The Journey of Jacob and Kyle
by Andrew Davis


Chapter 3: This Changes Everything
Time line: Friday

Jacob could feel the bitter cold trying to penetrate his skin like pins and needles. The air surrounding his body felt damp and cool to the touch, which caused his entire body to start shivering uncontrollably. Naturally, his body reacted to these cold frigid temperatures by turning every part of his body into goose bumps.

Since he didn’t have the slightest clue of where he was, he placed out his hands and waved them wildly in front of him; this was an honest attempt at feeling out what was surrounding him, with the strict intent of making sure there wasn’t something in his path that he would inadvertently walk into and hurt himself.

When he was confident in knowing that it was clear for him to move, he took a step forward blindly into the abyss, which was the darkness that surrounded him. He shifted his weight about from his other leg and felt as his foot started to displace something soft, which resulted in his foot sinking deeper into this unknown substance. In some small degree, Jacob thought it might have been mud that was trying to seep in between his toes, but he wasn’t a hundred percent sure of that one.

And seeing as he was still unable to figure out where was, even after feeling around this weird, yet extremely mysterious place, he frantically tried to look around his surroundings, but it was simply too dark to see anything; he couldn’t even manage to see an inch in front of him. Jacob figured he would attempt to take another step forward, but when he had done so, he felt like his feet were somehow sticking to the ground, which made him almost topple over. Although he was quick to shift his weight back to his other leg to re-establish his balance, and in doing so, he quickly stabilized himself and regained his composure.

Jacob soon came to his wits’ end, he was fed up with not being able to see a damn thing in front of him; additionally, he was somewhat curious as to why the floor was so sticky. Thus, he decided to find his light switch so that he could see again. He reached out his right hand and tried to find something that he could grab a hold of to help guide him. However, he found something that he didn’t expect to find; which was a sharp object that poked his finger and caused him to yelp aloud. “Ouch! What the hell was that?”

Jacob was quick to respond to this sudden painful prick on his finger, and he swiftly shoved it deep into his mouth to help soothe the pain. Immediately afterwards, he got a taste of his own blood, which dripped onto his tongue. “Oh shit, I’m bleeding,” he said, still suckling on his finger.

“Who’s there?” called out a formless male voice through the darkness.

“Matthew is that you?” Jacob beckoned out into the direction of the voice.

“No I’m not Matthew. Are you Matthew?” the voice replied.

“No I’m Jacob. Who are you? And what the heck are you doing in my room?” Jacob barked, while he tried to figure out who this unknown voice was.

“I’m Kyle. And what do you mean this is your room? This is my … prison,” the voice sobbed.

“If this is a prison then where are all the steel barred cells?” Jacob asked.

“Some prisons aren’t the physical kind,” Kyle said in a low voice.

‘I don’t understand,’ Jacob thought, looking around his surroundings and trying to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness that was surrounding him. It felt so foreboding to Jacob; it made him feel like he was about to be attacked at any moment by some unknown force.

It truly was an eerie place for Jacob; it was as if some sort of raw emotion was projected onto him from every facet around him, or possibly by the mere atmosphere of this place. Emotionally, Jacob felt like all of the happiness inside of him was sucked out from him; which left him feeling like an empty shell of sadness. He believed that this wasn’t by his own doing, but the place of which was quite possibly holding Kyle captive in this state of disillusion, or despair.

In Jacob’s desperation, he tried harder to get his eyes to focus on his surroundings, hoping in some way that he would be able to get a better look as to what was around him and where in the world he even was. For this reason, he turned his body around and looked behind him, which almost caused him to fall over again. Off in the distance he could see a very dim light that was desperately trying to cut through the darkness.

“Kyle where are you?” Jacob beckoned back through the darkness, but when he received no reply, he yelled, “Talk to me so I can find you … Please! …”

“I’m over here,” Kyle said, directing Jacob to come deeper into the darkness and away from the dim light.

Jacob tried his best to move forward as he struggled to fight his way through this sticky substance; carefully moving a foot at a time and getting closer and closer by the second. However, something was amiss, because with each step he took towards Kyle; the light seemed to intensify.

Eventually Jacob began to see the outline of a small boy that was beginning to emerge out in front of him; he eyed him carefully and began to see Kyle’s body starting to slip out from the shadows and into the light, which had begun to illuminate him in its wonderful glow. Jacob could now see Kyle more clearly, he noticed that there was something very different about his little boy wonder; Kyle seemed to be much smaller and even looked considerably younger.

When Jacob had fully reached Kyle, he stood directly over him and noticed how much the light had increased in its intensity; he was now able to see everything, including the vines that seemed to have thousands of thorns protruding off them and a mud based floor.

It didn’t take long for Jacob to start making sense of the imagery that his eyes were showing him, and he soon realized that he was in some sort of cave and just like that; it all came swiftly rushing into his mind … ‘Kyle’s Picture!’ …


‘Holy shit! What in the bloody hell was that all about?’ Jacob thought, sitting up swiftly in his bed like his ass had been set ablaze.

Carefully he began removing his covers from over his body and threw them down onto the floor. He got out from his bed and swung his feet out and onto the floor. “That was freaking intense,” Jacob muttered under his breath, while wiping the sweat that had accumulated from his forehead with his hand. He then gave a quick rub to his eyes to get the Sandman’s dust out.

‘Is that what Kyle’s picture truly means? That he’s somehow in prison? Why would anyone choose to be in such a dark place like that? Does Kyle feel trapped where he feels like he has no means of escape? But escape from what?’ he thought deeply concerned. Then he started to talk to himself, “Okay Jacob … it was only a dream. He will eventually tell you what the picture means – I just really hope that it’s sooner than later.”

Slowly Jacob started to become aware of his surroundings. He began looking around his room and quickly glanced over towards Matthew, who he found to be completely and utterly buck-naked. ‘When the fuck did that happen? Wait … where the hell is his clothes?’ he thought, while looking back over towards his alarm clock, which read five forty-two am.

He then walked to the other side of his bed and found Matthew’s clothes thrown off to the side, resting in a bunched up mess. Matthew was definitely lucky that Jacob had awoken before their mother and father had; because what would they have possibly thought if they walked in on them being in the same bed, let alone both of them naked.

Jacob was without a shadow of a doubt utterly displeased with Matthew’s actions, words couldn’t describe his mere stupidity, or so Jacob felt. Filled with anger, he began to shake his brother’s small frame with his bare hands to try and wake him up from his restful sleep.

“Dude, what the hell man? When did you take your damn clothes off?” Jacob asked in a hushed tone, so that he wouldn’t wake anyone else up.

“Well good morning to you too!” Matthew said, yawning and rubbing his eyes. “I honestly didn’t think you’d mind. You were naked after all and all of that snuggling we were doing throughout the night was making me feel very hot – you produce a lot of body heat you know. And most of all, I felt like I was overheating, so that’s why I took them off. Are you mad at me?”

Jacob almost immediately began to feel his anger lose its grip over him. He sat back down onto his bed and began to rub Matthew’s back with his hand. “No I’m not mad at you,” Jacob said sincerely. “It’s just that you really freaked me out. Like what if mom or dad came in, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah I suppose you’re right,” Matthew said, reaching down to grab his underwear from the floor. He then got himself out of Jacob’s bed and put on his undies to cover his cute, cut wiener.

“Hey Matthew, I don’t think that I’m going to be able to sleep anymore since I’ve slept, what … nine hours now, give or take? So I’m going to go hop into the shower, but you can continue to sleep here if you really want to,” Jacob said, while grabbing out a clean pair of underwear from his top dresser drawer. When Jacob found a pair of undies that he fancied, he put them on and left out into the hallway towards the bathroom.

While making his way towards the bathroom, he observed his surroundings and noticed how gentle it was in the morning and just how quiet it was this early in the day. He truly loved this peaceful serenity in the silence. However with that notwithstanding, he continued to make his way towards the bathroom, but soon spotted the Speedo that Kyle had worn laying outside of the bathroom. Jacob reflected on its placement for a moment and thought that he must have dropped it during his and Kyle’s little kissing session.

Jacob looked down at the ‘Speedo,’ it made him smile both inside and out. Only yesterday, he would have never imagined that this would have happened to him, even in his wildest dreams. Nevertheless, the reality of the whole matter was that he’d made a promise to Matthew in making sure they got cleaned after Kyle had used them. In some respects, he felt careless in leaving them on the floor like he had, even if he did it unknowingly. He bent down, picked up the Speedo from the floor, and brought it to his nose to take a long solid whiff, hoping in some way that he could get the scent of Kyle from them; all he could smell was the remnants of chlorine, which was overpowering to his nose. ‘Shit,’ he thought, walking into the bathroom and closing the door, locking it in the process.

Jacob walked over towards the shower stall and turned the knobs, and set it to where he felt it would be a comfortable temperature for him. Once he was satisfied, he closed the shower door and returned his gaze back to the Speedo. He smiled about how tight they had looked on Kyle’s sexy body, but there was truly nothing wrong with that either, because it gave him the chance to see everything that he desired to see, it was definitely better than just fantasizing about it. Now he knew exactly what Kyle really had and he really liked what he saw with his very own eyes.

Jacob slowly tried to place the Speedo into the hamper, but he was finding it difficult letting go of it. Considering he deeply desired to cherish these moments forever, but ultimately he knew that he needed to let go, so with a long exasperating sigh, he released the Speedo into the hamper and turned face towards the toilet to take his good old morning piss into the awaiting toilet bowl. When he had finished peeing, he gave his boyhood a good shake, which he always seemed to do, but he always did it in a manner that made it appear he was playing with himself.

Next, he looked over towards the mirror and decided that he wanted to go see what his hair looked like. Sure enough, it looked like a tornado had its way with it; some hairs were sticking right up towards the ceiling, while others were pointing out to the side, it looked so funny, even to Jacob. His bangs were getting long, that it was starting to hide his ears beneath the bush that he called his hair, but it didn’t bother him too much, because he loved it at this length. The only problem with it was in the mornings it had looked like that.

By now, the steam from the shower was starting to fog up the mirror. He turned around and walked over towards the shower stall to readjust the temperature, until it was perfect. Jacob then stripped off his underwear from his body and hopped into the shower. As soon as he got inside, he positioned his back directly under the shower nozzle and felt the warm water running down over his entire body. He quickly closed his eyes and felt the water run down from his back, down through his butt crack, before finally falling down into the drain. Jacob found it refreshing as the water soothed his muscles and started helping him relax.

After several minutes, Jacob opened his eyes and went to grab for the shampoo bottle from the ledge. He quickly tipped the bottle over and began pouring some of it into his awaiting hand, before finally putting it into his hair and lathering it up. With the lather that remained on his hands, he took it and put it onto the few pubes that he did possess and even put some into his crack as well as he wanted to be sure that even those hairs got cleaned too. Not long afterward, he began to feel as the lather bubbles exploded and started to tickle his puckered butt hole. ‘Holy shit this feels amazing!’ he thought swiftly.

Jacob had never really thought of putting lather into his crack before, but in that moment, it felt like the right thing to do; ever since he had started high school he was getting more and more concerned about smelling from every part of his body. At least, he figured anyone in their right mind would want their butt hole to smell nice. When the lather bubbles had all but dissipated, he stepped back under the nozzle to spray off any soap residue that may have remained on his body.

Next, he reached for the body wash and started to pour it into his hand. Soon after, he stepped out from under the shower nozzle and started to rub it all over his body. But when he reached his boyhood, he started to use this slippery substance all over it, letting his fingers slip back and forth over his boyhood; which caused his boyhood to start growing and pulsate within his hand.

Eventually Jacob began to think that using the body wash to jerk off was so much better than jerking off with just dry hands, which he would normally do. ‘I’ll have to remember this,’ he thought as he continued to pump his hand back and forth over his hard boyhood. However when his body started giving the signals that he was close to releasing his boyhood seed, he felt something deep down inside of him tell him not to release it here and now. He didn’t quite know why, but he stopped playing with himself instantly and continued to rub the body wash over the rest of his body. By the time he had finished scrubbing all over his whole body, he was white with thick soapy residue.

Jacob didn’t know what had gotten into him, he felt all giddy and excited, which made him proceed to sticking out his index finger and point it at his chest to use it as a pen. The first thing he did was write the letter, “I” up around his nipples, then he moved down to the middle of his chest and drew a “heart,” and after moving his finger one final time, he started to write the word, “Kyle,” around his belly button. It felt like the right thing to do, considering he had deep feelings for Kyle and every part of him hoped and wished that things would go even further. After having a little fun drawing upon his body, he decided to step back under the nozzle to wash off any leftover soap residue that remained lingering on his body.

Now that he was clean, he made his way out of the shower. Jacob was quick to grab for a towel from the holder and attempted to dry off any remaining water droplets that lingered on his body. Once dried off, he made his way over towards the mirror and gave it a quick wipe with his left hand to remove the fogginess from its surface. He glared at himself curiously in the mirror and admired his own naked body; he liked what he saw, and he somewhat hoped that Kyle liked his body as much as he did. ‘You’re such a sexy boy. Look at that sweet looking bum of yours … Mm hmm … sexy just emanates from you. Seriously, what boy wouldn’t want you?’ he thought, while brushing his hair at a distance so that he could still see himself fully naked in the mirror.

“Are you done in there yet Jacob?” said his father through the door.

“Yes dad, I’m just finishing up now,” Jacob said, while throwing on his fresh pair of undies.

Jacob opened the bathroom door dressed in only his undies and walked passed his father, but said, “Good morning,” in passing. When he got inside of his room, he found Matthew still sound asleep. He quickly took notice to Matthew’s huge smile that radiated across his brothers face and figured that he must have been enjoying whatever he was dreaming. Jacob slowly made his way over towards his bed, lifted up the covers, and saw Matthew’s undies tented with a morning wood. ‘Yup,’ he thought. ‘A sexy dream it must be. I think I’ll let him enjoy it, I know I really hate being woken up when I’m dreaming something good.’

He then made his way over towards his dresser so that he could try and find something to wear. The first shirt he picked out from the pile in his drawer was a black t-shirt that had the words, “To Write Love on Her Arms,” written across the front, which he’d actually received as a gift from a friend last year in junior high. His friend had told him that in some way this shirt was special. That it was made by this organization and their message was that, “You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationships with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you’re part of a bigger story. You need to know that your life matters.”

At this present moment in time, Jacob felt like this shirt was the perfect choice to wear after the dream he had last night, or at least before he was awoken by it. He threw the t-shirt over his head and down his slender frame and instantly started feeling like a walking billboard of love; it made him feel a little awkward but he truly believed in the message it portrayed. Pants didn’t really much matter to Jacob, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, so he simply picked out the first pair that he could find and put them on. When he was fully dressed, he felt ready for the challenges that today could possibly pose and he exited his room to go downstairs to find something to eat. When he walked into the kitchen, he found his mother sitting at the kitchen table drinking her morning cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Good morning Jacob. Are you feeling better today?” his mother asked sincerely.

“Much better,” Jacob announced. “It’s really amazing what a good night sleep can do for you and a great hot shower to boot.”

“Well it better have, you’ve been in there for over thirty minutes,” his mother said.

“What? Seriously? What freaking time is it,” Jacob asked, looking over at the clock above the stove. ‘Holy shit! It’s already six eighteen? I suppose I was in there longer than I thought – man does time fly sometimes,’ he thought.

“Are you hungry Jacob? Did you want me to make you something to eat?” his mother asked, breaking his thought process.

“Sure mom,” Jacob said politely. “That would really be great. Can we have pancakes with some blueberries and chocolate chips?”

“Sure, I suppose that would be fine. It’s your favorite isn’t it? You’re always asking me to make it,” his mother asked.

“Yup, but I think Matthew loves them too,” Jacob said, watching his mother get out of her chair and walking over towards the fridge to grab some eggs.

“So what did you boys even do all day yesterday?” his mother asked, reaching for the pancake batter in the cupboard.

Jacob started by telling her about how his first period class had went, making sure that he left out the part about him having the hots for Kyle. How they ate their lunches together and how he eventually invited Kyle over after school had finished. He then went on to tell her that they went swimming in the pool, making sure he told her that Matthew let Kyle wear his Speedo so he could go swimming. Until she had called and said, she was going to be late getting home. Even how Kyle had inadvertently forgotten to call his mother and tell her where he was, and how Kyle thought that he was going to be in a lot of trouble.

Jacob’s mother seemed to gasp at the sound of Kyle not telling his mother where he was, because her face contorted into a look of horror, almost like, “Oh no he didn’t!” and then she just seemed to look deeply concerned. Jacob noticed the look on his mothers face and swiftly said, “No, it was okay mom, she was really worried yes, but he didn’t get into much trouble, well not that I know of anyhow.” Jacob also failed to mention the part about where he had been upstairs and how they’d kissed each other and anything closely related to that event. In closing he told his mother that Kyle’s mom had come and got him and that shortly after he had left, she arrived home.

“Well, I’m really happy that you had fun yesterday. You really like Kyle don’t you?” his mother asked nonchalantly.

Jacob’s brain instantly went into overload and did a tailspin from this question; which caused his mind to speed up for a split second as he began to wonder if she somehow knew about something that he wasn’t even aware of. “Yeah, he’s cool I suppose,” Jacob said, trying not to lead onto anything.

Not even a second after Jacob had finished his sentence, he began to hear the wood in the stairs start to give way a little. Shortly after he heard a young boy’s voice speak. “Good morning mom,” Matthew said, walking into the kitchen to join them in nothing but his undies. However, that’s not to say that this wasn’t abnormal for the either of them.

Jacob took a quick glance over towards Matthew and then returned his attention back to his mother, but he soon did a double take back towards Matthew and swiftly noticed that his brother was still sporting his morning wood. Without giving any attempt to say a word, Jacob grabbed Matthew by the wrist and turned him towards himself. He swiftly pointed down at his brother’s extremely tented undies to draw attention to what he was sporting. Matthew instantly clued in, realizing what his brother was implying, and bolted from their sight back upstairs.

“What was all of that about?” his mother asked.

“Oh it’s nothing mom. He just forgot that he needed to cut down a forest,” Jacob said giggling, trying his best not to let on what really was the problem.

“I don’t get it. What is that supposed to mean? Is that some sort of new slang word you kids are using these days?” his mother asked.

“No mom it’s not, you’ll never understand,” Jacob said giggling yet again.

“So is breakfast ready yet mom?” Jacob asked, feeling as his stomach began to rumble and twist into knots.

“Very soon my little impatient son!” said his mother smiling.

Jacob heard the stairs begin to creak again, and he somewhat expected to see Matthew fully dressed this time around, but instead he was greeted by his father entering into the kitchen with Matthew following not too far behind. Matthew had managed to put on some slick looking pajama bottoms and a plain t-shirt. Their father on the other hand was only wearing his black bathrobe.

They then walked over towards the dining room table and sat themselves down. After a few moments, Jacob’s father looked over at his two sons and asked, “So did you boys happen to hear that thunderstorm last night?”

“Sure did dad,” Jacob said looking over at Matthew, thinking if he should mention to his father that Matthew was a scaredy-cat and ran into his room. He decided against it, and figured it would probably somehow end up making things worst.

“Nope I slept right through it,” Matthew lied, looking over at Jacob and making his face look like an evil eyed monster.

“Breakfast is ready boys – eat up,” their mother said, placing down their plates in front of them.

A stack of four pancakes now sat in front of everyone, perfectly browned, fluffy, and perfectly circular. Jacob thought that they looked very scrumptious even before he’d taken his first bite. He quickly grabbed for the maple syrup, which sat in the middle of the table and doused his pancakes into a soupy syrup mess.

As his mother would have said, he inhaled them. Matthew had only eaten one of his pancakes by the time Jacob had finished everything placed down in front of him. Matthew gave a look over towards Jacob by raising his eyebrows and mouthing, “Holy shit dude!” Since Jacob was finished eating, he got up and took his plate over to the sink to rinse it off. After he’d finished washing off his plate, he returned to his chair and waited for everyone else to finish eating.

“So what did you end up doing yesterday dad?” Jacob asked, while his father was getting up from his chair to place his plate into the sink.

“What you mean other then pulling a double shift at the factory? Nothing … absolutely nothing at all,” their father said bitterly.

“Well I’m sorry I even asked then,” Jacob barked bitterly back towards his father, he was sick of his father having to work all the time.

“I’m sorry Jacob,” their father said sincerely. “I didn’t mean to sound bitter. It’s just that I would have rather spent my time home with you boys,” their father concluded, getting himself ready to head upstairs to change for work.

His father’s words made him feel like a complete jerk for what he had just said to him. He got up from his chair, with Matthew following in his brother’s lead and went over to give their father a hug before he even had a chance to get up the stairs.

“Thank you boys I really needed that,” their father said, continuing with his original plan and heading up the stairs.

“Matthew honey, are you going to go take your shower now?” their mother asked.

“Uh no … I had one last night, remember?” Matthew replied.

“Oh yes, sorry I forgot about that,” their mother said, while they came back and sat down at the kitchen table.

The three of them just sat around talking about general things of this and that, until it was almost time for them to get ready to leave for school. Their mother seemed to quickly take notice that Matthew was still in only his pajamas and swiftly instructed him to go get changed into some proper attire for school.

Jacob decided to follow Matthew upstairs, although not to get changed, but to brush his teeth and to double check on how his hair looked. Instead of Matthew heading straight for his bedroom to change his clothes, he followed Jacob into the bathroom to brush his teeth also. ‘I guess we were thinking the same thing,’ Jacob thought.

“So are you excited about Kyle coming over again today?” Matthew asked enthused.

“Very excited,” Jacob said, biting onto his toothbrush.

“Do you think that it’s possible I could hang out with you guys today?” Matthew asked.

“Oh I don’t know about that Matthew,” Jacob said, considering he wasn’t even sure if he and Kyle needed to talk about what had happened yesterday, or maybe not for all he knew. For that matter, he was fine with what had happened, but the question of the hour was; is Kyle okay with what happened.

“Well I really just wanted to be able to hang out with you guys. I guess I’ll just have to see if Nicolas wants to hang out after school,” Matthew said in the saddest voice Jacob had ever heard.

“I’m really sorry Matthew,” Jacob said sincerely. “But today I need it to just be him and me. And I promise you that we’ll all hang out together some other time.”

“Do you pinkie promise?” Matthew questioned.

“I promise,” Jacob replied, extending out his finger.

Almost instantly, Matthew lunged forward, wrapped his arms around Jacob’s neck, and gave him a tight brotherly hug. Although when Matthew had finally released Jacob from his grasp, he grabbed for his toothbrush and quickly began to brush his teeth.

Matthew finished brushing his teeth before Jacob had and swiftly left to go get himself ready for school. Whereas Jacob finished shortly after and left to grab some socks from his dresser drawer. After putting his socks on, he went back downstairs to ask his mother a question.

“Hey mom what time can I expect you to be home tonight?” Jacob asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Oh honey, I’m not sure. We’ve been pretty busy at the office lately and I think they’ll need for all of us to stay even later tonight,” his mother said, frowning.

“And what about dad?” Jacob asked, fishing to see how much time Kyle and him would hopefully have alone after school.

“He has to pull another double shift at the factory again tonight. So he probably won’t be home until late as well – I guess it’ll just be you, Kyle and Matthew tonight then huh?” his mother explained.

“Well it’s funny you should say that, because Matthew told me that he was planning on visiting Nicolas after school. So it’s probably only going to be just Kyle and me,” Jacob said, smirking at his mother like an evil mastermind.

“Well I suppose in that case – don’t go burning down the house while we’re gone,” his mother said, laughing. “Anyway, I’m going to pull out some frozen pizza from the freezer for you boys to make for dinner. In addition, if Kyle wants to spent the night with us, then that’ll be fine too. And to be quite honest, you haven’t brought many friends home with you before and I think that it would be good for you to spend some more time with Kyle. Well – that’s if you want to.”

A light came on Jacob’s head; he hadn’t thought of asking Kyle to spend the night. ‘Shit that would be so cool,’ he thought, wishing he had thought of it himself instead of his mother.

“That would be really cool mom! Thanks for the idea,” Jacob said, smiling at his mother with glee.

“Well you better get ready to head out for school, it’s almost time to leave,” his mother said, before turning her head and looking up towards the stairs. “‘MATTHEW! HURRY UP IT’S TIME TO GO!’”

The sound of Matthew’s feet flying down the steps was heard echoing throughout the kitchen; soon Matthew reached the last step and almost tripped, falling face first. “Whoops!” Matthew said giggling. “It’s alright mom, I’m ready to go – don’t worry.”

Since they were both fully dressed, they walked towards the front door to grab their shoes and backpacks. They quickly sat themselves down onto the floor and began placing their shoes onto their feet. Once they’d finished tying their shoes, they were all ready to leave. Although they didn’t forget to say goodbye to their mother, before exiting the house, they called out to her in the kitchen. “Bye mom! We’ll see you later.”


“Kyle honey, it’s time for you to get up for school,” his mother beckoned, while she opened up the bedroom door. She then walked into his room and realized that he was already awake. “What are you doing up already? Are you having trouble sleeping again honey?”

“Sort of, I’ve kind of been awake since five forty-two am,” Kyle said, half eyeballing his mother and half looking at the wall.

“That’s a really weird hour to be waking up honey. Did you have another bad dream?” his mother asked concerned. She looked over at her precious son and sat down beside him to listen to what he had to say.

“Yeah I did, well sort of. It was kind of different than all my usual ones,” Kyle said, still staring at the wall across his room.

“Honey what are you looking at?” asked his mother, looking over at the wall too. However, all she was able to see was Kyle’s closet door, which was slightly ajar, his computer desk that had a small CD sitting on top and a poster of Pearl Jam.

“Sorry, I’m just a little distracted,” Kyle said, looking back at his mother with his precious blue eyes.

“Is there something that’s bothering you honey? You can tell me you know,” said his mother in a concerned tone, reaching out her hands and gripping Kyle’s cheeks in her palms.

Kyle shook his head no and went on to tell her about his dream. “I know it’s going to sound a little weird mom. I saw this boy dressed in armor, kinda like what you would see in one of those old British films in medieval times. The boy was wearing a suit of armor and I kind of thought he was like a knight or something. Eventually he fought his way to get closer to me and the weird part about all of it was while he was fighting, the light that was around him seemed to increase with each step he took forward. And when he finally reached me, the light that he’d brought with him; it chased away the darkness.”

“Were you scared of him? Did he try and hurt you at all?” his mother asked concerned.

“No mom, he made me feel really safe and I felt this peace come over me. I wasn’t scared of him at all, I don’t know why, but he didn’t seem dangerous at all,” Kyle said, looking at his mother with his eyes filling with tears.

“Well it was just a dream, it’s over now baby. Unfortunately, we can’t just lay around dwelling about it all day now can we? So how about you get up and I’ll go make you some breakfast. How does that sound honey?” his mother asked.

“That’s sounds good mom, but can I ask you for a favor? Do you think that I can have fifty dollars?” Kyle asked nervously, hoping and praying that she would say yes.

“What do you need fifty dollars for honey?” his mother inquired.

“I really want to be able to go to the mall after school and buy a present,” Kyle said, almost like he was pleading with his mother to give him the money.

“Well I suppose I could do that baby. You’ve been pretty well behaved lately and other than the incident yesterday you’ve been doing great,” his mother said.

Kyle became so excited that he jumped out from under his covers and wrapped his arms around his mother; he was joyful that he was going to be able to buy something very special for Jacob. But in the mix of it all, he had completely forgotten that he had gone to bed completely and utterly naked.

“Um, honey? Why are you … naked?” his mother questioned awkwardly, which caused her to jump off from his bed and into shock.

“‘OH SHIT!’” Kyle screamed, quickly jumping back underneath his covers. “I’m sorry mom. I was just so hot last night; I was only trying to cool myself off.”

“Okay I believe you. But next time, please try and remember for mommy’s sake, or you’re going to give her a heart attack,” his mother said, getting herself ready to leave the room so that she could give him a little time to cover himself up.

When his mother had left the room to go downstairs, he jumped back out from under his covers and walked over towards his dresser to pick out some clothes to wear. Firstly, he went and grabbed for a t-shirt that he’d only got a few days previous. On the front of the shirt it said, “Duh! Winning!” which was clearly a Charlie Sheen reference. He’d gotten a good deal on it, considering he was now just some wash up in show business. With all those things considered, he mostly wanted to wear it because it was really fitting to his present mood.

Next, he went scouting for a pair of clean undies and eventually decided on wearing a pair of blue ones with red trim around the edges. However when he spotted his favorite pair of cargo pants in the next drawer, it was a no contest. With everything he needed to wear for school picked out, he got himself dressed and quickly grabbed a fresh pair of socks prior to exiting out into the hallway to head for the bathroom.

After taking his morning pee, he reached down towards his flaccid boyhood to start jerking off, but when he did so, he got a gut feeling that he shouldn’t jerk off this morning, which was his usual routine. Thus, he simply flushed the toilet and started to make his way downstairs.

His mother had already begun making breakfast for the both of them when he entered into the kitchen. Seeing that it wasn’t quite ready yet, he sat himself down at the kitchen table to wait for his mother to serve the French toast that she was making. After several moments, Kyle’s mind began to think about his past and his mouth started to speak without much thought.

“Mom, I was kind of wondering about something. Do you ever think about dad?” Kyle asked, catching his mother off her guard that she exhaled slowly through her nose and took a drawn out pause before she decided to respond.

“No honey I don’t,” his mother said blankly.

“Why not?” Kyle demanded, pushing the boundaries that had never been crossed before.

“Because KYLE! What kind of a father would just pack up his things and leave us like that, especially without even saying a damn word to you and leaving us to fend for ourselves,” his mother yelled at the top of her lungs towards the wall in front of her. “He’s a selfish son of a bitch and I HATE HIM FOR WHAT HE’S ––”

Kyle watched as his mother struggled to regain her composure, she waited several minutes before she’d calmed down enough to speak again. “Honey, I know that he hurt you and it deeply hurts me that he hurt you the way he did,” his mother said calm and collected, trying her best to control her anger. “But he was just a coward that couldn’t handle the truth, er, pressure I suppose.”

“Mom you know why he left don’t you?” Kyle said, feeling like she was somehow hiding a part of the story from him and since he wasn’t getting a response, he soon started yelling at his mother. “MOM I’m not some little boy anymore. You need to stop calling me ‘Honey’, ‘Baby’ and every other childish reference you like to call me. I’m not your little ten-year-old boy anymore! You know why he left, NOW PLEASE TELL ME!”

“Baby I –” his mother said, but Kyle cut her off.

“MOM STOP CALLING ME BABY, PLEASE, I BEG YOU! I NEED TO KNOW, I DESERVE TO KNOW,” Kyle cried out with tears running down his face.

“Kyle I’m sorry but I just can’t do this right now. Please give me some time, I will tell you everything you want to know, just not right now,” his mother said, struggling to fight back her own tears. When Kyle saw her tears, he felt guilty because he had lost control of himself.

“Listen Kyle, I don’t want you to feel guilty or sad over all of this. I’m still here for you no matter what. I love you very much, hon – Kyle,” his mother said, staring deep into his eyes. “I will never leave you Kyle, EVER! Did you not just hear what I said? ‘I will never leave you Kyle,’ I love you too much.”

She reached out towards her son; grabbing him from behind his neck and pulled him closer to her body. She then wrapped her arms around him and embraced him in a tight and very much needed hug. When she finally loosened her grip around him, she kissed him several times all over his face.

“I heard you mom and I love you too,” Kyle said, hugging her back as tight as he could, without actually hurting her.

When his mother had released him fully from her grasp, she looked a fright, the stress of the past few minutes was clearly written all over her face; it was beet red and showed of her emotional overload, with even her eyes looking empty and drained. She walked slowly over towards the stove, collected her thoughts and tried her best to calm down her nerves. After exhaling some air through her mouth she began to calm down and reached for the French toast that was still on the burner, she removed it from the heating element and dished it out onto a plate for Kyle to eat.

Kyle was quick to put some maple syrup onto his French toast prior to eating everything set out in front of him; he was really hungry to say the least. Although once he was settled and had his fill, he pushed away his plate and began to think. By doing so, he started to feel emotionally drained from what had transpired between him and his mother; he felt deeply bothered that his mother was still trying to hide things from him. He was now a freshman in high school after all, and yet, she still tried to treat him as a juvenile.

“Honey – er, Kyle. Here’s the fifty dollars you wanted. Try and have a good day at school and please make sure you call me before you leave to go to the mall. But especially when you get to Jacob and Matthew’s house too,” his mother said calm and collected.

“I will mom, try not to worry so much and I’m really sorry if I made you upset,” Kyle sobbed.

“No it’s alright Kyle, you deserve to know. I should have been better prepared, much sooner in fact. Now please go and get ready for school,” his mother said.

“Okay mom,” Kyle said, getting up from his chair to make his way upstairs.

Kyle finished in the bathroom rather quickly; he brushed his teeth, checked his hair, put some deodorant on and left for his room to grab his backpack, which he’d set down at the end of his bed. Although while grabbing for his bag, his mind began thought about how this day had started for him and especially about what happened downstairs; he felt a bit down, sad even. However, at the end of the day Kyle knew that he would have a lot of things happening today and he really didn’t want this bad start to affect his entire day.

Kyle was also very happy too, because his mother had given him the money he asked for; he was excited to be able to buy something for Jacob. It was truly something special that he was planning to buy and Kyle was really looking forward to spending some more time with Jacob too. He really hoped that today would turn out as he’d planned it to be, one of which he could think back to in ten years. So he quickly grabbed for his bag from the foot of his bed and left to go back downstairs.

“I guess I’m off now mom, I’ll talk to you later,” Kyle said, walking out the front door without even putting his shoes on. ‘Shit!’ he thought when he stepped out onto the concrete step outside his door.

“I forgot to put my shoes on,” Kyle yelled back into his house. He quickly sat himself down onto the doorframe and went to grab for his shoes, which sat beside the door. With his shoes now on his feet, he beckoned back towards his mother, “Okay I’m off to school, for real this time,” he said giggling, shutting the door behind him.


“Jacob, I have a really serious question for you. Please don’t be mad at me, but what does it mean if I like boys and I like girls too?” Matthew asked when they had gotten clear from their house.

“Well that would mean that you’re bisexual,” Jacob explained, wondering why his little brother was even asking this type of question.

“Oh … okay, I understand I think,” Matthew said, as if his question hadn’t raised any eyebrows.

“Why would you even ask me something like that Matthew?” Jacob asked curiously.

“I was just curious – that’s all,” Matthew said, not even bothering to look at his brother to gauge his reaction.

“Do you think that you’re bisexual Matthew?” Jacob asked. He waited for a response, but he didn’t receive one. “Matthew? C’mon dude talk to me.” Once again, Matthew didn’t respond. He swiftly grabbed Matthew, forced him to stop in his tracks, and made Matthew face him.

“I think I am Jacob. I feel dirty for what I’ve been thinking about my friend … Nicolas. I can’t help how I feel about him; I just want to be normal. Normal like you, and have a girlfriend and –––” Matthew explained, but Jacob stopped his brother from speaking and tried to tell him to slow down.

“First of all, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore and can you explain to me what it means to be normal Matthew? Like seriously, you need to learn to follow your heart. If you feel like you quote-unquote like Nicolas, then that’s perfectly fine. But you just need to remember, he may not share those same feelings about you. I know this might be difficult for you to understand because you don’t have any control over this type of situation. But you can’t control who you like buddy,” Jacob said in the best words that he could come up with.

“How would you know? You have no idea what it feels like Jacob,” Matthew barked like a deranged dog ready to bite, but Jacob cut him off once more.

“I understand more then you know Matthew,” Jacob said, while Matthew started giving him a look of confusion.

“What do you mean?” Matthew asked in a low voice, trying to fight back the tears that were beginning to well up in his eyes.

‘Oh God, do I seriously want to tell him?’ Jacob thought. He figured that maybe he should, he would obviously be the first person he had ever told. Just one question sat in the back of his mind. ‘Can he keep it a secret?’ However when he looked back down at his brother, seeing the anguish, uncontrollable fear and pain emanating from his every being, he knew he had too. He took a deep breath, extended out his hands and placed them onto Matthew’s shoulders before he let it flow out from his lips, “Matthew … I’m gay, please understand and know that I know exactly how you feel.”

“But you’ve dated girls and even had girlfriends. You’re just saying that to make me feel better–––” Matthew replied in his unbelief.

“No it’s true Matthew. I did what I felt was required of me to do and I fought my urges for a long time. Please don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made. Be – Who – You – Are,” Jacob said slowly, staring into his brothers eyes, hoping he would see without a shadow of a doubt that he was telling him the full truth.

Matthew moved like a gazelle that was being chased by a lion and before Jacob could even have a chance to react, he’d thrown his arms around Jacob’s neck. Matthew then loosened his grip, peeked his head around and looked around the block to make sure that no one was watching them in particular and kissed Jacob on the cheek.

“I love you Jacob,” Matthew said compassionately, while releasing his arms from around Jacob’s neck. “And I’m sorry that I lied to you.”

“Lied to me? What have you lied to me about Matthew?” Jacob asked apprehensively, fearing that he was tricked and would soon be on the chopping block.

“Well I’m not really bisexual – I only like boys. I just thought you might take it easier if you thought that I still liked girls. I don’t know why I thought that way; I guess if I’d known you were gay in the first place, I wouldn’t have tried to lie about that. I’m sorry Jacob,” Matthew said, who was looking up at the sky, trying to avoid his brother’s eyes.

“That’s alright Matthew. It’s never easy to come out of the closet and say those types of things, but it will get easier in time. And maybe you’ll get lucky like me, I got Ky…le,” Jacob said accidentally.

“Are you saying that you’re fooling around with Kyle?” Matthew asked swiftly.

“Well sort of, we kinda kissed last night before he had to leave our house and he also felt me up in our pool. But that’s all that’s happened so far, so we will see what happens later today,” Jacob said smiling uncontrollably.

“Oh –––– I see, very nice. He’s a cute one don’t you think?” Matthew said, winking and giving the thumbs up in support of some kind. “But I can honestly see why you need to talk to him alone tonight. Good luck with that.”

“Cute? He’s beyond cute … but hey, we’d better get moving or both of us are going to be late for school. Oh and remember what we just talked about, it’s our little secret so, ‘SHHHHH!’” Jacob said, starting to walk again.

Matthew nodded and agreed that what they’d talked about was undoubtedly their little secret. When they went to say their goodbyes to one another, Matthew gave the thumbs up again and turned the corner to head towards his school.

Jacob giggled to himself on the inside at his brother’s excitement, he didn’t quite understand why his brother was so happy right now, but whatever had just happened between them, it truly meant something to him.

Jacob continued to watch his brother shortly from the other side of the street; a part of him really wanted to be sure that Matthew was okay, for all he knew this whole conversation was a ruse, but he suspected Matthew’s genuine nature in it all. Truth be told, he was happy to get those words – I’m gay – off his chest, even if it was to his brother.

With Matthew now out of his line of sight, he started walking again towards his school. But like his usual self, his mind began to ponder the chances of both him and his brother being gay.  ‘I wonder how long he’s known,’ he pondered deeper, at least until he heard a boy’s voice calling out towards him from a distance.  “HEY JACOB! JACOB! JACOB STOP! JAKEY!”

Jacob stopped walking when he heard his name called. He looked around frantically to find the source of the voice; he looked across the street, then the houses beside him, and finally behind him and discovered a boy about a block away running desperately towards him at full speed. With the sun still making its rise into the horizon, it was blinding to his eyes, which made it rather difficult for him to see the figure clearly; he tried to get a better look by squinting his eyes to make out whom the boy was that was getting closer and closer by every passing second.

With the boy only two houses away and still running at a full sprint, Jacob braced himself for the inevitable. He felt as their bodies connected; the force hit him like a freight train, causing him to become airborne and come down with a thud into the grass. The jolting impact of the fall managed to steal his breath away until a sudden sharp pain in his side broke the air lock, making him gasp. A familiar voice soon spoke and Jacob quickly opened his eyes.  “Hey Jakey,” Kyle said, who was laying directly on top of him with his arms tightly wrapped around his slender frame.

“Well good morning to you too. What is this some new wrestling move?” Jacob asked, straining to reposition his body into a more comfortable position.

“Why yes it is. It’s of my own making and I call it THE HUG ATTACK!” Kyle said giggling.

“Oh I see,” Jacob said, still trying to reposition himself. “In that case I have one question, does it normally include the person on the ground like this?”

“Um – as a matter of fact it doesn’t, but for you? Most definitely,” Kyle replied giggling yet again.

Jacob could see that Kyle was really enjoying this close contact, considering Kyle couldn’t stop staring deeply into his eyes, almost like he’d somehow turned transparent and could see deep into his soul. Jacob was absolutely without words, he didn’t know what to say or do. After a time his mouth began to open wider by every passing second.

“Stop it! You’re going to catch flies in there. Do you need a mouth cover to protect you?” Kyle asked playfully, lowering his mouth down to Jacobs.

“No not here Kyle – not now,” whispered Jacob swiftly, before looking over at Kyle’s face and noticing that it seemed redder than normal.

“Dude, have you been crying or something?” Jacob asked concerned. He saw the smile on Kyle’s face vanish and instantly regretted the question.

“Yeah, I have a little bit,” Kyle said, exhaling some air through his mouth and trying not to look Jacob in the eyes. “My mom and I got into a fight at home and I kind of upset her and it upset me too.”

“Is everything okay then? Are you still allowed to come over to my house after school?” Jacob asked softly, looking into Kyle’s wonderful blue eyes.

“Yeah everything’s fine! I just can’t come over to your house directly after school. I have something that I need to do first,” Kyle said, which made Jacob start to feel somewhat sad. “But don’t worry though. Once I’m finished doing that thing I need to do ––”

Jacob wondered if Kyle was trying not to let on what he was ultimately planning; it bothered him, at least in some small way. “I’ll be right over and then we can go swimming again,” concluded Kyle with a smile. Jacob smiled in return.

Kyle then slowly started to force himself up from Jacob’s body. However while doing so, he planted his hands directly over Jacob’s crotch, putting down his full weight upon Jacob’s boyhood and gave it a firm squeeze between his fingertips.

Kyle’s hand soon slipped off from Jacob’s groin and he attempted to reposition his hand. His efforts were in vain, as his hand came in direct contact with the grass directly in between Jacob’s legs. Kyle forced himself to form a half smile and proceeded to force himself up onto his own two feet. Kyle then extended out his hand and helped Jacob up. “Feel better now?” he asked.

Jacob didn’t speak. He merely began stretching out his back in order to put everything back in its proper place. After a few loud resounding cracks from his back, he spoke, “Much better. In fact I think I can feel my legs again.”

Jacob really took it in stride, getting dirty and all, a grass stain here, a grass stain there, you know. But what he noticed most of all was how far Kyle had come out of his shell in such a short time. However, that included him as well. It was like they’d known each other for years, but in reality it had only been yesterday that they first really started talking, not the same old hello and goodbyes, surface chatter type stuff. This was a deep and intimate type of thing, which didn’t necessarily need to be sexually related. The whole thing just made Jacob glow; making him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“So did you sleep okay last night Kyle?” Jacob asked, after they had started walking towards their school again.

“Well sort of,” Kyle said, pausing shortly. “I kind of woke up at five forty-two am this morning after having a dream. After that I couldn’t fall back asleep,” Kyle said, mentioning it like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Dude, are you freaking serious?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah why?” Kyle asked, unaware of the implication of the dream.

Jacob’s mind started to think about the dream he had, the one that had managed to wake him up at that very exact time. ‘What the hell is going on here? What are the chances of this happening between the both of us?’ Jacob thought, looking oddly into the sky, with his mouth opening in awe of the possibility.

“I had a dream too Kyle. It kinda looked like I was inside of that picture you showed to me and Matthew yesterday, you were there too,” Jacob said, half paying attention as he focused on trying to make sure the street was clear for them to get across.

“And um, you came … uh towards me?” Kyle said, like he was almost frightened to finish his sentence.

“Uh, yes, er, yeah I did, how did … you know that?” Jacob said rather slowly.

“Tell me everything you saw right now,” demanded Kyle, with his lips moving faster than normal. Kyle swiftly threw his arms onto Jacob’s shoulders and stared deep into his hazel eyes.

“I felt like I was alone in there. I was a bit scared too, because I had no idea where I even was. It felt so eerie and chilly to me, which made my whole body shiver.” Kyle simply nodded and continued to listen. “But when I went to try and move, I almost fell over. So I reached out for something to grab onto, but when I did, I pricked my finger on something sharp. I yelled out from the pain and I heard a boy speak, whom I soon found out to be you. Eventually I fought through this weird sticky substance that was trying to stop me from getting closer to you. When I finally reached you, it was odd, because it seemed like the light increased in its intensity, it was so weird. Additionally, you seemed to look like four years younger too. You also said something to me earlier, you said, ‘It’s my prison,’ and when I asked you what that meant you said, ‘some prisons aren’t the physical kind,’ do you have any idea what that even means Kyle? Also when the light made everything bright, it looked exactly like your picture,” concluded Jacob.

Kyle didn’t even blink once while he listened to Jacob speak about his dream, he was quite simply mesmerized by the details that were being given to him; they were exactly what he had dreamed. Kyle couldn’t help that his mouth had opened wide, just like Jacob’s had in hearing all of the details about their freakishly shared dream.

“I’m sorry but did you need a mouth cover?” Jacob asked, giggling uncontrollably.

“No not right now I don’t, but thank you for asking,” laughed Kyle, before proceeding to tell Jacob of his version of the events. “Well I felt like you had in the beginning, emotionally I mean. Then I saw a boy in a suit of armor; kinda like what knights used to wear. Somehow, he made me feel peaceful, serene and comfortable, and in some ways, I knew that he loved me. I watched as this boy began to fight his way over towards me and when the boy finally reached me, there was this light that just seemed to emanate around him. But when I was about to call him my knight in shining armor, I woke up at the very moment that I was about to say it.”

“This is sooooooo freaking weird,” Jacob said with his eyebrows raised and talking with his hands.

“You think?” Kyle replied, in the same disposition as Jacob.

“So what do you think this even means?” Jacob asked, looking at Kyle, not knowing what to think or do now.

“I think that you’re my knight in shining armor,” Kyle said, reaching out his right hand to touch Jacob’s face and leaned in to kiss him, but he stopped himself suddenly and simply remarked, “We’ll save this for later.”

“NO! I meant the dream. Are you going to tell me what all of this means?” Jacob asked.

“I’ll tell you soon, just not right now, okay? But hey – we better get to school before we’re both late,” Kyle said as he started to walk again.

By the time they’d made it inside of their school, they were already forty minutes late. It seemed utterly pointless for them to go to their biology class with only five minutes remaining in the period. Instead, they walked towards Jacob’s locker and he grabbed his second period books from within it as they were expecting the bell to ring at a moment’s notice.

“Hey Jacob, so I guess I’ll be seeing you later then,” Kyle said, placing his hands over Jacob’s and winking.

As Kyle went to walk away to head towards his own locker, Jacob beckoned, “Make sure you come and sit with me at lunch time or ELSE…!”

“Or else what?” Kyle said walking back towards Jacob. “Don’t forget I could always put you in a neck hold again if you’d like.”

“You’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t you?” Jacob said, give Kyle’s ass a quick tap just as the bell rang.

Jacob watched as the swarm of kids started to file out of their classrooms. He then decided that it was time for him to make his way towards his math class. Jacob really hated math; to him it was a good for nothing subject.

With most of the kids now gone to their classes, he decided that it was time for him to go as well. He made his way into the classroom and sat himself down at the very back row of desks. He just wanted to be left alone, but mostly he just wanted to get to lunch period so he could be together with Kyle again.


“Hey Nicolas, how are you doing today?” Matthew asked, since he had finished some of his schoolwork.

“I’m doing alright Matthew. What are you up to today?” Nicolas asked.

“Oh nothing much really,” Matthew said, peaking his head up to make sure the teacher couldn’t hear them. “I was actually kind of hoping that you might want to hang out after school. So do you wanna?”

“Sure that would definitely be, COOL! What did you wanna do?” Nicolas asked, smiling, thinking of something more sinister.

“Oh, well I just figured we could make out … er, sorry I meant hang out, play video games, you know, fun stuff!” Matthew said, hoping that he didn’t read between the lines of his word slip.

Matthew could see that Nicolas was thinking; looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Nicolas placed his hand to his chin in a thinking motion as if he was going to say something that he really was struggling to say, or was fighting to withhold in some way.

“Make out huh?” said Nicolas. Matthew’s mind began to panic at the thought. “What do you think I’m gay or something? I know we’ve been friends for a while, but what would ever make you think that of me?” whispered Nicolas in a low voice, trying to make sure no one else was eavesdropping.

‘SHIT!’ Matthew thought, feeling like he’d totally just fucked up. How he managed to say that was beyond him. However, his obvious goof up was self-evident; his friendship might end. Matthew felt like he quite possibly was outed.

“I’m cool with that you know,” whispered Nicolas, who was trying his best to lighten up the mood when he noticed the deep concerning look across Matthew’s face.

Matthew swore that his heart skipped a beat at the mere implications of Nicolas’ words. ‘Is Nicolas possibly just screwing around with me?’ he thought quickly.

“Let’s talk about this a little bit later … maybe during lunch time?” said Nicolas. Matthew nodded and they both went back to their schoolwork.


Time almost seemed to stand still for Jacob. He had managed to check the school’s clock about every five minutes and that made him come to believe that it may have been broken; from his perspective the minute hand didn’t seem to be moving at all. It was agonizing to him that he began to let his mind wonder about what Matthew was going to be doing. He somewhat hoped that he was going to his friend Nicolas’ house, selfish as it may have been; he wanted time alone with Kyle.

As Jacob reminisced of the last time he had met Nicolas, he’d thought that even then he was kind of small for his age; he had to be only about four feet six inches tall and maybe eighty-five to ninety pounds. He had short brown hair with blue eyes, just like Kyle, except Nicolas’ were a lighter tint of blue. Even still, Jacob seemed to think that Nicolas was somewhat of an odd ball. But what did he know. By the time he had freed his mind from worrying about Matthew, the school bell rang. He quickly grabbed for his textbooks and ran towards his locker. When he got there, he saw Kyle already wait for him.

“Oh hello there kind sir,” Kyle said, while Jacob opened his locker and threw his books inside.

“Hey there ‘Sir’,” Jacob said, raising his eyebrow, confused as to why Kyle was calling him sir.

“I’m here to pick you up for our lunch date. Are you ready to eat something scrumptious?” Kyle asked, with Jacob giggling at his posture.

“That would be depend if I’m eating real food, or,” Jacob said, turning his head slightly and squinting, “something else?”

Kyle shook his head in disbelief to Jacob’s questioning that eventually he just grabbed Jacob by his shoulders and directed him to walk towards the cafeteria. When they arrived, Kyle asked, “So what is it that you would like to eat today?”

“You?” Jacob said giggling.

“Mm-hmm … No seriously Jacob, what do you want to eat?” Kyle asked once more.

“How about the special? It’s fried chicken with some French fries and gravy,” Jacob said, eying the menu board.

“Actually that does sound good,” Kyle said, before they both told the lunch woman what they wanted and eventually went to take their seats at one of the open tables.

Once they had sat down in their chairs and placed their trays down. Jacob asked, “So where is it that you need to go after school?”

“It’s a surprise, Jacob,” Kyle said, smirking, and much enjoying Jacob’s want to know.

“Oh c’mon!” cried Jacob, curling up his lower lip and puffing it out. “Tell me please?”

“I’m sorry I can’t. You’ll just have to wait and see later,” Kyle said.

“Okay fine!” Jacob said bitterly, feeling a little disappointed.

“Don’t worry about it right now. And if you don’t stop that whining of yours then I’m going to come over there and kiss you in front of all these people,” whispered Kyle, hoping that Jacob wouldn’t press the issue any further, because he wasn’t even ready to come out just yet.

“Alright then,” Jacob said, biting into his fried chicken and Kyle did the same.

“So uh,” Kyle said, trying to break the silence. “What did you want to do today?”

“Oh I don’t know. I was kind of thinking we could go swimming again. Speaking of which, did you bring your swim trunks or anything?” Jacob asked.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t, I must have forgot to grab them,” Kyle said, not trying to lead onto anything. “But I’ll have to grab my trunks after I do that thing I need to do.”

“Okay good. So what did you want to do after we’ve gone swimming,” Jacob asked, fishing around for some ideas.

“We can do a lot of different things I suppose. But we’ll figure all of that out later, okay?” Kyle said, unconcerned about that right now.

Before they even knew it, the lunch bell rang and they tried their best to finish eating their lunches as fast as they could.


“Hey Nicolas, can I talk to you for a moment please?” Matthew asked, after they’d finished eating their lunches, “in private?”

“Sure man! Let’s go talk in the bathroom,” suggested Nicolas.

Matthew felt a little apprehensive about going into the boy’s washroom, but in his mind, he figured that as long as there was no one else in there, then it would be okay. Matthew then followed Nicolas towards the bathroom and followed him inside. Matthew watched as Nicolas looked around the washroom, which made him feel somewhat safer. When Nicolas had finished looking around thoroughly and found them to be alone, he watched as Nicolas locked the door from the inside.

“So what do you need to talk to me about?” asked Nicolas playfully.

“Well I just wanted to be able to clarify something with you. Earlier I didn’t mean to say ‘make out,’ what I had meant to say was hang out, honestly,” Matthew said, trying his best to lie through his teeth.

“Are you sure about that?” Nicolas asked, pushing Matthew towards the bathroom wall.

Nicolas paused for a moment and looked deep into Matthew’s eyes. Looking up at the boy standing right in front of him, he leaned forward and kissed Matthew directly on the lips. ‘Oh God!’ Matthew thought the second Nicolas’ lips touched his. Nicolas began to stick his tongue deep into Matthew’s open mouth and started to probe around inside. Matthew felt like he’d just hit cloud nine, he didn’t have the strength to try and stop Nicolas, nor did he want to for that matter. Matthew soon felt his boyhood start to grow as Nicolas kissed him, but when Nicolas broke their intimate lip lock, he felt sad that it had ended.

“See? You wanted this. Don’t try and hide it,” said Nicolas in a soft voice, placing his hand over Matthew’s crotch and giving a feel to his boyish tool. “You didn’t even try and fight me when I kissed you. Admit it; you’re gay, just like me.”

“Yes … it’s true, I’m gay. But can we do more of this stuff at your house after school?” remarked Matthew curiously.

“You know I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Nicolas with a smile.

Soon after, Nicolas took Matthew’s hand into his own and swiftly placed it directly over his own crotch. Once he had finished directing Matthew, he placed his hands under Matthew’s t-shirt and started to rub all over his chest. Nicolas really loved nipples, he really just wanted to suck on them right now, but he knew that their time alone was somewhat limited.

Matthew was unable to resist Nicolas’ soft hands as they felt around his body. Matthew was without a doubt hornier than a dog as he soon started to get his groove and started to feel his friend’s boyish tool in between his fingertips. Nicolas was also having his way, enjoying the feeling of Matthew’s hairless chest, wanting desperately for more. Matthew soon hit cloud nine once again when Nicolas leaned back in and started kissing him again; probing around in Matthew’s mouth, they played passionate tonsil hockey.

After several blissful minutes, Nicolas pulled away from Matthew and said, “I think it’s time for us to go.” Matthew didn’t have plans on going anywhere; he surely didn’t want this fun to stop. “C’mon we’ll have more fun later,” said Nicolas, giving him a love tap on the shoulder when he’d noticed Matthew frowning.

“Okay,” Matthew said, instantly feeling happy again.

Matthew watched as Nicolas unlocked the boy’s washroom door and they walked back out into the schoolyard to run off some of their unspent energy.


‘This day actually seems to be going a lot faster than it was this morning,’ Jacob thought, sitting down next to Kyle in their third period class. Jacob always enjoyed computer class; it had always given him time to think, or to fiddle with the computers. Unlike this morning, he always paid attention in computer class. You see Jacob was a lot faster than everyone else was, well in regards to typing.

Mrs. McDonald was having everyone do typing skill exercises today in her efforts to help her student’s get their WPM up on the keyboard. As was per normal, Jacob was the first one to finish. Looking around the classroom, he saw that many of his fellow classmates were struggling; they kept looking down, using one finger at a time. It was annoying to Jacob. Looking back over to his side, he saw that Kyle wasn’t faring any better. “Kyle do you even know where all of the keys are?” Jacob asked, to which Kyle did a half smile and raised his eyebrow.

“Not quite,” Kyle said. “I don’t have them all memorized just yet.”

“Alright, so I’m going to teach you a rhyme then, it’ll help you get faster at typing. If you can memorize this, then you’re golden,” Jacob said.

First, your left hand.

Quick Ask Zoe (‘Q’, ‘A’, ‘Z’) First row, use your pinky finger.

What Stops X-rays (‘W’, ‘S’, ‘X’) Second row, use your ring finger.

Even Dogs Can’t (‘E’, ‘D’, ‘C’) Third row, use your middle finger.

Red Fish Vanish (‘R’, ‘F’, ‘V’) Fourth Row, use your index finger.

Then Grow Bigger (‘T’, ‘G’, ‘B’) Fifth row, use your index finger by moving over one row.

Space bar, use your thumb.

Now your right hand.

Space bar, use your thumb

Yaks Hear Noises (‘Y’, ‘H’, ‘N’) Sixth row, use your index finger.

Under Jacks Mattress (‘U’, ‘J’, ‘M’) Seventh row, use your middle finger.

I Keep Commas (‘I’, ‘K’, ‘,’) Eighth row, use your ring finger.

Over Long Periods (‘O’, ‘L’, ‘.’) Ninth row, use your ring finger.

Peanuts (‘P’) Tenth row, use your pinky finger.

“Also if you get lost when you’re typing and not looking, find the little bumps on the letters ‘F’ and ‘J’, these will also help you navigate around the keyboard,” instructed Jacob.

After Jacob had finished teaching Kyle his little rhyme, he told him to give it another shot and instructed him to try and not look down. When Kyle tried, without looking down, Jacob saw a huge improvement in his typing; his average wpm was up by twenty.

“Good Job, Kyle,” Jacob said, feeling proud of him.

“Thanks man!” Kyle replied just as the bell rang and they left to go to their fourth period classes.

Kyle walked Jacob to his locker like a true gentlemen. Jacob swiftly reached into his locker and pulled out a change of clothes for him to change into for his physical education class.

“So am I going to see you before you go to that thing?” Jacob asked sheepishly.

“No probably not. I want to be able to leave right away, so just go home after school and I’ll come knocking sooner than you know it, I promise,” Kyle replied.

“Alright, I guess I’ll see you later then,” Jacob said, watching as Kyle started to walk away from him and down the dimly lit hallway.

Jacob exhaled dejectedly as he was already starting to miss Kyle. He quickly shrugged it off and walked towards the gymnasium with his shorts and t-shirt in hand. When he arrived in the change room, he made his way over to one of the toilet stalls to get himself changed. Once changed into his gym clothes he walked out into the gymnasium and waited to find out what they were all going to be doing in class.

“Alright boys,” said Jacob’s gym teacher, Mr. Morris. “Today we’re going to be playing some indoor hockey. So what I want you to do is form a line in front of the storage locker, I’ll hand you a hockey stick from there and assign you to your teams.”

When Jacob got to the front of the line, he quickly grabbed a stick and got assigned to the shirts team, whereas the other team was to be wearing no shirts. When they finally started playing, time seemed to fly. Jacob was having so much fun that he had forgot that Kyle wasn’t there with him. Jacob seemed to be exceptionally good at hockey too and had he known that he was any good; he would have joined a team or something.

By the time it was all said and done, Jacob had scored seven times, which had ultimately helped his team win the game. But before they all knew it, the school bell sounded, which echoed throughout the entire gymnasium. School was finally over and they all started to make their way into the change room. Jacob was so hot that his sweat just seemed to pour out of every ounce of his body and he felt like his whole body was utterly soaking wet. Jacob quickly went to grab for his normal clothes and got himself changed. “Good game guys,” said one of the boys in the change room as he was leaving.

Jacob made his way towards his locker and quickly dropped off his gym clothes into his backpack. With everything he needed now in his bag, he started to make his way home.


Matthew was extremely excited while grabbing for his things from his locker, he was so happy that it was finally time to go home, well to Nicolas’ house. Once he had everything, he walked over towards Nicolas and tapped him on the shoulder. Matthew was glowing when he approached Nicolas from behind, he couldn’t wait until they got to his house for some more fun. “Are you ready to go?” Matthew asked.

“Yup I’m ready, how about you?” said Nicolas.

“Yup, whenever you are,” Matthew replied.

“Alright let’s get going then,” said Nicolas as they exited the front of the school grounds and started walking towards their final destination.


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