Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 21

Kurt led me at a trot into a huge field and then gave our mounts their heads and galloped for fifteen minutes all around the edge of it. I was well ahead and pulled Wilhelm back to allow Kurt to catch up. We settled into a half gallop and Kurt took us out of the field, through thick woodland with a narrow track running through it. After some time we came out into one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever witnessed. We stopped at the top of a steep rise overlooking a valley with hills and dales either side and a river running through it as far as the eye could see. It was stunning.

Kurt dismounted, followed by me, and we took the horses to a tree and hitched them up and then found a spot and sat down looking over this amazing scenery.

“This is the best part of this visit. I love that view.” He looked at me and we held the look. For the first time I really studied him and found myself looking at a face that was equal to the scene in front of us.

“Are you liking your visit Albert?”

“No, I hate it. You are the only nice person here, the rest I can do without. I don’t think even his Lordship likes it and will be glad when he leaves tomorrow.”

Kurt looked at the ground and it seemed deep in thought.

“I hate it as well… My parents are dead and I was taken in by the Baron who is very strict as is the rest of the family. I have been told I will be in our air force after my 17th birthday and that’s me for the rest of my life. What I really wanted to do was to become a writer. I hate the military but that’s all they know and that’s what I will become.”

He was silent again for some time.

“All they ever talk about is war against France and Russia and when they have Europe and their Empires, they will then take the big prize, the British Empire and even your navy will not save you. May God forgive them because I know for a fact my country will find an excuse to go to war.”

He went quiet again and I thought about what he had said.

“Albert, we have the smallest Empire but the largest army, 800,000 and 3.5 million in reserve, Britain has the largest Empire but the smallest army, 160,000 and 760,000 in reserve. It doesn’t take much thought as to who the aggressor is which is why I prefer to think of what my life was and what I have lost.

“Albert, I studied in England for two years and followed my dearest love and that was English literature. Dickens, Browning, Bronte sisters, and so many more.” He smiled at me. “I should have been born English I suppose and after my parents died I wish I had been.

I made so many friends who studied my interests and… and I became very close to several of them.” He looked at me again. “Very close Albert.”

“How close?”

Once again there was a long gap.

“Can I trust you Albert? Because I want to.”

“I promise anything you say will go no further.”

He searched my face and smiled at me. “I am homosexual and had several affairs with three of the boys and one of my professors.

“After my parents died I was brought back here by the Baron who hates Britain, and the English in particular, and to be prepared to eventually join the military. I won’t bother you with details but I have a miserable life and as I say there will be war and when I die I hope it will be quick.” He laughed a sad laugh. “Please don’t hate me Albert, but I just wish you were homosexual as well! I was praying you were and hoped we could… I am so sorry.”

I kept looking at him and realised just how easy it would be to drift but I also knew that my love for Jonnie would stop me, even though this boy was indeed such a lovely person and very beautiful.

“I’m sorry Kurt, I really am, come on, let’s go back, and thank you for taking me into your confidence, I hope you find love one day.”

“Thank YOU Albert, let’s hope we both do.” If only he knew!

We rode slowly back next to one another in silence, I just felt so sorry for him and that he could not live his life as should be his right. I on the other hand WAS free, but then only because Jonnie had allowed it by falling in love with me.

I saw the stable boy waiting, dismounted and handed him the reins. “Wilhelm is a beautiful animal, but you are just an animal. I say again, try using your crop on me before I leave this Godforsaken place.” I walked off and caught up with Kurt feeling a bit better.

“Will you be shooting this afternoon Kurt?”

“Oh yes, it’s expected and I will miss everything again no doubt!” His laugh was a happier one this time.

“I will see you at the shoot then. Thanks, it’s been a nice time.”

“Yes it has, it’s nice to talk to a human being for a change.” I had a sudden idea.

“Kurt, why don’t you escape this and come to England? I’m sure his Lordship will get you into his school for a couple of years and then find you work when you leave.”

“Oh Albert what a lovely thought, but leaving this family is next to impossible and even if I did manage to get away, they would find me and I would become a traitor in their eyes and end up very dead. If you know anything about the mafia in America, this family is the same, only worse.”

“That’s a shame, you would have studied a lot more than English literature Kurt!”

The afternoon shoot went ahead as planned which I already knew would drag on but Jonnie thought differently when he was handed (believe it or not) a Merkel side by side 12 bore shotgun. He nearly wet himself and thanked the Baron.

“My word I have never shot with one of these before, simply one of the best shotguns ever made.”

That made his day and I just reloaded as he fired which didn’t make mine. Still, I was proud of his “bag” and even our hosts were impressed.

I had my last silent meal with the other servants and got up to go out but when I got to the door I looked back at them. “You people are only happy when you are angry, I’m just pleased by being here, I made you even happier you German homosexuals!” I went out and slammed the door, then run like hell!

The trunks had been packed and I was waiting for servants to come up and help me get them to the truck. There was a knock on the door, I opened it and saw Kurt standing there with a parcel in his hand.

“I cannot stay but I would like you to accept this Albert with my friendship. This is the gun that his Lordship used and I have taken great delight in stealing it for you. I may be useless at shooting but I do know how to take a gun apart!”

He handed me the parcel and held his hand out which I shook.

“Goodbye Albert, I hope to meet someone like you one day – so long as he is homosexual of course!” He ran back down the corridor and disappeared down the stairs.

I opened one of my trunks and put the shotgun into it and then quickly shut the lid and relocked it, it was good timing as three men arrived and we took the trunks down and loaded them up.

After insincere farewells Jonnie got in his car and I climbed on the back of the truck but was happy to be going home and out of this place. As we drove down the long drive we turned a bend and I saw Kurt come out of bushes as we passed. We waved to one another, one of us happy the other sad. I half smiled to myself, it would have been so easy wouldn’t it and then I smiled even more thinking of my love for Jonnie and knew I could not carry the guilt of going with another behind his back.

We sat and talked for ages about this visit, most of it by Jonnie and I had to agree with him, the whole thing had been a miserable time, but at least he got some information out of them without really trying. He had seen many aircraft, had been told that Germany was ready to defend herself from any aggressive act; in other words, don’t try to stop us being aggressive! He had heard of a lot of anti feelings towards Russia and in particular France, but also joined in the discussion about Britain and Germany forming an alliance. “Together our countries would become the most powerful nations the world has ever known, we would rule for all time.” That coming from a hater of Britain was just a little difficult to digest.

“Albert this as been the worst visit I have ever experienced, I will be glad to get home.”

“I think it was very worthwhile actually my good Lord.”

“Really? Thought you hated it and them.”

“I do but Kurt gave me that shotgun you fired and also told me he was homosexual and wished I was as well.”

“Good thing we left when we did then!”

We laughed and cuddled in.

“There is only one homosexual man I need now Jonnie.”

He kissed the top of my head and squeezed me.

“I will let you know who he is as soon as I meet him!” I got slapped all over our compartment for some reason!


We were back in my bed and the German trip forgotten, well everything was actually as we were engaged in physical pleasures at this particular time. We had played, kissed, sucked and licked but now we were sitting up facing one another with our arms around each body and Jonnie buried deep inside me while we continued to kiss. After a very long time I told him to lay down and then rode his cock until the 10th Lord of Penton blew up filling me to overflowing. After recovery time we changed places so I could deliver into my man.


“Always is, good night my dear Albert.” I was asleep before I could answer.

There is not much point in explaining the next few months of my life in detail as it was mostly flying and most of that flying was solo both day and night. The night flights were a bit of a challenge and for the lads who had to go out a few miles and wait for me to land, was wearing a bit thin, so I stopped the exercises.

“They bloody well do as they are told Albert!”

“Jonnie I don’t think there is much more to be gained anyway and as it’s me speaking, do as your bloody well told and undress me!”

“Very well, but only this once, well tonight anyway.” I know it’s silly but we loved to be like that.

Jonnie taught me how to clay pigeon shoot with the shotgun Kurt had stolen. That turned out to be very successful and I became quite good, so long as it didn’t include shooting anything alive that is.

Ben and William came to visit quite often and kept us up to date with the activities at the school.

“How is it Ben?” We were out riding.

“It’s amazing. We often get invited to meet with others and mostly because they can’t get enough of William’s cock!”

“Have you slept with Trevor and Namu yet?”

“Oh yes, they are our favourite couple to be with. They send their best wishes to you and say thank you for your wonderful times together.”

“Let’s hope there are many more times for you and William, Ben. I am just content to be with Jonnie now.” For some reason my mind went back to Kurt and wished he could be himself.

My thoughts also went back to that amazing Christmas at the school when I had been invited to join Trevor and Namu in the afternoon and would be joined by Martin Cornish in the evening and more than likely, all night.

All boys were in fancy dress which was fun looking at all those pirates and a few cowboys! I had no time to prepare anything so I cut off the legs of my pyjamas, which I had never worn, as far as was decent and both the arms off the top and went as “Lord Penton!”

The whole school just wandered into the dining room and all of us greeted everyone with a kiss and cuddle.

After breakfast we went into the hall to open presents with much excitement. I received a really good fountain pen. Jonnie would get the first letter I wrote with it. After that we all got a bit serious and had a carol service and prayers in the chapel, after which we all ran back to the hall for games which went one until Christmas dinner time which turned out to be an incredible feast made even better because Trevor, Namu, Martin and I were sitting together.

“Right chaps I have the four aces, you Albert are hearts, you Trevor diamonds, you Namu clubs and guess what I am. Albert, as you are honoured guest you pick one card and the ace you pick the other three makes love to that person when I join you later.”

He mixed the cards up and put them face down on the table. I made a meal of picking the card and got told off.

“Come on Albert, hurry up and pick mine!”

I smiled at Namu and turned a card, it was the ace of clubs. Namu screamed out and got out of his seat to give me a kiss! I had a sudden thought and grabbed the cards, they were all aces of spades!

I looked at these lovely people, I was enjoying myself immensely and it was about to get better. I saw Martin cutting his dinner into mouth-sized pieces and then pick up his fork and began to eat. I felt his free hand at my fly hole and in it went and stayed stroking me for the rest of the meal. I had never cut food so fast and a minute later I had my free hand inside Martin’s pirate trews!

That bought about a chain reaction and now we were all eating with a fork and no sight of a free hand!

I had been nominated to say grace after the meal after all the tables had been cleared. I stood up hoping my semi was not too visible. It was and I got a huge cheer!

“We thank you Lord for this wonderful Christmas dinner and we wish you a happy birthday! But I wish to say a personal thank you to all of you who have made me so welcome. Your friendship and kindness will stay with me forever. IF the world copied this amazing establishment, there would be no more war, there would not be the need or time!” I sat back down with the cheers loud in my ears… and thought of Jonnie.

Trevor, Namu and I decided to go out for a walk after dinner. “What will you do Martin?” I asked him as we walked out of the dining room. “Oh I got the short straw I’m afraid, I am looking after the juniors until tea time.” He smiled and winked at me then ran off towards their recreation room.

The three of us got to one of the summer houses dressed in long coats, socks and boots. Nothing was said as we cuddled in together with arms around necks and kissed for quite some time. Buttons were undone in the right places and we played with one another until Trevor asked that we go to my room. “I will cum if we stay here much longer.”

It was a repeat of the summer house only this time we were naked. There would be four hours ahead to have sex and we were in no hurry. We had been here before and the excitement was at its height knowing what was coming. Well, all of us would eventually, that was for sure!

“You’re quiet Albert. Thinking about your time at the school?” Bugger, Ben had broken my train of thought and yours as well but I will get back to it soon.

“Yes, it was a great time and I miss their friendship I will admit.”

“And the sex?”

“I will admit again I do think about it sometimes… and the times you and I had Ben, they were special to me as well.”

“Me too Albert. You showed me what I was and I will always be grateful to you for that… I do love you still.”

“If there was no Jonnie or William, do you think?”

“Yes, without a doubt.”

“And if there was no William or me Ben?”

“As things are so fucked up in this world, who knows. But all four of us have one another and I could not be more content at this time.”

“Me neither Ben, me neither.”

We tended to our horses and walked back together and when we got through the servant’s door we cuddled then Ben went off to his room, my old room, to wait for William to turn up and I went to my bedroom waiting for Jonnie to do the same.

After a bath I went naked to bed knowing I would be there for some time before the Lord of the Manor showed up, which gave me time to go back thinking about last Christmas.

Namu may have been the youngest and less sexually experience of us but he took charge and told Trevor and I exactly what he wanted. Well, it was Christmas!

“Albert I want you on your back and I will straddle you and when you are inside me I will lay so that you my darling Trevor will fuck me from behind so I will have both of your cocks inside me at the same time, then you Trevor will fuck and bring Albert and me to a fantastic orgasm, but before you do I have to prepare myself.

“Which is what Namu?” I asked.

“I am now going into the bathroom and clean myself out. Meanwhile you two can discuss religion, politics or even horse racing. Take your choice but thank your lucky stars that you two have me back very soon! The Prince of India!”

Trevor and I looked at one another and without saying a word we grabbed the little shit and tickled him half to death!

We let him escape and then laid down hugged up close and kissed until the self-proclaimed “Prince of India” came back and got between us.

Once again it was uncoordinated and wonderful as we explored one another with hands and tongues. It went on for ages and we often broke off just for gentle kissing but we were getting nearer Namu’s Christmas fuck wish.

“I’m ready Namu.”

He straddled me and I fed my cock into him in one push. Trevor needed action himself and straddled my face so I could lick his balls and Namu could suck his cock. Meanwhile I was stroking into that amazingly pliable bum hole.

“Trevor, if you don’t do something now I will cum!” He whipped round to the other end and Namu and I laid still as Trevor slowly but effortlessly slipped into his love. It was fantastic for all three of us. Namu had my cock rubbing his prostate which was now even better for him when Trevor’s cock arrived and Trevor and I had the underside of our cocks rubbing against each other. It was out of this world and made even better when Namu clamped his mouth on mine and stayed there the whole time.

Trevor, the dear boy did all the work as he fucked into Namu bringing all of us higher and higher and only magnificent self-control by the Head boy delayed the obvious. He laid down on Namu’s back kissing the lovely Indian’s neck.

“This is it boys, get ready to cum.” With that he raised up and began to fuck again and all three of us moaning our collective heads off.

“Let’s try and cum together boys but I’m… Oh fuck!” Hearing Trevor call that out finished both Namu and me. All three of us simply shot massive loads and many of them. We called out our love as we ejaculated. Trevor’s and my warm sperm covered our shafts and at the same time filled Namu’s tunnel to overflowing and as a bonus I got every drop of Namu’s all over my chest and belly.

We collapsed together with Namu laying on his back with us two either side of him and spent a very long time kissing one another and stroking cocks.

We managed that two more times with Namu and I fucking Trevor and then, after recovery time, those two fucking me.

We went down for tea giggling like the kids we were and told Martin what we had got up to.

“Oh my word, all three of you have quite a mixture up your bums!” He wiggled my cock which was already hard. Thank goodness I did not have stand up and say grace!

“Did you have a nice time Martin?” I asked.

“I had not better say Albert, not with the Head boy at the table but just look at them, I’m sure the smiles tells you something happened!”

I wiggled his cock knowing it would be inside me soon, but not until we had all fucked Namu!


It was now November and 1914 was just over a month away. Jonnie had planned that we would spend Christmas at his cottage in Hamble. We would travel down on the 20th December and return on the 5th of January. All that time on our own and guaranteed naked for most of it.

Sebastian visited a lot and bought Gerald with him at times. They both flew with me at night and seemed satisfied with each flight. He bought up to date maps of Belgium for me to study and would leave them with me. “I know it all seems like guesswork at the moment and of course we can’t be sure if Belgium will be invaded, but we at the SIS are convinced it will happen.”

The three of us were in the drawing room drinking one of the bottles of champagne that Henri and Claude had sent us, all 20 of them.

“Albert, after these exercises Gerald and I have flown with you, you will definitely be invited to join the RFC and because of the nature of your work, you will be one of the first to go. Do you still wish to volunteer?”

I swallowed the rest of my drink and handed Jonnie my glass, looking at him.

“Yes.” Jonnie handed me my full glass.

“You will only be 17 Albert and underage to join up if war breaks out next year.”

“In that case I will make myself a year older, if someone asks.” We never spoke about that again.

During those months I met my father or rather Mathew at least every week, sometimes twice and that was another reason I was happy. We would never have the same relationship as other fathers and sons but there was a firm friendship and we were both comfortable with that. We never talked about Jonnie and me but I was sure he knew what we were and if he was aware it didn’t seem to affect him and certainly not us.

“Albert my love thank you. I won’t have to get Parker to pack for me now.”

“Do you want to check it?”

He opened the suitcase and looked down at the one pair of underpants. “Maybe I had better get Parker up here after all!”

On the 20th Jonnie pulled up outside a log cabin and switched off.

“Why are we stopping?”

“Because we have arrived silly boy.”

“It’s a log cabin, NOT a cottage, silly man.”

“I just wanted to piss you off.”

“Well you haven’t, I love it!”

“A friend of mine was watching a cowboy film and liked the cabins so he had this one built, but once it was built he had no use for it and sold it to me.”

Inside it was one large room, to the right was an open space that had a large cooking range. In front was a settee and one chair. To the left was the double bed with various cupboards. To the right of the front door was a sink with a water pump which was not only for washing up, but was the only means to wash yourself.

“Where’s the crapper?”

“Outside. You go through that door and down to the bottom of the garden, it’s on the right, the other one on the left is for garden tools, just don’t get your right and left mixed up!”

After lighting the fire in the stove, unpacking, putting clothes away and making the bed with clean sheets the cabin was ready. Jonnie in all that time helped enormously by keeping out of the way.

“Right, all done, what now?”

Jonnie pumped water into a small cauldron and put it on the stove.

“That will take some time for us to be able to wash, so we have no choice but to go to bed and wait.”

He stripped me naked and then himself and to bed we went!

By the time we had finished doing sex stuff on one another, the water had almost boiled away. I got out of bed and filled it again, then picked up a large hamper and took it back to bed and opened it so we could start to eat chicken, beef, ham, cheese, tomatoes and thick chunks of buttered bread and finally fruitcake. To wash the lot down Jonnie opened a bottle of champagne and after two glasses we cleared the lot away and then went back to sex stuff and that was only the first day!

Every other day would be very similar but would include fights, cooking, each washing a body and going out for long walks. We stocked up for Christmas, put it all away then went back to bed.

And that was it for just about the whole time we were at the cabin, but the main activity was laying on our sides wrapped up together and simply kissing for hours. On many occasions like that we would stroke one another to completion after which we would kiss for even longer!

At 11:50pm on the 31st December I slipped into Jonnie and gently stroked with my arms tightly around him and kissing as he twisted his head to meet my mouth. At 12:05am on the 1st January I came inside him as he also shot his own load into my hand which I rubbed onto his body. He turned round and wished me a happy new year. I kissed him back.

“Happy new year Jonnie.”

We clung on even tighter thinking about what could be coming into our lives, but at the same time knowing what it would be.

Nineteen fourteen had arrived in peace but in this year two acts of violence would lead to many more acts of violence. Not one person could even come close to imagining the millions that over the next four years would never see a “new year” again. The “war to end all wars” was just eight months away, the 4th August 1914 to be precise and Belgium had already been invaded.

But Germany had got it all very wrong because of it’s arrogance and assumption they could not be beaten. Four years later it would end in utter humiliation for them, not that the millions who’s deaths they caused would know of course.


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