MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 13

Theo and Royston were at the bottom of the gangway as the Jean’s RIB came to a halt and they climbed in. “Hello boys, hope you will enjoy your stay with us.” Jan was being pleasant and smiled at one happy face and one not quite so. She sped away and Royston looked back at his ship and was missing her already, Theo on the other hand had already forgotten her and thinking of the next two weeks and getting to know those two eighteen year olds. He had already written off most of the crew, but had a fancy for that great looking guy called Jerry. What a body he’s got and very fuckable.

They were taken straight to Scott’s cabin. He shook hands with them and they all sat down. Scott of course, Paul, Jan, Theo and Royston.

“Royston, welcome aboard. Why are you here?”

“I have absolutely no idea captain, I was about to ask you that.”

“Theo why are YOU here?”

“After the Commander’s and my visit we were so impressed with your ship captain I just knew I wanted to spend time with you all.”

“Why Royston as well?”

“Because I was convinced he would have a great experience working with your medical staff. I’m not medically trained myself of course, but I was sure Royston would gain a lot from your facilities on the Jean.”

“How would you like to be accommodated, together or your own cabins?”

“Together/own.” Theo and Royston said together and in that order.


“May I say something in private captain?” Royston asked.

“Would you leave for a while?” Scott asked the others. “We seem to have our first problem and they have only just got here, but we knew there would be anyway.” Paul, Jan and Theo left.

“Ok what’s up?”

“Look captain the only time I had any knowledge about coming to your ship was when I was told. Theo already knew he was coming and suggested to the Admiral I come as well. Captain I will tell you I am gay as is Theo and we had a relationship back home, if you can call it that. It’s my guess he has manipulated this so he can get to know your crew and hope for things to happen and if they don’t he thinks he can get me back in bed. It isn’t going to happen, but I cannot ask to be sent back as I’m under orders to be here.”

“Thanks for your honesty that’s made things a bit clearer. Ok we will make this as pleasant for you as possible and hope you in fact enjoy your stay with us. I’m getting the others back now, but will ask Paul to show you your cabin and then you stick to him and meet the crew. I need time with Mr Harding.”

“Thank you captain.”

“It’s Skip while we are at sea, the crew decided that.”

“Thanks Skip then.” For the first time Scott saw him smile and it made him look completely different.

Theo sat and was about to be disappointed and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Right Lieutenant Harding, time for a bit of truth if you know how to tell it? WHY are you here?” Theo suddenly found himself thinking hard and searching for an answer they obviously did not believe all the bull shit and the tables were well and truly turned.

“Ok, I have fuc…messed up and I cannot go back to the Rockall unless you send me back, but I hope you won’t as it would finish me.”

“Might be worth it then. No I won’t do that because we want our fun as well Lieutenant. You are the worst actor any of us have come across and completely false, but worse you have insulted us and our ship thinking you just have to click your fingers and we will all be gagging for your cock, you even bought Royston with you as back up in case you don’t get lucky with any of us. Let me tell you now, you have no chance with ANY of us.  We don’t give a shit if you don’t like us or the Jean, but you WILL play a full role while you are on my ship. Jan here is your watch officer and take my advice, DONT upset her. We have a full programme which will fill your every waking hour and you are expected to carry out every duty you are given. I will leave Jan to fill you in about all that. I need to say one more thing and then you will be taken to your cabin. Try anything with anyone, you will be dealt with, harshly and even more so if you try anything on with the boys. You will find out just how protective we are of them, but they can look after themselves anyway despite the fact you may think that they could be easy game. You Lieutenant should take some advice which maybe difficult for an arrogant tosser like you to get your head around. Get stuck into the next two weeks and you never know, you might even learn something about yourself, but if you don’t none of us could give a shit. In my opinion you are a disgrace to your Navy and you don’t deserve to be a part of it. Jan, he’s all yours.”

Jan took Theo to his cabin. “You have 15 minutes and I will be back, get into sports gear, you have an hour in the gym.”

Theo looked around him and was pissed off, this cabin was much better than his and he had to share as well. He had hoped to be sharing with Royston of course now even that wasn’t going to happen. He stripped of and went for a shower and while in it thought about what his father had told him what to do in seven nights time and wondered what it was all about and could only come up with one answer. He smiled to himself and felt a lot better.

He felt even more so when he was taken to the gym and Jerry was waiting for him.

“You going to join in Jan?” Theo heard her say “fuck off” for the first of many times. “You have Theo to play with, enjoy.” Theo certainly wished they could “enjoy” Jerry was in perfect shape and that six pack showing through his tight vest caused certain movement in his shorts. “Right, let’s see how fit the US Navy is.” An hour later Theo’s session ended and still sweating was taken to the saloon where most of the crew were and Paul sending Scott back down on the mat again. He stood watching and wondering why this was going on.

“Ok Skip I’ve been keeping something from you.”

“You bugger, what?” Scott was also sweating.

“When we fight I see a pirate facing me. When you fight you see Paul.” The penny dropped at that good advice and for the first time Paul picked himself off the mat.

Scott ran around the saloon shouting out “champion!” he went back to the mat and got flattened!

Theo continued to watch as Jerry went through shit followed by Andrew who did even worse.

“Want to try Theo?” Paul invited.

“No thanks. I would like to say I don’t want to hurt you, but the truth is I have never done this before.” Everyone looked at him. Was that a sense of humour?

“Ok, not today then, but you will tomorrow. Skip, I want you to prove that last time wasn’t a fluke. Two minutes later Paul smashed onto the mat. Scott did not run around the saloon that time though.

Royston was nowhere to be seen but was in deep conversation with Reggie and Paulina in the sick bay and thoroughly enjoying himself as they talked medical talk and saw a well-appointed mini hospital.

“Don’t you guys get bored waiting for customers?”

“Not at all we take our watches and help with the running of the ship. We all work in other departments and have learnt a great deal and then our action stations when we get visitors. We all have pretty full days, but also relax time as well and Paul tries to get partners off at the same time so we can have private moments. We all love it and such good people, we hope you like it here Royston.” Royston was beginning to think he would especially as Theo would not be with him.

Over the next two days both visitors were busy with their watch and then gym, hand to hand fighting with Paul, domestic work and going out in the boat “attacking” the Jean and saw for the first time the massive power of the water cannons and even operated them during one of the exercises. They had to go to the hanger and take instruction from Marcel and Jon and would assist during maintenance work and watched as they “attacked” the boat “attacking” them and saw it get sprayed with pressurised red water as they came in at full throttle with the screamer on, Royston was really impressed with the exercise and said so, even Theo was heard to say “awesome.”

They had to report to different sections and were given training on mechanical equipment, first aid and emergency procedures on a very realistic dummy which Reggie and Paulina noticed Theo struggling with. “Don’t worry Theo, its already dead and a dummy anyway.” Paulina told him.

“Thank God Paulina, I could not take the real thing.” This was the first time Theo had called anyone by name.

On the third night they had been on board Scott had organised a night attack. Paul’s watch would be on and only Tommy was at the Hawk so the watch did not know from which direction they were going when the RIB was launched and go at full speed to a point five miles from the ship. Marcel and Jon were also unaware and would have to wait for Paul to direct them. Although Theo was on watch he would only be observing and Royston would also be there. This would be the longest time they were together since coming to the Jean.

“Contact at 5 miles, 9 o’clock, 30 knots. Paul sounded the alarm and Scott stood with the two US Naval men as the exercise was underway.

Paul directed the whole thing and ordered the helicopters to attack when the boat flashed a torch to simulate gun fire. The RIB had to suffer at the wrong end of the water cannons and one engine was flooded and came back at quarter speed.

When it was all over the boat was taken back in and refueled as were the helicopters. The flooded engine was replaced before they all went to the bridge to talk the exercise through.

“Any comments you two?” Scott asked, after it was all done.

“Just to say I would prefer to be on the Jean than be a pirate Skip, bloody fantastic!” Royston was really enjoying himself.

“Theo?” He looked at Scott.

“Just to repeat what Royston has just said and I really do mean it Skip.” For the first time in ages both men looked at one another and half smiled. But Theo was also thinking about the seventh night, he was by now in one hell of a dilemma as he knew what was going to happen. His father MUST be attacking the Jean there could be no other reason to be told to unbolt the hatch. And the reason why? His father was trying to embarrass Scott. He could not be sure, but he once overheard him giving his opinions to another officer about the Royal Navy. While serving with them on an exchange many years ago it turned out he was sent back home for some reason and it was obvious he did not like them because of it, his father was always right and so therefore the Royal Navy had to be wrong.

“Fuck, I’m in the shit whatever I do or don’t do.” It was a matter of who he was most scared of, his father of course. Theo had much more to worry about concerning his father and that was if he ever found out he was gay, he knew he would be disowned and his Navy career finished.

At the same time Theo was in his cabin trying to work out what to do, two naked and extremely horny crew members where tucked up in a 69 and enjoying themselves enormously. Both were approaching the finishing line and with half a dozen more blows they came together and not a drop had to be wiped up even the bit that dribbled out of Georges mouth, he licked it off of Jerry’s thigh.

“Very very nice, thank you,” George said and moved up Jerry’s fantastic body and gave him an upside down kiss.

“You can fuck me later George. Let me know when you’re ready.”

“Christ you are hard work, still give me 10 minutes.” They cuddled in and kissed.

“What do you think about Theo now you have had him in the gym a few times?”

“What, fucked him or my opinion?”

“Would you, fuck him I mean?” Jerry looked at George and was dying to take the piss, but also knew George was very sensitive about that sort of talk and he wouldn’t mess about with anyone anyway, George gave him all he wanted in a man, he had at long last found his love.

“Of course not silly, but my opinion? I’m actually beginning to like him, I can’t be sure but I think he has seen us all together as couples and he is realising what he’s missing. We all have a fair idea he has fucked up with Royston and my bet is he has realised what he messed up. I tell you something else, Royston is a great bloke and as things are now too good for Theo. Still, as I say, I’m sure Theo has learnt a big lesson and, MAYBE they will get back together. Who knows, who cares and 10 minutes are up!” George pretended to be asleep so Jerry beat him up which George loved and it turned him on no end. He finally sank all 8 inches into his man and nearly blew his head off!

In the next cabin to Jerry and George, Theo had to settle for his right hand and thinking about Royston while he tossed himself off. At the other end of the corridor Royston was getting dressed to go on watch, BUT as he did was he thinking about Theo. He knew Theo well enough to know he had changed a lot.

Day five would show the crew that Theo was now becoming a part of them when he was matched up with Jerry to fight. It was a one ended affair as Theo was dumped on the mat three times before Paul saved him from further punishment. He was now matched up with Paulina.

“Touch her and your dead!”

“JAN I have to touch her, that’s why we are here?”

“Ok then, but if you hurt her, your dead.”

“Oh fuck!” He stood there unguarded and Paulina flattened him.

“Thank God for that, I’m safe!” He got back up and was taken by surprise when Paulina gave him a cuddle, he loved it, so did everyone there including Royston. He had not heard Theo laugh like that for ages and it took him back to the better days when it was just the two of them.

It was very early on the seventh day, Reggie was on watch with Freddy, Jerry and George. All the rest were having breakfast and were just chatting about nothing in particular before going off to carry out their work, except Theo who sat there hardly eating anything and seemed miles away. By now the whole crew had taken to him and much to their relief he had settled down and had by now become quite popular, it seemed he was human after all, but wondered if it would last. There had been no reports of him being anti-social, the boys had never been approached by him and even Royston noticed the change. He, like Jerry was convinced it was because of this crew and he could see for the first time in his life just what true friendship and love meant. Theo had not experienced much of either and even when he and Royston got together it only lasted a few months before Theo buggered it all up. He did not realise he was a copy of his father and if Theo would open his eyes could see what others around him had known for years about the total absence of care for his son. Theo was in the survival jungle and at the same time confused, he was beginning to LIKE people.

“Something on your mind Theo?” Scott asked. Theo was startled and visibly shook when spoken too.

“Oh, sorry Skip, I was miles away.” All the way back to the Rockall in fact. He was sure marines would be mounting an exercise to “capture” the Jean that night and Theo had no idea what to do, but he knew he had to do something. His options were limited, do as ordered by his Commander which meant his father would be off his back, or tell Scott what he was sure was going to happen and ruin not only his career, but be thrown out of his father’s life for good.

“That’s fine. What’s your program for today?”

“You Skip, Paul and Jerry are going to beat me up again a few times, Jerry is going to work me stupid in the gym, Jan is taking me out and dump me over the side because she volunteered me to be rescued, two watches but I may get a crap in if there is any time left.” He maybe beside himself with worry, but he had found a sense of humour from somewhere.

All he could think was that he HAD to talk to someone and he wished it could be Royston, but would he take it the wrong way and think he was just trying to get back in favour? In fact Theo could have talked to anyone, but he was not at all confident as he was still trying to prove himself and this could make people suspicious and doubt him again. He knew he had to say something before 1am otherwise he would have to go along with his father’s order because if the marines got on board but not get into the ship, the game would be up for him. He needed a slice of luck, but in fact he did it all himself when he was on his first watch during a meeting with all crew on the bridge.

“Skip my engine has a problem, it won’t start.” Jon and Marcel had gone to report to Scott. Scott rang Neil and with Andrew went to the hanger to sort it out, that meant the “man over board” exercise was cancelled much to Theo’s relief. At least something was going his way! Instead he did a double session in the gym with Jerry and was more than happy that Royston was also there.

Up on the bridge George was counting the fishing boats, 10. “Seems there is some good fishing around here today Skip, there are quite a few more boats out and a long way from home as well.”

“Look out for nets or lines George and if you don’t see any, keep an eye on them, they could be mother boats looking for a target.”

“Will do.”

Down in the hanger Neil and co had stripped Jon’s fuel pump and found the fault. “Won’t take long, will you get a spare Andrew?” Ten minutes later he still had not returned, Neil was getting impatient and went down himself and found Andrew unconscious at the bottom of the gang way, he had tripped it would seem. He got his radio out.

“Reggie to the engine room gangway immediately.” He repeated that several times. Scott heard it and also went down, when he saw Andrew like that he had to fight to stop the panic.

“Skip to the bridge please, urgent call from a cargo ship.” Scott had no choice but to leave Andrew. Reggie and Paulina had arrived and they were waiting for Colin to bring a stretcher down to strap Andrew in so they could get him to sick bay while Reggie inspected the damage. Paul also went down to help lift him.

Scott arrived on the bridge and had to concentrate as never before.

“We are picking up a call from the “Wanderer of the Seas” a cargo ship saying a crew member has fallen down a gangway and is at the bottom with two broken legs and in great pain and are asking for assistance. She is 48 miles North West of us and will take just over an hour and a half to get to her, here is her position.

“Full ahead and steer one oh five. Don’t reply yet, I’m going to the sick bay Andrew’s fallen down a gangway himself and is unconscious.”

In the gym Jerry was about to leave Theo and Royston together when the call came over the speakers for Reggie to go to the gangway, Royston left and went to see if there was anything he could do to help. He got to the gangway and looked down, there were four of the crew tending Andrew so he made his way to the sick bay and saw Scott waiting there in a bad way.

“They will arrive soon Skip.”


As soon as they got Andrew into sick bay Reggie turned to Scott. “Skip I think it best you wait on the bridge, there is enough of us to look after Andrew and I will come up when we know what the damage is.” Reluctantly Scott took one look at Andrew sick with worry. Paul went with him and Colin to the galley and bought back a coffee for Scott and they all just waited for news.

Paul was bought up to date with the emergency going on on the Wonderer and took over the rush towards her.

It seemed like ages before Reggie came up and when Scott saw the grin on his face a huge burden fell off his shoulders.

“He has concussion but not serious, but he is going to have a hell of a headache for some time though and he has also broken his left upper arm, but it’s a clean break and will mend quickly. We have medicated him and fixed his arm cradle. He is awake and asking for you Scott, but don’t stay long we want him to sleep.” Scott thanked Reggie and ran all the way to the sick bay.

He got to Andrew and gently kissed him. “Just give me heart attacks won’t you! What happened?”

“I tripped.”

“I can see that nob head. Just sleep love, I will take your watch.” Andrew was already falling back to sleep.

“Is he alright Paulina?”

“Yes Skip, he will be poorly for a day or so, but Royston says as he is American he will be on his feet in no time.”

“And fall down again I expect. Thanks both of you, I had better go and see what’s happening to Jon’s helicopter. Busy day!”

“Just finishing off Skip then start her up and do a flight test. How’s Andrew?”

“Concussion and broken his left arm, but Reggie says he will be fine. Ok, I’m going back to the bridge. Hope the chopper will be ok, we need both of them serviceable.”

They were less than an hour away from the Wanderer and Scott asked Paul to make contact and ask them to tell them what the situation is with the injured crewman. He also rang the sick bay to let them know what was happening and Reggie maybe needed to go over and see what he could do for him.

“How is he?”

“Sleeping Skip and comfortable, try not to worry you have other things on your mind.”

Scott heard the helicopter start up and it was wheeled out on the rails to give it a long run, taking it up to full power before an actual flight. Jon flew for a quarter of an hour then landed and after refuelling told Scott the machine was now serviceable. He then turned to Paul.

“Have you made contact?”

“Yes, but they’re not answering. I will try again in 10 minutes.”

“How long now?”

“Three quarters of an hour.”

“Come back to 20 knots.”

“Lady Jean Peterson this is the captain of the “Wonder of the Seas”, come in please, very urgent, man very ill we need help now!”

“This is Lady Jean Peterson can you tell me want is wrong?” He turned to Paul. “I thought she is called Wanderer of the Seas?” The captain radioed back.

“One of my crew badly injured, two broken legs. Hurry please he is dying.”

“Dying with broken legs? Must be more than that surely?” Scott thought.

“Royston to the bridge please.” He arrived and Scott asked him to call the Wanderer to find out more.

“Wanderer of the Seas” I am a doctor can you describe the injuries again please.”

“I have already told you, a broken leg and he is dying, hurry please.”

“Do you know if there are any other injuries?”

“WHY YOU ASK. I tell you he is dying!”

“We need to know because we have to bring the proper drugs and equipment with us captain.”

“Just his leg, please hurry.” Royston finished the call.

“I thought he said both legs. I will go down and ask Reggie what he thinks and if he goes I will go with him if that’s ok with you and Paulina will be here for Andrew.”

“No, I want you here and stay with Andrew, Paulina will go with Reggie.”

“Yes Skip.”

At last they could see the Wanderer sailing at about 10 knots. She was a 20,000 ton cargo ship with a full load of containers and looked massive.

When they had got to two miles Reggie, Paulina and Colin went out to the winch and got ready for the transfer. Scott spoke to the captain and told him to turn into  wind and go to 5 knots and the Jean would come long side and transfer Reggie and Paulina by winch. Scott had the Jean slowed to 10 knots and Freddy began to close on her lee side. Reggie and Paulina were already in the basket waiting for Scott to tell Colin to lift. He looked through the binoculars and again thought something was not quite right.

“I don’t like this at all. Jon, start up and take off and keep to our port side.”


“Marcel start up and wait.”


“Everyone look at the Wanderer and tell me if you can see anyone waiting for us. I certainly can’t.”

“Can anyone see crew on that ship?” There was a lot of “no’s.”

“Ok, just a guess but that ship has been taken and they hope to take us as well, go to five knots. Colin get everyone in here, we are not going.”

“Jon fly low astern of us and go to her starboard side. Report what you see.”

“Lady Jean Peterson why you slow down?” Scott sounded the alarm.

“Full speed, hard to port. Stand by for an attack. Marcel get up as soon as you can. Send we are under attack.”

“SKIP! There are armed men and lowering two boats, looks like four in each.”

“Ok Jon, come back towards us and wait 100 yards from that ship, when you see them come at us go in and spray them.”

‘Marcel, what’s with you?”

“Taking off now Skip.”

“Just hover were you are and when they come into sight go straight at them head on, but don’t hit into one another, Jon watch out for Marcel you know he’s a bit blind when it comes to love.” Sniggers all round.

They all saw the first boat came into sight going hell for leather and not seeing what they were getting into.

“Ok you two take them out. Slow ahead and keep them to our stern Freddy.”

“Call from the Rockall Skip acknowledging our call, they are 40 miles from us and heading full speed, their helicopter is almost with us.”

“Bloody wonderful.” As soon as he said that the Seahawk got to the Jean and hovered and videoed the drama going on below them.

Both the crews of the Jean and the US Seahawk watched as Jon attacked first with his screamer going full blast and soaking the boat. He turned hard and went back in again to deliver another load. Marcel got to his boat and they were sprayed as well followed by a quick turnaround and another attack by Marcel. Both boats stopped with a lot of panic in both of them.

“Take us back Freddy and you soak them Jan. I want both crews winched up. Paul, Theo, Colin, Freddy and Jerry will be with me, take shot guns, tazers and handcuffs. Neil you have the ship. They got to the nearest boat and Jan half filled it. Freddy told them to lay their weapons down which they did still trying to focus. They then went to the second boat and repeated the water sports.

“Neil pull away and you boys spray them again and stay over a boat each, spray them if they try to move.” That done Scott took his group down to the aft deck while Neil slowly took them to the first boat.

Colin lowered the basket and Freddy told two to get in. They were handcuffed to the rail and frisked, the next two were bought up and also handcuffed. Scott told Neil to go to the second boat and 15 minutes later the rest of the pirates were handcuffed with Jerry and Theo standing in front of them with a shot gun each. Paul was then sent over the side and he loaded the basket with all weapons from both boats, a couple of hand radar sets and GPS systems.

“Sink it Jan. That’s another boat they can’t use.” Scott asked Paul to secure the other boat to the Jean and smash one of the engines. Colin went down to the workshop and bought back a heavy hammer and Paul had a great time smashing the engine casing of one engine. When he had finished he was winched back up grinning his head off. “Fuck I love my job!”

“Jerry go and get the camera and take mug shots of this lot before we put them into the boat.”

That done all eight pirates were winched down and Scott asked for slow ahead.

“We will tow them for an hour and then release them. I don’t want them getting back to the Wanderer. Make them watch as you throw all their weapons over the side, we have now sunk two of their boats and got rid of four RPG’s and 16 AK47’s, not bad for an amateur outfit don’t you think Theo?” Theo smiled back and kept his mouth shut. They watched as the Wanderer altered course towards Somalia and knew the crew were in a lot of trouble and there was nothing they or the Rockall could do about it.

They waved to the helicopter who waved back and flew off back towards their ship. Theo watched them go and hoped his father would cancel the exercise against the Jean later that night. With all that was going on he had forgotten it, now he was sick with worry again.

Scott went to see Andrew and stayed with him for an hour not that much was said as he was still sleepy.

“He is fine Scott and will only be here for a day or two. A strong lad with a strong head. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks Reggie, but I will, you know that.” An hour later Colin who was at the stern keeping an eye on the pirates let go of the rope. “Hope that other engine starts otherwise you got a lot of rowing to do.”

Scott asked them to meet at 10pm so everyone could eat shower and change in whatever order. He did all three in record time and went back to Andrew and sat with him until it was time for the bridge meeting just holding his hand while Andrew slept. He was there when Theo came in and the first thing Scott noticed was how dreadful he looked. “Skip I have something I need to say to you and all the crew, I will tell you privately if you prefer.”

“It’s obviously something big and if you are comfortable at the meeting then do it then.”

“Thanks Skip. I will, thank you.” Scott watched him leave and just knew there was another problem on its way.


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