MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 3

Scott would have no recall of the next few days and it would be weeks before he found out the whole story of that day.

His father had been flown to the Dutch Frigate where they worked brilliantly and kept him alive so he could be flown to Aden and once there a hospital aircraft flew them all back to London and after two weeks Scott was told that his father was out of danger, but he would be paralysed from the waist down.

Scott spent every hour by his father’s side and when William eventually was able to be told what had happened, Scott hung on to him and grieved with his him, all day and night.

Despite the fact William was a dreadful skier as he was in all sports, he was in fact very fit and strong and that was one reason he survived and as each day passed and with the care of the great medical team, they were very optimistic about his physical recovery, albeit now permanently disabled.

A special medical team were with them when the funeral took place which was the most dreadful time and it took every effort by Scott not to chuck the towel in, his father already had. He knelt next to him during the service and again when wife and mother was laid to rest.

Once back in hospital Scott could only sit with William holding his hand and while he did, he began to think. An Idea was hatching. At this time pirates were calling all the shots and there was very little protection to prevent ships being taken. It had to stop.

Eventually Scott was able to talk to his grieving father even though he knew it was going to be an uphill struggle.

“Dad I have to meet with our people and need your office to work from. Tell me what to do and I will do it.”

“Your PA, Martin Chambers will help you son but I want nothing more to do with anything apart from you. Take the lot, I am done.”

“Dad I will work with our people, but I can’t do it on my own. I need you to help me, I know very little about business. I know Martin will help me as all the people will, but dad I need YOU to help me as well.” William looked at his son and half smiled.

“I say again, take the lot, I don’t want anything now, not without mum. You have a good brain son and we have good people to help you, they will stay loyal have no doubt about it, but Scott I’m finished I just can’t……”

Scott looked at his grieving father and without thinking said the one thing that would see William at the start of his long journey to some sort of recovery.

“And what would mum say about what you have just said? Would she expect you to cave in and leave me on my own with very little clue what to do? Dad, whatever she would say I know it wouldn’t be very polite.”


An hour later William stopped sobbing his heart out while Scott had clung on to him. Scott did not cry, he felt he should stay strong for his father, but more than that he was trying to stop the hate that consumed him and knew full well that if there had been weapons available he would have no thoughts about using them. But Scott also knew this was not going to be a quick fix and would have to wait until his father was ready to accept his life without his wife at his side before he could talk to him.

The thought he had two weeks previously was beginning to take shape and became even more clear after he had spent many hours at his computer whilst sitting next to William.


A month later Scott took William home which helped him tremendously and was beginning to come to terms with his loss, Scott was able to talk about the businesses again and hope to get some positive response from his father, but there was one subject he could not bring up just yet, he needed more time.

“I have spoken to Martin and I am going to the office a week Monday, I need to meet with them and try to find out who is who and who does what, then pretend I know it all.” William managed to give some advice to his son which really amounted to telling him everyone had their areas of responsibilities, so for the time being let them get on with it.” That told Scott something and his father must have thought about going back to work, he could only hope and pray he would.

He continued to work in William’s room and now that William had constant care staff, he was able to go to London and meet with ship designers and architects. He left with rough drawings and plans and 30 copies to take to his meeting on the Monday.

Martin was waiting for him which would have been only the third time they had met and only socially as he had done with the other board members. They shook hands and Martin expressing his condolences as did everyone when they got to the conference room. After some time he asked if he would say when he wanted the meeting to start. “Might as well be now.” He was shown to the head of the table and Martin pulled the big chair out for Scott. “Is that my fathers?”

“Yes Scott”

“Give me another one please, I am nowhere near ready to sit in it.” That went down well.

Now settled into another chair Scott stood up and looked around him and for some reason he felt sure of him self.

“Ladies and gentlemen, first of all thank you for attending this meeting, it must seem very odd with this new boy speaking to you, just bear with me for a while.

I will be speaking about something that I don’t expect you will agree with which will be a bad start. We all know I am new to this and it may be possible that you have opinions about me, my age and my temporary role, but I do not want to hear them. However, dad will be back sometime in the future and save his various companies from my inexperience and get them back to what he wants them to be. Mind you he did also say what a great bunch you are and the various companies will not suffer one bit.

There is only one item on this agenda and allow me to hand out papers that will tell you what it is.” He went round the huge table and handed each of the ten present his papers. “Please look at the plans and my write up, it wont take long.”

They all began to read and look at a former Royal Naval fishing protection ship of 2000 tons which Scott had found for sale and moored up in Reykjavik in Iceland and now called “Hauksson.” The Iceland fisheries authorities had bought it thinking it would add to there fleet of fisheries research ships but changed their minds for some reason. He had read about it’s condition which was all positive and Scott was looking to convert it into something that would resemble her original role, but only if he could buy it and get it back to their dock in Southampton.

The conversion would be to get her back as a guard ship for the fleet only without weapons but water cannons and various other means by which to defend herself and the ship they were escorting.

It would be a complete equipment change which would cost quite a few quid, in fact Scott’s estimate would be 2 million plus!

There would be a need for some structural changes which would bump up the cost and a certain amount of bullet proofing around the bridge and superstructure. There would be much more to add to the bill.

“No doubt there will be those of you who think this is a complete waste of time and coming from someone with zero business experience because there is no profit in it for the company. I will disregard any negative comments and all you need to think about is this, if a ship like the one I am proposing was escorting the O6 on that day, my mother could still be alive and my father physically sound and not mourning her murder. Ask yourselves how much is a life worth.

The ship will be classed as a search, rescue and fire fighting vessel but eventually I will have to admit to it’s true role which will be to escort our ships through pirate waters and try to prevent another murder by them and taking a ship for ransom. Currently 10 ships have been taken and millions are being demanded and paid for the release of the crews and ships.

Your job is to find the finance to fund this project including selling certain assets to finance the conversion and the annual costs of keeping her at sea. You have a month to develop this and submit it to me. When he is able I will present it to my father for his approval or not, whichever it is I will accept it. Any questions?”

“Why this particular ship Scott?”

“It’s going for a song and has an excellent structural survey. She is in great nick. Once I have two new engines she will be capable of 25 to 30 knots. She will have a new steering system that will make her very manoeuvrable which will be vital against pirate attack. The Icelanders have told me they will give me two months to make up my mind. I pretended I was my dad, I don’t think they would give me much time of day, but I hope you will.”

“How will you crew her?”

“Ex navy, marines and merchantmen or indeed anyone who reads the advert properly and realise it could be very risky.” What he did not mention was the adverts would only appear in gay magazines!


“The international authorities say no to civilian ships being armed which in some ways I agree with. BUT, if they had armed ex military personnel on board, piracy would in my opinion eventually stop. As I have said the ships manoeuvrability will keep pirates at the stern and then the five water cannons will stop them boarding. However, they can stay out of range of the water cannons and just fire on us and all I can do about that is have the superstructure bullet proofed. But I have a number of thoughts about how we can better defend ourselves. Next week I am going to Yorkshire to meet a chap who maybe able to help. Ok one more then I will let you get on.”

“Scott we all know only six of the fleet operate in pirate areas and it could be you will be at sea and no ship to escort, have you considered offering your services to other shipping companies?”

“Yes, but that will be entirely up to my father who is known to just about every large shipping company in the world and yes, I know where you are coming from, it would help to pay some of the costs.”

“Can I try one more Scott?”

“Yes Martin.”

“When will you to be able to come back home for a rest!”

“When I have to come back for maintenance all of our ships will be diverted even further south of the Somalian coast but those who have to dock in India and sailing into or out of the Red Sea will have to run at full speed and the gauntlet. We will also be upgrading the anti pirate defences on every ship. I am afraid that’s all we can do until those in authority allow weapons to be carried on board.

“Ok, thanks again I will be back this time next month.”

Scott got the shock of his life when he stood up to leave, everyone stood up as well as he left his father’s conference room.


As soon as he got home he went straight to William’s bedroom and sat with him and held his hand looking at a father whose world had been destroyed by unknown hands. William woke up and smiled at his son.

“I’m going to be fine Scott and I WILL get back to work soon and I want you to be the same, we both have a lot of people relying on us. You were right about what mum would have said and thank you for reminding me and I need to remind you of someone, have you spoken to Andrew at all?” Scott had not given Andrew much thought since the attack.

“No dad, we have more important things to think about now, but I did have an email from him sending his condolences and his thoughts and best wishes from him and his family. I thanked him and left it at that.”

“And you have had no contact since then?”

“No, no point, he will be moving on. I can’t expect him to put his life on hold waiting for something that won’t happen, not now anyway.”

“Call him Scott, that’s what mum would be telling you to do and you know she would not mince her words to you either.”

Scott sat at his desk and looked at Andrew’s video contact. He stared at it for some time and then clicked the call key.

Andrew and his ex, Tom, were having a coffee with Andrew listening to Tom talking about his mother.

“Andy, it’s so good, mom is doing well and we are all being more positive about her coming through all of this crap. Thanks Andy for being here for me, I could not have gotten through this without you.”

“Glad I could help. I just wished there was someone else I could do the same for.” Apart from him sending an email offering his and his families condolences he had only got a reply thanking him and that was the last time he had any contact with Scott which was a month ago. He looked at Tom and wished it was Scott sitting there instead. Tom could not give a toss about Andrew’s feelings, he was fairly confident Andy was warming to him and would go to the next level in getting him back.

“Andy, can I ask a favour?”

“Try me.”

“My laptop has decided to die and I need to email mom. Can I use yours?” Tom already knew Andrew’s computer would be in his bedroom and without thinking Andrew told him it would be fine. They left the café and drove to Andrew’s home.

“There is something else I would like Andy.”

“Ok, try me again.”

“I would like to take you out for a meal tonight?” Andrew thought about the offer and knew what Tom hoped for after the meal.

“Thanks but no thanks. You email your mum and I will shower and change then take you back to your place.”

Tom was about to get a huge slice of luck and because of it, he was on his way to getting Andrew back where he wanted him.

As he was writing there was a “ping” that told him someone was video calling Andrew. He looked at the caller details and realised this was Andy’s new guy, someone called Scott apparently and his rival. Tom took his tee shirt off and made the connection.

Scott was not expecting to see who he was looking at of course. The guy was very good looking and half naked.

Scott’s heart was falling even further as he looked at this bloke and knew whoever he was, he was in Andrew’s bedroom.

“Hi, who are you?” Scott just stared at the guy, Andrew had indeed moved on.

“I’m Scott, give him my best wishes, but I’m guessing you won’t.” Scott cut the call and at the same time told himself he would forget Andrew. He had lost more than him anyway and he would not have the same problems getting over Andrew as he was going through right now with the loss of his mother and his father being disabled. He got stuck back into his work and tried to forget Andrew, but he could not get him out of his head and receiving an email from him a week later didn’t help either.

Scott, I have just looked through my history of contacts and realised you have spoken to my ex, Tom, and as he was in my bedroom you would have assumed he is back in my life. You are wrong, he was only there to use my computer.

All I was doing was a favour because his mom has been so ill and he told me his computer was bust, ok I know now he used her to try to get back with me, it won’t happen and even if you don’t want anything more to do with me, Tom has gone and I will not be seeing him again.

NOTHING happened between us and nothing will and I don’t care if you don’t believe me, I have done nothing to be ashamed of, I would not do to you what he did to me, but because he did, I met you.

You are going to have to video call me one more time because until I see and hear you telling me we are finished, I’m going nowhere. Take as much time as you want, but you are still going to have to tell me and I think I have the right to know.

I have not been fucking about, I love you Scott Peterson and I knew that from the moment we first kissed and I know you did as well.

I can only imagine what you and your father are going through and all I pray is that your sun will shine again one day and you both find happiness and hope and pray I can be a part of it.

I love you Scott, I absolutely adore you, even though you’re only a Brit!

Much love and ALL my love to you and my kind regards to your father.


He read the email several times and by the time he had finished he realised he was smiling, he could not remember the last time he had.

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

“Video him and eat humble pie I suppose.”

“Sod off, you don’t have too. Anyone would have thought what you did, but now Andrew has explained what happened its all fine, I don’t think Andrew knows how to lie and I’m certain he is the type of man who once commits to someone or something, he stays committed.”

“How on earth do you know all that?”

“Mum told me and neither you nor I knew her to be wrong.” He looked at his son and knew that this situation between the two of them was helping him and now they looked to be back together, he needed to give Scott time to be himself.

“I am going back to full time work the day after this place is adapted for my use and I will arrange everything, so I don’t need you to help. All you need to do is go back to the yard and do something useful.”

“No, I’m going to Yorkshire tomorrow and will be up there four days. There is a company that may help me think about what I am going to talk to you about when you are feeling a bit better. Dad I have this idea in my head but until I am sure about it there is no point in discussing it with you. I have met with the board and they are looking into areas that will tell me if this idea is feasible or just a load of crap, but I just have a feeling you may like it but it could change things a bit.”

“That’s fine just come out with it when your sure but even if the board is not too happy about what ever this is, tell me anyway and it will be US who will make the final decision. At least you got me thinking again. Thank you son.” They cuddled up for sometime then William pushed him away smiling.

“Now bugger off and contact Andrew and tell him to get his ass over here as soon as possible.” Scott left leaving William to think and as he did he noticed Scott had forgotten to take his mobile with him. He looked around him as if there was someone spying on him. He picked it up and felt really bad doing it. He stared at the phone for some time and then made up his mind. “Damb it, it’s a means to an end.” He looked at Scott’s contact numbers and found Andrew’s home number. He smiled to himself and wrote it down.

“Scott…how are you? Look believe me please I did not….

“You do love me then?”

“Of course I do and would never do anything to destroy us. Scott we were both involved before we met, neither of us can change anything, but I know for sure there is nothing I want to change now, not if you will have me back that is.”

“I don’t think I ever dumped you, at least I know that now. Shall we forget it all and start again?”

“Forget what?” It was good to laugh again even though the pain was still there and would never fully go away, how could it.


An hour later Scott was back with his father telling him about most of what they had said. “He doesn’t know when he can get off and come over, but we will sort something out. Anyway, I’m going to get ready to go tomorrow and it will be another two weeks before I know what to say to you.”

“Going to give me a clue?”

“No, just wait.”

“You sound just like your mother. Bugger off!” William was turning a corner and his plans to get Andrew over without Scott knowing was helping to get back to some sort of normality.

“Walter Bushman?”

“Yes and whoever you are this has got to be important, its 3am!”

“Oh Walter I am so sorry, this is William Peterson speaking from England and I was hoping to speak to Andrew. I just forgot the time difference.”

“William! Great to hear from you. How are you and Scott?”

“We are coming through it Walter, it’s tough, but we are getting there slowly.”

“Good to hear it William. Look just hang on and I will go and get Andrew.”

“Sir William?”

“Hello Andrew I’m ringing so you and I can arrange for you to get over here and surprise Scott if it’s at all possible. Any chance you can?”

“Well I guess I can so long as I bring a ton of work with me and Scott leaves me alone so I can do it.”

“I don’t think I need to know about how he will Andrew. How about this day next week? He goes to London for a couple of days and will be pretty busy so I will send my driver to pick you up and take you to the flat and make my son very happy.”

“And me William and thank you so much for this, I can’t wait to see him again and you of course.” They spoke some more and Andrew went back to bed but could not get back to sleep. He had a hell of a smile on his lovely face as he thought of Scott’s lovely face.

William also had a smile on HIS face. “How’s that my dear, impressed?” He asked his late wife.


Scott drove into a scruffy looking yard and switched off and watched as a scruffy looking youngish bloke came out of what turned out to be his scruffy workshop.

“Hello Scott, welcome to my palace.” Scott shook Peter Fellows hand and was taken inside and went straight to the biggest radio controlled helicopter he had ever seen.

“My word, will it fly!?”

“You are about to find out. Jimmy!” Scott was about to meet the next scruffy bloke and after another hand shake the two guys lifted the chopper outside and gave Scott a lesson about his and Jimmy’s creation. It was all very technical and Scott just knew this machine was just what he wanted and when it was started up and flown for half an hour he was even more sure.

The worth of this brilliant aircraft would show up in the not too distant future.


That evening he was invited to Peter’s home for dinner and was taken by surprise when he went into the bungalow which was in absolutely pristine order and made even better when after their showers they came back in the lounge looking totally different, it was then he saw just how good looking both men were AND as it turned out partners in life as well as business. He had a great evening most of which was discussing Scott’s wish to escort the company ships. “I am hoping we will be allowed to carry tear gas, but that’s a big ask, meanwhile I have to come up with something that I can attack them out of our water cannon range.”

It was on the third day Peter and Jimmy showed Scott another creation of theirs, the “bullet” as they called it.

“We make these for fun and they sell very well but we have adapted it for you to think about.” He was shown a polystyrene aircraft about a foot in length and powered by a small jet engine. It also had a tiny fixed camera just under the nose and radio controlled. Jimmy started it up and waited for the engine to get to full power then Peter just chucked it in the air and off it went and was flown all over the field at no more than 10 feet.

They were standing next to an old petrol engine which Scott assumed was all part of the décor, there were bits of everything scattered all over the place. Peter took Scott about 30 feet away and watched open mouthed as Jimmy simply flew into the engine leaving the plane in tiny bits. Scott looked at Peter, “Why?” He was taken to the engine and shown the small hole in the engine casing.

“That engine was already a wreck even if intact, but it’s not anymore, the steel rod is now inside it and that my dear Scott is exactly what would happen to an outboard engine.

He was shown another one which was taken apart and saw the narrow tube inside the plane and the steel hardened “bullet” inside the tube which on impact would shoot forward and end up inside a pirates engine and not only that, the scream from engine was enough to put the shits up anyone.

“It will take some skill to fly it especially in rough weather and my guess is you will not be able to fly one of these when it is,  but get the right person and with practise you have another means to attack that lot.

“How long can they stay up?”

“Ten minutes.”

“How far can they fly out?”

“That’s a bit of a bummer, only 400 yards.”

“No problem, how much?”

“£30 each if you order 50.”

“That’s fine but only if my father agrees to all this and the helicopter of course. If I get permission to be issued tear gas we will have the means to take the fight to that lot and I think I have another idea that could work.”

“Going to tell us?”

“You have seen and heard those big assed fireworks that end a show? Well I think if I had some, I could angle them somehow and fire them off the stern and I recon they would reach around 300 yards and someone would get a serious headache and hard to focus for quite sometime.”

“Wow, I don’t ever want to upset you mister!” Scott smiled at Jimmy.

“I doubt you ever will Jimmy, but those people have and I just want the chance to even things up a bit. If I get dad’s agreement, can I send the pilot up here for training?”

“Of course, just make sure he is gay, young and good looking!”

“I will see what I can do.”

“Well how did it go? And are you going to tell me now?”

“I will of course but I want to hear what the others say first, I’m going up if you remember tomorrow but the meeting is not until Monday, I just need time on my own to really think this through, I can then get it all down for you then bring it home to give you a good laugh.”

“Tomorrow!?” That’s when a friend is coming over, would you mind meeting him at Heathrow and dropping him off in town?” William made a good job of sounding surprised.

“No problem, what’s his name and where is he coming from?”

“Andrew Richmond from somewhere in the US, He will have a few days looking around London, apparently he has never been there before, maybe you could tell him the best tourist sights to see. Oh, he lands at midday at Terminal 4.”

Scott thought no more about it and who this Andrew was, he just wished it was his Andrew. His father had contacts all over the world and Scott had no idea how many. He went to try to video call Andrew, but had no idea he was already on his way to JFK.

Scott stood with many others waiting for friends, family, business colleges and taxi drivers all looking out for their pickups. Scott stood by the taxi drivers because that’s what he felt like. He had his board with Andrew Richmond’s name on it and as soon as he saw his Andrew come into sight, he realised what his dad had done and just stood rooted to the spot with a huge smile on his face. Andrew was still looking around him looking for his driver and Scott could see him look at all the name boards and not the person holding it. Scott watched him and when Andrew got closer, raised the board so it covered his face. He could see Andrew’s legs and cases and waited for Andrew to read his board. Scott lowered it and smiled even more as Andrew suddenly realised who he was looking at.

There would be dozens of people around them, but it was as if they were the only ones there. Scott took two steps forward and they both threw their arms around one another and they would be like that for some time, just holding tight and even tighter as each whispered to the other, “I love you…, I love you.”

“Oh my God! Andrew said and Scott replied, “I know.”

“You sod you could have told me you were meeting me.” And hug on tightly again.

“I didn’t know it was you coming. This is dad’s doing, it just tells me he is starting to get better. I love you Andrew, let’s sit down for a minute I’m shaking.” They got to seats some distance away from the crowd and just stared at one another still not believing they were back together.

“I bet dad rings or texts soon.” He had hardly got that out when his phone rang.

“Hello father.”

“Hi Scott, have you met your passenger yet?”

“I want to say something really smart, but I’m too over the moon dad. Thanks so much. Oh Christ I can’t believe it!”

“Just have a wonderful time both of you. I’m not expecting you back for a week, have a lovely time and tell Andrew welcome from me.”

“Thanks again dad.” And closed the call.

“He says you are to behave and sleep in the guest room.”

“Fuck off, where are we going?”

“To our flat that you lot call an apartment. You will love it, it’s in the West End and you will like the drive as well, come on let me get you out of here.” They got up and went towards the car park.

“What car did you bring, the Rolls or the Bentley?”

“The Ford.”

“Cheap as shit, still it will do I guess.” Scott led the way to the Mustang.

“This do?”

“Wow! I had to come to London for a ride in one of these. You have got good taste Scott.”

“In cars or boyfriend?”


Scott took the long route giving Andrew a little tour of England’s capital. The drive up the Mall impressed Andrew and the closer they got to Buckingham Palace the more Andrew stared out looking intently as Scott swung round the Victoria Memorial.

“That’s Buckingham Palace Scott!”

“Is it? You sure?”

“Shall we call in to say hi?”

“She’s not there.”

“How do you know, you on phone contact then?” Scott was dying to say he was.

“Her Standard is not flying, that means she is away, most probably gone to work at Burger King or where ever.”

“If she worked there it would be called Burger Queen surely.”

“Shall we go to the flat? I want to get you naked.”

“Thought you would never ask. How far?”

“Two miles and in this traffic, two hours.”

Scott drove into the underground car park and once again Andrew was impressed.

“Yea God’s you even have your own parking slot.” As he saw the “PETERSON” notice.

“There is another one next to us look.” Andrew did and saw the Jaguar parked there. “It’s dad’s and he used it when he and mum drove up from home, this is mum’s car.”

“Oh shit Scott, I’m sorry I…”

“Don’t be Andrew, you were not to know, it makes me feel that much closer to her. Come on lets go in.” He leant over and kissed Andrew. “At long last we have time to ourselves and I’m going to take full advantage of it and you.” It was Andrew’s turn to kiss Scott and then they got all his luggage out and took it to the lift and began the long assent to the top of the building, all 50 stories of it.

Scott closed the door and once again they wrapped arms around one another and kissed for a very, very long time and as they did they twisted this way and that as they removed their outdoor clothes and shoes and hung them on the floor. Scott kissed Andrew to the lounge and once there they lifted tee shirts, undid belts, unzipped zips and forced jeans over hips and left it to gravity to do the rest. They each stepped out of them and at arm’s length looked at the other with just their briefs and once again took in the sheer beauty of the man standing in front of him and smiling at the enormous hardon trying to break out.

Scott pulled them close in again and they stroked one another’s backs while once again locked together with their mouths. Scott slide both hands down and pushed them under Andrew’s briefs and fondled the most wonderful bum cheeks in the world. Andrew followed Scott and now each of them pulled as hard as they could grinding their cocks into one another. Andrew finally stopped his kissing. “If we don’t get these things off soon my cock will snap off.” Scott kissed him once more and then to Andrew’s neck licking down to his chest and nipples where he sent this extraordinary American almost over the top as he bit gently on them and then teasing with his tongue.

“Fuck.” Whispered Andrew.

“Later.” Scott whispered back. He now kissed his way down to Andrew’s fantastic stomach and his belly button which turned out to be as sensitive as his nipples were and bought out another “fuck” from this man of men. Now on his knees Scott just looked at the sight of Andrew’s briefs and watched as the still hidden masterpiece throbbed under the thin white material. Scott closed the gap and for the first time kissed the whole length of Andrew’s penis from head to balls and there he stayed kissing and licking that most glorious of packages.

Scott was near to blowing a gut himself and had to see the real thing before he did and as slowly he could pulled the front of the briefs forward and down until, at last, the object that he had only ever seen 3000 miles from him, now came into view and as he lowered Andrew’s briefs right down, he kissed the head and then the whole 6.5 length of it, many, many times and from there to the ball sack and sucked like a baby would on a tit, one at a time and then both. He kissed his way back to the head and kept his lips on it and then, very slowly, opened his mouth and took it in and then the whole length of the shaft, right to the base. Andrew meanwhile was standing rigid with his hands behind his back uttering all sorts of sounds of pleasure as Scott now got back to the head and stayed there licking his man almost to the point of no return.

After some time blowing man magnificent, Scott began to kiss his way back up and eventually arrived at Andrew’s face and once again kissed the sweetest of lips. He pulled away and looked at Andrew who opened his eyes at long last and smiled at Scott.

“You have no idea how many times I have dreamed of that Scott and in real life it’s even better.”

“I have had the same dream, but it’s not happen for real yet.” Andrew took the hint and after kissing Scott began to make his dream come true by descending down the length of Scott’s 6ft immaculate body and by the time he had reached his briefs, Scott was in the same world he had sent Andrew too.

Andrew kissed and licked his way and smiled as the noise coming from above him told him that Scott’s dreams were being more than realised and when he got to that amazing package Andrew had to control himself as all he wanted to do was rip them off and see for himself if it really was 7 inches. At long last he pulled the briefs down and bared all as this glorious rod sprung out and hit him in the face. “Oh my word, its thicker than I thought, it’s going to split me in half,” he smiled at the thought and opened his mouth and forced five inches down as far as gagging aloud. On and on he went and higher and higher Scott became until suddenly he was pulled to his feet and taken to the couch and laid on it with Scott on top. They wrapped their arms around one another’s shoulders and at the same time Scott ground his hips onto Andrew’s as did their cocks and as it went on so both of them realised it would not be for long before they both reached the top and together fall over it.

“Andrew, I’m going to cum… Andrew….” They were almost there and once again kissed one another deeply and waited for the inevitable. It came and so did they as their bodies recoiled to every eruption, time and time again.

After the last drop had blasted out all they were capable of was to cling together and wait to get their breath back. “Oh Christ….” Nothing more was said, neither of them could anyway and just settled for long and gentle kisses.

They moved so Andrew had his back to the couch and Scott in front of him and as they kissed they grabbed hold of the others cock and slowly and gently stroked one another. Each cock responded and both of them were once again as hard as granite.

“You know where this is going end up if we carry on doing this don’t you.” Scott whispered and then kissed Andrew.

“I bloody well ‘ope so me old Brit mate from Lundin.” Andrew’s “Lundin” accent was getting worse. They carried on in their own sweet way and it was not that long before a different sort of second coming was about to happen.

“Don’t stop Scott, please…..! Oh bloody hell, here it comes.” Scott looked down and watched as Andrew’s beautiful cock swelled and Andrew’s body froze as he again erupted and shot out load after load all over Scott’s body. Scott could not get enough of watching Andrew dump his loads and as he did he too fell overboard and gave his loads to Andrew in a sort of repayment.

An hour later Scott suggested they go for a shower and hoping they wouldn’t block the drains. They soaked under the water and then turned it off and had a great time soaping the others body over and over again until, once again they over stepped the mark and bought each other to the point of no return again and at the same time putting even more strain on the drains.

Three days later they got out of bed and Scott took Andrew to Soho to show him a little more of London and in particular the gay scene.


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