Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 6

Albert laid on his back holding his legs far apart and watched as Jonnie lined up with his iron hard cock at his anus. Albert already knew there would be pain to start with but ignored it as all he wanted was Jonnies cock inside him and it was worth a bit of pain to get to the pleasure that he knew would follow.

Albert had only been fucked once before but already knew he wanted more, he loved the feeling of having Jonnies hard cock inside him and now he knew Sir William also wanted sex with him, he was even more turned on thinking about what Sir William would want sexually. Jonnie had told him William was very well endowed both in cock length and huge testicles! It made Albert think of sucking and fondling both male parts but meanwhile all his attention was on Jonnie as he very slowly entered him.

Albert closed his eyes tight hoping the pain would go somewhere else! Jonnie pushed in a 10th of an inch at a time with his eyes also closed hoping the boy he loved so much was not in too much pain but also knew he was as he had gone through the same pain himself when he had been fucked the first few times.

“Albert, do you want me to withdraw? I hate hurting you dear boy.”

“No I don’t, just enter me the whole way and hold still, my bum will be fine after It gets used to you being there.”

Jonnie held his breath and as gently as he possibly could slipped his 6.5 inches into Albert’s tight boy tunnel and kept it there for a long time waiting for Albert to tell him he was ready and all the while leaning to Albert’s mouth and kissing him.

“I am as ready as I can be.”

Jonnie withdrew half way and slipped back in again and watched Albert’s face as it broke into a huge smile.

It’s fine Jonnie, I’m all yours!”

This was going to be a long session and Jonnie took his time knowing they were having a great time as they slowly climbed the mountain together. Albert was put in many different positions even walking around the room wrapped together and kissing just about the whole time. The final one found Jonnie on his back and Albert straddling him riding himself on that rod. As he was now pain free his own cock was erect and Jonnie stroking it. At long last they both told the other it was time and with just a few more strokes Albert leaned onto Jonnies mouth and both of them erupted onto and into the other.

It was time to lay down and just cuddle, oh and talk.

“Albert I have invested more into the Royal Aircraft Factory and I take delivery of a new aircraft called the BE2 that I am sure will be introduced into the RFC in the not too distant future. It is a dual controlled twin seater and I will use it to test fly and at the same time train you properly as we will have our own cockpits

“When you are ready to go to the school we will fly there were I will leave you but not before you take off and give a bit of a show, that I know will impress the staff and boys, I want to show you off a bit, I am that proud of you.

“I will fly to Parkway twice a week for you to continue training and stay over night and hope you will sleep with me when I do?”

“Of course I will and the days I know you are coming I will show my red card.”

“We will go in about a month, I have a uniform arriving soon so I can see what you will look like and no doubt get very worked up at the sight of you!

“William is away at present but he will come to visit when he is free and I have no idea when he will, but after I tell him about us and the fact you maybe interested in him, he will be here like a shot. But Albert there are other good looking boys at the athletics club you may want to go with and what about young Ben Miller, you are friends now so you told me.

“We were, but somethings happened. He told me not to visit the stables any more and to only go there when I am riding Prince. He doesn’t even eat with me now.”

“That’s a great shame, do you have any idea why he has suddenly turned?”

“I think so but I have to be sure.”

“Are you going to tell me what you are thinking?”

“No, but if there is a big problem involving another member of your staff I will.”

“Very well, but do please try to become friends with Miller again, he is a nice looking boy, in fact he looks a bit like you although you are more handsome and I will not mind if anything happened between you both.”

“Jonnie, be honest, will you really have a problem if I have sex with Sir William and maybe Ben and others?”

Jonnie pulled Albert close into him.

“To be absolutely truthful, I would a bit. BUT, I do want you to gain experience and the only way to get it is by sleeping with others… Albert, so long as you come back to me when we are able is all I ask of you dear boy. You won’t be disappointed I promise and I expect you to continue seeing your friends as well, that would please me. Now, what about Miller, are you going to try to get him interested in sex?”

“Quite apart from thinking sexual stuff with him I want to find out what is happening, he has broken our friendship and I want to find the reason, but I also want to fly as often as I can before I go to the school, that is even more important to me than just sex with others, except you of course.” Albert got kissed a lot for saying that!

“I will be going to the airfield in two days to get the new aircraft ready and when I come back I will be flying it and then we can make our first flight together, even though I will miss not having you on my lap! Meanwhile you will have time to find out about Miller and when you become friends again, hopefully engage in a lot of sex, it will be great fun for both of you.”

“You are a very bad man, please don’t ever change!”

They laid down and explored each other’s bodies again which ended up a bit messy. After a rest they started all over again.

Jonnie finally got up and dressed and went to the kitchen and bought a huge meal back for both of them. Even that was great fun as they fed one another and afterwards went for another bath.

Sometime later they were back on the bed sitting up facing one another. They had got into position so that Albert had Jonnies cock inside him and just clung on together and of course kissing.

“Albert would you do something for me tomorrow round about 10 o’clock?”

“My goodness, you asking ME to do something rather than telling me?”

“I have changed as far as you are concerned as you well know. No, I have this plan for you to meet with Miller and I will be going to the stables to talk to Mister Moors and instruct him to have all the horses ridden out by you two for half an hour each at a good gallop. I will meet you in the hanger as though I was telling you what I wanted. You will of course have my tack and Miller a spare set. Mister Moors will have no say and my dear boy I know full well it is he who could be giving Miller difficulties, there could be no one else.”

“Yes my Lord.”

Jonnie kissed him, laid him on his back and gave him a very good seeing too. Albert was greatly thrilled as a massive amount of juice shot into him time and time again and almost bought him to his own end but his Lordship had other ideas. He withdrew, kissed Albert and straddled him and without pausing took Albert to his anus and literally sat on him and took in every inch. Once he had settled he began to ride Albert who was totally surprised and rapidly climbing up towards the end at a great rate. He moaned his pleasure and excitement as Jonnie took him right to the summit and after just six more strokes onto Albert the poor boy blew up almost before he could fully contemplate what was happening.

Jonnie fell on top laughing his head off and smiling down at Albert. “I think I prefer riding you than Prince dear boy. That was stupendous!” They collapsed together and held on tight, still laughing.

Meanwhile Mister Moors had just finished thrashing Ben, again.

Albert was up at 5am and after kissing Jonnie good morning and goodbye went back up to his room. Jonnie told Albert he would be with the estate manager and other staff all day and he would come to his room later that night.

Albert got to the dining room and was once again disappointed Ben was not there. He got to the hanger but looked at the stables as he passed but knew he would at least see Ben later that morning, at least he would be able to talk to him when riding out.

Jonnie got to the hanger at 8 o’clock and went to Albert and kissed him. “I have told Mister Moors to have Miller get the horses ready and you will be there by 10, I did not see Miller as Moors told me he had gone on an errand. Right my wonderful boy, it’s time for you to fly, lets get her out.”

Twenty minutes later Albert was strapped in and opened the throttle and smiled to himself as he thought about flying this new method of travel but would soon be riding horses which had been the only means of transport for many centuries. He was pleased to be alive in this modern world.

He flew for an hour practicing slide slip landings but also enjoying flying over the estate. He could see Ben outside the stables saddling up two of the horses and waggled his wings as he flew over. Ben glanced up and just stared at the machine and would not know it was Albert flying it. Albert flew away and lined up to carry out his final landing.

They got the Avro back in the hanger and Albert would do the after flight checks but not after going to the settee and cuddling up to Jonnie before he had to go. With one last kiss Jonnie left Albert to do his work and walked away. Albert finished up and then got changed into riding boots given to him by Jonnie. He did not exactly look the part as he was still in his overalls and a scruffy shirt but he guessed Mister Moors would have something to say about them if he came out when he got to the stables.

As he approached the stables he could see Ben already waiting for him and Mister Moors standing near by and was very surprised when Moors greeted him in a pleasant way, that made him even more suspicious. Ben just looked without expression and mounted up and took his horse a short distant away and waited for Albert. “Have a good ride both of you.” Moors called out.

Albert mounted his horse and followed Ben as he began to ride off. He had never seen Ben ride before and wondered why the hell he was not sitting in the saddle but instead upright with his knees resting on the saddle. It was as though he was about to go into a gallop! Nothing was said and Albert kept his distance. They galloped for most of the ride and returned half hour later. After tending to the their mounts they saddled up the next two. The second ride was a copy of the first with Albert keeping his distance and let Ben control the ride, but by the time they were ready for the last one Albert made up his mind it would be quite different even if it came to a big row between them.

They trotted out down a long lane before getting to an open field when they would take their mounts into a gallop. Albert was on Prince and knew he was the fastest horse in the stable. Ben took his horse to her full gallop but this time Albert rode close along side him. “Keep your distance Dowling!” Albert ignored him and got closer then reached over and snatched Ben’s reign and began to slow Prince until they were at a trot. Albert looked at Ben as he pulled them to a halt. Ben had raised his whip as though to strike. Now Albert lost his temper and reached over to Ben and grabbed his shirt so forcefully it ripped and a large gap appeared on his back. Albert swung off Prince still holding Ben’s shirt and as he dismounted pulled Ben after him. He took Ben’s whip and threw it away then let him go.

“We are going to release the horses and you are going to talk otherwise I will take MY whip to you.”

He let Ben go and stood just a foot from him looking straight into his eyes. “Right, what’s this all about and don’t lie. I know something’s up Ben but if I have to I will beat it out of you. We became friends, now THIS fucking shit!” He remained standing close in front of him and could not believe it when Ben broke down in tears. Without thinking he took Ben in his arms and the poor lad still sobbing his heart out, they would be like that for sometime.

“Ben…?” Albert gently shook him. “BEN! What the fuck is wrong?”

Ben did not answer but instead turned round showing Albert the weld marks from obvious beatings. Albert felt sick and even more so when he ripped the rest of Ben’s shirt exposing even more welds, there were dozens of them, some fresh and others that had been there for some time. Ben had been beaten for quite some time it seemed. With his arms still around his shoulder Albert sat them both down and when they had he pulled Ben close and once again Ben burst out and just laid on Albert’s shoulder as he did. Nothing would be said for some time, in fact Albert joined him and now both boys cuddled in to comfort the other.

“Why did he do this Ben?” Ben looked up at Albert and half smiled.

“I wouldn’t let him fuck me. He tried to rape me several times and even got my trousers off twice. He maybe short but he is so bloody strong but I always got away when he was getting his dick out. Fuck did he whip me though, and Albert there was another reason, he beat me to get back at you, he hates you so much he takes it out on me. He told me not to see you again but that still did not stop him whipping me.

“Why the fuck did you not say anything?”

“And who would his Lordship believe, me or him. Moors has been with their Lordship’s years and I know he is well liked even though we know he is a bastard. That man is two people, one a good servant and the other a sick shit.”

“I don’t now how Ben but this is finished and you need to get your back treated.”

“And my bum, look.” Ben got up and dropped his trousers showing Albert even more fresh wounds.  “Did you not notice I always stand in my stirrups, it hurts too much to sit.”

“Come on we are going back and I will be telling his Lordship even though we could be both in the fucking shit if he doesn’t believe us. You need to get treated as I said, Mrs Willis will know what to do.” Albert could not tell Ben there would not be a problem, except for Moors that was.

Mrs Willis was head cook and had a potion for just about every ailment and most of the ingredients coming out of her kitchen, the garden or woodland. Nobody complained if something had to be swallowed or rubbed in as she was so intimidating and would not take no for an answer. Only her husband had any control over her and was only half her size and quite timid. The staff reasoned he must have a massive cock to keep her happy.

They got back to the stables and began to work on the horses. Albert had told Ben to take the rest of his shirt off and watch Moors reaction if he came in. “Bet he does Ben, just stay out of sight.”

“Ben? Are we friends again?”

“Never had one better Albert and I’m sorry. Fuck, I’m always saying sorry to you…! We will be friends for life, I promise and thanks.”

They were in Prince’s stable and Albert risked a hug into Ben and was happy when he got one back. He thought about what Jonnie had said and then wondered if Ben would like him to put Mrs Willis’s potion on his back and bum?

“Hello Dowling good riding I hope. Where’s Miller?”

“He is in the barn and when we finish I am taking him to show his Lordship the injuries on his back you gave him. If I were you Moors I would get out before you are sacked and if you raise your whip to me I will thrash you with MY crop you bastard… BEN!”

He came out and stood in front of Moors and then turned round. Moors took one look and then sneered at both of them.

“Fuck the pair of you cunts!” He left the stables for the last time. They would never see him again, but his Lordship would.

They had finished their work and Albert told Ben he was taking him to see Mrs Willis who when she saw the marks on Ben’s back flew into a temper. After she had been told the story she began to mix one of her potions, she wrote a note and got a maid to take to his Lordship who knew better than to ignore it. He duly arrived and took one look at Ben and flew into his own temper.

“Will you treat Miller’s back and bottom Mrs Willis?”

“My Lord!! I will go nowhere near Miller’s bottom! Mister Willis would be most displeased.” Jonnie turned to Albert.

“Dowling?” They both forced themselves to keep a straight face!

“Would you mind Ben if I treat you?” Ben shook his shoulders and just grinned.

“That seems to be settled then. I must go, I need to have a word or two with my former head groom.” He left and Mrs Willis told Albert exactly what to do and handed him a jar of goodness knows what, but it did have a strong smell of Iodine.

“Take a bag of salt and put him in the bath and pour water over him for five minutes, dab him dry and then take him to his room and cover every wound and use the lint, you will need to treat him two times each day. This is going to sting Benjamin and you will have to sleep on your front for a few nights but after a while you will not see a mark.”

Albert filled the bath with warm salty water while Ben just stood watching. Albert looked at him several times and both smiled at the other.

“Right my friend it’s time to not be embarrassed, get your clothes off I promise I wont look, that much!”

Ben was now free of Moors and was happy again. He smiled at Albert and just took the lot off and stood up facing Albert. Ben looked great with his wound free front and Albert loved what he was looking at and made no effort in turning his eyes away. Ben was very well developed with good body definition and completely hairless. Between his legs was a very nice 5 inch cock with a full black bush crowning it. Albert’s eyes opened a bit when he saw Ben’s balls hanging down nearly the length of his cock! What a mouthful he thought, then told himself off but there was a big problem, Ben stank like shit! Literally.

“When did you last have a bath, you smell awful!”

“Fuck knows, I didn’t want anyone to see me like this.”

“Get in but kneel down your bum will hurt if you sit. I will pour water over your back and bum then you can wash the rest and don’t forget your cock, that must stink as well.”

“My soap is in my room, can you get it for me?”

“Ok, now kneel down, this is going to hurt.”. Albert threw the rest of the salt in, he filled the jug and poured it over Ben who cried out as it hit him.

“Oh fuck Albert that’s nearly as bad as Moors fucking whipping me.”

Even though Ben was in pain, Albert loved what he was doing as he was so close to Ben’s body while he soaked him. After some time Ben told him it was much less painful and after another few minutes Albert finished.

“Right that’s it. I will go and get your soap, don’t go anywhere.” He laughed and went to leave but Ben stopped him.

“Albert, thanks for every thing you are doing and I am sorry I spoke to you like I did.”

“Shut up and just wait for me to get back, wont be long.” But he was in for a shock. As soon as he opened Ben’s door the smell hit him with the sweat of Ben’s unwashed body stinking the room out but not only that when he looked at the unmade bed the sheets were covered in dried blood, he went to the sash window and opened as far as it would go, picked the soap up and ran out.

“Ben, your room stinks and it’s in a mess so I am taking you to mine so I can put Mrs Willis’s shit on you, then I’m going to change your sheets and clean the cess pit up ready for you to go back. We have to hurry as it will be dinner time soon.” He also thought about Jonnie suddenly coming through the secret door and both him and Ben getting the shock of their lives.

He watched as Ben stood up and began to quickly wash himself.

“Slow fucking down there must be a months dirt to get off and wash under your cock skin as well as between your ass cheeks, Christ you must stink in both places and I’m going nowhere near your ass unless it’s clean.”

Ben looked at Albert with a massive smile on his face.

“He whipped my cock as well in that case!”

“Piss off Miller and behave, just get yourself cleaned up.” But wondered if Ben was in fact half serious he was going to treat him for a couple of days and you never know!

Finally Ben pronounced himself cleaner than anytime in his life and dried his front and legs, but taking extra time drying his cock so Albert would have a good look. He handed the towel to Albert with yet another smile.

“Your turn Albert Dowling, make sure you dry me properly and take as long as you want.”

Albert snatched the towel from Ben and told him to bend over the side of the bath. “It’s time for the first part of revenge Ben Miller.” Albert started at the top of Ben’s back and dabbed his way down and then straight to the bum and slowed down while he dabbed. “Fucking hell Ben some of those look really sore, I bet the last place that shit thrashed you was your ass.”

Ben did not answer but instead began to cry again, his whole body shook at the memory of that morning.

“Ok mate, lets get you to my room, but it’s not going to be nice. I will try not to hurt you too much.”

Ben stood up and turned to Albert and without either of them thinking they once again cuddled one another, even being naked Ben did not seem to have any sort of embarrassment.

“Come on mate it’s time to get that potion on you, but wrap the towel round you, we don’t want to scare anyone.”

Albert opened his door and took Ben in, he just stood and stared at this fantastic room and turned to Albert. “What did you do to get this! Let his Lordship fuck you!?”

Albert just managed to keep himself in check!

“Shut up and lay down.” He pulled the sheet and blankets back and watched as Ben took the towel off and laid down. He took the lid off the jar and loaded a dollop of Mrs Willis’s potion on a square of lint but all the while looking at Ben’s lovely bum even though at this time not that attractive after Moors treatment of his friend.

“Ready Ben? It’s going to sting a lot.”

“Just do it and even if it does you will still be my best friend.”

“I’m the only fucker you got anyway, right here it comes.” Ben held his breath waiting for the first dab and when it arrived there was no sting at all!

“Albert, it’s fine, no sting!” Albert had covered an old wound.

“How about this one then” and dabbed a new wound, Ben nearly took off and yelled out as the potion landed which was as painful as Moors whipping had been.

Ben clung on to the pillow trying not to cry but he could not help it, what he did not know was Albert cried with him and hated himself for inflicting almost as much pain on his friend as that sick bastard had done, but now he had to treat Ben’s backside that had fresh wounds and already knew it was going to be very painful for him. Albert did not see that lovely ass but instead those many wounds on it.

“Ben… Oh fuck, I am so sorry mate.” He loaded another square of lint and dabbed it on every wound covering Ben’s backside, as he dabbed away Ben jerked all over the place as the stings hit him.

At last he finished and stood up. “I must get your room cleaned up, it wont take long just stay here and relax but you need clean clothes and I bet you haven’t got any.”

He got a shirt, vest, cords and socks from his wardrobe and put them on the bed. “You should manage to dress yourself unless you want me to help you?”

Ben smiled at his friend and reluctantly shook his head.

Albert worked hard for the next hour in Ben’s room and by the end of it, it was habitable for human occupation again, even Ben. He got back to his room but in great need for a bath himself. He took Ben back to his room and told him he would see him at dinner. They looked and smiled at one another.

“Thanks again Albert… You are the best mate ever!”

Right on time Jonnie knocked on the door and went in smiling all over his face. Albert went to him and both cuddled in tightly kissing. Albert was already worked up having been with the naked Ben for a couple of hours and needed sex badly. They dropped their dressing gowns onto the carpet then went to the bed and got into a 69. For the next half hour all you could hear was both of them moaning as they bought each other to yet another climax. Neither of them moved as they licked every drop up and then continued to suck for sometime. Albert felt Jonnie feed Vaseline into him and work on his anus for some time with two fingers. Jonnie got onto his back and Albert straddled him, took that beautiful cock in hand and lined it up then fed the lot in, in one go. Albert lent down to Jonnies mouth and kissed his lover while slowly fucking himself on his Lordships cock. The feeling was out of Albert’s tiny world as he felt Jonnies cock filling his tunnel and hitting the prostrate every time he fed himself onto that wonderful member which was rapidly bringing him to his and Jonnies second cumming.

“Albert… oh my word, let me finish us!”

Albert held himself a few inches above Jonnie while Jonnie wrapped his arms tightly around the boy and rammed into him time and again until both man and boy arrived at the top of their individual summits and with one last thrust into Albert, they both froze and as they called out their love, Albert felt Jonnies massif coming inside his tunnel and Jonnie felt Albert’s warm sperm land on his body.

After some time trying to recover and gently kissing the whole time, Albert dismounted and laid next to Jonnie. They would be like that for some time.


“Yes my Lord?” Jonnie slapped his ass.

“I need to go out of this chapter now and talk to you in the next one.”

“I will lay between your legs until we come back in that case.”

With that Albert slowly kissed his way down the length of Jonnies body and snuggled between his legs and took his limp cock back into his mouth, he would be there for some time and happily wait for chapter 7 to arrive!


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