The Journey of Jacob and Kyle
by Andrew Davis


Chapter 2: The Best Day Ever (Cont.)
Time line: Thursday

When Jacob and Kyle entered the house, they stopped suddenly and stood immobile at the front door when they heard Jacob’s stupid little brother, Matthew, singing away yet again. ‘What a dork,’ Jacob thought, while listening to his brother’s high pitch squeal.

After listening to this deafening noise for several seconds, which originated from the kitchen, Jacob looked over towards Kyle, who gave him an awkward look; it was almost as if Kyle was embarrassed for him. Soon the weight of this humiliation became too overwhelming for him and he couldn’t stand to bear it anymore. In haste, Jacob beckoned into the kitchen at the top of his lungs. “Hey Matthew, would you freaking shut that trap of yours for once? Please?”

When Jacob finished his sentence, silence fell over the house and the irritating sound that was his brothers singing ceased. However this silence was very short lived. “Um, let me think about that for a moment,” Matthew said sarcastically.

“How about NO!” Matthew said mockingly, sticking out his tongue. “So what are you going to do about it Jacob? … Well?”

But when Jacob didn’t reply fast enough, to his utter dismay, he watched as Matthew dropped his pants and mooned both him and Kyle. Matthew wiggled his tiny little butt at them, although it had been mostly at Jacob, but in reality, this was spurring Jacob on for a brotherly quarrel.

Jacob couldn’t fathom what was happening right in front his very eyes, not even in his wildest dreams, and before he knew exactly what he was doing; he had sprinted directly for his brother. Jacob truly didn’t like being mocked, especially by his little wimpy brother, although all of this was amplified considering he was being made fun of right in front of Kyle.

Jacob made it into the kitchen and grabbed Matthew directly across his chest, but all Matthew did was giggle and squirm at his brother’s feeble attempt at subduing him; as Matthew soon began to wiggle his way out of his shirt. After a short struggle, Jacob lost his grip over Matthew’s tiny frame and watched Matthew ran away from him. Matthew was soon hiding behind the dining room table and was making sure he had sufficient distance between them both.

In the mean time, Kyle stood watching at the front door as these events unfolded in front of him and gave a real big chuckle at Jacob’s failed attempt at subduing his very own baby brother. Although Kyle never really knew what it was like to have a little brother, he never really knew how slick those little ones could possibly be. Be that as it may, Kyle somehow felt that he would be able to help Jacob in some form or fashion, so he said, “You know Jacob you’re doing it all wrong. You do know that right?”

When Kyle had gotten Jacob’s attention, he gestured for Jacob and Matthew to come over towards him. But Matthew was a bit hesitant, so he was quick to ask Jacob for a truce; to which he agreed. With the truce now made and Matthew feeling somewhat safe, he walked back around the dining room table and picked up his t-shirt, before finally putting it back on.

By now, Kyle had already walked into the living room, which was just to the left of where he was previously standing. When Matthew and Jacob arrived into the living room, Kyle quickly instructed, “Okay, so let’s move this coffee table out of the way. Then I’m going to show you guys some wrestling moves. How does that sound?”

“That would be so freaking cool!” Matthew said excitedly.

“It’s not going to hurt is it?” Jacob asked apprehensively.

Kyle smirked at Jacob and simply shrugged his shoulders; hinting that he would soon find out. With Kyle’s instructions in mind, Matthew and Jacob quickly pushed the coffee table aside, placing it beside the TV stand, which sat in the corner of the room. Once it was out of their way, Jacob simply remarked, “Okay done!”

But before Jacob could even finish the rest of his sentence and was on his way to saying, ‘Now what?’ He was grabbed and falling towards the carpet. He swiftly felt Kyle wrap his arms around his neck and under his arms, but when he was finally down on the floor, he soon began to realize that it didn’t hurt, because Kyle’s arm seemed to have protected his neck by taking the full force of his body. Although with Kyle protecting him, it still wasn’t enough to protect him from getting rug burned during the whole commotion.

Jacob felt a little uncomfortable with his hands floating above his head, but he figured that he was in some sort of neck hold, or something like that. Kyle had his arms fully wrapped all the way through Jacob’s underarms and his hands were resting on Jacob’s neck. Although as much as this was uncomfortable for Jacob, he was actually quite enjoying this close contact; he could feel Kyle’s thighs touching his butt.

“See? Let me see you try and wiggle your way out of this one,” Kyle said enthusiastically.

But when Jacob gave little effort in trying to get out of the hold, Kyle said in a child like voice, “C’mon you can try harder than that. Please wiggle a little for me, won’t you Jacob? C’mon lil Jacob, wiggle your way out of it.”

With Kyle spurring him on, he began to wiggle like a worm. When that didn’t work, he tried twisting his body to get free, but Kyle somehow placed his knee out and put all of his weight down; it was utterly hopeless, there was nothing that he could do no matter how hard he tried to get out of it.

Jacob soon began to let his body become limp because he couldn’t manage to concentrate on anything else but to see stars; his mind began to wander off into the great unknown. It was a beautiful place of peace and serenity, a place where he felt completely secure and loved unconditionally. However, this moment was very short lived. He was brought back to reality with Matthew staring down at him and laughing uncontrollably.

Kyle had a tight grip around Jacob’s body; he was unable to move out of this hold, nor did he really want to try either. Jacob was really enjoying this much needed attention with Kyle’s hands touching him all over; it was pure bliss to him.

It had taken Kyle about thirty seconds to loosen his grip around Jacob’s body, but he wasn’t planning on stopping just yet. With a swift flick of his wrist Kyle switched moves and rolled Jacob up into a ball with his legs dangling precariously over his head; Jacob was pinned down to the ground with Kyle’s full weight being pressed down against his butt.

Kyle cupped his other hand directly over Jacob’s crotch and gripped it firmly between his fingertips. He’d done this to maintain control of the move that he happened to be showing off to Jacob and his little brother Matthew. But Jacob began to panic and did a somersault out of the move when he started to feel Mr. Wood trying to rise up and come out to play; Jacob most surely didn’t want his brother to see that the ‘Evergreen Forest,’ so to speak, was about to be erected, or even let Kyle have a chance to feel it as it grew to meet his soft hands.

“Wow! I’ve seriously never seen anyone do that before,” Kyle giggled.

“Yeah, well … uh … yeah,” Jacob said, managing to aim a small smile at Kyle.

Kyle couldn’t seem to do anything else but to giggle, and Matthew well … he was laid out on the floor rolling around and gasping for air as he really seemed to find these turn of events hysterical. On the other hand, Jacob’s mind was racing and all that he could think about was that Kyle had touched him and that he even touched his boyhood. ‘Was this intentional? Was that a part of the move?’ he thought, although he somehow knew that it was, but he could swear that Kyle had given it a nice firm squeeze with his fingers.

With some force behind him, Jacob planted his hands down onto the carpet and pushed himself up from the floor and tried his best to downplay the whole situation by asking Kyle, “So … how about those notes?”

Kyle shifted his eyes slightly off to the side, before looking back at Jacob reluctantly, “Yeah, um, about that … uh, I didn’t take any notes during class. I was kinda sketching on my notepad.”

“What do you mean you were sketching?” Jacob questioned sternly.

Kyle was a bit disarmed by Jacob’s sternness, but replied, “Well I can show you if you want me to. But please don’t make fun of me.”

Jacob watched closely as Kyle walked over towards the front door and went to grab his backpack from off of the floor. Jacob slowly repositioned himself so that he could be in direct view of Kyle when he bent over to pull out his notebook, but when Kyle started to bend over Jacob really started to enjoy the view of Kyle’s now really tight butt, which seemed to shine like a morning sunrise. Jacob was fully able to see Kyle’s two magnificent globes that started to protrude through his pants, revealing a slight hint of his crack and the rubber band that was attached to his blue undies; he surely had a good view from this vantage point that was for sure.

“Shit! Where did I put that stupid thing?” Kyle questioned aloud.

“Ah-ha found it,” Kyle announced, walking back into the living room and positioning himself directly beside Jacob and Matthew.

Kyle slowly opened his notebook and started to look for the last page he’d used to sketch on. Once he’d found the page that he was looking for; he passed the notebook to Jacob. Matthew soon leaned in and took a look at the drawing. Both Matthew and Jacob were surprised to find a very well drawn picture that they both commented on it, “Wow! You’re really good.”

“No doubt, I wish I could draw like that,” Matthew announced.

It was definitely a very good drawing; it was very obscure and prophetic at the same time. It showed a faceless boy sitting in what looked to be some sort of cave, it had large thorns scattered around the entire cave that seemed to consume everything in sight around this poor little boy. The boy was sitting in the middle of the cave with his head facing down into his knees; it almost seemed like the boy was crying, or at least Jacob thought he was. In the foreground, at the mouth of the cave was a dim light that seemed to be trying to cut through the darkness that surrounded this faceless child. But it was just too dark for the light to penetrate deep inside, so not much could be seen, other than the shadows that the thorns projected, the very dim light and a very blurry image of a boy.

“What does this even mean?” Jacob asked concerned, that his voice broke in mid sentence.

Jacob and Matthew watched as Kyle’s face turned a scarlet red, almost as if he was embarrassed or ashamed of something. There had to be something that he wasn’t telling Jacob or Matthew for that matter. Jacob could feel it deep within his bones that there was something more to this mere picture than what he was letting on. ‘But what is it? Is Kyle being abused,’ he thought, but as he did so, his face contorted into a look of horror.

Jacob somehow felt that Kyle had noticed the look that his face had made, or possibly read his mind, because Kyle seemed to shut down immediately; his eyes began to go glassy, his head drooped down towards the floor and he spoke almost inaudibly, “Don’t worry guys, I’m not being abused or anything, if that’s what you’re thinking. Maybe I should just leave.”

“NO!” Matthew and Jacob said in unison.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Matthew said. “But I must ask you – are you going to be okay?”

“I think I’m going to be alright. But thank you so much for asking though,” Kyle said, wiping a tear from his left eye.

Jacob began to feel his impulses take over and before he could even realize what he was doing, he walked up to Kyle and wrapped his arms around him and gave him a much needed hug. He could feel as Kyle tightened his grip back around him and reciprocated the hug. Kyle really needed this attention, the need for release of something unknown and Jacob could tell that it was surely helping him a lot.

Although this whole moment seemed to make Kyle feel very sad, but for Jacob it was something special; he was hugging the boy of his dreams and it felt surreal to him. Jacob was trying his best to formulate a plan to find out what Kyle was attempting to hide, he somewhat felt that he needed to find out, or it would eat him alive. So he slowly tried to force himself to let go of Kyle and attempted to loosen his grip, but Kyle seemed to have other plans. Because Kyle swiftly pulled him back into their embrace and Jacob ended up resting his chin onto Kyle’s shoulder for a few more moments before he pulled himself away a little bit.

Jacob couldn’t help himself while he looked deep into Kyle’s wonderful blue eyes and he felt so sure in himself in that specific moment; that he leaned forward and kissed Kyle on the cheek. But as soon as he had, he felt Kyle’s whole entire body shiver in his arms, which really made him wonder if he had somehow done something wrong. This made Jacob start to panic at the mere implications of his actions, ‘Was that shiver from, gross, why did you just kiss me? Or was it possibly, Oh God, please do it again,’ he thought feeling deeply concerned.

So Jacob said the first thing that came into his head, “Sorry about that, I really thought you might have needed that.” But that was all that he could manage to get his lips to put together in coherent speech.

“Nah, it’s alright man. I really did need that, thank you for being so thoughtful,” Kyle replied, with a sense of sincerity emanating in his voice.

“Are you going to be okay?” Jacob asked, taking a step backwards away from Kyle.

“Yeah dude, I’ll be fine,” Kyle said, all the while fidgeting with his hands and trying to compose himself.

“Can I have a hug too?” Matthew asked which really surprised the hell out of Jacob.

“Sure, I suppose that would be uh … okay,” Kyle said awkwardly.

Jacob watched Matthew stroll up towards Kyle with his arms opened as far as they’d go. He watched as Kyle gripped Matthew liked he’d done to him; tight and firm. There seemed to be a genuine sense to his touch, it didn’t seem to be forced or overly tight. It was in that moment that Jacob realized that there was so much care and compassion that was being given to Matthew and him just mere seconds ago.

There was almost a yearning of some sort, almost like he’d bottled himself up and buried things deep down inside. ‘But for what reason?’ Jacob thought, while he continued to admire Matthew and Kyle’s embrace. It definitely was something very special and Jacob believed that Matthew knew it too.

After a few moments, Kyle released Matthew from his grip with tears flowing from his eyes. It deeply saddened Jacob to see Kyle in so much pain, especially not knowing what he was truly feeling in this moment. But with that notwithstanding, Jacob watched in horror as Matthew gave Kyle a kiss on the cheek, just like he had done, which made him start to think … ‘Why’d he go and do that for? Is he trying to best me or something?’ he thought in haste, but that was only for a moment when he finally came to his senses and concluded that it must have been an innocent act. ‘He’s only trying to be like me I suppose,’ he thought concluded.

Jacob smiled over towards Kyle when he had finally let go of Matthew and watched as Matthew walked back over towards him. With Matthew and him now standing side by side, they both looked over at Kyle, but before there could be any sort of awkward silence, Jacob chose to change the subject.

“So, uh – what did you want to do? We can always go play some video games if you want, or maybe we could just watch some TV, or possibly go for a swim in our pool,” Jacob asked.

“To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind going for a swim, but there’s only one problem, I don’t have any swim trunks,” Kyle answered.

“Well we could always go skinny dip,” Jacob said quickly, but on second thought, it was too forward, “I’m only kidding! Hey Matthew, do you think Kyle can borrow your Speedo?” Jacob asked.

Matthew pursed his lips and looked off to his left while he thought, but eventually concluded, “Sure I guess that’ll be okay,” Matthew said. “But you’re going to be washing them after he’s done with them. No offense Kyle, but your boys touching – never mind.”

Jacob looked over at his brother and gave him the meanest looked he had ever given in his entire life. ‘Fucking idiot!’ he thought, if looks could kill then Matthew would have died right there on the spot.

“Yes I’ll wash them for you,” Jacob said, after a few long seconds of staring down his brother. “So what do you think Kyle? I know it’s a Speedo and all, but it’s better than nothing.”

“Well let me first ask, why do you even have a Speedo Matthew? Isn’t that like a European kind of thing?” Kyle asked.

“Oh – didn’t you know? Well I’m on the regional swim team at my school and we wear Speedos because they produce less drag, in fact a lot less drag than you know board shorts would. Every millisecond counts in a race you know,” Matthew said, with a huge smile on his face.

Jacob was extremely happy that his brother had said yes in allowing Kyle to use his swimwear. For Jacob it was a big deal because he wanted to, needed to, see Kyle in his brothers Speedo. His main intent was to be able to see what Kyle had downstairs, but especially how tight they would probably be on Kyle, considering his brother had a smaller waist. Jacob was so consumed by this whole Speedo thing; that he was unable to think about anything else.

“I guess that would be alright,” Kyle concluded, after deliberation of the choices.

“Awesome! I’m going to go get us some towels and while I’m doing that could you go get your Speedo for Kyle please?” Jacob asked.

“Right away your majesty,” Matthew said mockingly, before darting off to his bedroom upstairs.

“Okay Kyle, I’ll be right back,” Jacob said, running up the stairs.


As Kyle stood standing by himself at the bottom of the stairs, he began to think about how he had just embarrassed himself, especially in front of Jacob and his little brother Matthew. He felt that he shouldn’t have lost control and started to cry, even if it was just one single solitary tear, he felt that now he was just some pity trip. Kyle started to gently rub his cheek where both Jacob and Matthew had kissed him in order to comfort him, or so he thought.

He felt like such a downer, that he would somehow ruin their day for them. If they could only understand the pain he felt inside, the things he’d buried deep down inside of his heart, the battle scars that he’s had to live through. Deep down all Kyle really wanted was to feel loved and accepted, just like anyone else had the right to feel. But he just wasn’t getting what he most desired … a

“Hey Kyle!” Matthew said, “Here’s my Speedo enjoy your time in the pool. It’s really nice and warm in the water this time of day. I’m sure you will really like it though.”

“What are you going to be doing while we’re swimming?” Kyle asked awkwardly.

“Well … I still have some homework that I need to finish and I still need to do some of my chores around the house. But even if I really wanted to go swimming with you guys, my mom would tan my butt for not doing my work,” Matthew replied calmly.

“Oh – okay, sorry I just didn’t want you to feel left out is all, I know all too much how that feels,” Kyle said towards Matthew, who was only half listening to him with his iPod shoved deep within his ears.

“Alright then,” Kyle said.

“Alright make sure you have lots of fun,” Matthew yelled, before he was halfway back up the stairs.


‘Shit! Where the hell are my board shorts,’ Jacob thought, while looking around his room frantically. ‘Man, I can’t seem to put anything back in the same place ‘EVER!’ Why do I keep doing this to myself?’ he thought once more while he shifted things around underneath his bed.

Jacob continued to look around his room; he looked inside of his closet, throughout his dresser drawers, “Shit where is it,” Jacob muttered under his breath. When Jacob was at his last hope, he glanced back at his dresser once more and spotted them sitting right on top, folded and untouched, ‘God I’m so blind sometimes,’ he thought, before he giggling and called himself a real git.

Jacob quickly grabbed a hold of his board shorts and dashed towards the bathroom to get some towels for him and Kyle. But when he was about to go inside of the bathroom, he saw Matthew running past him with a huge smirk across his face.

“What did you do?” Jacob asked, giving the evil eye to his brother.

“Nothing, I swear …” Matthew exclaimed, still running down the hallway.

“Well, you better not have,” Jacob barked, watching his brother closely while he ran towards his room and slammed the door shut behind him.

With Matthew now gone, Jacob turned into the bathroom and tried to remember what he was doing, ‘Okay, towels, towels, towels,’ he thought, desperately trying not to forget what he originally came into the bathroom for, but he soon lost his train of thought and his mind shifted into thinking about how he was about to see Kyle in his brothers … tiny … Speedo. As Jacob’s mind began to wander; he envisioned Kyle’s amazing body in a size to small for his frame and how he would get to see everything that he could ever possibly want to see.

Jacob was soon interrupted when he started to feel Mr. Evergreen decide that he wanted to come out and play; Jacob knew that he absolutely knew, he couldn’t possibly go downstairs with him being as active as he was and still be able to swim. So he quickly decided that he was going to call down to Kyle.

“Hey Kyle!” Jacob yelled down the stairs, “I’ll be down in a minute. I just need to take a piss first.”

With that being said and done, Jacob slammed the bathroom door shut, locking it in the process and casually making his way over towards the toilet bowl to give Mr. Evergreen his own much needed attention. He started by going slow as he pulled back and forth over his now extremely stiff cut boyhood. ‘God, I bet Kyle looks even hotter in a Speedo,’ he thought as he started stroking faster and faster. Jacob could feel as the head of his cock began to swell up to twice it’s normal size and he began to see pre-cum start to spill out from his piss slit.

Jacob was so extremely hot right now that he couldn’t contain himself anymore, he felt his body begin to react to his own touch and he soon gave into its desires. He could hear himself starting to squeal and moan as his breathing got deeper and shallower, he was trying his best to remain quiet as possible, hoping no one else would hear him having his fun. But it hit him like a freight train as he hit his stride, “OH FUCK!” he screamed into his free hand as he tried to muffle the sounds he was making.

Jacob felt the first shot fly out from his dick almost like it was a cannon ball and flew onto the toilet seat. The second spurt flew out of him with less force, landing on the rim of the toilet. “Holy shit,” Jacob panted, “I’ve never shot this hard before.” But it wasn’t over just yet, because Jacob felt his body expel a third shot of cum right into the middle of the toilet bowl. Soon after, his body came down from the ecstasy that had run throughout his entire body. Jacob’s orgasm had finally subsided and he came back to reality.

“Holy Fuck!” Jacob said under his breath. “That has to be the best one I’ve ever had.”

Jacob stood still for a few moments while he tried to catch his breath, but when he had and was finally ready, he grabbed some toilet paper off of the roll and started to clean up his mostly clear looking cum that he’d made. When he was done cleaning up his mess, he felt like he needed to go pee. You know how it is after you cum; it feels like your bladder filled up all of a sudden. Well yeah, it was one of those types of pees, massive. Jacob quickly flushed the toilet and reached for his board shorts which he previously had placed onto the counter. And without much hesitation, Jacob put his swim trunks on over his body and went to grab the towels from the linen closet, before finally starting to make his way downstairs.

“Sorry about that, taking so long I mean. It was being really shy and it didn’t want to come out,” Jacob lied.

“No problem, but hey, can you tell me where your bathroom is? I still need to go get changed,” Kyle asked.

“It’s the first door on your right at the top of the stairs,” Jacob explained.

“Alright, I’ll be right back in a moment then,” Kyle yelled, running towards the stairs.

As Jacob watched Kyle running up the stairs towards the bathroom, he smiled to himself. ‘God his butt is so … magnificent,’ he thought while enjoying the view. When Kyle had fully ascended his way up the stairs, Jacob slowly made his way over towards the kitchen table and placed the towels down onto it. But when he was about to sit down, it hit him. ‘Shit! Shit! Shit! Did I flush that toilet paper?’ he thought frantically. But before he knew it; he was making a running dash for the stairs to knock on the bathroom door.

“Hey Kyle are you done changing yet?” Jacob asked through the door, hoping in his efforts that it would keep Kyle’s eyes in the direction of the door; it was his last ditch effort to not let Kyle see what he may or may not have forgotten to flush.

“Nope, I’m not done yet,” Kyle replied through the door.

“Well hurry up! I wanna go swimming,” Jacob sulked.

“I’ll just be a minute. It’s being shy, just like it was for you,” Kyle explained.

Jacob soon started to hear the sounds of someone having their own fun, “Oh fuck! Oh … fu … Mmm.” But the only problem was; it didn’t seem to be coming from the bathroom. ‘Where the hell is that coming from?’ he thought, instantly forgetting why he had come upstairs in the first place. He slowly started to track where the sounds were originating from and soon stopped dead in his tracks when he’d found the source of the noise; it was coming from his little brother’s bedroom.

Holy shit!’ Jacob thought when he realized that Matthew was jerking off. He didn’t mince words by waiting, so he quickly knocked on Matthew’s bedroom door and entered without getting a response. “Dude stop being so fucking loud!” Jacob whispered, once he’d forced his way inside and had shut the door, “For crying out loud, what if Kyle hears you? And I can hear you all the way … down. I mean, from down the hall.”

“Why do I need to be quiet for when even you couldn’t keep yourself quiet for your little quickie in the bathroom. And don’t you dare try and lie to me. I heard you playing with yourself,” Matthew said a little bit louder than Jacob would have liked.

Jacob’s mouth dropped wide open; he was extremely surprised at Matthews reply, let alone that he was still jerking off his cute little cut boyhood right in front of him. ‘Doesn’t he have any sense of decency?’ he thought.

“I’m sorry Matthew, but could you please do your best to be quieter? You might freak Kyle out and then he will never want to come back here again. And if that happens, you know who’s going to be dead meat,” Jacob insisted, staring down at his brother with his arms crossed.

“Oh and by the way Jacob, I found that present you left me in the bathroom. After you left the bathroom I went and took it. But don’t worry, I’ve already gotten rid of the evidence, you forgot to flush it you know. But it’s in good hands now,” Matthew said, with a huge smirk across his face.

“Wait what? You know what, never mind. Okay – but could you just try to be more quiet for me please?” Jacob said, while stepping backwards out of Matthew’s room. He tried his very best to close Matthew’s door as soft as he possibly could. But to say Jacob wasn’t in shock would have been an understatement; he couldn’t believe that this had just happened in front of his very eyes. “What the hell did he mean it was ‘in good hands?’” he pondered in hindsight.

“What are you doing?” Kyle asked, frightening the crap out of Jacob for the second time today.

With the sudden surprise of Kyle showing up, Jacob whipped his head around to find him standing directly behind him. But with some luck, Jacob didn’t fall over this time. And thank God for that; Jacob would have felt like a complete idiot.

“Oh it’s nothing really. I was just telling Matthew something real quick. Let’s go swimming now,” Jacob said with haste as he tried to get away from the possibility of Matthew moaning again in earshot of them.

And without any prior notice or indication, Kyle grabbed Jacob’s hand and they both set off towards the stairs at a running pace. Kyle just seemed to giggle at Jacob for the surprised look that came across his face, but when they’d reached the bottom of the stairs, they continued running out the backdoor through the kitchen. For Jacob, his mind was doing tails spins, he was so stuck on the fact that Kyle was holding onto his very own hand; that his whole body seemed to warm up suddenly and he began to sweat profusely, it was almost too much for him to bear.

When they’d made it outside into the backyard, they swiftly jumped into the deep end of the pool and felt as the water smothered their bodies with its warmth. It was a breath of fresh air for Jacob when their hands had finally disengaged and he felt normality return to him once again.

“Doesn’t this feel nice all over your skin Kyle?” Jacob asked curiously.

“Oh God yes, this feels amazing. I could stay in here forever,” Kyle said, treading his hands around in the water, “Holy shit! You’ve got a diving board? That thing looks so awesome. How high is it?”

“About ten feet high I think. Why do you wanna jump off of it? Wait, what am I saying, of course you do,” Jacob said playfully.

“Oh heck yes!” Kyle retorted.

Jacob decided that it would probably be best for him to just get out of Kyle’s way, so Jacob started to swim to the shallow end of the pool and gave Kyle the space he needed to have some fun jumping off of the diving board. With him now in position, he watched with great attention as Kyle got out of the pool and noticed how the water seemed to have created a vacuum effect around his swimsuit; the water sucked the Speedo really tight over Kyle’s skin, making it look almost transparent.

It was something marvelous to Jacob; he could see everything that called Kyle a boy, the way his crack meshed into his lower back and especially the way his package was utterly to die for, by Jacob’s standards at least. It also seemed to Jacob that Kyle liked his dick to point upwards instead of having it resting over his sack.

As Jacob continued to look over Kyle, he thought that Kyle was quite possibly sporting a partial wood; it looked to Jacob to be about 3 ½ inches soft, if he were to guess. But he remained immobile in the shallow end of the pool while he continued to admire Kyle’s amazing body, even while Kyle climbed up the ladder to get ready to jump for his first time. When Kyle was at the edge of the board, he tried to show off by flexing his muscles, point where he intended to land, so on and so forth, until he eventually jumped into the water and made a huge splash.

“How was that?” Kyle asked when he finally resurfaced.

“It looked good to me,” Jacob exaggerated. “Go ahead and do it again if you want.”


Jacob continued to watch Kyle jump off the diving board several more times, until Kyle yelled down to him for the very last time. “Hey Jacob, are you watching? Watch me!”

“I am bro, go for it man. JUMP!” Jacob yelled in reply.

But this time when Kyle jumped; it was a little different. Because after Kyle had jumped off of the diving board and into the water, he didn’t come up to the surface straight away like he’d done with all of his other jumps. Typically all of his other jumps had ended with him swimming over to the edge of the pool and getting out to jump all over again.

Jacob was seriously beginning to panic; until he began to feel two soft hands start to slide up from his ankles, to his knees, over the top of his groin and finally his waist and chest. After much touching of Jacob’s body; Kyle reached the surface of the water and was standing right in front of him. Jacob felt really awkward in that specific moment, that he thought his face went all bug eyed just from the sheer surprise that he’d just received from Kyle. And well … Kyle just seemed to smirk.

“Pretty cool huh?” Kyle asked enthused.

“And which part would that be?” Jacob asked in a serious tone of voice. “The fact that you jumped and didn’t come up right away for air? Or, for the very simple fact that you just felt me up while coming to the surface?”

“Maybe, uh … a little bit of uh … both?” Kyle said hesitantly.

“HEY JACOB mom’s on the phone and she wants to know what we want for dinner,” Matthew yelled out of the backdoor, holding the cordless phone in his hand.

“Great timing you have there, Matthew,” Jacob yelled sarcastically.

God he’s always got to ruin shit for me,’ Jacob thought spitefully, swimming towards the edge of the pool.

“Just tell her to bring home some pizza or something for all I care,” Jacob yelled back to his brother.

“Shit what time is it?” Kyle asked concerned.

“It’s almost six o’clock. Why?” Matthew inquired.

“Oh shit!” Kyle said, looking frightened, “I’m going to be in so much trouble. I completely forgot to call my mom. How could I forget to tell her where I was? Oh my God – she’s probably already sent out a neighborhood search party for me by now.”

Jacob understood the point that Kyle was making, because he knew all too well how mothers could be too overly protective. Nonetheless, Jacob could see the worry on Kyle’s face and he knew that this was a serious thing for him. So Jacob watched as Kyle swam to the edge of the pool and watched as he hopped his cute little ass out of the water. “Listen dude, I really think I should go,” Kyle explained nervously.

“Just calm down for a second. First let’s call your mother so you can tell her that you’re alive and well, but also be sure to tell her you’ll be home soon,” Jacob instructed firmly.

“Okay I will,” Kyle said panicked, with the look of fear in his eyes, “But my mom is absolutely going to kill me!”

Kyle looked terrified; he deeply thought in his heart that he was going to get into a large amount of trouble. So Jacob jumped out of the pool and followed Kyle into the house. When they got inside, Jacob grabbed for the towels from the kitchen table and handed one to Kyle.

“Mom said that she’ll be home in about thirty minutes. She also told me to tell you that dad has to work a late shift tonight, so we may not even get to see him tonight,” Matthew said sulking.

“Okay cool!” Jacob said swiftly, ignoring what his brother had just said, “But where’s the cordless phone? I need it.”

“Right here,” Matthew said, waving it in front of Jacob’s face like a total moron.

“Thank you Matthew,” Jacob said, before turning around to look at Kyle and instructing him, “Okay, so call your mother now and please let her know that you’re okay. I can’t let you get killed over this.”

Jacob watched Kyle with great attention while he dialed his home phone number and waited to hear if he was going to be murdered. Jacob was greatly worried; he didn’t want any harm to come to Kyle before he’d ever had a chance to make him his boyfriend, well if he was gay that is. Nonetheless, Jacob waited eagerly and listened to what Kyle was saying to his mother.

“Mom it’s me,” Kyle said with great hesitation. “I’m really sorry I forgot to call. I’m at my friend’s house … Who? Jacob and Matthew’s house mom. We went swimming in their pool and I kinda lost track of time, I’m really sorry mom! Please forgive me.”

Jacob took notice to the exasperating pause between Kyle speaking and his mothers, there seemed to be some yelling or instruction or chastising of Kyle and this worried Jacob somewhat, he somehow hoped that Kyle’s mother would understand that he had made a mistake and learned from it.

“I know mom! I know I goofed up. I’m sorry …” Kyle said into the phone.

“Where the blazes am I?” Kyle asked suddenly.

“What, do you mean my address?” Jacob asked, looking curiously at Kyle.

“Yup,” Kyle replied.

“Okay,” Jacob breathed with a smirk across his face, “So our address is: 2932 Mountain Fairway Dr, Naples, FL and that’s located in the United States of America.”

“You’re such a dork, you know that right?” Kyle said, smirk back at Jacob.

“Yeah Mom, I’m at 2932 Mountain Fairway Dr,” Kyle said calmly to his mother. He paused for a moment and waited for his mother’s response, “Okay mom, I will see you soon. Again I’m really sorry and I love you too mom.”

Jacob then watched Kyle hit the end button on the cordless phone and returned it to the docking station on the kitchen counter; he then looked back over towards Jacob. “So … um, are you going to be killed tonight? I surely hope not,” Jacob asked, looking deep into Kyle’s beautiful blue eyes.

“Nope!” Kyle exclaimed. “And thank God for that huh?”

“Well that’s good then – so let’s get you dried off, so we can get you back into your street clothes,” Jacob said, unable to stop himself from saying what was really on his mind.

“Are you offering?” Kyle asked enthusiastically, giggling uncontrollably.

Jacob felt like his eyeballs popped out from his head after hearing those words, especially considering those words had come out of Kyle’s own mouth. Jacob really began to believe that his face turned a bright scarlet red, because Matthew seemed to stare at him like he’d just committed some sort of cardinal sin.

“Uh, no, what I meant was, uh … why don’t you go dry yourself off and get your street clothes back on,” Jacob said quickly, fidgeting with his fingers and looking off to the side, “And you’d better hurry before your mom comes and sees you in those sexy – I mean swimsuit.”

What Jacob’s mind really wanted to say was sexy Speedos, but he was able to catch himself in time, well sort of. “Okay I’ll be right back,” Kyle said as he ran towards the stairwell to go upstairs and get changed.

“God Jacob, what is freaking wrong with you today? You’re definitely acting really … weird,” Matthew asked, peering down at his brother with his tiny hazel eyes.

“It’s nothing Matthew, just forget about it would you!” Jacob barked, while he sat down at the kitchen table to wait for Kyle.


God I’m a total fucking idiot,’ Kyle thought, while he tried to strip off the Speedo that seemed to have attached itself to his body.

Kyle began to wonder if Jacob had somehow known that he was intentionally trying to touch him in the pool. He felt like he couldn’t manage to keep his frisky hands to himself because he couldn’t stop himself or he’d somehow explode, or something along those lines. ‘I really do like Jacob,’ he thought. And he truly hoped that he wouldn’t screw this up and somehow have Jacob ending up hating him. Kyle had really thought that Jacob looked really cute in the swimsuit that he chose to wear in the pool and also thought that Jacob had an amazing body.

Kyle really started to believe that he somehow made a mistake in coming over to Jacob’s house today; he felt that Jacob and him couldn’t ever possibly be, well more. Although to Kyle it seemed that Jacob was flirting with him too and Kyle just couldn’t seem to grasp his intentions quite yet. ‘Is he just being overly friendly to me?’ he thought, while he continued to struggle with getting the Speedo off of his body.

“Kyle?” Jacob beckoned softly through the door, “Your mom is here to pick you up. Try to hurry up because she’s waiting for you downstairs and she looks a little upset.”

“Okay just give me a second,” Kyle said sorrowfully in reply, “I will be right down. I’m just having some trouble getting this swimsuit off.”

Instead of going back downstairs, Jacob decided to listen through the door for a bit while Kyle tried his best to rush and get ready. Eventually he heard Kyle drop his towel onto the floor and could hear as Kyle rustled about trying to get his dry street clothes back on, or at least that’s what Jacob suspected was happening considering all of the racket he was making in there. After all of the noise had stopped, Kyle opened the bathroom door fully dressed, and met Jacob face to face, which made him smile at Jacob while he held tight onto Matthew’s Speedo in his right hand.

“What should I do with these Mr. Skittish,” Kyle asked, holding up Matthew’s Speedo in front of Jacob’s face.

“Oh I’ll take care of that for you,” Jacob said excitedly, smiling back at Kyle.

Kyle slowly passed the Speedo over to Jacob and started to leave the bathroom to face the music with his mother, but when Jacob grabbed him by his arm; he stopped and looked back at him. Jacob didn’t know why he did this himself, but to him it just seemed like the right thing to do at that particular moment.

“Hey Kyle?” Jacob said in a small voice, “I just wanted to tell you that I had a really good time with you today and I really hope that you did too. I also wanted to thank you for coming over and spending some time with me and I really hope that your mom will let you come back over again tomorrow – well that’s if she doesn’t kill you by tonight I mean.”

Jacob moved his body closer to Kyle’s with each passing second that eventually he wrapped his arms around Kyle and embraced him in a hug, just like he’d done earlier in the day. After a moment or two, Jacob pulled himself away a little and leaned back in to give him a kiss on his rosy cheek. But for some unknown reason, Kyle shifted his body and before Jacob could even realize, or even have time to react; he was kissing Kyle directly on the lips.

But before Jacob even had a chance to break a part their kiss, Kyle grabbed Jacob’s hand and gave it a firm squeeze. They remained in their lip lock for three to five seconds before Kyle had come to his senses and made a swift body motion to pull away and leave.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself,” Kyle said as the fear resonated from his vocal cords, “If you don’t want to be my friend anymore then I will totally understand. Shit man, I really need to go.”

Kyle was overcome with fear as it permeated every fabric of his being, he went to bolt for the stairwell, but Jacob felt that he couldn’t let Kyle just up and leave like that, so he swiftly went to grab for Kyle’s wrist and pulled him back into an intimate embrace against his firm body.

“You need to just shut up. Do you understand?” Jacob said playfully, “I still want to be your friend. Nothing is ever going to change that,” concluded Jacob in the softest voice he could muster.

Jacob looked deep into Kyle’s eyes and felt as his body began to relax and become less tense, but whilst looking into Kyle’s eyes he saw them start to glass over; almost like he was about to cry. Seeing this broke Jacob’s heart and he swiftly grabbed for Kyle’s lower back and pulled him even closer into his own frame, he held him in his arms for several seconds and stared deep into his eyes before he kissed him on his sweet lips once more and kissed him with the love and passion that he truly felt for him.

Kyle’s reaction to this sudden attention caused his whole body to shiver in Jacob’s arms, just like he’d done earlier in the day, but this time it caused his legs to buckle from underneath him. Jacob instinctively tightened his grip over Kyle’s back and held him closer to himself. For Jacob this whole experience was somewhat unexpected, he didn’t know what had come over him, especially the boldness that he was demonstrating in this moment, but it was as if the will of the Titans had come over him and he simply didn’t care anymore. He just wanted to taste Kyle’s sweet lips against his own, he just didn’t have too … he needed too.

After some light back rubbing on Jacob’s part, they broke away from their kiss. “Wow!” Kyle said under his breath, like he was at a total loss for words and couldn’t manage to say anything else other than to smile aimlessly at Jacob and look deep into his eyes.

Jacob let his eyes do most of the talking as he too returned the deep stare back into Kyle’s eyes; he was smiling inside and out from the sheer joy he had just gotten from kissing and holding Kyle within his very own arms.

After some time of staring and somehow seeing each other for who they really were, Jacob broke eye contact, but quickly looked back at Kyle and told him that it would probably be best for him to go see his mother, but instructed that he should adjust his face first, because he seemed to have the look of pleasure written all over it.

Kyle smiled and nodded his head before he firmly stood up properly with his full weight being supported by his legs once more. Jacob soon returned his arms back to his sides and they both started to walk down the stairs together.

When they’d reached the bottom step of the stairs, Kyle saw his mother standing and waiting impatiently at the front door. Kyle was quick to analyze the look on her face and saw her deep concern and worry for him; which made him feel extremely guilty.

Slowly but surely, Kyle began to walk over towards his mother with his head facing the floor. He took small strides walking closer and closer, which seemed to be tiny baby steps in contrast to his normal walking speed, but for Kyle it was likened to being on death row; it was time to face the music.

Kyle’s mother swiftly grabbed a hold of her son and planted a kiss on his forehead, before pulling him deep into her bosom and embracing him in her arms. Once she felt that the hug had lasted long enough, she swiftly brushed her hair aside and placed her arms to her sides. “If you ever do this to me again, I swear to God you’re going to be grounded until you’re thirty,” Kyle’s mother barked. “Do you understand me mister?”

“Yes mom I understand, I’m really sorry,” Kyle said, looking down at the floor, unable to make eye contact, “I just lost track of time. We were having so much fun,” concluded Kyle, trying to fight back tears.

Kyle’s mother paused for a moment and analyzed his response; she somehow took sympathy on her son as she could see how hard he was trying to maintain his composure. After all, she didn’t want to make him look like a fool in front of his new friends, especially considering Kyle didn’t really have friends, well none that she knew of. Eventually she looked down at Kyle, loosening her tense posture, “Well as long as you’re sorry, then that’s all that matters,” Kyle’s mother said.

“Mom? I know this is a bit of a long shot. But do you think that I could uh, come back here tomorrow?” Kyle asked, stammering in a voice that almost made it seem like he was begging her.

“I suppose that would be okay Kyle, but …”

“But what Mom?” Kyle asked in haste.

“I want to be ‘CALLED’ after you get done with school ‘AND’ I also want to be notified once you get here. Do you understand me?” Kyle’s mother instructed and questioned.

“Yes. I promise on my life,” Kyle said excitedly.

“Well then so be it. Thanks for your time boys. You two have a wonderful night,” Kyle’s mother said, walking out the front door to her car.

“Well I guess that means I’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” Kyle said smiling gleefully. Kyle gave a joyous wave towards Matthew and took a swift look over at Jacob; he smiled once more and gave a quick wink, before walking out of the front door and shutting it behind him as he left.

Something had changed inside of Jacob; a place that had once been void, had somehow been filled by one simple little kiss. He was so filled with joy that he simply glowed; he then turned to face Matthew and expressed his mere excitement at how well today had gone for him. Matthew nodded and agreed. “It looked like you two had a lot of fun,” Matthew said smirking. ‘If he only knew what kind of fun I did have. If he only knew,’ Jacob thought.


“So did you have fun with your friends today?” Kyle’s mother asked, breaking the silence while they drove towards their house.

“Yeah mom, I had lots of fun,” Kyle proclaimed.

But for the most part, Kyle’s mind was lost in a whirlwind of deep thought, he barely heard his mother talking about her thinking of calling the police to look for him, how much she had worried and the likes. Ultimately Kyle was going over and over the things that had happened to him today in his head. The primal urges in him; wanted him, needed him to move his body at that precise moment in time when Jacob was hugging him. He felt almost as if his urges had somehow guided him; it had been fate when Jacob and his lips touched for the very first time. Kyle couldn’t seem to help it but to shiver in Jacob’s arms, because this was what he so deeply desired; to be loved and accepted by Jacob and by Jacob alone. But the more he thought, the more questions popped into his head, “What does this all really mean? Was Jacob just being overly friendly? Did he kiss all of his friends … like that?”

“Kyle, honey? We’re home. Now here’s the deal, obviously I wasn’t able to get dinner started tonight and I’m sure that you already know why. So here’s what you’re going to do,” Kyle’s mother instructed in a stern voice, “You’re going to go upstairs and get yourself changed into your PJ’s, then you’re going to come downstairs and make yourself a sandwich. And once you’ve finished eating, then I want you in bed as your punishment and that’s all there will be of that. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mom, understood loud and clear,” Kyle replied softly.

Kyle was feeling really ashamed of himself for letting his mother down like he had, although it was never his intention to make her worry about him; nonetheless he knew that he screwed up terribly. He made a promise to himself that he would try harder to be loved and accepted by his mother, mind you he was always treated fairly; it was just his own self confidence issues surfacing at any inopportune moment. Kyle had remained seated even while his mother got herself out of the car and had walked up the walkway to their front door.

Suddenly, Kyle felt extremely lonely and decided that it would probably be best for him to go inside before he’d gotten into more trouble somehow, so he exited his mother’s vehicle and walked slowly up the patio stone walkway to his front door. He grabbed a hold of the doorknob and gave it a swift turn and entered into the house.

Slowly but surely Kyle walked past his mother, who was standing in the kitchen and started to make his way up stairs so that he could get changed in his room. The first thing Kyle managed to do once he’d gotten into his room was strip himself down naked. It seemed to take Kyle a bit of time to figure out what he was going to wear for bed, that eventually he decided that he would wear nothing at all. But he couldn’t possibly go downstairs stark naked. So Kyle picked out a clean pair of black undies and a clean t-shirt from his dresser drawers, before finally making his way back downstairs and into the kitchen. By the time Kyle had entered into the kitchen his mother had already made him two P&J sandwiches with a glass of milk, which was sitting beside the small plate of food. Kyle was quick to eat what his mother had made for him; because he was very hungry.

When he’d finished eating his sandwiches, and drank his milk, he went off to find where his mother had gone. He really wanted to be able to tell her goodnight before he was required to go to bed. So with that in mind, Kyle went and looked in the living room and soon found her sitting on the couch watching some sort of sitcom. Kyle slowly but surely tiptoed up behind his mother and quickly threw his arms around her into a reversed hug.

“Goodnight mom,” Kyle whispered into his mother’s ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too baby. Have a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you in the morning,” Kyle’s mother said, kissing Kyle’s hand.

With those words, Kyle let go of his mother and ran back towards the stairs and up to his bedroom. He quickly stripped off his black undies along with his t-shirt, before jumping underneath his nice and cozy covers and snuggled deep within them. Kyle had always really liked the way the covers felt over his body; for him it was like being caught in a tight embrace around his whole body.

When Kyle was finally settled, he began to analyze all of the things that had happened today, as he was unable to shake the events from his mind. It was starting to make him feel extremely horny, but he surely couldn’t help it, because everything that called him boy was now fully awake and alert.

Kyle soon began to allow his hands to explore all over his body, he let his hands begin to slide up and down over his fragile frame; starting from his chest, down to his smooth hairless stomach, until finally, he began to feel his boyhood start to swell.

Shortly afterward, he let his mind take over and he started to pretend that it was actually Jacob exploring his body and by doing so it seemed to make him even hotter. Kyle was becoming so horny that he felt his animal instincts start to take him over and he swiftly grabbed a hold of his stiff, uncut boyhood and began to stroke it faster and faster by every passing second. Kyle could feel as his body began to respond to his own sensitive sense of touch; his breathing slowly became deeper and deeper the more he stroked his now hard as a rock boyhood. ‘I don’t think I’m going to last too long,’ he thought in the moment. He then quickly threw the covers off of his body, just in time too, because he soon felt his body go stiff and he began to cum all over his stomach.

Kyle could feel as wave after wave began to pulsate through his whole body, that even if he tried, he was unable to keep his eyes open as the ecstasy shot out from his body. He felt as the eruption came out from within him, not one, not two, but five full loads of cum shot out and onto his stomach.

When Kyle’s orgasm had finally ceased, he continued to remain motionless for several minutes panting, but after a time, he finally felt his body fully relax. Kyle slowly opened his eyes to see a very clear, almost transparent load of cum resting on top of his tummy. With the mess that laid waiting for cleanup, Kyle hopped out of his bed and peeked his head out of his door. With the coast clear, he ran towards the bathroom to clean himself off with some toilet paper.

Once inside of the bathroom, he quickly wiped off any remaining cum from his stomach and went to take a piss. Afterward, he quickly washed his hands with some soap and water and ran back towards his bedroom, where he jumped back underneath his cozy covers and fell asleep.


“Jacob? Matthew? Boys I’m home,” Jacob’s mother said, walking into the kitchen with pizza in hand.

“Hi Mom,” Jacob yelled, standing beside the sink.

“So how was your day honey?” Jacob’s mother asked looking at her eldest son.

“It was amazing,” Jacob said with a sparkle in his eye. ‘But if she only knew how amazing,’ he thought, while he stared aimlessly at his mother.

Once Jacob’s mother had put down the pizza box onto the counter, she requested for Matthew to fetch down some plates from the cupboard. Matthew swiftly did so and rested the plates down onto the counter, where they all soon grabbed themselves a plate and dished some pizza slices onto them. With Jacob’s pizza in hand, he headed over to the kitchen table and sat down, where he started salivating in the taste of the pizza, ‘Mmm, this tastes really good,’ Jacob thought.

But by the time everyone had finished eating their dinner, Jacob was starting to feel really tired; he suspected that it was because of all of the fun he had today and that it had just simply tuckered him out.

“Hey mom I’m really tired. I think I’m just gonna head to bed. So I’ll see you in the morning,” Jacob said yawning.

“What?” Jacob’s mother asked, surprised at her son’s willingness to go to bed so early, “Are you feeling sick or something? Come here let me feel your head. After all it’s only eight o’clock.”

“No mom I’m fine, just tired is all. Good night you two,” Jacob said, before he leaned in and kissed his mother on her cheek and started to make his way up the stairs.

“Don’t worry mom. He’s been acting really weird all day,” Matthew informed his mother.

“Weird you say? Hmm alright,” Jacob’s mother said.

When Jacob finally got inside of his room, he found it just as he’d left it, which was completely ransacked. But he was cool with that because he really hated having to make his bed every day, for him it was a total waste of time; he just felt that he was going to mess it up again anyhow.

Not being too overly concerned by the mess that was scattered around his room, he slowly closed his bedroom door and flicked on the light switch. Jacob stood standing immobile for a second or two before he started stripping off his board shorts, which seemed to be still somewhat damp. But the moment he fully removed his swim trunks, he felt the coolness in the air rush over his groin area. This had its own adverse reaction for Jacob as it started to make his body tingle and it also seemed to excite him, which caused him to get an instant boner.

Now that he was fully naked, he walked over towards his bed and hopped his tiny little ass underneath the covers. Thoughts soon began to fill his mind, he was in awe of the events that had transpired merely hours ago; it was almost like a dream for him as he continued to play it over and over in his mind. It had come to the point where he needed to be sure that it truly wasn’t a dream, so he pinched himself on the arm. “Ouch,” he breathed out when he realized that today was unequivocally … ‘REAL!’

But as true and real as all of it may have been, Jacob was too exhausted to do anything about his erect boyhood at the present moment. Jacob continued to try and battle his exhaustion while he tried to continue going over his kiss with Kyle, but he was slowly losing the battle as his eyes closed for the very last time for the rest of the night and he soon drifted off into the land of dreams.


Jacob must have only slept for about five to six hours before he heard his bedroom door squeaking open ever so slightly. He could hear through the darkness someone walking into his bedroom and getting closer to him. “Hey Jacob?” Matthew said trembling, “Are you awake? It’s thundering and lightning outside and it’s really starting to freak me out. Can I please sleep with you tonight?”

Not giving much thought to Matthew’s question, he didn’t see a big problem letting his brother sleep with him; after all he was his only brother. But before he could give much thought in remembering that he had gone to bed naked, he opened up his covers to Matthew and gave him a gesture to hop on in, “Hop on in then,” he whispered after a few seconds.

With his eyes squinted, Jacob peered through the darkness and tried to see the outline of his brother trying to make his way across the room, but he thought that Matthew’s eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness yet either as he heard the sound of him stepping on something, which made a loud crunching sound.

Jacob soon felt the force of Matthew’s body jumping into his bed beside him, which gave his bed a good shake. Matthew continued on by feeling around in Jacob’s bed to find where his brother was located, but in the process he inadvertently grabbed Jacob’s boyhood in his hands. Matthew responded by gasping in surprise and kicking himself backwards away from Jacob.

“Dude!” Matthew protested. “Are you freaking naked?”

“Shit, yeah I am, sorry I kinda forgot,” Jacob replied in a tone softer than a whisper.

“Ah well, whatever, you’re my brother. No big deal I guess,” Matthew said, snuggling closer towards Jacob into a spooning position.

Did he just deliberately push his butt into my crotch?’ Jacob thought, right before his own thoughts were confirmed when Matthew wiggled his butt back and forth over his exposed dick and he knew that he was doing it on purpose.

“Um, what is it you think you’re doing?” Jacob asked sternly, poking Matthew in the back.

“Nothing,” Matthew said in an innocent child like voice.

“You wiggling your butt over my crotch isn’t nothing Matthew,” Jacob said. “So what is it you think you’re doing?”

“Okay fine! I just figured that since you got to see me jerking off today then maybe I could see your dick hard too,” Matthew replied, like it wasn’t a big deal.

“So that’s what you’re after?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I want,” Matthew said enthusiastically.

“Well if you really want to see me get hard then you’re just going to have to jerk me off. I’m just too tired to do anything right now,” Jacob said jokingly, not expecting Matthew to follow through.

But before Jacob could even say another word regarding the topic at hand, Matthew reached out his hand and gripped his semi-hard boyhood and started to slowly move his hand back and forth over the tip of his dick, which caused his dick to grow to its full girth.

“Wow! Look how big it’s getting. You’re so much bigger than me Jacob, I really like it though – oh wait. Does this make me gay now?” Matthew asked concerned, still playing with Jacob’s dick.

“Well you’ll get bigger too Matthew, but I’m sure you already knew that. And I really don’t know. Are you gay though?” Jacob asked, like it wasn’t a big issue.

“I don’t know Jacob,” Matthew said concerned.

“You know it’s okay if you … are – Matthew? I think you better stop or you’re going to make me cum all over, uh … you,” Jacob said, fighting back the urge to blow his entire load.

“Oh shit sorry. I kinda forgot I was still playing with your toy,” Matthew said, releasing his hand from around Jacob’s hard boyhood.

“Thanks,” Jacob said, feeling relieved that he didn’t just blow his entire load all over Matthew. “Well, we’d better get some sleep don’t you think? We still have school tomorrow after all. But at least it will be Friday when we wake up, so if you want to talk some more after school then we can,” Jacob concluded, yawning into his hand.

“Goodnight Matthew,” Jacob said, closing his eyes and wrapping his arm around his brother.

“Goodnight,” Matthew said, grasping Jacob’s hand

It didn’t take long for Matthew and Jacob to fall asleep together. They didn’t quite know it just yet, but this was the beginning of a journey that they were about to embark on that would ultimately define their lives forever.


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