Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 4

“I don’t have any intention to stop my Lord, but I will if you ever tell me too.”

“That will never happen Albert, only you will stop this, but before you do, may I kiss you good morning?”


“NO…!? Why not?”

“I want us both to kiss good morning… please.”

That silly bit was over and Albert moved to Jonnie’s mouth and for the next ten minutes or so they kissed “good morning” and as they kissed Jonnie moved Albert underneath him and laid on top of the boy he had fallen in love with. He ground his massively hard cock onto Albert’s body and after a few minutes came all over his belly!

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry Albert!”

Albert smiled up at this most handsome man. “I need release as well Jonnie!”

Jonnie kissed his boy and then travelled down his beautiful body until he arrived at Albert’s erection. There would be no teasing or licking but instead he took Albert into his mouth and began to blow him.

Albert was back in the heaven he had been in the night before.

He laid on his back with his hands behind his head and his legs wide open. He closed his eyes and as Jonnie sucked him he knew it would not be long before he would cum and began to drive his cock into Jonnie’s mouth.

Jonnie stopped sucking and waited for the inevitable.

Albert was not far away as his breathing came in gasps now and his thrusts became even more powerful as he grabbed Jonnie’s head.

“Jonnie…! Oh goodness… OH my good…!”

He exploded into his Lordships mouth but now five times and as each ejaculation erupted out of him, Albert cried out as he delivered masses of sperm that, once again, Jonnie had to swallow or choke.

The Lord of the manor got back to Albert and kissed him and at the same time fed some of Albert’s juice into his mouth.

“Do you like the taste Albert?”

Albert grinned at him.

“Not sure, have you got any more left?”

Jonnie put another dribble into Albert’s mouth and waited for his reaction.

“Mmmmm, not bad let me try some of yours, there must be lots on my tummy.”

Jonnie got on his knees straddling Albert’s body and then sat on his still hard cock. He saw the belly button full of sperm and dug it out and took it to Albert’s mouth which was already open and fed him.

“So, what do you think?”

Albert smiled up at Jonnie. “It’s nice, so are you but next time I would like you to keep your cock in my mouth when you shoot.”

“Yes sir, your wish is my command. Is there anything else sir?”

“Kiss me?”

Jonnie got back down and moved them to their sides, they cuddled in and kissed for the next five minutes, but time was moving on.

“Come on Albert, we have time for a bath together and then I am afraid we have to separate.”

Albert clung on to Jonnie one more time and then they reluctantly got out of bed.

After getting into dressing gowns and slippers Jonnie took Albert to the fire and showed him a lever hidden inside the chimney to the left. He pulled it out and the door was unlocked. Jonnie lit a candle and they stepped into the stairway he then closed the door and slid the bolt back into place.

They got into Jonnie’s bedroom and Albert just stood with his mouth open looking around him at the opulence of the place, it was a huge room with what appeared to be original furnishings including the four-poster bed.

“I will explain about all this another time Albert, we need to bathe.”

He put an arm around Albert’s shoulder and lead him to a door into the bathroom. Once again Albert just looked at this with his mouth open trying to take it all in. He looked at the bath which was in the middle of the room and when Jonnie turned one of the taps on all this hot water came out!. Jonnie adjusted the cold tap and stood with Albert as it began to fill up.

“You are to come here anytime you wish dear boy, with or without me except between 12 noon and 2 o’clock when my rooms are cleaned and even I am not here then.”

Albert looked back up, he got one hand behind Jonnie’s head and pulled him down to his mouth and they kissed for some time. Albert turned round and wrapped Jonnie’s arms around him and there they stood waiting for the bath to fill. It was a wonderful sight. This handsome 23 year old man in perfect physical condition holding this utterly beautiful 15 year old boy tightly into his body, both man and boy standing there with another erection.

Jonnie took Albert into the bath and laying with his back on the head and got Albert in front of him still with his arms around the teenager’s body. He held him tight and kissed his neck. Albert twisted his head round so they could continue to kiss, they both loved that.

Albert was in a world that he thought was pure fiction. The class difference was enormous what with Jonnie at the top of the upper-class list and Albert way down in the basement. BUT! Because of Ben trashing Albert’s room before the inspection they had come together and each found that being like they were the massive class difference had gone with Jonnie finding out he had found the sweetest boy imaginable and Albert finding a man who would take him to places he had no idea existed. Man and boy were in love but Jonnie knew Albert could never be “his” alone, that would be unfair and he knew Albert would need to have other sexual experiences as he had but also hope that IF Albert did have other sexual partners, he would come back to him and continue to be just like they were now.

Jonnie half smiled to himself and knew this could all go very wrong. All he ever had was casual sex with a few boys at the boarding school and his three close friends which included Sir William, not that he had sex with him before going to Albert last night. He looked down at the top of Albert’s head and squeezed his body into him again and knew very well this was very different.

“Come on Albert, we need to clean one another.”

He got Albert to stand up and after soaping the flannel, soaped Albert’s body paying particular attention to his cock and anus. He pulled his foreskin back and washed underneath and then got Albert to bend over so he could wash between his cheeks. He ran the soap over the anus and with some lubrication fingered Albert’s button and sank a finger in up to the knuckle.

“My word Jonnie, that feels good!”

“I hoped you would say that Albert, perhaps one day I can enter you?”

“Well, I would certainly like you to try.”

Jonny kissed both cheeks. “I hope we can eventually Albert, but it could hurt you somewhat.”

“But I still want you to try.”

“Let’s be patient my dear boy, there is no hurry and besides there is something I need to do before I attempt to enter you. Now, I am afraid we have to separate until we get to the Avro. I am so sorry and wish it could be different.”

“I do as well my Lord, but we are not able to and I will accept the situation and just wait for the time when we can be back like this.”

“I am not due to be away for at least two weeks Albert and I hope tonight you will come to my bed please? Meanwhile there is a lot of flying to do and of course you will be going to Farnborough to train. I need to go as well, I have an idea and I think I will get my way.”

“Are you going to tell me what it is?”

“I am going to keep it to myself at the moment because if I don’t get my way you will be disappointed as will I.”

They dried one another off and kissed goodbye. Albert got into his dressing gown and went back to his room to get dressed for breakfast and then to the hanger.

When he got to the servants dining room he found a very quiet Ben who looked miserable and very unhappy, he didn’t even smile at Albert.

“What’s up with you, misery?” He slapped his friend on the back and was surprised when Ben angrily pushed Albert’s arm away, he seemed near to tears.

“Nothings fucking wrong Dowling. Only come to the stables when you ride. Don’t come to visit anymore.” He got up and went out.

Albert watched him go and knew there was something very wrong and also knew Moors would have had something to do with it. Albert had found both a friend in Ben and a lover in Jonnie after years of rejection from his own father and he was not about to lose either if he could help it.


The next two weeks were very busy flying with Jonnie giving him more advanced training which included a number of cross-country flights and even that surprised Jonnie as Albert flew the course he had set out on the map without any need to correct him during any of them.

Every other day he would go to the stables to saddle Prince up and ride him over to Farnborough for a days instruction. By now he had become an accepted part of the engineering team and impressed them with his enthusiasm and skill. All this was down to Lord Penton who had made it clear that he wanted experienced engineers to train Albert as he was aware of this young boys ability. Penton was a major financial donor and they were not about to lose any of it and Jonnie was about to get what he also wanted as he had mentioned to Albert.

This was going to be a wonderful time for both of them, not that Albert was aware of any of it at that time and Jonnie was just waiting to tell him after they had made love again and would be in his bed cuddled up.

They had taken it in turns to sleep in one another’s bed on alternate nights and made love twice before falling asleep.

During those two weeks Albert had never been happier except for one thing, Ben. He came to realise Ben must have gone down to breakfast either earlier or not at all as he was never there when he went down and at the evening meal Albert had finished before Ben came in. Every time he went to saddle Prince up, Ben was nowhere to be seen, even when he got back from his day at the airfield. BUT, much more would happen during those two weeks.

Jonnie went up to Albert’s room and stood there with a huge smile on his handsome face. He kicked his slippers off and dropped his dressing gown to the floor. “Hello beautiful young man!”

Albert, already naked, went to him and they embraced and kissed. “Hello even handsomer man…! What on earth is that!?”

Jonnie showed him the large car horn that had been modified somewhat.

“This my dear is an invention of mine that will allow both of us to enter the other without all the nasty bits attaching itself upon our penises. I know its my turn to stay with you, but I would like you to come to my bathroom so I can demonstrate how it works.”

Albert looked at this man with his head to one side but smiling at the same time. “You are going to put that thing up my behind and clean me out, is that right?”

Jonnie fell about laughing and dropped the device on the floor next to his dressing gown. “Oh my goodness, I just cannot keep up with you can I!”

He wrapped his arms around Albert and asked him to go back downstairs with him.

Still naked they went down ending up in the bathroom. Jonnie took his boy to the WC that had a bucket of warm soapy water next to it.

“Right, even though you have already worked this out I will explain anyway. You squeeze the rubber bulb and put the tube in the water, the bulb will fill up with soapy water and what you do then…”

“Shove it up my bum and squirt the water in, sit on the WC and shit will come out?”

Jonnie laughed and handed Albert his creation.

“I will go back to the bedroom unless you want me to stay.”

Albert told him no and when he was on his own gave himself a number of applications which indeed cleaned him out. He went back into the bedroom smiling broadly. “All ready!” And ran to Jonnie knowing he was going to be taken to another new experience and at the same time knew just what it would be.

They went back to Albert’s room and got into bed and cuddled and kissed for a very long time until Jonnie got up and turned Albert on his front, holding his hips he pulled Albert to his knees exposing his fantastic behind. Jonnie took some time just looking at this sight and then lowered his face and kissed both cheeks and at the same time put a hand onto Albert’s very hard penis and gently stroked it.

After some time like this Jonnie began to kiss towards Albert’s valley until he was right inside. He spread those lovely cheeks and lowered his face between them and found Albert’s anus with his tongue and as soon as it landed Albert cried out with the sensation of it, until then he had no idea just how sensitive that spot was and could not get enough of this rimming, not that it would have been called that in those days.

“Oh Jonnie, that’s… oh my goodness!”

It would be difficult to know who was enjoying himself more, Jonnie licking or Albert being licked , but certainly both man and boy were by now worked up so much both of them wanted to go to the next level.

Petroleum Jelly which was invented in 1872 and now called Vaseline was for many years used by homosexuals as a lubricant and certainly included this year, 1912. Jonnie had been using it since his first man on man sexual experience when he was 20. He took the lid off the waxed cardboard container and loaded his middle finger up. Albert felt the finger as it gently entered his tight anus, he was thrilled by the feeling as Jonnie went in as far as the knuckle.

“How is that Albert?”

Albert pushed back on the finger which told Jonnie he could go in further. He slipped the rest in and hit the prostate at the same time which caused a minor earthquake as Albert yelled out with surprise and pleasure. “Oh my word Jonnie…! Oh my flippin…” He now pushed back even harder “telling” Jonnie to go deeper.

He sank another finger in which caused even more encouragement from Albert and at the same time massaging his hole to loosen him up ready for the time when he would enter the boy. He continued like that for another five minutes after which he was sure Albert was ready, or rather as ready as he could be.

Jonnie got into position and lined himself up. He placed his cock head at Albert’s hole and put pressure on it and after some time like that put even more pressure until his head broke through which caused a second earthquake!

“Oh SHIT!” Albert was now in the same situation as just about every male experienced when a cock went into him for the first time. “Oh fucking SHIT!” Jonnie froze and hoped Albert would get used to him being there without having to withdraw.

“May I stay Albert?”

Albert was gripping the pillow and buried his face into it at the same time.

“Don’t you dare come out, just wait a while… MY Lord!”

Jonnie was too advanced to laugh at that order and stayed as he was before pushing very gently into Albert.


“I am fine Jonnie, just take it easy… I will be fine.”

What he did not say was he was in a place that he could never have imagined and although it was hurting badly he knew, hoped, it would get easier when Jonnie fed himself further into him. All Albert was sure of was he needed, wanted, this to go on and on and knew this would be a time in his young life that he now wanted desperately.

Jonnie began to rock back and forth, no more than a quarter of an inch, waiting for Albert to get used to his invasion and after some time like that he risked going in deeper and deeper as he tried not to hurt Albert but knew it was and once again he wondered at this boys bravery as Albert gripped hard onto the pillow but all the time giving encouragement to Jonnie not to stop. Jonnie would have even though he was well and truly wound up like a coil and knew it would not be long before he exploded into Albert’s tight tunnel.

Another few minutes went by and then Albert called out.

“Jonnie! It’s not hurting now and… Oh my word… OH GOODNESS ME!”

Jonnie’s penis had hit the prostate.

“Please Jonnie, it’s fine… I am fine.”

Albert, having said that, gave all the encouragement Jonnie needed and began to feed himself further into Albert who by now was totally relaxed, including his anal tube.

“Oh gosh Albert, I am all in… Oh my word!”

Albert smiled as he felt Jonnie’s black forest against his cheeks and that bought his own penis back to a full erection which had deflated during the time Jonnie was slowly entering him. Both man and boy could now enjoy this act of sheer beauty. Jonnie very slowly withdrew to the head of his cock and then even more slowly sank back into Albert time and time again.

“Jonnie I want to go on my back, I want us to look at one another

Jonnie stayed buried deep inside Albert and together they managed to turn Albert round and smiled at each other now that they could look into the face and eyes. Jonnie had a good idea and forced a pillow down under Albert’s bottom to give a better angle. He hitched Albert’s legs over his shoulders and put his hands behind Albert’s head and lifted it to meet him leaning over so they could kiss as Jonnie fucked him.

For the next ten minutes or so Jonnie pulled out to his head then back in Albert’s tight hole. Albert felt every inch of a cock that was swelling as he was being fucked, made even more wonderful as he could now watch Jonnie’s amazing torso as every muscle reacted to his physical exertions. Albert reached up and took Jonnie’s neck and pulled him back down to his mouth and like that it bought Jonnie to his end.

“Albert! Oh my word ALBERT!” Jonnie moved his head to the side of Albert’s and thrust hard into him one last time, his entire body tensed and froze as his cock expanded and literally exploded as he shot massively into Albert.

The first huge blast was followed by five more as Jonnie’s body recoiled to every eruption with Albert feeling every one of them which bought the boy to his own end.

“Jonnie….I’m going to….!”

They both watched as Albert’s rock hard cock exploded with the first shot blasting out that flew over his head and hit the bed head, followed by four more that landed on his face and chest. Neither of them had touched Albert’s cock.

They could not speak as each fought to regain their breathing, just looking at one another with an expression that said everything anyway.

At last Jonnie went to Albert’s face and they kissed gently for a very long time.

At long last Jonnie withdrew and laid down next to Albert and, still without a word spoken, he wrapped his arms around Albert and drew him into his body with Albert’s right arm around Jonnie’s waist and his left arm jammed between their bodies holding Jonnie’s cock. Both man and boy fell asleep and would wake up early the next morning in exactly the same position.


“Albert, are you awake?”

“Do you want me to be?” Jonnie giggled and gently slapped Albert’s bottom and then kissed him good morning, they were both stiff.

“Albert, I am taking the day off and so are you and want to remain in our rooms all day. I would like us to have a bath and after that would you please go down to breakfast and then come back here, we can then spend all day and night together without interruption.”

“I thought you said your servants will be doing their domestic work between 12 and 2.”

“I have already told them I don’t want to be disturbed.”

“What will we do in all that time then?” Albert laughed and got another gentle slap on his bum for his trouble.

“I HOPE we will make love again but I also need to talk, there is much to say Albert.”

Albert looked at Jonnie’s face and saw the serious expression on it.

“Is what you need to say a big issue for me my Lord?” He got another slap followed by a kiss.

“I don’t think so Albert, I just need to get off my chest there are a lot of thoughts going through my head. We have gone to places that neither of us could ever have imagined… and my wish is to be totally honest with you without you thinking all this is about is me wanting to have sex with you. What I have experienced with you is beyond any other experience in my entire life… and I promise you that I will NEVER be anything but honest. Please trust me Albert and at least listen to what I need to say.”

Albert could not believe what was being said. This man could take anyone to bed and do whatever he wanted with them because of who he was but here was, Jonnie asking a slug level servant to listen to him and give him the chance to be able to “get things off his chest!”

Albert kissed Jonnie, got out of bed and after a quick wash got dressed with Jonnie watching him the whole time. He returned to the bed and kissed him again.

“I will be quick and will see you in your bedroom?”

“I will wait for you in the bath, then we will be both naked and I can talk with my arms around you.”

“Give me 30 minutes, or more likely 10.”

They kissed again and Albert left.

He shoved his porridge down his throat quickly and again noted Ben was not there which upset him and hoped he could find out the reason soon. Then he thought of a naked Jonnie waiting for him in the bath. He cleaned his bowl and ran back to his room.

As soon as Albert went into the bathroom Jonnie got out of the bath dripping wet, he went to Albert and once again wrapped his arms around him, kissed his mouth and then undressed the 15-year-old and once naked led him to the bath.

Jonnie laid against the bath head and got Albert in front of him. He wrapped his arms around Albert’s body and held him tight.

“There is much I want to say Albert and I would like you to listen dear boy, but ask questions if you want answers.”

There would be many questions to ask but not all from Albert. He had read an article in the “TIMES” that told readers it was almost certain that there would be war in Europe and because all populations in the major European countries were so disciplined and loyal to whoever governed then, they would willingly go to war, including the United Kingdom. The author even predicted it would happen within the next two years and there would be much loss of life, but even he could not know just how many millions would perish and many more millions carrying horrendous physical and mental scars for the rest of their lives.


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