The Journey of Jacob and Kyle
by Andrew Davis


Chapter 8: The Mistakes We Make (Cont.)
Time line: Sunday

Outside of the cabin, they discovered the sun high in the sky, casting shadows through the treetops overhead. The temperature was in the high eighties, with a slight breeze brushing its way through the trees. It was a perfect day for a relaxing canoe ride, one that Jacob was actually looking forward to doing. ‘What could possibly happen on a boat,’ he thought, hoping all of this would work out and become like any other normal day.

After walking for five minutes, passing the mess hall once again, they found a set of iron-wrought gates that led down a hill towards the lakefront. They quickly found the dock where the boats were tied off and proceeded to ask the man who was sitting in a small hut, if they could take some of the canoes out for the afternoon.

However, there were a set of requirements for this to happen. If they were going to be allowed to take the boats, they would also need to pass a quick swimming test so the man in charge could be assured that all safety precautions were met to his satisfaction. This was a legal requirement for everyone at the park. It was within Florida law, that any minor using the park’s equipment would be required to meet these expectations, observed in full at the park ranger’s discretion; additionally, a quick canoe etiquette and safety briefing was also required. An hour later, they were trained and certified to use the boats.

“Please go and grab yourselves a personal floatation device, aka a life jacket,” the instructor said, pointing towards the side of the hut. “Also, please be sure to place your names on the buddy board. This is for your own personal safety, it helps us keep track of who’s on the lake and lets us know where all of our equipment is located.”

The instructor then approached each boy, checked their life jackets, and made sure they were nice and snug. Once completed, he walked them out onto the dock and helped them get into their vessels.

“Sir, I was just wondering where we could go to find a nice spot to sit and relax, preferably with a little privacy,” Skippy questioned, which put Jacob on high alert.

The instructor placed his hand to his chin, thought aloud. “Well, there’s a nice spot just around the bend over there.” He pointed in the direction he was implying. “Some of the boys call it Lover’s Cove and it’ll take you about ten minutes to get there.”

“Very good, well thank you for that delightful information sir. We’ll be there for about an hour I suspect. As you can see with all of the things we brought with us, we’re going to be having a picnic under the trees.” Josh grinned, and gave the man a quick wink.

“Okay boys, well go and enjoy yourselves, please remember to stay safe and keep in mind what I’ve taught you. Also be sure to look out for one another and keep your personal flotation devices on while you’re in the canoes,” the instructor directed.

“Okay, we will sir, but only because you’ve trained us all so well in boating safety; we’ll do our very, very, very, best to keep everyone safe,” Walter informed their instructor.

After the ice chest was placed into one of the canoes, the boys began paddling to their so-called picnic spot. From Jacob’s perspective, Kyle seemed lost within his own thoughts. He was to a certain extent, mindless, as he moved his hand back and forth paddling. He was only taking quick poignant glances around to see the water splash as he and his fellow boat mates paddled their way towards the tiny island that was in the middle of the lake.

Is Kyle okay? Is he feeling like I do? What did they do to him?’ were all questions that entered into Jacob’s mind. He too felt this burden, a deep concern, thinking that the only reason they were here wasn’t to make friends at all, but rather to be played with; he hoped he was wrong.

“I bet that man knew what we were going to be doing when you asked him for a secret spot Skippy,” Matthew piped up.

Another red flag for Jacob; however, it was even more concerning that it came from his own brother’s lips.

“What do you mean that he knew?” Kyle barked like a ravenous dog. “Matthew … we haven’t even discussed what activities we might do at the island. And as a matter of fact, maybe you and Nicolas will go jerk off, but what if the rest of us just want to go hang out and talk for a bit.”

“Yeah right Kyle! We’re surrounded by naked boys and you’re going to sit under a tree and have a little chitchat? Pshaw!” Matthew belted out.

The rest of the boys giggled while the banter between Matthew and Kyle continued back and forth. Jacob wasn’t laughing though, because he knew exactly where Kyle was coming from; everything that his beloved had said so far made complete sense and he wholeheartedly agreed.

By the time their little argument had subsided, they found their destination spot. An old rusted sign welcomed them from a distance, which simply said ‘Lover’s Cove’ in navy green letters.

“Holy heck, this place is actually called Lover’s Cove, I thought the guy was joking when he said the name of this place,” Harry hooted.

“By the looks of it, I’d say it’s been well used over the years,” Craig joked.

“Now we just need to make sure we tie the canoes off so they won’t float away. Please make sure that we have everything set over by that tree,” Harry instructed, while their canoe made landfall. They quickly tied off the boats to a few scattered tree stumps and hopped out.

Everyone soon found a spot under a set of oak trees, which had plenty of shade for everyone to seek refuge from the heat. They carefully laid out the towels they had retrieved from the change room and placed them under the grassy canopy under the tree. Under the shade, they made sure there weren’t any rocks or stones to jab them in the back. There was also an old rusted trashcan nearby for them to use once they’d finished their picnic. Who was to empty it, nobody knew, but it had a fresh garbage bag inside.

“Uh Craig, I’ve kinda noticed that you have a foreskin, but your brother Josh doesn’t. Why is that?” Nicolas questioned, eyeing the four-inch tool that lay out in front of him.

“Well, he had one until about three months ago. You see, he was having problems when he got a boner. He tried stretching it by using creams to help loosen it, but after nothing seemed to work, he ended up getting circumcised,” Craig replied.

“Did you ever get any flak from kids at school? I mean, when they saw you in the showers with you being uncut and all.” Nicolas questioned further.

“Some kids did, but most of my friends didn’t bother because some of their younger brothers were uncut and knew what a foreskin was. Some of the kids even asked how it worked when they saw it,” Josh explained.

“In the UK we don’t normally get to see boys that are cut as it’s usually only done to boys with tight foreskins, due to infections, or religious reasons. I was shocked the first time I saw a cut wiener considering it looked odd with the hood removed,” Harry added.

During this entire conversation, Matthew kept looking in between Kinshi’s legs. He was deeply intrigued by his friend’s foreskin, so much so, that he kept watching as the purple tip of his gland kept peeking out from under the hood. Matthew didn’t quite understand why this was so intriguing, but it was exciting him greatly. Eventually he posed the question. “Hey Kinshi, what does it feel like having a foreskin?”

Hmmm is he just curious, or is there something more to all of this?’ Jacob thought, mulling it over, and concluded that he didn’t know. He hoped in the deepest reaches of his soul that their supposed friends wouldn’t somehow turn Matthew’s curiosity into some sexual escapade. Time held those answers.

“Did you want to see it in action?” Josh questioned. In that instant Matthew looked towards his brother for guidance, he hadn’t expected this forward response, let alone an offer to touch what he knew wasn’t his. “Kinshi, why don’t you scoot closer to Matthew and let him see how you work that foreskin of yours.”

Good God! Here we go! Somehow, I knew this would happen. FUCK!’ Jacob thought and quickly shook his head at Matthew.

Matthew quickly read the sign his brother had given him and continued to sit motionless, with his hands resting upon his knees. He appeared scared; his eyes stared down at the ground, or possibly, he was nervous, or more so regretful for asking the question.

Just say the word Matthew and we’ll leave. Say it buddy, SAY IT!’ The word never came and Matthew continued to sit looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

“It’s okay Matthew, you don’t need to be nervous,” Kinshi said softly. “Here, I’ll even help you,” he added. What followed next made Jacob furious; Kinshi reached down, took Matthew’s hand in his, and guided it onto his privates.

“Wow, it’s um, really wet and silky, it’s nothing like mine at all.” Matthew spoke awkwardly. If his voice had anything to say, it was that he was caught off guard and this wasn’t something he wanted to be forced upon him.

Before Jacob could respond to this action, Josh followed up with a question. “Do you guys fool around with each other? You know jerk off and stuff?” he asked eagerly.

“Uh, well, I’ve jerked off Nicolas a few times already and we kinda told my parents that we love each other,” Matthew uttered, even more awkwardly than before.

Jacob went to speak again, but Josh beat him to the punch. “Just so you know we need to follow some rules since Kinshi’s my love brother and all. We can’t exactly drink anyone else’s boy cream unless it’s our own. However, that doesn’t stop us from having a little bit of fun with other boys. So … if you want, we can suck each other off. But only as long as we don’t take any of your deposits,” he stated, giving out his disclaimer.

With each word that flowed from Josh’s lips, the more uneasy Jacob became. He knew in his heart that he wasn’t the only one feeling this way, he didn’t know how he knew, but he did. Within those pivotal seconds of the spoken word, his eyes began glancing around, eventually meeting with Kyle’s. They looked at one another and he knew this wasn’t good.

Kyle looked just as disillusioned with this entire fiasco as he felt; it was a complete and utter disaster. His boyfriend’s facial expression managed to say more than words ever could have; his eyes were glossy, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and his skin was pale as if he was startled to the core.

In the midst of this, Jacob wasn’t even sure he wanted to fool around with their newfound friends, no matter how much he liked their personalities, or more so, the less sexual side like when they’d first met. After all, Kyle was his and his alone and the mere idea of someone else touching him made him extremely jealous.

Jacob was feeling apprehensive about this entire sexualized situation. In the end, Kyle and he weren’t anything like Matthew and Nicolas because they actually loved each other and he knew they both equally felt that they should be exclusive to one another. In Jacob’s eyes, he could see the sheer excitement and eagerness that had begun growing within Matthew and Nicolas. Matthew seemed to be coming more at ease, for who knows what reason, and they wanted to fool around, they wanted to get their kicks, but who could stop them.

Jacob once again redirected his attention to Kyle and tried to get a feel for what he wanted to do. He knew he couldn’t just get up and barge away like some raving lunatic, nor did he want to be portrayed as the controlling boyfriend either. Ultimately, he felt nervous of what he should do, what he should say, or what not to do. Was he to just sit quietly and do nothing at all?

Kyle watched Nicolas move closer to Josh, just as Matthew and Kinshi had done. In that moment, his mind wondered how Jacob was feeling about all of this and quickly turned his head to look at him once again. He soon discovered Jacob already staring at him, his eyes looking worried and almost on the verge of tears. Kyle knew Jacob was concerned and desperately needed to talk about this in private, so he quickly gestured over to him. They then got up from their towels, walked a few meters away, and began discussing the matter at hand.

“Well what do you think Jacob? What should we do about all of this?”

Jacob looked back and saw Nicolas’ eyes becoming wider, more eager. “I don’t know. I wish it was just you and me right now. Do you think it’s possible they only invited us here to be their boy toys – you know someone to play with? I don’t like this one bit. I’m not some sexual item to be played, emotionally, or physically.”

“I wish it was only us too, but do you think we’re being a little stuck up? It’s not like this will ever happen again, right?” Kyle couldn’t believe he had said this himself, let alone made it sound like he too wanted to get his kicks. However, the question still stood. “I mean, look at Matthew and Nicolas, they seem to be having some fun. No harm, no foul.”

“As true as all of that may be, I still don’t feel that it’s right,” Jacob said apprehensively. “Look at it this way, I should’ve never played around with my brother in the bathroom that one night, it was a big mistake. I love Matthew and all, but those things should never happen between brothers. This is how I’m viewing this entire situation. Matthew, you, Nicolas, and I shouldn’t be here doing this; it’s wrong and I think we should leave this instant. Nevertheless, I won’t do anything unless you’re with me. So what do you think we should do, should we leave, join in, what?”

“Well I do think you’re right, we came here to have some fun, just not the sexual kind, and I also agree with you that this is totally beyond odd. But I’m not going to go on a spree of what ifs, or assume things that I don’t know without having all the answers. Either way, I’ll have your back. So whatever you decide is fine by me.”

Jacob smiled. This was exactly what he needed to hear; no matter the decision he made for them all as a whole, his back was covered. “I love you Kyle, thank you,” Jacob added, leaning forward to give a quick kiss. “All right, well let’s go tell them.”

Kyle and Jacob returned to their towels, sat down, and said nothing for the moment. Jacob let the thoughts in his mind swell until he couldn’t contain them. He didn’t have any intentions to mince words, nor did he try to beat around the bush. “So … did you guys bring all of us here on the pretense that you wanted to fool around with us? Is that what we are to you?” Jacob demanded, his anger rising faster than a volcanic eruption.

Josh was taken aback by Jacob’s forwardness, especially the stern tone in his voice; it threw him for a loop. “Uh, well, not exactly. We figured you might want to do this stuff, but we didn’t have intentions to bring you here just for this, if that’s what you mean.”

“So you did have intentions. Interesting …”

“Well not the way you’re putting it no. We suspected –”

“Suspected? How about you being so God damn forward about wanting to be sexual with us, it’s made me terribly uncomfortable, and I won’t dare speak for everyone else, but this is retarded. And don’t you dare say you haven’t been implying it, because you have. It’s been all too clear to me. You see, I originally thought you’d be good friends, support, you know? More gay friends, all the better, and yet, I believe this has turned out how you’ve wanted, some sort of an orgy. Now I’m not sure about your intentions, or what you want from us, but if you try to touch Kyle I swear to God, I’ll knock your fucking block off.”

“Whoa, whoa, hold on just a minute Jacob, take it back a notch,” Craig said quickly, trying to calm Jacob’s eruption from spilling out into an all out war of words.

“What? Are you saying that what I’ve seen so far are lies? That you haven’t been trying to get in our pants, so to speak, since we’re already naked.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Well you’ve implied it. So go ahead and tell me I’m wrong, how I’ve misread this whole situation. Go ahead I’m listening.”

“He’s right you know,” Skippy announced. “We’ve been pretty forward and I can see exactly where he’s coming from. Like he said, they came here to find more gay friends for support.” He looked at Jacob. “Am I right so far?” After a quick nod from Jacob, he proceeded. “I can see how our actions could come off to them. You know, us being horny boys who just want to get their dicks sucked. So if I’ve somehow come off that way then I’m sorry, it was never my intention to make you feel uncomfortable if that’s the case.”

“I’m hungry, can we start eating now at least?” Matthew requested, the tone in his voice coming off in a snide remark. Jacob gave his brother the evil eye. “What?”

“Yes, yes, we should eat.” Kyle agreed, and with a quick elbowing to Jacob’s chest, they all fell silent.

Josh began handing out the sandwiches, sodas, and chocolate cupcakes. “This looks like a good selection for a picnic.” Kyle pointed out, trying to lighten the mood.

“This food isn’t laced with drugs or poison is it?” Jacob asked swiftly.


“What? It’s a legit question.”

“No it isn’t poisoned. I’m a bit offended that you would think that,” Josh exclaimed.

“All right everyone just relax a damn moment. Let’s eat in silence and we’ll continue this once everyone’s calmed down.” Craig put his foot down, no one dared to come up against him.


As soon as everyone had finished eating Craig spoke up and became the mediator. “We all calm now?” Everyone nodded. “Good. Now from my understanding so far is that you’re not interested in being sexual with us. I accept that. However, I don’t know if you came off in the right way – yelling and all. To each his own I suppose.”

Jacob took a deep breath. “It’s just … I don’t know, I love Kyle too much to share him. It’s not something I’m even remotely interested in doing. Nor am I going to allow my brother and his boyfriend to do these things with you either. And that’s my final answer. I don’t want you pressing the issue. If this is a problem then we’ll leave now. If you don’t want us to leave then I want our friendship not to be based on sex. Don’t get me wrong I do like you guys, but we only want to be friends, you know, so we can support  each other,” Jacob said in the best words he could muster without becoming angry again.

“No we want you to stay. It’s cool man, we totally understand. We can see how much all of you love each other,” Kinshi said with the rest of the boys nodding in agreement.

“I’m really sorry about how I’ve reacted, but it’s what I believe.”

“Don’t fret, don’t fret,” Craig said, patting Jacob’s shoulder. “Anyway our time is almost up. So why don’t we quickly clean up and start heading back.”

Matthew got up from his towel and started folding it. “You know I’m really glad that we met at the mall and ended up becoming friends. Even if we don’t win that family pass to your theme park, at least we got to hang out.”

“You never know Matthew, you could still win a pass, ultimately it’s up to me and Kinshi to hand out to whoever we want,” Josh explained.

“You know, Jacob thought your theme park was kinda lame, I bet he’ll want to come and visit it now,” Matthew beamed.

“Well in the beginning it looked kinda lame. But after what you’ve told us about what you went through in Japan, I can genuinely see why you opened it up; out of respect for Kinshi and Harry’s parents, right?” Jacob lowered his head as a sign of respect, a custom he’d seen on television that the Japanese did.

“Thanks Jacob, we thought the commercial was a little over the top too, but our dad made it, so we’re going to make a new one after we’ve received more comments on the website,” Kinshi laughed.

“You guys should just come and visit us, never mind the stupid Lego competition. You can be our V.I.P guests at the park. We have plenty of space for you to sleep over, or if you wish, you could stay at the hotel on the grounds. So why don’t you ask your parents when you get home and see if they’ll allow you to come and stay for the weekend. I’m sure you’d have a great time,” Craig explained.

“You know our robots are so lifelike, you really have to look at them closely to see the difference between Humans and robots. We have a lot of fun programming them so the kids can interact with them,” Harry quipped.

“See I told you Jacob, didn’t I tell you their park would be fun to go see? Now we’ve met the owners, which is really freaking cool if I may add. Also, I hope you feel guilty about the comments you made against their park from before,” Matthew told his brother.

“Yes, Matthew, I made a mistake. I said I was sorry to them so please back off a bit. And believe me, I already know that I put my foot in my mouth,” Jacob said sternly.

“Anyway, I think it’s time we get you back to the cabin. I suspect your parents will be arriving soon to pick you up. We really would love for you guys to come back again, enjoy another full day with us, and not have your parents get all upset because we made you late. We promise no sexual stuff next time if you’re interested in coming back,” Josh explained.

“We’ll have to see. But our Dad won’t be coming to get us until we call him,” Matthew informed Josh.

“All right, well let’s start heading back then so you can call home,” Josh replied.

Jacob nodded in agreement; it was without a doubt, time for them to start heading back. Especially after all the drama he had caused, he felt very much obliged to get the heck out of here, no matter the cost. Ultimately, his suspicious nature had been spot on all along; it was right on the button, although mildly distorted. One couldn’t blame Jacob though, his gut feelings hadn’t ever steered him wrong, lead him astray; this was something he was beginning to learn about himself. Learning to trust in his gut was something that was good and with a bit of luck, it would keep him and anyone else he cared about safe from harm.

With that, everyone walked back to the canoes, returned their items with in it, and untied the knots that held the boats securely to the tree stumps. They followed by grabbing their oars and pushed off from the island. Ten minutes later, they arrived back at the dock, and after returning all of the equipment back to where they belong, they headed back to the cabin.

Jacob quickly went to the phone, called home, and notified his father that they were ready to head home. It was a rather quick conversation, which was underlined with a tone of urgency. Jacob then hung up the phone, and looked back at everyone.

“My father said he’d be here in about ten minutes or so. So I think we better get our clothes back on,” Jacob suggested, almost like he were excited. He was very glad, glad to be leaving, and glad to get his clothes back on.

After they’d gotten themselves dressed, they made their way outside, and started walking to the front gate. The boys had arrived just in time to see Jacob’s father pull up in front of the camp. Matthew and Nicolas quickly thanked everyone for inviting them, and Jacob merely went on to give a handshake.

“Hey Daddy,” Matthew belted out from the entryway to the camp, waving. He quickly ran towards the car and opened the passenger door. “Hey, I think we may have a day off on Wednesday; that means we have no school, you know, a professional development day. So, do you think we can come back here and hang out with the guys?” Matthew’s lips moved at lightning speed, that when he’d finished speaking, Bill had to ask Matthew to slow down so he could catch what he was trying to say.

Bill finally understood what Matthew was asking. “Well, if you do all of your chores and if Kyle and Nicolas’ parents allow them to come, then that will be fine,” he replied.

By now, everyone had made it to the car. “Excuse me sir? My name’s Craig and my brothers and I would like to invite your boys and their friends to attend our theme park out in Orlando; we would like for them to stay the weekend with us too. Also, if you need to check us out, like finding out who we are, the likes, then feel free to call this number. It’s our father’s private cell, and currently that’s the best way to get a hold of him. Don’t worry though; it doesn’t have to be this coming weekend. We can arrange something for later in the summer,” he mentioned, handing Bill a Golden Samurai business card.

Bill eyes scanned over to Jacob, then Kyle, and finally Matthew and Nicolas. He was quick to notice the looks that lay across their faces, some happy, while the others sad; this was sending Bill conflicting signals. He wasn’t sure what he was to say to them, so he chose a simple and plain reply. “Thank you young man, I’ll be sure to speak with your parents sometime this week. Once I’ve done so, then I’ll decide if the boys will be able to attend your park and stay the weekend,” Bill replied firmly. When time had permitted, he would try to find out what his boys wanted to do, or if they were even interested in going. Once he’d gotten the answers, he would then come to a decision if they should be allowed to go or not.

Nicolas and Matthew let out a huge resounding cheer. They were excited beyond comparison, and quickly gave a hug to each of the boys, thanking them again for a great day. Jacob on the other hand wasn’t sure he’d wanted to come back, or even go to the theme park. Attitudes would need to change, understandings met; that what happened today would never happen again.

Jacob gave a solemn wave to everyone and got into the back seat with Kyle. Matthew and Nicolas followed shortly after; again into the back seat. With everyone now in the car, Bill asked where Nicolas lived so he could drop him off at home. Upon getting the address, he pulled away from the nudist camp and set off to their destination.


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