Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 2

Albert visibly shook as his master stared down at him. This handsome man was now ugly as his face contorted with anger. Albert was angry himself and all sorts of thoughts were flashing through his head.

Lord Penton had demanded an explanation but he did not have one that would convince him that this mess was none of his doing and therefore he was left with only one option, defend himself even though his whole world was now in a complete mess. He made himself keep looking into Penton’s eyes, he took a deep breath.

“My Lord, when I left this morning my room was clean and tidy as it always is and as for that vase, I have NEVER seen it in my life and if I had stolen it, would I be that stupid to leave it on display for everyone to SEE!?” Albert knew even raising his voice was punishable by his Master.

“You will most probably not believe me and so I will leave your service, It’s better than being thrown out and whoever is responsible for this will be a very happy individual.” Albert had finished but wondered why the hell his Lordship had allowed him to say all he did without shutting him up. Albert was done and just stared at the floor.

“What makes you think I do not believe you Dowling and if you are telling the truth, do you have any thoughts as to who would have done this?” Albert looked back at his master and was looking at a handsome face again, the ugly one had gone.

“My Lord only I know I am telling the truth. I THINK I know who the culprit is, but forgive me but I will not say because I could be wrong.”

“I could order you to tell me Dowling, you very well know that.”

“You could indeed my Lord, but forgive me but I will not obey now as I could be about to leave your service. IF I was certain of the culprit I would deal with him myself and you would never know about it.” Penton suddenly found himself in a different place, not in charge but this 15-year old WAS! But, he was sure Dowling was being truthful and the boy was right about the vase.

He had come to the boy’s room to seduce him and all he had was this! He was now as angry with the culprit as Dowling was, for VERY different reasons, but, Lord Penton was a determined man, even though a bit confused at this moment!

“I will take the vase back to were it belongs and if you would tidy up I will come back in 30 minutes.” He left and Albert stood there wondering why his Lordship would want to come back, knowing the room would be neat and tidy when he did! Then he had a ridiculous thought but only because of his own thoughts. “Was he here for some other reason and if there was one would he have…?”  Not that there was anything to laugh about at this time but he did, then told himself to shut up even though he knew he would have been agreeable to, “the other reason!”

It only took a few minutes to get his room back to normal and then went looking for Ben Miller who would be working in the wood and coal sheds. Miller looked up as Albert called his name. “What do you want Dowling, had a good inspection have we?” He laughed and then spat on the floor. Miller was also 15 whose job was to take coal by the bucket load and logs in baskets to every room in the Manor daily which included the kitchen. Very physical work that had turned him into a very strong young man and he knew it, unfortunately not a nice one. Miller was a bully and used his strength to dominate others… until now.

Heavy boots are a good weapon, as Miller was about to find out, Albert’s right one landed between his legs crushing both bollocks and Miller rolling on the floor screaming in agony. Albert picked up a chopper and smashed it down just missing Miller’s head. “Next time I will not miss Miller. If I get chucked out you won’t be able to work with broken arms I fucking promise you, you bastard!”

Albert slowly walked back thinking the whole time, “army or navy then?” He opted for the navy as he had read the German Grand Fleet was being expanded and as he had read much about the Royal Navy he thought he would become a very good sailor and certain of action in one of those massive Dreadnoughts.

Lord J F Penton had his own thinking to do. He had got Dowling into his room on the pretence of inspecting it in order to seduce him. He had done that to three of the pupils at the boarding school and all Dowling was, was another beautiful boy to indulge in sex. BUT, Dowling had stood up to him and at the same time stood up for himself. That had never happened before and it confused the life out of him. But, there was another but, Penton did not only think of Albert as a sexual challenge now, he realised he was in fact very attracted to him. This boy had guts, he was intelligent, an aspiring sportsman, loyal, trustworthy and utterly beautiful. NOW he had a big problem, he had to show Albert of good intentions and one way to do that was by teaching him to fly and become a mechanic, in that way he would have so much more contact with the him. Albert had now become a challenge in a completely different way, he wanted the boy to accept him as a person of trust and good intentions.

He didn’t go back to Albert’s room but instead told the housekeeper to tell Albert to meet with him in his study after he had seen to the horses but arrive by 10 am the next day. Albert found the note pinned to his door when he got back.

The next morning he went down for breakfast, he was the last to get there. No one was talking and when the porridge was put on the table there was no scrabble for the ladle. “You first Dowling.” Albert looked at Miller and realised he had told the other boys that he would go first. He spooned two heaps into his bowl and began to eat.



“I have asked to talk to his Lordship and own up to what I did. I am sorry Dowling and I hope you don’t get chucked out.”

“I have been told to meet him Miller and I expect I will be sacked, but I don’t give a fuck anymore, but you know what will happen to you as well, I already told you if I get chucked out you won’t be able to work either.” Albert got up and walked out and Miller knowing he could be in big trouble.

Albert was shown into the study and looked at his master who was standing behind his desk. He stared at the man and waited to be told of his dismissal.

“Please take a seat Dowling.” Albert was taken by surprise and just stood there with his mouth open. “Bloody hell I’m not going to be chucked out!” He told himself. If he was he would not have been invited to sit before he was and noted his Lordship seemed rather uncomfortable, very odd.

There was a long pause as it seemed Penton was going through in his mind all he wanted to say and had given a lot of thought how to say it. He remained standing and cleared his throat.

“Dowling, it is my wish that you stay and I have a suggestion to make to you that I ask you will give a great deal of consideration before you answer.” Albert looked at this handsome man and just knew there was something that he would say yes to anyway.

“My Lord?” Lord Penton looked at Albert and sat down.

“I would like to offer you another post and learn to become an aircraft engineer and I will also teach you to fly. I am told by Mister Masters you have an interest in aviation and if so you already know that it is the future. You are a very intelligent young man and if you will allow me to teach and encourage you to become involved in this new area of progress, I am sure you will have a chance to venture into another occupation which I can assure you will become vital in years to come. You surely are aware I have an aircraft in my hanger. Do you know anything about it?”

“Yes my Lord, it is a single seat Avro 400 and is powered by a 50 horsepower Gnome rotary engine and can fly at 60 miles per hour. From what I read it is an experimental aircraft and built by the Royal Aircraft Factory.” Penton just stared at the boy.

“How on earth do you know that!?”

“I go to the library as often as I can to read anything I can find about aircraft and I take your papers out of the bins to read every day my Lord. There is a great deal happening in world events and much about aircraft development and I agree with you, they are the future.” Penton was now well and truly out of his depth as far as this young boy was concerned. This was a mere 15-year-old working class boy for goodness sake! He now looked at Albert in a totally different way, he was not the only one learning right now it seemed.

“Very good Dowling, I am impressed with your fortitude, may I have your reply to my original question?” He almost added “please!”

“My Lord, this may sound impertinent and I apologise, but why are you offering me this opportunity?” Penton almost burst out, “because you are beautiful and I want to take you to bed!” but stopped himself, even though he hoped he would one day, this young man had something else about him which intrigued and excited him. He would have no idea that Albert had similar thoughts! He just said the first thing that came into his head but at the same time got it right.

“As we agree air flight is the future and there will be passenger travel and military uses in the not too distant future, the Germans are much more advanced than we are and it is very difficult to convince the traditionalists to see sense.

I have a vested interest in aircraft development with the Royal Aircraft Factory and at the Farnborough Experimental Establishment, that is why I have the Avro. I do not own it, but test fly as often as I am able. But we will need skilled men to service and maintain aircraft and pilots to fly them which will mean training people like yourself to be encouraged to learn these new skills.” Penton felt good and hoped he had convinced Albert to accept what he had offered and at the same time could not believe HE was hoping for this young boy to agree to his offer. “Now Mister Dowling may I have your answer?” This time he did add, “please.”

“My Lord, thank you I would very much like to take your kind offer, but there is one thing.” Penton could have kicked him and almost shouted, “now what!”

“How can you teach me to fly in a single seat aircraft?” Penton shuffled in his chair and replied as casually as he possibly could and not seem too keen.

“You will have to sit on my lap!” Albert did not want to sound too keen either.

“Oh right! I hope I don’t restrict your vision when you are flying my Lord. I will miss working with the horses though, may I still ride occasionally?”

“I can fly blindfolded Dowling.” Albert nearly shit himself! “Of course you can ride and before you ask, as I now know you will, Miller will take your place. He came to see me and admitted he was the culprit regarding your room yesterday. I found that he has worked with horses since he was much younger and because he was man enough to come to me and took his thrashing without tears, I have offered him the post. Now, let’s talk about your new role.”

An hour later Penton was staring at the door Albert had left by, his mind in turmoil. He had never spoken to a boy of his age for so long in any serious capacity, it had been adult, educational, (for both) exciting because he could look at Albert the whole time whilst they spoke.

It was mainly about Albert’s new room he would move into, (more about that later) and his pay increase as an aircraft engineer, 5 shillings per week which made Albert laugh as he had never sat in an aircraft let alone work on one. There was a quick lesson about the theory of flight and the first flying lesson which would be the next day. Then the best part of this meeting so far, Penton had technical plans and a manual about the Avro 400 as well as two books about aircraft and for an hour they stood together as Penton went over them and often touched as one of them picked up a paper or moved to get a better look at the plans. But it was Albert’s obvious enthusiasm and he had become very relaxed as Albert asked question after question that impressed Penton and as the discussion progressed he came to realise class barriers had, for the time being anyway, disappeared.

Penton shook himself out of his “turmoil” and smiled instead, he had engineered a situation whereby they would be together a great deal, but his original thoughts had changed completely and any thoughts of seduction had now gone. “If anything were to happen between us, it will be because that is what Albert wants as well as me.” He told himself and then laughed. “But I will keep trying!”

Penton did not know he had in fact fallen in love with the boy, he had never been in love and had no idea what the signs were.

When Albert got back to the stables Miller was already there and being spoken to by the unpleasant Mister Moors, he turned to Albert. “What the fuck are you doing back here Dowling, you supposed to be looking after his Lordship’s silly flying machine.” Albert looked at Miller and felt sorry for him, he would miss the horses but not this man. “I am here to finish my duties and tell you I will be riding Prince now and again. I will just turn up and take him out, I will be riding him to the airfield in Farnborough and back. I will see to him myself.”

“Oh! More ass kissing then Dowling, not only getting a special job, you get to ride his Lordship’s favourite horse. We will be taking our hats off to YOU soon as well.” Albert laughed at his ex-boss. “If you want to doff your hat to me, please do Mister Moors but I won’t tell his Lordship if you don’t.” Moors told Albert to “fuck off,” then fucked off.

“He’s a happy one Albert, going to enjoy working here when he is out of the way.” That was the first time Miller had called Albert by his first name.

“You won’t see much of him Ben, he just checks on you, has a good moan then buggers off for most of the day.” They looked at one another and smiled.

“That was brave of you to talk to his Lordship Ben, thanks for doing it.” Ben smiled back. “I’m just very sorry and ashamed Albert, shake?” They did and Albert took Ben around the stables to show him all he needed to be able to get on and then they worked together for the rest of the day which they both enjoyed. After saying good luck to Ben he went back to his room to look at the Avro manual and start to read one of the books before going down for the evening meal and sitting next to Ben chatting about horses and all the while Albert learning that there was good in everyone, you just have to kick a few bollocks to find out it seemed.

Albert laid naked in bed going over in his mind all that happened in just over 24 hours and what his life could become now his Lordship seemed to have taken a liking to him and would steer him in a completely different direction. He was more than excited about tomorrow and being taken for his first flight and sitting on his Lordships lap the whole time. “I mean, a working-class nobody sitting on the lap of a LORD!?” He then thought about Lord Penton, his incredibly handsome face and what appeared to be an equally handsome body and wondered what he would look like without clothes on. Did he have muscles? Did he have body hair? And then wondered what a mans cock looked like. He knew his had grown since he took any notice of it when he was 9, but it was bigger now and surely it would continue to grow as he got older? He continued to stroke and as he was getting close he kicked the blankets off and watched as his 5.5-inch hard cock suddenly swelled between his fingers and thumb, his body tensed and then shot the biggest ejaculation since he began to toss off three years previously. He got out of bed and wiped himself clean and then jumped back in. He pulled the blankets back over himself and laid on his side smiling the whole time.

Meanwhile the Lord of the Manor shot his own load in his bath and sank back down into it. “That will be yours one day Albert Dowling, if you ever want it!”


Penton Manor had been built in 1530 but over time it was rebuilt with Dutch and Italian influence and became “Elizabethan” during the incredible reign of that lady from 1558 until her death in 1603.

The Tudor and Elizabethan periods were times of great uncertainty whereby your friend today could become your worst enemy tomorrow due to political, religious or social changes. To enable the Master and his family to escape unwanted visitors, bolt holes were constructed within the structure to enable a safe evacuation from one room to another, or indeed out of the house. These would be very narrow exits behind the oak panelling and to steps or corridors leading to a safety room, often called “The Priests Hole.”


Albert stood with Lord Penton and could not believe what he was looking at, a large oak-panelled room with a huge rug, curtains on the window and furnished in the Victorian style, complete with a large double bed. In one corner was a wash basin with a TAP! Opposite the bed was a large fire with a massive hook and a cauldron hanging from it that would heat water for washing. All very modern.

“My Lord, this is MINE!?”

“It is indeed. This room is one of four but the others are no longer used and as you are above my rooms is the reason you have a rug. These rooms were originally for personal servants of visiting family and friends. There is another set of four in the east wing. Father and Grandfather did a lot of entertaining in their day, I don’t that much. Do you like it?”

“My Lord! Yes of course I do and thank you.”

“No need to thank me, you are now going to be with me quite a lot from now on and we need to get to the hanger and show you what you are about. I will be showing you a great deal over the next few weeks and when my mechanic is here you will work and train with him, you will be riding to Farnborough often and take further training and of course I will be teaching you to fly and eventually you will fly solo, so long as you take my instructions well.

We need to get to the Avro there is a lot for you to learn about getting her out and starting up.”

Just before they left Penton looked at the panelling to the left of the chimney breast and knew there was a hidden door next to it. Once through the door there was a steep spiral staircase that led down to his bedroom directly underneath to another secret door to the right of his own chimney breast. He wondered if ever either one of them would go up or down it.

They walked together towards the small field and even that was something Albert could not believe was happening either and had to pinch himself. What made it even more special was they never stopped talking and all about flying and the various types of aircraft that were being constructed for experimental flying.

They had pulled the Avro out after Penton had given Albert a tour of the aircraft and explained the construction in great detail and the way in which Albert would swing the propeller to get fuel into the carburettors before Penton switched on the magnetos and call out, “CONTACT!”. Albert would then yank hard on the prop and get out of the way as the engine burst into life. Penton would rev the engine and then turn one magneto off at a time to check both were working that gave electrical power to the two plugs that provided ignition to each of the six cylinders.

He waved to Albert who pulled the chocks away and he then ran round to the cockpit and with Penton’s help climbed in and sat on his lap.

Only Penton thought about having this lovely 15-year-old sitting on his cock, even though it was stuck in his trousers! The other one was over excited about flying for the first time!

Penton opened the throttle and the 50 HP engine gave its limited but full power. The tail would lift at 15 mph and after 30 mph was reached the Avro literally took itself off because of the massive lift from the four wings of the biplane.

Penton had given instruction about all the flying surfaces, elevator, ailerons and rudder functions were. He now shouted to Albert sitting on his lap as he flew the Avro all over the sky, but not upside down, Albert would have fallen out!

Penton carried on instructing his young student for another half hour and then shouted the one thing Albert had nervously been waiting for.

“All yours young man, don’t kill us!” After yet another half hour had gone by, not only had Albert done very well, he was totally hooked and would remain so from this day forward. The Royal Navy was now truly forgotten!

We can shoot forward one whole month which would still see Albert sitting on his Lordships lap, but by now taking control of the entire flight. Starting up, getting out so Penton could get in, sitting on his lap, taking off, flying training and landing.

He would ride Prince to Farnborough where he met aircraft engineers and mechanics to begin training with them. He could not fly there with Penton as it would not be very well received, a pilot with a boy on his lap!?

By now he had a spare engine in Penton’s hanger to continue to service as well as the Avro.

Penton was in his bath this particular morning thinking and knew he was about to risk everything and get into big trouble if things went wrong. Powerful and influential he maybe but allowing a 15-year-old boy to fly solo in a plane that was not his property? He could find himself answering some difficult questions, but only if Albert buggered up! Penton over these past weeks had never been happier in this lovely boys company and often wondered if he would ever be in a position to tell Albert about the bolt hole and what he had hoped it would be used for.

Albert arrived at the hanger to see the Avro had already been bought out and a farmhand who must have helped Penton to get it out walking away.

“Good morning my Lord.”

“Good morning Dowling. Get in and adjust your seating.” Albert wondered why and then it hit him. “Oh my word, I’m going solo!” The thrill of the moment was mixed with intrepidation.  During the times they had flown together it had been rather cramped but now Albert would have a full cockpit and a good flying position, but he still had everything crossed!

After a long briefing Penton slapped Albert on the shoulder and went to the front and gave the prop a few swings as Albert pumped fuel into the carburettors.

“Start up!” Albert shouted. He switched on the magneto’s and put the throttle to half open.


Penton swung the prop and the engine burst into life. Albert waited for the warm-up and after magneto checks, reduced back to idle and then waved the chocks away. He looked as Penton got clear and gave a thumbs up which Penton returned with both of his and waved to Albert to give him encouragement but shitting himself the whole time!

There were no instruments to tell of the engines behaviour, all you had was your ears to listen out for any signs of problems, but as this was an air-cooled engine you could not keep the thing running too long before it overheated. Satisfied that all was well, Albert opened the throttle and his flight had begun.

As this was a windless day he could just open the throttle wide and the Avro began to move forward and slowly picked up speed. Albert felt the tail go up and now had to concentrate and keep her level as the prop would now be that much closer to the ground and a pending disaster if it made contact.

Albert now had to concentrate as never before even though he had flown the whole flight many times by now, but this was the big one with no Lord Penton to get him out of trouble if indeed he got into any. At 25 mph she lifted herself off the ground. NOW Albert was flying! The Avro climbed slowly and Albert waited for her to get to the height that he had been trained to get to and levelled off at 200 feet. (It could have been 190 or 210, in those days, altimeters had not been invented!)

He had been told to circle the Manor twice. “So you can get used to flying on your own and then come back to the field and carry out four practice landings and after them go back to 200 feet, fly out south and come into land but try not to bend it!”

Albert circled the Manor looking down and tried to recognise anyone he could see and smiled as he saw what must have been Ben with the horses. He looked up at the sound of the aircraft as it flew overhead, shrugged and told himself “only a fool would fly in one of those things, even you Albert!” Then went back to work still thinking about Albert, they had become friends which for both of them was a first.

Albert flew south and then lined up as he began his decent which in that era was little more than a controlled stall.

With his head hanging over the side to get a good look at the ground coming up at him, he got to about 10 feet then gave a short burst of power and smiled as she settled on the ground and cut the throttle back.

“ALBERT HAS LANDED!” He shouted out, but had no idea similar words would be repeated just 57 years later when the first spacecraft landed on the moon by Apollo 11, and here they were flying experimental biplanes in 1912!

Lord Johnathan Fitzgerald of Penton was over that same moon and ran to the Avro waving his arms telling Albert not to switch off and pointed at the sky. Albert waved at him, opened the throttle and put the rudder hard to port to turn the Avro round. Two minutes later he was back in the air.

Penton watched as he followed the Avro and smiled as Albert carried out several perfect practise landings and knew this 15-year-old boy could be destined to become a great aviator. He watched the approach as Albert lined up to land and smiled again.

Penton went back to his own training days when he would do the same, but now as he got over an airfield he would shove the stick to left or right and kick the rudder in the same direction, cut the engine back and side slip towards the ground. He would time it to perfection and at 20 feet level the craft and make a three-point landing. “You will do that soon young beautiful Albert Dowling.” He said out loud. He continued to watch the Avro and thought about what he would say once they had got the aircraft back in the hanger to carry out engine servicing.

Albert completed his landing and taxied to the hanger, switched the engine off and climbed out of the cockpit only to find his Master coming towards him with his arms wide open and when he got to Albert, embraced him.

“Albert, welcome back to earth! That was a grand flight dear boy but never tell anyone I allowed you to fly solo, promise?”

“My Lord, thank YOU! And I promise not to say a word!” Albert, without thinking embraced his Lordship back and the pair of them stayed like that for some time.

They dragged the Avro back into the hanger and together began to work on the engine which on this occasion included draining the oil sump to check there were no metal bits and if there were that would indicate one, or more, of the pistons or piston sleeves would need to be changed after the engine was removed.

They knelt opposite one another over a large bucket with the drained engine oil in it. Penton scooped up a large jug full of oil and poured it out into the hessian bag Albert was holding over another bucket. During all this time Albert was still as high as he had flown and simply forgot who was with him as he rabbited on and on while Penton listened and knew it would soon be time to say all he needed to say.  Albert prattled on and even forgot to address Penton in the usual way.

“I would like to thank you again, you have allowed me to….”

“You talk too much Albert Dowling! Its my turn so shut up!” Then smiled broadly at Albert.

“Yes my Lord.” And smiled broadly back. Once again the massive class difference was forgotten.


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