Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 5

Albert shoved the article to the back of his mind and concentrated on more urgent issues, the most important of which was what Jonnie wanted to talk about and how long would it take as his need for Jonnie to make love to him again was at the top of his own agenda.

He laid against Jonnies chest and smiled as he felt a hard cock on his back. His own cock stuck up out above the water and hoped he would take hold of it and twisted his head round to kiss him in an attempt to encourage a cock hold. He got a kiss back but Jonnie didn’t go anywhere near Albert’s knob, his mind was on what he needed to say and the first thing that came out caused Albert to concentrate on the reason they were in the bath instead of being in the hanger. Jonnie stroked Albert’s body and squeezed him tightly and kissed his neck.

“Albert, if this was just a story and not a true life situation, what I have to say would take almost a whole chapter! Please join in any time with questions or to challenge me with what I need to say. Will you please do that?”

“Is this going to be bad?”

“Not intentionally and I hope that after I have said all I need to you will understand my thinking… Albert please allow me to say all I need too.”

Albert could not help himself and laughed then asked his first question. “After you have said all you need to will you take me to bed and make love to me again?”

Jonnie had no choice but to laugh as well and suddenly felt a lot more confident. He kissed Albert’s head. “That is my hope Albert.” He kissed his head one more time and then got on with it.

“Right young man here is the first thing I need to say.” There was a short pause and Albert held his breath.

“Albert, I am in love with you and I know now I have been since I first saw you and learnt much about you. I am totally taken to you for a multitude of reasons and I will attempt to list them in some sort of order, just bear with me please.

“Firstly you are the most beautiful young man ever to walk this earth. I absolutely adore your handsome face, your stunning blue eyes, your abundance of fair hair, your perfectly shaped body, your beautiful penis and testicles which will become even more beautiful as your body develops, that small bush of pubic hair which again will grow as you get older of course, your magnificent bottom the like of which I have never seen more perfect, your soft silky skin. You are a perfect example of boyish youth, unblemished, not one mole, freckle, or any other blotch that would spoil your incredible beauty.” Jonnie stopped but hadn’t finished and Albert was about to begin.

“You have seen lots of naked boys my age, then slept and entered them like you did me.” Not a question rather a statement of fact.

“Yes you are right I have seen many naked boys, mainly in the swimming lake at the school and they are a delight but none as delightful as you but you are wrong, I have never slept with another boy. You are also wrong in thinking I have entered other boys, yes things happened but entering one of them? No, never. In other words you are the only boy I have slept with and made full love to and for one reason, you are the only boy I ever wanted to do that too.” Albert was staring at the bath taps concentrating hard, his cock was still hard as well.

“Albert it isn’t all about your beauty although that would be good reason alone for me to fall in love with you, but as important to me it’s you as a person. I have already told you I had Mister Masters report back to me about your athletic progress and also about you as an individual. Were you polite, committed to your training, of good character, were you loyal and much more. Everything he told me was very encouraging and it was after a few reports I made up my mind I wanted to seduce you. I have only seduced boys at the school and seducing you here could be risky but I was so smitten by you I just took the chance. Then of course young Miller did what he did and here we are and I pray this continues and if you don’t mind Albert I would like to know how you feel about us becoming lovers and, well, both of us accepting we can never be permanently together if you see what I mean.”

Jonnie had finished for the time being and waited for Albert’s reply. As an excuse to give him thinking time Albert got to his knees and pulled the plug out to drain off some water and put more hot in. He knew Jonnie would be watching with his bum sticking up and was disappointed when no hands arrived! He laid back into Jonnies body, twisted his head and they gently kissed.

“Jonnie, you have a lot of experience with other boys and men friends, I have none and please forgive me, I have no idea what falling in love is about, I have had no experience of that either. All I do know is that after you first spoke to me in the hanger it was like a huge burden falling off my shoulders. I have fantasised about sex with boys and you as well. There are a few men that work for you and in the village that I rather like the look of, not that anything can happen and now I don’t need anyone else. I already knew I liked the look of you, you are very handsome and I now know you have a wonderful body, but like you, I like you as a person very very much and I think to become your lover and knowing that because we are so far apart in class I do understand that we can only ever be lovers in private and not allow this situation be known, it could destroy both of us, well certainly me. But in some ways this is even more exciting, both of us being lovers and no other person knowing about it. Not only that because we work together a great deal and of course the possibility of me becoming a pilot and an aircraft engineer it makes us being lovers very safe. Jonnie I am happy to continue as we are, but there is one thing I am a little annoyed about.”

“Really!? What’s that?”

“You didn’t touch my bum or between my legs when I put more hot water in!”

Jonnie laughed and cuddled Albert even tighter. “I cannot wait for the water to go cold again in that case, but my dear Albert there is much more to say and I just hope you will want to remain lovers after I have finished.”

“We will, I am not about to end this, I love to be like we are now and I will admit I want much more sex with you, I already know I cannot get enough of it and you can’t either, our stiff penises are proof of that.”

Albert turned round and the two new lovers kissed for quite some time.

“Jonnie can we get out and go to bed and then we can cuddle face to face as you talk?”

Five minutes later they were indeed face to face cuddled up in Jonnies huge bed.

“This maybe a bit of a jumble but here goes.” Albert was on Jonnies right shoulder with his left hand holding his lovers cock. Jonnie had his right arm around Albert’s shoulder and his left hand wrapped around HIS lovers cock. Perfect for in depth conversation.

“We both admit to liking boys and I first became aware when I took over the boarding school after my father died and visited more often. I had visited before but only for a day just to get to know what the school was about but I must say I liked what I saw and it made me think about my attraction to these youngsters. I didn’t know then what was going on as I was very naive in those days and thought I was the only adult attracted to young boys and tried to bury the thoughts, that was until I met a friend of mine for sex and afterwards he confessed to me about seducing his nephew on his 14th birthday. You may have seen him during visits to the Manor.”

” Who?”

“Sir William de Paris.”

“That chap who was with you when you were late coming to my room? Were you late because you had sex with him?”

“Not at all, I often meet William and a number of friends for nothing more than social times and we meet more often than any of us have indulged in sex. William was visiting as a friend and as I told you he never stops talking, even during the few times we had sex!”

“I believe you Jonnie unless I am also being naive?”

“No Albert, I am being totally truthful please trust me, there is nothing I will do to make you think otherwise. I will tell you William’s story as though it was him telling it and I hope you will realise the effect it had on me by the time he had finished.”


“I was due to go to my brothers home to celebrate his sons 14th birthday. Hadley, my brothers only child, and I were very close and we always enjoyed one another’s company whenever I visited which was quite often. He and I would always go for a walk around the extensive gardens both of us talking our heads off for an hour or so before going back to the house for lunch. I would always stay over night and have my own bedroom. I love going there as it is always good company and the most beautiful part of the country.

Hadley was overjoyed to see me and even more so when he unwrapped my present to him, a new watch. We all talked a great deal, that is my brother Andrew, my sister Amy and my sister in law Brenda and of course Hadley. You already know I can talk the hind leg off an old donkey, we all could but it came to an end when Hadley asked me to go for our usual walk. It was a lovely warm day and Hadley was dressed in a white shirt and shorts which were a size too big for him and as he sat opposite me I could see all the way up his lovely thighs, almost as far as his male parts, he looked stunning and I must say I became rather excited, all homosexuals would have done looking at him!

As it was so warm I told him I would go to my room to get into my tennis shorts and sweat shirt first and after saying goodbye to the others off we went and by the time we got back, we would both be changed.

We were heading towards our favourite spot by the huge pond which had a beautiful willow by the waters edge, all very private with the slim branches reaching to the ground. We sat close together with our backs to the trunk and all the time I found myself looking at his handsome face and those slim legs of his and suddenly I became to realise he too was looking at me and as he did he lent into me and I knew he would not mind me putting an arm around his shoulders. We stayed like that for some time and for once nothing was said. I must say all I was thinking about was how wonderful it would be to run my hands up his thighs and under those shorts and I have to say I became rather sexually aroused looking at this small but beautiful boy. He must have noticed my hidden erection as I made no attempt to cover up, neither did he as I saw a rather big lump in those rather big shorts!

I had to take the bull by the horns and took my arms from around his shoulders and laid down on my back with my erection still very prominent for Hadley to continue to see, he then must have made his own mind up and laid down beside me making sure we were touching. His erection was even more pronounced by now and I knew I was on safe ground. I got up and looked down at him with my head in my hand and with the other I laid it on his right knee and just stroked it. He gave me all I wanted to know by opening his legs a little and did not complain when I stroked further up the inside of his thigh. I asked him if he was comfortable with this and all he did was smile back at me and so I lent down and we kissed for the first time as I stroked slowly further up until I reached his testicles and took them in hand. Hadley cried out and then simply rammed his tongue into my mouth and became even more excited when I took hold of his member which for a lad his height was very big, I estimated a good six inches.

I felt his hand on the front of my shorts which made me even more aroused. I stood up taking Hadley with me and I literally stripped him and myself naked in just a few seconds. Oh my goodness he was so beautiful and before I knew it I found myself on my knees and taking his hard member into my mouth while I held onto his bottom cheeks.

The little devil must have been so advanced sexually he thrust into my mouth and before I knew it he shot many a load into me and I had to keep swallowing so as not to loose a drop of his juice!

It did not end there as after he had regained his breathing he went on his knees to do to me what I had done to him. I was so sexually advanced I could not last too long and after a few sucks I shot into his mouth time and time again.

After a rather a lot of kissing we dressed and went back to the house and as we walked we made plans for him to come to my room later that night.

It was all so wonderful for both Hadley and myself and of course we meet as often as possible.”


“Albert, that story told me everything about myself and confirmed to me that I was not the only one attracted to young boys and I now need to tell you about my boarding school that I inherited after my father’s death, but I can only do that if you stop sucking my penis!”

Albert took no notice and continued to suck even though he had heard every word. Jonnie was so worked up he turned and now both man and boy sucked and blew up in one another’s mouths. Albert turned back to Jonnie and for the next few minutes fed one another’s semen into a willing mouth!

“Right young man, may I continue please?”

“Yes older man, I am all ears.”

“Mmmm, they are beautiful as well.” Jonnie got a kiss for that.

“Parkway Academy caters for boys who are sons of army and navel men who are serving around the Empire, there are always 100 of them and 20 staff educating and caring for them. They get an excellent general education as well as being taught steam engineering in all it’s complexities, metal work, carpentry, brick laying, slate tiling, agriculture and horse husbandry. There is a full programme of sports, body fitness, hygiene and personal appearance. They come in at the age of 9 and remain until they qualify but usually leave by the age of 16 or 17 and go into either the navy or army, farm work or the building trades. We are very proud of the school and its success in that every single boy leaves with good qualifications and also with a very liberal attitude towards other males and the school is VERY different to any other I know of. Sex between boys and boys and boys and staff is permitted, in fact encouraged and it is all part of the school structure and discipline. Sex between any boy under the age of 13 is not permitted either by boys or staff. We have found that works very well as by the time they reach 13 they are more than ready for sex IF that’s what they want to get involved in and they certainly are not expected to get involved if they don’t want too and one of the few rules is that nobody is allowed to approach a boy without knowing beforehand he is in agreement.

When a boy reaches his 13th birthday he is given a party and the school’s present to him is to choose a boy or member of staff of his liking and they both leave and go to the “birthday room” for the night. Everyone sits on a chair in a circle and birthday boy walks round as many times as he wants and when he makes his choice he sits on that persons lap. There is much cheering as they leave you can be sure!

There are unique school uniforms which is worn by both boys and staff throughout the year. The day uniform comprises dark blue shorts and a collarless short sleeve shirt, very short underwear and long socks. Sandals completes a rather lovely sight but what makes it even better both shorts and underwear have wide legs which when sitting in a certain manner, the male parts are visible should a boy want them to be viewed. Staff shorts are much tighter and so therefore they cannot expose. At the end of the school day all boys change into the same type of uniform except the evening and weekend one is light blue, staff change into their own clothes but have to include shorts and they can be wide leg type so that they can also be seen during the evenings and weekends.

There is no Headmaster now but the school has an elected staff/boy committee who run the establishment. There are four staff and five boys elected to the committee and as there is an odd number there is always a casting vote on any issue. I attend some of those meetings but I do not have a vote.

The committee are also responsible for dealing out punishment for acts of unacceptable behaviour not that there is much of it anyway.

There is only one punishment and that is the number of nights that a boy is sent to the Non Sin Room.

As homosexuality is regarded as a sin, that is the reason why he is sent to that room and cannot engage in any sexual activity for the duration of his punishment which can be from one night to seven, he also has to wear long trousers and boots for that period and therefore not particularly that attractive to others. I do not remember when a boy was last punished in this way. Corporal punishment is not allowed. Boys under 13 and older boys not engaged in sexual activity have their free time restricted and have to carry out extra domestic duties.

Each boy has a breast pocket in his shirt and issued four coloured cards which he puts in the pocket. Each colour has a meaning.

Black = No thank you.

Blue = I require some time to myself.

Red = I have a sexual partner/s and not available at this time.

Yellow = Free.

Most cards on display are red and the next most on view yellow. Black is very rare and after time another colour appears anyway. Staff do not have cards.”

“Hang on a minute, you said you seduced boys at the school, but you couldn’t by your own rules.”

“That’s very true but the agreed advances towards a boy by a member of staff is by ruffling a boys hair who is showing a yellow card which tells the lad he likes him and would like more should he agree. If he does the boy will change the yellow card to red. End of seduction!” There was a long pause.

“What happens if a boy is not interested?”

“He shows his black card, not that I have ever known that to happen.”

“How many times have you ruffled a boy’s hair?”

“Three times but I will not ruffle any boy’s hair now, except yours Albert.” Jonnie ruffled Albert’s hair and they cuddled in tightly together and kissed.

“Albert there is much more I need to say and it’s very important.”

“If as you say this was just a story and not real, this is going to be a very long chapter Jonnie.”

Jonnie thought about that. “So… It’s going to be a long chapter then!”

They kissed again but Jonnie knew this next bit was going to be awkward. He got up and pulled Albert with him. He sat his boy in front of him with his legs and arms around his body and ruffled his hair again.

“I haven’t got a black card, so you are in luck. Just tell everything you need to say and all I hope this is not going to be a problem for me, I can’t deal with more rejection Jonnie, not now I have found happiness at last.”

“Albert this is certainly not rejection, how many more times do I need to say that, but I need to talk about YOU. Now shut up and listen!”

“Kiss me first, then I will.” Then ruffled Jonnies hair. They laughed and cuddled in once again. Albert laid between Jonnies legs and pronounced he was ready to listen. Jonnie knew he could not move him back up, not that he really wanted to, so began to talk.

“Albert, I don’t want you to interrupt this time, just listen to all I need to say until I finish.” Albert held Jonnies cock against his face and waited.

“I have had a number of sexual experiences with boys and men but you haven’t except the beautiful times you and I have shared so far. You are just 15 and I think you should also have other sexual times with others without me. I know you like men and boys and I would like to take you to the school and become a pupil there for as long as you want. You will have such fun and completely safe as it is so private. My school is very different to what the church, law makers, politicians and those of “higher breading” who tell us ordinary citizens how we should behave. Yes, I am called upper class, but only because I happened to be born into it. But my dear Albert at the same time I was born homosexual and because I was immune to scrutiny from my peers I met several men and until now I was happy with all those I close to sleep with. But now? I am even more happy and content being with you Albert. Allow me to tell you a little more about the school.

“It is totally self-contained including growing our own food and slaughtering our meat needs. We have enough forest to cut all the firewood for all buildings to keep us warm. We have two cooks who teach the boys when they are on the kitchen rota. All boys carry out other domestic work from 6 until 9 am under the direction of the house keeper who is also male. We also have a doctor and male nurse to care for the sick if we ever get any. If you go to the school you will find it a very busy place and you will now know it’s not all sex even though some of the devils slip off during their work to a bedroom! That then is a short description about the place and I know if you go you will experience a lot more than I have told you. Now, back to us.

“Albert I have already told you I have fallen in love with you and I know you have a problem with that as you have never been given love from anyone. All I can say is that you have my love and that will never change, but dear boy I would like you to meet and hopefully enjoy other boys and men in a sexual way and I will take the risk that you may not come back to me, IF that is what you want. Albert I already know there is a man who would love to have a sexual experience with you. Sir William has expressed his liking for you since he saw you as you went to the stables some weeks ago and also at other times he has seen you around the estate. I am only telling you of his liking for you because I know he is a good man and will never give you any difficulty. He is not aware of our relationship of course but as I now know you love male sex I know for certain you will enjoy his lovely slim body and his stupendous 9inch penis and huge testicles! I have had times with him and the love making has been exciting but ten Sir Williams’s does not equal one Albert believe me… Albert, would you like to meet William and have sex with him?”

Oh shit! That came as a surprise! Albert had a lot of thinking to do but as his cock was as hard as a bucket full of nails he knew he was excited at the prospect of possibly having sex with another man and going to the school for even more sex! This was all down to Jonnie and Albert had even more respect for him as he could in fact made him his own and not cared about his lack of sexual experience, just keep him as his lover and have sex when Jonnie was not sleeping with another man or boy, even though Jonnie had said he was finished with both. It told Albert Jonnie was thinking about him having sex outside their own relationship so he would gain more experience but at the same time with all the risks that could show up.

Albert thought hard about this new and unexpected suggestion by Jonnie and the possible chance of having lots of sex with men and boys was quite frankly impossible to let go. Albert had discovered his liking for sex and maybe there was a good chance that if he did meet with other males, he just might satisfy his sexual needs and do what he guessed Jonnie wanted, settle down to a relationship with only them involved.

Well, there was one way to find out, just do as Jonnie had suggested.

“I would like to meet him and if we get on have sex and I would also like to go to the school and become a pupil but you need to promise me you will not be far away and visit often in the Avro so I can continue to fly.” He looked into Jonnies face and stroked it with both hands. “Jonnie I cannot be sure of course, but I think I am in fact in love with you as well… just give me time please.”

“Take all the time you need Albert. You are only 15 and there is so much you need to experience, but just remember I will always be at your side no matter what happens in the years to come and yes, I will be a frequent visitor every week weather permitting and you will continue to fly.” They kissed for a very long time.


“Yes dear boy.”

“I don’t want to be at the school for too long, I want to come back to you after a short time away, now is that the end of this chapter?”

“Yes it is, but quite a few to follow.”



“I need to go to the bathroom and clean out.”

“I will see you in the next chapter in that case Albert!”


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