Riding Lessons
by Andrew Todd


Chapter 18

“What the fuck do you think you are doing!?!”

“I think I’m saddling a horse.”

“I told you to use this bridle.”

“Look at that bridle; the cheek strap is fucking broken and it’s got the wrong bit on it!!”

Dusty and Zak stood inside the barn doorway listening to what they had come to think of as Spin and Mattie’s mating dance.

Since Mr. Jones had hired Mattie a week ago, the two younger boys had bickered, argued, screamed and fought constantly. No one was surprised at Spin–his mouth was always going and his temper was legendary–but to hear shy quiet Mattie give as good as he got was a shock to everyone at the ranch.

Both boys were extremely stubborn and when it came to horses each thought he was the final authority.

Zak and Dusty were at the point where they wanted to lock them in a room so they could just get it over with.

In the week that he had been at the Triple J, Mattie had made himself as valuable as the other three boys. He continued to work with Ash, but his skills as a rider and at working with the horses were fantastic.

To keep the two separate, Dusty would work with Mattie most of the time and Zak and Spin continued to function as a team. As a result of this, Dusty and Mattie had become very close friends, just as Spin and Zak had become.

Dusty and Mattie would spend their free time working with and training Ash. Mattie would do most of the riding, but Dusty would work with him. Mattie and Dusty would share their knowledge of western vs. Spanish riding styles with each other.

Zak and Spin would spend their off-time working with Onyx in the arena. Debbie would often be with them. Zak was coming along in his equitation and had even managed to get the horse over some pretty large jumps. Nothing thrilled Zak more than sailing over a jump on the big horse.

Often when Zak was working Onyx, a small gathering of girls would collect. The same girls who a month before would treat Zak with disdain were now his unofficial fan club. All were fascinated by how the smallest of the boys would handle the biggest horse at the ranch as if he were a child’s pony.

If Spin and Dusty were busy with lessons, Zak and Mattie would team up to lead trail rides. The two got along great as Mattie still felt it was because of Zak that he had been welcomed so warmly and found a home at the Triple J.

It was only when Mattie and Spin were forced to work together that tensions would build.

The fiery little redhead and the soft-spoken Spaniard clashed from the very beginning. Whether it was about which horse should be used for a lesson or a trail ride or some imagined slight, the two went at it constantly.

It was obvious to anyone who watched them that they were incredibly attracted to each other. When they weren’t working together Zak and Dusty would observe the slight glances and longing looks each boy had for the other. But put them together and fireworks happened, and not the romantic kind.

Finally, Dusty and Zak had had enough and began to concoct a plan to get the two to admit their feelings and get over this feud.


Spin stomped away. He didn’t know why he was so angry the last few days. But, Mattie seemed to know how to push his buttons unlike anyone else. No, that wasn’t true. He knew part of the reason he was so mad. One day when the four of them went out on a trail ride he saw some of the girl students snickering at the fact that Dusty, Zak and Mattie had their big horses and he was still riding little Marty. He loved Marty more than anything, but he had had the little horse since he was 7. Since the beginning of the summer he had grown 4 inches and was now almost a head taller than Zak, but he still had the littlest horse.

He had been talking to his parents about getting a new horse. His dad had agreed he could look for one, but since his dad had declared this would be the last horse he would buy for Spin, he wanted Spin to choose very carefully.

Spin had been lucky with Marty. The horse had the same daredevil attitude as Spin. He would take to the trails and barrel races and then turn around and do a hunter/jumper class. He was adequate at all disciplines, but he had never excelled at any. Spin’s dad felt that Spin needed to commit to one discipline of riding and get a horse that would perform best at that discipline.

So Spin was angry for several reasons. He was mad about still having the smallest horse and then he was pissed at himself for thinking about getting rid of Marty, who had been his best friend for the past seven years. He couldn’t be angry with Zak or Dusty about Onyx or Phoenix because they had been nothing but nice and accepting of him all summer. But for some reason, Mattie strolling in and ‘taking’ Ash had just pushed him over the edge.

Spin and Marty got along great, but Marty would allow anyone to ride him; he was not a ‘one-man’ horse like Phoenix or Onyx or, now, Ash. He guessed if he could have shared one of those horses with the guys he might not be so angry, but none of the horses seemed to like him. He worked with Zak and Onyx, but he could tell that Onyx merely tolerated his presence because of Zak.

Ash and Phoenix were the same. His only hope was to get his own horse, but he still had to figure out what he was going to do with Marty since his dad would not let him keep him as a pet. His dad had declared he could only have one horse. And it made no sense to keep a horse he could not ride much longer.


Mattie was steaming. He didn’t know what he had done to incur Spin’s wrath, but he was about ready to feed him his teeth.

He was usually a quiet shy guy, but he did have his grandfather’s temper when sufficiently provoked.

What angered him the most was that he really liked Spin. He was funny and cute as hell with his red hair. But it seemed no matter what Mattie did, Spin was on him for it. Whenever he proved Spin wrong, he never would apologize, he’d just move onto the next ‘problem’.

He didn’t understand why Spin was such a prick to him. He got along great with Zak and Dusty, never giving them the trouble he gave Mattie. Mattie loved Dusty and Zak. He couldn’t help but think that Spin just didn’t like him.


Dusty and Zak had decided that they would sacrifice their weekly Monday-night date to put an end to the fighting between Spin and Mattie.

Separately, each boy asked his best friend to go camping with them Sunday night till Tuesday morning.

Spin was excited to be asked by Zak. He had been chomping at the bit to go back to the lake and spend the night with his friends.

Mattie was also eager to go when invited by Dusty. He loved Zak and worshipped Dusty and was thrilled to be able to go camping with them both.

What Zak and Dusty both ‘forgot’ to mention was that all four boys would be going camping.

To prevent either boy from finding out and backing out of the trip, Dusty asked Mattie to help him with a late lesson on Sunday afternoon. He told Mattie that they would ride out to meet Zak after the lesson.

Zak told Spin that they would go out to the lake and Dusty would meet them later, after he had finished with a last-minute lesson.

Zak and Spin left for the lake mid-afternoon. Zak told Spin that they would get the fire started and get things set up before Dusty got there.

The two friends enjoyed their ride along the trails. Spin was riding Marty as usual. Zak had decided to bring Onyx on his first overnight. He had taken him on a few trail rides, but only when it was just him and his friends, never with clients. In those cases, he would usually still ride Max. But, he thought that Onyx might enjoy the freedom of the lake and he wanted to see if he liked swimming.

When they got to the lake, the boys slipped off the horses they had ridden bareback and quickly removed the bridles from the horses; then Zak stored them in the tent. They then put the horses in the small pen by the meadow. They knew both horses would stick close if they were loose, but they wanted to give Onyx a while to acclimate to the area. Once they had everything set up they planned to take a leisurely ride around the lake.

Zak sent Spin to get some wood for the fire, while he used the kindling they had in the camp to get the fire going. Once Spin was in the woods, Zak ducked into the tent and found the four duffle bags that Dusty had brought out with the 4-wheeler earlier that day. He took Mattie’s duffel and hid it under the extra sleeping bag, so Spin would not see it.

When Spin came back, Zak was sitting on one of the logs Dusty had set up around the fire pit. It was getting quite hot so Zak had taken off his shirt and was sitting there in just his bathing suit.

Spin stacked the wood up near the tent and went to sit with Zak.

Spin wasted no time in shucking his shirt as well. Zak grabbed his sunscreen and had Spin sit on the log so he could apply it to the redhead’s back. He had Spin do the same for him and then they each did their own chests, arms and legs.

Knowing it would be at least an hour or more before Dusty got there, Zak asked Spin if he wanted to take the horses for a ride. Spin liked the idea, so the boys went and retrieved the horses and put on their bridles. Spin was now tall enough that he could, with a running start, get on Marty bareback. Zak, however, needed a little assistance. While Spin had gotten taller he was not tall enough to boost Zak to the correct height. Spin vaulted onto Marty’s back and then rode up along Onyx’s left side. Zak placed his hand on Onyx’s side and placed his foot on Spin’s extended foot and used it as a step to mount Onyx.

Once mounted the boys took off on a leisurely ride around the lake.

About five minutes after Zak and Spin took off on their ride around the lake, Dusty and Mattie came off the trail into the meadow by the lake, just as Zak and Dusty had planned. They were mounted on Ash and Phoenix; both rode bareback.

Mattie was so excited. His parents were a bit overprotective and rarely let him spend time with friends, but as he had been so happy since coming to the Triple J, his parents had decided he should be allowed this little freedom.

The boys rode into the camp and dismounted their horses. Dusty showed Mattie the fenced-in area, where he had decided that at least for the first night, they should leave Ash.

The boys removed the bridles from the horses and Dusty put them in the tent.

Mattie put Ash in the pen and Dusty let Phoenix loose.

Mattie looked around at the meadow and the lake.

“Where’s Zak?” he asked.

Dusty looked around. “He probably decided to take Onyx for a little ride around the lake,” he replied. “It’s the first time he’s taken him out here for the weekend, just like it’s Ash’s first time, and he probably wanted to give him a chance to get used to everything.”

He showed Mattie over to the camp he had set up. Mattie thought it was great. His grandfather had taken him camping a few times when he spent his summers in Spain, but he had never ‘roughed it’ like this.

About a mile from the camp, Zak quietly reached into his swimsuit pocket and hit the speed dial on his phone. He let it ring for a minute and then disconnected.

At the camp, Dusty’s phone rang and he answered it. Of course, he knew there was no one there, but he had a conversation anyways.

“Hello…Oh, hi, Mr. Jones…he what? Oh, no…well, Mattie’s here with me and Zak’s around here somewhere. Yes, I guess I could do that. Sure, he’ll be fine; Zak should be back any time. Ok, I’ll see you in about a half hour.”

Dusty hung up the phone. As he was placing it back into his pocket he hit the speed dial button for Zak’s phone.

Mattie looked at Dusty. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Chief got out of his stall and it looks like he injured his leg,” Dusty explained. “Mr. Jones has to stay with him so he stays calm and he wanted to know if I could come back to help with the feedings. I should be back in 2 hours tops.”

“Should I go with you?”

“No, Zak should be back any minute and he can keep you company. It doesn’t make any sense for both of us to ride all the way back.”

“Ok, I’ll just wait here for him then.”

“Sure. Just don’t go swimming until he gets here. You don’t want to be alone in the lake and then get a cramp.”

“No problem. I brought a book, so I’ll just read in the sun.”

“Alright. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Dusty said as he darted into the tent to grab Phoenix’s hackamore.

He whistled for Phoenix and the mustang came running. Dusty quickly put the hackamore on and vaulted onto Phoenix’s back and took off down the trail.

About ten minutes earlier, Zak’s phone had rung. He too answered it knowing there was no one there.

“Hello. Oh, Hi, Mr. Jones. What? You’re kidding. Did you try Dusty? He must have turned it off. Well, I’m here with Spin and we’re riding around the lake. Yes, I can do that. Dusty should be at the camp by now, so Spin can meet him there. Ok, I should be about a half hour or so.”

Zak hung up the phone. He gave Spin the same tale that Dusty had spun for Mattie and told Spin to head back to camp and tell Dusty what had happened and he should be back in a couple hours tops.

Spin agreed and rode off towards the camp, while Zak headed to the woods and the trail.

About ten minutes later Dusty and Zak met up at a pre-determined spot close by the campsite but far enough away they would not be discovered.

They wanted to make sure their two friends had time to get their shit together or kill each other, but whatever happened there had to be some kind of détente.

Zak and Dusty slipped from their horses and sat under a nearby tree. As they had nothing to do for at least an hour or so they slowly began to make out. Dusty laid Zak back on the grass and ravaged him with his mouth, sucking at Zak’s neck and working his hands over the smaller boy’s chest and belly. Dusty kissed his way down Zak’s chest. He stopped to untie Zak’s bathing suit and slipped it down off his slender hips.

Dusty crawled back up to Zak’s mouth and latched onto Zak’s lips with his own.

Zak slipped his hands inside Dusty’s shorts and in one quick motion shoved them down to Dusty’s knees.

The boys grappled with each other. As they continued to kiss, each reached down to stroke the other’s hard cock. Over the past few weeks they had each taken the time to learn what made the other tick.

Zak would slowly stroke Dusty’s cock, pulling the foreskin over the head and slowly rubbing it. This drove Dusty mad with passion.

Dusty would return the favor by gently stroking the entire length of Zak’s hard organ. He would increase the pressure and speed as he felt Zak approaching his climax.

The two young lovers continued to manually stimulate each other with one hand while running their other hand over every inch of the other’s body.

Dusty decided to try something new. He stopped kissing Zak just long enough to stick his middle finger into his mouth. He swabbed it and made it very slick with spit.

He went back to kissing Zak while moving his hand to Zak’s ass. Very gently he probed in between Zak’s cheeks until he felt the heat of Zak’s pucker. Slowly he pressed his finger into Zak’s asshole. Zak gasped with surprise and then groaned into Dusty’s mouth as Dusty’s finger hit something inside him that made him see stars.

With no warning, Zak began to climax spraying load after hot load on both boys’ chests and groins.

Realizing what he was doing to his young lover, Dusty quickly followed suit adding his molten seed to Zak’s.

The two lay there basking in the afterglow of their climaxes.

Zak looked at Dusty, his blond hair damp with sweat and clinging to his forehead. “What the hell was that?” he asked.

Dusty laughed, “I think I found your prostate.”

“My what?”

“Your prostate. I did some reading and apparently it’s a gland up near the base of your penis. Supposedly if you can stimulate it just right it can push you right over the edge.”

“Well, if that’s what you hit, then you are right about pushing me over the edge. Whatever you hit in there was intense.”

“Well,” grinned Dusty, “you’ll just have to try that on me. We’ve got the time.”

“Give me a couple minutes to catch my breath and then we can try,” Zak panted as he cuddled with his dark-skinned lover.


Spin rode up to the camp. He was approaching from behind the tent so he could see the smoke still coming from the fire Zak had built earlier. It was going pretty good so he knew that Dusty must have made it and was waiting there for him and Zak. At least he wouldn’t have to wait alone.

He stopped Marty while they were still behind the tent. He threw his leg over Marty’s head and slid to the ground. He reached up and took off Marty’s bridle and slapped him on the rump. He knew Marty would stay close and come quick when he called.

As he came around the tent, he saw the fire burning, but no sign of Dusty.

Spin heard someone coming around the side of the tent.

He turned around. “Oh, there you…” He stopped when he saw Mattie come into view. He felt the hot flush hit his cheeks. “What the fuck are you doing here?!!?”

Mattie looked into Spin’s fiery emerald eyes. He had had enough. “Look, Spin,” he answered. “I was invited by Dusty. They didn’t tell me you were going to be here. I don’t know what I’ve done to make you hate me so much, but you can knock this shit off anytime.”

Spin couldn’t stop himself, he was seeing nothing but red. All the anger and confusion he felt was directed at one person, Mattie. He charged at the other boy.

Mattie was ready. He didn’t like to fight, but he was no one’s victim. Because of his shy nature, many people saw him as an easy mark. Early on his father had decided that he needed to be able to defend himself, so Mattie had been taking martial arts classes since he was about five. He was a black belt in Judo. He tried to use his skills defensively, and he was never the aggressor, but he wasn’t going to stand for this shit anymore.

As Spin charged him, Mattie sidestepped and Spin pinwheeled by. Spin started to lose his balance but corrected himself and swung around, his fist flying. Mattie blocked Spin’s arm and grabbed hold. He twisted his body and before Spin knew it he was flying through the air and landed with a thud on his back. Spin had the air knocked out of him and before he could recover, Mattie was sitting on his chest pinning his arms to his side.

Spin started to thrash. Mattie was stronger than his appearance and demeanor would suggest. He held tight to Spin.

“Spin, knock it off,” Mattie said calmly. “I’m not going to hurt you, but I’m not going to let you hurt me either.”

Spin just got redder and redder as he tried in vain to escape Mattie’s hold. Finally, he realized the futility of his attempts and his body went limp.

Tears started to fill his eyes. “I’m sorry, Mattie,” he cried. “I’m just so angry and confused right now. It’s not your fault. You’re just there.”

“I wish I knew why you hated me so much.”

“I don’t…I swear I don’t. I…” Spin was choking up.

Mattie leaned over and looked into Spin’s eyes. He could see pain replace the anger. He took his finger and wiped a tear from Spin’s cheek. He left his hand on Spin’s cheek caressing the soft skin.

Mattie leaned over and pressed his lips to Spin’s.

Spin’s eyes opened wide in shock. Mattie’s grip on Spin’s arms loosened and he lay on Spin and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.

Spin felt all the tension melt from his body. He relaxed into Mattie’s hug and responded to his kiss. Spin wrapped his arms around Mattie’s neck and opened his mouth to allow Mattie’s tongue to enter.

The two boys rolled on the ground kissing and caressing.

After a few minutes, Mattie sat up and started laughing.

Spin looked at him confused. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

Mattie gestured to his clothes and Spin’s. “Look at us. We’re a mess from rolling around on the ground.”

Mattie stood up and reached down to offer his hand to Spin. Spin took his hand and Mattie helped him up. The boys started brushing each other off. Spin was paying special attention to the front of Mattie’s swimsuit.

Mattie grabbed Spin’s wrist. “Spin, ahh, it’s not that dirty.”

Spin looked up into Mattie’s hazel eyes and grinned. He tilted his head up and gently placed his lips to Mattie’s.

The two boys kissed gently, exploring their new feelings.

As their passion grew their kissing became more aggressive. Spin took Mattie by the hand, trying not to break the kiss and led him into the tent.

He held Mattie’s hands in his and smiled up at the handsome boy. He pulled Mattie forward and down as he lay on the sleeping bag that had been unrolled on the floor. Mattie gently lowered himself next to Spin and took Spin’s face in his hands.

Mattie’s hazel eyes watered as he looked deep into Spin’s emerald-green eyes. All resistance melted, he knew for sure that this boy was someone he could love and probably already did love.

Holding Spin’s face in his hands, Mattie caressed his cheek and then gently kissed his lips. Spin kissed back opening his mouth and licking around Mattie’s lips until Mattie allowed him entry.

All of Spin’s experience had been with girls, but he had never felt anything like the feelings he had lying here in Mattie’s arms.

Spin and Mattie lay cuddled together on the sleeping bag, one occasionally kissing the other. The kisses would become passionate for a few minutes and then they would come up for air and just enjoy being in each other’s arms.

Inside the tent was very hot. As the heat started to get to the boys they both became very sleepy and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.


While Spin and Mattie slept back at the camp, Zak and Dusty were ramping up for round two.

They had laid in the woods kissing and cuddling while they recovered from their earlier activities. As their energy returned their kissing became more passionate and aggressive. Each boy reached down to grasp the other’s love stick.

This time it was Zak’s turn to experiment. He pulled back from kissing Dusty and inserted his long thin middle finger into his mouth. When it was good and slick he reached around to Dusty’s steel-hard ass and probed between his golden globes with his lubed finger.

The boys resumed their kissing as Zak jacked Dusty with one hand and probed his ass with the other. His finger found Dusty’s warm hole and he slowly and carefully inserted his finger. He gently probed until he felt a hard rubbery nub. Gently he wiggled his finger against the nub and Dusty groaned loudly and began leaking clear pre-cum all over Zak’s hand.

Zak’s finger continued to rub the insides of Dusty’s ass and suddenly Dusty exploded, shooting his hot cum all over his chest and Zak’s hand. In the throes of his orgasm, Dusty grasped Zak’s cock harder causing Zak to explode almost simultaneously with Dusty.

The boys spent more time resting to recover from their second orgasm in less than an hour.

When they had revived enough they got up from their love nest and went over to the horses. They both mounted and rode to a small lakeshore far enough from where their camp was that Spin and Mattie wouldn’t see or hear them.

They swam for a few minutes to wash off the sticky remnants of their passions.

Then they slowly rode the horses back to the camp, letting the warm sun dry their bodies.

When Dusty and Zak returned to the camp both were concerned to find no sign of Mattie or Spin around the tent or in or near the lake. Their horses were still there, but the quiet of the campsite made them fear the two had done each other in.

Zak was the first to peek into the tent. At the sight of the two younger boys asleep in each other’s arms, Zak backed out of the tent and ran and grabbed Dusty dragging him over to the tent. Both older boys poked their heads into the tent and grinned at the sight.

Zak and Dusty backed out of the tent and fist-bumped as they went to take care of their horses.

“Mission: Accomplished,” Zak whispered as Dusty grinned at him.


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