MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 10

Jon Frederiksson and all the Bjorgvin’s crew were on the bridge. The captain had ordered the nets in and were making their way towards the last known position of their sister ship, the Magnusson, at full speed. They were at least 3 hours from it and although there was another trawler also sailing at full speed, they knew there was little chance either of them would get there in time to rescue any of their friends and in the case of the Bjorgvin’s captain, his brother, the captain of the stricken trawler. Still, they knew the Lady Jean Peterson was much closer and would soon be in the area. All of them were praying she would get to the crew who they realised had already abandoned ship.

Jon went below and carried on working on the latest haul sorting out the fish and putting them into ice containers ready to be off loaded when they got back to Dalvik. He did not want to do it, but it took his mind off the situation.

As he worked he thought about himself and something that had happened when he was 15 and it had been on his mind ever since.

After a game of football at school his best friend had come into the shower and molested him. Jon had cussed his friend, got dressed and ran home. That night in bed he could not get it out of his mind and the more he thought about it, the harder his cock became and after no more than a dozen strokes, shot all over his belly.

A week later he went for his shower and molested his friend! They got together two more times and it only stopped when his friend met a girl.

Apart from that, Jon had not been with another guy, not that he did not want to, he was just scared to make any approach. He knew he was gay and there was nothing he could or wanted to do about it.

“It will happen one day, but I will have to move to Reykjavik, only there can I be free to be gay.” Dalvik was too small, population 2000, and everyone knew everyone’s business and it could get difficult. “Nie, eg tharf ad flytja.” (No, I will have to move.”) He said to himself.

When the news finally came through that the whole crew had been rescued the Bjorgvin’s captain was told to make for home. As they sailed they watched the news as video of the rescue was shown via the Lady Jean Peterson. Jon was able to record it and took it to his cabin to play it over and over again so he could see that West Indian guy called Marcel who flew the RC Helicopter. He could not keep his eyes off him.

Jon was now standing with others looking at the sleek lines of this search and rescue ship. “Search, Fire and rescue ship? Looks more like a warship.” As time went by many began to drift off and most would be back early the next day as they had found out the ship would be open for visitors. He stood there for another hour looking at her willing someone to invite him on board, preferably that black guy!

Scott saw the lad standing there and thought nothing of it. There had been hundreds looking as well, but this was slightly different as an hour or so later he glanced out and saw the same guy still there, sitting on a box now just looking at his ship. He smiled to himself as he looked at the lad. Suddenly he stood up and stared towards the stern. Scott looked out and saw Marcel at the winch, he was doing a deck check before they settled down for the evening now the crowds had gone. The boy watched Marcel all the way back to the hatchway until he went out of his view, then sat back down.

The phone rang, it was his father again. “Scott there is huge interest here about the rescue. Son, I think you may have to speak to them when you get back. We can talk about it tomorrow, you must be knackered right now. Night son, say hi to Andrew and the others.”

Scott was about to leave the bridge when Andrew came up. They kissed and cuddled and as they did Scott looked out onto the harbour again. “Bloody hell he is STILL there!”


“That lad, he has been there hours, just sitting there staring at us.”

“He looks very young, just your sort.” Andrew ducked as Scott pretended to thump him. “Go and ask him on board Scott he obviously wants too or so I would think. Why else stay that long?”

“I think we have had enough visitors for one day don’t you think? Let’s go and see the others.”

“Miserable sod!” Andrew looked at Scott in that infectious way of his and Scott knew he would obey.

“Oh Andrew? Ok ok, I will go and see if he wants to have a tour, you go and get Marcel, he is too young for me and I don’t trust you to get him.” It was Scott’s turn to duck.

Jon saw the lad he had been watching on the news. He laughed to himself as he thought he could not see him that well as it was getting darker! Jon sat back down and told himself he would wait another half hour.

“Ah well it looks like they have finished for the day. I might as well go home.” He would be back tomorrow, very early. He stood up………..”Hello.”

“Oh, hi.” Christ it’s the captain! And even better looking in real life.

“I’m Scott Peterson and I see you have been here for hours, would you like to come on board and have a look round her?” Jon could not believe his luck and told himself just what patience can do if you have any.

“Hello captain, I’m Jon Frederiksson and you have just saved a lot of my friends, thank you and your crew.”  They shook hands and Scott wondering why the boy had stayed so long.

“We are very pleased Jon and are happy that we were able to help.”

“We just hope the captain of the Magnusson will make it, he is my captain’s brother.”

“We are keeping our fingers crossed for him, anyway come on board, I have sent for Marcel, he is about your age and I’m sure he would like to show you around.” Jon was in heaven! Not only am I going to see the ship, I’m going to meet the guy I have been looking at on the news.

As soon as Scott introduced Marcel and Jon he might as well have not been there the moment they looked at each other and at the same time guessed why Jon had spent all that time waiting to be invited on board. He most definitely saw the same looks on their faces as he and Andrew had on theirs the moment their eyes met at the Dalvik hotel. There must be something in this Icelandic air he thought. He left them and went to the saloon.

“Hello my captain, did you get the boy on board?” Andrew, like everyone else were drinking William’s champagne.

“Yep and I will bet you we will see him a few more times before we go. Cheers all,” he raised his glass. “Good stuff this I could get used to it.”

As far as tours go this was not up to much as both boys were looking at one another more than anything Marcel showed Jon, but he did take in most of it and loved what he saw. Half hour later they were on the bridge.

“So do you like the Jean then?”

“Love it and thanks for showing me. This is an amazing ship, nice crew as well.” Jon was looking at Marcel and thought he was even better looking in the flesh than on film. Marcel was also thinking.

“Would you like to see my cabin?” Marcel found himself holding his breath.

“Yes please I would like that.” Marcel led the way and once inside he closed the door and had no clue what to say next, neither of them did. Jon risked all.

“Nice cabin, much better than mine, we only have single bunks. What’s in there?” Marcell opened the shower door.

“Oh, nice. Good to have your own shower.”

“Yes it is. So, do you live here?”

“No Dalvik, it’s about 40 kilometers from here.”

“Oh right, we are going there tomorrow for the night and then back home, but we are open tomorrow, will you come back?”

“Yes and I will see you in Dalvik as well.” Jon looked at Marcell and knew that unless he said something that would stop him having to go, he would have to go.

“I hope I can see you again it would………um it’s getting late so I had better go now, I guess.”

“How will you get home then?”

“I have a car, it’s a bit of a wreck, but it gets me around.” Marcel knew there were spare cabins, but it was not up to him to invite anyone to stay, he could go and ask Scott. He would not say no, at least I don’t think he would? They were looking at one another, one wanting to ask the other if he wanted to stay and one hoping he would!

“Um….If it’s ok with Skip would you like to stay tonight? Save you going home and coming back tomorrow.” Jon’s smile gave him the answer.

“That a yes then?” Marcel smiled back.

“Sure I would like that.”

They got to the saloon where everyone was sitting about chatting and drinking. They all looked up as the boys came in and all thought they looked great together. Two really lovely looking boys and both exactly the same height and build.

“Hello you two, grab a drink. So Jon how was the tour?” Marcel went and got a couple of beers. These will keep Jon here he thought and smiled to himself.

“Very good thank you captain. The Lady Jean Peterson is a great ship.” Jon was thinking the same as Marcel, drinking and driving was a no no in this country as well. He took half of it down and looked at Marcel who smiled back at him.

“It’s Scott. Do you live in Akureyri?”

“No, Dalvik.” Scott and Andrew looked at one another. History repeating itself?

“How will you get home then?” Jon took another large swig of his beer.

“Well I can’t drive now so I will ring a friend and ask to stay with him, but it will take me ages to get there.” He finished the beer off and smiled at Scott.

“Or you could stay here, I’m sure that’s the plan anyway!” They both looked guilty enough for everyone to know Scott was right.

“Thank you cap……sorry Scott.”

“Go on bugger off and take some beers with you.” They shot out of the saloon.

“I bet they don’t open those beers!” Tommy said. He was right.

And there we have it in all its innocence, two boys standing looking at one another, both gay, both liking the other more than very much, both very inexperienced and neither knowing what to do next!

An aircraft landing at the airport helped a lot though. It flew low over the Jean and Marcel went to the port to watch it land which gave him time to think about sleeping arrangements and would Jon agree with the only option he wanted.

Jon looked at Marcel’s back and just could not help himself and went up behind him and pretended to watch the aircraft land as well. Marcel felt Jon standing behind him and smiled which Jon saw in the reflection in the port. “What are you smiling about?” Marcel continued to smile and Jon joined in.


“What about, us?” Jon asked. Marcel took a deep breath, but knew he was on safe ground.

“We want to kiss one another and don’t say you don’t and if you say you don’t you’re a liar and Icelander’s don’t lie.”

“You want to bet!?” Jon wrapped his arms around Marcel’s chest and pulled him close.

“Yes I do, but you had better turn round first.”

Marcel turned still smiling and saw this lovely boy smiling back at him and two seconds later both boys kissed another boy for the first time in their lives.

After some time Marcel pulled back and looked at Jon with a massive smile on his face. He was looking at one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen and loving his ice blue eyes, lovely tanned face and a mass of long golden hair which went almost down to his shoulders and covered his ears and forehead. Without a word Marcel pulled Jon’s tee shirt over his head and threw it on the bed. He stood back and saw a lightly tanned version of his own body, he was exactly the same build and height as Marcel, all 5ft 7inches. Like Marcel, Jon’s torso was slim and tight all due to his physical work as a trawlerman and spending quite a lot of time swimming as the summer was a good one which meant he could go around in sports shirt and shorts a lot when on shore leave.

They stood like this for some time just smiling and Jon showing his perfect lips and brilliant white teeth and removed Marcel’s top. “Bloody hell, we are twins! Even our nipples are the same size!” They were wondering who should do the next thing and went back to kissing to help them decide. It was Marcel who suddenly got on his knees and pulled Jon’s jeans down and just stared at the white briefs and the lump inside them. Marcel stood back up and yanked his trousers down and wrapped his arms around Jon and kissed him and at the same time both boys rammed their hips together tight.

It was Jon’s turn to get on his knees and after sometime staring at Marcel’s bulge he pulled them down and out came the amazing sight of Marcel’s cock. He bought a hand to him and held it and, with heart racing, went forward and took Marcel into his mouth. It was incredible for both of them.

Marcel got Jon back up, kissed him some more then he too went to his knees and two seconds later was staring at a white version of himself, 7.5 inches of sheer beauty and exactly the same dimensions and straight as a poker, the only straight thing about the pair of them.

Marcel stood up and took Jon to the bunk and they laid on their sides kissing and stroking one another and all the time becoming more and more worked up. Without a word they turned into a 69 and five minutes later they had both reached the point of no return as their breathing became more laboured, their bodies stiffened as they shot out all over the other. They laid quietly for sometime still sucking when Marcel turn back and, still not saying anything wrapped arms and legs round and kissed once again.

“I think we should shower, right?”


Happily they didn’t get much sleep that night.

At breakfast early the next day Marcel and Jon were the last to arrive, both very shy and both got lots of smiles from the rest. None of them had an idea these two ten minutes ago where in the shower cleaning each other after yet another cumming, five in all.

“Sleep well Jon?” Scott grinned at them as they sat down with a huge plate each and began to stuff themselves. Jon grinned back at Scott and grunted with his mouth full.

They planned the day and Marcel was told to go with Jon to buy another Icelandic flag and a couple of Icelandic folk music cd’s. “I want you to fly later today and when we get to Dalvik with the flag slung under and you will need to practice.”

“Yes Skip.” They both said and shot off into town two very happy young gay boys.

Marcel and his shadow (or should that be the other way round?) returned and got the helicopter out of the hanger and fixed the new and much bigger flag between the skids. Marcel started up and after checks took off. It hung beautifully and the balance weight was just fine. He flew for half an hour and then landed. Scott came up on deck and smiled at the pair of them. He was about to make them even more happy. “Jon, if you would like you can stay and sail with us to Dalvik tomorrow?”

The boys were over the moon and Marcel could not help himself and gave Scott a hug. Jon was delighted he had been a part of all this and wished he could be a full part. They all drifted back to their cabins to shower and change. Once in theirs Andrew cuddled into Scott and kissed him. “I am so proud of you Scott, we all are.” And kissed him again. They showered together and afterwards pressed their uniforms. They dressed and Andrew stood looking at Scott. “You look bloody amazing Captain!”

“You should see who I’m looking at.” They cuddled again and went out to greet the visitors.

It was a great day, hundreds turned up to visit and for hours there was a long queue waiting to come on board. It was all very friendly and the whole crew did not stop answering questions and posing for photos the whole time and were impressed with the music been played over the ships speakers. Scott had got permission from the Harbour Master to go into the bay so he could show the ship off. Scott announced that the engines would be started at six and all visitors should leave and a demonstration of the ship would begin at seven.

Dead on time the lines were taken in and they pulled away and slowly went into the middle of the bay when Scott asked for all five cannons to fire and at the same time had the Jean circle. When he had turned the ship’s stern to the spectators, they raised the huge stern hatch and launched the RIB with Jan and George crewing. Meanwhile Marcel took the helicopter up and slowly flew in a wide circle around the ship which bought massive applause from the considerable crowd and Jon looking on and totally absorbed in what was happening.

They all got to the saloon exhausted and just flopped down and opened up more champagne and finished the day off by getting a bit merry.

For the remainder of the time they would be in Iceland Marcel and Jon were glued together. When the Jean sailed there was going to be two very unhappy boys. They went to see Scott as they were sailing to Dalvik. Andrew opened the door when they knocked. He took one look at this lovely pair and just knew why they were here. He was glad he did not have to be the one to answer the obvious question that was coming. “You have company Scott, I’m off to the saloon.”

Scott was in trouble. Of COURSE he wanted to say Jon could join them, but he couldn’t. “Look boys I have a dozen guys who can fly the helicopter and you can’t even fly Jon!”

“But skip I can teach him and I know he will be fine. PLEASE skip!”

“No and although this may sound cruel all this could be is a brief romance and that it will be forgotten when we go Marcel.”

“What about you and Andrew then?” Marcel thought he was out of order saying that, but he was desperate. “Sorry Skip.”

Scott felt a complete ass hole when Marcel said that and he gave them an option, thank GOD for options!

“Look, I will do one thing.” They stared at Scott waiting for a life line. “We will be back in the UK in a week and as you know we all have a week off. I will fly you back here Marcel and you two can get to know one another a bit better and if it works out, then I MAY take you on Jon and I will have you both flown back home. BUT, before you think it’s a done deal you Jon will have to apply for crew and go through interviews the same as anyone else and if you don’t make the grade, that’s tough as far as I’m concerned. Deal?” They looked at one another and you could hardly see their faces as their smiles were so wide. “Yes skip, deal and thanks….can we go?” Marcel did not wait for Scott to answer, he grabbed hold of Jon and dragged him out.

“Well, are you taking him on?”

“Do I have a choice? Still, I expect I will and for one good reason. They have just left and instead of going to Marcel’s cabin for a shag, they are out on deck and Marcel is starting to teach Jon about the helicopter. Now THATS a good sign, I think I’m off the hook!”

“We were having bets in the saloon and nobody bet on anything except Jon joining us.”

“You lot know me better than I know myself. Maybe I’m a good guy after all.”

“The best.” Rather a lot of kissing followed.

The day went very well in Dalvik and the whole village came out and many from other villages as well and just about all of them toured the ship, but now Scott was becoming more anxious to get away and as soon as the fireworks had finished he had the engines started. Scott allowed Marcel and Jon to spend a final hour together and as soon as he had said goodbye to everyone Jon went down the gangway with tears pouring down his face. Marcel stayed on deck waving to him also in tears.

Marcel went back down to his cabin and looked round and smiled to himself. “At least I have something of yours inside me Jon. Wonder if your bum is as sour as mine?”

Scott had the Jean at full speed just about all the way back to Southampton. The experiences of the past few days had been incredible, but now was the time to look and plan ahead. He wanted to get on station as quickly as possible and begin the real role of his ship.


William was there to meet them and after Scott had handed the Jean over to the dockyard for servicing, all crew went on leave. Now it was just William, Scott and Andrew. Scott had booked Marcel’s flight and had watched as he drove away in the taxi. Andrew stood with him. “I love those two Scott, they are the same as us.”

“God help them in that case.” Scott was subjected to some domestic abuse and then kissed.

Scott emailed Peter asking him how long it would take to get another helicopter sent down in time for when they sailed.

“A week! The Met police ordered a unit but some politicians are still discussing whether to allow them to have one because it may violate a suspected criminal of their privacy! As I say it will be there in a week with 20 extra canisters and spare parts. Peter and Jimmy xx.

Andrew flew to the States for a few days with his family which allowed Scott time with his father.

“The press and tv people have been bugging the office about an interview and I know sometime before you go Scott it will have to happen. I don’t trust any of them and would suggest we hold a press conference, in that way they can’t distort what you say, we will have our cameras there anyway.”

“That’s fine, can we ask the office to organise one for the day before we sail?” And so the start of a tetchy relationship with the media was about to begin.

The new helicopter arrived and Scott got it into the hanger and that’s where it would be when Neil, Andrew and the boys got back, assuming of course there were in fact two boys coming back?


It was time for the crew to return. George was at Waterloo station waiting for Jerry. On the way up to London at the beginning of the holiday they had sat together and by the time the train pulled in they had agreed to meet at Jerry’s gym to work out together.

They had met several times during the holiday at the gym and for meals and theatre dates as well as days out just walking and shopping. There was nothing more, but both really enjoyed the times spent together and were looking forward not only to getting back on board, but seeing more of one another.

George saw Jerry first and was more than pleased to see him. They had not met up for the past two days as Jerry had to work with some of his clients and get himself organized to work on line for them while he was at sea. As a financial consultant he had quite a lot of work to do which he did when off watch in his cabin. What with his ship commitments and his private work, he was a very busy man and a lovely one at that. George liked him, a lot.

“Here we are George. Hope you are as pleased as me to be back?”

“I am and can’t wait for the gym sessions to start.”

Andrew got back and spent a long weekend with Scott and William. It was great for them to be back together even though it was to be short.

They hugged William goodbye and once again William felt the loss as they drove away. He went back into the empty house and went to his study and poured a stiff whisky.

They were all in the saloon having a drink and something to eat, but none of them that happy. They were waiting for Marcel to turn up.

“Well, that’s a bummer. I really thought those two would come back together.”

“At least you gave them time Scott, it didn’t work out and that’s a bit of a surprise to be honest.”

“Fucking shame, I loved those two.”

“Marcel will need to be kept busy to take his mind off it. I am sure it was not him who called it off.”

“You will have to find another pilot now Scott. If I didn’t love Marcel so much, I would tan his ass!”

“Where did he call you from Scott?” Asked Thomas.

“From Heathrow. He said he was too upset to ring me before he left Iceland.”

“Oh you fucking idiots. The little buggers are having us on! I BET they will be here soon, just wait.” Nobody got the irony of 5ft 5 Thomas calling the 5ft 7 boys “little buggers!”

“You could be right Tom.” Reg said.

“If they they are messing us about they are in for a slap.” Scott was talking crap and they all knew it. He went to the port and looked out, nothing. They sat around for another half hour when Paulina went and looked outside.


They all rushed to a port and looked out as Marcel got out and paid the driver off.

Eventually he came in and said hi to everyone. The poor lad looked so miserable.

“You ok Marcel?” Scott went to him.

“Yeah not too bad Skip, sorry about all this, I really feel bad we let you down.” Scott melted and hugged Marcel into his chest giving time for Marcel to smile without being seen. Marcel pulled away from Scott. “Still, it’s good to be back and at least I wasn’t too upset to bring you all something back.” He went to the door and opened it and a smiling Jon walked in.

“You pair of shits, you WILL suffer, I promise.” Scott said as he cuddled both boys.

“It was Marcel’s idea, honest Skip. I stayed in the taxi and got out when it went round the corner. Thank you for having me back and giving me a chance. It will be nice to have a rest!”

“Skip, Jon can fly a helicopter now, we spent all that money you gave me on his training in Akureyri.” Scott was looking sheepish as he had not even told Andrew he had given money to Marcel. He coughed and mumbled. “Glad it was put to good use.” He was pleased as punch and got one hell of a squeeze from Andrew.

“EXCUSE ME……? PEOPLE? Anyone got anything to say?” Thomas sat there with a smug look on his face and got a whole load of cushions thrown at him.

It was lovely to be back.

By the time they were sat at breakfast the whole crew were back to the serious business of what they were about and listened to Scott as he gave out his orders for the next few days.

“We have got a refuelling slot at 11 so we need to fire up straight after this Neil and go to the pier. Colin and George will need to go shopping, here is the warehouse card and at least two go with them to help load up. We will all be out on deck to get everything on board. Marcel and Jon, you unpack the new helicopter and Neil and Andrew will help you put it together, Jon I want to see you fly Marcel’s helicopter. Reg and Paula, well you know what you need, just go and get everything. Right guys I’m hoping we can leave at least a day early. If the weather is good we will sail at a minimum of 15 knots, 20 if the weather is good. We will top up when we get to Cyprus. Jan you work with Andrew to check out the boat deck and do the RIB checks. All clear? Any questions?”

It was all clear and no questions, but the message was VERY clear. Scott was in a hurry, he was already late in getting to the Arabian Sea and wanted to make some of that time up. One thing for sure everyone would be working flat out to give him the early sailing he hoped for. They made it with a day to spare. Scott was a very happy captain.

But before all that happened Scott had to go through the official bits regarding Jon, but knowing full well he would be sailing with them anyway! Jon did not know that though and he assumed he was on trial!

Scott watched Jon as he took Marcel’s helicopter up and after an hours flying Scott was indeed pleased with his performance. Jon would have quite a lot of time practising on route and Scott was confident he would get to Marcel’s standard eventually, Marcel would make sure of it.

It was all very serious, but he could not help smiling as the two of them worked together. It was as though they had a two foot rope attached as they were never that far apart. God I love these two, we all do. Jon came to see Scott after they had landed and refueled. “When do I have the interview skip?” Marcel of course was with him.

“You already have Jon. I made up my mind after you two came to ask me to take you on in Iceland.”


“Yes, when I told you all that I said in Dalvik and you left the cabin, instead of going to your cabin for “whatever” you went straight out and Marcel was showing you his helicopter. That is when I knew I wanted you as a crew member, but I also wanted you because you are a lovely guy and you are both so great to have on board, but don’t get big headed or I will rip them off.” Talk about the Captain Bligh effect! They both hugged Scott and he could not be more happy!

However, the day before sailing Scott had to go to meet the press at their London offices.


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