MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 7

It was the day before the last day and Janice was in charge. “Ok family, these two are leaving tomorrow and we will celebrate 4th July style!”

“Why are we celebrating the boys leaving Jan?”

“We aint Walter but there is another celebration about to happen and only because I am a nosy bitch and know more about my kids than they do about themselves…! Shawn, dad and I need to listen to you, lets go in the lounge.”

Shawn got up and went with his parents and the rest looking on but guessing what would be said.

“This is SO boring! Even Sandra knew that he is gay! Didn’t you guess David?” Lynda asked.

“Nope but it’s great as I am the only straight….oh shit, I’m outnumbered!”

All those not involved in the “coming out” in the lounge cleared the breakfast table, washed up and waited for them to come back.

Walter, Janice with Shawn between them came in and stopped at the end of the dining table.

“Mother and I are proud to announce that your brother has had the guts to come out to us as a gay man. I don’t need to say any more.”

Scott stood up but stayed where he was, this was family time and watched as everyone of them gave to Shawn what the family had given to Andrew some years before. Shawn looked at Scott and beckoned him over meaning one more joined the mass cuddle.

They were in the lounge with Walter’s arm around his son’s shoulders and with Janice holding her son’s hand. Shawn was still in an emotional state but because of his family support he knew he could open up… At last!

“I knew I had to come out eventually but since Scott came to stay with us and saw such happiness between him and Andy it made my mind up. They are caring, funny, silly but totally in love….And that’s what I hope for some day. I expect I will get problems on the way but I’m not giving up being who I want to be just because people may not like me anymore. If I loose friends, it means they weren’t real friends in the first place.”

“Well little bro, you certainly wont loose family and I know for certain now I can bring back the best looking girl and not fear you wont be interested in her, just dad to worry about now!”

“How do you know I’m not bi Dave?” Lynda asked.

“That’s quite enough from all of you!” Janice scolded. Scott quickly closed his mouth. That was seen by Andrew who split himself!

“Sorry mom.” David and Lynda said together.


Some time later three gay young men were in the kitchen getting an evening snack together.


“No Andy I’m still a virgin and obviously no boyfriend, but I’m working on a guy at the hotel!”

“Oh right… You can borrow Scott if you want practise!” Andrew JUST managed to get behind his mother before Scott got to him!

The fun continued and the “4th July” lunch the next day was perfect mainly because Shawn was helping his mother, he was training to become a chef and loved what he was born to do. It was a lovely meal.

After finishing off packing they got into two cars and drove to JFK.

It had been a fantastic two weeks but knowing they would all meet up again in four months time, it made saying goodbye a bit more bearable.

They finally settled into their seats and Scott smiled when he saw Simon again who smiled back and now could see for himself the reason why Scott did not take the hints he was showering on him on the outward flight. Simon gave them loads of attention during the whole flight and even met at the bar when he was off duty for his half hour. They drank their champagne and Simon his orange juice.

He raised his juice to them. “To both of you, you look fantastic together and one day I hope to be like you, but I have to grow up first and get rid of the thrill of chasing.”

“Do you get much luck chasing in flight?”

“A few but mainly making a date after we land. I think I have had more dates with married men than gay guys, some really lovely guys as well, still see one when I fly to New York.”

“Just hope you find an Andrew one day” He looked at him and then back to Simon. “I love him so much it hurts.” Andrew kissed his hand and grinned. “It certainly hurts when that thing is inside me!” Simon nearly choked!

“Have you anything to declare sir?” Scoot was asked.

“Only him.”

“And may I ask what did he cost and do you have a receipt as proof of purchase?” The customs officer was joining in the fun, Andrew just stared at the pair of them.

“No, but he is American is that any help?” The officer thought for a while.

“None at all sir and no doubt you will suffer, like now open all your cases and empty your pockets please and you sir may go through.” Andrew nearly wet himself as he staggered out to meet William and his driver while silly sod was taking out his under pants for inspection!

“That bugger is dodgy, he said I must look good in my pants!”

“You do!”

“Oh God, do you two want to go back? It’s been so normal for two weeks!”

“We were chucked out dad.”

“No bloody wonder!”

They hugged then went on their way.

“She is taking shape boys and what has been completed so far looks very good, she will definitely make mid March if not before and I think you should get your advert ready to send before Christmas, in fact by the first. It will give applicants a lot of time to think before applying. I should imagine you would want them taken on by the start of the month?”

“Yes we will get it in by the 1st and go up and get personal to help with the wording of the advert. I think we should aim for mid February to have crew in place even though they won’t have a ship for a month, but even if they did we would not be going to sea for at least a month anyway, not before I know they are ready. All I have to do is find a hotel for them until they can go on board, one with a conference room to start us all training together. We will also go away as well and train with the Territorials for a couple of weeks, it should be good fun and will help build us as a team.

Meanwhile scattered all over the UK or still at sea, eleven gay men and women were engaged in their various occupations. This was 15th November and not that they knew it then but in three months to the day they would book into a hotel in Southampton and meet their fellow crew members for the first time. A month later they would put to sea but not in the direction that one would think they would sail. Iceland would be there first country to visit.

They are;

Chief Petty Officer Paul Smith Military Cross 35, 6ft 6 tall. Member of the Special Boat Service, (SBS) the navel equivalent of the SAS. he was an imposing individual, built like a tank and could be every bit as destructive. He had served on various “jobs” in many countries around the world all of which remained “out of public sight.” He had known for some years about his sexuality and of course kept it very much to himself, but it was becoming a huge issue by now and he had made a decision which would see his career at an end.

Thomas Goodyear, Paul’s partner 31 years of age 5ft 5. Electrical engineer and a computer genius. Not built like a tank but instead very petit.

They had met by pure chance when the were both selecting potatoes at the local shop. Thomas dropped some which made Paul laugh and they looked at one another for the first time when he helped him pick them up. Two weeks later Paul went back to his barracks and Thomas to his flat knowing that Paul would be back the following weekend. That was two years ago and now they both knew the next time Paul came home, he would not be going back.

Neil Brown 36, 5ft 9 merchant naval Chief Engineer who had been with the Ocean Shipping Company for 5 years. He was out to the crew and if anyone was interested they had a long wait, his whole life revolved around a chef he had met when out for a meal with ship mates one evening.

Chef Colin Brown 34, 5ft 8 took a break to go out into the restaurant to be admired for his skills which he got every time he went out only this time when he got to Neil’s table every thing changed for the pair of then. After several meets Neil moved into Colin’s flat in Southampton and had been happily living together for two and a half years with many more years for these two Irishmen to look forward too.

Janet Fearless 25, 5ft 11 Ex Royal Navy Radar and Radio Communications eight years before being asked to resign or get chucked out. Another one built like a tank who did not take any crap from anyone but often gave it out. She was one who lived up to her name. Now in charge of a shift at Berger King.

Paulina Manning 25 5ft 8 Staff Nurse Accident and Emergency department 5 years. She was on duty when Janet walked to the hospital. “Think I broke my hand.” After an X ray Paulina confirmed it was the wrist but not complicated so a splint was put on and Janet given pain killers. “Here is an appointment in two weeks time to have it checked then you should be ok to go back to work.”

“No chance, I am on my last warning for getting into fights and could get thrown out of the navy, so it’s back to work and pretend this did not happen. Fancy a drink sometime?” For some reason Paulina agreed and they swopped numbers, six months later Janet moved in.

Reginald Redman 54 6ft, Surgeon at Glasgow Infirmary for more years than he could remember.

Frederick Parsons 52 5ft 6, Linguist. They had many things in common, the two that were most important was that they were both fanatical sailors and partners for 24 years.

Reginald once asked Frederick if he still loved him after 20 years. “My word, has it been THAT long? I suppose I must do in that case!”

Jerry Forsyth 26 5ft 11, financial adviser, fitness fanatic and very keen amateur film maker and photographer. A really lovely guy which is more than can be said for his boyfriend who he found out was cheating on him. That had only happened a month ago and Jerry absorbed himself even more into his work and hobbies just to help him get over the guy, he had been very much in love with him.

George Baker 28 5ft 10, Royal Naval chef who had started out at the age of 18 as an Ordinary Seaman then promoted to Able Seaman until he found he liked cooking, transferred and took up training then after that was still cooking after five years of feeding the ships company. He was at that time on compassionate leave after his mother had died which left him entirely on his own, there was no other family.

Marcel Freeman 18 5ft 7, currently working in a friends garage and loving every minute. He was also a very skilful remote controlled helicopter pilot. A pilot who knew he was gay but didn’t know what to do about it. Not all West Indians are that shy!

Every working day including Saturdays was spent at the yard which was very good for Andrew as he would work alongside engineers installing the new engines and would learn a tremendous amount by the Rolls Royce team. Once they were in he assisted as the two propulsion pods were fitted. These replaced the conventional fixed propellers and rudder giving the ship fantastic manoeuvrability which would keep any pirate on their stern. At the throw of a lever the pods would turn outboard until they were in the opposite direction, still at full power, which would slow the ship so rapidly the attackers would literally drive into the water cannon jets.

Just before Christmas they went to Yorkshire so Andrew could meet Peter and Jimmy as well as the helicopter that Andrew would need to know about and would work long side the pilot servicing it. He had watched the video Scott had sent him and could not wait to watch Jimmy fly her for real. He gave another demonstration of dumping water all over them with the screamer on and someone else was impressed. “Bloody glad I’m not a pirate!”

By now they had knocked up 6 pepper containers which would be preloaded and stored in the hangar and for the bullets as well.

For some unaccountable reason the captain (without ship) and the 2nd engineer (also without ship) even though more than qualified professionally were unable to carry out the simple task of undressing themselves and so had to rely on one another to give a hand (or two) during which it was noticed both members of the male kind became some what erect and would remain that way whilst a great deal of attention was given to those members via hands, lips, tongue, mouth and anal insertion. They spent as much time as possible engaged in research and, it has to be said, rather enjoyed it. They were now back in the shower cleaning off the deposits so generously donated by one to the other and carrying out yet another delightful activity, kissing one another as a thank you for the past two hours. Sweet.

They went back to bed and snuggled in and began to kiss again then Andrew laid on Scott’s shoulder but still playing with his favourite toy.

“Do you really think William wants to go?”

“Sure of it otherwise he would have said no and if he did nothing would change his mind.”

“Bit like you then. I’m glad you suggested it to him, staying here for Christmas would have been a bit tense now it is so…, well you know.”

“You could have gone home, I would have missed you of course but this one is going to be quite different to other years and, as you say quite tense.”

“Nah, I want to be with you and William, we will make it as good a time as we can.” They were going to a hotel in Scotland from the 23rd until 3rd of January.


As it turned out it was a lovely time and all down to the brilliant hotel staff and some wonderful guests many of whom were in a similar situation as William and Scott. Having Brenda there as well was good for William as she was the main person he wanted to help him with private matters. Brenda herself was overjoyed at becoming William’s main carer, she loved her additional role in caring for a man she adored and always had.

Hogmanay was a very good time and even William let his hair down and again all down to the staff. They would at least return with many happy memories. and meeting some really nice people. Two of them were a Dr Reginald Redman and his partner Frederick Parsons, Scott and Andrew liked them a lot.

William had his quiet moments of course “talking” to Jean about the escort ship and telling her that Scott and his crew would do all they could to keep the ships safe from attack but the priority was to protect crews lives. “They took you from Scott and me my dear, but I just know our son wont let that happen to another….I pray every night it wont. The advert for crew went out at the beginning of December as I told you and we have all been surprised by the response! Two hundred and forty eight replies! My dear we will have a full crew very soon.”

Marcel Freeman turned his computer off and just sat there thinking about all the photos of the ship and even if it looked a bit untidy at that time he had fallen in love for the first time in his young life. “Bloody great, in love with a fucking ship and still no guy!” Then he thought of the photos of Scott and Andrew with the ship in the background and smiled as he dropped his shorts and jacked his 7 inch dick off, again.

At 11am the next day Marcel was standing outside the Ocean dockyard with the security guard keeping an eye on him and was still keeping his eyes on him two hours later.

“Oi kid, you going to stand there all day?”

“If I have to unless you let me in for look around. Where’s that ship that’s being converted?”

“No idea but I will do you a favour though.” Marcel smiled at the guy. “What?”

“I wont tell you to fuck off, just piss off!”

“Cheers, very nice of you.” He turned round and saw the red Mustang pull up in front of the gates and knew who was driving it, the captain of the ship no less! He could not take his eyes off him and smiled when Scott looked at him and smiled back. Marcel raised a hand to him and was pleased when the bloke did the same. His day was done and would go back to London determined that he would be part of that ship some how, some day. He had read the advert several times and knew he could be in with a chance as he knew his skills at flying a radio controlled helicopter was next to none.

The very next day the phone rang.


“Good evening may I speak to Mr Marcel Freeman please.”

“Speaking.” Ten minutes later the call had finished and he now had to wait to find out if he would have another interview.

Without knowing it Scott had already met three of his future crew. Small world.


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