Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 17

It was now the 31st and Albert was out on the field by himself waiting for Jonnie to arrive. He had already packed his trunk which was already on its way back to Penton Manor that contained his school uniforms, Jonnie would love to see him in them again! He was now in flying suit. He smiled to himself reliving the farewell party the night before and would take that memory with him as well, but now he only had one thing on his mind, Jonnie was coming into land.

He taxied to the hanger and switch off and after he had climbed out both man and boy clung together and for the first time in two weeks, kissed with a massive amount of feeling. They were back together at last.

Albert turned round and waved at the school building and the whole lot came running out cheering their lovely heads off.

“I will wait in my cockpit Albert, you have a lot of farewells to make, please take your time and my dear boy you and I have now got lots of it.”

Indeed it did take some time but he wanted to hug every one of them before going to the aircraft. He was taking many happy memories and experiences that would last for the rest of his life and he would relive many of them during the next few years.

Albert had become very popular and the sadness of his leaving was genuine and all boys and staff told him as he bade farewell.

Last to hug and kiss was Trevor and Namu standing together holding hands.

“Thank you so much you two, I will never forget you and have a good life together.”

They hugged and kissed for some time until Namu held both of Albert’s hands. “Albert, There will be war soon, but you have God-given talents, respect them and they will keep you safe and you will come through a very dark tunnel.”

They cuddled in one last time then reluctantly Albert pulled away and went to begin the startup.

With the engine running well, Albert took one last look out, waved to them all and opened up to turn the BE2 into wind.

“Let’s go home Jonnie.” He yelled into the voice pipe and opened the throttle.

Jonnie waved with both hands showing the school who was flying and smiled as the plane began to move. “Yes Albert, let’s go home.”

Albert climbed to 100 feet and then turned back and flew slowly over his friends, he went to the far end of the school field, banked steeply to port and flew back over them at full speed only this time at just 20 feet. He flashed over them and returned their waves.

He had said his final goodbye.

He was now back as a pilot again and thanked Jonnie for planning this navigational exercise which would require a high level of concentration to complete this very detailed flight.

Two and a half hours later he flew over the manor and looked over the side and smiled as the first person he saw was Ben standing outside the stables waving up at him, Albert waved back.

He landed and taxied to the hanger and switched off, he was indeed home but even more important, back with Jonnie, he could not be happier.

With the BE2 back inside they worked on the after flight maintenance after which they shut the hanger doors then went to the crew room and sat down, cuddled one another and kissed for a very long time. Albert got up and straddled Jonnies lap, still kissing him then broke away looking at his man.

“Before you ask and I know you will. I just want to say I love you SO much, I am so pleased to be back with you and even though I have had unforgettable experiences, sex with others will not happen any more. I am yours alone for as long as you want me to be yours. Jonnie, you were the last person I thought of before sleep and the first person I thought about as soon as I woke.”

Jonnie just held Albert tight to him and silently prayed nothing would change but at the same time knowing it would, European events would see to it. He said nothing, just held Albert tightly against him knowing these next few months would be a very busy time for both of them, he would talk to Albert later about all Albert needed to know.

“Right young man I want to show you your new rooms, I think you will like them. We are spending the rest of the day, evening and night together on this last day of 1912, there is a lot to discuss as well which I hope will meet with your approval.” They kissed again for some time and then got up and left the hanger.

They climbed the massively impressive staircase with family portraits on every wall which led to a huge landing on the first floor. The stairs would continue upward but Jonnie stopped on the first and led Albert to the right and opened a heavy oak door. Jonnie had moved the door leading to his apartment forward to accommodate Albert’s rooms. They walked a short way down the wide corridor and he stood outside another oak door which had only been there for three weeks.

“Albert, welcome to your new home. I hope you like it.” He opened the door and stood aside. Albert went into a small hallway and another door into a large lounge and to the right another door leading to the bedroom. He stood looking at yet another door.

“Is that what I hope it is Jonnie?”

“Open it.” Albert did as he was told and found himself in Jonnie’s bedroom. He stepped inside and turned back to Jonnie.

“Will I ever sleep in my bed?”

“No matter what bed so long as I am with you Albert and dear man I would love to be in your bed tonight should you wish to invite me… forever?”

Albert went to him and threw his arms around his neck.

“If you don’t come to my bed tonight Jonnie, I will go back to the school… Just remember what I said to you in the hanger… NOW, let’s forget all that has gone on this month and look forward to the coming months… and years, should you wish to invite me to be a permanent part of your life of course.”

He looked at Jonnie smiling. They kissed and after some time Jonnie managed to respond. “You are my life Albert and I will never give you any doubts about that… Now let’s have a bath, yours or mine?”

“Mine of course… Where is it!?”

At 11:55pm on the 31st of December 1912 Jonnie slipped into Albert and for the next ten minutes stroked into him until he could not hold back any longer. At five past midnight on the 1st January 1913 he blasted into the love of his life and at the same time that love of his life also blasted onto his chest, time and time again. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1913 would indeed be a happy time for both of them, a year that neither would ever forget, but at the same time they watched as Europe and in particular Germany, was about to explode taking the rest of the world with it.


“Hello Albert, happy new year to you. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.” Albert was about to leave the manor for the hanger and was walking towards the front door.

“Thank you father and I wish the same to you and yes my Christmas was very special.” His mind flashed back to Christmas afternoon with him, Trevor and Namu, followed later in the evening with Martin Cornish joining them.

“Albert I have no need to remind you of our history, you already know what a very inadequate father I have been and all I can say is how ashamed I am… I am so sorry.” He hesitated searching for the right words. “This may seem as though I am trying to lessen my guilt but believe me I am not. I would like you to accept this, it belonged to your grandfather. You will be inheriting all of my possessions in due course and this is one of them. His Lordship told me you will need one of these when you fly.” He handed Albert a small red leather presentation box. “Please accept it Albert.”

Albert knew what it would be and opened the lid and looked at the silver English Fusee pocket watch and chain, a masterpiece of watchmaking in the 1800’s, this one was dated 1895. Albert looked at his father and smiled. “Thank you so much, it’s a beautiful piece and will help to keep me on course. Father, none of us can change history but we can influence the future and I would like that very much between us.”

“Thank you Albert, thank you so much.”

They shook hands which was the first physical touch they had in all of Albert’s 15 years.

Mathew Dowling watched Albert as he went out and then went to the kitchen to tell the head cook, Mrs Willis that he would be in his rooms should his Lordship need him.

Once there he picked up a framed photograph from the sideboard and took it to his armchair. He sat there for some time staring at the image of his late wife. She stared back with that permanent smile on her utterly beautiful face and not for the first time Mathew thought who Albert had taken after.

“Albert is as handsome as you are beautiful my dear Grace.” He carried on smiling at his late wife and thought how much he still loved and mourned her passing. He wiped a tear from his cheek then kissed the photograph.

“Help me Grace, do I tell Albert? And if I do, what would be the point?”

As it was a bad weather day and therefore no flying, Jonnie planned out four navigation exercises while Albert sat and read the papers.

The hangar doors were closed and a good log fire going in the stove. On top was a beef and vegetable stew bubbling away as was the kettle.

“There, all finished, have a look.” He handed Albert the map with the four routes to be flown in four different colours.

“Seems straightforward enough Jonnie, now all I have to do is wait for decent flying conditions and I can go and get us lost.”

“Fat chance, you will be fine. After these you will be ready for night flying, just short flights at first then gradually increase the distance. Right, enough of that I have another exercise for you which includes both of us getting undressed and laying down for an hour or so, think you can cope?”

Albert was naked before Jonnie had got his shirt off. “I think I can.”

For the majority of that time they just laid together kissing and gently stroking every part of each others body until they became so worked up they finished one another off… with a helping hand so to speak.


“It’s always nice Jonnie. I love full sex but I love what we have just done as much.”

“I have lots to say so keep quiet and don’t interrupt, just keep cuddling into me, I will do the same of course.”

“I love the way we talk, hope you take your time saying all you need too.”

“First I am so sorry your Christmas present is so late but the chap I had working on it was taken ill and could not complete it in time, but the good news is he has recovered to good health and it should be here sometime today and I would like to give it to you in my bed later.

Next thing to tell you is we are going to France for two weeks after your birthday in March when we will be guests of friends of mine one of whom is very much into flying and will show us the French advances which are well ahead of us it seems. From there we go to Germany and hope to get ourselves invited to have a look at their aircraft which are even more advanced than the French. All that tells you is we are very much behind both countries. Anyway we will learn a lot and hopefully it will be of some use when we get back.

Lastly. I have spoken to Gerald Wilshire and Archie Broadbent since you were away sleeping with most of the school and they told me that you need to concentrate on improving your navigation skills even though all three of us know it’s already at a very high level. As you know I have mapped out several navigation exercises for you to fly as soon as the weather becomes more favourable. Gerald knows Col Hunter-Fellows well and he who spoke to Sebastian about you and that is why we came to Parkway that day. I think I have taken you as far as I can, now it’s very much up to you my dear boy, any thoughts?”

“Yes, I think I can manage to navigate down to between your legs, would you like me to try?”

“Don’t get lost.”

It took the best part of half an hour and by the time they both shot and swallowed every drop, they were both ready for a mug of tea and a bowl of beef and veg stew. It was a perfect end to a busy day in the hanger.

For the first time Albert had the first of many meals in Jonnies huge dining room all served under the supervision of his father. It was a bit awkward at first but it seemed Dowling senior was not affected by it. Jonnie had relaxed the routine of meal times which he had always hated and they were much more informal now and would only go back to the more formal way when he had guests. Albert would be included during those times as well.  “Whatever people think, they can but if I hear anything I do not like, they will never visit again.” As a result Albert was given a new wardrobe which more or less told everyone what the relationship was between them, including his father.

They sat naked opposite one another on Jonnie’s bed.

“Happy Christmas dear Albert and I am sorry it’s late.”

Albert kissed him and unwrapped the small package. Inside was yet another presentation box but as it was much smaller than the one his father gave to him that morning, he knew it wasn’t another watch! He opened the lid and looked at the solid gold signet ring with small diamonds set into it in the initials “A J” Jonnie took it from him and placed it on the third finger of the right hand.

“I hope you like it Albert. It comes with my love and that love will never diminish by one atom.”

“Thank you so much Jonnie, it’s beautiful and very special but how did you know the size of my finger?”

“Just before you went to the school and after we had made rather a lot of love, you fell into a deep sleep, all I did was get a length of string and tied it round to get the right size. I will have to send it away at some stage as your finger will get bigger like the rest of you as you grow, but it will only be gone for a day. I do rather like it and very unique to us and as you like it, I will have the same made only mine will have “J A.”

They kissed and made rather a lot of love with Jonnie behind Albert the whole time.

The weather stopped flying for most of the month but Albert and Jonnie managed to carry out five navigational training flights all of which were a success. “Look Albert, I am going to have to hand this over to Archie Broadbent, he is an excellent navigator and I need him to see what level you are at and also dear boy we should be thinking about night flying but start with me flying in daylight and you blacked out again.  When we feel you are ready we can start actual night flying. I need to talk to Archie first though.”

Albert would continue to fly throughout February as often as weather allowed and also continue with mechanical training at Farnborough. That led into March with Gerald Wiltshire and Archie Broadbent getting involved and planed the next flight.

It was agreed that Archie would fly and not deviate from the directions he was given and see if Albert got lost. The flight would take one hour and would end when Albert called out they were back over the airfield, he hoped!

Albert concentrated as always, he sat in his blacked out cockpit with his torch, map, compass and the Fusee. As each leg was completed at the agreed throttle setting giving him a speed of 50 mph, he would direct Archie onto the new course and time that one until the next turn. On and on it went until Albert called out that the navigation was completed. He just waited to feel any flight adjustments by Archie which would indicate they were in fact miles away and a red face. He felt the BE2 circle and line up on final approach and landed. He smiled to himself then wiped it off. “It could be a different fucking airfield!”

The cover was taken off and the first person he saw was Jonnie looking down at him grinning his handsome head off! It had been a great success.

“My word Albert that was about as perfect as it’s possible to get, you were either very lucky or you have just given the first successful night flying training flight. You did have a bit of luck in that we had perfect flying conditions and therefore we were not blown off course, BUT there is a problem and that is landing which will be impossible at night unless it’s cloudless with a full moon and even then it could be very difficult.”

“Yes I agree, flying conditions were on my side and I need to fly in less agreeable ones to gain more experience. As for night landings they could be helped by using Kerosene lamps set at intervals to make a landing path, say five on each side with two or three at the approach so that a pilot would know which end to line up on.” He looked around at each face, Jonnie, Archie and Gerald.

Gerald banged the table. “I want you up carrying out night landings as soon as I can organise Kerosene lamps. You will just fly circuits and landings and I will fly with you. Meanwhile, I will organise another daytime exercise like the one you have just done and plan your route but this time I will make it even more difficult and will include at least two landings. I will fly with you this time and so will Jonnie and Archie flying together. YOU Mister Dowling will be navigating both aircraft.”

Albert noted that Gerald had not used title, rank or surname. Had he become one of them?

Two nights later he took off in the dark with Gerald in the back. The Kerosene lamps were lit giving good visual for landing and after five of them Gerald yelled into the voice pipe. “Enough! I’m getting bored!”

Even though the weather was far from being perfect for flying he took advantage of it by flying from dawn to dusk for the next week following the many routes he had planned and made himself fly without correction and use map, compass and watch only. He studied weather forecasts and wrote as much detail on the map as possible with arrows showing wind direction and numbers indicating wind speed. He very often got it wrong but was learning all the time. The last two days before the actual exercise he got Jonnie to fly with him blacked out with fairly good results and although he missed the target at times by up to two miles it could be classed as a good attempt and he knew that more and more flying time was the answer.


“You look amazing Jonnie, my word your physique is even better than when I first saw you naked.”

They were in Jonnies gym that had a rowing machine and hand weights as well as wall bars to exercise on. There was also a bench that you laid on and used a medicine ball to give weight to exercise arms, shoulders, stomach and upper legs.

“Your body is coming along fine as well Albert, you are utterly beautiful.”

“Is that an invitation to go to your bedroom then?”

“CERTAINLY NOT… We can do it here, why waste time. Come here.”

He did as he was told and they embraced and kissed and while doing so each pushed the others baggy shorts to the floor. They stepped out of them and Jonnie took Albert to the rowing machine, sat down and got Albert to straddle him. Albert lowered himself onto his lover’s cock and simply sat on it, all the way. Albert now pumped himself on that 6.5 inches while holding his arms tightly around his neck as they kissed the whole time Albert was fucking himself using the power of his developing thighs. He would pull out to the head and then slowly sink back down with Jonnie making all sorts of grunts as he went. At times he would pull out to the head and just give little jerks causing even more grunts and even deeper kissing.

Jonnie had by now nowhere to go and with a yell told Albert he was done. Albert sank all the way down and felt Jonnies entire body recoil as he burst out with such force Albert felt the lot.

After Jonnie had finished, Albert got to his feet and fed himself into Jonnies mouth and literally fucked his face filling him to overflowing.

After some time with more kissing Albert got up and took Jonnie to the exercise mat and they laid down, very content, very happy and very much in love.

“You wouldn’t think you have a really hard day coming up tomorrow and you should be very quiet thinking about it and even worried?”

“Why? It will either go well or be a total mess, if it’s a mess I will have to try harder next time and fly even more to get more air time and learn what the elements are telling me, but I know I will get to what I now accept of myself I promise.”

Jonnie looked at his love and wondered what he had unknowingly started. He could have no idea his encouragement would lead to Albert getting to this level and wondered just how far he could go. Once again he smiled to himself knowing full well that if he had not intended to seduce this boy, they would never be like this now. Strange world, but also some lucky times.

“Jonnie what do you really think Gerald is up too. He has stopped calling you by title and Archie by rank in front of me and even called me Mister. He has suddenly taken an interest in me and my flying whereas when I first met him he thought of me no more than a piece of shit on the sole of my boot?”

Jonnie laughed like a maniac and knew it would lead to a fight. “As I said before he and Sebastian talk a lot and even though I am not privy to their conversations, I am fairly sure they may be planning something that will include you at some stage. Anyway, maybe he was right about you having a lump of shit on your boot!”

It was a glorious “fight” as they twisted all over the mat with Albert trying with all his strength to beat his love up and that love laughing his head off as he made sure Albert pinned him down then asking for mercy. Albert, breathing heavily, got off Lord Penton and looked down at him.

“I will let you off this time Jonnie me man, but don’t push it otherwise I will get the fucking army to beat you up for me!”

They laughed together and cuddled up kissing.

“Albert, I will never get bored telling you how much I love you… Oh God I love you SO much!”

They fell asleep on the mat holding tight into one another, not only because they were so much in love but also knowing there was an uncertain future and they, unknowingly at that time, sought comfort by both man and boy. The dream they had of a peaceful life together would be shattered exactly one year later to the day when Britain would declare war on Germany on 4th August 1914.

Albert woke up at 5am, as was normal, got dressed and after kissing the still sleeping Jonnie left his bedroom and went out to the stables to surprise Prince. He got his saddle and harness on then galloped to the airfield with Prince enjoying the whole time he was with his favourite rider. When they arrived Albert turned Prince out and after a cuddle around his massive neck, horse and boy went about their day, one happily mounting a spare female and the other one checking Gerald’s “night flight” and the weather which was not good locally.

He found an empty office with a telephone and most importantly a phone directory. An hour and a half later he finished his calls and waited for the others to turn up.

“Good morning my Lord, sirs. I am ready to go when you are.”

“YOU might be ready Albert but I don’t think the weather is and therefore nor me and I THINK I am still in charge of this flight?”

“Indeed you are sir and I would never assume otherwise… Sir, I managed to phone most estates on our route and I have been told that the weather over each one will be somewhat difficult but, in my estimation, it will not hamper the flight too much except when we get to Manchester as it’s raining cats and dogs up there, as usual.”

“So Albert, assuming you were in charge of the flight, would you still go?”

“Yes, I would, this will really challenge my navigation technique and if it goes wrong, at least I will know… But it won’t.”

“My word, you are either very sure of yourself or very foolish and we are about to find out, we take off straight after breakfast.”

“Why didn’t you wake me before you left?” They were walking some distance behind the other two.

“Because you looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to wake you up, but I needed to come here to check the navigation and also ring a few people on the route.”

“Tell the truth, how many did you actually speak too?”

“Two, the other five told me to fuck off.”

They sat as equals talking about the coming flight and all hoping it would go well. The three adults called one another by first names but not Albert, he did not wish to appear too familiar which was noted by both Gerald and Archie.

“If Albert is wrong about the weather I will rock my wings to either return here or find a landing field, just follow me. I have marked a few out but I will ask you first Albert, you will know if things are getting too difficult and also if we do go off course I will tell you, there is no point in carrying on if you do.”

“I won’t, I promise you,” Albert looked them.  “And don’t think I am being big headed or overconfident, it just happened, because of his Lordship. I have found something I am good at and I’m not about to mess things up, but if I do, I will try again until I get it right.”

Jonnie smiled to himself and thought, “That’s exactly what I would have said. All I have to do now is find something I’m good at!”


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