Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 23

We stayed as we were for some time and then Jonnie looked at me. We both had tears and could not focus too well and so we went back to massive hugging.


“Yes Albert.”

“I can’t breathe!”

We broke away smiling at one another.

“God I love you Albert Dowling… I have missed you so much and have worried…”

I kissed him but not just to shut him up, I could have said the same thing, but I needed to be back in our own way. Goodness knows how long we stayed there but the longer we did so the need to get naked became the number one priority. Not for sex, that would come later, but to be able to lay together with our bodies touching, just for comfort after all these months.

“Bed my Lord… Now!”

One whole minute later we had stripped off, had a quick look to make sure we were both the same as when we were last like this, then scrambled into bed and slammed together again, kissing and telling one another over and over again of our love and as we did, two very happy cocks joined in!

We broke away smiling at one another then grabbed a cock each while still kissing. I swear this must have been the quickest wanks ever as after only about half dozen strokes and still with our mouths stuck together, we both shot a load that covered the pair of us and the sheets.

“Christ Jonnie look at us! We are in a hell of a mess and the sheets!”

“The simple solution is to change beds in that case.”

I didn’t even know which one we were in anyway! Once in my bed and still a bit sticky, we wrapped together again and just kissed and then fell asleep. We often woke during the night, gently kissed then dropped off again still holding onto what was between our legs.


“Yes, that’s me.”

Ten minutes later Jonnie managed to speak again.

“I have ordered breakfast to be bought up at 9, that gives us an hour and a half to do something.”

“’Something’ can wait until after breakfast, I’m starving, hope it’s a big one.”

“Scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and toast.”

“Sounds good, what are you having?”

“You! And there will be champagne as well. Now that you are an officer I want to train you to become a gentleman as well.”


After such a long time the fight was the best ever, and the longest. We fought all over the bed and then onto the floor, after some time we ended back up on the bed. Jonnie got himself on top of me pinning my arms over my head.


“I’m not a fucking German!”

I took advantage of him laughing and broke free and ran to the bathroom and turned the taps on and when he got to me we just hugged and kissed for ages. He broke off to check the level of the water.

“My dearest Albert, next time you run a bath try putting the plug in first?”

He got kissed shit loads for that!

We eventually got in facing one another but now with arms AND legs around the others body. At some stage we stopped kissing and asked Jonnie where the bum cleaner was.

“I haven’t the faintest idea, anyway why do you need to know where it is?”

You may have an idea what happened next and by the end of the second fight the bath was nearly empty and the plug still in!

We did find that particular instrument tucked away at the back of a cupboard and both of us had some private time using it. Breakfast was wonderful, we loaded our plates and sat next to one another, still naked. Neither of us ate off our own plates but instead fed one another until the lot had gone. We were about to share something else as well.

“Mine or yours?” I asked.

“Neither, well not yet.”

With that he told me to move my chair from the table then got up, straddled me and fed my now 6.6-inch cock to his back door. I buried my face into his chest and stroked his back and bum waiting for that glorious feeling as he slowly took me in inch by inch. When he was fully embedded he began riding me right up to my cock head and back down. It was fantastic and I told him so, many times.

“Jonnie this won’t last long… Jonnie! Here we go!”

He sat down and stayed still and watched my face as I stared back. I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him hard as I erupted inside the love of my life many, many times. I still clung onto him hard.

“Jonnie, go again!” I pleaded.

He must have been ready for his turn but did as asked and started to fuck on me again. Once again it didn’t take long as I cried out I was cumming and delivered into him once more. I squeezed him hard.

“Sorry Jonnie, that was selfish of me.”

He kissed me and stood up, my spent dick fell out and flopped between my thighs.

He got me to my feet and put me over the table and rimmed me, but he had to be quick as I could hear pre-cumming noises coming from his throat. He got up and fed himself to me all the time telling me he was going to shoot.

“Oh my word Albert…! I’m.”

I called out to him to just fuck me!

“Oh God…! Oh yes I’m…Yes, Yes I will…Oh goodness me!”

Even though it had been months since he was last there I didn’t feel any pain as he rammed into me and then… exploded, many times and Jonnie calling out as each ejaculation burst out of him. I will never forget any cock that had been in the same place but having Jonnie there was quite simply the best feeling ever and I was in for an even better time. He lent over me and, still breathing heavily, he kissed my back while he recovered a bit. It seemed he had when I felt him start pumping the whole length of his magnificent cock into me again. Just that feeling woke my cock up and the devil began to drip. Jonnie was well into fucking me and getting closer each time he rammed into my wet and warm tunnel.

“Here we go again Albert. Oh my love…! It’s all yours!”

He pushed in one more time and once again recoiled as he filled me to overflowing. It was absolutely the best fuck since the last time he had been there! I was now ready again and waited for Jonnie to stop kissing my back as he recovered for the second time so we could change places… Oh no, not at all Albert! You forgot the fucking Lord of THIS manor was only satisfied with trebles!

“Oh Albert.” I felt his cock once again begin to fuck thinking it was a piston and a few minutes later he dumped his third load into my already saturated bum hole! He collapsed on me trying to regain steady breathing, it took some time.

“Typical isn’t it, you just had to go one better didn’t you Jonnie Penton. Right get your cock out of there we are going to bed and I need to make the scores level!”

He did and I did!

That then was the start of our first day back together and we would shag many times throughout it and well into the night. Neither of us had a clue how many times but my word it was simply the best sex either of us had ever experienced and of course there was another 13 days to go! There was one more thing that made that first day even better and that was our love for one another. Sex is wonderful but being in love makes it even more meaningful. We talked for ages and I brought Jonnie up to date with my activities while at St. Omer and after that he brought me up to date about what had happened to him.

He had visitors from London telling him he would not be sent to France because of the risk of capture and given a test pilots job at Farnborough but he would also fly when home defence squadrons were formed.

We also spoke about the war and the terrible losses the British and French were experiencing and neither of us at all sure we would come through.

The British and French had been pushed back to the outskirts of Paris and what became known as the Miracle of Marne took place. The French rushed thousands of troops to the front line which included 5000 bought by taxi from Paris. The German advance was halted and fell back, at the same time trench warfare had began.

“Jonnie, I don’t want to talk about it again, I just want this time with you and try to forget for a while.”

We just cuddled in and of course wondered if there would be another time like this.

We spent as much time as we could together but Jonnie had to spend time at the airfield, just for a day and then we would be back in one another’s arms when he got home. That gave me time to meet my father and I must say I enjoyed being with him. I was sat in his lounge on this particular day, Jonnie was at Farnborough. He seemed on edge for some reason and I noticed he kept glancing at my mother’s photograph.

“Is everything well for you Mathew? You seem to be preoccupied.”

“I am so sorry Albert, but sometimes I go down memory lane and wish I could change a few things in my life and you know what one of them would be. No, I am well enough so please don’t be concerned. I just want this war to be over and thousands like you and his Lordship can return to some sort of normality.” He stared at the floor then looked up at me.

“Please Albert come home safe… I pray every night you will… And I know his Lordship does, as well as the staff… Albert we all know of your relationship and I have not heard one adverse comment about it. You are both happy and that makes ME happy. I know this will sound silly coming from an old man but you both look very handsome together and you are so very similar in many ways, both very fine looking gentlemen, intelligent, determined, to the point of being bloody-minded, excellent sportsmen and of course very fine aviators. I could go on but I do not want to embarrass you anymore.”

We laughed, but for some reason I kept thinking about Mathew’s observations about Jonnie and me.


“So, Jonnie me man, how are Ben, William and the other staff and boys?”

We had made love two hours previously and now back in my bed after a bath with Jonnie sat with my cock back inside him, kissing and arms wrapped round one another. Perfect position to make conversation we thought.

“Ben is about to go into the army in one of the horse companies and William is already in France as an art historian. The school is somewhat less in number now. All the senior boys have gone and have either joined the army or navy. Your two best friends, Trevor and Namu have gone into the catering corps and Martin Cornish is in the Royal Engineers. There are only 5 teaching staff now and when the last boy leaves, the school will close mainly because we will not be able to get staff as all those that may be right for us are young and at war.”

“Great shame. Are Ben and William still like us?”

“I think so but when I had to fly up there last month, I met Ben and he really only talked about you and told me that if you were at war so should he be and that’s why he is joining up.”

“How long were you up there?”

“Couple of nights, why?”

“Just asking.”

But I guessed he knew why I had asked. A lonely boy and a lonely man and both their lovers in France? I told myself to shut up.

“Packed everything?”

I didn’t answer and went to him and just held him tight. Jonnie cuddled me and kissed my neck. I was due to leave in two hours.

“Albert? I would like you to take something of mine and you leave me with something of yours please?”

“Let’s swallow it Jonnie, it will be there longer!”

Not bad considering we were not at our best.

I led him to his bed where we laid down and for the thousandth time cuddled in and kissed for much of those two hours. I turned round and we took one another into our mouths. This would not be quick or indeed with as much passion as other times. All we wanted was one last physical moment before I had to leave my beautiful man… and then what?

As we sucked we also fondled each body making sure we touched every part of both.

“Jonnie, I’m nearly there!”

“Me too Albert!”

We both ejaculated into the others mouth and made sure we swallowed every drop.

We got back face to face and kissed away the last few minutes.

Mister Hicks was waiting at the main entrance with the front passenger door open, he had already put my luggage in the boot.

Jonnie and I had kissed goodbye before leaving my apartment and now we could be nothing but restrained.

I had said my goodbye to my father who shook my hand and wished me a safe return. He watched from a window as Jonnie and I got as close together as was decent and shook hands, squeezing them the whole time.

“Goodbye Albert. I just hope that you will know my thoughts will be with you, morning, noon and all night my dear boy.”

I was too shocked to say anything so I squeezed his hand one more time then got into the car. We just stared at one another as Mister Hicks drove off.

Forty-eight hours later I was being shown into my commanding officer’s office.

I stood there with my mouth open as Captain Archie Broadbent got out of his chair and came to me with his hand held out.

“Albert, it’s lovely to see you again. Did you have a good leave?”

I remained standing there looking gormless but managed to find my tongue at last.

“Sir, what a nice surprise and yes thank you it was a wonderful leave.”

“And with Jonnie I hope!”

I grinned at him which gave him the answer.

“Very well let’s get a few things out of the way, I am Archie when we are on our own. I will be taking you to meet the rest of the squadron after this and tomorrow you will meet your observer, Sargent Andrew Phillips, a good chap whose first pilot died of his wounds a month ago.

We have 12 pilots and luckily 12 aircraft at the moment but are often short of one or the other due to damage repairs or dead or missing crews. This is no holiday Albert but I really don’t need to tell you that but have to ask, have you settled your will and nominated a next of kin?”

“There is no need for a will and you will know Jonnie is my next of kin.”

“Very well, now let’s get you to the mess they are all bored because this bloody weather has stopped all flying for nearly a week now.”

He paused still looking at me.

“Albert you will find most of them pleasant enough chaps but not all, you will spot them almost as soon as we get there. Good luck old chap!”

This won’t take long to write because I don’t find much point in dwelling on this next bit anyway but I will pen a few sentences about four of my fellow officers and after this first meeting we all found one thing in common, total loathing. They would loathe me because I had come up through the ranks and a class well below theirs and my loathing for this quartet was because they were who they were. However, be assured I would not in anyway allow any of them to affect the reason why I was there. There will be more later.

Some of the other pilots actually stood up and shook my hand when I was introduced, others would smile and nod, but none exhibited anything that I was not welcome in this mess, apart from the four who sat by themselves staring at me and whispering to one another followed by false laughter.

“Allow me to introduce Lieutenants Broderick Masterton-Phillips, Harvard Blake-Torrington, Abraham Watson-Smyth and Renfold Peterson-Morris.”

They remained slouched in their armchairs with their feet on a large coffee table and continued to stare at me with a sneering look of distaste. I said nothing and hoped I pissed them off by turning my back on them. They would become a challenge, I would make sure of it.

You could cut the atmosphere in this mess with a knife and I knew because of those four dominating it. I discovered they would refer to one another as ,”Brodder’s, Harver’s, Abber’s and Renner’s. So would I, eventually. I had only been with them minutes but the disrespect they showed to the rest of their fellow officers and in particular to our CO added to instant loathing for this bunch of fuckers.

By the end of my first day I went to my bed totally knackered but still wide awake. I just knew my time on this squadron would not be easy. I had this feeling that I could not explain to myself or understand but had a good way to divert my worries about my situation as I had done many times whilst at St. Omer, thinking of Jonnie and me! I kissed the medallion and his ring (I wish!) as I did every day. My mind drifted off to the time we spent two days at the cabin in Hamble.

“Second Lieutenant Dowling!”

He was in his bedroom and me in mine and both stripping the rather cum stained sheets off ready to be collected by a smiling servant and taken to the laundry sometime later. We then remade our beds with me showing “nob head” how to tuck a sheet in!

“Yes Corporal!”

“We are driving down to the cabin after breakfast, pack an overnight case and when you have done yours help me to do mine!”

I laughed like a drain, fuck he was useless!

We arrived at midday, I lit the Range and put a bucket of water on top and the stew we (I) had bought with us.

I dumped both cases on the bed. Jonnie looked in his and found two towels and a tub of Vaseline. The beautiful man looked up at me and I opened mine. Two towels, another tub of Vaseline and the bum cleaner!

“Oh… we are staying in then!?”

“We are indeed my lovely man and the time starts now!”

We met at the bottom of the bed and with massive smiles at one another, embraced and for the umpteenth million times kissed with all the love that we knew was Jonnie and Albert, US!

Neither one of us took the lead because by now we both knew exactly what we both wanted from each other physically and would never tire from it.

Once again we travelled all over each other’s body with our hands, lips and tongues, fondling, kissing and licking every square inch of one another in all its beautiful glory, but made even more profound by the love we shared.

Without a word being spoken I laid on my front with my bum up and Jonnie just slipped into me in one gentle stroke. Now he was fully inside me I laid on my belly and he laid on top with all his weight. He wrapped his arms around my chest and began to stroke and at the same time whispering in my ear of his love for me.

Because we were laying as we were, my tunnel was even tighter around his cock which would bring us both to a rapid and glorious end.

“Albert! Oh my dear Albert!” He sank as far as he could into me and held still for two seconds, held his breath and blasted into me with such force I could feel every one of all six of them!

My cock was in complete harmony without being touched and blasted onto the sheet as many times as Jonnie had.

We laid like that for a very long time with Jonnies arms holding me tight and once again being like we were, I never felt more secure, loved and cared for.

He moved his hands on the top of mine so we could interlink our fingers and began to stroke again. I pulled our hands around my chest so I could have Jonnie holding me but with our fingers still intertwined and like that and after many minutes we both shot our second loads.

We stayed as we were with Jonnies weight still on me which I absolutely adored.

We laid there in our beautiful little world whilst the bigger world outside was blowing itself apart, not that we gave any thought to it just then, why should we.

“Oh sweet man, I am being so selfish, again. Give me time and it’s your turn my love.” He kissed the back of my neck.

“Too late.”

“What do you mean too late?”

“I came twice, just like you have, only mine is all over the sheet.” I couldn’t help it, the beginnings of a laugh started to come out of my throat and my body began to jerk.

“OH NO! Oh Albert I am so sorr… You FUCKER! We are on my side of the bed!”

I EXPLODED! On and on I went until my sides hurt but managed to roll over to my dry side still screaming my head off. I tried to look at the love of my life but with tears pouring out of my eyes I could not focus, I just could not stop. I became aware I was being moved so that Jonnie was on the outside of my side and my bum facing the pond I had made earlier.

My laughing was now reduced to lots of giggles, but Jonnie, bless him, started me all over once more by being a nob head again.

“Have you QUITE finished Albert?”

That did it and I burst out again but this time I farted and out came half a gallon of Jonnie juice turning the pond into a lake! But that was not all, as I farted I slightly pushed Jonnie out of the bed and he landed up on the floor!

If all of this was not a relationship breaker, nothing would get close, but in fact it made us even more in love as we clung together, laughed and kissed for goodness how long.

Sometime later we went for a long walk which took us up a steep climb and stood holding hands overlooking our beautiful English countryside, the Hamble village and river, then to our right the Southampton Water. There was peace and all we could hear was the sound of the wind rustling through the trees and the birds singing their music.

We stood there with our arms around shoulders.

“Jonnie why didn’t the Kaiser and his politicians go out for a walk like this into their own countryside before they planned war?”

He squeezed my rather naïve hand.

“Albert they are like a game of chess. The back row are the castles, the knights, the bishops and then the very mobile queen next to the King who, despite his power, can only move one square at a time. But they all have pawns in front of them to protect the Kings immobility because if he falls, it’s checkmate.

We are the pawns but we will fight for King and Country and us pawns will keep him on the throne, even if he is part fucking German!”

He looked at me and I thought he was going to continue this lecture so in case he was I kissed him and bought him back down to my level

We changed the sheets three more times before we went home


I came out of my thoughts and looked at my cock, It had gone limp and it would only get hard again when I thought of past experiences or went home on leave.


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