Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 19 (with a difference)

Hello! I am Albert Dowling, a 16-year-old homosexual who is in love with the Lord of the Manor. Lord Penton is also in love with his former stable boy, me and we have been sleeping together for a year.

You would have read all that has happened between us and of course other experiences of my flying training and sex life.

It’s now just Jonnie and me, but every now and again I will be reliving a few of my fun times when I was at the school… and one more no one knows about… yet.

This was the morning after my 16th birthday and we were still in bed and I was laying on Jonnies left thigh sucking his soft cock. He loved to wake up like that.

“Morning Albert, assuming that’s you.”

He said that every morning and by now I ignored it and carried on slurping, but one must be polite. I kissed my way up his body and found his mouth and kissed that for quite some time.

“Good morning Jonnie, thank you for a lovely day yesterday. I love this as well. I kissed the RFC medallion he had made for me. Jonnie wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me in tight and began to laugh, shaking as he did.

“I know why your laughing so get out of bed and piss in the proper place!” He staggered to the bathroom still laughing his head off. Christ I loved him so much!

We cuddled back in and kissed as per morning routine which often led to full sex but this time we were both thinking about Sebastian and Gerald’s visit later that day.

“So brainy one, what do you think this is all about and why do they want to talk to me?”

“I think they are going to talk about a role for you should war happen but we will have to wait and see because I can only guess right now.”

I looked at the clock and realised it was later than I thought and jumped out of bed. “Where the hell are you going?” I leant back and kissed him. “I’m going to fill the bath and after we have had one I want us to go out and get the BE2 ready then plan a course to fly, only this time I want to go solo and more of them before we go to France and Germany and then even more when we get back. I know exactly what this is about which makes me brainier than you.”

“You would just say that anyway after they have told us silly man.” I kissed him again and went to the writing desk and two minutes later I put the sheet of paper in an envelope then heated up the stick and dripped melting wax on the envelope, then stamped it with the wax sealer. “Open that when they have gone. I will summon you when the bath and my bum is ready my Lord Big Dick.”

“Oh good, I need another piss!” Once again we laughed like idiots.

I absolutely love it when I feel Jonnies cock putting pressure on my hole and always cry out as he gets the head in. We both love the time he spends stroking the head just inside me, it winds us both up and it gets even better as he slowly goes deeper slowing fucking me as he fits more in. I would soon be fully involved as he hit that special place which drives me mad.

Now he was fully embedded into me and about to begin the next glorious step, pulling out to his head and then fully back in, time and time again.

We were both at the edge now and with half a dozen more strokes we both shot the usual vast amounts and once again neither of us had touched me.

Jonnie sat down and I turned to face him and with his arms and legs wrapped round me and mine around him we kissed for a very long time.

“Albert?” I kissed him as a reply.

“I don’t know when we can be free but I would like us to go to my cottage in Hamble and stay naked for the whole week we will be there.”

“And have lots of sex?”

“Yes of course, morning, noon and night!”

“What about mid-morning and mid-afternoon?”

“I kept those two times as recovering time. Well for me anyway!”

“That’s fine, I will come with you old man. Don’t suppose you could make it two weeks?” I loved it when he beat me up!


I was flying at 1000ft heading towards Winchester and dropped down to land on the fields that I had marked out on my map, or in my case my in head and ticked them off.

It was great being up on my own and I knew I could possibly be flying like this in the future.  When I got back I would ask Jonnie to work out other landing sites for me to get to, but next time either at dusk or dawn. After that I would ask Jonnie to recruit men from the estate and find the landing field with torches to flash when they heard me flying overhead and then land, stay five minutes and then take off again for home. I would be telling Jonnie he would fly with me every time. I had finished updating him and then undressed both of us.

“What’s all this about Albert?”

“Wait and see. I can’t talk and fuck at the same time.” He kept his mouth shut.


Sebastian and Gerald were shown into the drawing room, we all shook hands then settled down to listen to what I had already guessed what some of it was about.

“Chaps, we have a great deal to say and I am sorry it will take some time.”

Gerald and I work together in a rather special department called the Special Intelligence Service. We are a small group now but it will certainly get bigger over the next few months and beyond. Gentlemen, we are not here to discuss the hypothetical possibility of war, we know it will happen and in all probability within the next 18 months. Our department is tasked to gain intelligence by any means possible in the event Britain gets dragged in, and we all know we will.

We are convinced that when Bosnia Herzegovina breaks from Austria Hungry to become part of Serbia, Austria Hungry will declare war on Serbia, the Russias will be on the side of Bosnia and Germany will declare war on Russia. France will join Russia and declare war on Germany and as the Hun will have two fronts, East and West to engage at the same time, we expect they will invade Belgium to get to France quicker. That, as you will know, will take us to war against Germany because of our treaty with Belgium to help protect her neutrality.” Sebastian went quiet for some time.

“Right, now let me talk about mine and Gerald’s involvement in all this. For some time now we have been in Belgium building up trust with like-minded individuals who are also sure their country will be invaded and have joined us in building up a network of information gathering, means of sharing that intelligence and recruitment of operatives to become involved in undercover operations.

“We now have 20 Belgian’s living here and being trained before they go back to recruit more operatives and organize localised groups to carry out methods of getting intelligence back to us and carry out possible sabotage attacks, BUT, mainly to alert us of enemy locations, strength of forces, including weaponry and where they are heading. That alone will help plan our own response and move our forces to engage them, without that information we will be somewhat in the dark.

“Communication will become vital and that’s where you could come in Albert and all because of your incredible flying and navigation skills.”

I thought about my note to Jonnie and knew I had got it right and piss the lovely man off!

“The Belgian’s will remain in England until war is declared and Albert, that is where you come in. We are asking you to consider volunteering to fly to various locations in Belgium to deliver various supplies and agents and bring back coded messages and individuals who need to escape. If you agree you will become an RFC pilot with the rank of sergeant and will operate from British Headquarters, wherever that may be. You will receive your orders from an officer who will in fact be part of the SIS and given your missions as they are required. I can only ask you to volunteer at this stage but if you accept and you become an RFC pilot you will come under the same discipline as all servicemen and could be sent to other units on the wishes of your superiors.

“Albert, you have time to think this through and I expect Jonnie will be able to advise you before you come to a decision.”

I didn’t need time to think, it was obvious to me.

“Sir, I will volunteer to do what you ask. When war breaks out I would be joining up anyway, so I might as well do something I’m good at and take my chances instead of becoming part of something I have no experience of and useless.” I looked at Jonnie who was sitting there just looking back and the looks from both of us said a lot. What would happen to us when war broke out and how much time would we have left together.

“Very well Albert, you will hear from Gerald in due course and by the way, his work is to find exceptional people like yourself and now has quite a number of talented individuals who I can assure you will contribute massively in the months and years to come. Any comments Jonnie?”

I was still looking at my love and saw his expression turn to anger. “Yes, I have something to say.

“Why the hell is Albert being offered the rank of sergeant and not become an officer despite his obvious talent as you two are aware? I’m bloody disgusted because all this is, he is “not one of us” and it’s a class thing! But I am more disgusted with myself for encouraging him in the first place which has bought him to this!”

I had to think fast and try to help him out. “But Jonnie, by teaching me to fly and what it has led to, you may have in fact saved my life?”

The beautiful man smiled at me. “Stop being so bloody right for once!”

“Jonnie, I am sure that by the time this is all over, Albert will become much more than a sergeant, believe me. I now need to tell you something else. I know you are going to France and then on to Germany. I have so-called friends there and have already asked if you two can visit which they have agreed too. I will give details later. They are an arrogant bunch and full of themselves and perfect for you to find out about their aircraft developments, they won’t want to lose the opportunity to boast about themselves or how good they think they are. This is a group all involved in aviation as civilians but will join the Imperial German Air Service and I quote them, “If you or those Froggies start a war against us, we Germans will make many widows and give you a good thumping.” How right he, nearly, was.

“Jonnie, I know you speak German rather well but please don’t speak their language, just let them assume you are typical English and I am sure when you listen to their crap, you will pick up a lot of information. They have invited you both for a long weekend on 21st of this month. I will contact them to say you’re nearly wetting yourselves at the prospect of meeting them. Don’t tell them anything about your flying abilities, in fact tell them you have only flown as passengers with friends. Also play down the worth of aircraft as a military asset which will make the bastards talk even more!”

Bloody hell dear reader, I’m fed up with this and you must be dropping off by now, so I will fast forward to when we said goodnight after dinner, after drinks, after more talk and after yawning a lot!

When eventually we got back to Jonnies bedroom he went to the writing desk and picked up the note I had written earlier. “If what I read is what I think it is now, I will never let you sleep in my bed again.”

Good job mines free then silly man!”

He read out loud; “Jonnie they are going to ask me to fly special flights that require someone with good flying and navigation ability. I could now become a taxi driver and deliveryman!”

He put the note down and came to me and just held me tight.

We went to bed at last but not saying much and thinking about all that was spoken about and what my involvement could become. We cuddled up tight and stayed like that for ages until we both fell asleep, still cuddled up together. How many more times would we be like this?

I woke the next morning, still in Jonnies arms and laid there again thinking about what I could become if Sabastian had got it right and the fact I could be killed if he had. I had no idea how I would react to war and suddenly I was scared and cuddled back into Jonnie for protection.

And then I remembered something Namu had said as we were saying goodbye, “you will come through a very dark tunnel my dear Albert.” There would not be much to grab hold of when war broke out, and I was not about to let Namu’s words go anywhere!

At exactly 7 that evening I knocked on my father’s door and when he opened it I saw a completely different man dressed as he was now. I had only ever seen him in black butler’s uniform which was cut perfectly and with brilliant white wing collar and black bow tie, he was always immaculate.

My father was quite tall, slim with white hair and indeed a very handsome man.

He wasn’t any less handsome now as I looked at him in his casual wear, grey flannels, open-necked white shirt and diamond patterned jumper.

“Good evening Albert and welcome, do please come in.” He stood aside and I walked into a large lounge which was very comfortably furnished and like him in perfect order. The fire was lit giving warmth to the room. He offered me an armchair opposite his and sat down.

“Right, first things first.” He went to a sideboard and picked up a silver salver with two large glasses on it which turned out to be full of sherry and offered me a glass.

He raised his glass to me. “It has taken 16 years to say this, but happy birthday for yesterday Albert, good health and I wish you a long life.”

We clicked glasses and I took a sip of my first bit of alcohol and nearly threw up!

I half choked, but because I was, I saw my father smile for the first time in my life!

“Oh my word, that’s not going down too well Albert!”

I smiled back. “I will drink all of it even if kills me and only because I am drinking with you father.”

He looked at me for some time and I knew he was struggling and I thought if I said the right thing, we could both relax.

“Father, please let us not go back down that road. I am here because I want two things, to meet with you and hopefully more times and to learn about my mother… please do not refer to the past again, it will be of no purpose.”

For the next two hours, he told me much about his life in the service of the Penton’s and eventually became butler to Jonnie’s great grandfather. How he and his mother had met and the months of courtship, with a chaperone always present but as the courtship went on, the chaperone, as well as my mother’s family accepted my father’s good intentions and in 1882 they were married, five years later, I came along.

“Your mother was a very beautiful and intelligent women Albert and we were madly in love.”

I could see that for myself as I was holding a photo on their wedding day.

“She was extremely well read which was noted by the Penton family and eventually offered the position of personal assistant to Lord Penton, our present Lord Penton’s father.”

My father went quiet as he seemed to be in deep thought which confused me a bit. He had spoken without pause about my mother and his life with the Penton’s but it seemed he was now in different thoughts.

“Father?” He had been looking at me the whole time but now had his head down, he looked back up.

“Albert, this may be difficult for you, but may I ask you call me Mathew from now on? I have never been a father to you but now maybe we can become friends and friends always call one another by their first names?”

I had no problem answering him and smiled as I held my hand out to him. “Hello Mathew, may I have another crap sherry please!”

One more sherry later I staggered out of Mathew’s rooms and eventually found my way back to Jonnies bed. He took one look at me and fed me into his bed trying not laugh… too much!

I felt so safe and sooo happy. I was in my lover’s arms and that night had gained a new friend, my dad Mathew!


“JONNIE!” I called out. The connecting door was open and I could see him lying naked on the bed waiting for me to finish packing. Fuck he looked good!

“Yes dear boy, how are you doing?”

“I’m not! What the hell do I shove into these?” I heard him give out an annoyed sigh and watched him get out of bed and came into my room with cock and balls swinging as he walked towards me. He looked at my bed with clothes all over it and scratched his head. “Good lord I wouldn’t know where to start, Parker always packs for me.”

“Then get him up here to pack for me then but before you do you should get your dressing gown on, I’m going for a bath”

I left my somewhat confused lover and got to his bathroom and turned the taps on, and as it was filling, I cleaned my bum out, at least I knew how to UN-pack!

Half hour later my two trunks had been packed and taken down to join Jonnie’s ready to be taken to Southampton docks the next day. We would only see them again when we got to the chateau. We would have to struggle with a small suitcase each with a change of clothes and toiletries during the trip.

“Have you packed Vaseline Jonnie?”

“Damn, forgot to tell Parker to pack some!”

“Good job I did then!”

He took me in his arms and kissed me and fondled my bum and everything else for quite some time and we both became rather worked up. We were in a 69 and sucking like crazy.

“Albert, I’m ready my darling boy.”

“Oh bugger!”

“What’s the matter?”

“The Vaseline, it’s on its way to France!” Yea Gods, did I ever get slapped around THAT time! And I didn’t help much as I could not stop laughing.

Sometime later and after a couple of gobs of spit Jonnie slipped in and this war at least was over. Mind you he “shot” me loads of times up my bum, all I hit was the towel!

We were taken to our cabin and settled down waiting for the five-hour crossing to start but the dreadful weather told us it was going to be a rough crossing and it was getting worse. Jonnie and I were naked but I was not feeling too good and even though we were still moored up the bloody thing was rocking all over the place!

Jonnie, bless him, tried to take my mind off things and made love to me. or that was the intention but only after a few strokes I had to get him off me so I could get to the toilet and throw up!

We were mid-channel and for the whole time since we had left Southampton I had my arms around the toilet making love to it and throwing up the entire contents of my guts and for the rest of the sailing it would not get any better.

Jonnie was no help as at one time I staggered out only to see him sitting and eating. “Oh Albert, this salmon is delicious! Would you like some!” Two seconds later I was back making love to the fucking toilet!

When we eventually spotted Le Harve I suddenly felt much better seeing land again and went off to the dining saloon to replenish my empty stomach.

Two breakfasts later I went back to the cabin and got fucked just for cuddling the toilet more than I did him during the crossing! I loved it, so did he!

We boarded our train at Le Harve to Paris which was only 120 miles away but it would stop in Louviers overnight so not to disturb those who wanted to dine, converse and then eventually go to their cabins to sleep.

Jonnie and I ate and chatted to fellow passengers for a couple of hours then went back to our cabin and made love for another two, but it may have been longer, can’t be sure.

We were stood by the luggage car waiting for our trunks to be taken out when we heard Jonnie’s name being called out. We turned round and for the first time I saw Henri and Claude. Henri was tall, about 6ft, slim and quite good looking and dressed in his city suit and top hat which he removed. Claude was more my height, 5ft 7 a bit on the chubby side and not that good looking and dressed in a red suit, silk scarf and wide-rimmed black hat which he also removed, both men sported a full waxed wing moustache.

Introductions included the French manner which I liked and as they were giving their welcome, I took an instant liking to the pair of them. They were animated, full of gestures as they spoke and quite simply great fun. I just knew I was going to enjoy the next few days.

I had never been in any sort of social circle and to be honest by the time we left to travel to Germany, it was a complete blur and I would have to rely on Jonnie to remind me what happened in some sort of order. BUT, the first experience I will never forget.

We had been shown to our rooms which could only be described as Louis XIV in style and décor, it dripped millions of Francs. The first surprise was that our trunks had been unpacked and everything was in wardrobes and drawers. In the lounge was an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne stuck in it which Jonnie opened and poured into two of the finest of cut glasses.

“Cheers my dear Albert, get used to the taste because there will be many empty bottles before we leave.” I sipped and took an instant liking to it, much better than Mathew’s sherry.

Back to that first experience. Jonnie and I had been shown into an ante-room next to the dining room and handed another glass of champagne. “The ladies will join you shortly my Lords.” Ladies? Come on Albert, THINK!

The door opened and in they came dressed in long flowing silk dresses, large hats, strings of pearls, gold chained dress wrist bags, diamond encrusted broaches, white gloves and… two full black moustaches! I swallowed the rest of my champagne and handed the glass to Jonnie for a refill.

It was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life as it seemed so right, normal and proper with two perfect hosts. I loved them to death.

We would soon find this was the quietest evening of our visit because all the others were packed with friends dining, dancing and drinking. Henri and Claude wore a different outfit each time and with all the other ladies there I was pleased they had those moustaches so I could tell who was who.

We also found most men were in fact homosexual, well most probably bisexual and we had great fun as both Jonnie and I were very popular!

“My word Albert. If we were different people think of how many men we could have had so far!”

“Bet I could have had more than you, but I’m keeping my eyes on you mister!” We laughed ourselves to sleep.

It was not all partying, going to the theatre, art galleries, museums or nightclubs. There was at least one serious day when Henri took us to his airfield to show us two aircraft which were still in development and both would serve with distinction in later years, the Spad and the Niewport. Both those aircraft would see service with the RFC as we would not have enough of our own aircraft at the beginning of the war. Also we found the French were far more advanced in engine production and many of our own aircraft would be powered by a French unit until the British woke up and in particular Rolls Royce.

The final party ended up by me getting drunk for the first time in my life and, so Jonnie told me the next morning, he had to keep hold of me most of the night stopping me from stripping off, much to the disappointment of other guests, still I apparently managed to get my shirt and vest off just before Jonnie took me to bed!

I do have a vague memory of many hands all over my top half and Jonnie’s between my legs to stop further exploration, at least I think it was his.

There were fond farewells and promises to return. We were going to miss those lovely “ladies” so much.

We were now on our way to Berlin and believe me THIS visit would be very different.  But meeting Kurt would at least show me one German could talk about something else other than war.


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