MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 11

Scott was in his father’s office chatting to him until he was ready to go to the conference room where the media were waiting.

“Look Scott those buggers can rip you apart and you have no experience of dealing with them, why not let me come out with you and deal with them?”

“Because I have to learn and the best way to do that is go and face them myself, make mistakes and try a bit better next time, but facing them will be nothing compared to facing pirates.”

“Your not at all worried then?”

“No why should I be, they will write what they want and it’s up to readers to make up their own minds.”

He was shown to his chair behind a slightly raised platform and sat down while a dozen cameras flashed away.

There were four tv cameras and around twenty reporters, all pointing or looking at Scott as he came in, in day uniform.

“Good morning and welcome to the Ocean’s offices. I have prepared a short statement. After that I will take questions.

“As you should be aware my mother was murdered and my father seriously injured which has confined him to a wheel for the rest of his life. This action was carried out by pirates who’s only aim was to capture the Ocean Six and to hold her and her crew to ransom, regardless of how they took her.  The two boats that attacked that day had a total of twelve men ten of whom had AK 47’s and an RPG on each boat.

We had a couple of water hoses and some scrap metal buckets to throw over the side and a few baseball bats in which to defend ourselves.

We managed to beat them off but that was pure luck in that the scrap metal must have done some damage and their two boats were becoming flooded.

To end this statement. IF we had authority to carry weapons we would have been in a better position to defend ourselves and it could be that my mother would still be alive and my father physically sound. Thank you. I will take questions.”

“How do you think your one ship will make any difference and stop piracy? Also you are very young to hold your rank, is it because you are who you are, a privileged son of the owner and having some fun with your chums?”

“Where did this notion come from, my ship stopping piracy? Where did you read that because it was never said. We are there to escort OUR ships through pirate areas and beat off any attack, that’s it. As for me having fun with my chums, I won’t bother answering but I will say this. I am indeed a privileged son having being born to the parents I had and if I make a success of my life, it’s entirely down to them.

Yes, we have the means to support the Jean and NO I make no apology because of it. I am just pleased we are in a situation that allows us to defend our crews and try to prevent another murder.”

“How will you defend your ship and the one you are escorting?”

“Thank you, a good question. I will not go into details so don’t ask but we have a number of non lethal ways of defending ourselves, however I will give you two of them and they are the ship herself and an excellent crew as was proven during the rescue a few weeks ago.”

“Would it not have been better to make your cargo ships more secure rather spend all that money on a ship that could become a target itself?”

“Yes we could but I would rather be there with those risks than have one of our ships with no escort. I absolutely agree with you about better defences against attack and I can assure you all of our ships sailing those waters are as prepared as it’s possible to be, but please do educate me, how do we defend against an RPG shell boarding our ships? Any ideas?  Next question.”

“Why don’t you just let the international naval forces get on with it and keep out of the way and how do we know you won’t have lethal weapons anyway.”

“The area under pirate threat is as big as the US. Just how many ships would it take to patrol an area that size? If they are attacking us, it means they are leaving another ship alone. If we have a suspicious boat or boats coming at us the officer of the watch will turn on all cameras and the images of which will be sent back to these offices and in particular our legal department. At the same time voices will be heard and recorded. No weapons will be seen simply because we are not allowed to be armed but meanwhile armed pirates are killing and taking innocent lives.”

“Will you make yourself available to answer questions while you are at sea?”

“Why should I? I have more important things to do than talk to you. We are going out there to do a job and we will keep doing it until politicians wake up and allow ships to carry armed escorts and I say this, arm the ships and none will be taken. Meanwhile lets carry on spending millions in an to attempt to protect ships, but just yesterday two more were taken. One more question then I am done.”

“Are you an all gay crew?” Oh dear, Scott would never forget his reply!

“What the hell has that got to do with you. Mind your own bloody business!” And left with all cameras clicking away.

He looked at his father and made a face.

“Sort of 50/50 dad?”

“That much!?” Then laughed his head off. “They can be shits, but get one on your side and it will become 70/30.”

The Jean was now fully provisioned and ready to sail which was set for midday the next day. The weather looked good for the next four days and Scott was sure he could sail during that time at 20 knots. They sat for their final dinner together and after breakfast the following day that would also be their last meal as a crew until they got to Cyprus. This would also be the last meeting in the saloon and after they sailed all meetings would take place on the bridge so that all crew could be involved. There were a few things to go through and Scott asked Paul to start it off.

“When we get into the channel we will train again in fire fighting, man over board, launching the RIB and practise rescuing the dummies, called Marcel or Jon or both and abandoning ship. We will also be practicing alert stations a great deal and the RIB will be launched to practise against attack which will mean everyone in safety gear as well as intercoms. Boat crew and dummies  in survival suits of course.

Skip and Freddy will take navigational training, Reg and I will take seamanship to all those of you not too experienced. I have worked out watches of two crew on at a time which will have one qualified crew all the way to Cyprus and then from there until we get to the Suez Canal when they will change again and four crew will be on watch, by then everyone should be competent and the qualified member will be the officer of the watch. The one duty you will love is one crew except the captain will have a domestic day and will be responsible for the crew lounge and the cabin deck. The watch going off will tidy up the bridge before leaving the bridge. I have written out all rotas and the training programmes and sessions and will post them in here when we sail, but I expect there will be lots of changes as we sail. We will all be responsible to keep the main decks clean of course. But Skip there is one other thing that I believe we should train in and I’m qualified to do it.”

“Sounds a bit physical Paul?”

‘Unarmed combat, hand to hand fighting. It would be great to have those skills in the event we may need them.”

“Yea Gods Paul, just let me sit on them, no fucker would be able to stand up!”

“We will have you in reserve Jan. Skip what do you think?”

“We will start when we are satisfied all the training is up to scratch. Great idea Paul, thanks……Is the Captain involved?”



“Jerry your turn.”

“I have a rota for gym times and we will all have two official sessions each week lasting one hour, but apart from your actual times you can obviously use it any time you want, but I will need to know what you are doing, we don’t want you over doing it. Any questions?”

“What with Paul and you Jerry I will be a wreck and even Paulina will be able to beat me up.”

“I do anyway.” The males thought about that and tried to blank out the image of the two of them being physical.

“Right, Skip wants Andrew and me to give instruction on the engines and the generators as well as training on all the other stuff he and I have to look after. It is rather complicated so we will keep it simple just for you lot, except for the boys who are the keenest amongst all of you.”

“George and I will be taking cooking class…………….”

“Fuck off Colin, you two cook and we eat.” Jan in her delicate way spoke for them all.

“Paulia and I will be taking first aid and emergency treatment procedures and we will need two bodies to practise on.” Everyone looked at the two boys who smiled back and shrugged their lovely shoulders. “But only I am qualified to carry out mouth to mouth resuscitation!” Marcel shot off the couch and laid on the deck with his arms over his head looking beautiful in his tiny shorts and top showing a lot of flesh and a rather lovely lump where a lovely lump should be.

“I can’t breathe!” Jon landed on top of him also in tiny shorts and top and showing his lovely cute behind.

“Only I’M qualified Mr Marcel as far as you are concerned!” He kissed Marcel which seemed to do the trick. They looked fantastic. They got back on the couch and crossed their legs.

“You two finished?” Scott asked.

“Yes Skip.” They smiled at their captain and covered the cock area with their hands, still smiling at him.

“I am going to give talks on the radar systems and how to get the best out of them and fully understand how they function especially the Hawk radar, that system will be one of greatest assets and you need to get to know it inside out. Apart from that I will also give counselling for anyone having problems with relationships, I love a dirty story!” Jan sat back with a pen and note pad waiting for the first names and then waited some more. “Bollocks then, sort your own problems out.”

“That’s just about it, I’m sure the boys want to go anyway. Just remember what has been said about the Hawk, we will be using that a lot now when we do practise attacks and learn how to use it.”

The Hawk radar was a new development which could pick up very small boats or obstacles at a distance of five miles and they would be relying on it the whole time they would be in pirate areas. It was developed because there had been many instances of ships colliding with cargo containers that had fallen off ships and could not be picked up by normal radars. It had been reported that as many as 2000 go overboard every year.

“By the time we get to Cyprus we will all be even more ready to meet any crap that comes our way and that of course is the reason we are all here. I know you have a lot of flying to do Jon to get up to Marcel’s standard and that’s why I want you two flying when ever the weather allows, day and then night. I have always been convinced that a helicopter would be a great thing to have and since the rescue I’m even more convinced. Now we have two and you lads will give us massive cover once you are both even more experienced. I was told that for the pepper to have any effect you will have to fly at no more than 10/15 feet above the pirate boats and I don’t want you flying that low until you are up to Marcel’s standard Jon and we have a flat sea to start low level flying over our boat. I will leave it to you both to tell me when you feel you are ready. Right, enough of all this unless anyone else wants to say anything?”

“Just one thing Skip.”

“Yes Andrew?”

Andrew stood up with everyone looking at him and only Scott guessing “shit” was on its way. Andrew cleared his throat.

“You will of course not have forgotten you have an American on board, your very own weapon of mass destruction and I can assure you all my dear Brit and Icelandic gay men, boys and ladies, NO pirate will get anywhere near the Jean when they realise I am………..” He didn’t finish, Jerry got to him first followed by quite a few more and beat the crap out of him. Marcel and Jon waited to make sure they were on top of the pile so they would not get crushed and looked so sweet as they landed on top with their combined light weight. Scott and Paul sat in their seats listening to the screams coming from under the mass of bodies for help. Gradually they got off him and by the time Jerry got to his feet everyone looked at Andrew who was flat on his back fighting for air with only his thong left on and showing him in all his glory, he looked stunning! Scott got up and stood over him. “Well said Andrew, let this Brit get you out of here.” He pulled him to his feet and they went out together with Scott laughing his head off and Andrew telling him he was resigning and all of them looking at his fantastic bum until Scott spoilt the view by putting his hand over it.

“Oh my goodness, Andrew is absolutely beautiful. Hope it’s not too long before he says something else stupid.”


Scott took Andrew in his arms still laughing and Andrew sort of joining in. They of course snuggled in kissing when Andrew pulled away and looked up at Scott. “Hold me.” Scott did as he was told and took Andrew in hand smiling at the advanced state of erection.

“I don’t know who it was, but one of those sods had a good fiddle when they were trying to beat me up.”

“Really? Right, I’m not having that!” Scott grabbed the mike off its hook.

“All crew, all crew, who ever it was touching up our weapon of mass destruction would he, or she, go and wash their hands immediately, thank you.” Before Scott could switch off the crew also heard; “FUCK OFF LIMEY!” George laughed with the rest of them and knew he had at least one secret to take to the grave with him and at the same time thought about Jerry naked in the showers after their gym sessions in London.

As previously arranged they all met in the crew lounge for one last drink together at 9pm before settling down for the night. There would be no more drinks until they got to Cyprus.

Scott and Andrew came in last and a huge cheer went up just for Andrew. He smiled back and told them he had retired from being a weapon of mass destruction and was now, “ordinary, like you lot.” He and Scott got to their couch and settled down with Scott’s arm around Andrew’s shoulders, in fact just like everyone else apart from Jerry and George of course.

It was a lovely couple of hours and not one mention of the coming months, just friends together having a drink and watching Marcel and Jon still in their very short shorts and half sized tops cuddled up together and just listening to the others as they talked. They were the first to say goodnight and go to their cabin. They were applauded and cheered all the way out.

As normal when in port Scott and Paul went out and carried out a deck check before securing the last hatch. They were on the bridge for a last check.

“I haven’t told you why you making me first officer is so important Scott. When I was in the navy I found out I had been recommended for officer training, but had already applied for selection into the SBS. My boss told me the offer would still be there and if I wasn’t selected I would still be considered for the officer thing. I was in a bit of a dilemma really as the SBS would be very difficult to get into, but I could just walk into the other offer. Still, I went and its obvious how it turned out and I loved my time with the unit, but always wondered if I would have made it as an officer. Now I am thanks to you and I feel I have achieved all that I wanted. Thanks again Scott.”

“It’s not exactly Royal Navy though Paul.”

“No it isn’t, but let me tell you, the Jean is as good as any ship I sailed with. Scott, at the risk sounding a complete creep, you don’t know how good you are and for many reasons, one of them being you have selected a first class crew and together we will do a great job. We will get our critics if we make the news, but let me tell you, I have never been more confident in anything I have been involved in and that’s quite a lot.”

“Going to tell me what you have been involved in Paul? Of course I know you have the Military Cross.”

“Not allowed to Skip, but a book has been written about my unit and although none of us is identified, I can assure you I’m in it. It comes out sometime next year apparently.”

“I will rely on you getting a copy and thanks Paul, I’m as confident as you are and one of many reasons you are our first officer. I more or less knew you would be at your final interview. Right, we each have a junior member of crew to take to bed, Andrew will already be in the shower I’m sure.”

“Tommy will definitely be in bed. G’night Skip.”

“G’night Paul.”

Paul closed the door and went over to the bunk knelt down and kissed his man and at the same time slipped his hand under the duvet. “Seems your ready my man. Do I shower or suck first?” Tommy smiled at him and kicked the duvet off.

Two cabins away two very clean and horny 18 year olds were engaged in kissing the life out of one another. Jon was on top of Marcel and after some time like this and without a word, Jon sat up and lined Marcel’s cock to his back door and slowly began to sit on it. After getting used to the invasion, he sat on the whole 7.5 inches and both boys were once again joined together and would remain like that for a very long time while Jon slowly pulled back as far as Marcel’s cock head and then even more slowly back down.

Captain Scott Peterson and Second Engineer Andrew Bushman were naked which was rather wise as they were in the shower. Both men had massive hardons due to the attention each had given the other by washing a cock of great interest and a certain amount of blowing. Andrew sucked once more and stood up. “I’m ready.”

The Captain turned the former weapon of mass destruction round at the same time as Jon was lining Marcel up. They would never know that both captain and his first pilot would enter both of their boyfriends at the same time and also cum together as well, but not for some time yet.

Neil was in the bunk on his lap top writing his new gay story while Colin was between his legs on his elbows teasing Neil’s man bits with his tongue.

“Do you know Neil I think you have the best cock in the world and I don’t mind if you shove it up my bum.”

“Shush, I’m writing my story and got to where a couple of blokes are just about to have sex. Do you want me to read it to you?” Colin climbed back up and laid next to Neil. “This had better be good.” He laid on Colin’s shoulder and waited to be impressed.

“Donald looked at his client who seemed to be a little nervous and tried to take some of it away by telling him how good looking he was and even better in the flesh than in the photo’s on the chat line. He went to him and kissed him and indeed he did relax and kissed Donald back.

“Fuckin hell, you fuckin kiss well good Donald, get yer shit orf, then get mine orf before I cums.” Donald did as he was told and within a minute they were both standing naked. Donald stood staring at his client and could not believe the size of him and fought hard to control himself.

“You like what you sees then Donald?” Donald was a male prostitute of few words, including now, he did not trust himself, instead he got on his knees and took all 3.5 inches into his mouth.

“Oh FUCK that’s good me old mate, keep suckin, it aint goin too take long.” Half a dozen blows later the 3.5 inches dripped and one shot fell out leaving the client gasping for breath.

“That it?” Asked Donald.

“Yeah, best I cum for ages, thanks Donald, I will book you again when I am free.” Donald made a mental note not to be available, that was until he was paid. He looked at the ten twenty pound notes and looked back at his client. “What about tomorrow?”

“Nah, sorry mate, its Sunday and a busy day for us Archbishops.”

There was a long pause while Colin stared at his love.

“Neil that’s the biggest load of shite EVER! Just a waste of fuck time, its put me right off.”

“So you don’t think its much good then? I had another 20 chapters lined up and it all ends with Donald and the Archbishop getting married after he was defrocked by the church and Donald.” Colin laughed and could not stop.

“You’re thinking of that party again aren’t you?” Neil started laughing as well.

“Yes, the one we went to as nuns and we both thought it was us underneath the habit until I saw you at the bar! We never did find out who they were, but I’m sure it was those twins.”

“Or maybe Donald and the Archbishop?” They laughed a lot more then cuddled in close and fell asleep. They would not make love now until they were well on their way.

Meanwhile in their separate cabins Jerry and George wanked off and came together into the ever ready tissues in bucket loads with each in the others mind. They cleaned up, switch the light off and they too fell slept.

Reggie and Freddy laid close together finishing off the cross word and when that was done Reginald kissed Freddy and said good night. Freddy on the other hand had different ideas.

“Don’t even think about it mister. I need you to fuck me first.” He turned on his side and waited for his partner to carry out his order. For the goodness knows how many times Reggie entered Freddy and after a dozen strokes he blew up inside his love as Freddy finished himself off.

“Thank you Reggie, very nice! Now we can sleep, love you.”

“Love you too Freddy, goodnight and hope you remembered it’s our 24th anniversary next week.” Reggie cuddled Freddy knowing he would have forgotten. Reggie fell asleep while his partner laid there wide awake and telling himself he was in big trouble. A week before all anniversaries Reggie always gave him a hint and he could nip down to the shops and get a card and a bottle of his favourite wine. “Fuck! Get out of this Freddy!”

Paul came out of the shower and got on his knees and kissed Tommy and at the same time stroked his lovely 6 inches. “Ready?”

“Stupid question, I always am.” Paul lifted his petit man off the bunk and literally sat him on his cock while he wrapped his arms around his body and Tommy holding tight around Paul’s neck. Tommy took the whole lot in while Paul walked around the cabin fucking the man he was so deeply in love with. As he got closer he laid Tommy back on the bunk and finished the pair of them off, Paul cumming a massive load into Tommy and Tommy exploding all over his and Paul’s body.

After a lot of kissing, Paul took them both into the shower and after a clean up went back to the bunk and settled down for the night.

“I’m coming Jon! Oh fuck I’m…………” Jon had raised himself so Marcel could stroke into him and delivered the contents of his balls into the boy of his dreams. As Marcel off loaded Jon also came and shot all over the first pilot. He collapsed onto Marcel and they kissed for a while until both of them fell asleep, stuck together.

Scott was close and told Andrew he was about to cum. Andrew was just ahead of him and shot all over the shower door. Scott seeing that also blew up and held Andrew tight to him as time and time again he ejaculated filling Andrew to over flowing. Andrew stood up with Scott still inside him and twisted his head around so they could kiss.

After some time Scott turned the shower back on and withdrew. They washed one another again and after drying off went to their bunk, snuggled in and after a lot more kissing, they too fell sleep.

The crew of the Lady Jean Peterson were at peace as they slept. Oh, nearly forgot, apparently Jan and Paulina got up to some “stuff” as well.


It was an entirely different looking crew who sat eating breakfast as they were now in day uniform and going through all the routines that needed to be done before sailing in three hours’ time. Engines start up and full pre sailing checks, weather reports and of course the helicopter pilots who were shoving the last of their bacon and eggs down so they could get to the hanger in good time.

Jan, who always needed to get her priorities right asked Colin and George what was for dinner.

“Roast lamb.”

“Plenty of mint sauce?”

“Oh shit! Did you order it George?”


Jan stared at them “This ship will not sail without it. I will strap myself to the bow and the Jean won’t be able to go anywhere.”

“In that case we have a ton of it Jan.”

“Good for you.” With Jan’s priority sorted out they all left after clearing the table and went about their work.

At exactly 8am Scott ordered the last two ropes in and he took the MV Lady Jean Peterson away from the dock. They were on their way at last. As they cleared the harbour he gave out three blasts on the powerful twin horns and got many back wishing them a safe sailing.

The sailing would take them a month as they would often sail at no more than 5 knots and altering course many times while exercising against practice pirate attacks and also stopped while retrieving Marcel and Jon who had been volunteered to be “men over board.” Fire fighting exercises were many including several at night when only two crew were on watch. Paul loved this and was having great fun as he called out yet another practise.

All the crew were on the bridge waiting for Marcel’s helicopter to be started up. When he was satisfied all was well,  he pushed it out onto the flight deck and took off. Jan and Freddy launched out of the stern in the boat and went off to the starboard side 300 yards and waited to be water bombed by Marcel. He carried out 12 attacks using only one container at a time and the results were better than any of them thought they would be, both Jan and Freddy came back on board looking very red! After a hose down all the dye rinsed off. Everyone was happy.

While Jon’s machine was down below being fitted out, he flew Marcel’s helicopter with fairly good results, but had a long way to go to get to Marcel’s standard.

“You will be as good as me soon Jon.”

“I know I will, meanwhile go back to sucking!”

Jerry had filmed the whole exercise and was going down to his shack to put together a training DVD and asked George if he would like to go with him to see how it was done.

The film shack was very small and loaded as it was with equipment it only left room for Jerry’s seat in front of the desk and so George had to stand behind him. Jerry got to work and impressed George as he watched Jerry go through the film and after editing, it was finished. Jerry on the other hand swore a couple of times as he made some mistakes.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing.” He lied. George standing close behind him was putting him off. He looked up at George and they smiled at one another. He carried on and cussed again when he made another mistake.

“Shall I go Jerry, I may be putting you off.”

“You are, what are you going to do about it, without leaving the shack?” Jerry swung his chair round and looked up at George with George looking down.

“I want to kiss you.”

“And I’m not going back to work until you do.” They kissed.

“Your place or mine?” Jerry asked.

“Whichever is nearest.” It was Jerry’s. They tried not to make it too obvious in the rush to get to Jerry’s cabin and had just closed the door when;

“FIRE FIRE FIRE! FORWARD GENERATOR COMPARTMENT! Andrew and team attend.” It was some weeks before they told Paul about his lousy timing.

Two hours later they finally got to Jerry’s cabin in a much different mood. Having got themselves so wound up in Jerry’s video shack the next step would have been rather obvious once they had arrived in his cabin, but then Paul buggered things up and ruined the moment. They sat on the bunk knowing full well that there would be no time for anything other than talk as Jerry was on watch in half an hour and George would be in the galley, but this time would not be exactly lost time, far from it.

“I hate Paul George, but I have a feeling I won’t be telling him that.” He looked at George who looked back with a smile on his face. “Don’t think I will either, but I need to say something and I mean about us.” Jerry sat there and waited.

“Look, oh fuck how do I say this……? Ok just let me try. I have become more than fond of you and NOT because we are the only singles on board either and definitely not because I have never been in a relationship. When we met in London those few times I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable and even though I would never have stopped anything happening, I was just happy with your company and, well, just felt… Just felt very comfortable and I can assure you, very happy! When we kissed in the shack and came up here its obvious we would have had sex, but do you know something? Even though Paul got in the way, I’m not pissed off, in fact I’m thinking it could possibly have been a good thing. As far as I’m concerned I would love us to keep talking and get to know one another better and IF we both want to take it further, then that’s what will happen. I’m going to shut up, we both have to go soon anyway, sorry if I’m being too serious and saying stuff you’re not thinking yourself about us. I would love to know though!” There was a long pause while Jerry thought about what he wanted to say and how he would say it. There was not much time as he had to shower and get ready for his watch and he knew George had to go in any case.



“We have five minutes left before we both have to go and I would not mind spending that time kissing you and when we are off duty perhaps you would like to come back and sleep with me? George I have also become more than fond of you too and DEFINITLY not because we are the only two singles on the Jean. We were single in London and like you if you had come on to me, I would not have stopped you either, but I respect you more for not trying.” They spent the five minutes kissing and then went their separate ways to get ready to go on watch. Two extremely happy men going about their work with massive smiles on their faces which was picked up by the one member of the crew that nothing would pass unnoticed, Jan.

“Hello love, had a good watch? I have had a great time.” Jan went to Paulina and held her to her massive breasts.

“Ok, what’s happened?”

“Just think Jerry and George will be sitting together in the saloon from now on and one of them will be moving cabins soon.”

“That’s lovely Jan and I already know you will be right, you always are and so every thing is good on the Jean as far as relationships are concerned?”

“Oh yes love, everything is fine on the Jean and not just because of relationships either my love. This fucking ship is the best and it’s all down to Scott. That man is everything a captain should be. When we were in the news about the rescue there were a lot of comments about his age, but because of the reason we were in the news there were no adverse comments about him, but we all read what the news papers said after his interview and I bet you a pound to a ton of shit, they hope he fails then they will have a field day.”

Scott was on the top of the bridge watching the latest practise attack with Paul in command. The RIB tried all ways to get to the Jean and failed to get within 200 yards of her as Freddy threw the ship all over the place to keep the boat at their stern and the water cannons going full blast. The massive water output was impossible to get through in the type of boat pirates used.

They were a day and a half from Cyprus and Scott wanted the crew to have “down time.” They had trained all the way from Southampton and he knew if they were not ready now to face attack, they never would be.

“Finish with engines and get out of uniform.” Scott gave his last orders after the Jean was secured. The next time they sailed it would be towards the spot where his mother had been killed and that would be when Scott would ask for the ship to “stop engines.”


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