The Journey of Jacob and Kyle
by Andrew Davis


Chapter 5: Torn
Time line: Saturday

The house lay quiet with only the darkness surrounding everything in its path. Everyone in the house currently lay sound asleep, with their minds lost in the land of dreams. Jacob and Kyle remained sleeping only inches apart, with their arms tightly wrapped around one another, and their faces so close, you would think they were about to kiss. It almost appeared that they were afraid one of them might just up and disappear during the night, and needed to be sure that if anyone went to leave, they would wake up instantly.

Jacob’s parents on the other hand slept on separate sides of the bed, not caring to face one another, which they normally had done. It would seem they had an argument at some point during the night, perhaps when Bill, his father, had gotten home.

As for Matthew he lay by his lonesome not dreaming about anything in particular, or at least not something he would care to remember. He had lain nearly motionless in his bed thus far, not moving one inch since he’d tucked himself in.

Outside of the house, the air was crisp and cool to the touch, considering the sun had yet to rise above the horizon as it was still too early. Had anyone been awake at the present, they would have heard the occasional car driving by, the birds as they chirped away in their morning song, or even when two tiny feet began to walk across their front lawn. The feet slowly made their way towards one of the windows that was perched upon the second story of the house, however this particular window was still clearly visible from street level.

Matthew awoke to a loud, hollow sounding tap. He slowly opened his eyes for a moment and thought it must have been in his dream, but when he heard that same noise once again, which sounded like something was hitting his window, he thought, ‘What the heck was that?’ He quickly jumped out from under his covers and walked over towards the window.

Matthew quickly drew the drapes away from the windowsill and peeked outside. It was still very dark out, with the only source of light coming from the streetlights. Through the grimy glass, he managed to see the outline of a small boy standing on his front lawn. Matthew was having a hard time making out who was outside of the house; his window was extremely dirty with the remnants of old rain droplets across the glass. As a result, he unlocked his window and began to open it, and when he did, the cool morning breeze rushed into his room and over his body. When his bedroom window was opened fully, he heard a young boy’s voice call up towards him.

“Hey Matthew, it’s Nicolas, do you think I could come inside?” he asked through the clattering of teeth.

“Dude do you have any sense of time? It’s still dark outside. You had better go back home before your mother realizes that you’re gone and you make her worry. Shit, you could make her have a heart attack or something,” Matthew said as quietly as he possibly could.

“C’mon, just let me inside, please?” he begged.

“Okay, fine! I’ll meet you at the front door,” Matthew said, closing the window.

What the hell is he doing here this damn early,’ Matthew thought as he made his way down the stairs, however he was especially careful to pay attention to each step that he took so the stairs wouldn’t creak. After a few minutes of careful foot planting, he accomplished his task of making it to the bottom without making a single peep. He then walked to the front door, silently turned on the light as he walked past the switch, and unlocked the front door to let Nicolas inside of the house.

“Dude, seriously what are you doing here?” Matthew asked sternly. “I mean, the freaking sun isn’t even up yet. And how in the hell did you even know which window was mine?”

“I just wanted to see you Matthew, I’m sorry. I couldn’t sleep and I really missed you, I felt like I needed to see you, like this very moment, so I got myself out of bed and walked over here. Oh and about the window, I took a lucky guess; I suppose I chose the right one then huh?” Nicolas said, rubbing his hands over his arms to warm up.

Matthew stood slouching in front of Nicolas, straining to stay awake enough to listen to what he was saying. However, he was still half-asleep and his eyes merely peeked out from behind his half opened eyelids. He deeply desired to be able to go back to bed, and underneath his warm covers, but he tried to fight it and peered over at Nicolas. He saw that Nicolas was wearing a pair of black and blue camouflage pajamas and a pair of white socks, with his regular running shoes upon his tiny feet.

“Did you seriously walk over in just that?” Matthew asked, half yawning and trying to stay awake.

“Uh, yeah, I suppose I did,” Nicolas said, smiling, feeling somewhat embarrassed that he’d left without a coat, or proper attire.

“I see … well you wouldn’t catch me dead walking six blocks in only that,” Matthew commented nonchalantly.

“Yeah, well not a lot of people are awake at this hour, so no one seemed to notice,” Nicolas giggled.

Nicolas stared over at Matthew, noticed his cute pirate pajamas, but soon realized just how tired Matthew appeared; he had the look of one who was exhausted. Nicolas also realized just how early in the morning it was. “Do you want me to help you wake up? Or did you just want to go back to bed?” he asked, not caring to which option was chosen, all he cared about was that he was with Matthew.

“Well let me think about this for a moment,” Matthew said yawning halfway through his sentence. “I really just wanna go back to bed.”

“Okay no problem, and don’t you worry about my mom realizing anything, she sleeps until about ten or eleven in the morning, so I left a note on the kitchen table that says I went out to play and would be back later,” Nicolas informed Matthew.

“I guess that’s okay, I suppose, as long as she knows where you are, so let’s go get some sleep. But please walk where I walk on the stairs and be sure to do it nice and slow – the stairs creak a bit,” Matthew said. Nicolas nodded quickly and began following Matthew, who extended out his hand and grabbed for Nicolas’ as they walked up the stairs at the pace of a turtle.

With the stairs successfully defeated, they made their way into Matthew’s bedroom without make a sound, or alerting anyone to their presence. Matthew’s hand held firmly onto Nicolas’ and guided him towards his bed to go back to sleep. Matthew got into bed first and laid himself down, with Nicolas scooting in behind him into a spooning position. Nicolas then wrapped his arms around Matthew and held him close to his body.

“I think I’m falling in love with you Matthew, I just wanted you to know that,” Nicolas whispered softly, leaning forward and kissing Matthew on the back of his neck.

“Let’s talk about this a bit later, okay? I’m just so tired,” Matthew yawned, turning himself over to face Nicolas.

Matthew closed his eyes, placed his right hand on Nicolas’ cheek, and kissed him on the lips before falling asleep with their lips still latched together.


Jacob awoke at around nine forty in the morning to the sound of Matthew laughing hysterical downstairs. He began to wonder why his brother was up this early, considering he was usually the last person in the house to get his butt out of bed. Thus, Jacob got himself up and tried his best not to wake Kyle. He quickly put on a clean pair of purple undies that had white trim around the seams, which he retrieved from the top dresser drawer, along with a plain white t-shirt. After putting them on, he walked out of his bedroom and downstairs to investigate what Matthew was doing. However, when he walked into the living room, he found Matthew laying on the floor, with Nicolas hovering over him.

“Shit dude when did he get here?” Jacob asked, somewhat confused as to why he was here in the first place.

“You got here around, what, four-thirty in the morning?” Matthew asked, looking towards Nicolas.

“Yeah something along those lines,” Nicolas said, nodding his head.

“What the hell! Four-thirty in the morning?” Jacob asked in his disbelief.

“Yeah, he said that he missed me and needed to see me. So he walked over here in only his pajamas just for me,” Matthew said, smiling, with Nicolas nodding once again to indicate that it was indeed fact.

“Well you both need to start being more quiet before you wake up the entire neighborhood. Anyway, why were you two laughing so freaking loud? Cause you did happen to wake me up!” Jacob said sternly, placing his hands onto his hips.

“Oh, sorry about that, we were just wrestling around and Nicolas grabbed my wiener and it sort of surprised me,” Matthew said gleefully.

Jacob thought for a brief moment, while he looked over at Nicolas’. He noticed just how much Nicolas seemed to have grown since the last time he’d seen him. He had short brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes, just like Kyle. Of course, Jacob absolutely adored blue eyes, and it didn’t matter what person had them, they still made him go stir crazy. Nicolas also seemed to now be a half inch taller than Matthew, whereas he used to be shorter than Matthew, which would now put him around four feet eight and a half inches tall, and looked to be only about a hundred pounds, give or take. Although that was Jacob’s guess, he wasn’t about to go over and pick him up, that would have been quite simply … weird.

After Jacob had finished looking over Nicolas, he said. “Oh, I see. Well please try and keep it down. I’m gonna go check on Kyle and see if he wants to get up yet. If he does, then we can all hang out before mom and dad wake up. So I’ll be right back.” He then left to make his way upstairs.

In the time it took Jacob to make his way up the stairs, an idea came into his head on how he should try to wake Kyle up, and he knew that Kyle would like it, or so he hoped. Once Jacob had reached the second floor, he walked into his bedroom and lightly closed the door behind him. He stopped and looked over at the bed and saw Kyle still sound asleep. Slowly he tiptoed towards Kyle and kissed him on his sweet lips, but that didn’t stir him from his restful sleep. That didn’t work, and he deeply hoped that it wouldn’t. He then put his real plan into motion. Jacob slowly curled back the covers that rested over Kyle’s amazing body and slowly started spreading his boyfriend’s legs wider and wider. Jacob then placed his mouth over Kyle’s flaccid boyhood and began sucking on his sweet tool.

Jacob felt as Kyle’s boyhood began to grow and get hard within his mouth, but Kyle remained sound asleep. ‘I guess I’m just going to have to work a little harder,’ he thought, before impaling Kyle’s boyhood deep down into his throat and worked him in and out of his mouth. He soon heard Kyle moaning, which also caused Kyle’s body to start squirming to these unexpected pleasures, and he soon opened his eyes and smiled down at Jacob.

“Having a little bit of fun are we?” Kyle asked slyly, not concerned to the pleasure that Jacob was causing over his body.

Jacob nodded while Kyle’s boyhood was still deep in his throat, and since Kyle was now awake, he let Kyle’s boyhood slip out from his mouth, slowly licking as it made its way. They both smiled at one another. Jacob then started kissing his way up Kyle’s body, making sure that he paid special attention and detail to each nipple, before finally making his way up to Kyle’s lips and kissing him passionately. After a time of sensual kissing and light petting, Jacob pulled away. “Good morning my sweet prince,” he said, looking deep into Kyle’s eyes.

“You’re such a tease, you know that right?” Kyle commented, reaching for Jacob’s butt and giving it a gentle tap.

“Uh-huh,” Jacob smiled. “So are you ready to get up pumpkin? Cause Matthew’s already downstairs, and so is his friend, Nicolas. Supposedly, he walked here by himself at four-thirty in the morning. Weird if you ask me.”

“Yeah I’m ready to get up, I’m starting to get hungry,” Kyle said, reaching his arms to the ceiling and stretching his body out.

Jacob was satisfied with Kyle’s answer. He then got himself up from the bed and strutted over towards his dresser. He quickly retrieved a clean pair of white undies from the top drawer, and threw them towards Kyle, which hit him square in the face. Deep down Jacob wanted to be able to see Kyle wearing a pair of his undies; it just seemed sexy to share something so intimate. “I want you to wear one of my pair today,” he said, like it wasn’t a big deal, but to him it seemed hot, sexy in fact.

Kyle nodded and slipped out of bed, still buck naked, and pulled Jacob’s undies up his legs until they made contact with his boyhood. “You look mighty fine in those,” Jacob commented, looking over his boyfriend’s body. Kyle smiled and went to grab a t-shirt from within his backpack. Now that Kyle was somewhat dressed, they went downstairs to eat some cereal.

“You two eat anything yet?” Jacob yelled, once they’d reached the bottom of the stairs, but Matthew and Nicolas were still in the living room and didn’t hear him. Therefore, he called out again to see if they’d eaten anything yet.

“Nope!” Matthew replied, half-yelling back into the kitchen.

“Well do you guys want some cereal then?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, I’m kinda getting hungry,” Matthew announced as he made his way into the kitchen with Nicolas following closely behind.

Jacob poured out four bowls of Lucky Charms for everyone and carefully placed a bowl down in front of each of them. Jacob absolutely loved Lucky Charms; it was one of his favorites and was sure to always remind his mother not to forget to buy them every time she went shopping for groceries, hence this was quite a big deal for him to share. Once Jacob had taken his seat beside Kyle, he quickly looked over at him and then towards Nicolas. They were both preoccupied eating; this was his chance. He quickly mouthed out, “Did you get to talk to Nicolas yet?” towards his brother.

“What are you trying to say?” Matthew asked aloud.

So much for subtlety,’ Jacob thought. “Did you get the chance to talk to Nicolas yet?” he asked, this time audibly.

“No, I haven’t got that far yet. But I think we will after we’re finished eating though,” Matthew replied, taking another large spoonful of Lucky Charms into his mouth.

Nicolas swiftly looked between Matthew and Jacob. He was rather confused as to what they were even talking about, although it wasn’t long after that he clued in and finally remembered what Matthew had mentioned to him before they went to sleep earlier this morning. Nicolas shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating his breakfast. Silence then reverberated throughout the household; no one took the chance to speak, only the sounds of spoons hitting teeth could be heard as they scarfed down what their growling tummies desperately desired.

Several minutes of silence then passed by, which made Jacob antsy, he didn’t do well with silence; in fact, he hated it. He knew he’d have to say something, do something, before he ended up going stir crazy. “Okay seriously, this silence is almost deafening. Please let’s go and do something, anything, shit I’d even be up for watching cartoons, and you know how much I hate those Matthew.”

“Sure I suppose that would be fun,” Matthew said, taking his last spoonful of cereal onto his spoon and inhaling it down into his throat.

Jacob led the way into the living room, with everyone else following with bowls in hand, except Matthew who’d finished eating and had placed his bowl into the sink. Once they were all sitting on the couch, and had made themselves comfortable, Jacob reached for the remote from off the coffee table. He then switched to a local television station that usually played cartoons every Saturday morning at this time.

The first thing that came across the screen was a commercial, it wasn’t your typical Saturday morning advertising where they would attempt to sell some lame new toy that was probably made by kids themselves in sweatshops overseas, it was different, and the boys hadn’t even seen this one before.

“Now open, The Golden Samurai. Open to all ages, young and old,” a young male voice proudly announced. Jacob watched with great disinterest as three young men, dressed up in funny clothes, jumped across the screen from one rooftop to the next before finally jumping down onto the solid ground. The three young men appeared to be dressed up like ninjas; they wore black robes with a mask and hood, with the only part of their bodies that remained visible being their eyes.

Ninjas? You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Jacob thought. One second later, his thoughts were confirmed when they started throwing metal throwing stars at a target. Jacob instantly began giggling as they watched this very amateurish looking commercial, but when these supposed ninjas started slicing melons with their swords; he lost it and couldn’t contain his laughter any longer.

Then it started getting weird when these robots came on across the screen. They started talking about how they should come. ‘Yeah like that’s going to happen,’ Jacob thought, as he wouldn’t ever be caught dead at a place such as this.

A large looking sumo wrestler then came across the screen and threatened everyone and anyone by saying, “Oh you better come or else!” while pointing his finger at the camera. ‘Uh-huh, okay whatever you say mister,’ Jacob thought finally. After which, the sumo wrestler started showing off some of the restaurants and the watersides that the theme park had.

“Yeah like you’re ever going to get me up in one of those,” Jacob said when he saw just how high the slides descended from the skyline.

“What’s wrong Jacob? That place looks so freaking cool! I’m gonna ask dad if we can go,” Matthew said loudly, before returning his attention back to the television.

The commercial then listed their website at the end for some sort of kid’s club. ‘Big whoopee-doo,’ Jacob thought once more; being negative was his normal, just like fries and burgers.

“Hey can I use your computer Jacob?” Matthew asked suddenly.

“Why do you want to use it?” Jacob inquired, looking suspiciously towards his brother, giving him the evil eye.

“DUH, I wanna go check out their kid’s club! Obviously,” Matthew said sarcastically, Nicolas looked at Jacob too, eyes glinting; he was interested too.

“Oh for the love of God, are you two serious? Aren’t you a little too old for this type of shenanigans?” Jacob protested, completely disgusted at the fact his brother was buying into this.

“Oh you just shut up. So can I?” Matthew inquired once again.

“Fine, but seriously who in their right might would want to go to a theme park to get a Japanese history lesson,” Jacob commented reluctantly, however he was almost sorry he’d agreed to let Matthew use his computer in that instant.

Matthew was overjoyed, that he projected himself from off the couch, and towards the second floor to use Jacob’s computer. After Matthew and Nicolas had disappeared from sight, Kyle gave his boyfriend the evil eye; he couldn’t believe that Jacob would intentionally treat his very own brother like that. “Seriously dude? You didn’t have to crush him like that. Your brother found it cool and interesting and you do that to him? So what happens if I liked it too? Are you going to do the same thing to me?” Kyle inquired, furiously.

“Well he needs to learn to grow up sometime,” Jacob replied bitterly.

“Look who’s talking, like seriously dude! I don’t even know who you are right now. What’s gotten into you?” Kyle requested sternly.

“I … I … I don’t know. It just came over me. I’m sorry Kyle, can you forgive me?” Jacob said, feeling his anger dissipate from deep within. ‘You’re such an idiot. Now he thinks you’re this self centered asshole. Maybe he right. Maybe I am,’ he thought.

Kyle waited, and then waited some more. Their eyes locked onto one another, stared blankly. Kyle hopped for Jacob to see just how wrong he was for treating Matthew like he had. “Yeah it’s alright, but not okay. I still love you though. You just need to start treating him better is all. Matthew’s your one and only brother, he’s all you’ve got, so start treating him like it,” Kyle instructed firmly.

“I’ll do my best. I promise,” Jacob said, leaning forward to plant a kiss on Kyle’s lips.

Time came to a standstill when their lips connected. Unfortunately, it might have been their last, because what happened next sparked an outcry that would send both of them into shock and send shivers down their spines. “What in the bloody hell is this shit?” Sarah cried out, disgusted, surprised.

Oh my God!’ Jacob thought immediately, feeling as his eyes popped out from their sockets. He slowly turned around and saw his mother standing at the entryway into the living room. He wondered how he could have missed hearing her coming down those creaky steps, but somehow he’d missed it and now all of this could end.

Kyle turned pale, white as a ghost, and fell into shock; he quickly tried to distance himself from Jacob and swiftly moved himself to the other end of the couch. He looked over at Sarah and didn’t know what to do except to cower into the corner of the couch; he was afraid of what was going to happen next.

“Um well, uh, good morning mom,” Jacob said, whilst he thinking, ‘Oh God, Oh God, this is it – we’re done for.

BILL! Get your fucking ass downstairs NOW!” Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs down the hallway towards her husband.

The sound of a heavy-footed man started to descend rather speedily down the stairs, with what sounded like two other sets of feet as well, but they were less heavy-footed footed than his father’s. Bill walked into the living room, with Matthew and Nicolas peaking from behind him. “What is it honey?” Bill asked hurriedly.

“Go on tell him Jacob,” Sarah said condescendingly, looking down at her son and pointing her finger at him, demanding him to speak up. However, he couldn’t manage to open his mouth to say a single word. Jacob looked blankly over at Kyle, he wanted to ask what he should do, but even Kyle was at a loss for words. “Don’t make me count Jacob … One! … Two!”

“I kissed Kyle on the lips,” Jacob proclaimed before his mother had managed to count to three.

“Do you not see? This is exactly what I was talking about last night Bill. Two young boys shouldn’t be rubbing each other’s tummies. That’s not nothing Bill,” Sarah said, beaming a smile over at her husband, which made her feel like she was right all along, and that Bill was either just too dumb, or quite simply too blind to see the signs.

“Jesus, just calm the fuck down for a moment Sarah,” Bill barked, before noticing that there were two small young boys standing directly behind him. “Matthew, and … you are?”

“Oh sorry dad, this is my friend Nicolas. He came over to hang out with all of us today,” Matthew said proudly.

“Oh okay. Well how about you and Nicolas go back upstairs so that your mother and I can talk to Jacob and his friend for a moment … in private,” Bill advised calmly, not wanting to let Jacob’s actions interfere with Matthew’s thinking, so he slowly started directing them back towards the stairs.

“No way dad, we’re not going anywhere,” Matthew protested, pushing away his father’s hand and forcing his and Nicolas’ way past him to go sit down on the couch in between Jacob and Kyle.

“Fine, so be it. Now Sarah let’s sit down and talk about this for a moment,” Bill said, directing his wife over towards the recliner to sit down.

TALK, TALK? Are you fucking mad? Our son, yes OUR son just kissed a boy and you FUCKING WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT?” Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs, with a hint of attitude in her voice.

“Yes I do, now sit your ass down,” Bill requested sternly, while struggling to contain the anger that had begun to well up in his voice.

Bill then left the living room and grabbed a chair from the dining room table to sit on. With the chair in hand, he brought it back into the living room and placed it beside the recliner, which was where his wife, Sarah, was sitting with her arms cross, sulking at the current situation. Bill gave a sigh and plopped his butt down into the chair.

The four boys, whom were all sitting on the couch staring over at Bill and Sarah, weren’t quite sure what they should do, or even what was expected of them in this current moment. Therefore, they all just sat there without saying a word, with just Bill looking over towards them, and Sarah looking down at the floor crying her eyes out. Jacob decided he was going to take the first move, scared as he was; he reached out for the remote and turned off the television. Bill nodded and then smiled over towards the boys before he opened his mouth to speak. “So … Jacob, why don’t you explain to your mother and me why you decided to kiss your friend Kyle over there?”

“Well, I – uh, if you must know, I like, no I LOVE him dad,” Jacob let out in a raspy tone, with fear clearly affecting his ability to speak normally.

GREAT! Just fucking great, I have a gay son,” Sarah exclaimed, looking up long enough to look at her son and then returned her eyes back to the floor.

“It’s not that big of a deal Mom, look!” Matthew said, getting up slowly from the couch and pulling Nicolas up with him, he then kissed Nicolas on the lips in front of everyone and slowly sat back down, like it wasn’t such a big deal.

This sent Sarah over the top as she swiftly got up from the recliner and began to blabber God knows what. It was as if she were demon possessed while she blurted out this and that from her foul mouth. Her reaction caught the boy’s totally off guard, causing them cower forcefully into the sofa’s cushions behind them.

“For fuck sakes Sarah, shut your fucking mouth and sit your ass down,” Bill instructed, even more sternly than before. Sarah sat back down, and Bill continued. “Okay Matthew, why would you just do that knowing full well the current state of the situation?”

“Well … I kind of thought it would be funny,” Matthew lied, as he knew exactly what he was doing; he was antagonizing his mother.

“Well I would strongly advise that you don’t do it again unless you really mean it, because only people who love each other do those kinds of things. And for that matter, if you do that again, then we’re going to have to get your mother committed into the psych ward,” Bill giggled, who couldn’t contain himself from laughing. Then he became really blunt. “Okay, now seriously. Are you gay Jacob? I’m sorry, but I need to ask you this.”

“Why are you even asking me this Dad? Does it really matter?” Jacob questioned in a bitter tone of voice.

“Well it matters to your mother, therefore, yes it does matter,” Bill said, quick and firm.

“Fine – yes it’s true, your worst fears are realized, I’m gay. So is this going to be a problem now? Are you going to kick me out of the house?” Jacob said, even more bitterly than before, he didn’t care right now, he said it and now it was all out in the open.

“No, not at all Jacob,” Bill replied in a tone that was absent of disgust, hatred, and condescension, but with love and understanding.

This took Jacob by surprise. It was difficult for him to understand how his mother could be so homophobic, so mean, it was totally beyond him. As for his father, this was the most awkward part of it all; his father seemed to be accepting of the fact of him being gay, or so Jacob perceived to be acceptance. Then something shocking happened and it distracted Jacob from his thoughts.

Jacob looked over towards his brother and watched him carefully as he whispered into Nicolas’ ear, then they both stood up, held their hands together, and kissed yet again in front of Bill and Sarah. It wasn’t one of those little pecks on the lips either, it lasted for no more than thirty seconds, but no less than twenty-five seconds, they made it last, and made their point before sitting back down onto the couch as if nothing had happened. You could visibly see the look of shock that fell over Sarah’s face and Bill’s too, which in essence caused Bill to rephrase his question. “Okay, maybe I’ve asked the wrong question here. Are all of you gay?”

They all nodded towards Bill, and well, Sarah literally lost her freaking mind; she went off on a temper tantrum of swear words, disbelief, and complete gay bashing of all sorts. “Great, just fucking great, not only do we have one son who’s defective, but now we have two,” Sarah said in her disbelief, which made Bill stand up so fast that it surprised everyone.

“Sarah if I ever fucking hear you call one of our children defective again, I swear to God. How dare you treat them like that? You really have some fucking nerve putting down our kids like that, and their boyfriends too for that matter. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Bill yelled down towards Sarah, who became instantly disarmed, which was surprising for the boy’s, because in the end, he was actually standing up for them, all of them.

“I … I … I’m sorry Bill, they’re just so young, I … I don’t understand how this could have happened. What could we have done wrong?” Sarah questioned, mumbling to find her words.

“Let me ask you something and I want you to be honest with me,” Bill said, calm and collected. “When did you know that you like boys Sarah?”

“Uh, I guess I would say around nine or ten years of age, but what does that have to do with anything that we’re discussing right now?” Sarah asked, still missing the point that Bill was attempting to make.

“Oh, but you were so young,” Bill mocked, stressing his point even harder into his wife’s head. “How could you possibly know that you liked boys at that age?”

“Because I knew that I did? What’s your point?” Sarah asked absent-mindedly.

“So how is it that you can say, ‘Oh but their so young,’ when you knew full well at the tender age of nine or ten that you liked boys, you’re basically saying that you knew you were straight even at that age. What in your mind makes you think that this is any different? Our boys know exactly who they are, and you wish to belittle them? Now C’mon Sarah, that’s not fair at all,” Bill said, staring deep into Sarah’s eyes.

“That’s different. Girls are supposed to like boys; boys are not supposed to like boys,” Sarah said bitterly, looking over at the boys who sat on the couch.

FUCKING BITCH!’ Jacob thought, he just wanted to slap her across the face, although he’d never do it, it’s just how he felt, it was like she was driving a dagger into his own heart. Jacob then looked over at his father, who seemed to be thinking, looking off into blank space.

“So what is love Sarah? Can you tell me?” Bill asked softly after a time of thinking.

“Love is a feeling, or even servitude to your family, doing anything that makes them happy,” Sarah said with confidence in her voice.

NO! Love is blind! Love has no boundaries, it doesn’t matter your sex, your race, or your lifestyle. The only thing that matters is that you have a spiritual bond with that person. So let me ask you again, if love is a bond and love is blind, then what’s the difference between two boys being in love?” Bill asked, even more confidently than Sarah. “And do you honestly believe in that thick skull they don’t know they’re boys? Like shit, if I can be okay about this then you sure as hell can too.”

“I see your point Bill, but I really wanted –” Sarah said.

Bill swiftly cut her off. “It’s not about what you want! So stop being so damn selfish! It’s about loving our kids unconditionally. If they love each other like I think they do, then you and I need to support them in this life changing decision. Do you understand what I’m saying Sarah?” Bill concluded, feeling like she was finally beginning to understand what he was trying to say.

“Yes, I guess I do understand that,” Sarah said, feeling thoroughly defeated, however, the fight in her wasn’t convinced.

“Good I’m glad, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what’s between their legs, but ultimately what they hold in their hearts. I had to accept this a long time ago Sarah,” Bill said, which made Jacob raise his eyebrows.

“What do you mean by that Dad?” Matthew and Jacob quickly asked in unison.

“Well, as for you Matthew, I can’t say that I ever saw this coming. Jacob on the other hand, I always seemed to notice the way you’ve interacted with girls, you were always very awkward around them, and that’s putting it mildly. But I can’t say I ever knew for sure. I just had this gut feeling inside that this would come one day; plus you’ve always seemed more interested in boys than you were in girls,” Bill said.

Sarah looked blankly over at Bill. “How could I have missed these signs honey?” she said softly, before she changed her tone and became increasingly angry. “AND WHY IN THE HELL DIDN’T YOU EVER TELL ME?”

“Well let’s first look at the way you’ve reacted today,” Bill said, pausing for a moment. “That’s why! Furthermore, if I’m being honest with you, I wasn’t sure whether or not to listen to my gut; after all, it’s not like I’m psychic.”

Bill was at the end of his rope, and completely fed up with his wife’s venom; she had sprayed enough of it for her own good out of that foul mouth. As a result, he returned his attention back to the four boys who remained motionless on the couch.

Jacob noticed his father staring at them, so he chose to look around as well; he really wanted to see how they were holding up compared to him. Matthew, Nicolas, and even Kyle looked to be terrified, and traumatized by Sarah’s words, her inability to hold her tongue, and especially all of the hurtful things she’d said; all of them were scared shitless of what she might say or do next.

After looking over the boys and saw the look of terror upon their faces, along with the sweat that appeared to form over all of their brows, Bill stared down at his wife like a man ready to hunt down his prey. “I believe you have something to say to these wonderful boys, now don’t you?”

Sarah looked up from the floor, looked deep into Jacob’s eyes, but refused to look at any of the other boys. “I … I’m sorry … boys, I … er, honestly don’t know what to say. I’m … sorry. I’m a horrible mother. What could you all possibly think of me now?” she said, crying into the palms of her hands. “I love … you boys very much. I’m sorry Bill.” These awkward pauses were rather odd to Bill.

Bill put it at the back of his mind and looked towards the boys. “I just have one final question for you boys, and this one is very important, so I really want you to think about it first,” Bill said, looking each boy directly in the eye. After getting a quick nod from them, he continued. “Do you love each other?”

Jacob was the first to acknowledge his love for Kyle; he did so by nodding his head quickly and grabbing for Kyle’s hand. Matthew nodded as well and gave a quick peck onto Nicolas’ cheek, which caused Nicolas to blush slightly. “And what about you Kyle, Nicolas?” Bill asked quickly.

Kyle nodded that he loved Jacob, and went to speak, but Bill stopped him. Nicolas nodded as well and gave a light peck onto Matthew’s cheek. Satisfied with their answers and their obvious affection for one another; it was loud and clear for Bill, there was no denying what they were saying was nothing but the absolute truth.

“Well in that case, welcome to our family,” Bill said excitedly, which was surprising for the boys, on one side you had Miss Sarah, who seemed to have lost her freaking mind, and on the other end of the spectrum you had Bill, who was to say the least, the most accepting in this entire situation.

Sarah scowled when those words came out from her husband’s lips; it was disgusting to think, both of her sons gay, and now their boyfriends were family. ‘What fucking shit is this,’ she thought, but her lips kept tightly shut.

What Bill did next really threw the boys for a loop; he got up from the chair he was sitting in and walked towards the couch, pulled each boy into his arms, and gave them a very big hug. However, he didn’t merely stop there, because he also planted a kiss onto each of their foreheads. Once he was finished, he started giving instruction to the boys. “Now why don’t you all go back upstairs and get yourselves dressed. When you’re ready, I want you to come back downstairs to see me. Sound good?”

No one attempted to say a word while getting up from the couch to leave the living room. Jacob took a quick glance over towards his beloved Kyle, and instantly believed that his sweet and gentle boyfriend was overwhelmed; he could see it in his eyes, especially with the frown that appeared across his face. In some regards, Jacob felt guilty for what his mother had said to them, it was unfortunate, but he felt that no one should ever have to go through this type of crap. Jacob deeply despised his mother and would do anything for this not to have happened in the first place.

As the boys were about to walk into the kitchen, Kyle grabbed for Jacob and hugged him as if his life had somehow depended on it; Kyle was familiar with this feeling, rejection. He’d known it over these past four years, and it still stung like hell. “It’s going to be okay Kyle. I promise,” Jacob said as he tried to force everyone up the stairs to get themselves into some proper attire.

Of course, the stairs creaked as they normally did, however with their minds preoccupied by the thoughts whirling in their heads, they somehow managed to block out these sounds. Once they reached the top of the stairs, they stood outside of Jacob’s bedroom. “Why don’t you two go get your clothes and then meet Kyle and me back here,” Jacob said swiftly.

“But I don’t even have any of my own clothes here,” Nicolas protested.

“That’s okay Nicolas. You can always wear some of mine,” Matthew said, while quickly grabbing for Nicolas’ hand and dragging him towards his bedroom. After they had collected some of Matthew’s clothes for themselves, they returned to meet Jacob and Kyle, who’d waited for them. With everyone set, they walked into Jacob’s bedroom and shut the door.

“I’m really sorry Kyle. I didn’t know that was going to happen. Are you guys going to be okay?” Jacob asked, looking around at each of them.

“Your mom really scared the crap out of me,” Nicolas said, to which Matthew agreed.

“Kyle, I know that this must have been really tough for you. Not only have you come out to your own mother, but you’re out to mine now as well, in fact we all are. So try not to worry too much and we’ll get through this together, I promise,” Jacob said, feeling like he was giving sound advice, he just hoped that it was bringing some comfort to them.

Jacob felt like he should be more assertive and proactive, so he walked up to each of them and gave them all a much needed hug; this had been his last ditch effort to comfort their nerves. After a few minutes, they appeared to have calmed down and began getting themselves changed. Although while doing so, Matthew realized the computer was still on and swiftly made a running dash over towards it, wearing nothing but his blue underwear.

“Sorry, I never got to finish reading the entry rules for that theme park’s Lego contest they’re having. We’d only just got up here when we heard mom yelling and came running back downstairs behind dad,” Matthew said eloquently, giving his play by play account. “It says here it’s being run by two boys by the names of Josh and Kinshi. They’re requesting that all submissions be at least seven hundred pieces. I guess we could always build a Samurai; at least it would fit their theme. Maybe about three feet tall, that should make it over seven hundred pieces I think.”

“Dude, do you seriously think that we own that much Lego?” Jacob asked, trying his best to be nice.

“Hmm, I’m not really sure, but if we don’t, then I could always go buy some more with the money that I have saved up,” Matthew said, looking over all of the entry rules with a fine-toothed comb.

“C’mon boys, hurry up please,” Bill yelled up the stairwell.

“Okay guys, I don’t know why he’s in such a rush, but let’s try to hurry and get changed,” Jacob said.

After several minutes of gentle prodding to get everyone to hurry up, they finally started making their way back downstairs to find Bill, who was already waiting for them and sitting at the dining room table. “We’re ready,” Matthew announced as he approached his father.

“Okay good. Now, I really think your mother needs a little bit of time to digest all of this, so here’s what we’re going to do,” Bill said, standing up from the chair and reaching for his back pocket. He pulled out his wallet, and quickly pulled out a wad of cash.

“What’s this for dad?” Jacob asked when his father started handing out forty dollars to each of them, which meant that this whole event was going to cost Bill a hundred and sixty dollars.

Bill sighed. “Well I think you boys deserve a little bit of fun, so I’m going to take you to the mall and drop you off. Maybe you could go see a movie together or something. Now Kyle, Nicolas, I’m really sorry you had to see Sarah like that, she’s normally not like that, please don’t hate her just yet unless she doesn’t change her tune. Anyway, if you guys could go get your shoes on then we’ll be on our way.”

The boys quickly charged for the front door and grabbed their shoes from off the floor. They passed Sarah, as she remained sitting in the recliner; but neither of them said a word while they got their shoes on. Kyle and Nicolas were the first to exit out the front door, while Matthew and Jacob hung back, quickly said goodbye to their mother and joined their boyfriends outside.

Matthew took one final look back at the house, he had a weird feeling deep inside of his gut as he exited out the front door; he didn’t know for what reason, all that he knew was it was something bad. While Matthew’s mind was distracting him, Bill walked over towards the garage door and announced that he wanted them to ride in style. He then swiftly hit the garage door opener and they all watched as the door opened to reveal his brand new Dodge Challenger SRT8; it was Bill’s pride and joy. It was lime green and had a manual transmission. It amazed the other boys as they found it to be an amazing piece of machinery, and Bill gained a few brownie points just for owning such a thing. Both Matthew and Jacob had only been in it once since he’d bought it earlier last year; it was definitely a treat for anyone to ride in it.

“All right, let me just pull this bad boy out and then you can hop inside,” Bill instructed.

Jacob was fortunate enough to overhear Nicolas and Kyle as they went on excitedly about his father’s car; they loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it while they waited to get in it. They carefully watched as Bill reversed out of the garage and told everyone to get in. Kyle and Jacob got in first and took their seats in the back, with Nicolas and Matthew following behind.

“Boys, boys, only three of you can sit back there, not all of you. One of you will need to sit up front with me,” Bill instructed.

“Dad, I’m sorry but we’re all going to be sitting back here if you like it or not, I really don’t want to be separated from my er, uh … boyfriend,” Matthew said, surprising himself that he’d actually called Nicolas his boyfriend for the very first time, it was liberating.

Bill chuckled and realized that this wasn’t a battle he was about to win, nor one he wanted to fight over. “Okay well I guess there’s no stopping you boys. But at least do me this one small favor, Matthew and Nicolas if you could please share the seat belt, safety first.”

Kyle and Jacob peered over at Nicolas and Matthew as they tried to squish themselves closer together, although the backseat was already as cramped as could be. As an effect, Bill found these events hysterical seeing four boys, not all of them small, trying to fit in the backseat of his car, which already had limited space to begin with. Nicolas then carefully tugged the seatbelt over them and Matthew elevated his butt so they could buckle it in, with both Jacob and Kyle buckling their own belts in.

“I love you Nicolas,” Matthew said out of nowhere, feeling extremely close to his boyfriend right now, both physically and emotionally.

“I love you too Matthew,” Nicolas said, prior to running his fingers over Matthew’s face and kissing him sensually.

Jacob looked over at Matthew and smiled. It made him feel good that his mother hadn’t had the chance to corrupt Matthew; in fact, he was dealing rather well with her little rampage of disgust. Additionally, Jacob felt this warm sensation start to fill him up inside, so he swiftly pulled Kyle closer to himself and let his boyfriend rest his head upon his shoulder; he hoped that this would somehow comfort Kyle, considering he wasn’t sure how Kyle was holding up after what had happened. All of the things she’d said were extremely hurtful, but Jacob thought that she didn’t understand how they all felt for one another.

Jacob hoped upon hope that his mother would learn and understand the feelings they felt for their boyfriends, but then the question popped into his mind. ‘Is hope going to be enough to find some sort of resolution to all of this?’ but he wasn’t sure of that either way. Although Jacob didn’t wish to dwell on these things any longer, so he kissed Kyle on the forehead and whispered how much he loved him into his ear. Kyle responded by turning his head towards Jacob and kissed him on the lips, wrapped his hands around Jacob’s body, and held him tight in his grasp.

“Whoa boys where’s the fire?” Bill asked, looking into his rearview mirror, but when he received no reply from either boy, he simply started to back out of the driveway and out onto the busy street.

“Sorry dad,” Jacob said with a much-delayed response.

“Nah it’s okay boys, but whatever you do don’t set my backseats on fire as those would be very expensive to replace,” Bill said giving a chuckle.

“Oh ha-ha, you’re so funny Dad,” Jacob said, pretending to laugh.

“Yeah I am, aren’t I? Well I hope your seatbelts are tightly fastened,” Bill said, placing his foot down onto the accelerator and putting it to the floor, which propelled them down the street at high speeds.

Man this car has some power to it,’ Jacob thought as they were all forced back into the leather seats from the G-forces that hit them.

“Wasn’t that fun boys?” Bill asked, smiling, looking back in the rear view mirror. He then eased his foot off the pedal and began slowing down to the speed limit.

Jacob thought that his father was trying his best to get their minds off what had happened back at the house, because after his little need for speed, they were all giggling and enjoying the ride. Bill was even kind enough to let Matthew plug in his iPod, which had him calling out specific songs for his dad to put on.

Confide – Tell me I’m not alone; Three days grace – Riot; Demon hunter – Undying; Boyce avenue – Every breath; Papa roach – Last resort; Owl city – On the wing; The getaway plan – Vesper; Good charlotte – Emotionless.

By the time Matthew’s song selections had finished playing, and everyone had all but rocked out in the back seat, they had arrived at the mall. Bill quickly pulled over in front of the entrance and placed the car into park. “Well you boys go and have some fun. Give me a call when you’re ready for me to come and get you,” Bill instructed. Everyone nodded and hopped out from the back seat. They quickly thanked Bill for sticking up for them, and especially for giving them all some money to hang out. “No problem boys, just go and have a little bit of fun, and don’t get into too much trouble.” Bill smiled.

The boys left Bill and headed into the mall. The crowds were massive, being a weekend there were hoards of people. “Holy shit, what is it seniors day or something?” Jacob asked, looking around to see droves of old people driving around in their motorized scooters. “I guess that’s what we get for coming on a Saturday.” Jacob shrugged.

“Yeah for real,” Kyle said.

“Man I’m starting to get really hungry, what time is it? Anyone got a watch?” Jacob asked.

“I don’t, but we could always head over to the food court, I know they have a clock there,” Kyle suggested quickly.

With their destination set, they started making their way towards the food court, while window-shopping along the way. The mall was overly packed with droves of people lining the halls; they had to fight their way to get towards the food court. There was hardly any place to walk and this elderly woman in a bright red scooter almost ran over Jacob. Eventually they reached the movie theater entrance, which had a row of posters along the wall for the current movies that were playing.

“Hey Jacob, Thor’s out. Did you guys wanna go see that?” Matthew asked, excited at the possibility of being at the movies, in the dark, eating popcorn, and most of all, being with Nicolas.

“Sure that might be fun. We’ll have to come back and get our tickets after we eat. How does that sound?” Jacob asked, looking around at everyone.

They all nodded. “All right, well we’re almost there, so let’s just keep moving gents,” Jacob said, leading the way through the crowds of people that lined the hallway.

After successfully navigating their way through the jungle of people, they finally arrived at the food court. Jacob quickly found the clock that hung down from the rafters and read the current time of twelve ten in the afternoon; it was definitely time to eat.

“Well what are you guys up for eating?” Jacob asked, surveying around. “I see a Chinese food, a sub shop, Pizza Hut, and a bunch of different burger joints.”

“Pizza sounds good to me,” Matthew said, and everyone else agreed.

“All right, Pizza Hut it is. But we’re going to have to go outside to their store for that,” Jacob announced, making his way towards the doors to go to the private restaurant that was out in the parking lot. Once outside, they saw a big sign that said, ‘All you can eat pizza $6.00,’ which brought excitement to them all.

Jacob then opened the door and walked in with everyone else following closely behind. “So where do you wanna sit Matthew?” Jacob asked, looking around for a good spot.

“Well we could always go sit beside those cute boys over there,” Matthew suggested.

“Where do you see cute boys?” asked Nicolas and Kyle.

Matthew swiftly pointed off into the distance towards a table that was near the back of the restaurant, where six boys were sitting in a booth. Jacob became jealous instantly as everyone started gawking, and were in awe of the boys that were there. ‘Am I not enough eye candy for Kyle?’ Jacob thought, feeling deeply concerned with Kyle’s eyes looking at another boy; it made him feel sad and unwanted, but even more so considering his mothers recent rampage.

Matthew began tugging on Jacob’s t-shirt and dragged him towards the direction of the other boys, but when Jacob finally gave in and started walking voluntarily, Matthew let go of his brother. As they passed each booth, Jacob reflected on how nice the booths were; they were navy blue with overstuffed padding, which would provide a lot of cushion for their nice and plump baby bumps. The booths were set in a half circle, with the table placed in the center.

When they reached the table beside the boys, they picked out a spot and sat themselves down, and once Matthew had finished making himself comfortable, he stared at boys next to them. It appeared to Jacob that Matthew was staring at the Japanese-looking boy, or whatever ethnicity he happened to be. Matthew’s mouth then dropped open, which made Jacob elbow his brother in the chest. “Dude, stop staring at them,” he said, trying to get Matthew to snap out of it.

“Hello, my name is Janice and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I start by getting you boys something to drink?” she asked, while grabbing for her pen to write down their order.

“Just four Cokes please,” Jacob said, before returning his attention back to Matthew, who was still gawking over at the Japanese boy next to them. “For crying out loud Matthew, stop staring!”

Matthew hated being told what to do, especially when he was elbowed, thus his response was to elbow Jacob back in the chest. “Shut up Jacob, let me have some fun for crying out loud,” Matthew said, rolling his eyes towards his brother. Matthew then leaned over towards Nicolas and whispered into his ear. Jacob was only able to catch a portion of what his brother was saying, but it was something along the lines of, ‘Boy, theme park, Kinshi,’ whatever that meant, as it made no sense to Jacob.

“Nah it can’t be them, not here in Naples. C’mon lets go get some slices of pepperoni and cheese pizza before they’re all gone,” Nicolas said rather loudly, before they got up from the table to grab some food.

Jacob couldn’t deny it anymore; he couldn’t stop himself from looking over at the four boys who remained at the table next to them. Kyle was looking at them as well, but when they heard one of the boys speak, they heard this thick accent, which they thought sounded like it was Australian.

“Kyle I don’t think those guys are from around here. Plus, I’ve never seen them before either,” Jacob said in a low voice.

“Yeah they must be tourists or something, but I don’t even see an adult with them,” Kyle replied.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Nicolas were walking around the large buffet, grabbing slices of pizza as they went along. However, since Matthew and Nicolas weren’t paying any attention to where they were walking; they accidently bumped into one of the boys from the table next to theirs.

“Please go ahead, you were here first,” said the Japanese boy.

Matthew gave a gracious smile back towards the two boys and went to grab a few more slices that only had pepperoni on it, and a couple with ham and pineapple. Once they had gotten what their stomachs desired, they casually started making their way back towards their table. When they were about halfway back, Matthew turned around and looked back at the Japanese boy and his blond haired friend. He was quick to notice them talking to each other, which made him wish he could somehow hear what they were saying. ‘I wonder if they’re talking about us,’ thought Matthew, but that was just a dream in the back of his mind, or so he finally concluded in his mind.

The more Matthew thought about the boys they had bumped into, the surer of himself he got. ‘It’s got to be Josh and Kinshi from the Golden Samurai, because if it’s not them, then they’re good look-alikes,’ he thought.

“Nicolas, it’s got to them, I saw them up close at the buffet thingy. It’s Josh and Kinshi, here in Naples … Oh my God,” Matthew said in a low voice, trying with all his might to contain his excitement while they walked back to their table.

“Nicolas go ask them if they’re from Orlando and have a theme park,” Matthew said quickly.

“No, you go. You’re the one that seems to know them,” Nicolas said.

Eventually Matthew and Nicolas made it back to their seats and started to dig into their lunch. When the Japanese boy and his blond haired friend returned with their own plates of food, Matthew stopped eating and watched them carefully.

“What are the two of you doing? And why do you keep looking over at those boys in the next booth?” Jacob asked.

“Um, I think we know those boys over beside us. They look a lot like the boys from that commercial this morning, you know the new Japanese theme park that’s in Orlando. I think their names are Josh and Kinshi,” Matthew grinned.

“So, do you have the hots for him? I bet Nicolas would get really jealous if you tried to hit on him,” Kyle whispered, before belting out laughing.

Matthew looked over at Kyle, gave the dirtiest look he muster, and tensed up his hand into a fist before driving it into Kyle’s shoulder for his snide comment. Nicolas merely brushed off the comment, for he knew it was only a joke and went on to comfort Matthew who seemed rather upset from Kyle’s comment. Nicolas then removed his hand from the table and placed it onto Matthew’s thigh, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Meanwhile, back at the other booth one of the young boys was looking over at Jacob, Kyle, Matthew and Nicolas, he seemed noticed that they kept looking over at them from time to time and wondered what was actually going on at the table next to theirs.

“Oh right, you were the one drooling all over those boys that came into our room last night naked,” they all heard come from the next table.

“Dude, do you think they’re all gay like us?” Kyle asked in a low tone of voice. However, after contemplating it for a few minutes, they watched as the Japanese boy and his blond hair friend got up from their table. It appeared to them that they were making their way towards the restrooms.

“Nicolas move quickly! I need to go pee badly. On second thought, why don’t you come with me just in case someone tries to snatch me,” Matthew said giggling, tugging Nicolas from out of the booth.

“Yeah right, who in their right mind would want to take such a nerdy kid such as yourself? Or quite literally, want to have their way with you,” Jacob said, partly laughing, partly serious.

“Pshaw! I’m not nerdy now am I Nicolas?” Matthew asked as he got himself out of the booth to walk towards the restroom.

Matthew left the table at a running pace, with Nicolas being dragged behind him. Which effectively caused Jacob to belt out a loud resounding laugh, he couldn’t resist watching as his younger brother stormed into the boys washroom like he was about to run away from a fire in a panic.


Matthew entered into the bathroom. He looked around quickly and spotted the two boys already unzipped at the urinal. It was the two boys they had intentionally followed in. “God what a jerk!” Matthew said. “He sure does get to me sometimes, I swear he does it intentionally, I mean, it’s almost like he loves getting under my skin or something.”

“Don’t get too upset about it, just relax. After all, he’s your big brother and we all know brothers can be a real pain in the butt sometimes,” Nicolas said in a tone meant to calm.

Matthew decided he was going to stand beside the cute blond haired boy, whom he believed could be Josh from the Golden Samurai. He then pulled out his boyhood and started aiming it at Nicolas’ pee stream, as for one reason or another they shared the same urinal.

Nicolas and Matthew couldn’t help as their eyes wandered off towards the two boys that were on either side of them. It didn’t take them long to realize that they were being watched too. “Oh my God, they’re looking back over at our wieners too,” Matthew thought.

“Oh hi guys,” Matthew said rather nervously. “Uh, you’re not from around here are you?”

“Um, no we’re from Orlando. We’re just here on a mini vacation,” said the blond haired boy, his eyes locked onto Matthew’s boyhood.

Meanwhile, Nicolas was looking over at the boy that was to his right, the Japanese looking boy, and was having a hell of a time taking his eyes away from his boyhood, it was uncut, and he thought it cute.

“Hey I think I’ve seen you before somewhere. My brother doesn’t believe me, but are you guys from the Golden Samurai?” Matthew asked, hoping he was right and could rub it into Jacob’s face.

“Yes we are, my brother here,” said the blond haired boy, pointing over towards the boy that was closest to Nicolas, “And most of the other boys that are at our booth are my brothers as well. We all came here to relax and have a little bit of fun, without any parents mind you.”

“So that would mean that you’re Josh and he’s Kinshi?” Matthew asked excitedly. This was something that was thrilling for him, meeting a celebrity, so to speak or at least someone he’d seen on the television.

Josh smiled at Matthew. “Yes that’s right, you got it all right.”

“Oh boy, this is so great! I’m trying to win myself and my family passes on your website, you know the one for building a Lego model? I wanna take my friend and my brother to your park,” Matthew said as fast as he could get his lips to say it.

“Oh I see, well we wish you the best of luck as we would absolutely love for you to win,” Josh grinned, before flashing his wiener towards them.  He zipped up his pants and waited for Kinshi to do the same.

Nicolas was in awe of Kinshi’s uncut boyhood, he couldn’t pull his eyes off it, no matter how hard he tried not to look, but he just loved the way Kinshi’s foreskin hung over the tip of his boyhood, it was intoxicating. He took one last gander before Kinshi managed to give his boyhood one final shake and return it into his undies.


“Hey Jacob, Kyle, listen those boys are from Orlando, they said they own the Golden Samurai and even said that they hope we win the Lego competition,” Matthew beamed towards Jacob, feeling proud of himself that he was right all along.

“You sure are acting weird today Matthew, they’re just boys, you know just like us,” Jacob remarked nonchalantly, not giving much thought that Matthew might have been right, but it didn’t matter now, it was cool and all, but not as cool as Matthew perceived it to be.

“I just think he’s saying he likes the boys and wants to be friends with them,” Kyle guessed, shrugging his shoulders.

“No it’s not that at all, I just wanted to be able to win a family ticket pass to take you and Nicolas and maybe even Kyle to the theme park,” Matthew grumbled.

“Really … sorry bro, I was only kidding with you. I’m really sorry if I hurt your feelings Matthew,” Jacob said, feeling like an ass. “But anyway, have you all had enough to eat?”

“Yup, I’m good – tummy’s full,” Kyle said; Matthew and Nicolas nodded.

“All right, well let’s go pay for our lunch and then we can go get our movie tickets,” Jacob said, getting up from his seat and letting everyone out of the booth to start heading towards the front cashier.

When they reached the front cashier, they saw the boys from the next booth paying for their food. They watched as one of the older looking boys pulled out his gold MasterCard, which greatly surprised Jacob beyond belief and made their mouths drop open. Jacob surely had his doubts before, but now he believed Matthew without a shadow of a doubt, Matthew had been telling the truth all along; he could have kicked himself, well if he physically could.

“Told you!” Matthew said in a snarky tone.

Jacob felt like a complete jerk. If he’d only listened the first time, things might have ended up differently. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you the beginning Matthew. And I do really mean that.” Matthew breathed a long sigh; this had been the first time in his entire existence that Jacob had admitted himself wrong.

When they had finished paying for their food, they made their way back into the mall to purchase their movie tickets. Matthew was excited about seeing this movie; it was new and had just come into the theaters. Everyone could see just how excited Matthew was by looking at his face, he was overjoyed and extremely annoying as he kept going on and on about this movie, that eventually Jacob told him to shut his trap.

With their tickets in hand, they got themselves in line for some concessions, popcorn and soda. Jacob hadn’t been in line more than thirty seconds when someone approached him from behind; he quickly turned around, and realized it was one of the boys from the table beside them in Pizza Hut.

“Hey sorry to bother you, but what movie are you going to see?” asked the boy.

“We’re going to see Thor, how about you?”

“Same. We can save you a seat if you want. Well that’s if you want to sit with us.”

“Sure that might be fun,” Kyle piped up, who was interested in the prospect of joining them and maybe making some new friends.

“Okay, we’ll see you in there then,” said the boy, turning around and walking back to his troop of friends.

“Anyway, so did you guys just wanna get popcorn and soda, or did you guys want something else?” Jacob asked.

“I definitely want something to snack on. Popcorn would be good,” Kyle replied quickly.

“Yeah I want some too!” Matthew said and Nicolas in unison. Jacob noticed this quickly; it was like him and Kyle earlier.

After five minutes of waiting in the concessions line, they got themselves some popcorn and a large pop to wash it all down. Kyle also got Swedish berries, which he loved, or so he said he did, but it was Jacob’s favorite too.

“All right are we all ready?” Jacob asked once everyone had everything.

“Yeah, let’s go find those boys,” Kyle said, smirking.

After presenting their ticket stubs to the attendant guarding the entryway, they entered into theater number three. The lights were already dimmed, showing commercials on the big screen with the occasional trivia question for the movies coming, going and past. This meant that the show hadn’t started yet, which brought a big sigh of relief to Matthew, as he didn’t want to end up missing even a second of the movie. Even though the theater was dim, the boys could still see to some extent. Jacob quickly noticed that the theater was almost empty and could see one of the boys waving down at them from the back row.

They walked up the steps towards their new friends. Jacob ended up sitting by one of the older boys; Kyle sat beside Jacob; and Nicolas and Matthew sat beside Kyle. Once they got themselves situated in their seats, Jacob rested his hand on Kyle’s inner thigh, although what he actually wanted to do was make out with Kyle, he just wasn’t sure if Kyle would be up for that yet. He also took into consideration what they were forced to go through today at the house, maybe it was too soon for that to happen, especially since he wasn’t even sure the boys they now sat with were gay themselves. All of these things considered, he felt it would be a bad choice to freak out their new friends by some flamboyant showing of affection. On the other hand, he didn’t think they looked or acted gay or flamboyant, but who was to know how they’d come across to others.

Jacob finally concluded that the best course of action was to move his hand, just in case. As a result, his and Kyle’s hands slid down in between the seats and hid them from plain sight. Jacob’s eyes then began to wander off towards the other boys, especially the blond haired boy, whom he thought Matthew referred to as Josh and the Japanese boy who might have been Kinshi. He was quick to notice that they were holding hands in plain view. ‘Hmm, that’s interesting …’ he thought, and quickly pulled Kyle’s hand onto his lap and held it tight.

It didn’t take long for Matthew to see this very open, outward act of affection, between his brother and Kyle. Matthew took this as some sort of hint, because immediately he grabbed for Nicolas’ hand and placed it in his own. The rest of the boy’s were more interested with the movie or preoccupied eating popcorn, to pay any attention to them.

The movie was shaping up to be something of interest for Jacob and he thought that it wasn’t all too bad, considering Matthew had chosen it. However, midway through Jacob got distracted when the sound of clothes shuffling drew his attention and he looked over to discover two of the older boys kissing.  ‘They’ve got to be gay, they just have to be,’ he thought instantly, as he watched this very open showing of affection from these unknown boys.

The scene playing out in front of his eyes made him horny and it wasn’t long after that he gave into his impulses. He quickly released Kyle’s hand from his own, moved it over towards Kyle’s groin, and gave Kyle’s boyhood a firm squeeze with his fingers. Then something unexpected happened when Kyle’s body went airborne and he flew out from his seat.

“Holy mother of God Jacob, you almost made me spill my drink,” Kyle said, carefully trying to balance his drink.

“Sorry,” Jacob said giggling. “I guess I wasn’t thinking.”

“Later on my love, just not right here, right now. I sure as hell don’t want to cum in my pants,” Kyle said after finding a lump in Jacob’s pants. He gave it a quick groping and then returned his attention back to the movie.

The movie ended not long after, although that wasn’t such a bad thing either. Jacob’s butt had gotten quite sore in these seats; they looked rather old, the cushions worn and beat down, with faded colors. However, he wasn’t the only one that was happy about the movie being over, because Kinshi let out shriek when the lights had finally come back on, he was excited, and he couldn’t stop smiling over at Josh.

“Man that movie was so freaking cool! I’m so glad that you were here to see it with me Nicolas,” Matthew said excitedly.

“Yeah it wasn’t too bad,” Jacob said. “But hey, you’d better get out of my way; I really need to go drain the snake.” Jacob quickly got up from his seat and headed towards the stairs to exit the theater.

“Yeah me too!” announced Kyle.

However, they weren’t the only ones who needed to take a leak, because the rest of the boys then followed Jacob and Kyle into the boy’s washroom to flush out all of the cokes they seemed to have drunk during the film. When everyone had finished peeing, one of the older looking boys beckoned towards Jacob. “Hey would you guys be interested in getting some ice cream?” he asked.

“Sure that would be good,” Jacob said. They all quickly washed their hands and walked out of the theater to head towards the ice cream parlor.

All of the boys were in the mood for the same type of ice cream as they ordered chocolate fudge sundaes one after another. After Matthew and Nicolas had received theirs, they became more interested by their newfound friends and began walking over towards the boy named Josh.

“So um, where are you guys staying in Naples? I’m just, er, curious,” Matthew asked.

“Uh gee, well just as long as you promise you’re not going to tell anyone, because we really want to keep it kinda private, but we’re staying at the –– oh boy, at the gay nudist lodge just outside of town,” Josh said gasping. Both Matthew and Nicolas couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

“Wow, that place is packed with nude boys, at least that’s what I’ve heard. But we drive pass that place often – it’s just by our house and it’s only about a ten minute bike ride from there,” Matthew giggled.

Matthew’s eye lit up like a Christmas tree; he knew of the place they were speaking of, but obviously, they were never allowed inside. Deep down Matthew hoped at the possibility of having a real chance to see what really happened inside of those tall secluded gates of this so called camp, and maybe they would end up having a little bit of fun too. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, he desired to be able to hang with these boys some more, especially at this camp.

“Hey let’s go tell Jacob about this camp. Is that okay with you Josh?” Matthew asked, hoping that he would say that it was okay.

“Sure you can, it’s okay to tell him,” Josh said with a big smirk across his face.

Once everyone else had gotten their sundaes, they went towards Jacob and Kyle who were sitting at an empty table by themselves. “Hi my name’s Craig and your brother kind of thinks we should become friends.”

“Oh, well, hello Craig, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Jacob and this is my friend Kyle.”

“Cool! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know it’s been a lot of fun hanging with you guys, I would really like to be able to see you again. So um, has anyone told you where we’re staying yet?” Craig grinned.

Without giving Craig the chance to speak further, Matthew piped up and started telling Jacob and Kyle that the boys were staying at the gay nudist lodge down the road from their house. When Jacob heard these words, his brain went into instant overload, deep down he always wanted to see what was behind those tall walls, which had always hindered his ability to see. Although he never knew what was truly behind those walls, but now he knew it was a camp. ‘Maybe they’ll invite us,’ he thought, hoping that they might consider offering an invite. However, had he known what this might imply, he might have given it a second thought.

Just then, another boy approached the table. “Hi, I’m Harry. Did you guys maybe wanna come and chill with us again tomorrow?” he asked.

“Of course we would Harry,” Jacob said gladly. “But we’ll need to speak with our folks first, after all, we surely wouldn’t want to get into too much trouble. But I think my dad will probably say yes. Er, well as long as we tell him that we’re going to be hanging out with the boys from the theme park commercial.”

“Okay, well here’s our cabin number and our phone number for the cabin. Just be sure to let us know if you’re allowed to come and visit us, and please make sure you tell your parents that you don’t have to be naked in order to come and see us, but you’ll have fun – trust me,” Craig said, informing them that it wasn’t a required thing to be nude.

“Hey do you think that I could ask you all a question?” asked Josh. “Are you all um, gay?”

“Well that would depend on who’s asking I suppose,” Jacob said jokingly, looking over towards his troop of boys.

“Yes, we’re all gay!” they all yelled out in one voice.

Jacob could see the other group of boys smiling blindly towards them; it was different, being looked at like that, it was a bit unnerving. He wasn’t sure he liked being looked at like some piece of fresh meat. ‘What the hell is going on in their heads,’ he thought.

“Well I guess we’ll talk to you a bit later then,” Jacob said.

“Yeah I think we better get going too,” Josh said.

“Well if this is the last time we ever get to see you,” Jacob said, pulling Kyle closer to his body and planting a kiss onto his lips for all to see. He didn’t care anymore after what had happened today, he couldn’t be asked to be secretive anymore.

“That’s some preview,” Josh said, before he too, leaned in to kiss his boyfriend Kinshi.

“Okay this isn’t some sort of kissing contest,” one of the boys said bitterly.

“All right, well goodbye boys have a good day,” Jacob said, walking away. After walking for a bit in no particular direction, Jacob stopped. “So what do you guys want to do now?”

“I don’t know. But we could always just walk around the mall and do some window shopping I guess?” Matthew suggested.

They ended up walking throughout the entire mall, but nothing seemed to be of interest for them currently. Sure they got to have some fun, get their minds cleared for a few hours, meet some cute boys, and even got to see a movie, but the memories of what had transpired sucked the joy right out from under them. Without a word, Jacob made his way towards the payphone to call his father to come and pick them up.

They stood around, waiting, not saying a word to one another while they waited for Bill to arrive; for they were deep in thought, contemplating the events of things gone past. For Matthew and Jacob it had been their mother’s reaction to them being gay. For Kyle it had been all of the rejection from his past, the physical beatings he’d received at the hands of young mindless boys who were afraid of the unknown. For Nicolas, it had been the fear of his mother finding out that he was gay, he also wondered if her reaction would be the same as Sarah’s, which scared him deeply, but he supposed only time would tell the answer to that. Twenty minutes later Bill pulled up and they all hopped into the back seat.

“So did you boys have a good time?” Bill asked, but the only reply he received was a quick nod from each boy. This was curious to Bill. “Why such the long faces boys?”

“I’m just kind of thinking about what mom said.  Do you really think that we’re defective Dad?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, do you think we are daddy?” Matthew asked.

This question made Kyle and Nicolas’ heart skip a beat, they had wondered about this themselves. Yes, it had been deeply hurtful when she said it, but was there any truth to it? None of them could bear to hear the answer that Bill was about to present, they felt shameful, like what they were feeling was somehow wrong and dirty. Their eyes dropped to the floor as they waited for Bill’s answer.

“FUCK!” screamed Bill at the top of his lungs, swerving the car off to the side of the road. Bill turned around in his seat and looked at the boys, his tone quickly changed to anger. “Okay boy’s I need for you to listen to my words carefully. What your mother said is complete bullshit. No, you’re not fucking defective – you’re exactly the way God made you and intended you to be. I swear I could have killed her when she spoke those words, metaphorically speaking. But what she said was totally unacceptable and I’m sorry that she can’t learn to accept it.” Bill paused and attempted to calm himself down. “And to be honest with you, I’d truly hate to see something bad happen before she finally wakes up to observe what’s right in front of her.”

Bill then changed his gaze away from his sons. “Nicolas, Kyle, do your parents know about you being gay?”

“My mom does,” Kyle said plainly. “But I don’t think she knows about me dating Jacob just yet.”

“No my mother knows nothing about that sort of thing,” Nicolas said, still unprepared to look Bill in the eyes.

“Okay, well I just wanted to let you know that you’re both a part of our family now. So if you need anything, please don’t be afraid to ask or talk to me. I’ll be here for you no matter what, just as I am with my very own boys. As for you Nicolas, whenever you feel ready to tell your mother just let me know and I’ll come with you if that’s what you want. I love you all and accept you just as you are,” Bill said, with the anger quickly leaving him and compassion filling his every word.

Kyle started crying into Jacob’s shoulder, something about Bill’s words sent him into an emotional overload of tears; it broke him to pieces. Jacob felt sad for his beloved because he knew the pain he’d felt from his father abandoning him and his mother, but more so, the abuses that he was at the receiving end of.

Jacob looked deep into Kyle’s eyes and could see the pain as it rolled out in tears across his cute, petit face. He quickly pulled Kyle closer to himself and tried to comfort him. Jacob placed his hand under Kyle’s eyes and tried to wipe away every tear that attempted to roll down his face. “Kyle I love you so much,” he said with a smile.

However, Jacob couldn’t break through as Kyle continued to cry, tears falling one after another, there was no stopping the pain and deep hurt that tormented him; the scars were deep and tore him apart from the inside. Jacob continued trying to wipe away the tears that fell, but he was failing miserably at stopping Kyle from shedding those tears of pain. Eventually he came to the point that he wasn’t sure what to do anymore and sought the advice of his father by mouthing, “What should I do?”

“Kyle, look at me please,” Bill requested.

Kyle looked up, eyes filled with tears, cheeks red from where Jacob had been furiously wiping Kyle’s tears. Kyle was a mess.

“Kyle, I love you and accept you as my own son,” Bill said, knowing full well the repercussions of his words.

Those words made Kyle cry even harder. Although, it was a release from the things that had never been said to him; ultimately, this was good for him, it gave him the chance to get these things out so they couldn’t eat him alive anymore.

Jacob watched Kyle closely as each tear was a sign of him releasing the pain. After ten minutes or so, Kyle settled down and his chest began to heave in and out. Jacob had made sure during this whole time not to miss any tears; he took pride in what he’d accomplished with that.

“Are you going to be okay now baby?” Jacob asked, holding tight onto his beloved.

“Yeah I think I’ll be fine. Sorry about that.”

“There’s no need to be sorry,” Jacob said, with everyone else nodding in agreement.

Kyle leaned up against Jacob’s broad shoulder. Jacob was doing his best to comfort Kyle; he did this by placing the back of his left hand over Kyle’s cheek and began gently rubbing up and down over his beloved’s silky smooth skin. Whereas, his right hand was placed onto Kyle’s back, where he began massaging his tensed up muscles. In the inner reaches of Jacob’s heart, he hoped that his efforts weren’t in vain, but in effect were bringing some sort of peace and comfort to his lover’s aching heart.

Kyle raised his eyes up from the floor and looked deep into Jacob’s eyes, which made Jacob overwhelmed with raw emotion for the one he loved. Jacob loved Kyle with every essence of his being that he forced his hand to slip up into Kyle’s hair where he began brushing it in between his fingers. This was the moment he’d dreamed about, although it didn’t include having Kyle vulnerable like this; but to have him in his arms, brushing his hair, being close in this intimate fashion, physically and emotionally. Especially to share in this special moment that was being reciprocated back to him, knowing that he was loved just as he loved him, this was his heart’s desire, him and Kyle forever, together, without ceasing. Jacob knew that Kyle loved him, he could see it in his majestic blue eyes, every bit of Kyle showed him everything he needed to see and know; words weren’t necessary for him to see the obvious.

Jacob was consumed by Kyle’s ferocious gaze the more he stared deep into his beloved’s eyes. Eventually his right arm began gliding up Kyle’s back until he reached Kyle’s chin, he gripped it firmly and lifted it slowly upwards to his own, and right there, they kissed passionately right in front of Bill.

Bill watched as his eldest son showed more love and affection than he’d ever seen in his entire life. In that moment, he wished Sarah could have been here to see this; the bond they shared was nothing like he’d ever seen, maybe this would have shown his wife that this was indeed real and genuine.

“Whoa dad, your backseats are on fire,” Matthew giggled.

“Shut up,” Kyle said playfully, cracking a smile.

“Ha! Ha! You’re so funny Matthew,” Jacob said, sticking out his tongue.

“Well it looks like the fire’s out now, so let’s get home then shall we?” Bill said, returning his foot onto the accelerator and pulling out from the side of the road.

“Hey Dad, guess what,” Jacob said in a rushed tone. “We met these boys today at the mall. They’re the co-owners of this new theme park in Orlando. Anyway, they kind of invited us to go to that, um, gay nudist club near our house … and I, er, we were kinda wondering if we could––”

“Go? Let me take a wild guess here and say that these boys are gay too. Am I right?” Bill asked.

“Uh, yeah … so will you let us go? Please …” Matthew asked.

“Well I don’t really see a problem with that, I suppose, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun,” Bill said with a huge cheeky grin on his face.

“Yeah it would definitely be cool! They even told us that we didn’t have to get naked if we didn’t want to,” Matthew said.

“All right you can go. However, I have a few questions. One: when will you be going? Two: will I ever see you again after I drop you off?” Bill asked with a chuckle in his voice.

“We would like to go tomorrow. And I don’t know Dad, maybe we’ll never return,” Jacob said giggling, with the rest of the boys joining in on the laugh.

“Just don’t go telling your mother, you hear?” Bill said as they pulled into the driveway.

“Deal!” they all said at the same time.

By the time they had walked into the house, Sarah was nowhere in sight. The house seemed eerily quiet, more so than when Jacob had come home to wait for Kyle. ‘Maybe she’s upstairs in her room,’ Jacob thought. He quickly put his mother in the back of his mind and went to make a phone call to their new friend Josh.

‘Please leave a quick message after the beep. **BEEP**’

“Hey Josh, it’s Jacob from the mall. My father said we’re allowed to come to the camp tomorrow. I think we’ll probably want to come as early as we can. So, I’ll get my dad to drive us out there once he’s dressed and the likes. We’re all really looking forward to hanging out with you guys tomorrow, especially Matthew; he really seems to have become attached to you. Just please remember to say something to someone so that we’re able to get inside… Okay By…e, oh, and if you want to give me a call back, my phone number is 555-5569. Okay thanks, bye.”

Jacob placed the cordless phone back onto the docking station and turned around to face Kyle, Matthew and Nicolas, and found them sitting down at the kitchen table. “I got their answering machine for their cabin, so hopefully they’ll get it soon,” Jacob informed everyone.

“And I’m not attached to them,” Matthew said. “Really I’m not!”

“Uh huh!” Jacob said, rolling his eyes. “You’re star struck is what you are.”

Bill gave a look towards Jacob, implying to shut his mouth. “So Nicolas did you want to call home and ask if you’re able to spend the night?”

“Really? That would be so cool!”

“Sure why not?”

Nicolas didn’t waste any time. He quickly walked over to the phone, removed it from the docking station, and called home to get permission. His words were few. “Hello mom? Can I spend the night at my friend Matthew’s house? … Okay thanks mom, love you, bye.” After hanging up the phone and returning it from where he got it, he nodded to everyone that he was allowed to stay. Matthew quickly ran towards him and jumped up and down excitedly.

Kyle also made a call home to find out if it would be okay to spend another night, which ended up with him being allowed. Everything was now in place; everyone was going to be spending the night and would all get up to eat breakfast together before heading off towards the camp. This made things easy for Bill who wouldn’t need to drive all around town to pick everyone up.

“So what do you guys wanna do now? You wanna play some video games?” Jacob asked.

“Sure that sounds like fun,” Kyle said.

With the decision made, they casually went upstairs and into Jacob’s room. Matthew ended up sitting on his brother’s bed, with Nicolas sitting down beside him, while Kyle sat down on the floor beside Jacob. They played a few different games, although mostly Modern warfare, until Jacob’s father came knocking and announced that dinner was ready.

Jacob didn’t hesitate in turning off the Xbox as his tummy was already rumbling quite a bit, but he wasn’t the only one as he heard everyone else’s rumbling at some point. By the time they made it into the kitchen, they found a full course meal set out on the table waiting for them. There was roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, and peas. The smell and sight of the food made their mouths water, they couldn’t help it, and without wasting any more time they quickly dashed for the table and took a seat.

When everyone had taken their seats, Bill spoke up before anyone could have the chance to start helping themselves to the meal he’d worked so hard to prepare. “Boy’s, I wanna do something a little different tonight before we all dig in.”

“And what would that be dad?” Matthew asked.

“I want for us to pray,” Bill said.

“Why? We’ve never done that before,” Jacob protested.

“Please just humor your old man for a moment and close your eyes,” Bill said.

Jacob looked over at Kyle and shrugged his shoulders in protest, he was hoping that Kyle would agree with him, but rather it was Kyle who forced his hand and urged Jacob to comply with his father’s humble request. Jacob sighed and closed his eyes in defeat, with Kyle closing his after everyone else had.

“Dear God, I’m sorry that I’ve never taken the time to see the beauty within my boys. I pray and ask that you to give them the strength they need to overcome whatever obstacles come in front of them. I pray that you will comfort their hearts, heal old wounds, and renew their body, mind, and soul. But especially that you heal their hearts of any pain or words that have been spoken against them. I thank you for the food that we are about to eat as well and may it be nourishment for our bodies. Thank you, Amen.”

“Well that was rather … uh different dad. Thank you, though,” Jacob said, reaching out for the roast.

By the time they had finished eating they were stuffed, considering everyone had taken second helpings. After the dishes had been placed into the sink and rinsed off, they went to watch some television before going off to bed. However, after an hour or two Bill beckoned towards the boys when he noticed they were all falling asleep. “Boys I think it’s time for you to head up to bed, you’re all falling asleep,” he said.

The boys didn’t disagree or make a fuss; they merely got up and started making their way up to their respective bedrooms. Even though the day ended on a high note, it still wasn’t enough to blanket over what had happened earlier. Thus, they got themselves into bed, gave their respective boyfriends a goodnight kiss and fell asleep.


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