Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 12

Jonnie held Albert tightly into him and stroked his lovely back. He waited but also worried what had bought Albert’s emotional upset about. Did he have something to tell him that he did not want the relationship other than a sexual one? He had found another man? Boy?

“Oh shut up Jonnie!” He told himself.

Albert looked up. “What did you say?”

“I was telling myself off. Didn’t mean to say it out loud… Feeling better now?”

“Lets lay down Jonnie, I need big cuddles and I am so sorry about the tears, I really am.” Jonnie suddenly felt much better!

They laid down and spent a very long time in the cuddle and kissing room.

“Albert? Are we still together as we were before I came here? I need to know please.”

Bloody hell the 15-year-old burst into tears, AGAIN!

Jonnie held him tight once more but this time smiling, he knew very well they were just fine. Albert angrily wiped his tears away and cursed himself at the same time. He guessed Jonnie would be thinking he had moved on and needed to put that right. He put Jonnie on his back and climbed on board, the tears and the emotion had gone. He looked down and told him not to say anything until he had finished.

“Yes my lord Albert.”

Albert got on his elbows and looked down into the face he had fallen in love with. He lent down and kissed the lips on that face. He got them on their sides and stroked Jonnies face and ran his fingers through his hair. He kissed him one more time.

“So much has happened to me in such a short time Jonnie and I have two people in my life that have brought me from being a common working class servant at the lowest level into a person who could have an amazing future as a pilot… ME… A pilot!? We both know that if Ben had not turned my room upside down you would have seduced me and maybe many more times afterwards, not that I would have had a problem if you had as you now know!

“We know what has happened between us since, but I had no idea it would lead to this. Just little me possibly becoming a licenced pilot? I know you have everything to do with me being here and I also know if I was not homosexual but you found I had a talent as a pilot, we would still be here, but my love I promise you that fucking connecting door would be locked!”

They laughed lots and embraced and kissed for some time.

“I told you I did not know what love was as I had never had any in my life but I now realise I fell in love with you weeks ago and my love for you was confirmed when I had sex with Ben and William, then all three of us. It was wonderful as they are such lovely people which made the sex even better but Jonnie when it had all finished all I had in my thoughts was you. I could search the world and meet many beautiful men, not that I want to, but if I did, I already know no man will ever be to me what you have become. Jonnie, only YOU will finish this, not me.

“I want to go to the school, but only for a short time and we both know I will have sex with others, boys and staff. I know it will be a lovely time for me and during it I can get all my sexual needs satisfied, just like you did until you met me. I am just different to you, you have been with other boys and men without being in love with any of them, then you fell in love with me and that changed your life. As for me? I am already in love with you but I know I need to meet others, make friends and have sex with them but at the same time NEVER meet anyone who will ever replace you in my life.

“Jonnie, you are in my head and heart and you will be there for life. I may be only 15 but I know myself better than anyone else. You gave me a start in a new life and I promise you I will never let go of this chance to be with you permanently even though we both know it will be difficult because of the class difference. I will never let you go without a fight and I am not about to lose without fighting… I fucking love you Jonnie… Jonnie I’m really knackered, so if you are going to start something it better be soon or I will be off to noddy land.” He kissed his man and turned round then pretended to have fallen asleep.

He smiled as Jonnie wrapped his arms around his body and held him tightly. “Albert?” Jonnie whispered, which was fucking stupid. If he had wanted to talk, why whisper?

He stayed as he was but shoved back onto Jonnies cock which gave Jonnie a clue that Albert was in fact still awake.

“Albert… my love… my beautiful boy… my dream… my life… Can I fuck you now!?”

Albert did try to ignore Jonnie but lost it and laughed his young head off. He turned back to face him and now face to face, they kissed the crap out of one another and at the same time grabbed a cock each and began to stroke. This would not be the most physical sex they ever had but for this moment, it was perfect.

“Jonnie! I’m going to cum!”

“Me too Albert! Oh my goodness!”

They managed a few more strokes and the pair of them shot about 12 loads between them, all over their bellies.

“Shit, there’s going to be a hell of a wet patch!” Albert grabbed Jonnies towel and wiped them both up as well as the sheet. “Right, that’s my work done for the day, now let me sleep you seducer.”

They managed to kiss for a short while until Albert went still. Jonnie held him thanking his good fortune in finding this amazing boy and again whispered. “Sleep well my sweet man. I love you so much.” He gently kissed Albert’s head.

“Goodnight Jonnie, I love you too!”

The following morning Jonnie woke up feeling wonderful but then with a fifteen-year-old boy laying between his legs playing with his balls and sucking his cock, it was hardly surprising.

“Good morning Master Dowling, if indeed that’s you.”

Albert stopped blowing his Lordship and kissed his way up the aristocrat’s body and when he arrived some minutes later kissed his mouth. “Good morning Lord Penton and yes it is me but if it wasn’t who would you want there, Ben Miller?”

“Oh heck so it is YOU! Ah Ben Miller, lovely boy!”

There followed a fight between a member of the nobility and someone normal. As they were both so competitive neither gave in although the outcome was a rather obvious one but Albert loved being “beaten” up, it was a huge sexual turn on and he was as hard as nails throughout, but then so was Jonnie. It all came to an end when Jonnie virtually swallowed Albert’s cock turning him into a squirming mess followed by Jonnie when Albert took him in. Once again both of them came at the same time and spent ages swallowing and then licking the last remains of cum off each cock. They cuddled in together and kissed until it was time to get up and go down for breakfast.

“Why bother Jonnie, I’ve just had mine.” Albert laughed and got beaten up again.

They sat eating their eggs and bacon grinning at one another and knew that they would be back in bed very soon as it was pouring with rain which meant no flying.

“I will ring the airfield and get a weather update. What will you do?”

Albert leaned over and whispered. “After you have finished with me I will study the navigation pack the captain gave me, assuming I can sit down after your invasion of my bum hole of course.” Albert just smiled at Jonnie who smiled back, it was to get even wider. “Jonnie, I am going to pretend we are on honeymoon even though we can never get married, homosexuals will never be able to of course, but as I say, It won’t stop me pretending.”

Jonnie thought about that. “And who is the wife and who is the husband?”

Albert laughed again. “We are both husband and wife after all we do fuck one another and it’s my turn to be wife when we get back upstairs. Meanwhile husband I need time in the toilet to clean out.” He smiled at Jonnie and got up. “Oh by the way, it will stop raining by mid-afternoon so we can fly about 3 o’clock and the wind will drop as well.”

Jonnie finished his tea and toast then went to reception and called the airfield for a weather report.

“Good morning your Lordship. According to the weather stations we can expect fair weather around….”

“Don’t tell me by mid-afternoon?”

“YES my Lord! How clever of you!”

“And the wind will not be too strong to stop flying?”

“Correct again my Lord.”

“Thank you. I know you will not understand this, but I am just about to commit murder!”

“My Lord!?”

“Just joking. I’m not a maniac, just yet!”

He ran upstairs and opened the door into his room. He went in and locked it. He turned round and faced the bed and stood there looking at Albert who was lying naked on his front. His head was resting on his right side with his arms stretched out above it. His legs were open and he had put his penis down between them.

Jonnie went to the side of the bed and just stared down at this beautiful, perfect boy! HIS beautiful perfect boy!

Jonnie slowly got undressed. Albert watched and smiled at Jonnie but, this was not the time to say silly things or acting like young lovers, even though they were. No, this was a time when both boy and man would come together and physically join in the most profound way that cannot be equalled, regardless of who is who.

There would be no foreplay, as it is called now. All they needed was to be physically joined together and there was only one way to do that.

Jonnie put his penis between Albert’s cheeks and then laid on top of him knowing Albert loved to have his full weight on him. He ran his hands up the length of Albert’s arms and interlocked his fingers with his love and gently kissed the back of his neck. They would be like that for a very, VERY long time and all the while grinding his cock between those firm ass cheeks which was bringing them both to the next level… “Please Jonnie, I need you now.”

Jonnie raised up to allow Albert to follow him and when he was at the right height and angle Jonnie held his hip with one hand and guided his cock to Albert’s button with the other. One gentle push and the head entered Albert who called out, “Oh Yes!” Jonnie waited for a while and then gradually began to feed himself further into that tight tunnel, all 6.5 inches of solid cock sliding in and when he was fully embedded they both laid down making Albert’s fuck tube even tighter.

Jonnie would just stroke an inch or two and then pull back to the head and then go back fully into Albert.

“Is it good Albert?”

“It gets better every time Jonnie. Let’s go on our sides now, I want to kiss you.” They moved together and now were laying on their left sides. Jonnie hooked Albert’s right leg up so his boy could twist round and they could kiss. They did lots of that. “This is so good! Why do I like your cock in me SOOO much… oh God, don’t stop!”

“Come, let’s get into our favourite position.” With that, Jonnie withdrew and together went to the side of the bed where Jonnie sat on the edge with his feet over the side. Albert straddled facing him and as Jonnie held himself, Albert sat on the shaft, all the way.

Jonnie picked Albert up, both clinging on tight. Albert put his heels on the bed and like that Jonnie was able to fuck the whole length of his cock into him. They were much closer now and Jonnie began to pump quicker which bought the pair of them to the end and with one more thrust into Albert, he shot into him many times. Albert felt the most powerful ones as they erupted out filling his ass and after a couple of strokes on his cock, he also delivered huge loads onto Jonnie.

They laid back down on their sides and sucked and kissed one another’s cocks and balls while playing with a bum each.

“Albert, would you like to come up here, I could do with a lot of kissing time please.” Albert whipped round so they could cuddle in, oh and of course kissed.

“Happy?” Asked Jonnie.

“Very and I know you are so I won’t ask.”

A quarter of an hour went by. Jonnie looked out of the window, it was beginning to get brighter outside.

“How did you know the weather would improve this afternoon?”

“I am a country boy and worked on the land and with horses all my life and we country bumkins can read the weather, the animals can as well. I also listened to the older folks and learnt from them, it’s easy unless you are not from farming stock. The weather will change soon as we are coming to the end of summer, but we will have fine weather for another month I am sure.”

“Oh right, and the winter? How will that be?”

“I’m not that good, but often a good summer is followed by a long cold winter. Not always good for flying, but if the winds behave I see no reason to stop completely.”

“Quite the expert Albert, but it will be very cold up there even if the winds are favourable.”

“Put warmer clothes on then. Sailors sail in all weathers so I don’t see why flyers can’t do the same.”

Jonnie laid on his back and pulled Albert on top of him. “I won’t be here long, I’ve got work to do even if you haven’t Lord Penton.”

“Very well Mister Dowling, but not until many kisses and THAT sir is an order.”

“Silly bugger! I love your orders!”

The skies were clear with a very light wind and at least a good four hours flying time in front of them. Jonnie told Albert he would be flying in the back cockpit as that’s where an operational pilot would be. “I want you to get used to flying from there, right let’s get going. You will take the flight the whole time and do not mess it up, you are being watched again.

After takeoff Albert flew by the route Jonnie had given him marked out on the map. It was easy as there were many landmarks to fly over which would keep him on course as he flew in a wide circle for an hour and a half. After each landmark was identified he would have to alter course to pick up the next one and so it went on until he arrived back over the airfield and then carried out six landings, the last one of which was the final one. Albert taxied back to the hanger but was told not to switch off. Jonnie spoke into the voice tube. “I am getting out and you are going solo. Carry out four circuits and approaches then climb out of them just before touch down. On the fifth one you are to land and switch off when you get back to the hanger… I love you Albert but don’t bend it, or yourself.” How many other instructors would ever say that to a student!

Albert was on his own and knew the next half hour could very well make or break his future as an aviator. BUT, he was confident in his ability, without arrogance or a bad superior attitude. He had known for some time now he had a “God” given skill and was about to show it to all those watching him as he flew on his first solo flight in the BE2.

All four approaches were perfect but the actual landing was the best of the lot and when he made a three-point landing many eyebrows were raised. Jonnie stood next to the others assessing him and could not be more proud and it showed.

Lieutenant Archie Broadbent noted Jonnies excitement as Albert taxied back to the hanger and it made him wonder what the relationship was between them. They certainly seemed relaxed in one another’s company. “I need to get him on his own and talk to him and as he would be spending a lot of time with him, there would be plenty of it to find out.” Broadbent was also attracted to boys and Albert was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen. He smiled as another thought suddenly came to him. “My word I will be instrumental in you getting your licence young Dowling, just how badly do you want it? As much as I want to get in your backside?” Yes, seduction was very much a part of his plans for Albert and he doubted the boy would even know it was happening. Oh dear Lieutenant.

“Well done Dowling, some good flying this afternoon. His Lordship has also given a good report of your cross-country flight. You will now fly with Lieutenant Broadbent for the rest of your time here but I have to say, assuming you are passed and qualify for a licence, goodness knows what the rules are regarding someone so young but as far as I am aware none exist anyway. We will just have to wait and see.”

“Jonnie do you think they want me to fail because I am so young and of course not in the right class?”

“I only want you to pass because of your ability and not because of my position or support of you. I know you have every chance of gaining your pilot’s licence because of that ability, but if I find out that you are failed because of social differences and your age, I can assure you I can be very unpleasant. You just absorb yourself in your training and leave the rest to me, if I need to become involved. This is going to be really strange for me as I am no longer instructing you, but I understand Lieutenant Broadbent is not only a fine pilot but also an excellent instructor, you are in good hands Albert.” Famous last words Jonnie!

Albert lent over and put more hot water in the bath and then settled back on Jonnies chest.

“Jonnie, I joked to you about Ben being me when we made love this morning, but would you ever want him to get involved with us and will you sleep with him when I go away?”

Jonnie told Albert to turn round and the boy saw an expression that was more than serious.

“No I do not, either with him or anyone else, those days have gone for me. I have had quite a few lovers as you know but now I have you and you are all I want Albert. I want you as a friend, as a companion, as a flying partner, but most of all, my lover. I want you to go to the school and meet with others and sleep with the whole lot if that is your wish. I will take the risk that you will not fall for someone else but you must go if for no other reason is to find out. If by the end of it you still feel the same for me then perhaps we can settle down to a life that will only involve us as lovers. There are four rooms next to mine and I intend to make a few alterations so that you will be accommodated in them.” He squeezed Albert tightly. “But my dear boy there will be a communicating door giving access to both apartments and I promise you it will NEVER be locked should you ever want to live in them. Now, tell me, do YOU want us to include Ben or others?”

Albert lent into Jonnie and kissed him for some time. “I did think about it a lot but not any more and I will say one more thing, I will only be at the school for no more than a month, I want to come back to you and as much flying as I can. I hope one day I could possibly find work with one of the aircraft companies and possibly become a pilot testing new types, I think I am good enough, do you think that’s an impossible ambition?”

“Don’t let your head swell, but I know many pilots and you dear Albert are as good as the best of them. Now shut up, it’s my turn to be the wife, let’s get back to bed.”

They got out and dried one another off which bought both to rampant hardness, Albert ran for the bed and dived on board, laid on his back and waited two whole seconds for Jonnie to catch up. When he finally arrived he simply sat on Albert’s cock and then began slowly stroking himself.

Albert watched as Jonnies magnificent torso reacted to his fucking and that alone was bringing him to a rapid end and knew it would not be long.

Meanwhile, Jonnie looking down at his love was in the exact same state looking down at Albert and after a few more strokes, they both came in wads.

Jonnie remained where he was but now lent over with both boy and man embracing and kissing for some time.

They settled on their sides and just stared, smiled, stroked faces and gently kissed.

Jonnie looked at Albert who was searching Jonnies face.

“Something wrong Albert?” He was quiet for some time, still searching Jonnies face. He laid his left hand on Jonnies face and kept it there, stroking it all the time.

“No but when I get my licence at the end of this week, I want to go to the school and have my month there , get rid of my curiosity about other men and boys and then return to you. I know by then my interest in others will be satisfied and we will be together and I would like us to be like this for as long as it is possible because I am certain we will be at war soon, I just know it. All I hope and pray is that after it’s all over we both survive and be like this again.” Albert clung on to Jonnie. “Bad things are about to happen and I want to be prepared before they do, it will be my only chance to come through if I am.”

Albert would have no idea just how bad and that by the end of 1918 the world would be ripped apart and he would not be immune either.

“Albert, by the time you come home from school, your apartment will be ready, have no doubt of that.”

They continued to cling to one another not just in a sexual way but more for the need of reassurance and comfort, Jonnie also knew there would be war and he knew very well the happiness he had found with Albert could end badly, for both of them.


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