Riding Lessons
by Andrew Todd


Chapter 14

Zak and Dusty laughed as Spin excitedly bounced around the camp. “C’mon, you guys. I wanna go swimming.”

Dusty looked at him. “Ok, ok. First take the bridle off of Marty. You don’t want that getting wet.”

While Spin did as he was instructed, Zak and Dusty stood up and walked over to where he and Marty stood.

Dusty put his thumb and forefinger to his lips and let out one of his ear piercing whistles. Phoenix came running with Bob close behind.

Spin’s green eyes widened. “Wow!! You have to show me how to do that.”

Zak shook his head. “Oh, no. One person knowing how to make that noise is enough, thank you.”

Dusty and Spin laughed at Zak’s response.

Dusty ducked into the tent to grab some towels. When he came back out Zak and Spin stood waiting with Marty, Bob and Phoenix between them. “Ok, let’s go,” Dusty said as he walked up to the boys and horses.

Dusty gave both Zak and Spin a leg up onto their horses and then he vaulted onto Phoenix. The three charged down to the lake.

The horses didn’t hesitate when they reached the shore and all three kept going straight into the water. The boys whooped and hollered as the horses went farther into the lake.

The boys spent the afternoon swimming and then sunning on the shore. Zak and Spin cheered as Dusty did his backflips from Phoenix’s back. Taking that as a challenge Spin tried the same thing from Marty’s back. Spin had better balance than Zak, who still could not get it, and was able to do several flips from Marty’s back.

The boys were exhausted by the time they rode the horses out of the lake. All three dismounted and laid their towels down on the little beach. The tired horses walked over to the meadow to graze. Dusty noticed that both Zak and Spin were getting a little too red. He ordered both to lie on their towels while he applied sunscreen to their backs. He then let them do their fronts not wanting to start anything with Zak while Spin was present and not wanting to get Spin too excited either.

After applying the lotion to himself, Zak ran back to the tent to grab some sodas and a bag of potato chips. The boys lay on their towels drinking their sodas and eating their chips. They were joking around with each other and making plans for the summer.

“So, Spin, are you all ready for high school?” Dusty asked.

Spin rolled his eyes. “As ready as I’m ever gonna be,” he groaned. “I wish I could just work like you–I hate school. It’s sooo boring.”

Dusty laughed, “Shh. Don’t let Zak hear you say that.”

“Hey!!” Zak interjected. “I like my classes and tutoring after school, but the school experience itself sucks. I don’t like getting bullied and picked on all the time.”

Dusty frowned at Zak. “Was that still happening?” he asked.

“Not after your talk with TJ,” Zak answered. “But, you never know in that school. There are too many assholes who think they are better than everyone else.”

“Well, you two need to stick together next year.”

“That’s right,” Spin agreed. “I’m not gonna let anyone push me around.”

“Do you get bullied too?” Dusty asked.

“Not really,” replied Spin. “I’ve gotten beat up a few times, but my dad says that’s cuz my mouth keeps writing checks my ass can’t cash.”

Dusty and Zak both laughed, knowing this assessment was more than likely true.

Spin turned red. “Zak, are you going to have a car next year?” he asked.

Zak nodded. “Yes, my mom is giving me her old car when I get my license. It’s a Camry.”

“You should pick me up on the way to school. Then everyone will see you have a car and think you are cool and everyone will see me riding with an upperclassmen and think I’m cool.”

“Spin, I don’t know if anything would make anyone at school think I was ‘cool’,” Zak replied.

“Sure they would. They just have to get to know you like I have. Then they would see what a great person you are and not pick on you,” Spin said earnestly.

“Thanks, Spin. Maybe you’re right.”

The boys then lay there in silence and slowly each succumbed to the warm afternoon sun and fell asleep.

Dusty was stirred by an incessant poking at his shoulder. He turned and looked up to see Spin kneeling next to him poking him. As Dusty was about to ask Spin what the hell he was doing, Spin put his finger to his lips and gestured next to Dusty. Dusty saw Zak still sleeping in the mid-afternoon sun. Spin nodded his head towards the meadow and motioned for Dusty to follow him.

Dusty nodded and stood up and followed Spin over to the meadow.

They stopped under some trees and Spin sat down. Dusty sat next to him.

“What’s up, Spin?” Dusty asked.

Spin had a perplexed look on his face. “Are you mad at me, Dusty?”

Dusty was confused. “Why would I be mad at you?”

Spin looked down at the dirt. Dusty had never seen him so shy and quiet. Suddenly, it hit Dusty.

He reached over and put his hand on Spin’s shoulder. Spin cringed slightly.

“Do you mean, because you kissed Zak?” Dusty asked gently.

Spin looked up with tears in his eyes and nodded his head. “I’m sorry, Dusty. I know it was wrong.”

“Spin, it’s ok. I’m not mad at you. You have feelings for Zak and you acted on them. It’s not like you guys are messing around behind my back.” He shot Spin a look. “Right?”

Spin stuttered, “N-n-no, of course not.”

Dusty laughed. “I know that, Spin, I’m just messing with you.” Dusty took Spin’s chin in his hand and lifted the smaller boy’s head. “We can’t control who we fall in love with, we can only control how we react to those emotions. You have feelings for Zak and you kissed him, but when Zak told you he loved me and wanted to be with me, you accepted that and you are still his friend.”

Spin was indignant. “Of, course I am, he’s my best friend.”

Dusty nodded. “But, don’t you see, Spin, a lot of people in the same situation would have walked away from being Zak’s friend, because they would have felt if they couldn’t have him then they wouldn’t be friends with him. That’s why I’m not mad at you, because you are a true friend to Zak and everyone needs their true friends.”

Spin smiled at Dusty. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Dusty’s neck to hug him. He then sat back and said to Dusty. “You are a great guy. If the first guy I fall in love with is going to reject me at least it’s for a guy like you.”

Dusty just laughed at Spin, then grabbed the smaller boy around the neck and rubbed his knuckle on Spin’s head giving him a noogie.

“So are we cool?” Dusty asked.

Spin nodded, “Yes.” He grinned at Dusty.

“Good, now let’s go dunk that boyfriend of mine.”

The two snuck back to where Zak was still asleep on his towel. Dusty signaled Spin to grab Zak’s feet, while Dusty grabbed his torso. Dusty did a silent count to three. On three, the two lifted Zak’s small body and ran towards the lake. Zak started to stir as he was carried, but did not fully wake up until he was flying through the air and hit the water.

Dusty and Spin stood in the water laughing as Zak came up sputtering. “Motherfuckers!! Are you trying to drown me?!” he screamed.

Zak swam at the two miscreants like a torpedo and came out of the water to dunk first Spin and then turned to get Dusty. It quickly devolved into a wrestling match, that Spin and Zak had no real chance of winning, until they joined forces to go after Dusty.

After wrestling for a few minutes, the boys decided to try out the jet ski. Dusty showed Zak and Spin how to operate it and let them ride around together for a while. He took his turn as driver several times as well.

Once he had had a few turns and knew that Zak and Spin were ok with driving the machine, he went back to their camp to begin cleaning and preparing the fish for their dinner.

By the time Zak and Spin had exhausted themselves and returned to the camp, Dusty had dinner just about done. He had brought a large grill that he laid over the fire pit and he was cooking the fish on it.

The boys enjoyed their dinner of fresh trout, followed by more s’mores. Again the s’mores created a mess, but in deference to Spin’s presence the boys cleaned up their own messes tonight.

As the sun set, the three friends sat around the fire just shooting the breeze and talking more about their plans for the summer and beyond.

When it was completely dark, Dusty said, “Hey, let’s take the canoe out on the lake.”

Zak questioned, “Really, is it safe at night?”

“Sure, look at that full moon. It’s almost as bright as the sun. It’s still quite warm, perfect for a moonlight cruise on the lake.”

Zak and Spin both agreed and the boys took off for the beach. They carried the canoe to the edge of the water and got in, with Zak and Dusty on either end and Spin in the middle. Zak and Dusty rowed at a slow leisurely pace towards the center of the lake.

After they had rowed for a while they came to a stop and just drifted on the lake. They sat in the canoe enjoying the sounds of nature. They listened to the water lapping at the sides of the canoe. They could hear the crickets chirping and frogs croaking on the shore. All three were lost in the moment.

The peace and quiet was broken by the loud sound of Spin yawning. This set off a chain reaction that led to both Zak and then Dusty loudly succumbing to their exhaustion as well.

All three boys laughed and then as if taken by the same thought, Zak and Dusty reached for their oars and began rowing back to shore.

They arrived back on shore and pulled the canoe out of the water. They slowly walked back to camp and went inside the tent.

Dusty unrolled the extra sleeping back for Spin. All three stripped down to their briefs. Spin slid into his sleeping bag and Dusty and Zak slipped into their joined bags. There would be no explorations tonight, due to Spin’s presence.

Spin spoke up as they were drifting off to sleep, “Thanks for inviting me guys. This has been the best day.”

“You’re welcome, buddy,” Dusty responded.

“Yeah,” said Zak. “We’re glad you came–it was fun. Now shut up and go to sleep.”

All three giggled and quickly fell into a peaceful slumber.

In the early hours of the morning, Dusty was awakened by a persistent poking at his shoulder. He rolled away from Zak and looked up to see Spin kneeling next to him.

“Spin, can’t you just shake me awake like a normal person?” Dusty groaned.

Spin smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, but I’m freezing and I didn’t want to rummage through you guy’s clothes.” The smaller boy sat there shivering.

Dusty slid over towards Zak and held up the edge of the sleeping bag. “Here, crawl in with us, it’s nice and warm in here.”

Spin hesitated. “But, what if…”

Dusty smiled warmly at Spin. “Nothing’s going to happen, but if anything happens to pop up, that’s just natural.”

Spin nodded and slid into the sleeping bag. Dusty wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and rubbed his arms and sides to warm him up. They soon fell back asleep.

Zak was the first to wake for the day. He was snuggled up against Dusty and enjoyed waking up with his beautiful boyfriend in his arms. He stretched his arms forward around Dusty and was surprised when he felt another pair of arms. He peered over Dusty’s shoulder and saw a tuft of bright red hair sticking out of the sleeping bag. He laughed to himself, figuring Spin must have gotten cold in the middle of the night.

Zak quietly slipped out of the sleeping bag and scurried over to his bag to grab his sweats and socks. He pulled his clothes on and left another set of sweats and socks for Spin to wear when he awoke.

Zak unzipped the flap of the tent and slipped out into the nippy morning air. He grabbed the stick that Dusty had used to tend the fire and poked at the hot coals to try and build up a flame. When he had a small flame, he added some small branches and waited for them to catch, as Dusty had showed him. By the time Spin poked his head out of the tent, the fire was really going and giving off a nice warmth against the morning chill.

Spin came over and sat next to Zak.

“Good morning,” Zak said happily.

“Mornin’,” Spin mumbled back. He was looking at his sock-covered feet as he kicked at the dirt.

“What’s the matter?” Zak asked.

Spin looked up at his friend with fear and discomfort in his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said.

Zak was confused. “For what?”

“For waking up Dusty and for getting in the sleeping bag with you guys. I messed up your weekend. But, nothing happened,” the words spilled out of Spin.

Zak wrapped his arm around Spin’s shoulder and pulled him close. “Spin, I know nothing happened. I trust Dusty and I trust you. Plus, Dusty is kinda loud, so if anything had happened, I would have woke up.” Both boys chuckled. “When I saw you in the sleeping bag, I figured you had gotten cold in the night and Dusty let you snuggle up.” Spin nodded. “I should have left you some clothes out last night, cuz I was freezing when I woke up yesterday morning. It seems to stay warm until just before the dawn and then the temperature plummets. It will warm up soon.” Zak kissed the top of Spin’s head. “And another thing, you didn’t ‘mess up’ our weekend. Dusty invited you. Remember? If we hadn’t wanted you to be here, then we wouldn’t have asked you. Dusty and I are boyfriends now, but we are still going slow with ‘stuff’ so it’s nice to have you here to have fun with us.”

Spin hugged Zak hard. “Thank you for wanting me here.”

The two sat by the fire wrapped in each other’s arms trying to warm up. After a few minutes, Dusty came out of the tent. He had only pulled on a pair of flimsy gym shorts. When he stood to yawn and stretch Spin got an eyeful. Zak giggled as Spin’s green eyes bugged out. “Don’t get any ideas,” Zak whispered in Spin’s ear. “He’s mine.”

Spin blushed a vibrant red and turned his eyes away.

Zak laughed at his friend. “Oh, you can look,” he whispered, “But don’t touch.”

Spin just nodded and turned his eyes back to Dusty’s amazing body.

Dusty looked at the two smaller boys huddled by the fire. “Hey, guys,” he grinned. “I must have been tired, if Sleeping Beauty is up before me.”

Zak shot him the finger. “I was cold and hungry. I got the fire going.”

Dusty popped back into the tent and came out with some granola bars, fruit and juice bottles. The boys enjoyed a quick breakfast and then decided to go on a ride around the lake to warm themselves up and get the blood flowing.

Dusty let loose with his whistle and Phoenix came running followed by Marty and Bob. Dusty and Zak grabbed their hackamores and Spin went and got his bridle and they each got their horse bridled. Dusty gave Zak and Spin a leg up and then mounted Phoenix.

They moved out at a leisurely walk heading around the lakeshore.

Zak had remembered to bring his phone with him and he began taking pictures. The views were amazing. The sun just coming up over the lake. The trees and wildlife along the lake. He also took pictures of Spin, his flaming red hair a jumbled mess, riding along the lake. Zak spent a lot of time taking pictures of Dusty. He wondered if any picture would do justice to the sight before him. Dusty bare-chested, dark hair flowing, as he rode his beautiful mustang stallion bareback along the lake.

Zak felt a stirring in his nether regions and turned his focus back to the woods and the lake, before things got embarrassing.

When the boys returned from their ride, it had warmed up sufficiently for Zak and Spin to change back into their bathing suits. Since, Spin did not have much time left, the boys decided to take a few more spins on the jet ski.

As the jet ski was a new experience for the two younger boys, Dusty stayed on the beach and sunbathed while they jetted around the lake. At about 11:30 he waved and called to the boys.

“Hey, guys,” Dusty called. “It’s 11:30. Spin, you need to get going before your mom sends out a search party.”

Spin aimed the jet ski at the shore and within a few minutes, he and Zak had it beached.

The two came up the beach, Spin looking crestfallen.

Dusty grinned at Spin. “Spin, it’s not like this is the last time we’re coming out here this summer. Next time, we’ll plan ahead and you can spend the whole time with us.”

Spin broke out into a wide toothy grin. “Really?! You’d let me do that?”

Dusty laughed. “Sure. You’re our bud and Zak’s best friend. Why wouldn’t we want you to hang out with us?”

Spin ran up to Dusty and hugged him hard. “Thank you. I really appreciate you including me.”

Dusty hugged Spin back. “It’s like I said, little man, you are our friend. Just because Zak and I are boyfriends now, it doesn’t mean we desert our friends,” he whispered in Spin’s ear.

Spin hugged Dusty even harder. He, for once, was speechless.

“Ok,” Dusty said, pulling away. “You need to get going. If you make your mom wait for you, she may not let you come again.”

With that Spin went and got Marty and, after a boost from Dusty, was off.

Zak and Dusty stood on the lakeshore arm in arm waving at Spin as he rode off.

“Thank you for inviting him, Dusty,” Zak said. “He had such a good time. And I think it was good for him to be with both of us.”

“No problem,” Dusty answered. “He’s a good kid. I think he’s just a little confused by his feelings right now. Hopefully, we can find him a boyfriend and he can channel some of his energy into that.”

“And hopefully before he transfers his crush from me to you,” Zak giggled.

The boys spent the rest of the afternoon lounging along the beach enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Every so often the horses would come over and the boys would follow them into the lake and swim around and play with them.

The afternoon flew by and evening came. The boys enjoyed a peaceful dinner and then lounged around the fire kissing and caressing and exploring each other. Eventually, Dusty stood up and led Zak into the tent.

Dusty lay Zak down on the sleeping back and began to undress him. He pulled off Zak’s swim trunks and t-shirt and sat back on his heels to admire the beautiful body of the boy he loved.

He leaned down and kissed Zak, letting his tongue wander into Zak’s mouth. Dusty then kissed his way down Zak’s chest twirling his tongue around each of Zak’s hard pink nipples and stopping to swab out his belly button.

At this point Zak felt he was harder than he had ever been.

Dusty’s face hovered over Zak’s crotch, he inhaled deeply taking in the sweet musky scent of teenage boy. Dusty admired Zak’s penis and reached down and took it in his hand.

Zak exhaled deeply when the first hand, other than his, that had ever touched his dick began to stroke it. Dusty moved his hand up and down, jacking Zak’s cock. Zak writhed on the sleeping bag, panting and biting his lower lip. He was not going to last long.

Dusty could tell that Zak was close and he began to move his hand faster, while still being as gentle as his passions would allow him.

“Oh, God!!” Zak cried, as his dick pulsed in Dusty’s hand. Dusty felt each volley of cum shoot through Zak’s cock and watched them land on Zak’s chest and belly.

“Oh, wow!” Zak panted as he came down from his orgasmic high. “That was awesome.”

Dusty grinned at him. He wiped Zak’s chest and belly with a damp towel and kissed him deeply.

When they broke the kiss, Zak sat up and said, “My turn.”

Zak had Dusty lie down on the sleeping bag. He pulled Dusty’s t-shirt over his head and admired Dusty’s well-defined chest. He ran his hands all over Dusty’s pecs and traced his nipples and the divot that divided his abs. He leaned down and nursed on Dusty’s dark nipples and licked his way over Dusty’s abs in the spot his fingers had just run.

Zak then grabbed the waist band of Dusty’s swim trunks and pulled them off. “Wow,” he said to Dusty. “You don’t even have a tan line.”

Dusty laughed, “No, the tan is year round.”

Zak was fascinated by Dusty’s uncut cock and the forest of dark wiry hair that surrounded it. He tentatively took Dusty’s penis in his hands. He played with the foreskin, never having had the chance before. He slowly pulled it over the head of Dusty’s dick and then slowly pulled it back.

The slow deliberate moves that Zak was making out of curiosity were driving Dusty mad with passion.  He reached his hand down over Zak’s to try to get him to move it faster. Zak giggled and slapped Dusty’s hand away. “No touching,” he said. “It’s mine.”

Dusty tried to laugh, but he was right on the edge. As Zak continued his slow, deliberate movements, Dusty was losing control.

“Ahh, I’m coming,” Dusty cried.

Zak tightened his grip on Dusty’s dick as he fired shot after shot of cum all over his chest and Zak’s hand.

When the fireworks stopped, Zak lay over Dusty and grinned at him. Zak leaned down and kissed Dusty. Then he grabbed a towel and wiped Dusty’s chest and stomach.

Zak threw the spent towel over in the corner of the tent with the other dirty clothes they had amassed and he lay down next to Dusty. Dusty put his arms around Zak and pulled the sleeping bag over them. He spooned up against Zak’s back and the two quickly fell asleep.

A few hours later, Zak was awakened by Dusty’s shaking him. “Zak,” Dusty whispered. “Wake up.”

Zak opened his eyes and rolled over. He looked into Dusty’s smiling eyes. “What?”

Dusty pulled back the sleeping bag and stood up. He reached his hand out to Zak. “Come on.”

Zak took Dusty’s hand and Dusty pulled him up. Zak reached for his swimsuit, but Dusty grabbed his hand and shook his head. “Just come with me,” he said.

Zak walked out of the tent following Dusty. “Dusty why are we out here with no clothes on?” Zak had expected it to be chilly, but it was still pleasantly warm and the full moon made everything bright and eerie at the same time.

“You’ll see,” was all Dusty would say.

Dusty whistled for Phoenix and the mustang came running. Dusty reached up and hugged his horse. He turned to Zak and took his hand. He gestured for Zak to put his hands on Phoenix’s back. Zak looked at Dusty curiously but did as requested. Dusty gave Zak a boost onto Phoenix’s back and then leapt on behind him.

Dusty kissed at the big horse and he began walking towards the lake. The feeling of the horses soft hairs rubbing the insides of his thighs and his butt combined with leaning against a nude Dusty had Zak overstimulated in moments. As Phoenix continued to walk on, Dusty wrapped his arms around Zak and kissed his neck.

Zak felt Dusty’s hardness rubbing against the cleft of his ass. Dusty grabbed Zak tighter and whispered in his ear, “Grab hold of his mane and tighten your legs against his side.”

Zak had just done as he was told when Dusty squeezed his calves against Phoenix’s sides and the horse took off at a canter.

The movement of the horse, the feeling of Dusty holding him and Dusty’s penis rubbing against his butt was too much for Zak. Within moments he was coming for the second time that night. As he was still shooting, he felt a wetness on his back and butt telling him that he was not the only one enjoying the moonlit ride.

As the boys came down from their mutual orgasms, Dusty called out, “Whoa, Phoenix,” and the horse slowed to a walk and then stopped.

Using his legs to guide the horse, Dusty steered them back up the shore and then into the lake. He stopped Phoenix before they were more than waist deep. He and Zak slid off and began washing the remnants of their passion off of poor Phoenix.

Once they had sufficiently cleaned off Phoenix, Dusty sent him back to graze with Bob and led Zak back to the tent. He grabbed a towel that they had left on one of the logs and dried Zak’s waist and legs and did the same for himself. Then he led Zak back into the tent and into the sleeping bag. This time it was Zak’s turn to wrap his arms around Dusty and spoon up to his back.

No words had passed between them since their climaxes, but they both knew that they were sharing the beginnings of something special and were both curious as to where it would take them.


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