Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 9

Albert held Ben close into his body.

“No Ben, I want to keep that to myself.” Of course he did!

“Was this just another sex thing for you then?”

Albert kissed him again.

“NO Ben, far from it. I knew I wanted this with you and maybe now you will have sex with others, you seem to like everything we did.”

Ben shrugged and hugged Albert.

“Yes, I loved it and maybe I will go with others, but I want more with you though.” He paused. “You don’t have to answer Albert, but I know it’s the boys at the athletic club, it can’t be any others, and Albert, thanks for not trying to fuck me, but if ever you do want to, I won’t try to stop you, when I’m ready that is.”

They kissed again, for a very long time which gave Albert time to think and thank his luck in that Ben had not guessed the truth.

“Albert, can I stay with you tonight?” Oh shit! Spoke too soon!

He had to protect his relationship with Jonnie from Ben and then of course there was the possibility of having sex with Sir William which could bring about other problems in keeping his sex life to himself. He just had to hope Ben would not make a calculated guess.

“I would like that and maybe you can stay sometime, but it’s not possible just now. I’m sorry Ben but trust me and I know you do. It will work out fine, I promise.”

Ben got back to his room and laid naked on his bed and it has to be said a bit knackered after all the wonderful sexual activity, but he was still on a high as he recalled all that had happened with his best and only real friend. He stroked his erection as he recalled that amazing time thinking of Albert and his wonderful body and all that had happened between them. He was getting close and began to stroke faster as he was now at the edge… and then suddenly stopped and sat bolt upright.

“Oh my fucking GOD! Albert and his LORDSHIP!? YES! That’s why I can’t stay with him!”

He lent against his headboard, his cock had gone limp. He thought about Albert and wondered who he really was, homosexual of course and he was pretty sure he was as well after that amazing time with him. “But there is another side to Albert.” He said out loud. “But I’m positive he is having sex with his Lordship and because he said I couldn’t sleep with him he MUST be in bed with Lord Penton!” He snuggled back down into his bed and told himself he was determined to find out more. “Albert, you crafty bugger!”

“My Lord?” Albert got a slap on his bare ass then laughed and kissed Jonnie. They were in bed, naked, hard and cuddled up.

“I told you I have had sex with Ben and it will happen again but he thinks I have only had sex with the boys at the athletic club. BUT, he knows I would not be there tonight and I told him he could not sleep with me.”

Albert got onto his elbows and looked down at the man he loved so much. “Jonnie, it won’t take him long to work out what you and I are. We work together, fly together and spend lots of time at the Farnborough airfield together. He thinks I can only be with other boys at the club, but I am guessing he MAY be thinking about you and me because we spend so much time together.”

“I will post a note on every notice board in the morning that you and I are in a relationship and that we sleep together. I will also say you are in the process of gaining more sexual experience and all males should form an orderly queue. How’s that?”

Albert kept looking at Jonnie for some time with half a smile on his face.

“So long as it’s an orderly queue, I cannot stand men and boys fighting to get to the front. Anyway shut up I am being serious.” He kissed Jonnie and then sucked him off.

“Jonnie?” He was still wiping the dribbles from his chin.

“Yes dear Albert. Oh, and thank you for that, your turn next.”

“You have asked me if I want sex with William if that is my I wish. Would you also have sex with Ben if he and you so wish when I am away?” Jonnie squeezed Albert even tighter and kissed him.

“No Albert. I have told you of my love for you and you know of my sexual experiences. They are now in my past and that is where they will stay. I know it’s a huge risk in that you could possibly meet another chap who you could fall for, BUT dear boy, I have to take that risk because what would happen if you met someone in the course of time? It would mean you would have to go behind my back and that will definitely lead to a horrible situation between us. No, I will take that risk and hope you come back to me after you have had your own experiences. I do understand it could happen anyway, but that is the case with all couples no matter what the gender relationship is.

“Albert, if nothing else me saying this must show you of my commitment and love for you.”

“Jonnie… I do love you… I really know it.”

“Oh good and in that case I will say on the notice we are both in love as well!”

“Silly man.”

They fell asleep with Jonnies arms wrapped around Albert and would wake in the same position early in the morning. It would however be a sad awakening, Jonnie would be flying off to Farnborough later.

They kissed goodbye and Albert made his way to breakfast to meet up with Ben who smiled at Albert as he came in and wondered which bed he had just got out of.

“Good morning sex crazy.”

They were alone so a quick kiss was safe.

“You can talk Ben! Your first time with a bloke and you were not crazy yourself? Good wasn’t it!” Albert sat close to his friend and now his new sex lover and felt the length of Ben’s thigh.

“You coming to the stables when his Lordship flies off Albert?” Ben put his hand on Albert’s thigh who was about to reply when the other lads came in as well as the porridge. They sat as normal but both thinking about later when they were together in the stables, Albert also thought about the next day when William was coming to stay.

The Avro was ready after the “before flight checks” had been carried out. He stood by the plane and watched Jonnie walking towards him and smiled and imagined them naked together and Albert was sure he would never find a more beautiful man, OR one that was such an honest person. They went into the hanger and kissed.

“I keep thinking about what you said last night. Thank you for allowing me to be a free man and gain my own experiences in life, but I will tell you this, only you will have a love I cannot give another… I just wish we could be together like a married couple.” He laughed a sort of sad one. “It would be lovely to be able to be normal and be able to live together, but can you imagine what would be said if it was found out we are together and you being what you are and me on the bottom rung?”

“Albert, that is my dream also. Look I know it will be difficult but flying is the new adventure and pilots are gaining a new status and are beginning to be looked upon as individuals who have a “star” quality and therefore are treated with a great deal of respect especially amongst younger males. You were born working class but if you become what I know you can, your status as a pilot will shoot you up the snob ladder and that will give me good reason to move you into the manor with your own rooms which will be right next to mine AND with a connecting door between our two apartments. We will be totally private and, as you say, be normal in our eyes.”

Albert smiled at him and at the same time became even more determined to become as best as he possibly could and with Jonnies help, he knew he had every chance.

“Right, some more kisses please and then I better be off. I will send for you in a weeks time, by then the new plane will be ready. It will be great fun to be able to fly together and you will learn so much more when we do.”

Five minutes later Jonnie climbed into the cockpit and Albert started him up. With one more wave, he opened the throttle and took off with Albert waving and watching his lover disappear out of sight.

Ben was watching as well and noted Albert waving all the time. “Albert waving goodbye to his lover? I would bet my life on it AND Albert, your secret is safe with me. As our sex will be.”


“What do you mean I shove this thing up my ass and squirt water into it? Why?”

“It cleans you out so when I fuck you nothing nasty sticks to my dick. I will clean myself out as well because I want you to fuck me sometime. You need to use a bucket of warm soapy water in the bog and do it for as long as no shit comes out then you will be ready for my cock.”

They were naked in the tack room just having sucked one another off and Ben taking his first load down his throat.

“Oh fuck it, you seem to know what you’re on about I suppose. When are we going to do it then?”

“Tonight and if you want to sleep with me I would like that.”

Ben decided to try a bit of fishing. “Are you free for a few days then?” Clever but not that subtle.

Albert smiled at him knowing exactly what he was asking. “Not tomorrow night and I will let you know about other nights, we have to be careful.”

Why he said that he had no idea, they were as safe as houses and Ben knew it was just a poor excuse and he guessed Albert needed to be free for others.

“Ben I am taking you to the sports club when I go next, there are quite a few boys you will like and I already know you will be popular.”

“You sex mad dog, you fucking love it don’t you.”

“It’s the best feeling ever Ben and after tonight you will be sure yourself. Now shut the fuck up and kiss me.”

Ben shut the fuck up and did as he was told, mind you, he was more than keen and kissed Albert with his own feelings. They grabbed one another’s cocks and, still with their mouths stuck together, they tossed each other off. The fifteen-year-olds were having a great time and knowing it was going to get even better.


“Good afternoon Sir William, It’s very nice to welcome you back again.”

“Thank you Mister Dowling.” William shook hands with Albert’s father. “It’s lovely to be back, you do know I am staying in his Lordships rooms don’t you.”

“Indeed I do Sir William. His Lordship informs me you will be staying for about two weeks and will be working on your painting of the Manor, you certainly have good weather to be outside Sir William.”

“Yes his Lordship has asked me to paint the Manor from his aircraft hanger as it is such a grand view of the Manor and other buildings and the beautiful surrounds from there.”

“I will take you to his Lordships rooms as the main door is kept locked. I will have your luggage sent up to you, if you wouldn’t mind following me.”

William followed Mathew Dowling and wondered how he would react if he knew he was not only there to paint but hoped to have sex with his son.

As soon as he was on his own he went to one of the windows looking out towards the hanger and got lucky, he picked the binoculars up and focused them on Albert who it seemed had just come from the stables. He watched him all the way until he disappeared going to the servant’s door at the side of this huge Manor. “My word young Albert, you seem to have become even more beautiful.” William had not had boy sex since his nephew Hadley had gone off to his new boarding school in Scotland some months previously. In fact he had not had man sex since he had slept with Jonnie around the same time as Hadley had gone out of his life. William was at a height of sexual need and even looking at a fully dressed Albert through the binoculars, his 9-inch masterpiece was at full mast, he had taken it out as he was watching Albert. He could not wait until tomorrow when he would go to the hanger and introduce himself. William went to the drawing room and sat in front of the piano and there he would stay for the next hour, he was a very accomplished pianist but this time not concentrating that well, he was still hard thinking about the next day and Albert.

Albert himself was naked and on his knees facing his best friend’s best friend. He held Ben’s bum cheeks in both hands and looked up.


“Have you done that clean thing?”

“Yes.” Then laughed. “Can’t wait but we got plenty of time.”

Ben shoved his dick back into Albert’s mouth. “And you can start by sucking this!” Albert took the lot in right up to Ben’s pubic hair and stayed like that but found a way to suck on the head with his throat. Ben went crazy and pulled Albert’s head in tighter moaning his pleasure the whole time. Albert was one of a few that did not gag.

“Fuck Albert that’s good, don’t stop mate, please.”

He didn’t have any intention of stopping as he was enjoying himself so much and he was sure that when Ben felt his middle finger go into his anus loaded with Vaseline he would hardly notice… Wrong Albert.

“Fuck that’s good as well!”

After some time like that Albert stood up and turned Ben onto the bed. “Lean over it Ben. This is going to hurt at first, but I will try not too. Albert wasn’t often wrong but he was about to be for the second time in under five minutes.

The first clue all would be well was when he put more Vaseline on two fingers and shoved them up Ben’s warm and willing anus. Ben was moaning all the time encouraging Albert and telling him to go deeper

“Albert, I want your cock now.”

Albert certainly wouldn’t get THIS wrong!

He lined himself up and pushed hard enough for his head to pop in. He held still.

“That ok Ben?”

“It’s fine, just go in for Christ sake.” Albert very slowly started to slide into his friend and was waiting for the cry of pain, but it didn’t come, instead more and more cries of delight.

“I’m all in Ben.”

“It’s fucking wonderful… fucking amazing Albert.” He held Ben’s hips and began to withdraw and just as his head was at the entrance he sank back in reaching the tender spot each time and as he did Ben yelled out as it hit it. “SHIT! Faster Albert, faster.”

Albert reached in front of Ben and stroked his cock at the same rate he was fucking him and just after a very short time both boys got to the very limit.

“Oh fuck Ben, I’m coming… Oh bloody hell!”

“WANK ME!” Ben forced himself back onto Albert and felt every massive ejaculation as each one erupted out and at the same time blew up himself and shot time and again into Albert’s free hand filling it to overflowing.

He rubbed Ben’s cream all over the front of his body while kissing his neck. He eventually withdrew and turned Ben round and the pair of them kissed for some considerable time.

“Let’s clean up Ben and go to bed.”

The water was still warm after a top up from the cauldron and they had a great time washing one another but very often with one of them on their knees having a slurp and fumble so much so Albert dragged a willing Ben to the bed and got them on their sides and sucking each cock. As they sucked so they were bringing each other to yet another climax and when they arrived they would not need to go back and wash again, they had swallowed the lot.

They snuggled in not saying a word, each to their own thoughts, Ben thinking of going to the athletics club the next day and Albert wondering what time William would show up at the hanger!

But Ben needs to ask what was on his mind’

“So, explain why you are taking me to the club.”

“After training we all get in the bath naked of course and after a while Jim Masters turns the lights out and you can’t see a thing then he gets in with us. Then we all go for a cock, or a few of them and have a bit of fun for half hour or so.”

“What does this Masters do?”

“He teams up with a boy he fancies and they stay in a corner, but that does not stop other boys joining in.”

“Have you?”

“No, too busy having my cock sucked, waking off others and kissing. The good thing is you don’t have much idea who is doing what to who, it’s very exciting.”

Ben yawned. “Can’t wait.” Then fell asleep.

Albert was far from it and once again thought about William and wondering how he would approach him, Albert really wanted to be seduced this time.

William was in Jonnies sitting room playing chess against himself. He smiled thinking about Jonnie telling him that he and Albert were lovers and in “checkmate” at the same time.

“William, he is the most beautiful and extraordinary young man I have ever met. He is already a fine pilot and will soon become even more so, but there is one more thing William, I am in love with him. I just want him to have his own free time and just hope after it, he will come back to me if and when he is ready.”

“My word Jonnie, YOU falling in love dear man? There is a heart in your chest after all. Don’t worry, I will look after him and you have no fear of me falling in love, I don’t do that sort of thing as you know.”

“I thought that myself until I came across Albert and I realise this could end up in tears for me and for the next goodness knows how long I will just have to hope this has a happy ending.”

“I hope so too Jonnie, but I am so pleased I am not you, I am too selfish to ever want to share my life with anyone.”


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