Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 1

Albert looked in his cracked mirror and smiled at his refection.

“Happy 15th birthday Albert me old son. At least one fucker said it, even if it had to be me.” Nobody would know it was his birthday anyway, even his father who happened to be His Lordship’s butler, would ignore it. This was the 15th March 1912.

He went to the washstand to begin cleaning his naked body before going down to breakfast from his small attic room in the servants quarters of this huge Elizabethan “Penton Manor.” It was situated in the county of Hampshire and right in the centre of the 12,000 acre Penton estate.

Albert it must be said was not the same as others in that he was a stickler for personal hygiene and would strip wash every morning before starting work in the stables at 5 am and every night before going to bed. He would go to the servants bathhouse once a week just for a soak in one of the six baths as well as bathe in the large communal bath at his athletic club after training. This was all down to the cross country running coach, Jim Masters, who drummed into all 20 boys from 12 to 17 the importance of keeping a body clean.

“A clean body means a clean mind and a clean mind will clear your thick heads of unclean thoughts.” Albert had no idea what unclean thoughts were, so he just took the advice and continued to look at the other naked boys in the bathhouse and as he was half underwater no one would see his five and a half inch hard penis. Albert did not think why his cock got hard every time he got into the bath with the rest of them, he just assumed all boys cocks did. He would come to realise very soon he did indeed have those, “unclean “thoughts!”

It was hard now as he washed it and liked the feeling that came across him every time he did it. Even at 15 he had still not worked out what self-pleasuring was and the reason for that was in those days boys worked at LEAST an 18 hour day, seven days a week and by bedtime, after his full body wash, he would climb into his bed and fall asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

He finished his ablutions, dried off in a cloth and got dressed in an off-white vest, collarless long sleeve shirt (rolled up,) dark brown cords, thick socks and boots. Underwear was not for working-class boys. He carried his cap as servants only wore them outside the manor house.

Albert was in fact a stable boy which he loved and what with that and his athletic training, he was content with his lot. He had also been happy in school and made every effort to go to the library to continue to read now that he had left school when he was 11. Nobody knew that Albert was in fact was a well-read boy and had the knack of retaining knowledge which would come in very handy in not the too distant future.

An under cook was in the kitchen and dumped the cauldron half full of porridge in the middle of the massive table and there would be a free for all as the seven boys tried to grab the ladle at the same time and take their one ladle full, but only after 15-year-old bully boy Ben Miller had taken his. Albert would wait until they had fought over their shares, then took what he wanted! They were issued two slices of thick bread and butter and that was breakfast.

Albert finished and went to the stables situated at the rear of the Manor where he was greeted by all six horses as they called out to him as he unlatched the top stable door and hugged their necks in turn. He bought each one out and hitch them up outside their stable and then began the task of feeding, watering and grooming. After each horse had been seen to, he would lead them out to their field two at a time and then go back to clean out the stables. After all that was completed he would go to the tack room to clean and make sure it was ready for the household when required.

The head groom would eventually turn up and inspect Albert’s work and make his complaints known as he tapped his whip on his right riding boot, which he did every day and Albert instantly forgot. He said to himself that Mister Moors was a fucking misery but never out loud because if a boy ever did it was an instant whipping, only male working-class adults swore and Albert would have to reach 21 before he could. Victorian standards had to be respected, hypocritical though they were. Albert had already worked out that there would be no starting at the bottom of the ladder and work up, not until he became an adult himself, meanwhile he would stay, as he told himself, at slug level, but as he knew what and who he was he was content, he had no choice anyway.

This birthday was a good one for him because it happened to be cross country training at the athletics club and he had special permission from no less a person than his Lordship to attend twice a week. Albert loved it but the other boys and most adults hated him for this preferential treatment and took it out on him by virtually ignoring him the whole time. What they did not know was Albert was more than happy they did, Albert may be an unimportant 15-year-old, but he had a determination about him that he could raise above any shit that came his way. He had his ambitions and secret thoughts and knew one day they would come about, but what he did not know then was his life would be turned round in the most unexpected way.

One of those ambitions was to become a county champion in cross country running and possibly a national champion as well and even become a coach himself one day which could lead towards those secret thoughts, being with young boys. He knew that by the time he may become a sportsman he would be adult of course but also knew his liking for boys of his age and that would not change. BUT, there was one adult that kept creeping into his thoughts and he laughed at himself every time he did as it was none other than his Lordship, Lord Penton! Since he had first seen the man he found himself attracted to his handsome face and build. He laughed at himself and dismissed his thoughts, until he saw him again passing the stables on his way to the airfield and go into the small aircraft hangar and when he heard the noise of the engine running he would watch as it took off and disappear over the trees. Albert was in awe of this amazing “heavier than air” machine as it soured into the sky and had no idea how anything but a bird could fly. He made up his mind to find out, there must be something at the library to help him.

The training was over and now Albert’s day was at its most exciting. He and the other boys were naked and all in the communal bath. Boys of that age of course tended to rough it up by water fighting and dunking one another which lead to a lot of body contact and most with very hard penis’s, including Albert’s. He did notice other boys giving him a few stares when he was fully exposed as it seemed Albert’s cock was at least a half inch longer than other boys AND he boasted a full development of pubic hair. However, unbeknown to him someone else was enjoying the 20 naked boys in front of him and in particular Albert’s lovely body and his private area as he twisted all over the bath as he fought with the other lads.

Since Albert had reached the age of 13 the couch, Jim Masters, had to give progress reports to Lord Penton, how he was advancing in cross country running and physical development. Lord Penton had also received reports about Albert from his school which he also owned, all of which were positive. His Lordship had a liking for young boys and since he had first seen Albert at the age of 13 when he presented Albert with the “Penton Cup 1910” and again the following year, he made sure he was kept up to date with his progress.

After Masters had told the boys to get out and dry off they would have to empty the bath by the bucket load and then clean it out. He had made a rule that was to be done before they got dressed which allowed another half hour to watch them. What he wouldn’t know was Albert also enjoyed this time as well.

After he said goodbye to the last to leave he would turn the lights off and then go home, but on this particular evening he had to report to Lord Penton to give his progress report, at 7 pm on the dot.

He was shown into the study where his master was waiting and bowed.

“Well Mister Masters, what have you got for me?”

“My Lord I am pleased to say young Dowling continues to progress well in his training as is his physical development. As you are aware my Lord he has won all of his races against other clubs in his age group for the past two seasons and am confident he will continue to progress in a positive manner. He is hardworking and very enthusiastic about all aspects of his training.

I am confident he will grow into an adult athlete of long distance running as I am sure his physical frame will retain a slight build but with great stamina. He is a strong lad now and I am confident he will continue like that and, if I may say so, with my coaching he could progress to represent the county and even his country in a few years.”

“What age do you estimate, assuming he progresses in the way you predict?”

“Seventeen my Lord. He is that good.” His Lordship sat thinking.

“Mister Maters the way things are going in Europe he may not have the opportunity, like all lads his age.”

“I agree my Lord.”

“One more question. His loyalty. Is he in your opinion?” Jim Masters smiled to himself having a good guess why he had been asked that. He guessed his Lordship liked Dowling more than a lot as the need for progress reports suggested and could the boy be trusted to keep his mouth shut! He answered truthfully wishing he could get closer to Albert himself.

“My Lord, I know him to be one of your most trusted employees. He speaks highly of you my Lord and with great admiration as an athlete yourself, but most importantly your interest in aviation. He speaks often about your aircraft and would be thrilled to be able to get close to look at the machine and he told me that a lot of his reading at the library is about the advances in aircraft development.  My Lord in my opinion he has already grown into a most loyal young man.”

He threw in one last comment.

“A young man who will undoubtedly turn many heads in the future, he is an exceptionally fine looking boy.” His Lordship nor Jim Masters would have no idea Albert’s interest would only be towards males whose heads could turn!

“Thank you Mister Masters, there will no need for further reports.” Jim Masters left smiling and telling himself what this was really all about, but he was loyal as well and would keep his thoughts to himself and his mouth firmly shut, there was too much to loose if he opened it.

Lord Johnathan Fitzgerald of Penton was a tall handsome man, 23 years, very fit and all would guess, a fine body as well. He succeeded his late father two years previously when he suddenly died after a short illness. It soon became apparent he was about to come down hard in dealing with his entire staff and workers who in fact “belonged” to him. He was a disciplinarian and quite simply because that is how he was brought up himself. He spent a great deal of time with staff and workers and they knew why, he was checking their standards of work which rose to new heights after a few were kicked out. No loyalty, no work and no prospects of getting other work either.

There was something else that he suddenly announced to his living in staff and that was he would inspect their accommodation at unannounced times on any particular day.

He was an excellent sportsman in athletics, rowing and tennis but his main passion now was aircraft and had flown since the age of 18. He was convinced aircraft were the future and he spoke enthusiastically to anyone who would listen including the many high ranking army and naval officers who would be guests of his father who would agree, then ignore the young man simply because of his age and lacking in military experience.

In Germany Army officers listened and would, eventually, act.

It was rumoured he had had a string of affairs but his preference was to be with men who followed his own interests. Being involved with women would stop any talk of other preferences he may have but none of them lasted that long and in any case he had one preference that he kept very much to himself. He would never know it but Jim Masters was right about him wanting to know about the boy Dowling. Jim was the same himself and one of the many reasons he loved couching young boys. He had got to know one of them quite well and now he was certain about his Lordship’s interest in Albert Dowling he dropped any thoughts he had about the lad. He would not want to risk his job as junior estate manager or coaching and get thrown out.

A week before his 15th birthday Albert was busy working with the horses and did not notice Lord Penton watching him. As he worked he talked to them the whole time which was one of many reasons these beautiful animals were content and happy with the care the lad gave. They were also a bit devilish at times and would often lower their heads and give him a shove which made him laugh as he picked himself up and a certain hug. Lord Penton smiled to himself as he witnessed this happen but his main interest was Dowling himself, the boy was indeed very handsome and he made up his mind he would go to the athletic club at bath time.

“Good afternoon Dowling.” Albert nearly shit himself and jumped to attention and pulled his cap off.

“Good afternoon my Lord, I apologise for not seeing you first.” His master came closer.

“No need to apologise Dowling, I would rather see you work than look out for me. Are you liking your work?”

“Indeed I do my Lord even though they are rascals at times.”

“So I see, but I am happy that they seem to be. Do you ride yourself?”

“I do my Lord but only if they haven’t been ridden for two days.”

“Good, very good. Do you saddle?”

“No my Lord, I ride bareback, I am not permitted to use your tack my Lord.”

“What are you paid?”

“One shilling and sixpence every week my Lord.” Albert’s master looked at him and smiled.

“Very well Dowling, I will let you get on.”

“Thank you my Lord.” Albert stayed were he was until Lord Penton went out of sight, thinking all the time about Lord Penton’s obvious good looks and his handsome frame, then went back to work.

“What the FUCK have you been saying to his Lordship Dowling?” Moor’s was furious and glared at Albert banging his crop even harder onto his riding boot.

“I only answered his Lordship’s questions Mister Moors.”

“You fucking liar you must have said something, he has just told me you can ride with harness AND he has raised your pay to two shillings per week! He put the crop at Albert’s face.  “Watch yourself Dowling, your getting above your station.” Albert could not have been happier. Moors went off still swearing. Albert turned to his charges.

“Thank you boys and girls, you just got me an extra penny a week, each!”


A week later Lord Penton timed it right as the boys were in the bath enjoying their fight. Nobody noticed him at first so he had some time watching them and picked out Albert. He smiled to himself as he looked at this perfect boy and smiled even wider when he was bodily lifted out and now could see him naked with that semi-hard and longer than average penis, crowned by his fine looking bush of fair pubic hair. Lord Penton made his mind up.

“BOYS, BOYS, BOYS! His Lordship is present!” Jim Masters yelled out. “Good evening your Lordship.” All the boys stood up and looked at Penton.

“Good evening Mister Masters and boys, I hope you have had a good training session?”

“Yes my Lord, they have all worked very well. This is just play time before they go home.” All the boys nodded and smiled at Penton.

“Very good. Please carry on boys and thank you Mister Masters, good night.” Everyone stayed still until he had left, then carried on fighting except Albert, he was still looking at the door, then got dunked. Jim Masters wiped the sweat from his forehead. It had been a close run thing as for weeks he had wanted to get in the bath with them, still in shorts but he knew they would cling to his upper legs and his cock and hoped a lad called Charlie Smith would notice! Fuck it, he would have to wait until he knew Lord Penton would be away then get in with them.

The following morning the five boys were having breakfast and making their feelings known to Albert about the unfairness about his pay raise, Moors had made sure everyone was aware.

The door suddenly flew open and Lord Penton came in. They all shot up with chairs going all over the place making a hell of a noise.


“My Lord?”

“I will be inspecting your room this afternoon at 4pm, Do NOT go in until I get there, stand outside your room and don’t be late.” He turned and left. They sat down and laughed at Albert.

“Hope you left it in a mess Dowling and get chucked out.”

Albert smiled at Ben Miller. “Its never in a mess Miller, not like your pigsty.”

Miller looked at Albert and sneered at him, Albert smiled back, Miller may be a bully but left Albert alone. About six months previously Albert was having his evening meal with the others when a farm hand, a year older than Albert come in and began to shoot his mouth off challenging anyone to a fight. Albert put his spoon down went to the 14-year-old and beat the crap out of him. He had to be pulled off the bloke by the other boys as Albert had no intention of stopping. Albert’s credibility shot up and Miller thought it best to leave him alone.

His Lordship did his rounds and when he got back to his study he pulled the cord to summon his butler. When he came in his Lordship looked at him trying to see if there was any family resemblance between himself and his son but failed to find anything facially although Dowling senior was quite tall and slim, he assumed Dowling junior would be the same when he got older.

“Dowling, I am considering offering your son another position within the manor, would that become difficult for you?” Mathew Dowling was taken by surprise and had to think quickly.

“My Lord please forgive me but your business is none of mine and you appoint staff to positions of your choosing regardless of family connections and of course I and my son are not the only relatives in your service.”

“That is a good answer, as always Dowling. I will tell you the position I have in mind though. I am considering making him my personal servant and I will also teach him all I can about aircraft development as it seems he has a fascination about them. He would also accompany me when I travel both here and abroad. NOW Dowling give me your thoughts.” Dowling senior was even more surprised!

“He is rather young for such a post is my first thought my Lord.”

“I have been told a lot about him and all of it very good, he has excellent reports from his school and the athletics coach is full of praise for your son’s commitment to training and has good results with cross county running, I also know at first hand he is an excellent stable boy. I think you will agree a fine all-rounder and I am sure you are proud of your son Dowling.”

“If you say so my Lord.”

“What is your son’s date of birth please.” Mathew Dowling was now angry but could not show it.

“It is the 15th March 1895 my Lord, the same date my wife died giving birth to him.” He paused for a moment struggling to stay in control. “A perfectly healthy baby boy and a dead wife my Lord.” Mathew stood there shaking and Penton now knew why his butler hated his son.

“I don’t often apologise to anyone, but I do now. Dowling I hope there will be a time when you can be at peace with your thoughts and realise that your unfortunate wife’s passing was nothing to do with your son, it was just a very sad thing to happen.”

“Dowling, I will not now offer your son a different post as it will be in the manor and it may be difficult for both of you, but I will teach him about aircraft as that seems to be of interest to him and I want to build on his enthusiasm. I hope you agree.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness my Lord. One never knows about the future and how attitudes change.”

Lord Johnathan Fitzgerald of Penton looked at the closed door and wondered what his butler would think about his intention of seducing his son that afternoon and indeed would he even care! His thoughts then turned to Albert and knew beyond doubt after he had seduced the boy, he would be the most beautiful boy he had sex with. His mind turned to a special boarding school just 20 miles from his estate which was totally isolated and was truly an Island within an Island. A very private island that educated 100 special boys, boys “born in barracks” as they were called whose fathers were all in the British army or navy serving as non commissioned officers, NCO’s, who would be overseas serving the Empire on behalf of His Majesty.

His Great Grandfather had opened the “Parkway Academy for Boys” in 1800 and was its first Headmaster, followed by his grandfather and then his own father who even though he gave up the headship, he had been the school’s governor and that is now what Johnathan became on his father’s death. He was a regular visitor. All of the boys were selected who showed an ability to learn, not only in general education, but also showing an interest in engineering. The school was very well equipped for both…., and much more.

Albert had told Mister Moors that he would have to leave early to meet his Lordship for his room to be inspected and had to endure the man’s abuse. “You fucking shit. I will be checking this is the case and if it ain’t I will thrash your ass so fucking hard you won’t be able to sit for weeks. RIGHT you fucking turd, you work double time and start with this fucking lot.” With that Moors tipped the entire tack room upside down and left still swearing. Albert waited for him to go, then laughed his head off, he was happy that he would be in the company of his master for a while, just him and his Lordship.

Albert was somewhat nervous as he stood outside his room waiting for Lord Penton to arrive. Apart from when he had come to the stables to talk to him, he had never been in the company of his master alone.

He heard the door to the attic open and looked as Lord Penton came towards him.

“Right Dowling, open up.” Albert opened the door to allow Lord Penton to go in first and when he had he followed him in. Both man and boy stood there looking at the total mess. The bed was unmade, the water bowl was still full, there was a slice of bread on the floor as well as a few items of discarded clothes. BUT, to make things even worse they both saw a cut glass vase on the window sill.

Albert’s heart sank and knew who would have done this. He fought to control his tears, but failed. He looked at a furious master who stared back.



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