MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 1

Twenty two year old Scott Peterson stood at the bottom of the ski slopes in Dalvik north Iceland looking back up waiting for his parents to arrive. His mother, Lady Jean Peterson, came to a stop next to her son and they watched as husband and father wobbled gently down the last bit and eventually joined his family.

“What a result! Didn’t fall over once. I promise you two I WILL beat one of you one day,” then added, “well, maybe I will you Jean if you break a leg. Come on, coffee time.” Sir William Peterson may have been a more than successful ship owner and businessman, but on the ski slopes he was crap.

They parked their skis and went inside the lodge and after taking their boots off, found a table and Scott went off to get coffee and Klienur (A type of Icelandic doughnut).

While Scott waited to be served he looked around him and saw the family he had seen at the Foss Hotel where he and his parents were staying just on the edge of this small fishing town of about 2000 people. Scott looked at the parents and their three children, but Scott’s main interest was the young man about his age and very, very good looking and Scott was sure a great body to go with the good looks. Andrew Bushman glanced up and smiled at Scott. Scott in turn smiled back and both nodded to the other. Excellent start! He turned away to pay for his order and thinking about later when he would be introducing himself to this young man. He sat down at his table making sure he was able to continue to look at him and was pleased that, whoever he was, kept looking back and returned Scott’s smiles in that all too familiar way gay men show interest!

“Mum and I are going to Akurayri tonight Scott, there is a concert at the Hoff, you coming?” Scott thought over his two options. An evening with the oldies, or chatting up drop dead gorgeous, even though apparently he was American.

“No thanks dad, I may have something else on.”

“Like a date?” His mother had a massive smile on her face and lent towards her son. “His name is Andrew Bushman and is 21 years young. He is qualifying in marine engineering and has a year left before graduating. The family are staying until Friday and then go back to the States, Richmond to be precise.” Scott looked at his mother and smiled with her.

“Have you ever worked for MI5 mum?”

“Not yet, they are very pleasant and no security risk. I talked to Walter and Janice after dinner last night while you and dad were walking around the harbour. They are a lovely family. Andrew is their second eldest, the older son could not come with them as he is working, but the pride and love is so obvious. I like them a lot.”

“Is that all the information you got? Not much really.”

“OH….! Did I find out if Andrew is gay? No dear, but by the looks you are giving one another I would not be surprised and I’m sure you hope so.” Scott dropped the subject and suggested they went back on the slopes. They got up and left, but not before there was just one more look and a smile. “Yes it would be nice mum.” Scott thought.

He had had a number of good times since the age of 15 but nothing serious, just satisfying his natural instincts. Randy sod! He would never want anyone to know it but it had been almost a year since his last sex, there were more important things to think about like becoming a first class sailor, but now he had seen Andrew, those randy feelings had suddenly reappeared. That bloke was simply beautiful.

They were on the bum lifts taking them back up to the top of the ski slopes and while they go there is time to hand out a few details.

The Peterson family line could be traced back over five hundred years and in particular the time of Henry the Eighth and although it was a period of great change in England none of it directly involved Peter and his son’s because they managed to keep away from Henry’s unique way of getting rid of any obstacle and were either at sea or building the ships that Henry demanded. All this is about is the family connection with ships, the sea and a life style that is still with the Peterson’s as they are at this present time, 2005.

Scott’s grandfather had served with the Merchant Navy during the Second World War and after it was all over he was in a financial position to buy four Liberty ships for virtually nothing and in 1947 began his shipping company and named it “Ocean Shipping.”

William was just five years of age when he first went to sea with his father and from the moment he boarded the “Ocean 1” (O1) he was hooked and absorbed himself into a life at sea until he had to take the company over when his father passed away. From that time William took the company forward and now had 12 cargo ships in his fleet and also bought into various other businesses which included majority holdings in two hotels and a casino in America, two very well known hotels in London and joint owner of Ocean Investment, Ocean Insurance and Ocean Finance companies with his wife. Sir William and Lady Jean were incredibly wealthy and so would Scott be when the various business’s came his way, but Scott never thought about any of it because all he was interested in was to go to sea as soon as he was able and work from the lowest deck and, through his own ability, gain promotion to higher responsibilities and positions within the shipping company. He would never gain promotion just because his dad owned the company and was regarded in the same way as any other seaman by his father. Scott had by now attained second officer status and in a month’s time would sail to Australia and at the same time qualify as a navigator which would take him towards First officer and then, eventually, full captaincy of his own ship. He may be very young, but as he had started to sail seriously at five years of age with his father which included being taught navigation,  he had 16 years’ experience under his belt.

OKAY! So Daddy owned the company, but the level Scott had reached was all down to his own ability and determination. Anyone who thought differently soon found out that Scott was his own man and would not take shit from anyone who thought he was in favour. Two men found out to their cost that Scott would not take any more snide remarks about him and his father and the family connection when they woke up with Scott still standing over them. “Say what you want about me I don’t give a fuck, but don’t foul mouth the man who pays us all well and gives you the life you enjoy. Disrespect him again and you will be looking for another ship.” After the second guy went down it got round the fleet that Scott was not to be fucked with and nothing more was said.

“I hear you’ve had a couple of problems with some crew Scott.”

“You need to get your hearing checked dad.”

“Good answer.”

If they had known he was gay as well as being the son of the boss, he would have had much more to deal with no doubt. Scott had many a laugh thinking about that.

“Happy birthday for tomorrow Scott.” Scott’s best friend Damian Barns had called round after Scott’s last day at school and would soon be joining his first ship, the Ocean Six and sail with Captain Bob Taylor as a Cadet engineer.

“Thanks Dam, I’m going to miss you a lot. Shall we eat now or have sex first?”

“How about sex first, eat and then have more sex?”

They stripped one another off and once naked, Damian got on his knees and took Scott’s 6.5 inches right to the base and sucked for ages while Scott stood there enjoying the moment as he became more worked up. At the point before he knew he would cum, he got Damian to his feet and went down on him and gave his friend what he had just had.

Scott knew that Damian was getting close by the deep breathing coming out and, as normal, they got onto Scott’s bed and into a 69 and once there, they finished one another off.

They eat and had sex again. All very nice, but totally unfulfilling and that would be the same story as Scott travelled through those early years.

Scott met a few guys during his infrequent times on shore leave and had quite a bit of fun, but NEVER at sea, that was a definite no no.

But, it left him feeling rather empty when it was all over and now almost twenty he had still not kissed a guy with any feeling either from him or the guy kissing him and that was what he was waiting for. Scott just knew that if a guy kissed him in the way he wanted, he would know there could be more than just having sex. He had stopped his trips to London and now at 22 he was on the ski lift, thinking about Andrew Bushman.

“Are you sure you will be safe Scott. Dad and I will cancel going out tonight if you think you need daddy and mummy to protect you from goodness knows what!” Jean smiled at her son and he in turn glared back. Scott loved his mother to bits, but even she could be a bloody nuisance at times.

“Mother, I hate to say this but would you and dad bugger off now please?” Jean kissed her son and told him they were “buggering off,” and he was not to behave himself.

Scott waved them goodbye and went straight to the lounge bar where he knew the Bushman’s would be and went up to them and introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Scott Peterson, I think you have met my mother, sorry about that.” He shook hands with the parents and when he got to Andrew said.” I would like you to come for a walk with me Andrew.” Scott had never thought he should hold back if something important was on his mind.

“Is that an order or an invitation?” Andrew was looking up at Scott and just knew it would not be long before they were going for that walk.

“Take your pick, but you’re still coming.” Scott could not take his eyes off of him and the American’s handsome face became even more so with that lovely smile.

“Oh, ok but I will have to get my coat first.” Andrew stood up and the Bushman’s smiled a sort of knowing smile.

“I will come up with you, you might get lost.” With that Scott led Andrew to his room.

As soon as the door closed he took Andrew into his arms and kissed him, and then kissed him a lot more. This went on for a very long time and neither of them would admit it just then, but both knew there was something very different about the way they were being kissed, this had never happened to either of them before now and somewhat confused the pair of them.

“Come on Andrew, we need to go out.”


“I don’t want to be too upset when you have to go back home, but I expect I will be anyway.”

“So we might as well stay in, in that case and like you I will be upset as well when we leave.”

“Please, let’s just go out… Andrew I don’t know about you but for me this is different…Um, I have kissed a few but never like this and well, I just want to see if it’s different and just not have a fuck and besides both of our parents are not that far away and it feels weird.” Andrew smiled at Scott, kissed him then picked his coat up.

“This is about as stupid as it can get, but we had better do something before I go and then work out who is going to fly to who first. Come on weird Brit boy, let’s go and get cold!” Things were about to go badly wrong and possibly the shortest relationship of all time, in fact the next day.

They had managed to escape parents and were in the harbour looking at trawlers moored up when Andrew was about to assert himself.



“We have kissed marathons but I now want much more and if you don’t you are not gay and so therefore dumped! Parents and sisters are skiing and we have the hotel to ourselves.” They raced back and that’s where things went a bit tit’s up. In his haste and with only one thought on his mind, Scott tripped up on one of the steps leading to the hotel entrance and broke an ankle.

How on earth two lovers who had so far not actually made love, but as horny for each other as a field of rabbits, could laugh like these two did was beyond both sets of parents. After quick visits from each pair Scott and Andrew were left alone to talk.

“What happens now?” Andrew asked and smiled at him.

“I was about to ask you that. Ok, I know I messed up when I broke this thing, but honestly you are the first bloke I want to keep seeing. I know the Atlantic is in the way and we are both pretty busy, but there must be a way we can get to see one another again, email and video call?”


“No and never had one and yes I did the gay scene for a couple of years but got fed up with it, it’s false and so fucking bitchy. All it is is looking for your next fuck. Don’t get me wrong there are some nice guys as well, but I never met one that I wanted to date, until now that is. Right, end of interrogation, what about you?”

“I never ever went on any gay scene. Most of my friends came from our town and then college. I met a few guys and stuff happened, then I met this one guy and we were together for two months but broke up six months ago when I found out he was seeing someone else behind my back. I really fucked up, but I thought I was in love with him and ignored the signs. I found out after the split he was fucking about just about the whole time we were together it just goes to show his level of commitment. How stupid can a guy get?”

“I don’t think you are stupid, just unlucky. I hope your bad luck is my good luck though. Do you want to stay in touch?” Andrew looked and smiled at Scott.

“Bloody sure I do mate,” Andrew said in a really crap English accent, so he reverted to norm. “I really do and before you ask I won’t be seeing other guys apart from my gay friends and nothing will happen with them and never did, that’s why they are friends.”

“I know I buggered up when I broke my ankle, but in some ways it’s a hell of a turn on for when we next meet.”

“Just don’t run up any more stairs.”

They spent as much time together as they could, but three days after Scott limped out of hospital Andrew had to go and the parting was a bad time for both of them.

They were in Scott’s room saying goodbye with their arms tightly around the other’s body and kissing the man both had fallen in love with.

“It was so easy to fall in love with you Andrew, please don’t make me have to fall out of love, promise?”

“I won’t, I promise and you do the same, promise?” They kissed some more but Andrew had to go, the taxi was waiting. One final kiss and he was gone.

This was now the start of a long distance relationship and one which became stronger as they text messaged, emailed and video called, they were both happy with that knowing full well there would be a meeting at some time when they would be able to consummate their love and fuck like that field of rabbits.

The Peterson’s still had four days left and Scott was happy to sit in the ski lodge and watch his mum and dad out on the slopes while he sent yet another text to Andrew and smiled at the reply.

His mother came in the lodge and sat with her son waiting for William to finally arrive, he eventually joined them grinning all over his face.

“Another record broken my dears, just got the slowest decent ever on this slope, good aye?” Wife and son ignored him.

Much later Jean laid on William’s chest in bed and laughed when they heard Scott laugh in his room next door to them.

“I would love to know what they are talking about, dirty sods.” Jean laughed again. “Andrew is such a nice boy and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him. Such a lovely family. William,  when are you going to tell him about the company and becoming a third partner?”

“As soon as we get home. He doesn’t know it yet but I have dozens of boxes full of company papers for him to study when he is off watch on his qualifying trip.” William laughed out loud. “That will interfere with the sex chat between him and Andrew quite a lot, poor sods.”

Andrew was staring at an empty screen waiting for Scott to come back. He already knew he must have a great body as his clothes fitted so well and at 6 foot there was a lot of body to think about, but even he did not realise just how beautiful Scott was until he came back into camera range and just stood there for Andrew’s inspection. Andrew just stared at his screen with his mouth open. He had seen many young men over the years in the showers and locker rooms and many of them a delight to look at and being gay he could not get enough of shower and locker room time, which on a very few occasions lead to more than just looking.

He was looking at the most perfect body he had ever seen, six foot of shear beauty. Scott was very trim with an athlete’s build. Everything about him was in perfect shape from his handsome face and well developed shoulders and abs, slim waist, flat belly with a fantastic six pack. Perfectly developed arms and legs and all of him hair free and nicely tanned. What Scott had paid particular attention to was not to overdo his time in the gym, he had got to where he wanted his body to get and although he still went twice a week, he kept fit on the treadmill, rowing machine and bike most days he was able too.

“Lose the briefs.” Andrew squeaked. Scott smiled at him and turned his back and dropped them. He smiled even more when the word “FUCK!” arrived all the way from America. He turn and all he could see was Andrew swallowing as he stared at the ample 7 inch loose uncut cock hanging between Scott’s legs. He teased Andrew some more and jiggled from side to side which not only moved that amazing cock about, but now Andrew could see the equally beautiful balls moving in time with it. Andrew stared at all of him and took in the trimmed black pubes which matched Scott’s short thick black head hair. Scott sat back down and smiled at Andrew.

“Lose the lot.” He stared at Andrew as he stood up to his 5ft 9 inches and shoved his chair out of the way. He took a step back to give Scott a full view and slowly lifted his tee shirt and stayed still to give Scott time to take him all in. Andrew was not big boned and everything about him was tight and trim, his body was beautifully developed and Scott knew he did not have to spend much time in the gym getting that natural body form and already knew he kept fit by middle distance running, swimming and diving. Scott found himself holding his breath as Andrew put his thumbs in the waist band of his shorts and slowly pushed them down as he turned round. Scott looked at this amazingly cute firm bum and as he did Scott’s 7 inches began the upward climb. Andrew kicked them away and once again stood there for inspection.

“Oh my word, you are stunning.” Scott was looking at the most wonderful man he had ever set eyes on as he took in the beauty of Andrew and smiled as he too shook his hips and the wonderful 6.5 inch uncut cock went from side to side with his low slung balls trying to keep up. Andrew’s legs were perfection, slim and so very much in proportion to the rest of him. His pubic area was as fair as his head hair and with those blue eyes looking at Scott it was hardly surprising Scott’s own masterpiece was now rock hard.

“Stand up Scott please.” Scott did as he was told showing Andrew his hard on and watched as Andrew’s joined in the fun all those thousands of miles away. Without another word, both began to stroke both watching the other and knowing this was not going to last long. As they approached the final few strokes their breathing became more laboured which turned to grunts as they both shot at the same time filling their free hand. They showed each other the huge donation they had produced and had their first argument as to who had the most. After calling a truce they wiped their hands and screens clean and chatted for another hour, then gave one more show and signed off.

Scott and his mother were once again in the lodge waiting for William to turn up. It seemed William was in fact getting slower on the slopes, presumably to retain his record.

“Do you believe in love at first sight mum? I’m know I am and Andrew says he is with me.”

“Dad and I are living proof of it my love, mind you if we had been here when we first met, it would never have happened.”


“I would have been flying back home before he got to the bottom. He’s bloody useless, bless him.” Jean laughed out loud and smiled at Scott. “We made you a month after we met.”

“Not very Lady like mother.”

“Do you want to bet! Read your history Scott, us supposed “Ladies” are anything but, or maybe it’s just me. All I know that since I met Dad, life could not be better and even more so when you came along.” She thought for a while. ”Just a shame we could not give you brothers and sisters, but we did try believe me.”

“Do you and dad ever have regrets that I won’t make you grandparents?”

“Of course we would have loved that, but since you confirmed what I already knew and then told dad it did not enter our heads and now you have met Andrew, we are even happier. Scott you may think you are in love with him, but just give it time my sweet. It will all become clearer soon, we have to get Andrew over as soon as both of you are free and for what it’s worth, we both think he is a lovely boy and you look wonderful together. Ah, here’s “friction” man! Hello dear, Scott and I were trying to work out which would arrive first, you or summer!”

They were back home sitting in the lounge after their evening meal and Scott listening to his father and quite frankly hardly believing what he was being told. He just sat there not saying a word and trying to take in the fact he was now officially one third in his mother’s and father’s business empire and that would take him into a new direction, but it would not interfere with his sailing career. “You know Martin Chambers who is on our finance team, well I have given him another responsibility with a salary increase and he will become your PA. You will meet him when you are home and on video calls when you are at sea. He will guide you into our businesses and advise you step by step. You will be taking loads of papers to study when you are off watch and Martin will tell you what it all means. He is a grand chap and is very astute with a great business sense on his shoulders and will help and advise you how to progress.”

They spoke for another hour and Scott even missed his arranged video call with Andrew, but knew he would understand after he sent an email before he went to bed telling him all about what his father and mother had told him. He was also a bit worried and needed to say it.

“…Andrew, in  just two weeks my life has changed what with all this coming from mum and dad and I guess I could be in for a very comfortable financial future. BUT my dear man my life really changed when I first kissed you and you are for me much more than any business that I am now part of and certainly priceless. I love you so much Andrew… PLEASE don’t make my new status come between us… I would give the lot up to keep you.”

Andrew wrote straight back despite the time difference and gave Scott much to smile about.

Hi Limey, don’t remember your name, but think it’s Scott… ish? Ok, I’m yours but expect a down payment of $1 50 for you to take my body, SOME FUCKING DAY YOU BETTER! And no broken bones stupid dude!

This must be the weirdest relationship ever, but I would never change a thing. I love you that much and I’m going nowhere, only you will do that.

I don’t give a fig about your worth but you my dear Scott are also priceless to me. I will prove that very soon.”

A week later a letter arrived.

My dear Scott, enclosed is my entire financial worth which I now give to you and hopefully prove to you of my commitment to a relationship that can only go up and up and up and you better go up one day Brit boy!”

Scott kissed the dollar bill then ripped it in half and sent 50% of Andrew’s apparent worth back to him!

Welcome back Scott.” Senior Captain Bob Taylor, Master of the Ocean 6 shook Scott’s hand. “Captain Mason is already on the bridge waiting for you and pretending to be in a foul mood just to try to put you off. Good luck old chap, not that you need it.”

Captain Mason declined to shake hands and instead gave Scott the sailing itinerary. “Study that for an hour Mr Peterson and then call me, I will be in my cabin. Let’s leave him gentlemen please, he doesn’t need anyone to help him fuck it up.” He, Bob Taylor and the ship’s navigator, Charlie Broadbent followed Mason out of the chart room, but he stopped and therefore so did the other two. “Oh, Mr Peterson, Captain Taylor has informed me all the satellite navigation systems and backup systems will fail, just as soon as we get into the Channel.” Bob Taylor and Charlie smiled broadly and winked at him and followed Mason below. In fact they wouldn’t fail at all, but the screens would be covered up.

Scott set about his work and after the hour that Mason had given him he had plotted his courses from Southampton to Gibraltar, the Grand Harbour Malta, Port of Piraeus Greece and finally his qualification sailing would end in the Port of Limassol Cyprus but had to plot the course all the way to Australia to present to Mason.  All very simple sounding but extremely difficult and demanding. All of these ports had very strict arrival and departure times and if you missed one not only would you have to wait out at sea or in harbour for another slot or tide, you would also have the company’s owner on your head and looking for another job. Navigating in and out of port was also a bugger as there were also a few dozen other ships in your way and not at all interested that you were trying to impress the examiner on your ability and hoping to gain your navigator’s ticket. Navigating the Mediterranean Sea was like driving in an F1 Grand Prix, only in slow motion, but ships going in all sorts of directions and no brakes.

Scott went over it all again and the only worry he had was he knew everything was spot on and although he would try hard, Mason could not fault it. His worry? Was he being too confident? And if he was, was he being arrogant? He had never been told he was. Bugger, now he was worried! “Oh shit, let’s find out.” He rang Mason’s cabin.

Mason of course would keep him waiting, just to add pressure and while he stood there thought about Andrew and smiled as he recalled their last so called video chat.

“Show me your cock Brit boy!” Scott dropped his shorts and felt into his pants, then pulled out a pea pod!

“Okay, you are now officially dumped!” It did improve quite a lot and after using handy tissues they told one another of their love and signed off.

He also thought about what his father had told him. “Mum and I are going to Sweden to look at the new Ocean Six and then come back home for a week before flying out to join you in Cyprus so don’t get lost. We will sail with you to Australia and complete the sale of O6, then fly back home. You can go and stay with Andrew, but ONLY if you get your ticket.

Andrew was beside himself when Scott told him. They discussed Scott’s stay, but after an hour they had not come up with much more than what would go on in Andrew’s bedroom!

“Right, let’s have a look at this shit.” Captain Mason had just bought him back to the present.


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