Riding Lessons II – Lessons Learned
by Andrew Todd


Chapter 4

“I’m afraid I’ve sold the ranch.”

Mr. Jones started chuckling as four of the boys began shouting and clamoring for more information.

“Hold on!” Mr. Jones hollered.

“Mr. Jones, what do you mean, you sold the ranch?” asked Zak. “What about us? What about the horses?”

“Zak, like I told you on your birthday, I never intended this to be a full ongoing business. This was supposed to be a hobby for my retirement, but you boys have helped make it into a going concern and it needs a full-time owner and manager. That’s not me; I want to travel and take it a bit easier and enjoy my retirement. So I found someone who wants to buy a ranch and make it even bigger and better and understands what you boys have given to make this ranch what it is.”


CJ stepped forward. “Me,” he said, as he and Mr. Jones grinned at the boys.

“You bought this ranch?!?” Mattie exclaimed.

“Yes, CJ is going to be the new owner of the ranch,” Mr. Jones explained. “I’ve been thinking about having to sell the ranch for a while now–that was one of the reasons I made sure you boys had Onyx, Phoenix and Ash. I wanted to make sure there was no way those horses could be taken from you. I was trying to find someone who would keep the ranch going the way it was and just work to make it better and bigger and not come in and change everything. But once you sell, you have no real control over what decisions the new owners make. When Mattie told me that CJ was looking for a ranch to purchase, the old wheels started turning.”

CJ took over. “So, this afternoon, Mr. Jones offered to sell me the ranch. We talked about my plans and what was already happening here and everything lined up perfectly. There are, of course, going to be some changes, but only things that will improve and strengthen the ranch. First, I’ve also agreed to purchase the Greer place next door, which will double the size of the ranch’s holdings. What I plan to do is keep things the same here, offering boarding, trail rides and lessons. On the new property we are going to start a rescue similar to the one your friend Nick’s family has.”

“Isn’t that a lot for one person to take on?” asked Dusty.

CJ grinned at him. “It would be if I was by myself, but I’m figuring I have at least four willing hands–five if Dylan is here for the long haul.” Dylan smiled at being included. “Actually, my plan is to run the day-to-day operations here and to have a second manager run the rescue.”

“Who?” asked Zak.

“Well, after talking to Mr. Jones, we both agreed that Dusty would be the perfect person to do that.”

“Me?” Dusty asked.

“Sure; you finish your classes next spring and I know from Mr. Jones and Mattie that you want to be a trainer and they both say you have a great way with the horses and a lot of patience, which a project like this will require. The only part that might be difficult for you, for all of us, will be adopting out the horses after you’ve been working with them for a while.”

“I talked to Nick about that quite a bit,” Zak said. “He said it was hard, but since the end goal of the rescue was to find forever homes for the horses, it was worth it in the end.”

“So when is all this going to happen?” asked Mattie.

“Well, I have to get access to my trust first and then we’ll work through the sale. I’m going to start working here to learn how things are done as of tomorrow, but the sale itself will probably go through in about a month.”

“Well, I’m torn,” said Zak. “I’m not happy that Mr. Jones is leaving, but if that’s what he wants and the ranch has to be sold, then I’m certainly glad that CJ is going to be the new owner. We know that he’s going to do a great job and we’ll still have our place.”

The other boys nodded their agreement.

“Boys, I’m not going to disappear off the face of the earth,” Mr. Jones laughed. “I just want to have a little more flexibility in my life. I want to travel and see some family. CJ will be moving into the house here and I’ll probably buy a small house in town.”

Everyone stood there not sure what to say when the silence was broken.

“Zaky, gotta go potty!!”

Everyone laughed.

“Ok, Maxie, let’s go,” Zak said as he took Max from Mattie. “Dylan, why don’t you come with us, then I can show you around while these guys are getting the horses ready.”

Dusty laughed, “I assume you want to take Angel?”

“You assume right, babe,” Zak answered. “Dylan can ride Apollo. Who are you going to take?”

“Well, I think CJ will take Whisper so I guess I’ll take Bob.”

“Bob?” CJ laughed.

Dusty shot him a dirty look. “We didn’t name him. But he’s a great trail horse.”

Zak carried Max towards the office, with Dylan hot on his heels. The other boys split up to get their horses for the trail ride.

After taking care of Max, Zak gave Dylan a quick tour of the ranch. They ended up back in the office.

“Did you bring clothes to change into?” Zak asked Dylan.

“Oh, yeah. I left my duffel in your car,” Dylan answered.

Zak handed Dylan the keys to his SUV so that Dylan could get his duffel bag.

While they were waiting for Dylan, Zak took Max with him into the bathroom; Zak quickly changed into his riding clothes and then got Max dressed in a matching set of clothes he had bought for him. Max was beside himself to be dressed like Zak.

When Dylan and Zak came walking up to the crossties where the other boys were getting the horses ready, Dusty rolled his eyes and groaned, “Oh, Mattie, another one?”

Mattie laughed as he looked at Zak and Dylan who were both dressed in their breeches, yard boots, half chaps and t-shirts; both boys held their helmets. “Yup, we’re outnumbered now.”

“Not necessarily,” CJ interjected. “I’m on the ‘cowboy’ side.”

Dusty grinned. “Good; that makes us even again.”

“Not quite,” Zak laughed as he and Dylan stepped apart to reveal Max, who was dressed in yard boots, breeches and a t-shirt identical to the one Zak wore. On his head was a small helmet.

“MAX!! What have they done to you?!?” Dusty cried.

“I gonna ride like Zaky,” the little boy chirped.

Dusty and Mattie glared at a laughing Zak and Dylan. “You guys don’t play fair,” Mattie said accusingly.

The boys had all the horses ready to go.

Mattie swung up onto Ash and Zak handed Max up to him. Dusty, CJ and Spin all mounted up. Zak told them to go ahead and he and Dylan would catch up.

Zak took Dylan over to where Apollo stood waiting.

“Dylan, this is Apollo. We just adopted him from the rescue that CJ was talking about earlier.”

Dylan walked up to the horse and stroked his neck and talked to him quietly. “He’s an Arabian, isn’t he?” he asked Zak.

Zak grinned. “He sure is. He’s pretty good on the trails, but he’s awesome in the ring and jumps like a dream. Maybe when we get back, if it’s not too late we can take a couple turns around the ring. Spin’s always up for a jump-off.”

Dylan smiled brightly. “That sounds like fun.”

Zak watched as Dylan tightened the girth and pulled down his stirrups. Since they were trail riding, he made sure the stirrups were longer than he would use them in the ring. Once he knew that Dylan was all set, Zak went over to Angel.

“Hey, Angel baby, how are you today?” he greeted the mare. Angel responded by nuzzling his hand.

Zak checked his girth and stirrups and jumped up catching the stirrup with his toe and pulling himself up.

Zak turned around to see Dylan mounted and ready. Dylan looked happier than Zak had seen him.

“You missed it, didn’t you?” Zak asked Dylan.

“More than I even imagined,” Dylan answered. “I told myself I didn’t need it and didn’t like it anymore, but just being here for this short time has reminded me how much I do love it.”

“Well, you have a standing invitation to come and ride anytime,” Zak said. “In fact, if CJ’s really going to be the new owner of the ranch and we are going to be doubling the size, you should be able to come work here with us.”

Dylan smiled wide. “That would be awesome. Denise was right about you guys, you are the best.”

Zak laughed. “C’mon, let’s see if we can catch up with the rest of them.”

They took off down the trail at a walk; Zak wanted to give Dylan a chance to get used to being back in the saddle.

“Do you like him?” Zak asked.

Dylan reached down and stroked Apollo’s neck. “He’s awesome. I used to have an Arabian gelding, but when I decided to stop riding, my parents sold him.”

“Man, that sucks,” Zak commiserated with Dylan. “Would your parents let you get another horse, if you wanted to start riding again?”

“I think my parents would do just about anything to get me out of the house more,” Dylan laughed. “They are always complaining cuz I just stay in and read and study. I don’t have many friends.”

Zak’s heart went out to Dylan. “Hey, Dylan, it’s ok; that’s exactly the way I was before I started working here this summer. My mom arranged for me to work here without actually running it past me first. I thought it would be the worst summer of my life, instead it turned my whole life around; I made new friends, learned that I not only love horses, but they seem to like me pretty good, too. And on top of all that I got the best damned boyfriend you could ever hope for.”

“Well, actually I think I did,” Dusty said as he rode up flanked by Herc and Loki.

“Hey, Babe,” Zak said. “Where are the others?”

“Well, we discovered that CJ likes to race almost as much as Spin, so they are somewhere a lot farther down the trail. I told them I wanted to hold back for you guys.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I don’t get to see you as much as I did over the summer and I missed you,” Dusty answered as he leaned over to kiss Zak.

Dylan blushed as he watched the other boys kiss.

Zak pulled back and turned to Dylan. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Dylan said. “I think hanging around with you guys is going to make my life a lot more interesting and hopefully, I can find some of what you have.”

Dusty and Zak both smiled at Dylan. Zak was happy that the shy boy was starting to open up.

The boys rode along at a leisurely pace, enjoying the warm afternoon and each other’s company.

Further down the trail, they caught up with CJ and Max heading in their direction on Whisper.

“Hey, CJ. Hey, Maxie,” called Zak. “Where’s Heckle and Jeckle?” He rode over to the two and took Max onto Angel.

CJ laughed. “They took off on their own, whining about needing some ‘alone time’.”

Zak and Dusty laughed, while Dylan blushed–he was getting quite the education this afternoon.

“Well, they were together as much as Zak and I were this summer and now they really only see each other in school and here,” Dusty said. “And since neither is out at home like we are, they can’t really spend much time together there.”

‘Well, hopefully, once the sale of the ranch goes through and I get settled in the ranch house, they’ll have a safe haven here,” CJ said.

“Hey, Babe, Dylan and I are going to head back so we can get some time in the ring,” Zak announced. “He’s a little rusty.”

Dylan smirked at Zak. “I’ll show you ‘rusty’,” he declared as he kicked Apollo into a run.

“Ooh, a challenge. Hold on, Maxie,” Zak replied as he wrapped an arm around the toddler. Zak kicked Angel into a run. “I’ll see you later,” he yelled over his shoulder.

Dusty and CJ laughed as they watched the other boys running down the trail. They could hear Max’s cries of “Faster, Faster.”

“I’m glad we have a few minutes alone,” CJ said.

“Me, too,” Dusty replied. “I wanted to talk to you about the plans for the ranch and for me.”

CJ grinned. “Great minds think alike.” He turned serious. “Dusty, I wasn’t blowing smoke; from what Mr. Jones and Mattie have told me and from what I’ve seen, you are the best person to put in charge of the rescue. You have a way with the horses and you have the patience and compassion to make this work. I fully intend to keep every one of you working here. I can move Mattie over to doing lessons with Spin and I can teach myself. I know you like giving lessons, but I think running the rescue will give you more responsibility and more experience. Plus, you’ll be training a lot. I’m sure that Zak will want to work there with you; from what I’ve seen between him and Angel and the other horses, he has the magic touch, too.”

Dusty nodded. “He sure does,” he agreed. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. I love the idea of opening our own rescue and I know that Zak and the others do too. I’m just really nervous about Zak.”


“Well, Spin, Mattie and I have been around horses and ranches all our lives, we understand the need to not become attached to every animal. Especially in the case of a rescue. Zak’s so sensitive and he falls in love with every horse, that’s sorta why I adopted Apollo for his birthday. He only rode him for two days and he fell in love with him. It broke my heart to watch him mope all the way home. And now with Angel. If your boyfriend shows up tomorrow and reclaims her, it will be so rough for him.”

“Well, since I haven’t heard from Danny in over nine months I doubt that is going to happen,” CJ said. “But, as far as the rescue goes, we’ll just have to keep an eye on Zak. If it becomes too rough on him, then we’ll move him back to this ranch and he can work with kids or do trail rides. He’s a great kid and I don’t want him or any of you hurting. You guys have made this ranch a place of healing and brotherhood and I want to keep that going.”

“I want that too,” Dusty declared. “This place has helped us so much and now Zak seems to have brought Dylan into the fold.”

“Pay it forward,” CJ answered. “That’s all any of us can do. Let’s head back; I want to see what Zak and Angel are up to.”

“Sounds good,” Dusty replied as he and CJ spurred the horses into an easy canter and headed back to the ranch.


Mattie and Spin headed to the lake. They knew that the tent was still up there and it was the only spot they could get any privacy. They envied Dusty and Zak and the acceptance they received from their mothers. They both knew that Mattie’s parent would not accept Mattie’s sexuality or his relationship with Spin and Spin was too scared to broach the subject with his parents, so for the moment, they had to steal time together when they could.

When they got to the lake, they led the horses into the fenced area that had been set up. While Mattie knew that Ash would stay close by, Spin did not trust Revanche to stay around so he felt better to have the horses in the penned-in area.

After leaving the horses, both boys made a mad dash for the tent.

The second they were in the tent, Spin literally tackled Mattie. The two hit the ground in a heap, kissing and groping at each other.

They tore at each other’s clothes until they were naked in each other’s arms.

They kissed hungrily as they each groped the other’s hard cock. They stroked each other while they were trying their best to each swallow the other’s tongue.

They were both so horny that there was no time for niceties.

Spin kissed his way down Mattie’s chest. When he got to Mattie’s hard cock he swallowed the whole thing in one gulp. He went to town sucking on Mattie’s stiffie.

Mattie couldn’t take it. He grabbed Spin and spun him around so Spin was on top of him in a sixty-nine position. He gobbled down Spin’s hard dick. Mattie clutched at Spin’s lily-white ass, a cheek in each hand.

Mattie pulled off Spin’s dick long enough to stick his middle finger in his mouth and slick it up. He went back to Spin’s red rocket and slowly stuck his finger in Spin’s ass.

“Ooh,” Spin moaned as Mattie’s finger hit that magic spot in his ass.

After a few minutes of Mattie’s digital antics, Spin cried out, “Mattie!! I’m cumming!!” as he spewed shot after shot down Mattie’s throat.

Mattie gulped hungrily as he tried to swallow every drop of Spin’s seed.

Mattie kept sucking on Spin’s cock, until Spin abruptly turned around and pulled his sensitive dick from Mattie’s hungry lips.

Spin crawled up to Mattie and shoved his tongue as far down his lover’s throat as it would go. He could taste his seed on Mattie’s tongue.

Spin pulled away. “Oh, my God!!” he exhaled. “I don’t know what you hit in there, but it feels incredible.”

Mattie chuckled. “It’s your prostate,” he stated. “It’s supposed to feel great if you hit it just right.”

“It feels better than great,” Spin said, the wheels in his hyperactive brain turning.

Spin crawled back down Mattie’s body and started sucking on Mattie big brown dick. He was trying to get Mattie’s cock as hard and as slippery as he could. He had wanted to try this for a while and now was his chance.

Mattie was lost in the ecstasy of Spin’s oral manipulations. His head was thrown back and his eyes closed as he focused on what Spin was doing to his cock.

Mattie’s started to protest as Spin pulled off his dick.

“Shh,” Spin whispered as he kept stroking Mattie’s cock.

Mattie’s eyes were still closed so he did not see Spin straddle his waist. He was lost in the feelings of Spin stroking him. He felt Spin’s hand on his stomach and was about to open his eyes when the head of his dick was suddenly enveloped in the tightest warmest grasp it had ever felt.

Mattie’s eyes flew open. “What are you doing?” he asked as he saw Spin squatting over his waist. He tried to protest, but his dick had a mind of its own by then and he thrust his hips up to meet Spin’s lowering ass.

In a combination of Mattie’s thrust upwards and Spin’s push downwards, the two managed to get half of Mattie’s dick up Spin’s ass.

“Ooh, God!!” Spin moaned as the initial pain gave way to waves of pleasure. He kept up his descent as Mattie continued to thrust upwards until Mattie’s entire length was embedded in Spin’s ass.

Just as Spin hoped, Mattie’s dick head kept hitting that magic spot. Spin’s dick was so hard Spin thought the skin would split.

Mattie had his hand grasping at Spin’s hips. Spin bent forward, careful to keep Mattie’s cock where it was, and kissed Mattie hungrily.

Mattie groaned into Spin’s mouth. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Mattie literally screamed as he experienced the strongest orgasm of his young life. He grabbed Spin’s hips hard and thrust his dick as far into Spin’s ass as it would go shooting stream after stream of hot cum into Spin’s ass.

As Spin felt Mattie start to shoot up his butt, the head of Mattie’s cock was driving right into that magic button. Spin was seeing stars and before he knew what was hitting him he was shooting his second load of the afternoon all over Mattie’s chest. Spin’s orgasm was so strong that he hit Mattie between the eyes with one shot.

As they both came down from their high, Spin collapsed onto Mattie. Mattie’s deflating cock plopped out of Spin’s ass.

The two just lay in each other’s arms, basking in the glow of their lovemaking. They would occasionally kiss, but they were just enjoying their closeness and the chance to be alone together.

“What made you do that?” Mattie asked.

Spin giggled. “I’ve been thinking about that for a while, but when you fingered my ass and hit that button in there, I knew that if your finger felt that good I needed to see what your dick would feel like.”

“Did it really feel that good?”

Spin swiped his finger across Mattie’s brow, scooping up a wayward shot of cum that had landed there. Waving his finger in Mattie’s face he asked. “Does this answer your question?”

Mattie grabbed Spin’s hand and wrapped his lips around his lover’s cum-covered finger. He licked the digit clean.

“Mmm,” he groaned.

Mattie sat up and looked down his body.

“Uhh,” he groaned. “We need to go and wash off in the lake before we head back. Look at this mess.”

“Hey, I need to ride back with an ass full of your cum,” Spin laughed.

Mattie got up and pulled Spin up with him. He rummaged through the pile of towels that they had left in the tent rather than carry them back and forth. He found two that were relatively clean and dragged Spin out of the tent and down to the lake.

A half hour and two more orgasms later, the two emerged from the lake and went back to the tent to retrieve their clothes.

They quickly got dressed and went to get the horses for their ride back.


After CJ and Dusty returned to the ranch and took care of their horses, they went in search of Zak and Dylan.

They found the boys in the arena. Dylan was running a jumping course that Zak and Spin had set up for practice. CJ was surprised to see that Dylan was riding Angel. Zak was sitting on Apollo with Max by the fence.

“He’s pretty good,” CJ said to Zak as he and Dusty walked up.

“He’s great,” Zak grinned. “You should have seen him and Apollo jump it. He really wanted to try Angel. She’s being pretty good with him, but he was better with Apollo.”

Dylan finished the course and rode over to where the others were waiting. He was smiling. “She’s awesome,” he said as he dismounted. “I think she might be too much for me, but she’s great.”

“You’re just out of practice,” CJ said. “And she’s kinda special. She lets me ride and I suspect because Zak was here, she let you ride, but I’ve only seen her connect with Zak and my boyfriend, Danny. Just the fact that she did so well for you speaks volumes about your abilities.”

Zak handed Max to Dusty then hopped down from Apollo and offered the reins to Dylan. “Here, take Apollo around again and show these guys what you can really do.” Zak took Angel’s reins and stepped off to the side.

Dylan mounted Apollo and took a few warm-up laps around the arena and then ran the course. He ran it much faster than he had with Angel and was clean over every jump.

As Dylan was finishing the course, Mattie and Spin came riding up.

“Awesome,” Spin declared. “Add him to the team and we should do pretty good in competitions.”

Zak looked at him and grinned. “Speaking of competition,” he said as he hopped up on Angel.

“Bring it on,” Spin answered as he rode Revanche through the gate into the arena. He looked over at Mattie. “Are you coming?”

Mattie almost choked thinking of their activities that afternoon. He just shook his head. “Ash isn’t much of a jumper, you guys go ahead.”

“In that case, you can man the stopwatch,” Spin said.

“Ah, no,” objected Zak. “Your boyfriend is not going to time us.”

“So, yours is?” Spin challenged.

“No, CJ will.”

They both looked over at CJ. He raised his hands in surrender. “Ok, I’ll be your timekeeper. Dusty and Mattie will be the judges and keep track of your faults.”

Zak and Spin nodded their agreement.

Dylan rode up.

“Dylan, you in?” Spin asked.

“In what?”

“Jump-off. Timed,” Spin answered.

Dylan grinned and nodded. “Sure.”

“Ok; Dylan goes last so that Apollo can have a break,” Zak declared. “CJ, flip a coin for us to see who goes first.”

CJ pulled a quarter out of his pocket and flipped it. “Spin, call it.”


CJ looked at the coin. “Sorry, it’s tails. Zak you want to go first or second?”

“Second.” Zak grinned at Spin who flipped him off.

“Ok, Spin, take your warm-up laps.”

In the end, Spin ran the course the fastest; but in his usual reckless fashion he knocked down two rails, so based on faults he came in last. Dylan ran the course clean and just a few seconds behind Zak. Zak ran the course clean and won the contest.

“Wow. She’s so fast and clean over the jumps,” Zak declared to CJ as they were walking around to the barn cooling the horses down.

“That she is,” CJ agreed. “But, like I keep saying, it’s you. She responds to you in the way she used to respond to Danny. It’s like she thinks you’re him or something.”

“I don’t understand how he could leave her or you.”

“I don’t get it either,” CJ said. “He trained her at the barn he worked at in high school and she was given to him by the farm as a graduation present, because they knew she would never do for another rider what she did for him. Whatever happened, it had to have been major for him to just walk away.”

“Do you still love him?” Zak asked quietly.

CJ stopped and looked at Zak. “I don’t think I could stop if I tried and I have tried. For the last three years, we did everything together. We lived together, worked together, went to the same classes. He was my world. I still miss him so much.” Tears came to CJ’s eyes as he spoke.

Zak turned and grabbed CJ in a hug. CJ broke down and cried in Zak’s arms. Mattie came running up, concerned for his brother.

“Are you ok?” Mattie asked, rubbing CJ’s back.

CJ let go of Zak and turned to his little brother. “Yeah, just a little overwhelmed for a minute. I’ll be ok. Let’s get the horses put up and get going.”

Spin, Mattie, Zak and Dylan took care of their horses, while Dusty and CJ began the evening feedings. As each of the boys put their horses up, they helped with the feedings as well. In no time, they were ready to go.

Just as they were coming out of the barn, Joe drove up.

“Daddy!!” Max exclaimed as he ran to his father.

Joe looked at his son all decked out in the riding clothes Zak had gotten him. He scooped Max up and just shook his head.

“Hey, Max. Who’s responsible for the clothes?”

Five fingers pointed at Zak.

“I should have known,” Joe laughed.

“Daddy, I gonna ride like Zaky,” Max declared.

Joe just nodded and laughed, “I’m sure you are.” He looked at the assembled boys. “So, how was he?”

“Perfect as usual,” Zak answered.

Joe rolled his eyes and looked at the other boys. “Ok, how about an unbiased answer.”

“No, really, he’s been great, Joe,” Dusty defended his boyfriend.

“Well, thanks again for taking him. I know he looks forward to it,” Joe told them. He put Max down. “Say goodbye to everyone, Max.”

Max made the rounds giving everyone a hug and a kiss, including CJ and Dylan, who he introduced to his daddy. Of course, he saved Zak for last giving him the biggest hug his little body could manage.

“Bye, Zaky, I love you,” Max said as he squeezed Zak so tight he thought he might pass out.

“I love you, too, Maxie. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow, ok?”

“Ok,” Max said as Joe picked him up and put him in the car.

The boys waved to Max as the car drove down the driveway.

“Dylan, where do you live?” Zak asked.

“I live over on Montpelier Street,” Dylan answered.

“Hey, we’re neighbors, that’s just two streets over from me,” Zak replied. “Hey, Babe,” he called over to Dusty. “Why don’t you take Spin and Mattie and I can drop off Dylan? Mom’s gonna be late tonight. Do you want to pick up some food and come over?”

“Sure. Let me drop these two and the beast off and then I’ll pick something up on the way,” Dusty replied. “Is Chinese good?”

“Good to me,” Zak answered. “How about you, CJ?”

“Chinese is good for me,” CJ said.

They split up, Dusty taking Mattie and Spin with him and Herc and CJ and Dylan going with Zak and Loki.

Zak was delighted to see that Dylan lived only about five minutes from his house.

“Dylan, how do you get to school in the mornings?” Zak asked.

Dylan frowned. “Bus.”

“Not anymore,” Zak grinned. “Be ready for 7:15 and I’ll pick you up before I go and get Mattie and Spin.”

Dylan lit up. “Great. I’ll be ready. Thanks for everything,” he said as he got out of the SUV.

“No problems,” Zak replied. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Dylan waved to them as he walked up his front steps.

When they got to his house, Zak said, “I’m gonna run up and take a shower before Dusty gets here.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” CJ responded. “I think I’ll do the same.”


Zak was standing under the scalding hot water daydreaming. He still wanted to pinch himself when he thought about all that had happened this summer. Things had gone from garbage to gold in a matter of month. Not that his life had been horrible, but he had never realized what he was missing until this summer when he got everything.

Suddenly the shower curtain was yanked back. Zak jumped.

He looked over and saw his beautiful boyfriend standing there naked.

“You jerk, you scared the hell out of me,” Zak scolded.

“Fine, want me to wait for you downstairs?”

Zak reached out and grabbed Dusty. “Get your ass in here,” he ordered.

Dusty stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around Zak’s body. He leaned down and kissed Zak deep.

While the two kissed, Dusty reached down and grabbed Zak’s perky ass cheeks and squeezed; this caused Zak to rise up on his toes and shove his tongue even deeper into Dusty’s mouth.

Dusty pulled back and reached for a washcloth. He squirted some shower gel on the cloth and rubbed it for suds.

He started with Zak’s neck and rubbed the cloth all over Zak’s body, giving Zak the most erotic and exciting cleaning he had ever experienced.

Dusty knelt down and turned Zak so he was facing the shower wall. Dusty gently ran the cloth up both Zak’s legs stopping just shy of his ass. When he was finished with Zak’s legs, he turned his attention to the beautiful bubble butt in front of him. He ran the cloth through the crack of Zak’s ass, causing his lover to shiver.

Dusty chuckled deeply as Zak shuddered from his touch.

Dusty made sure the soap was rinsed away from Zak’s lower regions and put the cloth down. He reached over to Zak’s ass and pulled the taut cheeks apart.

He took a second to appreciate the beauty of his boyfriend’s perfect ass. It was so white it looked like polished marble. Being blond, Zak had hardly any hair on his body. His ass was perfectly hairless. When Dusty pulled his cheeks apart he gazed at Zak’s perfect pink pucker.

Dusty leaned forward. Zak gasped as he felt Dusty’s tongue breech his hole.

“Oh my god!!” Zak groaned as Dusty’s probing tongue was shoved up his ass. “That feels amazing.”

Dusty pulled out and licked around Zak’s pucker before plunging back in and eating out his boyfriend’s hole.

Dusty reached around and grabbed Zak’s hard dick. He started to stroke it while Zak moaned.

Dusty knew from the sounds that Zak was making that he wouldn’t last too long. He started to stroke Zak faster as he continued to munch on Zak’s hole.

“Cumming!!” Zak yelled as he started shooting against the shower wall.

Each time Zak shot, his hole clenched tighter and tighter on Dusty’s tongue until he thought it might be amputated by Zak’s tight ass.

When Zak’s orgasm was over, Dusty turned him around and held him under the shower to rinse off.

Dusty stood up and the two kissed.

Dusty reached over and turned the shower off. He stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He turned back to the shower and wrapped the towel around Zak and lifted him out of the shower and carried him into the bedroom.

He set Zak down and began to vigorously dry him off.

Zak looked at Dusty. “What about you?” he asked.

“This was all for you,” Dusty answered. “We can take care of me later.”


Zak had just finished dressing when he heard the doorbell ring. He looked at Dusty who was still toweling off.

“I’ll go get that,” Zak said as he left his bedroom. “I’ll see you downstairs.”

Zak ran down the stairs and opened the front door. Standing in the doorway was a young man about twenty. He had blond, almost white hair, and crystal blue eyes and was a few inches taller than Zak.

“Hi,” Zak greeted the young man. “Can I help you?”

The young man looked nervous. “I’m sorry to bother you. I was looking for Aaron Myers.”

“Um, that’s my dad.”

“Is he home?”

“No, my father passed away about fourteen years ago,” Zak replied. “Is there something I can help you with? Or my mom–she should be home in about a half hour or so.”

Just then CJ came down the stairs. “Hey, Zak, you guys need to keep it d…” His eyes widened when he saw the young man in the doorway. “DANNY!?!”


“Danny?” Zak asked, looking at CJ. “This is your Danny?”

CJ nodded as he stared at his lost love. “Where have you been? How did you know I was here?”

“I didn’t,” Danny answered. “I had no idea you were here.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Before Danny could answer, Dusty came down the stairs.

“Zak, call the cops; that truck is out in front of your house again,” Dusty called as he came running down the stairs. He stopped when he saw the three boys standing in the entryway. His eyes moved from Zak to the taller boy in the doorway; if not for their obvious age difference and slight height difference he would have thought they were twins. “Holy shit!!” he exclaimed.

Zak looked at CJ. “He was looking for my father. I was just telling him that my father passed away.” Looking at Danny, Zak asked. “Why are you looking for my father?”

“Umm,” Danny stuttered.

Dusty walked over to CJ. “CJ look at them,” he whispered.

“What do you mean?” CJ asked. Then he looked between Danny and Zak and it hit him. “Oh, my God!!”

“Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?!?” Zak yelled in frustration.

“Tell him, Danny,” CJ ordered.

“Or I will,” threatened Dusty as he walked up behind Zak and placed his hands on his boyfriend’s shoulders.

“Tell me what?” Zak asked.

Danny looked at him. “I’m not looking for your father,” he declared. “I’m looking for my father.”

“Your father?” Zak shook his head. “But, you said you were looking for… you mean… my fa… your fa… you’re…”

Danny nodded. “Yes, I’m your brother.”


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