Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 20

During the journey we rehearsed the roles that Sebastian wanted us to take on. I was travelling with Lord Penton for the benefit of my education as I had shown an interest in travel and I would also be his valet and attend to his domestic needs. That presumably would mean Jonnie and I would have rooms near one another, we would just have to wait and see.

The train arrived in Berlin late afternoon and as soon as we stepped out we saw a man standing in front of us with a name board, “Lord Penton” written on it. This was the first example of German efficiency, it seemed the man already knew which carriage and compartment we would be in. Jonnie went to him. “Welcome to Berlin your Lordship. Please come this way.” He turned to me. “You will follow with the luggage!”

Oh lovely. The four trunks were loaded and I was told to sit in the back with them!

There was no sign of Jonnie when we got to the massive house and I just did as expected and helped take all four trunks up a fucking million stairs and dump them in Jonnies huge room. I was then taken to a door and when I got into it I looked at the bloke who confirmed this tiny cupboard was my room! Ah well, I would at least be next to my “master!”

“You will eat in the servants dining room after you have served your master mornings and evenings. You are not permitted to enter the main house or gardens except when accompanying your master. If a member of the household passes you, you will stand to attention and bow your head until they have passed. Have you understood or do you need me to repeat it?”

” I don’t THINK you need to repeat, maybe I just missed the ‘welcome to the house and we hope you have a pleasant stay’ bit, must get my ears cleaned out.”

He looked at me as though I was a lump of dung then left.

My “master” was eventually shown his room and he met one very pissed off “valet!”

“This is going to be one fucking long weekend Jonnie!”

“Oi, I’m your master again so be more respectful… Dowling!”

I beat the crap out of him, but only because he was too weak laughing but we eventually got naked in his bed and cuddled up.

“Albert let me give you my opinion about this lot and why I think they were agreeable to have us here. It’s no more than a propaganda exercise and for me to go back and tell our people how advanced they are in aviation and if that’s right, my assumption is to put the wind up us not to get involved if it comes to war. They are going to show me around one of their airfields and I bet you a pound to a penny there will be lots to see and listen to them bragging about how prepared Germany is. Christ they really do want war, but at the same time they are right, we are far behind them. I am sorry but you won’t be seeing much of me this weekend.”

“So what about me?”

“There is a young man who is the great nephew to the Baron and will host you for the weekend. You will meet up with him after breakfast and I already know you will be riding with him tomorrow morning. Not sure what happens after that. He is 16 and his name is Kurt, that’s all I know except they are a strange bunch. I cannot wait for when this is over.”

I helped my master with his ablutions who was rather impressed when I gave that extra bit of care to his person when I got in the bath with him and washed his complete body from head to toe and back again. I received even more compliments when I allowed him to slip his penis into me and for the first time we both fired off in Germany! After that I told him to dress himself!

I found the servants dining room for the evening meal and ate in silence, being totally ignored by the other fifteen there. The door opened and they all shot to their feet, I thought it best to do the same. I was looking at a very handsome young man who I guessed was this Kurt. He looked at me.

“You must be Dowling. I will wait for you at the stables and introduce myself and to your ride tomorrow.”

He turned and walked out and we all sat down.

“So Englishman, you ride do you? Well we will see just how good tomorrow when you meet one of our excellent German thoroughbreds.”

Fuck, this was so different to our time in France!

The door opened again and yes, up they got, followed by me. This was getting like musical chairs! A much older man stood there looking at me.

“I am Baron von Baum, I do hope you are being well looked after?”

The blokes stared hard at me.

“Thank you sir, I am being well cared for and discussing the complexities of Beethoven’s 5th symphony and my preference for his 9th.”

The Baron looked at me, shrugged then buggered off. I sat back down looking at this lot, oh to hell with it!

“Do you lot know who Beethoven is?”

Two guesses as to what happened next? The door opened and Jonnie walked in! Christ it was so lovely to see him! No one stood up, except me!

“Hello Dowling, I hope everything is going well?”

I just could not help myself. “There is more life in a cemetery than in here my Lord!”

Jonnie struggled to keep a straight face, then handed me a note.

“Your instructions for tonight and tomorrow Dowling. Good evening to you.”

“Good evening my Lord.” I stood until he had closed the door then turned back, my plate had gone! “Well done brave boys, I hope one day I can return your hospitality.” And turned to walk out.

“Fuck off English homosexual!”

Well, the twat got something right!

I found the stables and saw this Kurt waiting for me and was in for at least some friendliness.

“Hello Albert, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Kurt.” He held his hand out which I shook.

“Nice to meet you as well Kurt.”

He took me around the stables which were impressive and eventually stopped at one stable.

“May I introduce Wilhelm, the head of stables has picked him for you, a fine stallion I am sure you will agree.”

He was right and straight away I knew this fine animal was going to be a challenge and would have been chosen for me to make a fool of myself when I rode him, his eyes told me so. It was fine weather and I knew the top door would be left open all night, I would be back to have private time with Wilhelm later.

We chatted for some time which was pleasant enough and I could not help notice how good looking he was but seemed very on edge and not that happy. I just assumed it was because he had to be with me and the last thing he wanted. He took me around the gardens which were beautiful and then surprised me when he told me he had been to school in England for two years.

“I loved it there and was very happy. I had many English friends and still miss them.”

Goodness knows what happened but it was obvious he wished he was still there was my guess. I didn’t ask, all I wanted was to get back myself!

He said goodnight and I went back to the guest rooms and took Jonnies note out and read it.

“My dear Albert, I am being taken to the theatre and then to the Baron’s club. I don’t know what time I will be back, but hope you will come to my bed when I do, but we must lock the door first, these people are already asking about you and me. I am so sorry it has to be like this.  Burn this. My love to you. Jonnie.”

I threw it on the fire and then went back out to the stables and spoke softly to Wilhelm for half an hour and breathing into his nostrils all the time, he became much more relaxed and seemed to be listening as I spoke. He would know who I was in the morning when he saw me again.

I got into my bed after a bath and just laid there naked and wondering how long it would be before Jonnie came in.

I was on my back holding my limp cock and as miserable as fuck. I needed cheering up so I thought back to the school and found myself smiling when I began to think of the committee meeting I had attended.


“Albert!” It was another underpants only day and I looked at the wonderful body of Trevor and smiled at him, he smiled back and made it obvious he was looking at my hidden bits.

“Hello Trevor.” I showed my yellow ribbon and we both laughed.

“We would like to invite you to the committee meeting this afternoon, please come.”

To be honest I had been hoping for an invitation! Nine almost naked males!? Too bloody sure!

I have no idea what was discussed and in any case I would not be part of it anyway. I just looked around me looking at six half-naked males and made a great effort at not getting a hard-on. There were three junior boys who could not dress as the rest of us and I knew nothing could happen until they had left, if anything.

Finally Trevor bought the meeting to a close and the next thing that happened was the juniors stood up and went round the room kissing everyone goodbye. I had had sex with all of them in the bedding store and the kisses goodbye was with a lot of feeling and secret touching.

Trevor got up and came over and sat next to me. He put an arm around my shoulders, leant over and kissed me as well as ran the other hand over my body, all the way down to my underwear, undid the cord and went underneath and held my now raging hardon. I could not ignore my friend and stroked my way up his thigh, under his pants and found him as hard as me.

There was a lot of movement as the two staff and four boys paired off and all you could hear for some time was the sound of males kissing and sudden intakes of breath as yet another cock was held!

The committee was made up of two teachers and seven boys but with the juniors gone that left six, two teachers, four boys, they were:

Trevor Deans 16 Head boy

Paul Nugent 30 my class teacher

Martin Cornish 21 Engineering teacher

Daniel Parsons 15

Martin Handley 15 and finally

Patrick O’Connor 14

Trevor stopped kissing and smiled at me. “Albert, we would all love to make love to you if you will allow it?”

I smiled back at him then gave him a long kiss. “Trevor, will you go last please?”

Trevor stood me up and led me to the centre of the room and as he did both of our underpants fell off. The other five separated from whoever they had been kissing and also stood up, five more pairs of underpants dropped to the floor. They all came towards us and surrounded me with their hands exploring my whole body. I was kissed by each of them one at a time and then turned to the next man or boy. I felt a mouth on my cock and a tongue in my valley as I held every cock in turn.

I was cradled into four pairs of arms and laid there as my cock was sucked, my body was kissed all over as well as my mouth. I was turned over and they took it in turns to go to their knees and continue to suck while the others fondled and pulled my cheeks open. Vaseline was introduced and then I was taken to a large table that was covered in a blanket and laid on it with my legs over the edge. Each one in turn climbed on the table and hovered over my face so I could suck a pair of balls and at the same time my legs held wide apart. Paul Nugent was my first and I loved the feel of his ample 6.5-inch cock as it slipped into me and began to fuck.

Meanwhile my own cock was still being sucked and I continued to suck balls as all of them swapped places.

Paul called out he was coming and shot a massive load into me and after he withdrew, Daniel took his place! Oh bless him, he must have been so worked up he shot almost as soon as he had entered me.

“Oh fuck it, not AGAIN!” He moaned.

Martin was a big boy and took his time in entering me but even though I felt all seven inches I was more than comfortable having him fuck me.

Paul was now straddled above me and lowered his big hairy balls to my mouth and took both of them in but after only a minute or so he pulled away and wanked off all over my body. Trevor now took Pauls place and I just loved to look up and watch those beauties as they swung above my face. He lowered and yet another set went into my mouth.

Martin yelled out he was coming and after delivering a gallon he withdrew allowing and very advanced Patrick to enter me with his gorgeous slim 4.5 dick.

“Oh Mary… oh fucking MARY!”

He held hard into me and my word, did I feel every one of his shots as they blasted into me! Small he may have been, but had one hell of a powerful weapon!

Now the one I had been waiting for, Trevor, one of the most handsome boys I had ever seen. This would be different as I was placed in the centre of the table and Trevor climbed on board while the others continued to stroke my body but that was all, they would now become spectators and at the same time wank off as they watched Trevor fuck me.

My legs were held apart and Trevor lined up and with all the lubrication still in my hole, he simply slipped in, all seven inches of him and for the next ten minutes or so he fucked me as I grabbed any cock in reach. One or two would lean over and kiss me but they mostly watched Trevor perform.

With all that fucking I was getting close and so was everyone else by the sounds of it. Trevor was as well.

“Oh fuck Albert, I’m coming.”

Bloody hell he wasn’t kidding! He shouted out one more time and held himself into me and then his whole body recoiled as the first shot erupted out of him and again, again, again! I lost count how many times he came partly due to everyone else coming as Trevor offloaded and most of it all over me, all wet and warm! I was done and literally blew up with one continuous stream shooting out, it went up a couple of feet then splattered all over my body and the table. That was followed by several more as the others rubbed the lot in.

I felt myself being lifted to my feet and for the next goodness how long we all embraced and kissed and thanking one another for a wonderful “committee meeting!”

Trevor looked at me smiling. “Albert, Namu and I would like to invite you to spend Christmas evening and night with us.”

“That would be lovely thank you.” I kissed him.

“Oh and Martin will be joining us sometime in the evening. ” I kissed Martin that time.

We all split into pairs and I chose Patrick to take to one of the settees and laid him down where we just cuddled, kissed and wanked one another. We, and everyone else would be like that for ages until there was another mass cumming!

It went on most of the evening and everyone got with everyone if you see what I mean!


I laid there with a hard-on but did not wank. I was now worried about Jonnie and when he would come in, it was very late by now. I had hardly thought that when I heard the door open and through the partly open door in my room I saw him stagger in and fall on his bed. Jonnie was pissed!

I got out of bed and helped him undress and once he was naked I put him on his side, locked the door and laid behind him with my arms around his body, he was already asleep and I followed about an hour later, but before I did, I heard floorboards outside creek and the door handle being turned. I leapt out of bed and grabbed a lit candle and held it under the door nob. Heat travels quickly through brass as the fuckwit on the other side found out.

My internal clock once again woke me up at 5am and got out of bed. I took one look at a still sleeping Lord Penton, then went into the bathroom and filled the bath. I laid there wondering what had happened but could not now careless now Jonnie was back. I hated this place and could not wait for tomorrow when we would be going home, pissed or not. I thought about Kurt and at least he seemed nice and I was looking forward to my ride later that morning, but even that would show just how hated I was.

In one of my trunks was my riding gear. One must never travel without it and now was pleased I had it with me. I got dressed, but not with riding boots on yet and went back into Jonnies room and poked him awake.

“Oh shit, I’m dead! Do me a favour Albert and get me a glass of water please.”

I did as asked and handed the glass to him and sat down on the bed.

“Don’t I get a kiss then?”

“Not until you tell me what the hell happened last night and why you came back pissed.”

“I spent the worst night of my life, with the worst company and even though I admit I was drunk, they were worse by the time we got back. Albert I hate them and this place but I tell you it was worth coming. Those sods did not stop boasting about their fucking army, navy and air force and just about told me the strength of it all and how they were expanding. Let me recover first and I will tell you everything. When do you ride?”

“Sometime after breakfast. I have to meet that Kurt at the stables At least he seems pleasant enough. What are you doing?”

“There is a lunch with a load of guests coming and then out shooting. You are coming as my gun boy and loader. It starts at 2pm and knowing this lot, they MEAN 2pm on the dot. Anyway, what did you do?”

“Fuck all!” I kissed him and put my riding boots on. “You can sort yourself out, I’m going out to snoop around the stables. I will see you later piss head!”

The first thing I saw was the bloke who had called me an “English homosexual” and watched him out of his sight as he was yelling at Wilhelm and using his crop on him. I had no idea what he was saying but it was obviously not nice and the animal was shit scared. He was getting him ready for me to ride.

Breakfast was another lousy meal but this time all of them talking and looking at me laughing.

I finished and went out towards the stables and saw Kurt waiting for me and also noticed a number of the household standing a little distance away and soon to be joined by the brain dead from the dining room.

“Good morning Dowling, Wilhelm is ready.”

He made no attempt to shake hands and so I went to my mount who, when seeing me approach began to jig and pull at his tether. I stopped and spoke quietly as I had done the night before. He began to calm and I approached nearer talking all the time and eventually I was at his head and began to breathe gently into his nostrils.

I untied his tether but even doing that he started jigging again and so I tied him back up.

“Dowling are we going to stand here all day boy!”

Whoever it was I ignored him and did not even notice Jonnie join the group.

I had been working with horses most of my life and had a good idea why Wilhelm was in this state, quite apart from being abused by that fucking bastard who mishandled him earlier.

I kept up the talk and at the same time loosened the girth strap. I felt under the saddle and found what I knew would be there, a small but sharp stone. It was a great way to upset a horse with the weight of the rider crushing it into his back and had been done for years. I put the stone in my pocket and did the girth up again, talking all the time, I took the tether off again and walked him around the paddock until I was satisfied he would allow me to mount. I climbed on board as gently as I could and sat in the saddle. Wilhelm was calm and just stood still.

I walked him for a time and then called to Kurt I was ready and after I walked Wilhelm on, I stopped in front of the stable boy and glared at him and then chucked the stone at his face.

“You fucking disgust me. Try using your crop on me some time but bring this lot, you will need them.”

I followed my riding partner out of the stables and onto a track and once there we went into a trot towards some fantastic countryside. I now knew this was going to be a great ride and, as it turned out, a very revealing one at the same time.

Kurt would confide in me that he was homosexual and had a number of liaisons when he was attending school whilst in England.


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