to be there and most important of all, their comments about the Jean.

Both men had been more than impressed during the tour which only confirmed what they had been asked to report back on anyway.

“Thanks, it’s nice to know the Royal Navy now as well as the US Navy think the LJP is a serious ship, but I do understand that there are those who question us and in particular me.” Scott smiled at the two officers. “But no one will change what we are about and by now people should be sitting up and possibly thinking we are not the joke they think we are.”

“You certainly are not a joke with the navy I can assure you and for some very good reasons and they include you captain, your excellent ship, your crew and your first officer Paul Smith.”

“Do you want me to leave Scott? This sounds very personal.”

“No I don’t all this means is you will know what this is all about a bit before the rest do.”

“Right chaps, first things first. We need to tell you about the tracker we know has been fixed on you. James will explain.

“When we stop a vessel that we suspect could be a mother boat we hold the crew on the focsle (forward deck) while we search the whole ship. A month ago we found a device that was recognised as a tracking receiver. We kept it of course so we could keep it on the bridge and see if it reacted. We assume they are planted on ships when they are in port so that these people could follow and attack. When it went off we followed it and surprise surprise, it was you! We were coming to Colombo on a goodwill visit anyway and that’s why we are here to let you know you have been visited and a tracking device has been fitted somewhere on your ship and you need to search and find it before you sail again. We have another two hours before we have guests on the Terrier and would be happy to search with you, but we need to talk more before either of us sail.

We followed your last action and well done it seems you really stuffed them up and the other actions you have been involved in. I think you must realise that you are being talked about at home and I want to tell you I have been asked to look at you and report back.”

“Why aren’t you telling me to bugger off back home and leave it to the navies to sort out? From what you are saying you and those back home could possibly be thinking that all we will do is make matters worse if we were taken and held hostage. The Government or whoever must be pissed off with us.”

“It’s true that’s what was being said at the start until they realised you were in fact carrying out some excellent work. Look, you have been attacked  three times now and although other ships have been taken you could have become number one on the pirates wish list because your activities have been shown on so many news channels and the more they do, the more some of our people want to support you, there are quite a number thinking like you that ships should be armed.

Who are “are people?”

“Thought you would ask that and I’m afraid I cannot say but let me tell you they include politicians including a number of senior MP’s and officers from the military. Look we just have to go through all the crap before certain countries agree that armed personnel can sail through their territorial waters. There is nothing the military can to influence the situation, but we can help yours Scott.”

“That’s fine but maybe we should look for this tracker first?”


”Scott picked his mike up. “Marcel and Jon, whatever you are doing stop it and meet us and our guests on the bridge now.” The boys cussed Scott and got dressed.

After introductions and the two naval officers trying not to smile too much as they shook hands with two of the loveliest gay boys ever, dressed in very short shorts and matching tops. They were told what this was about and one of those lovely two, Jon, immediately came up with the answer.

“If it was me I would plant it on top of the bridge.” They all followed Jon out and he took them up top and pointed at the unit behind the mast.

“There it is, right where I would have put it. Can I have a pay rise now Skip?”

“You get PAID?”

They ripped the box off and Dennis suggested he would take it with him and when they sailed, see who turned up.

“You never know the Terrier may make a name for herself as well! Right is it possible to meet again tomorrow at the same time? I’m afraid we have to go, got some VIP’s to be nice to in an hour.”

“That will be fine and you want Paul here as well?”

“Yes please.”

“I won’t, all this is far above my rank.”

“Everything is!” The navy had a good laugh.


They left and the four friends went out to try to forget the meeting that morning and enjoy themselves. Scott however couldn’t and Andrew knew it and kept even closer to him, which he would have done anyway.

They all had a wonderful time in Club Lush thanks to Colin.

As in Mumbai they found themselves very popular especially when Paul, Jerry, Theo and guess who,  gave everyone the amazing sight of them doing press ups with hand claps for the duration of one tune. Well, Paul, Jerry and Theo did, the other two’s shoulders packed up two minuets into it. Mind you Marcel and Jon still got even more phone numbers which they gave to Reggie, who gave them to Jan, who gave them back to Marcel!

When they got back Scott took Paul out on deck and told him about the meeting with the Royal Navy. “I can’t be sure but I think we maybe about to be offered weapons, can’t think of any other reason. What do you think?”

“Like you Skip I’m guessing the same and if we are I am certain they have checked me and my time in the SBS out.”

Scott went to the cabin to email William to tell him about what was going on and would email again later tomorrow. He sent it and joined his naked Andrew on the bunk and straddled his body.

“Hi sexy, wanna mess around some with my boy pussy, awesome buddy dude?” Scott’s attempt at trying to be “American” was crap, but sort of cancelled out by Andrew’s attempt at being Brit.

“Oh gosh! A jolly fine chap trying to speak the American way, but my dear fellow with that, yuk…., yyyyuk, accent you will be at a distinct disadvantage and my word old chap…… Oh bollocks I can’t keep that up! Yeah, a fuck would be good!” Half hour later they actually managed it!


Meanwhile the youngest of crew were in deep discussion about Scott and Andrew.

“Are we being really stupid Jon?”

“I except so but that’s how we feel about them and only we know what we would like to happen.” Marcel was on his back and Jon on top with Marcel’s arms and legs wrapped around the Icelander. Jon had his arms around his West Indian’s neck and head with their faces together. However, before they had got into that position they had bandaged their cocks together and the top could now stroke until both of them came bucket loads.

“We better be careful we could loose them and that would kill me and you Jon.”

“But there is no harm in, um, well trying and giving loads of hugs and stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“Being close to them as much as we can and, well just having lots of laughs and…..oh fuck I don’t know….I just wish I could get them to sleep with us.”

“Ok, now shut up….That’s great Jon……! Oh fuck!” For a long time their cock heads had been rubbing together while Jon fucked,  they yelled out and then froze, that glorious moment had arrived and both boys simply blew up together time and time again.

Jon collapsed on top of Marcel and just clung on while they recovered to the point where they were able to kiss once more and, still bandaged together, they turned onto their sides and fell asleep for an hour.

Jon removed the bandage and went back to cuddling. Marcel kissed Jon and then looked at him smiling.

“Your still thinking about Skip and Andrew aren’t you.”

“Yep and fuck it Jon, we are going to get them on their own and tell them what we want. We know they love us as much as we love them. Yeah, I’m going to do it.” Bless em.

Scott and Paul were at the top of the gang way and watched as the crew left to go out for the day, they would join them on the beach after the meeting. Andrew turned, waved and blew a kiss then he went out of the harbour with Marcel and Jon in tow who also blew a kiss with a wave.

They waited and dead on time Dennis and James plus another officer climbed the gang and shook hands and introduced a Lieutenant Brian Goldman the ships Gunnery Officer.

“Hello, nice to meet you and thanks for allowing me on board.”

Scott lead the way to the saloon where they sat at the dining table. Paul poured coffees and offered nibbles that George and Colin had prepared.

“Right, may I start Scott?”

“Can’t wait, at least I think so!”

“Two months ago I was called to the Ministry of Defence and given a briefing and told my ship would be deployed in this area to join other navies on pirate watch but in addition meet with you and afterwards get back to the Ministry with my conclusions, i e can you be offered a weapon to give you better protection!

We are not just talking about a few politicians who can think like sensible people. They have to remain anonymous as well as the naval people and believe it or not the MI5 who have looked into your entire crew. Gentlemen you have all been vetted, security checked and found to be 100% reliable, in other words safe as houses. Except two of your crew, Theo Harding and Royston Fortune who have both just resigned from the US Navy and now crewing with you, but going back to the States soon!”

“Yeah Gods, what the hell don’t you know about us? Next you will be telling me what type underpants I wear!”

“Calvin Klein briefs, white!” They collapsed and it took some time before Dennis could admit that was a pure guess, but it did relax Scott, Paul already was.

“Right Paul when you were being checked out the first person they spoke to was your former SBS CO, Major Hamish McFee and you will already know what he would have said. I don’t want to embarrass you but McFee told them you were the best he had ever served with and incidentally sends his regards to you and Thomas.

Apart from the great service you gave to the SBS it was your weapons ability that they were most interested in and I can now tell you captain you will be offered a rather different weapon and only because of Paul here. Over to you Brian.”

“You are familiar with the American Milkor Automatic 40 mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) apparently and have used it on active service a number of times and later instructed on that and many other weapons.

The main issue was to the military of course but also a number were held by specially trained police in case of severe civil unrest like mass rioting when the general public and property could be at risk. We have developed a new grenade to use against rioters and when fired it would deliver an extremely powerful detonation, and a massive blinding flash. The effect on a group is quite staggering what with loss of physical coordination and sight for at least ten minutes and also the panic element which is thought to be as effective as the other two. It has now been issued to ships who are deployed in this region and I can now report we have used it once to great effect when we fired on two skiffs, three grenades were fired and they were off like a shot.”

“I know it very well and was part of the team test firing it. I was just pleased to be a shooter and not one of those poor sods on the receiving end. Even though they had safety gear on they still suffered and were effected for sometime afterwards.”

“So, we could be getting a weapon but the new grenade it fires not many people know about, that is until we fire it and it’s on video for all to see unless we edit it out, correct?”

“Correct. That’s what we were told to tell you and I should imagine Jerry will do a very good job editing for general viewing and George will no doubt help him.”

“Bloody hell! I except you know what underwear they wear as well!?”

“They are both strictly commando!” Another guess but a great laugh!

“Scott I am afraid we have to go soon, got a big gathering tonight, but may I ask that we sail together and meet up the day after tomorrow. We will follow you and arrange the transfer of the weapon but there is one thing we need to know and that is all types of, lets call them defences, you have on board, because we are certain there are more, like those two containers at the stern?”

“You are right there is one we will show you plus what’s in those containers when we get to sea.”

“Look I have a thought to put to you. We are going to meet at sea of course and transfer the MGL but what do you think about an exercise involving your marines trying to attack us and board with your two RIB’s while we try and stop you? I will send our RIB to join yours. During the exercise we will use all our defence facilities but will not use the pepper spray we have use against the pirates, just red dye water from our helicopters. I will get something together to show you the other attack weapon we have as well. If two of you transfer to us you will see at first hand how we operate. How does that sound?

“Bloody marvellous! Of course we agree, just send me full details and we will agree to all of them!”

They saw their visitors off then went back to the saloon.

“So, what do you recon, is this genuine or am I going to be fucked up as I have now asked them to see us in action?”

“I am as sure as I can be that this is genuine Skip. It’s something you get to learn over time and body language is a good lesson to learn and those guys didn’t give me any signs this is a stitch up.” Scott smiled at him.

“I really don’t know you Paul do I. You must have an interesting tale to tell.”

“A book is coming out soon and although none of us are mentioned by name, it tells a lot about what we got up to.”

“I will get a copy.”

“You will, from me.”

“Do you miss the navy?”

“Yes, loads but when I met Tommy that did it. It took two years but eventually I could not stand being away from him any longer and after only six months from leaving I had one of the biggest breaks ever, I met you Skip and Tommy and I could not be more happy.”

“Not exactly Royal Navy though Paul.”

“Skip don’t take this as me being a creep, but I can honestly say if you had guns instead of water cannons and hoisted the White Ensign, your ship would be no different to the ships already serving without changing crew and most definitely not the captain.”

“Thanks Paul. My dad once told me a ship is only as good as it’s captain but a good captain thinks his ship is only as good as his crew. I really believe that’s right. Ok, you and I need to go shopping and after that go and find the rabble.”

Two hours later they were back with two old but intact outboard motor and stored it in the hangar. The seller would not sell unless they bought two! He obviously need to get rid of his stock!

The “rabble”were back on the beach after doing tourist things and a meal. Andrew, Marcel and Jon had gone off for a walk along the waters edge for about half an hour during which time the two younger never stopped talking and most of the time dropping massive hints about what they would like to happen between the four of them and Andrew cussing because Scott was still not with him. He desperately need help poor man!

They got back to the others just in time to see Scott and Paul some distance away and watched as they came towards them talking the whole time. Andrew could not keep his eyes off Scott as he came closer. Both men only had their shorts on and carried a small pack for swimmers towels and tops. Both of them were in superb condition Paul’s powerful build which he kept in shape by his own fitness routine from his time in the navy. He only ever used the gym just to maintain body shape but never for over developing muscles, he left that to the body builders. Scott it could be said was a smaller version of Paul and now he had reached his optimum height of six foot his entire body shape and development had reached a stage similar to that of Paul.

“He looks great doesn’t he Andrew.” Marcel said.

“Which one?”


“Yes he is, aint he just the lucky one!” Both boys kissed Andrew’s cheeks (face) and ran towards their captain and first officer and made a good effort in trying to beat them up. They happily failed and were given to Jan who held them firmly against her breasts and no means of escape.

They sat close together while Paul told them about the new weapon in some detail and how effective it could be and then said something that made them all think.

“I can’t be specific but I have been up against similar people to these pirates and now they are swimming in money the price of whatever drugs they are on will become easier to obtain and it will become a problem. Drugs are an anesthetic as well as fucking your head up and they just won’t give a shit.  There is no doubt the grenades will do their job and cause some delay in what they will still attempt to do but because they could be out of their heads there is only one thing that will definitely stop them and that’s the bullets.

“Your right Paul and Marcel you need more practice without destroying a bullet and I think I have a way for you to do that, but we will talk about that when we get back, but for now, lets just enjoy the beach.”

Everyone thought that a great idea and Theo, Jerry, George and Colin spent a productive hour trying to drown the boys who cheated by running or swimming away, but they were eventually caught and returned to Jan, screaming their lovely gay heads off. Now trapped Andrew told Scott he wanted them to go for a stroll along the beach.

“Ok, what’s up? I know there is something.”

“Oh, it’s not a huge problem but in case you don’t already know, the boys would like to become more familiar with us.” Andrew told Scott of what they had said during their walk and winding him up just before he and Paul came back.

“I know it’s not a problem but it could become one if one of us doesn’t say something to them.”

“And you think it should be me?”

“Your the bloody captain!”

“Oh great! What other captain has to sort a problem like this out?”

“Just do it, unless of course you want to get us all in bed!?” Scott looked at Andrew with a wicked grin on his face.

“Do you?”

“I love them to death and I will admit I love it when we are together. But going further? No way and I had better be speaking for both of us Scotty!”

“Oh bugger, change of thoughts then! Ok, I will talk to them.”

“Well, you will be talking to them sooner than you think, look behind you.”

They stopped and waited for both of them to catch up.

They walked on slowly together with the boys in the middle just chatting about this wonderful country and this day.

“We love it when we are at sea Skip but this is just as nice, just being able to relax and not worry about pirates for a while is good for all of us.”

“Nicely put Jon and does that include us four being together like this?” The boys looked at one another and smiled at Scott.

“Yes Skip. We love being with you and Andrew.”

“So, like Andrew and me, you see us all as being really close friends?”

“Yes Skip, really close and Jon and….”

“Lets sit down for a while. I want to tell you a true story.” They sat down and waited for Scott and only Andrew knowing this “true” story would be a figment of Scott’s imagination!

“I knew four guys some time ago and all four just like us, really close friends. Lets call them A/B and C/D. They did everything together, going out to theatre, football, cricket, holidaying, visiting one another, you name it they did it for about four years. And then it all went wrong. They were on holiday and to cut a long story short A and C took the relationship one small step forward and had sex. B and D found out about it and all four went their separate ways. All four lives were ruined by just one act that had not been thought out properly.

After some time A/B and C/D did get back together but not as a group of friends anymore, they never met again.” They sat there for sometime and the two youngsters thinking hard. Marcel broke into a massive smile and looked at Andrew and Scott.

“Neither Jon or I would ever risk ending our friendship with you. I just want to say we love you so much!” And then shook with laughter. “But, we are so sorry and please try not to be too disappointed, but we will have to say no to both of you! Please try to understand!” Once again they got beaten up and half drowned, just like friends do! It was all done and dusted.

They walked back next to one another this time. Jan watched them getting closer and smiled, she knew something had been said and breathed a sigh of relief, she had picked up what the boys were hoping for but it now all seemed fine and back to normal. She had had experience of mixing and matching and knew just how things had gone badly wrong, then Paula had come along and turned her life around.

They grabbed three taxis and went back to the ship and after a meal and showers they all reported to Colin who lead the way to Bojo’s night club and once again entertained the locals and tourists alike. Reggie by now thought it best to take his man bag with him so the boys could put all the phone numbers in it!

He was handed another two by Jon who dashed off again to join Marcel and half a dozen others dancing the sexiest dance Reggie and Freddy had ever seen. The two older men’s eyes were firmly attached to those performing.

“Freddy, are you bored just us sitting here watching this lot and listening to that dreadful music?”

“If I said yes the music is awful and I am bored out of my head, I would be lying just like you are now. Come on old man lets give these sods a show. Reggie was dragged onto the floor and both men were cheered as they tried to copy the dance and for their bravery! Half hour later they sat back down completely knackered but sadly with no phone numbers!

Now back on board they all went to the saloon and cuddled up together except Scott who went to check emails before he joined the rest. He had two, one from the Terrier telling Scott they were due to leave at 1400 the next day. Scott replied telling them he would be leaving at midday and gave a course and position for them to meet up, “Meanwhile I will send details of the exercise and invite you to amend should you so which. All I will say now is that after the exercise all marines are invited to come aboard and join our crew for a BBQ and, with your permission, a couple of beers. I will sail at 10 knots and hope you can catch up!”

The other email was from Martin Chambers with his weekly report updating Scott on the various Ocean Companies which by now Scott actually understood. Also part of Scott’s regular weekly routine was a video meeting with Martin which was another way to be kept informed. During these weekly contacts and emails both Scott and Martin developed a friendly working relationship and were very relaxed during conversations.

He quickly read the email and would reply the next day but reread the last part a couple of times before shutting it down.

“Scott, I need us to video call asap. Please call me at the office. It is very urgent.”

Scott read it again and wondered what the problem was. Meanwhile get back to his man and crew then have one drink with them before he took Andrew to their cabin.

They undressed, went for a shower then got into bed and cuddled up, but Andrew knew Scott’s mind was elsewhere.


“Yes love.”

“Whatever the problem is I know you will sort it out and I know there is one.”

“How do you know there is?”

“Because we have been in the cabin for 30 and a half minutes which is the longest time you have not told me you love me, so that tells me there is a problem.” Scott kissed Andrew then told him about the email.

“I cant be sure what it’s about, but I know I will need you and Paul to help me out, again.”

“I know Paul will my love. As for me, where’s the nearest lifeboat!”

After many laughs then kisses, they fell asleep, still cuddled tightly together.


The Ocean docks in Southampton was primarily to service the fleet on a regular basis from general maintenance to major overalls and only three ships operated from Southampton, which included the 06. Other ships would go to their regular ports and once again sail from them to their several overseas destinations.

Some years previously William had organised a social gathering on the first evening a ship had come in for whatever maintenance that particular vessel required. It was an opportunity for crews, dock engineers and the London headquarters staff to meet and socialize. Over the years it had proved a great success and on this particular evening there would be another one of them. The new O6 was in for a seven day “check over” before being loaded and sail to Canada.

Martin laid next to his wife and placed is hand on her belly and laughed as their son was having a workout! His little fist or foot pushed against the womb and the palm of Martin’s hand. Neither parent could get enough of this. They kissed for the millionth time and told one another of their love.

The day before had been their second wedding anniversary, two years of shear happiness and Sandra even knowing and excepting from the beginning of their relationship Martin was in fact bisexual.

He had come out to her as soon as both of them realised this was becoming more serious and Martin, being the type of man he was, could not hold a secret from the women he knew he was already in love with.

It took a lot of talking through but both knew this would work because every time they spoke it all ended in them laughing their heads off and once again making very passionate love. But we wont go into that.

And so what with a years courtship and now two years of marriage the relationship was strong enough for Martin to have his time in one of the two gay saunas he knew very well. He never made a date, just his two hours or so in one of his favourite places to be.

His last call every evening before leaving his office would be to Sandra telling her he was on his way, but every now and again he would ask, “Can the Eagle land tonight?” Sandra always said yes and knew she would not be cooking dinner, Martin always bought a takeaway back with him. Instead she would have another two hours on her art work. She was an illustrator for several greeting card company’s and a rather well known magazine. The pay was not that good but she loved what she did.

“You sure you will be ok?”

“Of course, Martin number two and I will be fine, he will look after me even though he is only seven months old! So bugger off and misbehave with all those sailors around you if you want too, just remember to take your little bag of the important bits.” She of course meant lube and condoms. “No, I wont need them.”

He got to the Solent Hotel and after a call to Sandra, he showered and changed, then got a taxi to the Ocean docks. He showed his pass and then the short walk to this magnificent ship.

He could not know that this event would change his life.

It was a rule that there would only be one speech and no longer than five minutes and in that time who ever was giving it had to deliver an update as to the state of the Ocean companies and in particular Ocean Shipping.


“We are pleased to inform you that our new ship is just two months from completion and will sail the Med and many middle eastern seas. As you know there are 12 ships in the company and the new ship will NOT be named Ocean 13 for obvious reasons and therefore Sir William and Captain Scott Peterson will name her.”

“Oh goody for them!” Martin heard that thinking whoever it was, was being funny. He turned round and saw Jerry O’Brian for the first time. Jerry returned the look and suddenly his gay side kicked in. “This guy is very fuckable!” But there was one more part of this speech that would give the whole crew something to think about and only the O6’s captain, Bob Taylor knowing what was coming.

“As you know the O1 and O2 sail through the Arabian sea and India Ocean via Malta, Italy and Cyprus or via South Africa then onto India then Australia and back. Both ships are due major overhauls and therefore in three months time the O6 will ply those waters permanently as she can carry as much as the other two anyway and as you now know, the new ship will also sail those waters. When complete the O1 and O2 will be sailing other routes.” That took them all by surprise and many not too happy knowing they would be sailing through pirate seas. But there was a sweetener, two in fact.

“When the O6 begins her new sailing all crew below senior rank will be awarded a 5% increase in basic pay and an all crew guarantee of being escorted by the MV Lady Jean Peterson and her excellent crew through pirate waters until Captain Peterson is sure that you will be safe from attack.”

“Oh great! God bless Captain fucking Peterson!” Martin already knew that would be Jerry and hoped he was still trying to be funny.

As soon as the speech ended Jerry started a conversation with Martin which was pleasant and indeed Martin thought Jerry to be very amicable and witty. Later David was introduce and the three found there was a common interest. Martin had by this time forgotten Jerry’s remarks during the speech and found himself enjoying the company but when Jerry suggested the three of them go to his cabin Martin declined, he may like sex with men but only on his terms and this wasn’t.

“Ah well, we will never know what we would all have missed.” Jerry said. “Common guys, one more drink and then we had better mingle.” He went off to get more champagne.

The following morning Martin woke up and tried to work out where he was and why he was laying naked between David and Jerry. He had a splitting headache but he knew this was not a hangover. “Shit, and I guess I’m in it.”

He would soon realise he was. That event, even though he had no recall of it, would become a massive problem when the dvd was handed to him in his office by First Officer O’Brian.


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