The Journey of Jacob and Kyle
by Andrew Davis


Chapter 4: This Changes Everything (Cont.)
Time line: Friday

Jacob couldn’t help feeling somewhat lonely while he walked by his lonesome all the way home, he was already starting to miss Kyle very much; it was in his mind that their souls had somehow become connected into one solitary being, that it was just too unbearable for him to be away from Kyle for too long. He figured, at least within the complexity of his fragile mind that their shared dream, miraculous and weird as it was, somehow showed that their connection was far beyond face value; but it lay deeper by some intimate spiritual connection, a foundation of sorts.

However with that realization came more lingering questions, which more or less confused Jacob even more. Eventually he began to ponder the thought. ‘Why did he have to go and do that thing instead of spending more time with me?

But after some careful analysis of his troublesome ‘what ifs’, he came to the forgone conclusion that it was probably pretty important, otherwise why would Kyle have left him hanging like this; which left him feeling terribly lonely and very sad. By every passing second Jacob became more consumed and lost within his own mind while he contemplated deep in thought, which affected his ability to walk normally as he started dragging his feet along the rough and uneven sidewalk that lay below his size nine feet.

After a ten-minute walk, he had finally reached his house. He casually made his way up the freshly paved driveway and up to his front door. ‘I guess this is the moment of truth,’ he thought, reaching his hand out for the door and unlocking it with his key.

“Are you home yet Matthew?” he yelled into every possible direction of the house. He waited for a moment to listen for any sort of sound, peep, or sign of his brother.

Only the silence of the house continued to buzz in his ears, at least until the compressor to the fridge kicked on and started humming away, which filled the house with some ambient noise. It was really abnormal for the house to be this quiet, usually Matthew would have been home already, either singing away at the top of his lungs, or making some sort of ruckus. ‘Great! I’ve got the house all to myself,’ he thought when he received no reply. He figured that Matthew must have gone over to Nicolas’ house, but then he really began to wonder if Matthew was going to be having more fun than he was, sexually or not, for all he knew anything was a possibility.

Jacob was overjoyed when he realized that his brother wouldn’t be around to bother him and Kyle. Well that was whenever Kyle decided to show up. However, he also felt to some extent sad as well, because Kyle hadn’t arrived at his house yet.

He took a gulp of saliva down his throat and looked off into the kitchen. He desperately wanted to get something to drink in order to sooth his dry mouth; considering all of the running he had done today really had dehydrated him. With that in mind, he placed his backpack down beside the front door, kicked off his shoes from his feet, and made his way into the kitchen to grab a can of soda.

After opening the fridge to find a drink, he quickly noticed that his absent-minded mother had forgotten to remove the pizza from the freezer to defrost. He quickly opened the freezer, removed the pizza from within it, and placed it carefully onto the second shelf of the fridge. He really hoped that he had caught it in time to be able to have it fully defrosted by the time he went to cook it; yes he knew that he could cook it frozen, but he much preferred it defrosted because he felt the crust tasted better that way.

The cold air from the freezer soon condensed onto Jacob’s skin, which made him feel sticky again, just like in gym class. Thus, he decided that it might be in his best interest to smell himself and see where on the scale of stinky he stood. With a swift and solid inhale through his nose, he smelt the remnants of sweat that had drenched his entire body not more than an hour ago, which made his nose cringe and his lips to make a gesture of disgust.

Jacob began to contemplate the thought of Kyle getting a whiff of his sweaty body, which worried him very much. So he quickly decided that it would probably be a wise choice for him to go and take a quick shower before Kyle showed up; there was no way in hell that he was going to allow Kyle to find him in this state of disarray, it would absolutely kill him.

Jacob downed the rest of his soda and proceeded for the stairs. While ascending the stairwell, he heard the steps below his feet make an awful creaking noise. ‘Man Dad’s really gotta fix these damn steps,’ he thought, once he had reached the top step. He quickly made a mental note to remind his father about the steps and walked into the bathroom.

The bathroom lay dark and dreary with the remnants of use; toothpaste spattered around on the pearly white porcelain sink, towels left laying on the floor, and a semi damp bathroom mat. Hesitantly he reached down, picked up the towels that had been left lying across the floor and quickly placed them into the hamper. After that, he went and grabbed a fresh towel from the linen closet and turned around to turn on the shower. He quickly checked the water’s temperature and after a few minor adjustments, he found it to be perfect and began shedding his clothes from his body.

The first thing he removed from his body was his “To Write Love on Her Arms,” t-shirt which he grabbed by the cuff of the sleeve and forced up and over his head. With it now off and still in his hand, he quickly brought it up to his nose in order to make sure that the stench from his body wasn’t transferred to his t-shirt. Once again, he took a long sniff and concluded that it smelt fine and threw it down onto the floor so he could wear it again later. Next, he proceeded by unzipping his pants, with great care, gently began removing them down his slender legs, and added them to the pile that started to accumulate on the floor. Now he stood in only his underwear, socks, and not much else.

With a sudden burst of excitement, Jacob thought he heard a knock on the front door, which made his head jerk violently towards the bathroom door, his hair to stand up on the back of his neck, and almost jump up and out of his skin. His instincts quickly took over and before he could realize what he was doing, he had started running for the door. Forcefully he swung the bathroom door open and dashed down the steps, skipping a step here and there, all the while causing the stairs to creak loudly with each step taken. Jacob didn’t slow his swift pace until he was standing directly at the front door. He quickly opened the door, with a huge smile already upon his face in anticipation to finding Kyle standing there. However, he soon came to realize that there was absolutely nobody there. ‘SHIT!’ he thought as his head lowered towards the tiled floor, instantly feeling sad once again because Kyle wasn’t at his house yet. He then closed the front door a little harder than normal, locked it, and began to retreat towards the bathroom.

Now where was I?’ he thought as he walked over towards the bathroom mirror that lay resting upon the wall. He looked over at his own reflection carefully, glaring over his young body, but his eyes stopped suddenly when they met with his crotch. ‘Holy shit, my balls look freaking huge!’ he thought once again.

Without any hesitation, Jacob quickly grabbed for his underwear and forced them off so that he could get a better look at his boys. He quickly added his underwear to the pile of clothes that already lay strewn across the bathroom floor and began to look over his naked body.

Jacob came to believe that his balls looked larger than they normally had and was quick to place his hands over his boyhood to examine them more thoroughly. With his boyhood currently lifted up from his plump sack, he started rotating his hips from side to side, left to right, in his effort at getting a better look at his balls. It truly had been a while since he had last paid this much attention to his own naked body. Even when he had jerked off, he merely did the deed and went on with his day. There had been a lot of built up spunk sitting in those bad boys, considering he didn’t jerk off this morning in the shower, but he could also feel his balls sagging lower than they normally would have, and they even felt somewhat heavier than what he remembered.

With his hands firmly gripped around his boyhood, he started to get really turned on by his own body. Although unconsciously at first, his hands gently began jerking off his flaccid boyhood. However, he would soon remember what he had heard while in the shower earlier in the day. So he swiftly released his grip from around his boyhood and let it fall back over his larger than normal sack.

The atmosphere around Jacob was quickly becoming filled with steam from the shower, which made the mirror in front of him increasingly foggy and moist with condensation. Given that he was now unable to see his own reflection, he turned face and proceeded to walk over towards the shower stall. He quickly stuck out a finger and gave the water’s temperature one final check, found it to be to his liking, and began removing his remaining clothes, which was only his ratty pair of socks.

Jacob exhaled loudly when the warm water touched his lower back, which had begun to sooth his tensed muscles. He closed his eyes and took in every bit of warmth that was hitting his body. After a few relaxing minutes, he reached out blindly for the body wash. Once he found the proper shape of the bottle that he was looking for; he picked it up and began pouring some of it into his hands.


Kyle slowly made his way off the public transit and took a gander around for the entryway into the mall. It had been a while since he had last been to this particular mall, considering it was out of his way and there was a smaller one closer to home. Over the last year or so, the mall had done some construction and changed the location of the bus stop during that time; which made Kyle feel somewhat lost to the new layout. So he tried to find his bearings by taking a quick look around his surroundings and came to notice a large box store off in the distance which seemed to have an outside entry way.

With his destination in sight, he walked towards it at a brisk pace and entered in through the golden looking doors. Once inside, he looked around at all the high priced items that this beautiful store contained, but also made sure to keep an eye out for the exit into the mall. After passing a set of escalators, he spotted the exit and went off into the mall to find a payphone so he could quickly call home and let his mother know that he had made it safely to the mall.

“Hey mom, it’s me, Kyle. I’m just calling to let you know that I have made it to the mall. The phones at school were busy and I would have missed the bus had I waited for them to come free,” said Kyle into the phone.

“Well at least you called, so that’s okay I suppose. Thank you for remembering to call me though,” said his mother.

“Okay, I love you mom, but I really need to get going now. So I’ll talk to you later, bye,” said Kyle swiftly, before hanging up the phone.

Now that he was free and clear from his worrisome mother, he went off to look for one of those big box stores that catered strictly to sport apparel, things like boating goods, golfing, basketball and the likes. It didn’t take him long to find the information board which listed each and every store within the mall, this was new, it hadn’t been here before the construction and restructuring of the mall.

He quickly looked over the information board, scanned it over, and found a store called, Dickey’s Sports Goods, which was also new to the mall, this made him greatly excited; intrigued even. He swiftly made a mental note of its location on the newly renovated second floor and proceeded to walk over towards the escalators in the middle of the mall. When the escalator reached up to the second floor, Kyle darted off from it and ran towards his destination as fast as he could go. Once inside of the store, Kyle quickly made his way towards the swimwear section. He looked around gleefully while he tried to find what he was desperately looking for, which was a pair of cute high cut Speedos.

He continued to look around, finding an assortment of different types of swimwear: board shorts, surfing apparel, and of course Speedos. Not long after, a certain pair of Speedos caught his eye; he really liked the very high cut around the leg, but especially the color and elastic feel to them. These Speedos appeared to be made strictly for competition, or so Kyle thought, because they looked extremely similar to Matthew’s pair. He quickly grabbed them from the rack and looked at the tag, which read, “Boys Superiority 6.5cm Brief.” They were a jet black color with the words, ‘Speedo’ clearly written across the front just above the right leg in navy blue lettering, which also had a small wave looking symbol beside it. On the reverse, it simply said, ‘Endurance.’

These sure do look like a tight pair of undies,’ thought Kyle, while he carefully inspected them and walked over towards the change room to try them on.

Kyle soon met a tall skinny man, who he thought looked somewhat dorky with his librarian-looking spectacles. The man wore a red work shirt along with what seemed to be a store issued black pair of dress pants, with a nametag, which read, ‘Bob.’ Kyle figured that this specific man was responsible for taking care of the change room section of the store. Kyle also noticed the man trying to make himself appear busy by returning numerous items back to their appropriate hangers and the likes.

“Hello sir,” said Kyle in an overly friendly voice. “Do you think that I could try these on please?”

“Sure you can,” said Bob, handing Kyle a plastic card that said, ‘1 Item’ and directed him to go in behind him into one of the stalls to change.

With Bob’s directions, he walked past him and entered into one of the empty changing stalls, but when he had gotten inside, he really began to wonder about the card he was just handed. ‘Does that guy think that I’m going to shoplift or something?’ he thought, looking at himself in the mirror, not feeling overly concerned with the man’s inclination of him.

With that thought in the back of his mind, he chose to put it aside, considering he really didn’t want to delay Jacob any longer than he really had to, so he started popping the button to his pants and began stripping them off, which he let drop down onto the floor. Kyle also elected to keep his undies on just in case the Speedo somehow didn’t fit his body, but most of all he concluded that it was probably the most sanitary solution. He then removed the Speedo from the hanger.

Kyle slowly placed each of his feet into the Speedos leggings and pulled it up his slender frame. The instant he had, the elastic fabric engulfed his lower body, like a glove, and snuggled tightly to his skin. He was quick to pull on the strings that dangled in the front and tightened the Speedo fully to his body. ‘Damn these feel freaking amazing,’ he thought as he looked at himself from side to side in the mirror, trying desperately to see how they looked on him from every possible angle.

Eventually he turned himself around and looked at how they made his bubbly rear end look. The Speedo seemed to show everything about his firm boyish body in every small detail; he was able to see everything, including every little fold in his frontal region, as well as his cutely round plump butt. He was really enjoying what he was seeing with his own two eyes from his reflection in the mirror, which in effect caused him to make a huge cheeky grin towards himself in the mirror. ‘These will definitely look great on Jacob’s body,’ he concluded in thought.

Not long after modeling the Speedo to himself in the mirror, Kyle became quite bored and weary of looking at himself and began removing them from his slender body. He carefully stuck the Speedo back onto the hanger and proceeded to lean down to pick up his pants from the shoe-scuffed floor. After getting his street clothes back on, he exited out of the changing stall and approached the man guarding the change rooms.

“Did they fit good son?” asked Bob, who was still trying to make himself look busy.

“Yes they fit quite well, almost perfect in fact,” said Kyle in passing as he gave back the card he was handed earlier.

With the Speedo still in his firm grip, he briskly walked back over towards the swimwear section of the store to look at some of the other color variations that they happened to have in stock. There seemed to be quite a variety of different colors. They had a couple pairs of black ones, which only differentiated by the color of text on them, such as black with white text and logo, black with red text and logo, and of course black with blue text and logo, which Kyle was already holding in his hand. They also had a baby blue color with white text. ‘Hmm,’ he though as he tried to decide which other color he wanted to buy for Jacob. In the end, he chose to get the black pair with red text and proceeded over towards the cashiers counter to complete his purchase.

“Will this be everything for today sir?” asked the young spunky cashier.

“Yes this will be everything,” said Kyle in a simple tone of voice.

Kyle seemed to have picked a good time of year to come, or so it would seem; the Speedos were typically twenty-two dollars and ninety-nine cents each, where currently the store was having a sale at the present time. They were now only two for thirty dollars. ‘What a deal,’ he thought when the young cashier rung in his total, which came to thirty-two dollars and forty cents with taxes included. Kyle would still have some money left over from the fifty dollars that his mother had given him; this made him feel very happy, but it wasn’t like it was going to burn a hole in his pocket, or … was it?

He quickly thanked the nice cashier, grabbed for his bag from the counter, and went to leave the store to start making his way over to Jacob’s house. Once out of the store, he started making his way out into the droves of people that lined the hallway and headed towards the exit of the mall. However, when he was about to leave, a certain joke shop caught his eye. He just had to go in, he felt like something was drawing him, calling him even. In addition to that, he figured that they always seemed to carry some kinky shit in there, so he might find something useful, or maybe even sinister. An evil looking smirk came across his face and he walked into the store.

There were many different types of things to see in the store: funny, exciting, weird jokes, toys, board games. Although once he had made it towards the back of the store, it got filthy and very dirty. It wasn’t like the store unclean, but the stuff that was in it was deliciously sexy. This excited Kyle greatly, causing his body to react with an instant erection.

Kyle looked around him from every which side, seeing blow up dolls, an assortment of different kinds of erotic posters, penis pasta, among many other types of erotic pastas too, and even some sexy, yet extremely weird board games. ‘Oh no, I couldn’t possibly get one of those,’ he thought for a moment. Although to say that Kyle didn’t give it much thought would have been an understatement, he could see it in his head, Jacob and him playing a sexualized game, it was a thrilling idea, but in the end he could only imagine the stares of disapproval that he would get if he attempted to buy one.

He shrugged off the idea and continued to scan around this section of the store. Almost immediately, something caught his gaze and he just couldn’t look away; it was a label for a pair of sexy, yet very revealing undies. On the front of the package, it showed a black pair of underwear with the words, ‘Prepare for liftoff,’ in white text, right where a man’s penis would be, and it seemed to have this weird hole in the front. It wasn’t like your typical name brand undies where you would simply have to move the fabric aside in order to pee. It was almost frilly, like white lace, around what looked to be just a long slit. Kyle figured, or at least suspected, if a man were to get a hard-on then it would simply slide out through the slit for someone’s salivating mouth. Additionally, there seemed to be this little piece of string laced through the man’s butt crack who was modeling it on the front of the package.

Kyle quickly grabbed the package from the shelf and looked it over to find any sort of size information listed. He quickly came to realize that the package currently held within his hands was made for a size thirty-four waist, which would be too big for him. This was greatly disappointing for Kyle and he desperately hoped that they might have a size that would fit him. As a result, he frantically began sifting through the pile, hoping and pray that he would find one.

Not a moment later, his eyes became wide and lit up like a Christmas tree; he smiled to himself when he saw it, size twenty-eight. A gasp of excitement soon echoed out from his vocal chords, he couldn’t help it, for his shear excitement was overflowing from him. He quickly grabbed for the package and darted towards the front of the store to buy his new play toy. When he reached the front cashier, he looked of a boy who had just done something wrong and was afraid to tell his parents.

“Hello!” said Kyle slyly to the cashier.

“Oh hello,” said the cashier, looking up from his newspaper and staring down at the young looking boy standing in front of him. “Were you able to find everything you were looking for today?”

“Yes I believe so,” said Kyle, placing the sexy underwear onto the counter top. Nervous as he was, he tried to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal in what he was attempting to purchase.

The cashier pursed his lips and let out a long exasperating sigh. “You do realize this is for adults eyes only right?” asked the cashier sternly, blatantly putting down the law. The cashier gave a deep stare into Kyle’s eyes like a deranged father who’d just caught his child smoking, or doing something else that was deeply frowned upon. “You shouldn’t have even back there.”

Kyle started to feel extremely panicked, he thought that maybe he should just run out of the store and make a run for it. ‘Run like a crazy boy, run from this scary man,’ he thought, but the only problem was he really wanted these undies, needed them even; he just had to have them. Kyle began looking around and began strategizing on how he was going to get them, but when he spotted an older looking gentlemen standing near the entryway of the store, he got an idea.

“I know that sir, but … my dad’s birthday is coming up really soon and I kinda wanted to surprise him with this funny gift,” said Kyle in a rushed voice, pointing towards the man standing next to the doorway. “Kinda like a gag gift, you know what I mean? PLEASE?”

The cashier swiftly looked into the direction that Kyle was pointing and gave a real chuckle at the thought of this splendid surprise. “A surprise you say? This will surely surprise him I suspect. Shit it would surprise the hell out of me!” said the cashier. “Okay but you can’t tell ‘ANYONE’ that I have sold these to you. Do you understand me young man?”

DEAL!” exclaimed Kyle, who had become excited that his idea had worked and would soon have these undies within his possession.

“Okay so that will be sixteen dollars and eighteen cents please,” requested the cashier.

Kyle quickly went digging into his pockets to search for every single penny, nickel, and dime. He promptly found all that remained of his money and counted out what was owed before finally handing it off to the cashier. “Here you go sir. And thank you so much!” said Kyle with haste, grabbing for his bag and running from the store so he could finally start making his way to Jacob’s house, for real this time.

The cashier noticed where Kyle had run of to, which was not towards the man he’d originally pointed out, but past him and off around the corner. The cashier chuckled to himself and thought, ‘Boys will be boys,’ before finally returning his gaze back towards his newspaper.

When Kyle was finally out of sight of the cashier, he started looking around in his pockets to see just how much money was left from his little shopping spree, but swiftly came to realize that he only had a dollar forty-two left. This wasn’t going to be enough for the bus ride to Jacob’s house as that would have cost him two dollars and twenty-five cents. Kyle didn’t know what he was going to do now; he was stranded and needed to figure something out quickly, so he began to think of a plan on how he was supposed to get over Jacob’s place. Finally after a moment of thought, he came down to the conclusion that the best course of action was going to be for him to call his mother and ask if she could possibly, hopefully, come and get him. With that in mind, he walked back towards the payphones and called home.

“Hello mom? I need your help. I don’t have any money left, not even enough to get to Jacob’s house on the bus. Do you think you can come and get me please?” asked Kyle.

She began to wonder how Kyle could have spent all of the money in such a short time, but chose not to ask because of the fight they had earlier in the day; she didn’t want him to feel smothered by her. “Sure I can do that hone – er, Kyle, please meet me at the food court doors okay?” she requested.

“Okay mom, I’ll see you soon then,” replied Kyle, before hanging up the phone.

With his mother’s clear instructions, he started making his way over towards the food court doors. However as he walked past the food court and the several fast food chains, he became instantly thirsty, which was unfortunate because he didn’t even have enough money to get a drink. Therefore, he continued onward and went to stand by the doors to wait for his mother. Time seemed to slow down, which in effect made Kyle very fidgety. Eventually he decided that it would probably be best to remove the receipts from his bags, he quickly did so, and stuck them into his back pocket. ‘Just in case,’ he thought, hoping that he wouldn’t somehow loose them.

With the receipts safe in his back pocket, Kyle decided that he was going to combine everything he purchased into one bag. Although while doing so, he found his new pair of undies and his mind instantly went into panic mode. ‘If my mother ever saw these, oh my God, she’d literally freak,’ he thought in haste. This made him unable to think clearly; the thought of his mother finding his new undies terrified him to the core that he began to hyperventilate. Kyle tried his best to calm himself so he could attempt to figure out a way to hide them from his mother, out of sight and out of mind. After thinking for a few minutes, he finally decided that the best course of action was to hide his new undies in the waistband of his pants. ‘She’ll never find them here,’ he concluded in thought, feeling quite happy with himself that he’d come up with this plan, and that it was probably going to work.

Kyle had been waiting for at least ten minutes and his mother still had yet to arrive, which was making him increasingly impatient as time went on. Eventually when his mother pulled up in her blue sedan, he muttered under his breath, “FINALLY!”

Kyle swiftly pushed open the food court doors and rushed out towards his mother’s car. With haste in his steps, he quickly reached her car and grabbed for the door handle, threw his bags down onto the floor and sat himself down beside his mother in the front seat.

“Hello mom,” said Kyle, looking over at her excitedly.

“Hello Kyle,” said his mother. “Listen. I have put a lot of thought into what happened earlier this morning. Did you want to go and get chocolate milk so we can talk?”

“Mom as much as I love chocolate milk, how about you let your baby boy get a big boy drink without his sippy cup this time,” said Kyle, half joking, half serious.

Kyle’s mother giggled. “Sure I suppose we could do that. Is Starbucks okay for you then Kyle?”

“Sure that would be cool. Do you think I could get a Vanilla Latte?” asked Kyle.

“That sounds like a plan,” said his mother, placing her hand onto his knee and reaffirming her desire to treat him like a big boy.

With their destination set, Kyle’s mother drove out from the parking lot and proceeded to drive towards Starbucks, which was just around the block. After his mother had received her coffee with two cream and two sugars and he had received his vanilla latte from the nice young woman in the drive thru, she parked the car in a vacant spot.

Kyle’s mother turned off the ignition, but left her keys inside to allow the radio to continue playing as background noise. She looked fondly over at her son who was sitting awkwardly with his hands resting in his lap, and eyes gazing out the passenger side window; he was completely unprepared for the talk that would more than likely change his entire life.

She looked over at Kyle with her eyes, barely able to keep her own composure as she struggled not to tear up. Deep down this was difficult for her to say the words, the truth that he desperately longed to know, but she knew that it was necessary and would help him become the man he wanted and needed to become. She realized this and now she knew what Kyle had been saying all along, she heard his words, it was true; he wasn’t her little boy anymore.

“Kyle … about this morning,” she started saying softly. “I have really been thinking about what happened, and I have come to the decision that I’m going to tell you everything you want and needed to know. First, let me say that you really caught me off guard this morning and I just wasn’t sure how to respond to you. I really want you to listen to my words carefully and feel free to stop me at any time. If you have any questions then please just let me know okay honey?”

“Okay Mom. Whenever you’re ready,” said Kyle calm and collected.

Kyle looked over towards his mother somewhat expecting her to start speaking immediately, but she didn’t. She just continued looking out the windshield, biding her time. After several long grueling minutes of silence had passed by, she finally started to respond. Kyle watched as his mother placed her right hand on top of his left knee, giving it a soft and gentle squeeze and began to speak. “Let me first say that I believe with every essence of my being that your father still loves you Kyle. BUT,” she exclaimed loudly, trying to get her point across. “He may not know how to love you the way you have needed to be loved. However, there would be days when you were around ten years old that you would come home crying, it was almost as if you were screaming bloody murder. We would always do our very best to calm you down, but it was merely impossible at times. But as your father and I understood at the time, you were being bullied at school –”

Kyle quickly interrupted his mother. “I already know this stuff mom, get to the point,” he said a bit frustrated, wanting to get down to the cold, hard facts.

“Kyle, I know that you do. Please just continue to listen to my words,” she said calmly. “This continued on for several long months. It was very difficult for us to see you like that, well that is until your father finally had enough of it and went to pick you up from school one day. His intention was to come and see what was happening to you, and maybe help you remedy the situation. When your father got there that day, he told me that he saw two young boys about your own age screaming at you. He said they had you pinned down onto the ground and that they were saying something along the lines of you being quote-unquote ‘gay and that they saw you’. I never quite understood what he meant when he was telling me that they saw you, but then he told me that you were caught glancing at a few of the other boys in your class, even that you sucked one of the boys,” said his mother gasping. She paused for a moment and tried to compose herself, she was struggling to get the final word out. “Penis, now I never knew if that was true, even the day your father told me.”

“That’s total bullshit mom. It’s not even remotely true, not even in the slightest; I never did that … EVER! Maybe I got caught looking at the boys, but that was all,” said Kyle, before his mother cut him off.

“Right, anyway, your father went onto saying that he couldn’t possibly stand the thought of having a gay son. I pleaded with him, begged even, that it couldn’t possibly be true. After all, you were only ten years old for Christ’s sake, I kept telling him that, but he wouldn’t listen to any sort of reason. His mind was ultimately clouded with doubts in his ability to accept you anymore and I couldn’t break through his thick skull. I’m really sorry that I failed you Kyle,” said his mother, taking a long drawn out breath. “In the days after your father left us, I slowly watched as you began to withdraw from the world around you. The hardest part of it all was that you continued to withdraw from me too. I continued to stand by and watch as day after day you came home crying from being bullied. Eventually I knew that I had to do something and I said, ‘enough is enough’ and that’s why we just up and left from Chicago, Illinois to come here to Naples, Florida. Kyle. I loved you too much to continue seeing you suffer and in the end of it all, I ended up hurting you more by not telling you the whole truth. Again, for that I am deeply sorry. Do you think that you could ever forgive your senile mother?”

Kyle was at a loss for words, which left him unable to speak, he merely looked over at his mother with his mouth gaping open in disgust for his father. He was quick to realize what his mother was implying, that his father left on the mere ‘possibility’ of him being gay. ‘What fucking bullshit is that?’ he thought, which made him become so consumed by anger that he didn’t quite care what he said anymore. “What kind of fucked up asshole of a father would do something like that? Or anyone for that matter,” barked Kyle.

“Well your father did unfortunately, and I am really sorry that he did that to you Kyle. Now could you please answer my question, can you forgive me?” she asked him once again.

Kyle paused for a moment as he tried to collect his thoughts. Deep down, he suspected that his mother really needed to hear that he was able to forgive her; after all, he figured that it wasn’t her fault in the first place, she couldn’t be held responsible for his father’s idiocy. In some ways, he thought that his mother felt like she needed to take full responsibility for what had happened, as if she could have been able to prevent the inevitable, or protect him from the pain that he now held deep inside of his heart.

“Yes mom I can forgive you, but how could I possibly forgive him?” asked Kyle, looking deep into his mother’s eyes. She shrugged her shoulders, which wasn’t much help to him. “Mom I have felt so alone ever since he left. I thought that he went away because of something I had done, like I had done something so bad that he felt that he had to leave, or something along those lines and that’s why he left us. In reality, it wasn’t any of my own doing, but the mere fucking possibility of me being gay? Like seriously? Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.”

“Kyle I understand that you’re very angry with him, but now I want to ask you a very serious question. Now whatever your answer, it will never change how I feel about you. You are my son and I love you with every fiber of my being. You are my life Kyle and I care about you deeply, but I really need you to understand something; my love for you isn’t based on a set of conditions, meaning I don’t want you to think that you need to jump through hoops in order for me to love you. My love isn’t based on a certain set requirements that you need to meet, because there’s nothing you can do to make me stop loving you sweetheart. Now with all of that being said, and because you have admitted to me here in this car that ‘yes,’ you have looked at boys, even back then in your class. In addition, I believe you when you say that you never sucked a boys, er, penis. But I must ask … are you gay Kyle?” said his mother, not concerned with the outcome either way.

Kyle let his mother’s words sink deep into his brain, he felt safe and secure knowing that no matter what his answer was; his mother loved him, unconditionally, and it simply didn’t matter to try to hide it from her any longer. “Yes mom I’m gay, it’s true. And I’m truly sorry if I have somehow let you down in some way, but it’s the way God made me,” said Kyle, trying to be as brutally honest as he could.

“Oh Kyle you couldn’t ever let me down,” said his mother, smiling over towards him and cupping her hands around his cheeks. “So does Jacob even know that you’re gay yet? Because if he doesn’t then you really need to make sure you try to protect yourself, considering not everyone’s going to be as accepting as me. I know it’s sad, but unfortunately that’s the reality of the world we live in.”

“He kinda does,” hinted Kyle, but tried his best not to lead onto anything.

“Okay Kyle, just please try and be safe, okay? I love you very much and I’m sorry baby. But to me you’re still my little boy and that’s the reason why I have continued to call you baby and honey, it’s because I have wanted you to know that no matter what, I loved and care about you, this was my only way of showing you my affection Kyle. So if you still wish for me to refrain from using those names for you then that’s okay. But –” said his mother, before he cut her off.

“No really it’s okay mom,” said Kyle, placing his hand onto hers. “You can still call me those names if you really want too. I love you very much and thank you for finally telling me the truth.”

Kyle then leaned forward, planted a huge kiss onto his mother’s cheek and gave her a much-deserved hug. With his arms fully wrapped around his mother’s pencil-like neck, he held onto her as if his life depended on this one little hug. He didn’t want to let her go, in fear of letting this heartfelt moment go, so he gripped her even tighter. This moment was something very special to him, it somehow solidified him, defined him and helped him grow in knowing that at the end of the day, he was accepted and loved unconditionally.

“Okay honey,” she said, gasping for some air. “You need to let me go now. Jacob’s still waiting for you, right? So we better get going.”

“Oh yeah, we should get over there before he really starts to worry,” said Kyle, quickly letting go of his mother’s neck and fastening his seat belt.

Kyle’s mother then began slowly reversing the car out of their parking space. The drive towards Jacob’s house was quite uneventful, Kyle was a little preoccupied getting lost within his own thoughts; he couldn’t stop thinking about what his mother had told him and how he’d just blatantly come out to her. Of course, he still withheld some sensitive information; as he wasn’t quite ready to share some of those more intimate details with her just yet, especially regarding his and Jacob’s budding relationship.


Jacob was really beginning to wonder what was taking Kyle so long to get to his house, because after looking at his clock for the umpteenth time, he realized that it was already five thirty in the afternoon. He honestly didn’t know if he should start to worry or not, but he figured he was just being some sort of a control freak. Although to him it seemed like an eternity had passed since he had taken his shower, but after taking it and sitting around on the couch for no apparent reason, other than to wait for Kyle he got bored. Eventually he made his way back upstairs and into his room to turn on his Xbox for some ‘Modern Warfare 2’ fun, as he quite simply had nothing better to do other than to wait for Kyle to show himself.

Jacob had his game face on when he finally bunkered himself in for a battle in a three versus three match on ‘Favela,’ capture the flag mode. The current score was tied at two points. ‘We only need one point to win the game,’ he thought, while peeking around a corner of a building in the game. He spotted the flag left unguarded, as far as he could tell from his perspective; he couldn’t see anyone defending. He then sprinted towards it and bellowed out into his headset, “I HAVE THE FLAG!” It wasn’t long after that he heard a bullet whooshing swiftly past him, which whistled through his television speakers and before he could have time to react, he was dead and on the ground. “Shit! He’s going playground. Playground two bogies,” proclaimed Jacob loudly into his headset while he watched the instant replay of his death.

“Roger! On my way,” said his fellow teammate.

“Okay, I’m back up. Shit he has our flag, he’s going street, intersect him! Go! Go!” screamed Jacob like a raving lunatic.

A quick sprint down the alleyway, down through a narrow corridor, and after taking a left turn, he ended up at the side a large building. He quickly peeked out his head from around the corner and caught a glimpse of the opposing flag carrier. With his crosshair aiming directly at his opponents back, he fired his weapon and watched as ‘Head shot, Pay back and return flag’ scrolled across the top of his screen. He had killed the flag carrier and sent him packing back home. “Quick go cap the flag!” yelled Jacob in quick succession to him returning the flag back to home base.

When his teammate captured the enemy flag, Jacob yelled excitedly into his headset. “NICE! Good job man, this team is working really well today.”

The score now sat at three to two with only thirty seconds remaining in the match. Jacob was excited, his kill death ratio was higher than normal and he was playing very well. Confidently he ventured out to find his next prey; he was thirsty for some blood to be spilt, in a virtual manner of course. He turned the corner, entered into his enemy’s flag room, and swiftly grabbed the flag. The sound of a bullet flying past him quickly drew his attention and he swiftly did a 360° turn, aimed his sights up into the rooftops and fired his weapon, which resulted in Jacob shooting down his opponent dead. He ran back towards his flag room as the time limit was about to be reached and was starting to count down. ‘5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.’ The game timer buzzed and the game had ended. ‘Shit almost!’ he thought, putting down his Xbox controller to have a breather.

They had won the game and Jacob felt good about it, since it was a change of pace from losing all of the time. He had grown tired of teammates that couldn’t work well together for the common objective, or newbie’s who didn’t know how to play the game; for that was deeply frustrated for him, which usually came out with him criticizing them through the microphone. Although to say that he wasn’t aware of his arrogance would have been a lie, for he knew full well, but he didn’t care most days how he came across to others when he’d become too flustered to keep his big mouth shut. ‘Good Game,’ was swiftly called out as it scrolled across the top of his screen. It was supposed to be a best of three matches, so their next map was to be ‘Invasion’ on capture the flag mode again.

As Jacob was about to choose his load out for their third and final map, a noise distracted him. It had been the sound of a car pulling up into his driveway and in that instant; he jumped up, threw off his headset, and began running towards his window. He pulled back the curtains and his eyes immediately became wide when he saw Kyle sitting just below him in his mother’s car. You didn’t need to tell him twice, because in that moment he ran back towards his Xbox, turned it off, and ran downstairs to meet Kyle at the front door.

Jacob watched Kyle closely while he gave his mother a big hug and a light peck on her rosy cheek. After he had finished doing so, he hopped his tight little butt out of his mother’s car and grabbed for the shopping bags that were sitting on the floor. Kyle looked up and beamed a smile over towards Jacob while closing the car door. Kyle then made a running dash towards Jacob and wrapped his arms around him in a tight embrace. After Kyle had broken away from their hug, he quickly turned around and waved towards his mother before they walked into the house together.

Jacob closed the door behind him, and Kyle quickly dropped the bags from his hand, which made a swooshing sound when they made contact with the hardwood floor. “Dude seriously? You went shopping with your mother. Sorry bro, but how corny is that,” giggled Jacob.

Kyle found Jacob’s comment to be extremely funny, because almost immediately he began laughing hysterically and almost fell over onto the floor from laughing so hard. “What did I say?” asked Jacob, trying to figure out what he had said that was so funny.

“No I didn’t go shopping with my mother you dork!” giggled Kyle, holding out his hand as he tried to stop himself from laughing so hard. After he had calmed himself down enough, he continued. “I went shopping for us. Alone mind you.”

“Us?” asked Jacob, turning his head slighting in bewilderment.

“Yes us but listen, I really need to talk to you first. Is that cool?” asked Kyle in a serious tone.

“But … can’t I at least see what you bought for us, me, whomever before we talk?” protested Jacob.

“No. We really need to be able to talk first,” concluded Kyle, putting his foot down.

“Okay fine let’s go talk then,” said Jacob bitterly, walking into the living room to take a seat on the couch. Kyle soon followed and sat down beside him. Kyle then grabbed for Jacob’s hand and placed it into his own. “So what is it that you need to talk to me about?”

Kyle didn’t respond to Jacob inquiry right away, he just continued looking at the floor with a frown across his face. He felt so vulnerable, so incomplete and yet, he was going to be sharing the most intimate of details, things that he held deep down inside, things that most people couldn’t even begin to understand about him; the true meaning to his picture, their shared dream, and most of all his heart.

With a look of concern clearly drawn across his face, he exhaled air through his mouth and began to speak. “Well first of all I want to talk to you about my dream, but I also want to tell you about the picture I drew and what it has represented in my life for these past four years. After that, I want to be able to share with you what my mother and I talked about before we came over here. Is that okay with you Jacob?”

“Sure that would be great Kyle,” said Jacob sympathetically, feeling like an ass for being bitter moments ago.

Kyle looked up from the floor and took a breath of air in through his mouth. He was attempting to buy himself some time while he collected his thoughts and tried to figure out how he was going to present all of this information to Jacob. He took another breath of air and sighed. “Well my dream, which also includes my picture, represents my feelings of abandonment. My father caused these feelings in me when one day he just up and decided to leave my mother and me as if we simply didn’t matter. The cave, which you perceived it to be, was the gaping hole left in my heart, which has been left void for these past four years.

“The cave has always made me feel isolated, which also made me feel like I was somehow no good and that no one would ever want me. In addition, I’m sure you already know it’s been my prison for a long time now. The sad part about all of this is that anytime I felt hurt or scared I would take my mind to that place, my prison, my sanctuary. Even though at times it was scary and made me feel bad inside, going there was the only place where I knew without a shadow of a doubt that no one else could ever hurt me.”

Kyle paused, looked at Jacob, and made sure he was following along with what he had said thus far. With Jacob not asking any questions, he continued. “The vine has always represented how I have felt strangled by my own despair and my own desire to feel loved and accepted, by anyone other than my mother of course. The thorns that protruded out from the vines symbolized my past hurts.”

Jacob quickly cut him off by gently squeezing his beloved’s hand. “But there were hundreds, if not thousands of thorns. Have you seriously been hurt that much?” asked Jacob concerned, raising his brow and widening his eyes when he began to realize the gravity of the thorns symbolism.

“Yeah, I mean, yes I have. And I will tell you more about that after I tell you the rest of the picture,” said Kyle, continuing with his explanation. “I think the reason you got hurt from the thorns, or at least I suspect anyhow, was because you loved me just as I was. I didn’t need to change for you to love me. I somehow feel that you needed to get hurt in order to prove to some sort of defense mechanism that you loved me.”

“But I didn’t intentionally poke my finger on those thorns. It was an accident,” interrupted Jacob.

“Jacob … if you could please just listen to me for a second,” said Kyle, who went to continue on once again. “I believe with every essence of my being that this was required for you to be able to free yourself from the mud that you felt tried to hold you immobile, almost as if it was a test to either kill you or set you free. The mud inside of the cave was all of the junk I tried to fill into the gaping hole in my life, but it never fulfilled me and in the end, I still felt that absence of feeling loved. The initial dim lighting was the hope that one day my ‘knight in shining armor’ would come and save me. And the light that emanated around the boy in the armor … it … was … you.”

With Jacob now informed with his explanation, Kyle looked over at him once again whilst forming a half smile. Kyle had spilt his guts in full to the boy he loved and deep-down he hoped that Jacob wouldn’t somehow change his mind about loving him. On the other hand, Jacob’s face spoke of his astonishment to this whole thing. “I … uh, honestly don’t know what to say Kyle. Wow! That’s some really deep stuff man.”

“Yes it is, but now that you know a part of my life struggle … are we uh, still friends?” asked Kyle in a low tone.

“Uh… DUH WINNING!” said Jacob, smiling.

“Hey! Are you making fun of my shirt?” asked Kyle with a smile returning to his face.

“You bet I am, but it’s also very true, and of course we’ll always be the best of friends. You have given me a lot to digest that’s for sure, and what is this about me being your knight in shining armor? Did you know that I once thought of you as my own personal knight in shining armor?” said Jacob, looking deep into Kyle’s majestic blue eyes.

“No I didn’t know that Jacob. Why would you think of me like that?” asked Kyle, feeling more flattered by the moment.

“Because I love you Kyle, I have loved you since the very first time I laid my eyes on you. You make me feel so hot and gooey inside and that makes me feel like I’m going to burst. In the past it was a real struggle for me to not talk to you, for the simple fact, I wasn’t sure you would end up being gay like me. Deep down I was afraid that if I ever tried to talk to you then you would somehow reject me and that would undoubtedly mean I knew I had no chance with you – I just couldn’t risk that sort of heartbreak. I rather figured that if I knew there still might be a chance then it was better than knowing I didn’t have a chance in hell with you. For example, yesterday the reason why I was so tired was because I had laid in my bed just fantasizing about you,” said Jacob with the love and compassion that he deeply felt for his little boy wonder.

Jacob could feel as Kyle began squeezing both of his hands, which was affirmation to what he was saying; it was as if his words were something of great importance for Kyle to hear. This made Jacob wonder if his words were somehow making that gaping hole in Kyle’s heart start to shrink away into nothingness, but he didn’t know one way or another.

“I … I … um, don’t know what to say,” said Kyle, trying to fight back the tears that began welling up in his eyes. He closed them shortly, pursed his lips, and took a long breath of air into his lungs, which he held in. After a second or two, he exhaled through his nose and immediately felt his body begin to relax. Kyle then looked deep into Jacob’s eyes. “I mean how could we both not knowing of course, lay in our beds just fantasizing about each other, on the same night for that matter, and take secret glances at each other. Wait, you did those things right? … Anyway, I felt the same way as you did. You know, like if I tried to talk to you then you might catch on that I was gay.”

“Well to answer your question. I checked you out every chance I got,” said Jacob, talking with his hands while still holding onto Kyle’.

“Cool,” said Kyle, as he continued. “Anyway, I thought that I wouldn’t have a chance with you, ever! The risk felt too great for me at the time and that’s why I really tried to avert my eyes from you at lunch yesterday. I feared that if I looked back, like I really wanted too, then you would know that I was gay. I was only trying to protect myself just in case, you know? Any time I have ever tried to make a move; I’ve always been beaten down, may it be emotionally, or … physically. Except later on in the day when I was at wrestling practice, I started to realize why you might have been staring into my eyes. Hence, that’s why I grazed your hand before you fell over into my arms. To test the waters I suppose you could say.”

Jacob couldn’t stand it anymore; he needed to do something and now. He quickly removed his hands from Kyle’s and placed them onto Kyle’s fun loving cheeks. With his grip firmly around his beloved face, he began to inch himself closer and closer. The urges deep inside of him desperately wanted to kiss Kyle the way he wanted and quite simply needed to be kissed.

Ever so gently, moving inch by inch, Jacob moved his lips closer to Kyle’s, but as fate would have it, Kyle wasn’t able to handle this tension anymore either; because he rapidly propelled his body forwards and pushed his lips against Jacobs. As they mashed tongues and swapped saliva between them, sparks began to fly, which was full of teenage emotion and hormones.

Jacob kissed Kyle’s upper lip prior to sticking out his tongue and licking Kyle’s lips sensually. This unexpected surprise made Kyle’s entire body shiver uncontrollably, although according to his body language; he was greatly enjoying this attention. Jacob then pulled himself away slightly to change his direction and targeted Kyle’s lower lip. Again, he pressed his lips back against Kyle’s and salivated in the taste of his sweet mouth.

After some gentle sensual touching, Jacob forced himself to pull away and released his hands from Kyle’s cheeks. He watched as Kyle’s mouth dropped wide open; it looked like Kyle had gone into a trance-like state.

“Do you need a mouth cover?” asked Jacob quickly.

“Oh God yes!” said Kyle.

Again, Jacob didn’t need to be told twice a second time. Therefore, his body propelled steadily forward and stuck his tongue deep into Kyle’s awaiting mouth. Kyle was quick to reciprocate Jacob’s motions with his tongue while they wrestled for position, which essentially caused Jacob’s body to react to this special moment of intimacy. As each second passed by, Jacob became increasingly turned on as their mouths exchanged saliva that eventually he became so filled with lust and he couldn’t contain himself any longer.

Jacob couldn’t handle it anymore; he desperately wanted to be able to take Kyle further. Thus, he removed his hands from Kyle’s cheeks and began to bring his hand lower to reach for his beloveds pants. As he was about to pop Kyle’s pants button, Kyle stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Not just yet Jacob. I’m not ready for that,” said Kyle, after breaking away from their mutual kiss.

“Did I do something wrong Kyle?” asked Jacob deeply concerned, he didn’t want to force Kyle into anything he didn’t want to do.

“No you didn’t. But it’s just that I have bigger plans,” said Kyle, smirking and reaffirming Jacob by reaching out his hand to hold onto Jacob’s.

“Oh is that right?” said Jacob playfully, instantly getting the point that Kyle was making.

“Yes, but you’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer,” said Kyle.

“Okay Kyle, I trust you,” said Jacob, who was looking over Kyle carefully. Trust was something Jacob had a hard time dealing with. Although in his innermost parts, he felt completely comfortable with Kyle, he didn’t quite understand why; but maybe being in love with him had something to do with it.

“I trust you too Jacob,” said Kyle, extending his hand back out towards Jacob and placing it onto his shoulder. “I love you very much, but first let me tell you what happened between my mother and me before we end up going for a swim. Is that okay with you?”

Jacob merely nodded in reply and waited patiently for Kyle to continue. “Okay, well I bought you something as I’m sure you already know and that’s why I couldn’t come over here straight away. It’s something very special, but you will find out soon enough what I got you. Anyway, I spent all of my money and I had no way of getting here, so I resorted to my backup plan and called my mother to come and get me. When she’d finally arrived at the mall, she was quick to apologize for this morning and said that she was ready to tell me why my father had left us.”

“Holy shit really? Wow … well how did that go?” asked Jacob swiftly.

“It went okay I suppose, well as good as anything difficult could be to discuss,” said Kyle, scrunching up his face and shrugging his shoulders. “Anyway, she told me that when I was about ten years old that I used to come home from school and I would cry a lot because I was being bullied.”

Jacob’s eyes instantly became wide, which made him look frightened from hearing the word ‘bullied’ being used. He would have never of guessed that this cute, sweet loving boy would have be bullied. However, he suspected at least in some respect that if anyone knew about him being gay, then it was a likely situation. “So you were bullied? By whom, give me names!”

“Don’t be such a hot head Jacob jeez. Yes, I was bullied. There were two boys in my class, they had caught me looking at some of the other boys in our classroom and eventually they started calling me a fag. That situation opened up a whole can of worms on its own. Shortly afterward, they started pinning me down onto the ground and would punch me in the back. Can you believe that those jerks even started a rumor about me? They said that I had sucked a kid’s dick from our class. Somehow, my dad heard them while they were tormenting me in the schoolyard that day. You see my father had come to get me from school, but I didn’t see him. He also told my mom that he couldn’t ever accept having a gay son and then he just left us as if we meant absolutely nothing to him, on the mere chance or possibility that I was gay. He didn’t even care enough to ask me any questions or anything; he just decided that he had to leave. After my mom had told me all of this stuff, I got angry and said some things about my father. So yes, I was tormented for a long time, until my mother had enough of it and moved us from Chicago, Illinois to here in Florida. Well that pretty much sums it up. Oh – and after that my mother asked me if I was gay,” concluded Kyle, taking a breath after getting that large mouthful out and off his chest.

“Did you tell her?” asked Jacob quickly.

“She told me that no matter what my answer was that she still loved me the same as always. So yes I told her that I was gay,” said Kyle.

“So she took it rather well then? Nice!” said Jacob, somewhat surprised.

“Yes she took it very well in fact that it even surprised me,” informed Kyle.

“Now with all of those things said and done, and since both of us have admitted that we, quote-unquote ‘love each other’. I have a question to ask you,” said Kyle as he started feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

“And what could you possibly want to ask me?” asked Jacob playfully, sticking his index finger over his lips, pretending not to know what Kyle was going to ask him. Deep in his heart, he hoped and prayed that something special was about to happen. His nerves started to get the better of him and his hands began to sweat profusely. It wasn’t long after that he felt his skin starting to turn clammy and the rush of adrenaline coming over him like a rushing wind. He watched Kyle carefully even when he slipped his body up from the couch and sat down onto his own feet on the floor.

Kyle slowly reached out his hand and took Jacob’s into his own. “I love you so much Jacob. I don’t want to continue on with another day without you … will you go out with me and be my boyfriend?” asked Kyle passionately.

“You’re joking right? Of course, I’ll be your boyfriend. I love you way too much to let you out of my sight again,” said Jacob enthused, propelling his body towards Kyle to give him a kiss on the nose.

“Good! Now let the fun begin. I’m going to need you to trust me though. Please trust me like you have never trusted anyone before. I want you to close your eyes and then I’m going to take you somewhere. Promise me that you won’t peek whatsoever,” instructed Kyle firmly.

“I promise that I won’t peek and ruin your surprise,” said Jacob excitedly.

“Close your eyes,” breathed Kyle softly into Jacob’s ear. “Are they closed nice and tight?”

“Yes they’re as tight as I can make them,” explained Jacob, squeezing his eyelids tightly shut and trying his best to be an obedient little boy.

“Okay. Let me assist you in getting up and then I’ll help you up stairs,” instructed Kyle.

Kyle swiftly helped Jacob up from the couch and repositioned himself behind him. Then proceeded to place his hands onto Jacob’s shoulders, pushed him forwards, and began directing him into the direction he wanted him to go.

Jacob was completely blind and had absolutely no idea where Kyle was going to be taking him. He knew that he needed to have some faith in Kyle and that he would be taken care of in every respect. Although deep down he hoped that Kyle wouldn’t allow him to topple over, or fall down the stairs or something bad to happen to him. So he made sure to pay special attention to Kyle’s explicit directions from one step to the next. Other than Kyle’s sweet calming voice, he could hear the stairs creaking beneath him, until those sounds had stopped and he heard a door open. Jacob could now feel something soft beneath his toes and that got him thinking; he thought maybe he was standing on the bathroom’s rug, which normally had sat in front of the toilet and shower area, or maybe it was the rug that lay in his bedroom, he just couldn’t be sure of it yet.

“Okay stay right here for a second and I’ll be right back,” said Kyle, rushing towards the bathroom door. “And don’t you dare move a muscle.”

Off in the distance Jacob could hear a whooshing sound, ruffling even. Jacob really wanted to see what was happening around him, but kept his promise and continued to stand immobile with his eyes tightly shut, straining to listen for any indication of Kyle’s whereabouts or whatever he seemed to be off doing.

Kyle slowly tiptoed back up stairs and tried his best to not step where he thought the stairs might inadvertently creak, which he greatly managed to do. Once he had fully ascended to the top of the stairs, without making a peep, he peeked his head into the bathroom and found Jacob standing like he had originally left him. He smiled to himself, walked into the bathroom and shut the door loudly, which made a loud hallow sounding thud when it hit the door jam. Soon thereafter Kyle began reaching out his hand and took hold of his boyfriends arm. “Do you trust me Jacob?” asked Kyle.

“With my life,” replied Jacob quickly.

“Okay please just keep your eyes closed, no matter what happens. Only when I say that it’s okay for you to open them will you be allowed, understood?” asked Kyle as he prepared himself for what he was about to do.

“You got it baby,” said Jacob excitedly, considering he had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to him. Although that was part of the excitement, because no matter what happened, he was with Kyle who now happened to be his boyfriend and that’s all that matter to him currently.

It wasn’t long after that Jacob started feeling Kyle’s warm body heat radiating over his skin. And because he knew Kyle was close to him, he took a sniff through his nose and got the scent of Kyle’s body; the smell that hit his nose made him feel intoxicated and his knees began to buckle beneath him.

Kyle noticed Jacob’s posture changing rapidly in an instant and began blowing on Jacob’s neck with the hot air from his lungs. After a mild tease, Kyle finally dove in deep and pressed his sweet lips onto Jacob’s neck; sparks flew in Jacob’s mind as Kyle’s lips kissed him slowly and sensually all over. The result of this caused Jacob to have chills run down the full length of his spine, in addition making his knees feel even weaker than they had before.

All that Jacob could manage to do was stand transfixed as he felt the sensual touch of Kyle’s lips going back and forth over his neck, from his right side to his left, Kyle was careful to make sure that he didn’t miss a single spot. Although when Kyle had finally stopped, Jacob thought Kyle was done playing with him, boy was he mistaken …

Kyle swiftly opened his mouth and asked Jacob to lift up his arms. Jacob quickly complied to Kyle’s request and felt as the cotton fabric from his t-shirt was slowly but surely removed from his body. After feeling the t-shirt come loose from the crown of his head, he quickly thought, ‘Oh good God,’ when he felt Kyle returning his lips back to his neck. Kyle started moving slowly down Jacob’s body and paid respect to each of Jacob’s very erect nipples. With Kyle succeeding in the desires that he felt for Jacob, he continued down to Jacob’s navel and stopped around his belly button.

Jacob’s head involuntarily twitched off to his left and his mind flashed back in time. His mind took him back to the place of early in the morning when he was still in the shower. He watched himself standing in the shower, washing and cleaning his body, but when he had reached for the body wash and started writing on himself; he noticed where he had imprinted on his body. On his chest he had wrote ‘I’, around his nipples he drew a heart, and finally yet most importantly around his navel, near his belly button, he wrote, ‘Kyle.’

After which he came back to reality and his mind began to race. ‘Did I somehow wish for this to happen? Is this coincidence of what he’s doing? On the other hand, did I somehow cause this to happen? Okay this is really freakish!’ thought Jacob, trying to find some sort of sense to what was happening now and what he’d done in the shower this morning.

A bit shaken and unnerved, Jacob’s body started shivering uncontrollably, almost like his body was cold. Although that wasn’t it at all, he wasn’t cold, but something deep down inside of him was brewing, something so deep that even he couldn’t understand the connection. When Kyle noticed the clattering of teeth and the shaking of his body, he stopped completely, looked up at Jacob, and questioned. “Dude are you okay, do you need me to stop?”

Jacob felt like he was being consumed by some powerful, yet unknown weight over his entire body. It was making him feel extremely weak, so much so that he was barely able to speak at all. Although that didn’t stop him from trying to speak with some sort of fluidity, but when he tried, all that he heard was a voice speaking in a raspy like shiver. What ended up coming out sounded like he was breathing his words into existence, “Nnnnooooooo d-d-don’t s-s-stoppppp pl-plea…se.”

“Are you sure Jacob?” asked Kyle in haste, hoping that he could continue.

“Y-YE-YES,” shouted Jacob as he fought with himself to get the words out.

With Kyle accepting the response he was given to continue; he moved forward and put his hands onto Jacob’s firm boyish body. His first move was to grab for his boyfriend’s pants, to which he carefully began slipping his fingers under the waistband to pop the button, which instantly released the tension from around Jacob’s midsection. With Jacob’s pants now loose and his own hands wrapped around Jacob’s waistband, he began pulling his pants down all the way to his ankles and then he stopped. “Jacob I’m going to need your help,” he said softly. “I need you to help me remove your pant legs from your ankles, but let’s start with your left foot and then your right foot, okay?”

Jacob merely nodded in acknowledgement, bearing in mind that he could barely speak at all. Kyle then proceeded in doing Jacob’s left foot first, removing his pant leg, which also included his sock, before doing the right side and doing the same. Kyle looked up at his boyfriend and eyed him with his dazzling blue eyes. It didn’t take him long to observe the tent that was beginning to form in Jacob’s undies; after all, it was the last thing that remained on Jacob’s body that he didn’t have the chance to touch yet.

Jacob still didn’t know exactly what was happening to him. ‘What is he planning,’ he thought, still unaware of the impending fun that would soon be following. He suspected to some degree that he was going to be stripped naked in some way, but what was after that was beyond him. In his mind, he begged to himself for Kyle to strip off his undies next, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Because not long after, he felt Kyle’s hands change direction, which he then placed onto his butt and cupped each of his cheeks in hand.

Kyle’s firm grip upon his butt caused his body to jolt suddenly, and before he could realize what was going to happen to him next, or his body, Kyle began licking around the elastic waistband to his undies. After several minutes of lapping Jacob’s waist with his tongue, he slowly started removing Jacob’s undies and when he’d done so; Jacob’s boyhood came free from the elastic band that was withholding it within his undies, and he swore that he heard a gasp come from Kyle lips when his hard boyhood flew upward and hit him in the belly. In addition, he heard a faint-like whisper come from Kyle’s lips, which seemed like he breathed it rather than spoke it, but it was inaudible to his ears and he couldn’t quite catch what Kyle had muttered to himself. Kyle then quickly asked Jacob to lift up each of his feet once again and he removed the undies from Jacob’s body.

Jacob stood fully in the buff, not moving one inch, in front of Kyle as he waited for what was to happen next. Deep down he had absolutely no idea what was currently happening or if Kyle himself was even naked. Although he didn’t need to wait long in order to find out, because Kyle spoke once again and asked him to lift up his feet, to which he merely complied with the request. Jacob then became really confused as to what was being done to him now, because to him it seemed like his undies were being reapplied back onto his body. This in reality baffled him. “Kyle? Are you putting my undies back on me?” asked Jacob, still utterly confused as to what Kyle was doing.

“No babe these aren’t your undies,” said Kyle, with a slight hint of excitement in his voice.

Kyle didn’t want to waste too much time and end up getting himself sidetracked; therefore, he trucked on with what he was originally doing. Kyle then rapidly pulled Jacob’s present up the full length of his boyfriend’s legs until it made perfect contact with his firm delicious butt. It was now time for Kyle to make sure that the Speedo was nice and snug; with one solid tug from his wrist, he pulled the string that dangling in the front and made it tight over Jacob’s waist.

“Am I allowed to open my eyes now Kyle?” asked Jacob quickly as he hoped and prayed that he would be allowed to see what he was wearing.

“You sure can!” said Kyle excitedly.

Jacob opened his eyes in a flash, almost like a loud thunderous crash had scared the living crap outta him. He quickly looked down and saw that he was now wearing a black Speedo with red text on them. “Holy shit I’m wearing a Speedo!” he screamed out in excitement.

“Yup, I got it for you. I kinda thought that it was a bit unfair, you know, I had to wear a Speedo and well you got to wear a pair of board shorts where I couldn’t see a damn thing,” commented Kyle slyly.

“Wow thank you,” said Jacob excitedly, his excitement was self evident, he couldn’t contain it, so much so that he propelled his body forwards to kiss Kyle on the lips.

When Jacob had finally released Kyle from his grasp, he moved himself away from him and looked at him with a new set of eyes that simply adored him. Kyle just smiled back and said, “Mmm-hmm, you’re very welcome Jakey.”

“So what are you going to be wearing in the pool then?” asked Jacob, wondering if Kyle had ever made it home to pickup his swimwear.

“Oh I don’t know,” said Kyle, almost like was overcome with sadness, but quickly smirked and said excitedly. “Just these ones,” as he pulled out an almost identical pair from his back pocket. Except they were just slightly different from Jacobs, they were the black and blue ones.

“Oh my God we’re twins,” giggled Jacob.

“You bet. We’re inseparable now, don’t you think?” asked Kyle.

“Uh-huh, but seeing as you got to undress me with my eyes closed, do you think that I could undress you now? You don’t need to close your eyes if you don’t wanna,” said Jacob.

“Sure you can,” said Kyle, with a devious smirk across his face.

Sweet,’ thought Jacob, while he switched places with Kyle and started doing the exact same things that Kyle had done to him. Although when he began to remove Kyle’s pants, he became utterly shocked. Kyle continued standing in front of him with the biggest smirk written across his smitten face; he was wearing a pair of cute, and very revealing undies with the words, ‘Prepare for liftoff,’ clearly written across the front. “Oh you sneaky little bugger,” said Jacob, while looking over Kyle, who continued to smirk and shrug his shoulders as he tried to pretend that he had absolutely no idea what Jacob was talking about. However, as Jacob continued onward, he became even more stunned when Kyle’s body started to respond to his playful touch. It came as no surprise to Jacob when Kyle’s boyhood started to lift off, so to speak, from the slit that was in the front of these sexy undies, after all he was causing all of this and he was greatly enjoying giving this stimuli. With Kyle fully erect, it stood at attention in front of Jacob’s salivating mouth.

“Mind if I get a taste?” asked Jacob, eying Kyle’s swollen head pulsating in front of him.

“No not right now baby,” replied Kyle sternly.

“But, why not?” asked Jacob sulking in the disappointment that he was just denied giving some pleasure to his boyfriend.

“Well first of all I haven’t even jerked off today. Secondly, I wanted us to share our juices together at the same time. You know kind of like what your locker number says,” said Kyle slyly, forming a half smile like a devious little devil.

“My locker?” asked Jacob, slightly confused, but soon got the point. “Oh — can we do that right now?”

“Not just yet,” said Kyle. “Let’s go swimming first so I can explore that amazing body of yours some more.”

“Oh okay. Well let’s go ahead and see how you look without those sexy undies on then shall we?” said Jacob playfully, looking up and down Kyle’s firm and slender body. Considering Jacob didn’t want to waste another second of his or Kyle’s precious time, he gripped Kyle’s undies and tugged them down in breakneck speed. Although when he reached the bottom of Kyle’s legs, a roadblock presented itself that hindered his ability to remove the underwear completely from Kyle body, which were his clunky ankles. Unable to go any further without Kyle’s help, he kindly requested ever so politely. “Leg up please.”

Kyle complied just as Jacob had during his undressing session. With Kyle’s undies now completely removed from him, Jacob took a quick gander over him before he picked up Kyle’s new Speedo from the floor and began stringing it over Kyle’s feet. In one successive motion; he began pulling the Speedo upwards, doing it ever so slowly, taking his sweet old time to take in every hair, every bump, every bit of the things that made up Kyle’s body against his tingling fingertips.

When Jacob had finished with his fun and the Speedo lay resting fully over top of Kyle’s bulging groin, he tugged hard onto the pull string that dangled in the front and made sure that it was a nice and snug fit over Kyle’s body. ‘This is freaking amazing,’ he thought, when he looked over at Kyle and saw everything about him in every minute detail. Although it wasn’t like he hadn’t just seen his beloved Kyle fully naked mere seconds ago; however, for Jacob it was exhilarating to be teased by Kyle’s cute and very tightly fit Speedo. Without any form of hesitation on Jacob’s part, he slapped Kyle’s firm boyish butt and announced that it was time for them to go swimming.

Kyle took Jacob’s announcement to heart and gracefully extended out his hand to grab for Jacob’s, which he’d done the previous time they went swimming; but this time it wasn’t motivated in uncertainty, or fear, but with a pure and earnest heart for the one that he loved.

Kyle wasn’t too overly concerned with the time, for he knew that they were going to be undoubtedly alone for some time and could count on not being interrupted any time soon. Therefore, he merely took his time and took in this special moment by looking deep into Jacob’s glistening eyes. In his inner most being he felt like he was about to take Jacob over some invisible line, a threshold of sorts and bring him into a new level of intimacy. What that even was or meant he didn’t quite know, or understand; he just knew deep down that this whole moment was going to be a memorable one.

Jacob could see a clear difference within Kyle as he stared into his eyes, it was like night and day; he was acting very different in the way he was presenting himself, no longer bottled up, cut and dry, but one with life flowing from within. Although the same could have been said about Jacob too as they both had been changed by finding one another. However as much as he tried, he was unable find a reason why this was a bad thing, for it was something very special; it wasn’t something that was unnerving or scary, but something that seemed so natural, like breathing, and wasn’t something that was forced, which made him feel really comfortable. In the past Jacob would have felt like he was going to faint, or his mind would have tried to wander off; but Kyle had his full and undivided attention.

As their eyes continued to stare at each other, their hands automatically reached for one another and they clasped them together, and in that instant, time seemed to stop and stand still just for them; their bodies started to feel as a peaceful and serene feeling rushed over them. This made Jacob begin to think that he could feel Kyle’s love for him flowing down into his arm, which was odd, but something about it just felt right; he’d never felt so deeply cared about before and he just loved how it made him feel, which was astonishing to say the very least, he felt complete in every respect. After some lovey-dovey smiles, light kisses and gentle touching, Jacob commented and suggested once again that they should go swimming before anyone decided to come home unexpectedly. Kyle nodded in agreement and they started to descend the stairs, still holding hands, and made their way outside towards the pool.

Outside it was a beautiful sunny afternoon; the sun cast its wonderful glow of light overhead, and sent an assortment of God rays peeking through the large oak tree that towered over Jacob’s backyard. A mild breeze of fresh air could also be felt as it rustled the leaves above their heads and cast a shadow down over the pool.

When they reached the pool, Jacob freed his hands from Kyle’s grip and went to stick his foot into the water to get a sense of its temperature, which he found to be nice and warm and to his liking. Jacob then turned around to tell Kyle how great the water had felt on his skin, but it seemed that Kyle had other plans. Jacob started to panic the instant he saw Kyle running towards him, at full speed, and before he could even have time to react, Kyle had tackled him into the deep end of the pool.

While Jacob’s head was submerged underneath the clear blue water, he could feel Kyle’s hands probing every inch of his body from every angle possible. ‘How could he of just done that, what does he think I am, his own personal test dummy? Frig that hurt,’ thought Jacob, desperately trying to bring his head back up to the water’s glistening surface where oxygen could fill his gasping lungs once more. Kyle had hit him like a freight truck, which took the wind right from his lungs. When they finally reached the surface, Jacob took a long exasperating inhale of air into his lungs, filling them instantly. Jacob could feel a sharp pain in his side and quickly grabbed for his midsection where Kyle had speared him; he quickly made sure that nothing was broken and once he was satisfied that his body was in working condition, he stared blankly over towards Kyle.

Kyle was treading the water about ten feet away from him, giggling uncontrollably; he truly believed it was all in fun, and didn’t assess the risks of accidently hurting Jacob in any way. Jacob on the other hand felt it not so funny, thus he quickly swam over towards Kyle, grabbed him, and forced him to turn around. And in a way that only Jacob could do, by taking something painful and turning it into something playful, he checked to make sure that Kyle’s two magnificent globes, which was his butt, were still attached to his body, because deep down he needed to be sure considering Kyle had found this absolutely hysterical. After checking Kyle’s bottom and finding it still attached, he commented slyly. “That hurt you know. Frig!”

“Shit sorry. You know I would never intentionally try and hurt you baby,” said Kyle, feeling like an idiot for not thinking it through.

“Meh, shit happens I guess,” said Jacob, pulling Kyle closer to him for a firm butt squeeze.

“You like my butt don’t you?” asked Kyle, feeling the firm squeezing pressure on his buttocks. “Anyway, why don’t you get that sexy ass of yours outta the pool and jump off that diving board of yours so I can watch you for a bit.”

“I can’t … do … it … Kyle,” said Jacob terrified. “I’m totally afraid of heights man. I can’t stand them.”

“But why can’t you? It’s not that hard to jump off,” commented Kyle. “How could someone like you be afraid of heights? No way dude I don’t believe it, not even for a second.”

“No really. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Matthew makes fun of me all of the time, but I –”

“How about if I go with you and we can jump together,” interrupted Kyle, putting down the idea.

“Oh dude, I don’t know that I could even make my way to the ladder, let alone jump off of it!” said Jacob, praying that Kyle wouldn’t press the issue any further.

“Here how about this,” said Kyle, grabbing for Jacob’s hand. “I’ll go up the ladder with you, and then we can decide where we go from there. I’m not going to force you to jump off if you don’t want to. But please just trust in me and give it a try.”

“Okay I will try,” said Jacob, swimming over towards the edge of the pool with Kyle.

They got out of the pool and took glances down at each other. There really wasn’t any point for them to try to hide their free spirited eyes from one another anymore; this was something that was extremely liberating for them, the ability to freely look and gawk, without any fear of the infamous ‘it’, being one who is gay, getting out. For they now had each other and their secret was safe within the confines of just the two of them. Although it didn’t take them long, mere seconds, to realize that their Speedos had done the exact same thing that had happened yesterday, where it sucked up tightly over their skin and clearly showed everything about them in great detail.

“So do you like your Speedo baby?” asked Kyle, pointing down at his boyfriend’s semitransparent swimwear.

Jacob nodded. “Sure do honey,” he said, still bearing the thought of having to go up that big blue ladder, it looked miles above him. He was flushed with fear, which caused his skin to lose its normally blushed pigmentation and looking of one who’d just seen a ghost. He was terrified and couldn’t believe that he was even considering this, let alone about to do it, even with Kyle’s guiding hand of encouragement.

Jacob started climbing up the ladder first with Kyle following closely behind him, helping and encouraging him with each step taken upwards. Kyle figured Jacob needed any help that he could get and made sure of it to spur him on after each successful step he’d accomplished to make. Meanwhile, Jacob forced his imagination to visualize him mountain climbing, not much help for it made him feel worst, but even still, he imagined it anyway: he was climbing a high mountain with his safety harness anchored deep within the rock overhead. His imagination made him see Kyle as his safety harness, physically the harness, which made him feel more secure in knowing that he couldn’t and wouldn’t plummet to his death since there was some sort of safety in place.

The last rung of the ladder now only stand before him. In some ways, he felt that this inanimate object was somehow taunting him and telling him he couldn’t do it, that it was easier to just climb back down in defeat. However, Jacob had never been known as a quitter, even when filled with fear, so in spite of this he reached out his arm and forced himself up onto the platform. He was at the top and had conquered the ladder, but not conquered his fears, he’d merely overcome them. For a split second, Jacob felt brave enough to look down below and saw the glistening blue water refracting light back up towards him, almost like saying hello and calling him to come down. Instantly he felt helpless to do anything and his eyes closed like a flash of lightning. “Oh my God we’re so high up!” he cried out in a high pitch squeal.

“We’re going to be okay,” said Kyle, coming up behind him and wrapping his arms just under Jacob’s armpits. “Nothing can or will hurt you while I’m here. I promise you. You’re far too important to me.”

In next to no time, Kyle’s words had calmed Jacob down enough that his body became less tensed and he went limp in his boyfriend’s arms. Deep down Kyle hoped that in some form or fashion that his gentle embrace was somehow a comfort for Jacob in some way and was helping him feel safe regardless, but he also wanted to reassure Jacob even more, so he kissed him on his warm rosy cheek.

“Do you want to step out closer to edge?” asked Kyle, keeping his embrace tightly around him.

Jacob eye’s remained tightly closed while he tried his best to not let out a whimper, or let any ounce of light to peak through his eyelids. He took a long inhale of air through his nose and prepared himself for what was undoubtedly about to come. “Okay, but please take it slow if you don’t mind,” he said. They started moving together as one solitary unit and made their way towards the edge of the diving board.

“Are you ready to jump?” asked Kyle, tightening his grip around his beloved even more. “I truly hope you don’t think I’m making you do this. So if you really want, we can always go back down the ladder.”

“I think … I’m ready to jump,” whimpered Jacob fearfully. “But I know I’m going to regret this later.”

“Okay, so on three we’ll jump off. Are you ready for this?” asked Kyle. Jacob nodded rather quickly. “Okay. One … Two … THREE!

Jacob took one final breath of air through his nostrils before they inevitably jumped off. “Oh my God I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m going to DIE!” he bellowed out when their feet sprang forward and away from the rough speckled diving board. He was scared out of his wits and his adrenal gland responded by pumping adrenaline into his system as they fell in free fall speed towards the pool below.

The air around them swiftly filled their ears as it whooshed past them at high speeds. Moments later, they hit the glistening water, which their bodies displaced, causing a large splash to erupt into every possible direction. Their feet quickly touched bottom and Kyle swiftly kicked his feet up from the floor and forced them both towards the water’s surface. During this whole adventure, Kyle never let go of Jacob, for in his deepest of fears he thought that his beloved would be left feeling abandoned and alone, just like he had in his not so distant past.

“How was that?” asked Kyle after taking in a full breath of air into his lungs.

“It wasn’t too bad I suppose, but I think what I enjoyed more was you holding me the whole entire time,” said Jacob quickly.

“Yeah I liked that part too,” giggled Kyle, flipping away his hair from his face.

“So you wanna play some Marco Polo or something?” asked Jacob. Because even after completing Kyle’s challenge, he wasn’t too fond of having to jump off the diving board again, no matter how much he enjoyed Kyle’s embrace.

“Sure that sounds like it could be fun. I’ll be it,” said Kyle, swimming towards the shallow end of the pool and closing his eyes.

Time seemed to fly for these two young lads, who were already beginning to prune due to their long exposure to the water. Kyle seemed to be good at playing Marco Polo, considering he’d caught Jacob more times than not. Kyle was especially careful to get a grab in here and there while they played, but that didn’t much bother Jacob too much; because he actually enjoyed being fondled every now and then. They were having a blast playing until Kyle in his infinite wisdom decided for a change of pace and caught Jacob for the final time. Kyle swiftly brought this playtime to a sudden end and it became blissfully exciting.

Kyle released Jacob from his kung fu like grip and quickly forced Jacob around to face him. Without any thing such as a peep or a word, he forced his chest onto Jacob’s and began propelling himself forward with the thrashing of his feet, which caused large splashes of water to fly out into every direction. Considering Jacob didn’t put up any sort of a fuss, or fight; they rapidly reached the shadow end of the pool.

In next to no time Jacob’s backside made contact with the unmovable concrete wall; he was pinned into the corner of the pool and wasn’t able to move, not even slightly. Shortly after, Jacob allowed his body to relax and his legs settled down towards the bottom of the pool, then he looked deep into Kyle’s eyes. He felt somewhat confused for the moment as he tried to figure out why he was even being sandwiched into the corner of his pool in the first place. However, what was unknown to Jacob at the present; Kyle had a plan, one of which would soon be unleashed upon his young boyish body.

After what had felt like an eternity for Jacob, he watched Kyle pull away from his body slightly, in essence to relieve some of the pressure that was being exerted upon him in this sandwich between the wall and him. After some of the pressure had been relieved, Kyle quickly inserted two of his fingers, on both sides, into Jacob’s leggings of his Speedo. Tenderly he began rubbing around Jacob’s pubic bone and slowly did circles with his fingertips around the mound of his penis, which had already begun to stretch the elastic fabric when his boyhood began to respond to Kyle’s loving touch.

Although as Kyle probed around further with his fingers, Jacob closed his eyes and took in every subtle movement of Kyle’s hands. It felt different to him, having someone else explore the most intimate of place on his body; but that wasn’t a bad thing either, because it was something that was exciting him down to the core.

But that’s not to say that Kyle wasn’t rattled by this either, because in his own mind, he couldn’t believe what he was doing; it had been a desire, something he’d only seen in his dreams, however it had also been a yearning burning deep inside of him since the day he’d first laid eyes on Jacob. And right here in this precious, intimate moment, he made his hands be his words, for words he didn’t have to express his undying love and devotion to him; the mere boy to which he loved unconditionally and without question.

The boy he had once known, the boy who’d chosen the cave over the abundant life surrounding him had all but vanished, he had been made new by a simple and gentle boy, a boy named Jacob. His heart began to glow with these thoughts, and his emotions quickly consumed him. Deep down Kyle felt he needed to be able to show Jacob just how much he was feeling of something of worth, and not some punching bag. Thus he moved his body steadily forward and placed his mouth over Jacob’s lips; he kissed him with every ounce of his being, which was the passion and love that he held deep in his heart.

Kyle gradually removed his fingers from Jacob’s bulging Speedo and transitioned them to his boyfriend’s chest, where he continued on with his playful touch and began caressing Jacob’s hairless chest; slowly but surely he felt up and down all over with his fingertips. To say that Jacob wasn’t enjoying all of this attention would have been a complete understatement, one of which could easily be argued in a courtroom, because it was infallibly undeniable; his face was filled with pleasure and looked to be taking in every sensual touch of Kyle’s soft hands.

As each second continued to pass, Jacob’s smile became bigger and broader, he was greatly enjoying this attention, especially since it was coming from Kyle; his hands were making him feel like a bowl of ice cream that had been left out in the hot scorching sun to just melt away into a hot gooey mess. He felt weak as chill after chill was being sent down his spine, and yet, he felt strong as an ox in knowing that he was loved, it was something that was very liberating for him, to be so desired and cared about.

After a time of gentle rubbing and kissing, Kyle moved his left hand under Jacob’s chin and slowly forced it upwards, which opened Jacob’s mouth slightly. Once again, he planted his lips over Jacob’s and began sticking his tongue deep into his boyfriend’s awaiting mouth. In due time Kyle moved his free hand and let it fall down in between Jacob’s legs, where he began to rub with his fingers over the top of the Speedo. This went on for several minutes before Kyle changed his pace and cupped his hands around Jacob’s bubbly butt, and with one fluid motion from his wrist, he elevated Jacob’s body up and out of the water.

As if it were instinct Jacob forced his legs around Kyle’s waist and wrapped them tightly around him to help support some of his weight. Kyle also made a few minor adjustments as well and repositioned his arms to help take some of the pressure off his butt, thus transitioning the placement of his hands onto Jacob’s back, which helped elevate the pressure he was feeling significantly.

Their lust for one another quickly consumed their every waking thought, and they soon gave into those desires. There was no turning back now and they’d already come this far, after all they had dreamed and even fantasized of these things happening since the first time they’d laid eyes on each other that there wasn’t going to be any possible way to stop them now, even if they tried to themselves.

Kyle couldn’t help it that his body was beginning to respond to these exciting turn of events; his boyhood raged with an unquenchable fire that it became increasingly erect by every passing moment. As Jacob continued to help support his weight with his legs around Kyle’s waistline, he began to feel Kyle’s raging hard-on starting to rub against his butt crack. This excited him even further that eventually it sent him over the edge and he began dry humping directly over Kyle’s throbbing boyhood as they continued to probe around in each other’s mouths.

After several blissful spontaneous minutes, Kyle pulled himself away from their lip lock and lunged for Jacob’s chest; he began licking and suckling on his very perky and erect nipples. “Oh my God Kyle, don’t stop,” Jacob cried out, unable to contain the pleasure radiating from every part of his body. Jacob couldn’t help it, no more than Kyle could when his body began responding to the intimate things that were happening to him, every part of his body tingled from the pleasure that Kyle was sending over him that eventually his back began to arch backwards.

“Dude –” Jacob breathed out in pure ecstasy, breathing rather heavily. “If you keep this up then you’re going to make me cum.”

Kyle slowed his pace, changed his direction away from Jacob’s chest, and continued to move up towards his neck, until finally their lips met; he swiftly kissed him with every ounce of passion that he could muster, before finally pulling away once more. “I love you Jacob,” he said passionately.

“I love you too Kyle” said Jacob, smiling back at him as Kyle began to lower him back into the water and went to get himself out of the pool.

Jacob watched as Kyle got out of the pool, took a quick peek at his rear end, and followed him out of the pool. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really hungry. Do you want me to go throw the pizza in the oven?” asked Jacob.

“Sure that sounds like a good idea,” said Kyle, leading the way into Jacob’s house.

While they walked into the kitchen, dripping of water, Jacob couldn’t help thinking about the fun they’d just had in the pool. ‘God that was so freaking hot,’ he thought to himself, it had been without a shadow of a doubt the most exciting thing he’d ever experienced, even more than he expected it to be. He was deeply memorized by the way Kyle had kissed him that eventually he thought, ‘Oh – my – God, the way his lips felt all over my body sent chills down my spine.’ Jacob knew that he was loved by Kyle because he could clearly see it, feel it, and even taste it in the mere passion of his gentle touch. Even while analyzing these things, he remembered something his mother had suggested earlier. “Hey I was kind of thinking. Did you possibly want to spend the night over here with me?” he asked swiftly, hoping that Kyle would inevitably want to spend the night with him, alone, and in the dark.

“Really? Yeah man that would be freaking sweet, we could have so much fun,” said Kyle, walking over towards the cordless phone that sat on top of the kitchen counter. He quickly dialed his home phone number and checked if it would be okay for him to spend the night. “Hey mom it’s me. I was wondering if I could spend the night at Jacob and Matthew’s house tonight. Is that okay?”

“Well where will you be sleeping tonight honey?” Kyle’s mother asked.

“I’ll probably be sleeping with Jacob. He’s got a pretty big bed and stuff, so there’s lots of room for the both of us,” Kyle commented casually.

“Well you just need to be careful okay, you never know how Jacob might react if he finds out that your gay,” his mother instructed. In her defense, she was only trying to protect him from any further pain. In that moment, Kyle thought maybe he should tell his mother that Jacob was actually his boyfriend now, but felt that it was probably best not too just yet, let alone put Jacob out like that. In addition, he didn’t want his mother to think that all they would be doing was having sex.

“Don’t worry mom … I’ll try and be careful. I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I love you too honey. Have a wonderful time.”

“I will mom. Bye,” said Kyle, hanging up the phone and placing it back on the docking station.

“What did she say?” asked Jacob swiftly, peering over at Kyle and hoping that he could stay.

“We’re good to go. My mom said I could spend the night with you guys,” said Kyle excitedly.

“Sweet, we’re going to have so much fun,” Jacob screamed at the top of his lungs as he became extremely excited, which shone from his face with a large smile. He swiftly ran over towards Kyle and threw his arms around him. In that moment they heard the front door unlock, which caused them to separate from each other in haste and after distancing themselves; they heard a young boy beckon.

“Jacob you home yet?” Matthew called out from the front door.

“Yeah I’m home. Kyle and I are just in the kitchen getting ready to make some pizza,” Jacob replied to Matthew, who still happened to be standing at the front door, taking off his shoes and putting down his backpack.

When Matthew had successfully freed his feet from his shoes, he casually made his way towards the kitchen. He then started walking towards the fridge to grab himself something to drink, and quickly said hello to his brother and Kyle in passing. But before he could even make it to grab a drink, he stopped dead in his tracks and his mouth dropped wide open; his eyes stared at his brother like he was a piece of fresh meat. “Dude, where did you get that Speedo? They’re so freaking awesome!” he commented in a high pitch shriek.

“Oh these?” said Jacob playfully. “Kyle got them for me. Aren’t they cool?”

“Yeah they’re really pimp dude. Let me see them better,” said Matthew, running towards his brother. He swiftly stuck his fingers into Jacob’s Speedo legging to feel the fabric in between his fingers, but along the way, his hand grazed his brother’s boyhood.

“Um, Matthew, you do realize if you keep playing down there then you’re going to wake something up,” said Jacob plainly, cautioning his brother of the impending possibilities if he continued.

Matthew swiftly withdrew his fingers and placed his hands into his pockets. “Shit, sorry Jacob. I wasn’t thinking,” he said nervously, feeling rather embarrassed for what he had just done, especially in front of Kyle; his face instantly went blush and his posture became very uneasy.

“It’s okay Matthew, no big sweat. But I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” Jacob shrugged, not feeling too overly concerned that his brother had just brushed his boyhood with his hand. “Anyway, so how was your day? Did you end up going to Nicolas’ place then?”

“Yeah I have been over there since school ended. But it was starting to get late, so I decided that it was time for me to come home … well obviously since I’m standing right here,” said Matthew. “But do you think I could talk to you in the living room in private for a second Jacob, please?”

“Sure I suppose,” said Jacob in reply, before turning his head. “Hey Kyle I’ll be right back. Okay?”

Kyle nodded, which gave Jacob the clear indication that it was okay for him to follow Matthew to talk in private. “So uh, does Kyle know about me being, um, gay?” asked Matthew rather nervously with a look of concern upon his face.

“No Matthew, I haven’t told anyone about our little conversation. I would never, ever, do that to you, although I’d expect the same treatment from you as well,” said Jacob, trying to reaffirm his brother by placing a hand upon his shoulder.

“Okay whew,” said Matthew, pretending to wipe his brow. “Good, thanks for keeping our little secret a secret. Anyway, did you two get to talk like you said you needed to?”

“Yup, it went pretty good I suppose.”

“So, what happened then?”

“Well I can’t tell you. But I can definitely show you.”

Jacob then grabbed for Matthew’s wrist and began dragging him back into the kitchen. They soon found Kyle looking out of the back kitchen window staring as the sun began setting; it was painting wonderful hues of red, orange and peach across the dimming skyline.

Jacob deeply loved days such as these, where he could take the time to sit down and watch as the sun went down. He genuinely loved watching the tapestry of different colors being painted across the dimming skyline by some invisible paintbrush; it was something that was just so majestic to him. But currently he had other plans, which inevitable put the sunset on the backburner for the time being. With his plan in mind, he approached Kyle slowly from behind and placed his left hand onto his boyfriends head, tilted it back and turned it slightly so that he could align his lips up with Kyle’s mouth. And without giving it any further thought, he leaned forward and kissed Kyle on his luscious red lips.

Kyle closed his eyes the moment Jacob began probing around in his mouth, but the second his brain reminded him that Matthew had ultimately come home, his eyes opened in a hurry. He saw Matthew, who was standing not too far behind him, staring blankly towards him. Instantly he became panic-stricken and swiftly broke apart from their kiss. He looked over at Jacob and then to Matthew. He didn’t know what to do; his mind began to race, for fear of everything he tried so hard to keep a secret getting out. The only thing that came to mind was to distance himself further away from Jacob, although what he really wanted to do was to run away and get somewhere safe.

“Holy shit dude! That was freaking hot as hell,” said Matthew excitedly.

Jacob nodded his head back at his brother, and then looked back over towards Kyle. He was quick to notice the deep look of fear and concern that was across Kyle’s face, which made him begin to worry. The thought of him not even asking Kyle if it was okay to kiss him, let alone in front of Matthew, made him feel deeply remorseful and guilty in his actions.

Matthew also saw this look of concern across Kyle’s face, and was quick to pipe up. “Don’t worry Kyle because I’m gay too. So your secret’s safe with me,” he said in his endeavor to comfort and calm.

Matthew had spoken in a calm tone of voice, which soothed over his words like velvet, and in effect calmed Kyle down. For in that instant Kyle relaxed his posture and his face returned with a smile. A load had been taken off his shoulders and he no longer needed to worry about ‘it,’ so to speak getting out.

Jacob grabbed for Kyle’s hand. “I’m sorry I should have asked you first if that was okay … I wasn’t thinking,” he whispered into Kyle’s ear, and Kyle simply nodded.

“So why don’t you go ahead and tell us what you did today Matthew,” suggested Jacob, while walking over towards the stove. He swiftly set the stove to 425°F and preheated the oven in preparation to putting in the pizza. After which, he took a quick glance at the clock that was on the stove and read it to be eight twelve in the evening.

“Well …” said Matthew. “I had a lot of fun, let me just put it that way.”

“What kind of fun?” asked Jacob swiftly, pulling out a chair from the kitchen table to sit down in. Matthew and Kyle followed suit and sat themselves down.

“Oh I don’t know,” said Matthew playfully, which he failed terribly at it. “Just the really SEXY KIND!

Both Jacob and Kyle raised their eyebrows, which heightened their interest significantly. Jacob swiftly slapped both hands onto the table. “Okay now you have to tell us!” said Jacob and Kyle in unison.

“Not only are the both of you wearing identical Speedos, but now you’re talking like identical twins,” Matthew bellowed out in laughter. Which caused Jacob and Kyle to start laughing too, but this was merely from the embarrassment they were equally feeling. Considering they didn’t want to dwell on this for too long, they quickly asked Matthew to continue with his story.

With both Jacob and Kyle urging him to go ahead and tell his story, he started from the beginning from when he sat in his classroom quietly doing his schoolwork. “Well when I was doing some of my Math in class, I got a bit distracted and I couldn’t get my mind to concentrate any longer. So I decided that now was a good time as any to ask Nicolas if he wanted to hang out with me after school. But I goofed up real bad when I asked because instead of saying hang out like I had meant to, what I actually said was ‘make out.’,” said Matthew, but stopped when Jacob and Kyle began to laugh at his blunder. “Yes I know, laugh it up you two. How do you think I felt? Like shit, I felt like a complete moron for screwing up, like some little five-year-old kid who couldn’t speak properly. But in no way am I saying that I didn’t want to make out with him just so you know, it was just that my brain made me say my thoughts I think.” Both Jacob and Kyle could understand his explanation, because they had done it themselves in days gone past.

After Matthew had finished his sentence, he took a sudden gasp of air into his lungs, which desperately need oxygen, given that he wasn’t taking any breaths of air during the whole time he’d spoken thus far. This really begged to question why he was speaking so damn fast in the first place, it was almost as if he was trying to time himself and see just how fast he could say it all in a single breath. In essence, this made it extremely difficult for Jacob and Kyle to follow along with what he was trying to tell them. Thus, Jacob decided that he was going to say something before Matthew had the chance to belt out another set of jumbled words. “Dude this isn’t a race. So if you don’t mind, could you slow down a bit please? Like Jeez,” he said, reaching for Matthew’s hand.

Matthew nodded his little head and tried his best to pace himself. “Okay, so anyway, after my screw up, Nicolas made himself look like he was thinking, you know when you raise your hand and put it under your chin? After that he asked me ‘What do you think I’m gay or something?’ which he let sink into my brain by leaving a long and grueling pause. I was so scared that I was outed, but he didn’t let me feel that way for long because he finally said ‘I’m cool with that you know’. I swear my heart skipped a beat when those words came out of his mouth because deep down I was so relieved that I had dodged a bullet.”

Matthew paused once more and checked to see if they were following along at his current pace. With no questions coming his way, he continued. “So that was everything that happened in class. Eventually lunchtime came around and after we’d eaten our lunches, I tried to confront Nicolas again and asked if we could speak in private, he nodded and off we went. But it was somewhat odd though, because do you know where he took me? The boy’s washroom that’s where, it was so weird, of all the places he could have taken me to talk. Anyway, after looking around in the stalls and making sure that we we’re alone, he locked the bathroom door.”

Matthew eyes began to glow and a devious smirk came across his face. “Now it starts getting really good. So with the door locked, I tried to explain to him that what I said in class about ‘making out’ was a mix up and that I truly meant to say hang out, but in the end my attempts didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Nicolas didn’t give me a chance to explain any further either, because he kissed me on the lips and started to feel me up, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Although that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy this, and I didn’t even try to fend him off either. Shortly afterwards I started returning the touching and kissing as well, and that only lasted a short while, cause shortly after Nicolas stopped and told me it was time to go. I protested about that, I didn’t want this to stop after all, but Nicolas was quick to tell me that we would do more of this after school. So Nicolas unlocked the door to the boy’s washroom and we went back out into the schoolyard to play some tag.”

“Wow! That sounded pretty hot,” said Jacob towards his brother and Kyle agreed by nodding.

“Oh that’s not all that happened,” said Matthew, hinting at something more than what had happened while at school, so Matthew trucked on and continued to tell them about his afternoon of ecstasy. “So when we arrived at Nicolas’ house, there was nobody even home yet. Which made me feel a little nervous since I’d never really done anything with a boy before, especially one that I had feelings for, and no I’m not counting what had happened at school either. I just don’t know though, yes I wanted things to happen, but with no one else there it kinda made it something more of a reality. I didn’t know what to expect either, like were we just going to be play games, or was something else going to happen too, hell if I knew.

“Anyway, I think Nicolas saw that I was nervous because he brought me straight to his room and turned on his Playstation 3 for a short while. After playing for about thirty minutes or so, Nicolas put down his controller and turned his body to face me. Then he just stared at me for a few seconds without even blinking, but went on to say to me, ‘I really like you Matthew,’ and I responded by saying ‘I like you too Nicolas.’ After those words, I became surprised because Nicolas then said to me, ‘No, I don’t think you understand,’ and then he forced my body to face him and said, ‘if you want me to stop at any time, just let me know, okay?’ I just nodded and felt even more nervous than I previously had at that moment, it was like all of this false stuff, playing games and the likes was over and now the fun was about to begin or something.”

“Nicolas then reached out his hands and placed them onto my crotch. He kinda started to squeeze and touch my wiener over the top of my pants too. Then he leaned in and began kissing me on the lips, which made my wiener start to get hard. I think Nicolas could feel me getting hard too, because he then said, ‘Let me show you,’ and then he popped the button to my pants and slowly pulled down my zipper.”

Matthew paused himself for a moment and stared directly over at Jacob and then to Kyle. Their faces looked of pleasure and Matthew knew what that look meant. “Are you two enjoying this?” he asked, before ducking his head underneath the kitchen table to see both Jacob and Kyle rubbing themselves over the top of their Speedos. They both once again replied in unison. “Uh-huh,” before they urged Matthew to tell the rest of the story.

Considering that he was asked to continue yet again, he started telling the rest of the story. “Like I was saying Nicolas slowly pulled down my zipper and when he’d finished that, he began tugging my pants and underwear down to my ankles, but he didn’t pull them all the way off, he just left them at my ankles. Nicolas then smiled at me, lowered his head down towards my pulsating wiener, and started doing some sucking motions. It felt amazing and I have never felt anything like that before. After a few minutes something strange began to happen, it almost felt like I was peeing, and I tried to warn Nicolas, but he didn’t pull away. After I asked what had happened, Nicolas told me that I’d gotten off, and he even swallowed whatever came out of me too. After he had finished explaining to me what happened we heard the front door open and Nicolas quickly helped me get my pants and underwear back on. Then we just pretended to be playing a Playstation 3 game and Nicolas’ mother came up to check up on him.”

When Matthew had completed telling his story about this afternoon, Jacob and Kyle were completely captivated by it. They found it to be extremely interesting and even a little arousing to say the very least. Eventually Jacob questioned. “So you didn’t get caught then I’m guessing?”

“Nope, we were fast,” said Matthew smiling.

“So is that everything then? That’s all the stuff that happened today?” asked Kyle curiously.

“Yeah, we didn’t want to risk anything else since his mom was home. So we just continued to play the Playstation 3 until I decided to come home,” said Matthew as if he was disappointed that it had ended early.

Jacob heard the stove beep annoyingly; which let him know that it was now fully preheated and ready to cook their dinner. He got up from his chair and grabbed for the pizza, put it onto the baking pan and placed it onto the middle rack to start cooking. With that task completed, he returned to the kitchen table. “I see. Well at least you had some fun right? It surely sounds like you did.”

“Yeah it was a lot of fun. I just hope that we can talk about some stuff later though,” commented Matthew.

“Talk? What do the two of you need to talk about?” asked Jacob, wondering if Matthew had the same issue that he’d had when he was unsure about Kyle’s and his relationship, and now he was his boyfriend.

“Oh … I want to talk to him about our feelings for each other, I think anyhow. But I also want to talk to him about what this whole thing really means … you know him and I,” replied Matthew, staring at the ceiling, pondering what could possibly be his true love forevermore. Matthew truly didn’t just want someone to play with, but something much, much more.

“I understand,” said Jacob, nodding his head and reaffirming Matthew that he knew exactly what he was trying to say. “So you like him more than a friend don’t you? Oh and did you have something to eat yet? Cause we can share the pizza with you if you haven’t.”

“Yes I like him more than a friend, I love him Jacob, I think you understand how I feel,” said Matthew with compassion filling his every word. “And no I haven’t eaten anything since lunch time at school.”

“Alright, I guess we’ll be cutting the pizza evenly then,” said Jacob. “Anyway, so what did you guys wanna do while the pizza is cooking? Keep in mind that mom or dad could be home at any moment.”

“We could always go and watch some TV,” suggested Matthew, with Kyle nodding in agreement.

“Alright that sounds fine, at least it’s something that all of us can do together. Just let me set the egg timer for the pizza,” said Jacob, before they all left the kitchen and made their way towards the living room. But before they could even make it into the living room, there was a knock on the front door. Jacob instantly readjusted his walking path and went to open the door to see who was there. “Oh hello Kyle’s mom,” he said excitedly.

“You do know I have a name Jacob,” she said jokingly, touching Jacob’s shoulder and stepping into the house.

“Really?” he said jokingly back to her. “So what’s your name anyhow? You know for references sake.”

“It’s Michelle. Did Kyle never tell you?” she asked, looking over at Kyle devilishly.

“No, he never told me, unfortunately. It’s just never come up I suppose,” he said, looking back over towards Kyle, who got the hint and came over to greet his mother.

“Oh okay, well you know it now honey,” she said, smiling down towards him and touching his shoulder again.

Michelle redirected her gaze over towards her son. “Okay so I went and got you a change of clothes for tomorrow and I just thought I’d bring them over here for you. And I know what you’re gonna say, worried mommy, I’m sorry but I missed you honey,” said Michelle. A second later, she seemed to realize that Kyle was wearing nothing but his brand spanking new Speedo, and she swiftly shifted her gaze upwards as she tried not to look down at her son’s bulge. “Hey are those new?” she asked quickly.

“They sure are mom. I went and bought them today when I was at the mall, but I also bought a pair for Jacob too. See we’re twins,” he said, pointing over towards Jacob and giggling.

“Oh I see, cute. Anyway, you boy’s have a good night,” she said towards Jacob and Matthew. She then looked back at her son, who was standing right in front of her in plain view.

Jacob got the feeling that Michelle wanted to talk to Kyle in private for a moment, so he went off and pretended to be checking on the pizza that had barely begun to brown inside of the oven. He made sure to peek every few seconds to see if he could somehow read Michelle’s lips, but it was utterly pointless since she was whispering something into Kyle’s ear.

“I will mom and I love you too,” said Kyle, closing the front door and immediately began giggling.

With Michelle gone, Jacob made a running dash back into the hallway and quickly asked Kyle what he thought was so funny. Kyle went on to tell Jacob and Matthew what his mother had whispered into his ear. “Honey, just be careful that you don’t get an erection in Jacob’s bed tonight, or he might think that you’re gay,” said Kyle, pretending to sound like his mother. They all burst into laughter, including Matthew who’d run back into the hallway from the living room. “You know she’s only trying to protect me from getting hurt again … and I can totally understand where she’s coming from, you know? She’s concerned about me and only wants me to be happy,” concluded Kyle.

“So let me get this straight. You haven’t told her that you’re dating my brother yet?” asked Matthew.

“No I haven’t got that far yet, because in reality I didn’t know there would even be a quote-unquote ‘us’, at least not until this afternoon that is,” said Kyle beaming.

“Oh so she doesn’t even know about the two of you then? Interesting… And when were you gonna decide to tell me that he was spending the night over?” asked Matthew bitterly, feeling like he was left out of the loop.

“Yeah he’s staying, now please enough with the questions curious George,” said Jacob, who was stopped dead in his tracks as he appeared to be prepping to ask another.

“Sorry,” said Matthew swiftly.

Jacob looked over at Kyle and realized what Michelle had; they were still only wearing their Speedos. He then reached his hand over to Kyle’s butt and felt his swimsuit; it was damp and cool to the touch. ‘I guess I should have remembered to grab a set of towels for us before we went swimming,’ thought Jacob.

“Hey Matthew, we’ll be right back. We’re gonna go change each other and get into some more comfortable clothes that aren’t so freaking wet,” said Jacob.

“Really, you’re going to change each other? Do you think that I could come and watch?” asked Matthew, his eyes filling with excitement and his body language becoming more pronounced. Jacob couldn’t deny that he wasn’t giving it some thought. ‘What was the harm in it?’ He then looked over at Kyle to gauge his reaction and get his vibe about Matthew’s odd request.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Jacob, when no reply was given from Kyle.

“Sure I suppose that will be okay,” said Kyle.

In view of Kyle saying that it was okay, they all made a running dash for the stairs and propelled themselves like rockets all the way to the top. They then walked into the bathroom and went to grab for their clothes, which they found where they originally had left them, on the floor. “Do you mind if I change you first?” asked Jacob, seeing if Kyle wouldn’t mind going first.

“Sure I don’t mind that I guess,” said Kyle nonchalantly. With Jacob not being the type who needed to be told twice, he placed his hands deep into Kyle’s Speedo, making sure that he cupped his boyfriend’s junk within the palms of his hands and felt around for a moment. After a moment of fondling, he gripped Kyle’s swimsuit and pulled it down with a solid thrust from his wrist.

When Kyle’s Speedo made contact with the bathroom floor, Matthew watched with great attention. “Holy shit, he’s uncut?” observed Matthew, who was looking over Kyle carefully, especially in the way his foreskin covered over his sensitive knob. Matthew had never gotten the chance to see an uncut boy before, so this was something that fascinated him greatly.

“Thank you for stating the obvious Matthew,” said Jacob coldly, looking back at his brother and rolling his eyes.

“Sorry, I wasn’t making fun, I swear. It was just something that surprised me is all, I mean how often do you get to see an uncut boy?” asked Matthew, talking with his hands.

Jacob then returned his gaze back towards his beloved Kyle and started lifting each of Kyle’s legs. Slowly he began removing Kyle’s Speedo down his slender legs, until it met with the floor. However, before Matthew could even mutter a single word about Kyle’s sexy undies, Jacob quickly instructed him to keep his mouth shut and simply watch or he could merely go back downstairs.

With his explicit instructions clearly set out, Jacob went to pick up the sexy, yet revealing pair of undies from the floor. Jacob was quick to elevate Kyle’s feet from off the floor and thread the undies onto his body. Starting slowly at first, he raised them up Kyle’s milky smooth, almost completely hairless skin, with his tongue leading the way just above the waistband, licking upwards while pulling up these beautiful undies; which Jacob absolutely loved and adored, especially the ‘Prepare for liftoff,’ statement that was written across the front.

When Jacob’s tongue eventually reached around Kyle’s hips, he quickly swiveled his tongue over towards Kyle’s ball sack, where he began licking over each ball ever so slowly, and got a taste of every bit of sweetness that was to meet his awaiting tongue. Jacob then worked his way upwards and began to lick the head of Kyle’s hardening boyhood. A lapping of Kyle’s knob quickly ensued with his tongue instantly getting a taste of pre-cum that was starting to ooze its way out of Kyle’s pee slit; essentially this gave him what he desired to find. With the taste lingering in his mouth, the prize he most wanted, he withdrew his tongue from Kyle’s silky smooth skin and pulled the undies fully up to his waistline.

Jacob took a quick glance back over towards where his brother was standing and saw that his little brother had his pants fully lowered to the floor, including his underwear which were left resting down at his ankles. Matthew had his hands firmly wrapped around his stiff, almost four-inch boyhood; he was jerking off with great strides back and forth. “Uh Matthew, are you enjoying the show?” asked Jacob, watching his brother closely.

“Uh-huh,” said Matthew in reply, acting like they had downstairs when he was telling his story.

Jacob shrugged his shoulders and returned his attention back to the fun at hand. Jacob finished helping Kyle get his pants and t-shirt back onto his body, to which Kyle swiftly thanked him for the help. “Thanks baby,” he said, lowering his body to kiss Jacob on the lips. “But now it’s your turn.”

They swiftly traded places with one another and Kyle’s back now lay facing towards Matthew. This gave Jacob the chance to watch his baby brother’s innocence being destroyed; he was no longer a mere boy, but a child becoming a man. Essentially this made Jacob feel sad in knowing that he somehow had a hand in this, maybe even encouraged it. Deep down his rational mind thought that it might have been best for it to happen this way, in essence to teach him that these things should only be done with someone whom you love, and not just anybody. Although that as it may have been, Jacob watched his little brother, who seemed to be enjoying the show that they were putting on, plus he had a great view of Matthew from where he stood.

Without much thought or hesitation in Kyle’s mind, he put his hands onto Jacob’s chest and started lowering them ever so slightly, bit-by-bit, taking in every ounce of Jacob’s skin against his own. After feeling Jacob’s entire chest, he continued to kneel downward until his hands met with Jacob’s damp Speedo. In that moment a loud gasp echoed out from Jacob’s lips; this was in part by Kyle’s soft hands touching his Speedo, which eventually caused him to let out another sound that was a long sigh of emotion. Kyle took this to be something that was good; almost like he was doing a good job, therefore he continued with his adventure of playful touching and probing of Jacob’s body. His fingers gently pressed down into Jacob’s leggings, which helped loosen the elastic grip that was holding tightly over his boyfriend’s legs. After getting a firm grip around the slick stretchy fabric, he pinched it in between his fingertips and slowly began removing the Speedo until it met with the floor. This made Jacob completely naked and in plain view, clearly aroused by all of this.

Matthew had a clear and direct view of everything about his older brother set out in front him, he could see everything about him in every minor detail; the way his pecks meshed into his etched chest, his broad and pronounced shoulders, even the way his pubes seemed to have a mind of their own.

Even Kyle found himself being mesmerized by Jacob’s body as he waited for about a minute before continued onto anything else. Although he didn’t quite understand why he did this himself, but for some reason or another he also wanted to give Matthew the chance to look at his brother’s body too, even as weird as it sounded in his own mind. However when he thought enough time had passed by, he began removing Jacob’s Speedo from his ankles and grabbed for the pair of undies that lay resting beside his foot. Kyle then threaded Jacob’s undies over both of his feet and started licking the back of his boyfriend’s legs, which inevitably caused him to start giggling from the ticklish feeling that ran up the back of his legs.

With great care and compassion into what he was doing, Kyle slowly began licking just above the waistband of Jacob’s undies while progressively pulling them up. When he reached the beginning of Jacob’s bubbly butt cheeks, he stopped and began licking around each of the globes that made up his rear end, although at present he didn’t want to be out done by Jacob, thus, he made sure to get a taste of each globe before moving on. After giving Jacob’s butt cheeks a thorough lapping, which made his boyfriend’s skin soggy and wet; he opened up Jacob’s cheeks and stuck his tongue deep into his virgin crevice. This was something Jacob wasn’t expecting, not in a million years, it really surprised him and in that moment he couldn’t help jolting his body and moaning at this new tantalizing sensation. Kyle had received the reaction that he hoped for and deeply desired; which was an arousing response from his beloved. Kyle then quickly withdrew his tongue and finished pulling Jacob’s underwear up to his waistline. “Holy fuck Kyle that felt so good!” proclaimed Jacob, when Kyle had let go of his body. Kyle just continued to smirk while helping Jacob get his pants and t-shirt back on.

When Jacob was finally dressed, he gazed deep into Kyle’s majestic blue eyes and did a hand gesture over towards his brother, who had closed his eyes while pumping away at his boyhood fervently; Matthew became lost within his lust-filled fantasy, it consumed him as these intense feelings of pleasure were being sent down over his entire body. The sights that had been in front of his very eyes only seconds ago were enough to send him over the top. Kyle seemed to get the gist of what Jacob was implying with his odd like gesture and they both walked over towards Matthew.

“So what are you thinking about right now Matthew? Are you thinking about the show that we just gave you? Or are you thinking about that cute little friend of yours – Nicolas is it?” asked Jacob.

“Both … I’m thinking about how awesome it would be if we all could just fool around together, all four of us. I can see it in my head,” said Matthew.

“Oh is that right?” said Jacob, not thinking before he started moving Matthew’s hand away from his boyhood, and before he realized what he’d done, he took hold of his brothers boyhood into his hand. Kyle attempted to take a hold of what was left of Matthew’s wiener, which wasn’t very much at all.

Kyle and Jacob worked away at Matthew’s little cock within their hands, which made Matthew’s moans of ecstasy become louder and more pronounced by every passing second. It didn’t take them long for their gradual motions to send Matthew’s body over the edge. Matthew then made a loud squeal and his body became tense. Kyle swiftly let go of Matthew’s body and stuck out his tongue to attempt to catch Matthew’s first drop, which squirted square in his mouth and landed front and center onto his tongue.

Jacob immediately became jealous to what Kyle had done and swiftly pushed him away from his brother. Although for some reason or another, he followed in his boyfriend’s lead and stuck out his tongue to catch his brother’s second spurt of cum into his awaiting mouth. After Matthew’s orgasm had subsided, Jacob distanced himself from Matthew and sat down onto his feet. He was at a total loss for words after his lust-filled stupor had left him, thoughts of guilt, concern and especially disgust started to become etched into his mind. When the thoughts of what had just transpired began to register; the more concerned that he became from taking his very own little brother’s load into his mouth.

“Mmm this stuff tastes sweet,” commented Kyle, before swallowing Matthew’s load. “I have never gotten the chance to try this stuff before.”

Again, Jacob followed in Kyle’s lead by swallowing as well, but went on in saying in a concerned tone. “Yeah I have never tasted this stuff either, and yes you’re right it is sweet. But I’m starting to feel truly guilty now … after all he’s my own freaking brother. Do you think I’m some sort of sicko now?”

“I don’t know Jacob, but one thing’s for sure, I know when I’m horny I do weird shit too. So try not worry or beat yourself up about it too much,” said Kyle.

Matthew appeared to like what he heard them saying, the part about it tasting sweet, because he then stuck his finger to the tip of his boyhood and brought it back towards his mouth; he stuck what remained of his load into his mouth, which wasn’t much at all, and got a taste. After slapping his lips together a few times, he went on to comment. “Yeah I do taste sweet don’t I? And thank you so much guys, that was a lot of fun.” He then cracked a smile.

However as happy as Matthew was about all of this, Jacob wasn’t happy at all; he was more worried and concerned than he’d ever been. Not wanting to waste another moment, Jacob got himself up from the floor and quickly grabbed Matthew firmly by the arm. “You tell no one! Do you understand me?” demanded Jacob, making sure that he stressed the words ‘no one’ to his brother. “And if I were you, I wouldn’t count on this happening again … ever. I love you Matthew but I don’t love you like this, you’re my brother and brothers don’t do these things to each other. I’m sorry, but I think I made a really bad choice tonight.”

Matthew agreed and understood what Jacob had been saying, this would have to be their little secret between the three of them, but he told himself that this wasn’t one of those bad secrets that their parents had warned them about when they were little, so he was okay with that. With all of that said and out of the way, Jacob helped Matthew pull up his underwear and pants until they covered him completely.

Jacob then walked over towards the toilet to grab some ‘Kleenex’ from the box so that he could quickly clean up any remaining mess Matthew might have made. A quick look around on the floor resulted in Jacob finding one small spurt of cum, which looked to be mostly clear, even watery. Jacob figured that maybe his brother was simply still too young to produce much of a sperm count, especially considering that he couldn’t make much himself. After cleaning up the remnants of their fun, Jacob looked over at Matthew. “Don’t worry it’s in good hands,” he said, walking over towards the toilet bowl and flushing down the ‘Kleenex’. He did this intentionally, in essence in a mocking way, but then he really began to wonder what Matthew had really meant by it when he said it to him yesterday, so he asked Matthew for the meaning.

“Oh you mean when I said that to you yesterday?” said Matthew curiously, with a quick giggle in between. “Well I took the toilet paper back to my room and I was kinda sniffing it because it was making me feel really horny, plus it tasted pretty good too.”

“Shit dude! You have to be first to try everything don’t you?” asked Jacob. “First to taste cum, first to get a blow job, first to –”

“You do know that’s all going to be changing tonight baby cakes,” said Kyle, cutting Jacob off mid sentence.

“Oh? Well that’s really interesting,” said Jacob lightheartedly, reaching over and slapping Kyle on his rear end. “But hey, we’d better go and check up on the pizza, it’s probably ready by now.”

Jacob then exited the bathroom with Matthew and Kyle following closely behind him down the steps. By the time they reached the kitchen, the oven timer dinged to let them know the time limit had expired. In next to no time Jacob had his head in the oven so he could have a peek underneath of the pizza; the cheese looked evenly melted with the pepperoni sizzling on top, it also had a nice golden color on the bottom. It was ready enough for Jacob. “Alright guys it looks good so let’s get eating. Go and grab yourselves a plate while I get it ready,” said Jacob with his head peering out from the oven.

He quickly reached for the oven mitts from the drawer that was closest to him. These weren’t something Jacob would normally wear, not because he didn’t care about safety, but they were bright pink with faces of pigs all over them; this was excessively girlish for him. Once the oven mitts were firmly on his hands, he removed the pizza from within the oven and set it down onto the stovetop. Jacob then got the pizza cutter out of the utensil drawer and cut the pizza into fourths, thinking that if they were still hungry later then he could always cut the fourth piece into three smaller equal slices to share between them.

“Alright guys, grab yourselves a slice and lets go and watch some TV,” said Jacob, prior to walking into the living room with his dinner and getting ready to sit himself down onto the couch. With Kyle and Matthew both in tow, Jacob sat himself down on the far right side of the couch, Kyle decided to sit down beside Jacob in the middle, and Matthew sat down on the left side of the couch. Jacob grabbed for the remote from the coffee table and started channel surfing until he decided to just pull up the guide channel and see what was currently on, but when South Park happened to scroll across the screen, Matthew let out a yelp.

“Hey, South Park is on can we please watch that?” said Matthew.

Jacob didn’t see a problem with that, so he turned it on for all of them to watch while they continued to fill their hungry tummies with this delicious pizza. When the South Park episode had concluded, and the credits had rolled by, they were finished eating and none of them really wanted any second helpings. Jacob then got up and put the remaining pizza slice into the fridge.

When Jacob returned into the living room, he discovered that Kyle had sprawled out his entire body across the couch, with his feet gently resting over Matthew’s legs. Jacob smiled to himself and walked over to the couch, propped Kyle’s head up so that he could sit back down, and let Kyle rest his head back into his lap. This was something that was deeply intimate for Jacob; it just felt right, like it was the most perfectly normal thing for a couple to do. In this moment, he felt intensely drawn towards Kyle, something deep down inside of him was making him feel that he needed to touch his boyfriend.

A fake yawn then proceeded with Jacob raising his arms up into the air, but instead of returning his arms back down to his sides, his left hand was deliberately placed right onto Kyle’s stomach. As soon as his fingers had found their place, he glided them ever so slowly over Kyle’s t-shirt, until he reached his boyfriends waistline, when he stuck his hand underneath the t-shirt and began to rub his bare tummy. Even while doing these things, he dared not to blink while he gazed deep into Kyle’s majestic blue eyes. Kyle returned this same gaze by looking directly into Jacob’s eyes, and peered deep into Jacob’s soul. Somehow, Jacob knew that Kyle was happy; he could feel it deep within his bones, seeing it on the surface was only a confirmation of this, and it made him feel joyful. ‘It’s got to be some sort of a miracle that the hole he’s had deep in his heart is now gone,’ thought Jacob, feeling with utmost confidence that this was the most truest thing he’d ever believed in, but oddly enough, he couldn’t understand how Kyle could see the things he desired within him.

Kyle was in most respects the type of boy that would always go after what he wanted, at least if you didn’t count going after another boy, for that was simply too scary. However that part of his life had since changed significantly, and in this special moment between them, it became too unbearable for him not to show what he desperately wanted to do. Therefore, he began lifting his head away from Jacob’s lap, planted most of his weight down onto his elbows, which made the cushions begin to sink beneath him. Kyle then moved his lips towards Jacob’s and kissed him with every fiber of his being. With his objective now accomplished, he lowered himself back down onto Jacob’s lap, like nothing had happened, and Jacob continued to rub Kyle’s bare tummy. They continued to watch television until around eleven o’clock at night, which was when Jacob’s mother came in through the front door.

“Hello boys?” she called out, after placing her purse down by the front door. She then walked into the living room and saw all three boy’s on the couch.

Oh shit,’ thought Jacob, leaning down towards Kyle quickly and whispering. “My mom’s name is Sarah,” he said quickly, prior to directing his attention towards his mother. “Hello mom.”

“Hi mom,” said Matthew, looking somewhat dazed and half-asleep.

“Hello Sarah,” said Kyle, waving his hand over towards her.

“Did you boys have a good day today?” she asked to the three of them.

“Yeah, we had a lot of fun,” said Jacob, giving a quick smirk towards Kyle and Matthew.

“I see, well did you boys eat dinner yet?” she asked.

“Yup, we ate some pizza a little while ago,” replied Jacob swiftly.

Sarah’s mind began to wander as she stared blankly towards the three boys on the couch, two of which were her own. She watched with a great amount of concern as Jacob caressed Kyle’s bare tummy, back and forth, right in front of her; something about this seemed a little off color to her. ‘Friends shouldn’t be doing those types of things,’ she thought, deeply concerned about Jacob even doing such a thing. However that wasn’t the only thing she managed to notice, she could see something was very different about her two boys; it was something that every mother had, like a psychic ability, it was clearly visible to her trained eyes. There seemed to be a radiance that surrounded all of them; something that pertained to have a joyous spirit, surely happy couldn’t describe the way they felt, for it would have been too simple a word. Sarah concluded that something had definitely changed in her boys, but as to what it was, she didn’t quite know at present.

Jacob peered through the side of his eyes, looked over at his mother and noticed her watching all of them in a very curious manner, almost as if she were coming to some sort of conclusion, because she gave this look of pure bewilderment into their direction. This didn’t faze him one bit, he didn’t even try to stop himself from rubbing Kyle’s bare tummy the whole time they had spoke, he could care less what his mother thought of this, or even if she found out the truth about him and Kyle dating. Hence, the thought plopped into his brain, ‘What could she possibly even do about it?” His response to his very own question was to smile towards her, like a total smart ass. This was what he believed to be the best course of action, or so he thought.

Sarah then made her way out of the entry way and towards the boys. “At any rate, I’m exhausted so I’m going to go up to bed. Just do me a favor and be in bed before midnight, will you do that for me?” she instructed firmly. A quick nod from Jacob assured her that her desire would be met. “I love you boys very much, and I’ll see you in the morning.” She leaned downward, kissed Jacob on his forehead, and made her way down the couch to each boy and did the same.

“Love you too mom,” said Matthew and Jacob.

“Thanks Sarah, have a good sleep,” said Kyle.

With them alone once more, their attention quickly returned towards the television to watch another episode of South Park. Although by the time eleven forty-five rolled around, they were exhausted, especially Matthew who had dozed off and started snoring. Jacob had been the most awake outta the bunch and was the one to wake Matthew and Kyle up from their slumber of unconsciousness. With a quick shake to Kyle’s body, he suggested rather loudly that it was time to get themselves ready for bed. Matthew stirred to this rather loud wakeup and quickly rubbed his eyes and gave an attempt at stretching out his body. Kyle nodded, got himself up from Jacob and Matthew’s lap and proceeded towards the front door to get his overnight bag, which his mother had brought over for him earlier, from off the floor. They all then started to make their way towards the kitchen and up the stairs to make their way towards the bathroom.

As was becoming routine in the house, the stairs creaked below them, especially from three different sets of feet ascending steadily up to the second floor at the same time. Had Sarah been asleep, she probably would have awoke to hear this loud ruckus. When they reached the top of the stairs, they entered into the bathroom and Kyle quickly opened his overnight bag to find his toothbrush. There was just one problem; he couldn’t find it at first. Although while searching for it he found a pair of clean underwear, a pair of pants, a t-shirt neatly tucked away in the front and lastly a pair of socks. After digging his hand deeper into his bag, he found his toothbrush and quickly pulled it out, but something else came along with it. A small envelope then fell out and landed onto the floor; the sound of it hitting the floor quickly alerted them to its presence. Kyle and Jacob looked down to see a bright white envelope resting on the linoleum floor, so Kyle leaned down and broke the licked seal.

The envelope wasn’t thick, but something made it seem as such. Kyle quickly removed what he soon came to realize was a letter and went to unfold it, but something else made a noise and they looked down to see something from within the envelope had fallen to the floor. It was a small square package; shiny and reflective, which glistened from the light overhead, it also had a set of tiny words written across the back of it. Kyle leaned down again and picked up this weird looking product. He quickly turned it over and found the words ‘Trojan’ written across the front; it was a condom. “Holy shit,” said Kyle deeply surprised that he was taken aback. Kyle quickly shoved it into his back pocket and went on to open the letter fully.

There were two pages, one of which only had two words on it, “READ ALONE!” Kyle rolled his eyes at this and flipped over to the second page.

‘Dear Kyle,

I love you so much honey, you are what makes this life worth living. But I must say, ever since you told me that Jacob might already know, about you being gay I mean, I began to think that maybe he knew a little more than what you were letting on. But I’m trying my best not to jump to any conclusions without having all of the facts. However if my suspicions are correct then it’s very plausible that you and Jacob are having … some other types of fun?

I am providing you with this condom, as well as a full box now sitting in your underwear drawer if you happen to need more. I won’t ask for answers, but any time I put your laundry away, I will check and see if you have been using them, and if you have then I will be sure to restock them once they start getting low.

Again, I love you Kyle, which will never change no matter what you do. However, I must say, mommy’s having a bit of a hard time because you’re growing up so fast. I’m very proud of you and the man that you’re becoming, but please just be safe.

Love always,


Kyle was stunned once he’d finished reading the letter, his mothers straightforwardness, her outward actions of concern and thoughtfulness was surprising to say the very least, even though in his heart he knew she accepted him for who he was; this was something that amazing him beyond belief. A smile came across Kyle’s face when all those words began to sink into his brain; she loved him no matter what, it wasn’t just some cover, but she truly meant every word of it.

“Wow your mom is so cool!” said Matthew, reading the letter from behind Kyle on his tippy toes.

“Yes – yes she is …,” said Kyle, giving a look of disbelief while applying some toothpaste onto his toothbrush.

One sink stood in front of the three boys, all equally vying for position around it while they attempted to brush their teeth. Bumping of elbows was something that not only happened, but it happen so much that one might think a wrestling match of elbows was in progress. Matthew ended up finishing first, or rather gave up trying to brush his teeth in front of the mirror and believed the job he’d done was good enough. He then walked over to the toilet, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his flaccid boyhood to take a good long pee before making his way off into bed. Jacob felt that he should go as well, and so would have it, so did Kyle.

They all let loose of their bladder control and their streams of hot piss began hitting the toilet bowl. Matthew really enjoyed the sight of all three of them peeing at the same time, because he then started pretending that his pee was a sword and began crossing their streams. “Oh you little shit,” said Jacob, aiming his pee back through his brothers. Matthew simply giggled when his body had expelled all of the urine from his holding tank and began to dribble; a sure sign that his bladder was now on empty.

When they had all finished dribbling and had given their boyhoods a good final shaking, they got ready to leave the bathroom for bed. Matthew stopped suddenly and turned around to face Jacob and Kyle. Matthew appeared to be on the verge of saying something, but he couldn’t find the words to express how he felt, thus he decided on another course of action. A quick extension of his arm and a pinch onto Kyle’s cheeks, he pulled Kyle close and kissed him on the lips. Although for one reason or another, he didn’t forget his brother either, because he did the same thing to him. When he was done kissing the both of them he quick said, “Thanks for all of the fun today guys. I will never forget it, ever, I love you guys.” Jacob was on the brink of reminding his brother about this stuff not happening ever again, but he couldn’t find the heart to crush Matthew in his appreciative mood. Matthew then ran off towards his bedroom and got himself into his pirate pajamas and into bed.

With Matthew now gone into his room to go to bed, Jacob and Kyle were finally alone again for some much-needed private time fun. With the thoughts of what was about to come whirling in Jacob’s mind, especially about the promises that Kyle had made to him today, specifically about getting a blowjob, Jacob took hold of Kyle’s hand into his own and began dragging him into his sanctuary.

Jacob opened his bedroom door. The light from the hallway then peered in and Kyle saw a double size bed resting about five feet in front of him, a dresser placed beside the door, just under the light switch, a computer adjacent to the bed, and a few shelves adorning the walls. Kyle then broke free from Jacob’s grasp, closed the bedroom door behind him and turned his boyfriend around, forcing him to walk backwards towards the bed, where he pushed him down onto it.

Jacob’s bedroom now lay dimly lit with only the moon’s luminescence gleaming in through his partially opened curtains. Though it was dark, much was still clearly visible to them, no other source of light was needed to see as Kyle slowly and sensually started stripping off his clothes, piece by piece, doing it with care and passion with every movement of his body. Jacob’s body was quick to respond to the eye candy that was being presented right in front of his face, with Kyle’s dancing, rubbing of here and there, and playful teasing, caused his boyhood to swell to its full girth. After a few minutes of watching, Jacob thought, ‘What a tease.

Although he didn’t need to wait much longer because once Kyle had removed every bit of his clothes, making himself buck naked, he crawled rather smoothly across Jacob’s bed until he met with him face to face. Kyle was careful of the placement of his legs; his left knee went in between Jacob’s legs to help support his weight, while the other leg was off to the side. Kyle couldn’t stop himself from looking deep into Jacob’s eyes, for it was something that made him so at peace when he did this. Eventually he leaned his body forwards, delicately placed his left hand over his beloved cheek, gently rubbed it to feel Jacob’s smooth skin, and pressed his lips directly over Jacob’s mouth.

Jacob began to feel like his entire body was melting, like a hot knife going through butter, which made him become more consumed by every passing moment. He could feel as Kyle probed around his inner being with every simple little movement of his tongue, more or less causing him to feel weak, like he was being pulled into Kyle’s gravitational pull. Unable to move or react to Kyle’s intoxicating touch, he lay motionless and let the sensations run throughout his entire body unhindered.

After what seemed like only seconds for Jacob, but in reality was about five minutes of tonsil hockey, Kyle removed his lips from Jacob’s and began helping him take off his clothes. Kyle started by lifting off Jacob’s t-shirt, pulling it over his head and throwing it off to the side of the bed. With Jacob’s nipples in sight, like a bullseye, he didn’t hesitate as he dove directly for them; for Kyle it was like something he needed to survive, like air. Kyle began licking over each, plump, perky, pink nipple, which sent shivers down Jacob’s spine, causing him to have a sudden jolt of pleasure run down his whole body.

When Kyle had his fill, he slowly withdrew his lips away from Jacob’s nipples, began licking down his chest, until reaching his stomach, and stopped. Kyle released his hands from Jacob’s waist, stuck his fingers under the waistband of his boyfriend’s pants and popped the button. Kyle followed by looking up at Jacob for a moment, whose eyes were tightly shut, taking in every subtle touch of Kyle’s fingers, lips, and especially the warm body heat that was radiating over him. Kyle smiled and grabbed for the zipper, took hold of it and pulled it down until it reached the zipper stop. In one fluid motion of unspent energy, he grabbed Jacob’s undies and pants together in between his fingers and began pulling them down. Jacob helped by elevating his butt away from the bed to give Kyle access to pull off his clothes. Once they were off his ankles, Kyle threw them off to the side of the bed and onto the floor.

Kyle took the time to look over Jacob’s body, and take in every bit of detail about him that he could, some of the things he noticed were; the way his cheeks puffed out, how his stomach moved back and forth when breathing, and his semi webbed feet, he was perfect, well perfect to Kyle. Looking over Jacob’s body was something that was very stimulating for Kyle, arousing even. Eventually a thirst inside of him directed him for more, making him become filled with an unquenchable amount of passion for the one he loved. He then started removing Jacob’s socks, which made him fully naked from head to toe. In quick succession, he grabbed for Jacob’s foot, forced it into his awaiting mouth, and began licking each of his toes. After licking all of Jacob’s ten toes, he started making his way up Jacob’s legs, when he met with his crotch; he stopped there and made sure to give some extra attention to his boyfriend’s groin.

Ten minutes of gentle licking, petting, and kissing had filled most of their time. Eventually Kyle looked up and stared at Jacob. “I kind of noticed how much you enjoyed this in the bathroom,” he said, rolling Jacob up into a ball, just as he’d done the previous day when they were wrestling downstairs on the carpet. Instead of cupping his hand around Jacob’s groin like he had done before, he placed his hands underneath Jacob’s back, stuck his tongue deep into his no longer virgin crevice, and began licking around his butt hole.

Kyle’s tongue went full speed ahead, making Jacob fall into a trance-like state of emotional bliss. Jacob’s entire body instantly became overly sensitive as each nerve ending awoke to take in every bit of pleasure that Kyle was causing over him. Jacob then felt as he left his body, and Kyle had somehow, although mysteriously, done the same; they met each other in the mid air and merged into one being of consciousness. He could feel Kyle’s emotions, his wills, his desires, and most of all, his fragile heart and all of the pain he had ever felt in his short life. It was like being punched in the chest, repeatedly, the pain wreaked havoc in Jacob’s mind and heart. At present, Jacob wasn’t even sure what was happening and what he was feeling was even real. When Kyle had stopped probing around with his tongue and turned him over onto his side, he snapped out of the illusion that had been set loose upon his mind. There was no time for Jacob to react to what he’d just felt; all he could see was Kyle looking deep into his eyes, filled with fire and passion.

“It’s time,” whispered Kyle into Jacob’s ear. “I’m ready for us to share our juices with each other. Are you ready for that Jacob?”

Jacob nodded his head and prepared himself mentally for what was hopefully about to happen; which were the things he could only dream and fantasize about. In the inner reaches of Jacob’s mind, he’d always imagined these things with Kyle, being filled with a love that no one could put asunder, to share in these most intimate things, but especially to have and hold what they held dear, each other. Now it was inexplicably his reality.

Jacob watched Kyle carefully when he pulled away from him and turned his body around into a sixty-nine position. Kyle’s body was now perpendicular to Jacobs, which rested right in front of Jacob’s face with a raging hard-on, front and center. Jacob could no longer control himself, or the urges that drove him; Kyle had given the green light, something he’d waited all day for, and there was no possible way he could be held back now. In a flash, Jacob grabbed Kyle’s boyhood and engulfed his lips around his boyfriend’s shaft. Kyle wasn’t expecting such quick action from Jacob, it progressed rather rapidly, and he didn’t want to be out done by Jacob, thus his mouth quickly darted for Jacob’s and started returning the motions with his tongue onto his boyfriend’s stiff boyhood, gently licking around the knob before taking it down into his throat.

Several blissful minutes passed with more than a few soft, muffled, moans coming from their vocals chords. They had become so caught up in this special, significant moment of pure intimacy that Jacob couldn’t help himself from rubbing away at Kyle’s cute ass. Jacob kept his eyes tightly shut while his mouth was filled with Kyle’s rod. Kyle on the other hand continued to build up his pace, slurping and sucking as he fondled Jacob’s sack, trying to coax Jacob’s balls to give up what had been building up all day long for his awaiting mouth.

Jacob was beginning to lose the battle; with Kyle doing such an amazing job with the motions from his tongue, he couldn’t resist, as his moans became louder which then turned into a loud squeal, but Kyle was also making these very same noises. Ultimately, Jacob knew that they were running out of time and neither of them would be able to hold out much longer before their bodies hit their orgasmic event. Consequently Jacob picked up his pace and pulled Kyle’s rock hard shaft deeper into his mouth and down into his throat.

Kyle’s body went stiff as a board in that moment, as did Jacobs, when their hot juices began to flow. ‘OH FUCK!’ thought Jacob, when his entire body locked up and felt as their bodies started to release their boyhood seed into each other’s awaiting mouths.

When their orgasms had all but subsided, Jacob got the inkling that he wasn’t supposed to swallow what lay in his mouth just yet, as a result, he held it deep inside of his mouth and let Kyle’s warm spunk fill over his tongue with its sweet goodness. Kyle quickly started tugging on Jacob’s dick as he tried to lure any remaining seed into his mouth. Jacob thought that this was a really great idea and proceeded to start doing the same to Kyle’s boyhood, making sure he got every lingering drop that remained. After every drop had been siphoned from their boyhood, Kyle broke the sixty-nine and sat up to face Jacob.

Kyle smiled and looked deep into Jacob’s moonlit eyes for several moments before finally leaning forward, wrapping his hands around Jacob’s cheeks, and sticking his tongue into his boyfriend’s mouth; their tongues lashed back and forth, like a sword fight, mixing their seed of love together. In time, they broke apart from their kiss, and Kyle went on to swallow what lay in his mouth. Jacob noticed what Kyle had done and proceeded to swallow their joined seed of love.

“Now we’re one, together, forever, amen!” said Kyle, reaching out his arms to embraced Jacob around his neck and pull him closer to himself.

“One second,” said Jacob, quickly pulling the covers over their bodies and returning his arms back around Kyle’s neck. “So we’re like blood brothers now, just more than that I suppose huh? Anyway, I love you, and just so you know yours tasted much sweeter than my brother’s.”

“I love you too Jacob, you know that right? And yes we are more than a blood brother, we’re lovers who just did a dirty deed and shared … cum is thicker than blood you know,” said Kyle smiling. “I never want us to forget this moment, I know I won’t.”

“I love you way more Kyle. Anyway, good night my sweet prince,” said Jacob, holding tightly onto Kyle, not wanting to let go for even a second.

Snuggled together with their arms wrapped around each other, they felt complete, they were no longer null and void, but something of great worth, together they were one. With one final kiss, they closed their eyes and fell asleep together in their embrace.


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