The Journey of Jacob and Kyle
by Andrew Davis


Chapter 7: The Mistakes We Make (Cont.)
Time line: Sunday

The boys were on the edge of their seats, Matthew especially, who hadn’t shut up since they’d gotten themselves in the car. He kept talking about how he hoped they would spend their day at the camp, how much fun they’d probably have, but most of all, how much he couldn’t wait to see what lay behind the walls.

With every block they passed, the more excited Matthew got, and the more high pitched his voice seemed to get. Eventually Jacob couldn’t take it anymore and swiftly suggested for Matthew to shut his trap. Matthew pouted, put up a mild fuss, and then fell silent.

Following a short drive down a dirt road that lay off the main street, they finally spotted the distinct red brick wall that hid the happenings of the camp from the public’s prying eyes. Bill followed the signs that led him to the entrance and pulled the car off to the side, stopping at the front gate. “Okay boys, I want you to be on your best behavior and remember to be safe, but most of all, have fun. When you’re ready to come home, just give me a call at the house. I don’t have any plans for today, so I’ll be waiting for your call. Just remember that you still have school tomorrow so I don’t want you all getting home too late. Understood? I love you and have a great time.”

Everyone nodded, quickly exited the vehicle, and started walking towards the large gate. However, Matthew stopped half way and returned to the car. He swiftly gave a tap on the passenger window and Bill rolled it down with a button on the driver’s side. “Hey Dad, before we go. Why wasn’t Mom with us this morning for breakfast?” he asked in a small voice.

Bill’s face contorted upon hearing this question once again. Not only had Jacob asked, but also now, his younger son had as well. Bill looked Matthew in the eye. “I’ll tell you boys later. Let’s not ruin your day of fun,” he suggested. “Go enjoy your day and try not to worry about adult things right now.”

Matthew was disappointed by his father’s reply, but nodded and quickly went to catch up with everyone else. “Did you forget to grab something Matthew?” Nicolas inquired. Matthew’s lips moved, but they heard nothing come out. “Say again?”

“No. Just asked Daddy where Mommy was.”

Jacob and Kyle looked at one another. It was an awkward look, filled with the possibilities of the whereabouts of a certain Mrs. Sarah Carlson. “Don’t worry about it for now Matthew,” Jacob finally said after gritting his teeth and patting Matthew on the shoulder.

The welcome center was thirty yards away. The large iron-wrought gate, which usually lay closed for the protection of its guests, was wide open and welcomed them inside. On either side of them were two sets of iron-wrought fences that lead to the welcome center; the only way in, or out of the campgrounds.

Jacob opened the welcome center door and a small bell above the doorway dinged, notifying the desk clerk of their presence. The man got up from his desk and walked up to the counter. “Hello boys and welcome to the lodge. My name is Jim, I run this place,” he announced.

“Hello Jim, we’re here to meet some friends of ours, Josh and Kinshi. They informed us that we would need to bring five dollars for the day for each of us,” Matthew said peering over the countertop.

Jim nodded. “Yes that’s very true. They told me to expect you boys coming today. So if you could please pay the entrance fee for yourselves, then I’ll gladly notify them that you’re here.”

Jacob handed a twenty dollar bill to Jim.

Jim then rung the cash through the register and handed each of them a wristband to wear. “I’ll be right back,” he announced as he went to make a phone call to Josh’s cabin. A man of few words, he quickly called and returned in no more than twenty seconds. “The boys from cabin fifty-seven are coming here to get you. So feel free to go through the side door here,” he pointed to his left, “and meet them there. They shouldn’t be too long.”

“Okay thank you,” Nicolas said, smiling. They swiftly followed Jim’s instructions, exited out the side door, and waited under the shade of the building. A few moments later, they saw one of the boys from the mall coming towards them.

“Hey guys, welcome to the lodge. We’re glad that you’re here, but before we go off and do anything let’s head to the cabin. Once we get there, then you can decide if you want to walk around naked or not. We have a lot of activities to try out while you’re here and let me tell you, the sights here are gorgeous,” Harry commented off the cuff.

Everyone followed Harry towards the cabin. However, along the way, the living, breathing, sights that surrounded them distracted them; boys around their own age and older, were running around naked. They were all walking in a daze towards the cabin, eyeing the boys as they frolicked back and forth across the campgrounds. It wasn’t everyday that one had gotten the chance to see so many naked people going about their lives and having fun while doing it.

Matthew was so distracted, that he almost walked into a hydro-pole while glancing around at his surroundings. Had it not been for Nicolas, he surely would’ve gotten a bump on the head. “Hey Matthew, look over there.” Nicolas pointed off in the distance. “Shit all of them are naked.” He gasped and covered his mouth with his hand.

“Wow! This place is awesome and they don’t even seem to mind that we’re looking at them either,” Matthew said in astonishment.

Walter exited out the cabin when he heard some familiar voices coming towards him. He quickly noticed a troupe of boys walking towards the cabin, especially the surprised looks that lay across their faces. “It’s going to take a little getting used to, seeing naked boys I mean,” he called out from the porch. “But you’re going to have a lot of fun while you’re here. Plus it’s totally up to you what you want to wear.”

Matthew and Nicolas waved at Walter as he ascended the cabin steps. “They’re here now,” Walter yelled back into the cabin. “Glad you all could make it. We’ve got a lot of different things to do, but I say we just go with the flow and see all what happens.”

“Okay, so why don’t we head down to the pool first,” Craig suggested with a huge cheeky grin across his face, exiting the cabin. “So let’s get ourselves ready then shall we?” When he and the other boys from the mall began stripping down, they revealed what lay underneath their clothes; loincloths. Jacob’s troupe was shocked at what they found, partly because they’d never seen such clothing as this before; it was odd and unusual.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Matthew from opening his mouth. “Holy cow, you guys look so hot in those things,” he screeched, loudly. He was too young and innocent, hence there was no way he could fully understand the repercussions of what he was implying. In fact, the boys from the mall took this as some sort of cue, a hint, which would make them bolder and more forward in their approach.

Jacob shrugged off his brother’s gleeful cry and tried to concentrate; no matter how hard he tried not to look, not to peer downward, he couldn’t stop himself from doing so. Nor could he prevent the raging erection that had begun to swell in his swimsuit. Seeing all of these naked boys around the camp, any gay teenager’s daydream; was just too much for him to handle. Although that’s not to say that he was alone in this, because Kyle was having this very same problem and was finding it increasingly difficult to hold back his own erection while everyone undressed.

Of course, they all had come prepared with their swimwear already on underneath, which would remain that way for the time being. This was mostly because they were still cautious about being naked as this wasn’t something that was normal for them. Nevertheless, it was more likely than not that they would tempt this fate when they felt more comfortable with their surroundings and the people that were around them.

After Matthew and Nicolas had finished changing, they threw their street clothes into the cabin, and went to stand beside Josh and Kinshi. A conversation was soon struck up about what they were going to be able to do this afternoon; what the camp offered in terms of fun events, games, things to do. Eventually the topic of their loincloths came up. Josh was glad that Nicolas had questioned him about them, because it then gave them a topic to discuss. “Well they’re called loincloths, or otherwise known as a Fundoshi in Japan. They’re apart of Kinshi’s heritage, so they’re special us. In fact, these are brand spanking new; Kinshi gave them to us this morning. Cool huh?” Matthew nodded. “Good. Now let me just say this. None of us will be offended if you choose to remain clothed; we want you to feel comfortable about being naked and such.”

“Give it a rest Josh,” Walter protested. “Let’s stop wasting time and get to the pool already!”

Nicolas chirped in. “Yeah, it’s getting really hot. Can we go now?”

Josh agreed and after everyone had thrown their clothes into the cabin, they started walking across the courtyard. They were heading in the direction of the mess hall, which had a large bell out in front with a flagpole planted beside it. Jacob assumed the bell was to call everyone for chow, whenever that may have been. Behind the hall was a thin dirt path that led down a hill, above them, trees as far as the eye could see. Slowly they descended the hill, passing under a set of large pines, until finally through the clearing they spotted the pool.

As they made their way down the path, they saw even more boys running around naked and playing with their friends as if being naked was their normality. With each step taken towards the pool, the more kids they saw making running starts off the diving board, playing games, being show offs, and making big splashes.

Eventually they entered in through the chain link fence that closed off the swimming area and noticed a blonde haired boy, who then waved at them as he made his way towards the diving board. Suddenly, he stopped, and started scanning them over. “Hi, my name’s David. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before,” he said curiously. “Are you having a good time so far?”

“I think we’re about to – we just got here,” Kyle said enthused, holding out his hand.

David grabbed Kyle’s hand, gave it a firm shake, and then moved down the line to the other boys. “Good. Well I’ll see you in the pool then,” he said, waving once more, and off he went.

Everyone watched David as he ran away. He swiftly jumped into the pool, went under the water, and disappeared into the crowd of his fellow swimmers. Shortly afterward, their attention was once again gripped when they saw a pair of boys coming into the pool area holding hands. This surprised Jacob, and from the looks across Kyle’s, Nicolas’, and Matthew’s faces, it did them too. Jacob wasn’t used to seeing two boys holding hands, let alone in public; it was a liberating feeling.

Josh noticed where Jacob and his friends were looking. “That’s normal around here, after all, you are at a gay nudist resort,” he laughed. “C’mon let’s get in the water.”

Kyle was greatly enjoying the sights and sounds set out in front of him, although he wasn’t the only one. When the boys that were holding hands had disappeared into the pool, Jacob looked over towards Josh and Kinshi. He watched closely as they dropped their loincloths to the ground and threw them onto one of the deckchairs.

“I’m going to do it Matthew,” Nicolas said boldly. “I’m going to swim naked and I don’t care who sees me. Are you going to join me?”

Matthew’s eyes shifted from Nicolas and then to the people around him. “What does this tell you?” he said after much deliberation, grabbing for his Speedo and pulling it down to his ankles. He then made his way over to where Josh and Kinshi had placed their loincloths, and set it onto the deckchair.

Jacob decided that he’d continue wearing his Speedo, as did Kyle, for Matthew’s decision hadn’t any bearing on their minds. Nor would they stick out like a sore thumb, for he could still see other boys running around, fully dressed, and wearing bathing suits. Everyone else that remained placed their clothes onto the deckchair and jumped into the pool.

“We’re gonna go dive off the diving board, okay?” Kyle announced, an obvious excuse to get away to talk in private.

Matthew nodded and stayed with his new friends. “So how do you feel now?” Josh questioned once Jacob and Kyle were out of earshot. “I mean, do you like swimming naked, Nicolas, Matthew?”

“Oh boy, it feels really weird having all your bits hanging loose,” Matthew commented, waving his hands about, staying afloat. “But to be honest with you, I don’t understand why Kyle and Jacob are still wearing their Speedos, this feels pretty cool.”

“Mm-hmm, well maybe they’re embarrassed about their body changes; you know pubes and stuff,” Kinshi commented through his thick Japanese accent.

“HEY! I’ve got hairs down there too and it doesn’t bother me at all,” Nicolas announced, happily.

“Yeah, you only have a few on top of your wiener, but they have a lot more hair down there,” Matthew pointed down, suggesting the placement of the hairs.

Josh nodded in agreement. “Well here’s what I think. Maybe when they start seeing other boys their own age getting undressed, they’ll probably want to check them out, and then they’ll feel more comfortable about being naked.” On the other hand, he was taking a stab in the dark, guessing.

After having a quick chitchat, Jacob and Kyle returned to the group feeling a bit antsy. In the minutes that passed, nothing had been said between them; they all stood and stared at one another for no particular reason at all. Eventually Jacob started to feel hands touching him under the water’s surface. This was even more unsettling, even more so than before. Jacob looked at Kyle; he too returned the same gaze; one of uncertainty.

“Um, okay. Who keeps touching me?” Jacob requested when another hand touched his bottom. He quickly turned around and found David, the blonde haired boy from before, smiling towards him. “Is it you David?”

“Yeah it was. What’s the matter, don’t you like it?” David frowned and pouted his lip like a puppy.

“I don’t know. It’s just really odd that I keep getting touched, especially since we only just met.”

“Should I stop?”

Jacob looked towards Josh as if to ask if this was something that normally happened here. Josh gave a reassuring nod back, as if he somehow knew what he was going to ask. This made Jacob suspicious of Josh’s motives, and for that, his friends. ‘Was this what Mom was worried about? Was she worried that all gay people were so touchy like this? What did she want so badly? Did she want us to survive STD’s? Was that it? And why didn’t Dad let her say what she wanted?” These thoughts brought doubt in his mind, uncertainties about being gay, suspicion of Josh’s sincerity, and worry for getting into this situation where he felt uncomfortable being touched, mainly unprovoked and unasked.

With every moment that fluttered by, as if time was going in slow motion, the more logical his thoughts became. ‘Wait, what am I thinking, of course I’m gay! There’s no way in hell that she’s right. Who cares what she wants. This is what I want, Kyle will never leave my side, nor will I his.’ He concluded with conviction in his heart.

“It’s okay I suppose; I mean what’s the harm,” Jacob finally announced.

David’s face formed a half smile and his eyes gleamed at Jacob, and then to Kyle. “Good, I’m glad,” he said.

Jacob slowly began to accept the inevitable; he was going to get touched if he liked it or not. It almost seemed like it were a custom; a way of welcoming newcomers. With each tap that he received upon his bottom, the less intrusive it became.

A few minutes later, they saw six teenagers that looked to be around fourteen years of age enter the pool area. They were laughing, smiling and appeared to be having a good time. Kyle was a little preoccupied as he stared at their bodies, seeing how free they were without a care in the world of who was looking. This was exactly what he needed. “Jacob, I’m going to free ball it,” he announced, and before Jacob had time to react, Kyle had ripped his Speedo off and thrown it towards the deckchairs.

Jacob finally relented and gave in to the idea of swimming naked; he didn’t want to be the only person left wearing clothes. Pure pressure had set in. He swam over to the edge of the pool, placed his thumbs under the pull string, and tugged off his Speedo. He followed by throwing his Speedo towards the deckchairs and made his way back to the group of boys. Jacob could hear as the other boys cheered and whistled at him while returning.

After everyone had all but settled, they all started playing around with a ball, throwing it back and forth. Every now and again, Jacob could still feel someone grazing his body, groping him as they swam by. He felt uneasy about this entire situation still, but tried his best not to let it bother him. That was easier said than done.

Craig looked over at Kyle, saw him smiling and having a great time. “Hey it looks like you’re really enjoying yourself. You seem to be more relaxed and at ease now,” he remarked, gawking over at Kyle.

“Yeah, I was a little embarrassed about being naked earlier, but now I don’t care. It feels great to be free balling – I must have been groped at least ten times by now too.”

“My wiener is feeling mighty good with all the touching it’s been getting, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many boys trying to touch me,” Jacob lied, trying not to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.

“Oh yeah?” Josh remarked, grabbing for Jacob’s groin.

Jacob did a fake smile and felt like he was dying inside. He likened all of this to being openly molested and for all to see; it made him sick to his stomach. He pondered the thought of grabbing Matthew, Nicolas, and Kyle and making a run for it, instead, he sucked it up and hoped that they weren’t feeling as he had. He would try to stick it out for them and prayed that things would start getting better.

After an hour of swimming and joyful playing on everyone else’s part, they decided to get out of the pool. They decided from that point to walk around the campgrounds and see what else the camp had to offer.

“Let’s go to the ping pong room, that’s always good for a laugh. You can see a lot of boys playing as their goods fly about as they jump around for the ball,” Harry suggested, as the building came within their sights.

After entering the recreation building, they saw four boys around the age of seventeen already playing. However, there were still three other tables that were left unused. Josh and Kinshi grabbed the paddles and waited for an opponent. “Matthew, Nicolas, do you want to play against Kinshi and me?” Josh asked.

“Sure that could be fun, but I don’t know how good we’ll be,” Matthew laughed awkwardly.

Everyone that wasn’t going to be playing went to take a seat off to the side in a set of plastic chairs. It was to be an interesting battle, Harry knew this; he’d seen Kinshi play before, and it wasn’t a pretty sight for the other team. In a way, Harry almost felt sorry for Matthew and Nicolas. He knew how badly they’d probably be beaten, unless his brothers chose to play nice and let them win. Time would tell.

A few minutes later a group of boys entered the recreation room; they were naked and closer to Jacob and Kyle’s age group. Jacob happened to glance over when he heard the clonking of their sandals slapping against the floor. His eyes were glued on them, staring as they approached and took a seat beside them.

These specific boys weren’t too classy, rather the trashy type, or so it came across. Jacob could see this clearly as they left their legs spread wide for all to see. ‘Okay so I get this is a nudist park and all, but is it absolutely necessary for them to sit like that? Like what the fuck? Are they trying to lure us into fucking them or something? Goddamn I hate this place,’ Jacob thought swiftly, and returned his attention back to the game at hand.

They watched Josh and Kinshi battling it out. The game seemed to be very one sided and it ended very quickly. Kinshi was an amazing player, all of them had watched him slap that tiny ping-pong ball across the table, like a boss, and had literally almost taken Matthew’s head off. Jacob knew that Asians took ping-pong very seriously, but this was over the top.

“Wow you’re really good Kinshi,” Matthew finally said, putting down his paddle. “Where did you learn to play like that? It’s crazy just how good you are.”

“Well Matthew-San, I was taught by my father. At least, before he was killed in the big earthquake in Japan a few months ago,” Kinshi replied with a sense of sadness resonating within his vocal cords.

“Oh … I’m so sorry Kinshi … we didn’t know, otherwise we wouldn’t have asked.” Nicolas was sympathetic and hoped that Matthew hadn’t offended Kinshi.

“Guys let’s not talk about this right now,” Josh said, seeing that Kinshi was getting upset. “We’ll explain everything later with what happened in Japan, but after we’ve had something to eat. Plus, we really don’t want to spoil your time while you’re here with bad news and stuff.”

Josh went on and told everyone that lunch would be served shortly; approximately thirty minutes from now. The boys then decided to have a quick shower in the change room to rid their bodies of the strong chlorine smell. This decision was made largely in part due to the size of their group. Otherwise, it would’ve taken a long time for everyone to take individual showers at the cabin. Kinshi was quick to add that they wouldn’t need towels because the water would have dried by the time they arrived for lunch.

Following their showers, Jacob, and his troop put their swimsuits back on and the other boys returned their loincloths over their bodies. With everyone ready for lunch, they made their way across the courtyard and towards the mess hall. Outside the smell of hamburgers and fries lingered in the air, the smell was carried with the wind and called them with its wonderful scent.

Inside the mess hall was a large room filled with chairs, a glass style case for cold foods, and a large holding station for hot foods; it reminded Kyle how much it looked like their cafeteria at school. They quickly approached the food counter and scouted the food available. During this time, Matthew overheard Josh talking to Kinshi, reminding him that he needed to make sure he got a salad with his lunch. The other boys talked about the ‘AAA’ grade beef they would be consuming shortly. Everyone grabbed a salad with their burgers, and went to sit down.

After finishing their lunch, they got some Jell-O, topped it off with ice cream and sprinkles, and filled their tummies to their brink. The boys then decided to head back to Josh’s cabin to talk in private.

The cabin had a large living space; four couches in a semi-circle, two end tables off to the side, and a center coffee table. Everyone took a seat and stared at each other. Jacob was still pissed off at how the day had gone so far, but held his reservations.

“So, how about you tell us how you met each other,” Josh asked, looking at Jacob.

Jacob made sure his voice didn’t sound off with anger; he relaxed his shoulders and went to speak. “Well I first saw Kyle at school. I noticed him from the first day in one of our classes. I thought he was really cute, but I believed that he and I would never be, well, anything.” He grabbed Kyle’s hand and placed it into his own.

“Yeah it was pretty much the same for me, but it’s funny to think of it now; but we were both too nervous to speak to each other. To say the least, Jacob saved my life.” Kyle covered his mouth; he knew those words shouldn’t have come out of his mouth.

“What do you mean by that?” Josh asked swiftly.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Kyle’s voice broke; he was nervous and hoped they wouldn’t ask further.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?’ Jacob thought. “Uh, anyway, I hadn’t slept too well one night and Kyle told me he hadn’t either. I was so distracted after he talked to me that I stopped paying attention in class, so I asked him later if I could borrow his notes. That’s pretty much how we started hanging out, but that’s not where it ends, because later that night we kissed for the first time and it kinda started from there,” Jacob explained, smiling from ear to ear.

By the time Jacob had finished talking, everyone was looking at Kyle, who appeared to have retreated into his mind; he stared blankly down at the floor, on the brink of tears. Jacob quickly diverted their attention and told Matthew to tell his story while he attended to Kyle’s emotional needs. However this didn’t work, because Matthew didn’t say a word. Everyone was still watching attentively, while Jacob comforted Kyle in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” Kyle said a few minutes later.

Jacob kissed him and whispered, “We’ll talk about this later.” Jacob then turned his head towards Matthew and told him to start telling his story.

“Well, unlike Jacob’s story mine isn’t as interesting. Anyhow, if you really want to hear it, I guess I’ve known Nicolas for a while now, and it wasn’t until, like um, recently?” Matthew giggled, his voice reaching a new height of a high-pitched squeal. “Sorry. So yeah, it was only recently that I figured out I liked him. I never thought about boys before, but I guess Nicolas changed all of that. At first, I was worried about my feelings for Nicolas, but after explaining it to my brother, and him being the cool brother that he is, he was okay with it. That conversation was what gave me the nerve I needed. So, later in the day, I asked Nicolas to make out by accident when we were in class.” Matthew started laughing again, slapping his leg, looking every which way. “What I originally meant to say was hang out. But the rest is history.” Nicolas nodded and grabbed for Matthew’s hand.

Josh nodded too, smiled, and started telling everyone his story. He started by telling them about his friendship and love for Kinshi, how they first became friends and their special bonding that ended up seeing them become love brothers. However, when Josh started talking about the earthquake in Japan, the room fell silent. Matthew and Nicolas let out a few sniffles as Josh told them about their life-changing experience, how when the earthquake shook Tokyo and the outer areas of Japan, how scared they were, the damage they saw; it was heart-wrenching to hear these gruesome details.

Kinshi added how he lost his parents and why he needed to be with Josh as his lover brother. He explained that his ancestors informed him that he needed to find a new family to look after him. Moreover, how he never understood why he would need new parents until that fateful day. Both boys then continued telling about their tale, about being found out, their sex play, and feelings for one another.

Walter butted in and said that they had to call for an ambulance when their parents confronted them. He explained that their parents had found their love brother clothes and other evidence showing their love for one another. “That’s when they both collapsed and couldn’t be woken up.” Walter found this funny and giggled in a deep hoarse voice. Walter then told them that Josh’s father was the ambassador to the United State in Tokyo, and Skippy’s father was the Australian ambassador in Tokyo as well.

Harry was next. He started explaining how he found Craig in his Judo class and fell in love with him during that first week. How his parents were killed in the earthquake, just like Kinshi’s, how he and Craig were caught jerking off together in London, and how he ended up being adopted by Craig’s parents, which was Josh’s biological brother.

Craig told his side of the story, saying how Walter became friends with Kinshi and Josh first when they stayed in the US Embassy in Australia. By the end of it all, the boys heard how everyone had met each other and why they’d decided to move to Florida to open a theme park. By now, most of the boys had tears rolling down their faces; it was difficult for them to hear about the loss of a parent, especially how some of them had to deal with their sexuality.

“Oh my God, you guys went through so much. Earthquakes, losing your parents, and especially finding out that your parents knew about your sexual activities,” Jacob remarked, mouth half open. “It made our parent’s fight when my mother found Kyle and me kissing.”

“The way you say that, would make me think one of your parents blew up after finding you two like that. Was it really enough for her to go off the rails?” Skippy questioned.

“It was pure fucking hell. We were so scared, I swear I almost pissed my pants,” Jacob added.

“I was almost shitting myself when she blew her stack. Our dad had to calm her down while she called us defective. We all thought she lost her mind, literally,” Matthew finished off.

“Oh, wow, I would take that your mother didn’t take it too well then.” Walter remarked.

“No, she didn’t. I honestly thought that my Daddy was going to do something to her, maybe throw her out of the house or something worse. I don’t know because we haven’t seen her since,” Matthew gulped down a mouthful of saliva, eyes opened wide.

“Right, well enough of this, let’s go for that canoe ride. Harry why don’t you go grab the ice chest and be sure to fill it with the snacks and soda we bought earlier,” Craig instructed. “Josh if you could please try to find the suntan lotion; you boys are already looking a bit red from swimming. I’m sure you and I both agree that we don’t want our visitors going home with red bums…” Craig grinned.

With everything ready to go, all of the boys began undressing themselves and reached for the sunscreen. They all helped each other rub the cream over their bodies where they were unable to reach themselves.

“Hey Kyle do you think you could help me? I can’t reach this spot on my back,” Harry asked. Kyle didn’t see a problem with helping Harry and swiftly did so.

Jacob also asked for some help. Skippy spoke up and said he’d helped. Matthew and Nicolas took turns covering sunscreen over Josh and Kinshi’s back, and Walter and Craig smothered sunscreen over each other’s backs and butts.

“Kinshi, can I um, well, do the front of your body?” Nicolas’ request made Jacob’s heart skip a beat; it surprised the hell out of him.

“Hai, you may,” Kinshi smiled.

With that reply, Jacob swiftly went over to Nicolas, grabbed his wrist, and shook his head. “Come over here!” Jacob protested, dragging Nicolas to the corner of the room. “I don’t think that’s wise. I think it’s better if you don’t do that.” 

“They’re our friends, so why not?” 

“I just don’t think it’s wise.” 

“You’re not the boss of me!” Nicolas tugged his arm out of Jacob’s grasp. 

“PLEASE! I don’t think they can be trusted. I think this is very, very bad.” 

“Yeah . . . okay . . . whatever,” Nicolas remarked rolling his eyes and tried to return to Kinshi. 

“No, I’m serious! Please! Listen to me just this once.” 

He desperately wanted to say all of these things, but after quickly going through this scenario and several others in his head, he concluded that it would make him look like a control freak. He couldn’t bring himself to spit out the words.

“Nicolas, he said yes. ‘Hai’ means ‘yes’ in English,” Josh explained; instructing Nicolas that it was all right for him to do what he asked.

By this point, Skippy had begun applying suntan lotion to Jacob’s back. “Holy shit Skippy! You sure have strong hands, and give a great massage at that,” he said, panting, feeling as a set of slick hands worked its way across his back.

“Well, it looks like everyone’s good and covered with suntan lotion. And believe me, I know we couldn’t possibly send you home and have your parents blow their stack when they saw your bums all burnt,” Harry said, smiling, and giving everyone a good once over.


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