Albert Dowling
by BobbyG  


Chapter 27  

Mathew ordered a bottle of whisky and sandwiches. After it was all delivered he poured two trebles and we once again sat and as we sipped, I could see the consternation written all over his face. I had guessed rightly he was not my father and he was about to disclose who my real one was.

“Mathew, we both know this is going to be difficult and if it turns out there is a huge problem by at least knowing who my real father is, let it not stop us from being friends please. I have lost so many during my war and I don’t want to lose another one.”

He smiled at me and visibly relaxed.

“Thank you Albert. What I am about to tell you is neither yours or my fault and after I have told you everything, I am certain we will remain friends.”

“Your mother and I were very much in love and enjoyed a very happy marriage, and all that was missing was we could not produce a child as much as we tried and therefore, when Grace became pregnant I knew it was not mine, we had not been together intimately for many months. Of course things got worse when your mother died giving birth to you.”

He went quiet for a long time struggling with his emotions and trying to find his next words.

“Albert, the decorations on your chest tells the world what a brave man you are, a man who has been through some terrible times and now dear man you will have to be brave once more.”

Mathew was near to tears as he sat there wringing his hands tightly together. At last he spoke and after he had I just sat there in disbelieve!

“Albert, your real father is the late Lord Penton!”

It will come as no surprise that there was yet another long pause as I stared at Mathew in utter astonishment and slowly came to realise I had fallen in love with my brother and had sex with him when I was only 15! I got up and poured two more trebles!

We sat there not able to say a word. My mind was all over the place trying to make some sense of this and not being able to come up with anything to say, I had to rely on Mathew.

“Albert, when I found out about the affair that your mother and his late Lordship had I was in a mess and we went through a very bad patch, but one thing saved us and that was my love for her and after time I forgave her and we agreed that we would bring you up as our child and, apart from his Lordship, no one would know, our marriage would continue even though I knew it would be difficult. His Lordship’s own marriage would not have survived if it all came out and all it would mean is we would all suffer, two marriages destroyed but by keeping this secret, lives could continue as they were.

“You of course could not become a part of the Penton family as it should have been your right, but the circumstances prevented that. Lord Penton though did make provision in financial terms after your mother died. I will give you the file after I have finished and it will prove who is your father and the financial provision he has made for you, but could only come into effect after his death and not until you reached the age of 21, whichever was the latest. Albert, I know the full details in that file and I can disclose that you are now comfortably off and all I will add is, so am I, why else can I afford to stay at the Dorchester! Another whisky?”

He got up and steadied himself before going to pour the drinks. I knew this was going to be the second time I would get pissed!

Alcohol can do all sorts to your brain and behaviour as we all know, but both Mathew and I would remain convivial, and now talk as real friends, but sometimes it slows your thinking down bit, well mine anyway!

“Bloody hell! Does Jonnie know about this? Him being in love with his brother!?”

After all the emotion of what I had been told, and Mathew telling me, it was typical for most people who were not that used to drinking to laugh like drains and that’s what he did now, and all of it through sheer relieve that this 21-year-old secret was now out in the open.

“Yes Albert, I told him when we met and he poured his heart out to me. He had to know just like you and I will tell you now, he also poured two whiskies, and dear man, he is delighted and as he said, “If Albert comes back to me, I will not only have my love back, I will also meet my brother!”

“And now Albert, the big question is, what about you?”

I got up and poured two more whisky’s and handed Mathew his glass.

“Mathew, I will have my love back and I will also meet MY brother for the first time as well! But as important, even though I can never be a Penton, I will always be a Dowling and that is you and me and to the outside world, you will always be my father and that is the way I want it.”

Mathew, bless him, hiccupped and took a large swig.

“Shall we be totally accurate Penton-Dowling, you are actually half-brothers.”

I giggled which was another sign I was becoming more pissed like Mathew.

“Sod being accurate, I don’t do halves!”

“Funny, he said something like that as well.” He got up, just, and wobbled to a drawer and took out the file and a small box, I knew what would be in it. “His Lordship would love you to have these back.”

I put my ring on and just held the medallion, the chain had been repaired.

We ordered a meal to be bought up and a bottle of champagne which we finished off as well as the whisky.

Sometime later Mathew staggered off to bed and I, being so much younger, fitter and a pilot and navigator of some credit, stood up and walked straight into the door frame!

Sometime later I found the guest room and collapsed on the single bed still dressed and would wake the following morning with the same smile on my face and it got broader when I came up with a plan. My brother was going to see me a day before he thought I was arriving.

We sat eating an enormous breakfast and both feeling fantastic. Mathew was like a kid as I explained what I wanted to do.

“Have you any idea when he is likely to be away?”

“No but give me a date and he will cancel everything I can assure you.” I got up.

“Wait here former father!” I left listening to Mathew laughing his head off.

I phoned my office.

“Good morning Major, I’m pleased you called, I tried to phone you at home but all I got was your batman asking for a police search, he thought you had been abducted! The meeting this morning has been postponed until next week I’m afraid.”

“Oh, what a shame Thomas, I was looking forward to it so much!”

I heard him laugh, he knew bloody well I would forget it.

“In that case I will not bother coming in and I won’t be in for the next two weeks either. Some family matters have come up and I have to meet with my brother to resolve them. Thomas, just take notes then tell me what they mean when I get back.”

“I will indeed sir. Have a lovely two weeks with your brother.”

“Thank you Thomas, I most certainly will, we are very close and have lots to catch up on, goodbye.”

I went to Waterloo station to see Mathew off and to check train times for Monday. We had agreed that Jonnie would be told I would be coming on the Tuesday and he would smuggle me in when I got there at 10am on the Monday, this was Friday.

“I will find a reason for him to be in his apartment and you just walk in, and Albert, he would love to see you in uniform.”

We shook hands and I went back to my apartment to face the music from Donald who would tell me he had not slept all night worrying about me! I knew I would have to endure his lecture about being a handsome 21-year-old young man and alone in London, “…with all those so-called gentlemen trying to get their claws onto you and hope to find their pleasures Major!”

“Donald, do you have a close male friend?”

“Of course I do Major! He is DOCTOR Rupert Thornton-Brown PhD MD and lots of other letters but now specialising in orthopaedics. We first met when he was giving me a physical examination and I must say he was…”

“Yes yes yes Donald! Spare me the details please!”

Donald left muttering something about an ungrateful Major not appreciating what a good servant he was!

I spent some time reading the file and after I had read it a few times I put it aside to take to the Manor on Monday and show it to my brother!

The train pulled into Farnborough station at 9:45 and as the taxi got nearer to the Manor I found myself as nervous as a kitten. So much had happened since my world fell apart when I was last there, that is why I wanted to surprise Jonnie once again only this time it would be very different.

Mathew met me in a bit of a panic.

“He is still in the estate office so I suggest you go to the study and wait there, I will go to the office now and tell him there is a burst pipe in his bathroom, that’s all I can think up.”

I sat in the same chair I had sat in all that time ago when I thought I was going to be chucked out and then Jonnie telling me he wanted to teach me to fly. All the memories came flooding back in a big jumble but with a massive smile as they flashed through my head. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard the door open and was about to turn round expecting to see Mathew standing there but before I could I heard a rather familiar voice.

“I fucking well knew you would do this… Brother!”

I stood up and turned round.

“Are you going to tell me I’m sacked… Brother?”

We ran at one another and once again, slammed together holding on tight and not wanting to let go, we could NOT let go!

We kept looking into one another’s faces, smiled and then went back to hugging. Neither of us went to kiss, we knew that time would soon come, but not now.

Jonnie eventually stood back looking at me. “Meeting in this room is perfect, the same room I asked you to let me teach you to fly when you were 15 and now look at you, only 21, a Major and with all that lot on your chest! I am so proud of you Albert and even more in love with you which is even better knowing we are brothers.”

“Bit incestuous don’t you think?”

“Who cares and we didn’t know it was then anyway, just normal homosexuals! Now, I have got lots to tell you but I think I know what you will want to do first, yes?”



We stood together looking down and read the words on his headstone.

“They are lovely Jonnie…, I just wish I had known what had happened and how you helped Ben pass away. It was just a tragic misunderstanding and I will always regret my bad thoughts towards you both.”

“Don’t, just think of the friendship you had and even though it was brief I know Ben was happy and only this bloody war got in the way of your friendship.

“Ben and William would have had a good life together and they will be looking at us now, happy in the thought that we will also have a good life Albert.”

We stood for much longer and I knew I would visit Ben every day of these two weeks, but I also needed to be back with Jonnie, just us.

“Can we go back now? I need to have quiet time with you.”


We bathed in our own bathrooms and Jonnie came to me into my bed. We were both naked but we both knew nothing other than cuddling one another would happen until we were ready to kiss and it would be some time before that happened, but of course it did.

Jonnie slowly moved his mouth nearer mine brushing my face with his lips as he got closer. “May I?”

I didn’t answer, I just placed my lips on his and for the next hour we gently kissed and as we did all the bad things that had happen to both of us during the separation years was put to the backs of our minds.

As we kissed, we ground our massively hard erections together and eventually we ejaculated at the same time. It was absolutely perfect and so right for this time.

We heard a tray being placed on the sideboard in the corridor, the chink of glasses and a bottle being twisted in an ice bucket. We smiled at one another knowing Mathew had placed it there.

I got out of bed and took the tray into my lounge and, still naked we sat to eat and drink the champagne.

“Welcome home Albert.”

I leant over and kissed him. “Nice to be home Jonnie.”

We went back to bed and began to get silly again, it was what we liked to do. I was laying on his left shoulder as I had laid many times before.

“Rule one.”

“Yes Albert.”

“We never bathe separately again.”

“Yes Albert.”

“Rule two.”

“Yes Albert.

“Read rule one!”

We laughed and kiss for another half hour which culminated in another combined ejaculation.


“Yes Jonnie.”

“I think we need rule one!?”

That two weeks was not just a honeymoon with us being “wives” again but the frigging Lord of the Manor wanted us to talk about our future and record it here, but also about my time at the school and what I had got up too.


“Because it’s a part of you when we were together but apart from that I would rather fancy listening to you talking about the sex you had when you were at the school.”

“Very well but this one will surprise you. As you know I got the VC but if I did not have a sort of sex with Kurt I would still be a POW. Remember Kurt?”

“Yes, I do, bloody good-looking boy, so what did you two get up too?”

I gave a full account but more about Kurt himself and his wish to escape from his personal hell.

“I was so lucky he was there and I knew he wanted sex with me when we were in Germany, the rest was easy. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, I would have done the same, but maybe I would have risked staying longer! Where is he now?”

“No idea but I know he will have a good life here eventually or somewhere in the empire.”

“I have lots of contacts in London as you know, maybe I can find out and bring him here so you can finish off what you started.”

“If you do, I will never let you inside me again… Brother!”

“Just in case you hadn’t noticed I already am… Brother!”

“I could always fart and blow the thing off! Now it’s your turn to say what you want then I will go back to the school sex, and to give you something to think about, it concerns the head gardener and his son.”

“Very nice, can’t wait, but hang on a moment.”

He already had his arms around my body with my back to him, he tightened his hold as he stroked into me a few more times. God it felt so good!

“Albert, I’m cumming!”

Two more strokes and he blasted into me as I finished myself off with my right hand and delivered my own loads into the towel.

We had recovery time and then I turned round and had kissing time.

We were in Jonnies bed and I was laying on mine and Ben’s side and could just imagine what he was saying; ‘You dirty rotten lucky bugger Dowling!’

Sleeping on that side bought about a tremendous feeling of peace and comfort and even though Ben had passed on, we would remain physically close for many years to come.

Jonnie started to talk.

“When we first got together and fell in love and then you joined the RFC, I had to think about my business future as I am convinced there will be financial difficulties ahead and not just because of this war either. Financial markets are already in trouble and it is likely to get worse. Now of course when I found out we are brothers that changed everything and although I would have included you about any decisions of our future of course, you will now become 50% of any business decisions as well as personal ones.”

“You must know I don’t have a clue, just do what you think is right and I will agree!”

“You’re not getting out of it that easy brother Albert. But first you have to make your own decision about what you want to do, you must know you have a great career with the RAF and if you are staying in, that will make no difference to OUR estates and as I said you will be part of all decision making from now on.”

“Can I become an ex-brother?”



“I was going to stay in because I have no skills doing anything else and at least I would have my own quarters and a job, but now I am leaving so we can be together for all time. So, what’re our plans then?”

“I will tell you later and as I am the older brother you have to do as your told.”

“Well it will be better than listening about all the crap I won’t understand anyway. Right, if you want to hear, get below and suck me as I tell you.” Zoom! He was gone!

“I don’t have to remind you how busy the whole school was in domestic, maintenance and gardening work and on this day I looked at the work rota and found myself in the greenhouses for the day working alongside Mister Brownlow, the head gardener and his son Colin. Mister Brownlow was a big bloke and a bit on the fat side and, if staff had cards he would definitely be a black one, or so I thought. I was not sure about Colin but I liked the look of him, a tall strapping 17-year-old and I guessed a nice body. We were told what to do and he would be back in an hour to check on us. “Right you two get to work and Albert, I see you are a yellow card but don’t think Colin is interested, understand?” He left and Colin burst out laughing. “He says that every time. Let’s work fast and then I will show you something later Albert.” We worked together very well and after we had finished our work, Colin told me to follow him to a barn. “Albert when we go in you will see two ladders, we will climb up the right one, but be very quiet.”

“I could already hear grunts coming from the loft and Mister Brownlow saying “well done lad, go deeper!”

“We got into our half of the loft which had a stack of straw bales which we could hind behind and there they were the 14-year-old twins Fred and Peter Burns with a naked hairy Brownlow. He was sitting on a bail with Fred standing on it and Brownlow sucking him off while Peter was on his knees between Brownlow’s legs sucking HIM off. I had watched quite a few boys and staff having sex and I found it very exciting. So apparently did Colin watching the twins with his dad as he began to stroke between my legs. I did the same and we kissed.

“Brownlow got the boys over the bail and for the first time I saw his huge cock! It must have been well over 9 inches and thick, I actually felt sorry for the boys but it became obvious he had fucked them before as they didn’t make any pain sounds as he fucked them in turn.

“Our turn now Albert?” We went back to where there was a blanket and quietly undressed. Colin had a smaller dick than his dad but it was still a nice size and quite thick. We laid down and did a lot of kissing and licking listening all the time to the sounds of sex coming from the twins and Brownlow. “Good boys you take my cock great! Well done me beauties!” Colin must have watched quite a few times because he got me on my knees and just fed the lot into me and began to fuck and two minutes later came a load. He then got me on my back and sucked me off. “We have to go Albert, dad will finish soon.” We got dressed still listening to Colin’s dad as he was approaching his end. We got back to the bails and watched as he came into Peter and was still shooting when he pulled out and gave Fred the rest of it. He was yelling out all the time and I must say hearing it kept both Colin and me hard.

We ran back to the greenhouse giggling all the way. “He does that a lot with those two and I always watch but he has no idea I do or take a boy if I have one working with me.

“Well lads hope you bin as busy as I have! Looks good. Right I am off for a mug. See you some other time Albert, I expect you will want to go soon and find a bit of fun.

Colin and I kissed and wanked one another before I went to find even more fun.

I shot into Jonnies mouth then after he had all my offerings came back up and fed me.

It seemed he was pretty worked up, he turned me round and slipped into my bum.

“I’m cumming Fred and Peter! I’m cumming!”  I waited until he withdrew then beat the shit out of him, we loved it!

“Right Lord Penton my dear brother, your turn.”

“What, you fuck me or I talk future plans?”

“Hang on I’ll let you know, idiot!”


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