Riding Lessons
by Andrew Todd


Chapter 13

Dusty had Zak stop Bob right before they reached the clearing at the lake.

“Ok, I want you to shut your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you,” Dusty instructed.

“And how am I supposed to know where we’re going?”

“I’m going to take Bob’s reins and pony him alongside Phoenix,” Dusty answered. “Just close your eyes.”

Zak smiled at Dusty and did as instructed. Dusty reached over and pulled Bob’s reins over his head and moved Phoenix into the clearing and towards their tree.

“Just stay there with your eyes closed,” Dusty said as he stopped the horses. Dusty dismounted and went around to Bob’s left side. He reached up to Zak. “Ok, just slide off, but keep your eyes closed.” Zak started to dismount. “I’ve got you.”

Dusty caught Zak as he slid down and took him in his arms. He slowly turned Zak around so that he was facing the tree and wrapped his arms around him from the back. He rested his chin on Zak’s shoulder. “Ok,” he whispered in Zak’s ear, “open your eyes.”

Zak opened his eyes and didn’t know where to look first. Next to their tree a large six-man tent had been erected. Off to the side of the tent was a fire pit that had been circled with large stones. There were two fallen logs on either side of the fire pit. Then, he turned to the lake. There was a canoe sitting on the shore and next to it was a jet ski.

Zak excitedly ran over to the tent and looked inside. There were two sleeping bags and several pillows on one side. On the other side was the duffle bag of clothes he had given Dusty a few days ago. Dusty’s bag was next to it. There were also two large coolers which he assumed had their provisions for the next few days.

He ran back to Dusty and hugged him hard. “It’s awesome,” he said to Dusty. “How did you do all this?”

“Well, Joe helped. He rode out here on the ATV with the small trailer on it to bring out the tent and sleeping bags and the other stuff. Then he helped me pitch the tent and make the fire pit. The canoe is mine; I usually leave it here for the summer, because it’s fun to canoe around the lake. During the winter I leave it at a friend’s place across the lake. He’s the one who lent me the jet ski, too. He figured we’d have fun with that this weekend.”

“With all this I may actually end up liking camping,” Zak grinned.

Dusty smiled back. “That’s the plan. I can’t have a boyfriend that doesn’t like camping.”

Zak’s jaw dropped. “Boyfriend?”

Dusty took Zak’s hands in his. “Yes; what part of ‘I love you’ did you miss?”

“I didn’t, but…” Zak stuttered.

“But nothing. I love you and I want you to be my boyfriend.”

Zak’s blue eyes lit up and he jumped on Dusty and hugged him tight. “That’s what I want too,” he cried. “I want that so bad.”

The two boys stood in the meadow holding each other for a long time. Then Dusty broke the embrace. “Ok,” he started. “Before it gets too dark, I’m gonna start a fire. Why don’t you take care of the horses?” He pointed to a small fenced area on the other side of the meadow. “There’s a small fenced-in area with a lean-to over there. There are some grooming tools under the lean-to and some hay. Just give them each a quick brush down and make sure some of the hay is out for them. We don’t have to fence them in tonight. Phoenix will stay close by and Bob will stay with Phoenix.”

Zak nodded and took the reins of both horses and led them across the meadow.

While Zak went to take care of the horses, Dusty went over to the fire pit he had built near the tent. He had already laid it with kindling and paper to start the fire. On the far side of the tent he had gathered a small stack of wood to feed the fire and keep it going for them through the weekend. He went into the tent, retrieved his matches from one of his bags and went back out and started the fire by lighting the paper. He sat on one of the logs and tended the fire while he waited for Zak.

By the time Zak finished with the horses and came back to the tent, the fire was roaring away. Dusty was sitting on one of the logs using his pocket knife to sharpen a long stick.

“What are you doing?” Zak asked curiously.

“I’m sharpening these sticks so that we can stick them through the hot dogs to cook,” Dusty answered.


Dusty laughed. “Yes, really; we’re roughing it. This is a great way to cook hotdogs and then we’ll roast marshmallows and make s’mores.”

“What’s a s’mores?”

Dusty smacked his head. “How can you not know what s’mores are?”

Zak blushed. “I’ve never ‘roughed’ it before and I’ve never heard of s’mores.”

Dusty motioned to Zak. “C’mere,” he said as he patted a spot next to him on the log.

Zak sat next to Dusty. Dusty put down the knife and stick and put his arm around Zak’s shoulder and pulled him close. “I’m just teasing you. I know this is your first time camping. I just want you to have fun.”

Zak looked at Dusty and then at the ground. “This isn’t just my first time camping,” he mumbled.


“It’s my first time to ever spend a night away from home,” Zak whispered.

Dusty looked into Zak’s blue eyes. “Zak, you’re not serious.” Zak nodded his head. Dusty hugged him. “Oh, man, why didn’t you tell me?”

Zak was starting to tear up. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Why should you be embarrassed? It’s not like you’ve done something wrong. You just haven’t experienced something that a lot of other people have. But this weekend we will begin to fix that. Ok?”

Zak smiled at Dusty with tears in his eyes. “Ok.”

Dusty smiled back. “And the first thing you need to know is that s’mores are the greatest camping dessert ever made. You take a hot toasted marshmallow, all gooey, you put it on a graham cracker and then put a piece of Hershey bar on the marshmallow and cover it with another graham cracker.”

“That’s sounds gross and yet somehow delicious,” Zak laughed.

“It’s awesome. But it’s also messy as hell.”

The boys sat by the fire talking and joking. Dusty showed Zak how to sharpen the sticks they would need to cook their supper. He showed Zak how to keep the fire going and explained that building the pit and placing the rocks around it would protect the area around the pit from the fire. As the sun started to set, Dusty brought a couple battery-operated lamps out of the tent and lit them. He also placed some citronella candles around the camp area to help keep the bugs away.

As darkness fell, the boys chattered away, enjoying the freedom that comes with being all alone for miles. They cooked their hotdogs over the fire and Dusty brought out some chips, rolls and cokes. After they finished their dinner, Dusty went into the tent and returned with a bag of marshmallows, a box of graham crackers and two huge Hershey bars. He then showed Zak how to place the marshmallows on the sticks and toast them ‘properly’. By properly, Dusty meant they had to catch on fire and the outside become absolutely charred.

When Zak had his first marshmallow sufficiently torched Dusty showed him how to sandwich it with the chocolate between the crackers. Zak took his first tentative bite of the sticky concoction. He thought he had died and gone to heaven.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” he said through a mouth full of goo.

Dusty laughed at his friend sitting there with streaks of melted marshmallow and chocolate covering his mouth.

“You’re making a mess,” Dusty scolded. Then he leaned forwards and licked the gooey candy off of Zak’s lips.  He continued to move his tongue around Zak’s lips long after the remnants of chocolate and marshmallow were gone. Then he plunged his tongue into Zak’s mouth and the two began to make out, leaving thoughts of dessert behind.

Dusty sat back on the log. “Let’s turn in,” he said to Zak.

Zak just nodded, still recovering from Dusty’s lustful attack.

“But first, take off your boots and socks out here,” Dusty directed. “If your feet are anything like mine after a day in those things, we may asphyxiate in our sleep.”

Zak giggled as he pulled off his boots followed by his socks. Dusty did the same. The combined odor hit them both. And they both wrinkled their noses, while laughing at each other.

Dusty crawled into the tent to retrieve his saddle bags and a couple of small towels. Then he stood up and offered his hand to Zak. “C’mon. Let’s walk down to the lake and take care of this.”

Zak took Dusty’s hand and Dusty helped him up and the two walked hand in hand to the lakeshore.

Dusty had Zak roll his jean’s legs up past his knees and he did the same. He then directed Zak to sit on the sand with his feet just in the water. He removed a small jar from his saddled bags and poured some of the liquid inside onto Zak’s feet.

Zak inhaled sharply. “That’s cold. What is it?”

Dusty laughed, “I don’t exactly know. It’s another one of Gram’s concoctions. I know it has some mint and eucalyptus in it, but I use it at the lake because it’s all natural and there are no chemicals to hurt anything.”

Dusty then took Zak’s feet in his hands and began to rub the liquid on them. Zak purred at both the feeling of Dusty massaging his feet and the warm chill that the liquid sent through his feet. Dusty continued rubbing the liquid on Zak’s feet and then dipped them into the lake water to rinse them off and then dried them with a towel.

Zak sat up and grinned at Dusty. “My turn.” He held his breath as he took the jar from Dusty’s hand and poured some of the liquid on Dusty’s feet. Zak’s small hands massaged the liquid into Dusty’s feet as Dusty laid back and enjoyed the feelings Zak’s hands were sending through his body. After a few minutes, Zak dipped Dusty’s feet into the lake water and rinsed them off and then took a towel and patted them dry.

Dusty stood up and took Zak’s hand. He led him back to their camp and into the tent. He had arranged a comfortable sleeping area for them, zipping two sleeping bags together and scattering some pillows around. Normally, Dusty would not bring pillows on a camping trip, but his only concern this weekend was Zak’s comfort.

Dusty zipped up the tent flaps and the boys were in for the night.

Dusty instructed Zak to lie down on the sleeping bags. Zak lay back and put one of the pillows under his head. Dusty went over to one of the bags his had piled in the corner of the tent and removed a tube of vanilla body lotion. He went and knelt next to Zak and squirted a small amount of the lotion into the palm of his hand. Dusty began to massage the lotion into Zak’s feet.

Dusty grinned down at Zak who was lying with his eyes closed, writhing on the sleeping bag as Dusty continued to massage his feet. Dusty laid Zak’s feet down and started to massage his ankles and calves. After a few minutes of this, Dusty stopped and reached up to Zak’s waist and started to unbuckle his belt. Zak’s eyes flew open.

He looked at Dusty questioningly.

Dusty looked into Zak’s eyes. “We’re still going slow,” he said reassuringly. “We won’t do anything unless we both want it.”

Zak looked at Dusty and nodded.

Dusty unbuckled Zak’s belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He grabbed the waistband of Zak’s jeans and slowly pulled them off. He then grabbed the hem of Zak’s t-shirt and pulled it over Zak’s head. Zak shivered, not because he was cold, but because he was nervous and excited.

Dusty leaned down and kissed Zak on the lips. He whispered to Zak, “turn over on your stomach.”

Zak did as he was told, trusting Dusty completely.

Dusty took his bottle of lotion and squirted a small amount into his hand. He rubbed the lotion onto Zak’s thighs and massaged them. He then let his hands travel to Zak’s back and he massaged that as well, paying special attention to Zak’s shoulders and neck. Every so often he would bend over Zak and kiss a spot on his neck or shoulder. Zak just lay there enjoying the feeling of the most beautiful boy in the world touching him this way.

Dusty reached down and grabbed the waistband of Zak’s maroon jockeys. He gently pulled them down Zak’s legs and off. He tossed them onto the pile of Zak’s discarded clothes. Dusty inhaled deeply as he took in the vision before him. Zak’s wide swimmer’s shoulders, his tapered waist, the two pert globes of his bubble butt. Zak, being blond, had very little hair on his body.

“Roll over,” Dusty asked.

Zak turned to look at him. “Um, I don’t think I can.”


“Well…” Zak hesitated.

Dusty lay next to Zak and kissed his neck and cheek. “Zak, I know you’re probably hard; that’s not a problem. Just remember, we aren’t going to do anything that we are not both comfortable with. I just want to see you and finish your massage. Ok?”

Zak grinned at Dusty. “Ok.” Zak rolled over onto his back. Dusty couldn’t decide which view he liked better. From the front, Zak was just as perfect. Beautiful face, gorgeous blue eyes, wavy blond hair, high tight pecs, four-pack abs, strong thighs and a pert erection. Zak had a light dusting of blond hairs around his cock.

Dusty squirted more lotion in his hands and began to massage Zak’s legs. He worked his way up to Zak’s belly and then his pecs. He avoided Zak’s erection, not wanting Zak to be embarrassed or climax too soon.

Zak looked at Dusty. “My turn,” he said as he sat up.

Zak leaned forward and kissed Dusty. He grabbed the hem of Dusty’s t-shirt and raised it up. Dusty lifted his arms so that Zak could remove the shirt. Zak then went to work on Dusty’s belt and jeans, swiftly removing them. Zak had Dusty lay in his spot on his stomach.

Zak took the lotion and squirted some on Dusty’s back. Dusty shivered when the cold lotion hit his warm skin. Zak’s warm hands rubbed the lotion into Dusty’s dark muscular back. Zak went slow, feeling every muscle in Dusty’s back and legs.  Zak made his way up to Dusty’s shoulders and kneaded the muscles with his small hands. Dusty moaned with pleasure at Zak’s gentle touch. Zak reached down and removed Dusty’s briefs. He massaged Dusty’s perfect globes as he admired the tanned flesh of his friend.

Zak placed his hands on Dusty’s hips and pushed to signal for him to turn over. Dusty rolled over onto his back. Zak’s curiosity got the best of him and his eyes went right to Dusty’s erection. To Zak it was beautiful, fitting perfectly with the rest of Dusty’s amazing body. The trail of hair that started below Dusty’s belly button ended with a bush of jet black hair that encircled his uncircumcised cock.

Zak’s hands got busy massaging Dusty’s thighs, belly and pecs. He ran his hands over Dusty’s broad muscular shoulders and his neck. He leaned down and lifted Dusty’s head off the pillow. Dusty looked at him questioningly. Zak reached behind Dusty’s head and removed the band that held Dusty’s ponytail. Dusty’s long black hair fell loose.

“Much better,” Zak said as he ran his hands through Dusty’s hair.

Dusty laughed. “Come here,” he said as he grabbed Zak in an embrace.

Dusty lay back down, pulling Zak on top of him. The boys began to kiss, their tongues wrestling for supremacy. Their hands wandered over each other’s bodies exploring muscles, bulges and crevices. Zak scooted down and sucked on Dusty’s hard dark nipples. He licked his way back up to Dusty’s neck and sucked and bit at the skin.

Dusty pulled Zak back to him and attacked his neck and then kissed his lips. They both were close. They continued to caress and kiss, stroke and nuzzle until both were past the point of no return.

Dusty grabbed Zak close as he felt his orgasm take over. Zak returned the embrace as both boys exploded, their dicks shooting between them. Their cum gluing them together.

After a few moments, the boys came down from their climatic euphoria.

“Wow,” said Zak.

“Oh, man,” chuckled Dusty. “What a mess.”

Both boys giggled and kept kissing as they tried to pry apart their sticky bodies.

Dusty reached over and grabbed the towels he had used at the lake. They were still damp so they helped to clean up the sticky mess between them.

When they were suitably cleaned up, Dusty lay back on the pillows and Zak rested his head on Dusty’s chest.

Zak looked up at Dusty. “I really love you,” he said.

“I love you, too.”

They just lay there and held each other as they drifted off to sleep.

Friday morning, Zak woke up cold and alone. He was wrapped in the sleeping bag, shivering. He could smell coffee, so he assumed Dusty had gotten up and was outside. He crawled over to his pile of discarded clothes and pulled on his jockeys. He rummaged around his duffel bag and found a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt and pulled them on as well as a pair of socks. He was still chilly.

He crawled out of the tent and saw Dusty sitting on one of the logs tending the fire.

Dusty turned when he heard Zak and smiled at him. “Good morning, Sunshine,” he laughed.

Zak squinted in the sunlight and groaned. “I had to fall for a morning person,” he mumbled.

“Come here and snuggle with me by the fire; it will warm you up,” Dusty said.

Zak walked over and sat on Dusty’s lap in front of the fire. Dusty wrapped his arms around Zak and hugged him.

“Did you sleep well?” Dusty asked.

“Considering I was on the ground, yes,” Zak answered.

“Do you want some coffee?”

“No, I’m not much of a coffee drinker,” Zak said wrinkling his nose.

Dusty laughed. He reached into the cooler behind him and handed Zak a can of coke. “How about this?”

“Now, you’re talking.” Zak grinned as he took the can and popped it open. He took a quick swig. “Ahh, caffeine, maybe now my eyes will open.”

Dusty laughed at his sleepy boyfriend. “Man, if we don’t turn you into a morning person, it’s gonna be a long summer.”

Zak groaned, “I know. I’m trying.”

Dusty hugged Zak tighter. “Just think of all the fun we’re going to have this summer. That should get you up and going.”

Zak just purred as he leaned back into Dusty enjoying their closeness.

The boys sat by the fire enjoying the peace and quiet of the meadow and the lake. Dusty had brought some granola bars and fruit for their breakfast. They ate leisurely by the fire. The morning quickly warmed up and soon both decided to trade in their sweats for bathing suits.

Having already seen what each had to offer there was no shyness in the tent as they changed into their trunks.

“What? No speedos?” Dusty whined.

“Not today,” Zak laughed. “So what are we doing now?” he asked.

“Well, we should check and make sure Phoenix and Bob haven’t gotten into any trouble and then maybe take the canoe out and do some fishing for dinner.”


“Yes. Haven’t you ever been fishing?”

“No. I keep telling you I’ve never been an outdoorsy person.”

“Well, I’ll show you how. We can usually get some great trout in the lake. Then I’ll show you how to clean them and cook them.”

“Yay…” Zak said without much enthusiasm.

Dusty laughed. He went over to the side of the tent and pulled out two fishing poles and a tackle box. He handed the tackle box to Zak. “Come on. The horses are probably down at the lake.”

Sure enough when the boys got to the lake, both horses were frolicking in the water. Phoenix saw Dusty coming and ran out of the water and up to his boy. He stood next to Zak and Dusty dripping with water.

“Hey, you,” Dusty reprimanded. “Don’t be dripping on us.”

Zak laughed as Phoenix came up to Dusty and laid his wet neck across Dusty’s shoulder.

“Aahh, Phoenix!!” he exclaimed.

Zak kept laughing until Bob was standing next to him shaking the excess water off his large body.

“Damn!” he yelled at Bob. “Go do that by Dusty.”

Both horses took off to graze leaving the boys a little worse for wear.

Dusty placed the fishing poles and tackle box into the canoe and had Zak help him carry it to the water. He gave Zak a quick lesson on paddling and then the two took off for the center of the lake. They spent a few hours rowing around the lake, stopping periodically to fish. After a while they had caught five good-sized trout. It was almost noon and they figured Spin would be on his way anytime so they headed back to shore.

They arrived back on shore and pulled the canoe up and out of the water. Zak carried the fishing poles and tackle box back to their camp, while Dusty carried the line of fish they had caught. When they got back to the camp, Dusty grabbed a pail and ran back to the lake to fill it with water. He carried it back to the tent and placed the fish in the pail until he had a chance to clean them later.

In one of the coolers, Dusty had some cold cuts and bread. The boys made sandwiches and sat on the logs eating while they waited for Spin. It was just past noon, but both knew Spin well enough to know that to him ‘afternoon’ meant just after twelve noon.

Almost on cue they saw Spin come riding off the trail bareback on Marty. He waved to them excitedly and the boys laughed and waved back.

Spin rode up to their camp and hopped down from Marty. He was wearing his swim suit and a t-shirt and had his flip flops on.

“Hey, guys. This is cool. You have your own little camp area here,” he exclaimed as his eyes wandered around. “Wow. You have a canoe and a jet ski out here. Awesome.”

Zak and Dusty laughed as Spin’s eyes darted around and his mouth kept going.

“Do you want something to eat?” Dusty asked.

“No, I had a quick lunch before my mom dropped me off at the ranch.”

Zak and Dusty watched Spin as he danced excitedly in place. “C’mon,” he said. “Are we going swimming or not?”

“Yup,” replied Dusty. “Just give us a few minutes. We just ate. Besides we have all afternoon.”

Spin shook his head. “I don’t; my mom’s coming to get me at four,” he said dejectedly.

Dusty looked at him. “Why don’t you call her and see if she’ll let you spend the night out here?”

Zak and Spin both looked surprised.

“Really?” asked Spin.

“Sure,” replied Dusty. “We caught enough fish for the three of us for dinner and there’s plenty of room in the tent. In fact, I brought a third sleeping bag in case it got too cold–you can use that.”

“But I didn’t bring any other clothes with me.”

Zak spoke up, “That’s ok. I always over-pack so I’m sure I have something you can wear. Beside, we’ll be in the water most of the afternoon.”

“Cool. Thanks, guys,” Spin grinned. “Can I borrow a phone to call my mom?”

Dusty tossed Spin his phone and Spin called his mother.

Dusty and Zak laughed as they listened to Spin beg and cajole his mom into letting him stay. Finally he hung up the phone and grinned at the boys.

“She said I could stay, but she’ll be at the ranch at noon tomorrow to pick me up. We have to go to my grandmother’s for dinner.”

“Well, that’s cool,” said Zak. “It gives us the rest of today and tomorrow morning.”

“Awesome,” cried Spin. “Now can we go swimming?”


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